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[center [youtube https://youtu.be/pGB6oUsvH3U]]
[center me when i woke up and saw this uploaded: oh thank god finally][center me after watching it: *long ass sighs all around*][center OKAY first of all of all the groups to do the shoot in their choreography i swear to god this was prolly the least expected and idk why. SECOND OF ALL this is the fucking japanese debut and look how little lines yuta got like fr mad at that because like how you gonna do that to the legit only japanese member also he's beautiful why you gonna hide him like that???. AND THIRD OF ALL???? like wtf you mean winwinw doesn't get to be infront or center or whatever during his one fucking line in this song???? like again he's so gorgeous but you just gonna hide my boys like that??? like they all gorgeous and i love them but like pls idk who was in charge of who was where in the choreography or who got what lines but please i know winwin has stated in the past he feels like he won't do that well cause language barrier but like at the same time what is the excuse for yuta cause boy is from osaka and i know that he's more korean than he is japanese at this point but boy STILL speaks the language like god damn why you playing me like this I don't deserve this.]
  Wang / 2d 7h 56m 47s
[center [youtube https://youtu.be/k00jV_JXytU]][center [size10 not even gonna lie i love this song and i cried]]
  Wang / 2d 8h 10m 58s
[center [youtube https://youtu.be/4xN-jUfJAyM]][center [size9 I've been neglecting him shame on me]]
  read me / Scentist / 3d 7h 48m 53s
[center [youtube https://youtu.be/BgR_HJ7aGDY]]
[center [size10 I neglected them for so long they decided to come for me. But specifically can we please talk about woozi???]]
  read me / Scentist / 11d 9h 59m 58s
[center [youtube https://youtu.be/phsk2sCM3eo]][center [size10 Me @ my husband wherever he is tbh]]
  read me / Scentist / 13d 10h 38m 51s
[center [youtube https://youtu.be/EtevJiZbiGo]][center [+white love of my life]]
  read me / Scentist / 14d 5h 40m 6s
[center [youtube https://youtu.be/XkLLcHPq9o4]]
[center would marry this man]
  read me / Scentist / 14d 5h 45m 59s
[center [youtube https://youtu.be/qmJL2_9BscM]][center [+white time for school work]]
  read me / Scentist / 19d 10h 52m 11s
[center [youtube https://youtu.be/MctZLEYlU4s]][center [+white i'm hungry]]
  read me / Scentist / 19d 11h 6m 24s
[center [youtube https://youtu.be/rXEy8r5P_vc]][center [+white fack]]
  read me / Scentist / 19d 11h 10m 9s
[center [youtube https://youtu.be/28XC2KRE-DE]][center [size10 WINWIN'S LIKE 5 SECONDS IN THE SONG THO. THIS WHOLE SONG THO. BLESS. but seriously can I please have more of winwin's voice now???]]
  read me / Scentist / 19d 12h 1m 42s
[center [youtube https://youtu.be/vjkQFU7U1m0]]
[center [size10 so yall don't just think I'm overly obsessed with one group at the moment take some stray kids and my boy Felix with that voice and my emo boy. Also fun fact they a jyp group but jyp himself didn't form them Chan formed them a.k.a their leader and they were chosen over a female group that jyp himself formed to debut and I'm so happy and jyp tried to cut two of them out one of which was Felix and he wound up having to give them a second chance at debuting cause fans were mad.]]
  Winwin / 35d 21h 20m 8s
[center [youtube https://youtu.be/3LppVqS6UuM]]
[center [youtube https://youtu.be/wmFFYnLuRS4]]
[center [size10 I guess since sm tryna kill Mark he just gonna try and take me with him.]][center [size10 like boy stop that. Like first there's that shoulder thing in the first one AND his outfit. Then there's the arm thing he fucking does in the second AND his outfit again. Like wtf.]][center [size10 lets not forget yuta coming for me in the first and also ten being a 10 as per usual. Also he got that heterochromia in the second one. Also lucas go away I don't want any of that I'm tryna see my baby winwin and failing and only seeing his pink hair. I feel discriminated against]]
  Winwin / 35d 21h 55m 40s
[center [youtube https://youtu.be/gUWDiXBNohY]]
[center [size10 Best song off of the entire empathy album don't fight me on this it true listen to doyoungs voice and tell me I'm wrong]]
  Winwin / 36d 10h 55m 36s
[center [youtube https://youtu.be/VM-g_bkFdzo]][center [size10 I'm over here bawling but not for the obvious reason that he looks and sounds like a perfect ten.]][center [size10 also is he basically tryna tell us he an alien cause 100% it's prolly true I mean look at him how is he real I'm gonna cry. I expect to be attacked but not in the way I was. I love him so much. My Thai Prince deserves happiness if he doesn't already have it Like holy shit boy.]]
  admin / AdminSWAGistrator / sinssbinss / 51d 22h 18m 44s

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