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______ Has ruled over his kingdom for 50 years. Being only 150, he was nothing but a child when he took the throne. Now an adult, he rules with an iron fist. The humans have slowly destroyed his land without remorse.He has no choice but to go to war with the Humans, even knowing it could cause more destruction.

Alina is 110 years old, the turning age of an Elf into adulthood. Orphaned years back, _____ had taken her in to serve as an adviser to him. He could not have one of his kind roaming the woods alone, malnourished and homeless as the humans allow their kind.

Unlike the rest within the kingdom, Alina is not afraid to speak her mind to his highness, though it has gotten her into trouble. She dabbles in magic, but never really truly being taught. _____ takes the initiative to teach her in his spare time, leaving rumors to spread around the castle of a sinnful affair.

There relationship is a close one, however they both know their place, and both are not afraid to be stubborn with each other about it. How will their story play out?

Need _______.
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As the man had said, he did not go back to bed. Instead he had made his way to the desk within the room and was looking over some of the scrolls that had come his way. He was one of the advicers that certain letters and plans came to before they went before the king and council. And from the looks of things, the armies were becoming more and more rash. It was only a matter of time before it would he full-scale war just as the young lady had said.

Upon the morning when Alina woke, Abel was just finishing with the last of the scrolls that had been upon the desk. "No, my lady...I hadn't after we had spoken." He said in quiet reply to her question as she was adding the water to the bowl that had been brought. He had thanked the young maiden who had brought it as well before he made his way over to her. His eyes were upon the dress and then went to her hear. He had had a younger sister when growing up and had been taught how to do hair, but he would never admit it to any but her. "Of course, my lady. Have you any idea which of the styles you wish it to be done in?" The man asked, kindly as his eyes met hers in the mirror.
  Kartel / SheDevil / 308d 23h 20s
Smiling softly the young woman nodded, gently pushing herself up from the bed and walking to her own. [b Good night Abel...I will speak with you in the morn.] Slipping under the sheets, her eyes grew heavy, and before she even had time to turn down the lights, her body had drifted off to slumber.
Morning came, as the sound of birds gently woke her. Difficult it was for Alina to wake fully as she was still quite tired. Yet, like always she managed to get herself up. A silent knock came from the door, and as she opened it a young maid, not even an adult walked in with a basin filled with hot water and clean cloth. [b [i For the Lady and Lord...I will make my way out]] Alina stood and nodded her head, not really knowing how she should respond. [b Oh...thank you] Once the small maid left, Alina went to the wash bowl and gently ran the cloth over her. [b Did you sleep?] She finally asked, adding clean water to the bowl for Abel to use. She dressed in her long, silk night gown. The maid had also brought over a beautiful embroidered dress for her to wear, deep green, with black and emerald accents. Never had she wore something so lovely. Moving to the mirror she held the dress up to her body, looking over herself. She then realized, she did not know how to do her own hair, besides that of lower status. [b Could you help me.....] she finally asked as she felt out of her element
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 312d 6h 2m 21s
The man had had an idea that was where Alina had been going before the parchment had been delivered or rather slipped beneath the door. But he had wished to hear it from her and to no assume. When she spoke her words, a smile graced his lips. "It is comforting to know that there is another who feels the same way. And now if needed we do know we can speak of such things freely." Yes, Abel was proper but it had been how he was raised. And once more, the man fell into silence to listen to her soft spoken words. "I am happy that it was I that you chose and that we get on so well. Everything has been much better than I even could have imagined it would have been." The man was being honest in his words.

When she apologised again, the man shook his head. "There is no need. I don't sleep much and am more a night dweller. But it has been a long day and you look as if you need the sleep, my lady. I also hope to spend more time together after the council."
  Kartel / SheDevil / 311d 16h 43m 17s
Feeling the paper slip from her hands, her bright green eyes rose to meet his once more. [b Oh... I was going to say, I've never met someone who has the same belief as I. It's nice to know one isn't alone in thought.] Her head gave a slight tilt as his own words traced her mind. [b Nothing needs to be made up or told. All is good, I have nothing remotely negative to say about my experience with you. In fact, I'm grateful it was you whom I was matched with.] She didnt wish for him to lie, and really there wasnt any need too. Their interactions with each other have been as good as she could have hoped for. Sitting back on his bed the young woman thought. Maybe she would be happy with Abel in her life. Sure it would have to take some time, however, things at the moment seemed good. [b I should let you get back to bed. Again, I apologize if I kept you later than i should. However, i look forward to the morning. And maybe we can speak more after council]
  LunaLucisCaelum / 315d 5h 44m 53s
Even in her being cut off as she had been, the man had a feeling he knew where she had been going in her words. That she was surprised that she was not the only one to not truly believe in all that the stars said. "Before the letter came, what had you been about to say?" Abel asked as he did gently slip the parchment from her hands and skim what it said. And it appeared she was right. They would indeed have to go before the council upon the morn.

