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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/kNDDac4.jpg]][google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex [center This is for Chris & myself. It's simply a chat to remember the old day's, and to make new memories.]]


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[center [font "Nyala" Haha that you did Chris xD That you did.]]
  {Mimi} / Waterlily- / 9d 3h 9m 26s
Nine days wow I suck!
If I was gonna kidnap you I just gave you nine days to escape!
  Chris And Emily / Kudaketa / 13d 3h 4m 0s
[center [font "Nyala" Kidnapping me? What the fuck dude? XD]]
  {Love} / Waterlily- / 22d 10h 43m 44s
Or all the drug deals I got planned out >>
Or how to kidnap you or anyone else here on ES!
  Chris And Emily / Kudaketa / 24d 12h 48m 11s
[center [font "Nyala" Hey, hey, hey. And no you can't. LOL.]]
  {Love} / Waterlily- / 28d 11h 50m 57s
Oh so I can't write all of the crazy kinks up there got it >>
  Chris And Emily / Kudaketa / 30d 8h 19m 50s
[center [font "Nyala" I can read it. I just can't reply xD]]
  {Love} / Waterlily- / 40d 23h 29m 11s
So if I wrote crazy drugged up buttsex with cocaine up there you would never knoooow xD
  Chris And Emily / Kudaketa / 40d 23h 34m 55s
[center [font "Nyala" No it's not. I gave up trying to fix it.]]
  {Love} / Waterlily- / 40d 23h 37m 15s
Damn! You're realtime chat thing still not working either?
  Chris And Emily / Kudaketa / 40d 23h 39m 55s
[center [font "Nyala" Haha. Sometimes my PM's won't load. It'll give me the gateway time out thing.]]
  {Love} / Waterlily- / 40d 23h 40m 41s
Sometimes I pm and chat seems crazy I know I'm just talkative like that. XF
  Chris And Emily / Kudaketa / 40d 23h 42m 56s
[center [font "Nyala" Haha it's all good. Just wanted to make sure.]]
  {Love} / Waterlily- / 40d 23h 44m 48s
I do wanna use this chat I sorry >w<
He he I'm bad like that sometimes look at my list all red
  Chris And Emily / Kudaketa / 40d 23h 52m 20s

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