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Alina's heart felt as if it was in her throat. His eyes pierced her heart like daggers. He seems to be disappointed in her. Either for the fact she was late, or simply because she couldn't do something as simple as raise a flame. Looking down, she nodded. Again her heart beating heavily in her chest. The corset which she wore bound tight against her ribs, making even the shallowest of breathes difficult. [b Yes my lord]

As she stepped closer to her king, her waves of chocolate brown hair seemed to bounce with every step. Looking to the flame, she rose her hand. With a gentle wave she casted her spell over the burning orange light. Nothing. No rise, no fall. Simply nothing. Softly she lowered her arm to her side. Alina shook her head, tosseling her waves yet again. [b I've lost my ability....] pain echoed her voice as it bounced off the stone walls of the palace. Finally, her eyes reached up to his, her shining orbs brightening the darkness of the room. [b I apologize, I never mean to disappoint my King]
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 1y 166d 2h 7m 21s
Icy green orbs gazed at the window but more specifically the moon. It was a normal night, or as normal as one was able to call it. The man had retired from his subjects and kingly duties about an hour ago and now waited for one of his more trusted advisors. Young as she was, Alina was always one he had a softness towards even if it was rarely seen. But when the clock struck eight and still no Alina, the man caught himself becoming impatient. Never was she late and never did she keep him waiting. Odd was what he could say and irritating as well.

Kartel was not known fully for patience but at least towards the young woman he could show just a little. Perhaps she was merely putting something away. Or for her sake he hoped that was what she was doing. Folly was one thing he despised and being one of his trusted she of all people should have known. Should have respected it.

When the doors finally opened after he bellowed for her, cold green eyes found their way to her. And a glare was ingrained in his features. [b "You're late."] He muttered and stood, glare never leaving her as she spoke her words. And for a moment he contemplated her words, shaking his head.

[b "You are late because of a flame and not being able to raise it?"] He questioned, brow raised. It was not an ordinary issue for many to be able to do and so even he was curious in why she seemed to struggle. Questions he had but chose not to speak as he beckoned her foward and motioned to a flaming lamp. [b "Show me."]
  Kartel / SheDevil / 1y 166d 2h 25m 38s
Alina looked down at her work as the sun had set in the window behind her. The ring of the grandfather clock rung 8. Sighing she pulled her papers together and opened a small hidden drawer from her desk. With a key that was strung around her neck she locked the important documents inside, only her and the King himself knew of it's whereabouts. Looking out behind her, she paused, makeing a wish to the moon. "please let things calm before it gets out of hand" She whispered, her voice soft. Suddenly the gas lights of the room dimmed from their previously bright existance. "Hmmm?" Looking around Alina finally stood. walking up to one of the lights, she waved her hand evenly through the air. Her skills in magic wernt very strong, however, she could raise a light if needed. "Why can I not light these lights?" she pondered deep in her thoughts.

Alina's mind favored all the possibilities of why the lights were so dim wen she heard an echo bellow through the hall walls. ALINA the call beckoned to her. Her shoulders dropped and she flinched as her heart suddenly burst from her chest. "How long have I been standing here?" she quickly muttered to herself, leaping to her side and running down the corridors. As she did so her hair bounced from her shoulders, its blue tint shinned from the white light of the moon. Her irises white matching the stone of the circlet that adorn her head.

Once she reached the threshold she could see his down turned brow and reaching glare. "I apologies your highness, I did not mean to make you wait" His glare was unending and she closed her eyes with a sigh, "I was trying to brighten a flame but failed to do so"
  Alina The Gifted / LunaLucisCaelum / 1y 167d 4h 8m 37s

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