"I will tell them whatever you wish, my lady. But it will mostly be good things. I can assure you that." The man said, giving her a small smile and a bow of his head.
  Kartel / SheDevil / 315d 20h 28m 17s
The young lady couldn't help but blush when it came to his words. Kartel always called her by her first name, or perhaps Lady Alina. Never had she been called My Lady. This man before her definitely was raised in nobility. Though not Royal, his bloodline did suggest a proper upbringing. She almost felt as though she should remind him that she didn't need such formalities. Yet, when they come to wed, she would gain a noble title, thus she needed to get used the formalities.

[b You think like I...] She was about to speak more when she heard movement outside their door. Looking over, a small folded parchment lay. Getting up from the bed she knelt down and lifted the wax seal. This must of have been what Kartel was speaking about. Pushing herself up from the floor she walked up to Abel, with the letter in her hand. [b We have been called before the council once more. They wish to know how we've been getting along.]
  LunaLucisCaelum / 316d 25m 32s
"That is a trick question my lady. Elves and other what humans refer to as mystical beings have believed in the stars and universe for quite sometime. They believe that futures are able to be seen and that paths are left to fate and destiny with all being part of a greater scheme of things. It is something many have been taught since childhood." The man's words were careful and thoughtful as he spoke them. He had never met one who did not believe such a thing, but given her history it was not a surprise to him when she had said she did not. But the man kept those thoughts to himselr and listened as Alina went on.

Slowly he shook his head. "To answer you directly now... No, I do not believe in the stars and what they say. There are small bits that hold truth, an outline if you will. But life goes on and is forever changing. We make our own way and form our own destinies. If we choose to defy what is 'written' in the stars then we 'write' our own stories and furures. All is never as lost as we think it to be but we cannot leave it to chance." Abel finally said when she had apologised for filling his head as she had and said she would let him sleep.

Again, the man shook his head as he was still sitting beside the young woman. "There is nothing to make up for...and I've told you that you may ask anything you wish. was a nice conversation to have and not one I would be able to have with many. So I thank you for that."
  Kartel / SheDevil / 316d 1h 13m 23s
Smiling sweetly as the man returned to sit at her side, Alina too agreed with a nod. [b I promise, if ever such time should come to pass, I will let you know. However, for the moment, you have been nothing but kind. Something...quite new to me] Looking from his eyes to the moon out the window, she gestured outside. [b Do you believe in the stars?]

Thinking back to the conversation she had with Kartel and is soon to be queen, she wondered just how well believed star readings were. [b I don't... yet I have my reasons. But I am curious as to why so many of us follow the stars.]

Alina lifted her hands and moved her long, thick, silky hair over her shoulder. Running her fingers like a comb through it. Twisting the blue tinted locks, she finally released her grip and let her hair again relax it her side.

[b Sometimes, I feel if the stars were true, we would have seen an end to this war, or people would know who and when they would meet their one true love. We would never have to worry about the unknown because there won't ever be an unknown.]

Suddenly, the young woman felt like she was rambling. Standing from the bed she looked back over to her fiancee. [b I should be letting you sleep, not filling your mind with philosophical questions. I promise to make things up to you. If you will let me ofcourse.]
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 316d 1h 33m 58s
"He is what you are used to and has been a person that you care deeply for. So it is only natural to worry and to want to make sure of things. Even in trying to do all of this it's not what you truly wish and desire." Abel said, quietly as he was still watching the young woman. He could not find fault with her and her having left as she had. If he were in her place, even he would have done it. When he heard the next words, the man stood and went to the window and looked at the moon that still hung high in the night's sky. Somehow he had know it would come down to it, but hearing it from her had made the weight even more crushing. It made it all the more a reality as he had been listening to talk of such for a very long time.

