Bitter Cookies

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[size10 [#22c3c0 Since she was five all she ever wanted to do was have her own baker. Working in the baker of a corporate bakery was not her dream, not even close. Yet it paid the bills; and when you had a six year old of your own that had dreams you had to encourage you had to pay those bills. ]]

[size10 [#22c3c0 Along with this place being a corporate bakery, it's right below the head quarters. Where the CEO feels like he must come down ever morning and tell her how she must add more sugar or more spice to something that she has been baking since she has been ten. This man is insufferable! If he thinks he can bake them better maybe he should do it, but then that would make his almost thousand dollar suit dirty.]]

[size10 [#22c3c0 That Christmas eve Ana volunteers to stay for over time, even though all the news stations are warning of the storm of the century. She will be fine, right?]]

[size12 [#ee6dad Hello my darlings! If you are interested in playing opposite of my ana, please PM me!]]

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