She wanted for him to be honest with her and to tell her if anything she did bothered him. A strange request as not many would think of such a thing. But in those moments, the man really did understand that neither of them was what the other was used to. A faint smile graced his lips as he moved back towards the bed and sat once more. "If it should ever come I shall. But for the time being I do not see need. You are your own person and have your own worries and fears. All I ask of you is that you do the same, my lady." The man said quietly.
  Kartel / SheDevil / 316d 1h 23m 57s
The young woman still had much to learn about the man who sat before her. He was not like what she had known. He was gentle and kind, and thought about more than himself. Looking down at her soft delicate hands, she thought of his touch, how warm and comforting it was. [b So...that means you heard me come back knew I had left] sighing she shook her head, her lips gently rose as a tentative chuckle left her. [b I felt bad... truly I did, I shouldn't have left you, especially it being our first night together. However...I just had to make sure.] Laying down on the bed, she looked up at the ceiling and let out the air which she held tight within her lungs. [b We're going to war....not just a battle here and there either...full fledged warfare. I'm worried.. infact I'm terrified. ]
The young woman did not dare tell him all of her fears, though she knew he probably could guess her worries. His eyes never left hers, his gaze like a bolt of energy streaming through her. [b I've never felt so guilty, worried, and lost in my entire life. And...mostly I feel guilty because of you. Please....promise me you will always be honest, if I ever do something that hurts you...tell me. We are both in a situation we never thought we would be in. I do not wish to make it more difficult than it needs to be] She didn't wish to use him because of his pull he had, or the the title he was graced with. She never wanted anyone to think little of herself. She always tried to earn respect as best she could, and never wanted to take the easier way out. But more so than that. She never wanted to harm those around her. Especially being harmed herself as a child
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 318d 8h 44m 52s
The young woman still had yet to learn that though the man had a title and some pull that he was not quite like the others she had most likely come to know. Abel had a gentler demeanor and truly did care for the kingdom and its people. None of those thoughts did he speak aloud but only kept his gaze upon the young elven woman which he now tried to comfort. "Yes, it was a means to make you happy and to put your mind at ease. You need not worry about it being a burden and may do as you wish with what I have offered. And I know that you wish to help and keep the people and kingdom safe." His actually thought was more for their king and how she cared for him, but again not his place to speak the words.

When she had withdrawn her hand, the man shook his head at her quiet apology. "There is no need for you to be sorry, my lady. Remember I did tell you that would help you if I was able. And you did not wake me..I had been for awhile." He said quietly, his eyes still upon the Nothern woman as his gaze had never faltered.
  Kartel / SheDevil / 320d 15h 52m 48s
Smiling softly through her tears she looked up to the man who sat next to her. Never had she had someone, besides her parents, hold her hand. Instantly a calmness flowed through her up her arm, throughout her entire body. [b You would do that for me?] She questioned wiping away the icy tears from under her eyes. Turning her body to face him more clearly, Alina put her hand on top of his, and thanked him quietly. [b I promise I won't burden you much. I just want our people....and our home safe.] Finally her eyes met his and she blushed before looking away. She instinctively pulled away her hand away and sat straight clearing her throat. [b I'm sorry... I woke you]
  LunaLucisCaelum / 320d 20h 52m 24s
The man had been awake but had not gotten up fully. It was the soft weight of the foot of the bed and her soft words that fully got his attention and made the man know that he was not in an inbetween state. Also that cold that was a clear indicator of emotions out of check. Slowly did he slip out from beneath the blanket and move to where he was sat near the young woman, a hand slowly moving to take one of hers to squeeze.

"They do not know what you know and the ways that can help. Rumours spread as you said and they think only of the political and do not much care for the persons whom are involved. You are losing him in a sense...but perhaps not in the way you think...and as in the means of being able to help...rememember I do have some pull here...You may tell me and I can relay it. They need not know, my lady." Abel whispered as he slowly gave her a handerkerchief to wipe her tears. It was not much in the way of comfort, but it was the only he could offer.
  Kartel / SheDevil / 321d 16h 13m 51s
Nodding, the raven haired female made her way out of the study and back to her own sleeping quarters. Once there she softly entered, not wanting to wake the sleeping man before her. With a heavy sigh she sat on the edge of his bed and waited. [b Are you asleep?] She finally asked, needing someone to talk too. Her mind and heart felt like a storm. The room was starting to cool to an icy chill. Frost beginning to form on the tips of her ears, cheeks and nose. Her emotions were getting the best of her and she wasn't sure exactly why. [b I feel... like I'm losing a dear friend... all because people believe rumors without true cause or fact. This kingdom needs my help... how am I to live lavishly while our people are being raided and killed?] Finally tears of sleet dripped down her pale cheeks as she began to cry.
  LunaLucisCaelum / 322d 6h 26m 28s
The man knew that when she fell into the silence that she had that she was upset. He had not meant the words much as they sounded. But had thought that it was for the best. That saying as he did would in its way make all of this easier for the both of them. Of course it didn't. [b "You always did say that. But with as horrible as I can be did I never understand it. Always had you been a favourite of mine."] Barely audible were his words, but the chestnut haired male knew perfectly well she had heard. [b "For the night there is not..good night, Lady Alina."] And once more green eyes were upon the parchment.
  Kartel / SheDevil / 322d 19h 9m 34s

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