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______ Has ruled over his kingdom for 50 years. Being only 150, he was nothing but a child when he took the throne. Now an adult, he rules with an iron fist. The humans have slowly destroyed his land without remorse.He has no choice but to go to war with the Humans, even knowing it could cause more destruction.

Alina is 110 years old, the turning age of an Elf into adulthood. Orphaned years back, _____ had taken her in to serve as an adviser to him. He could not have one of his kind roaming the woods alone, malnourished and homeless as the humans allow their kind.

Unlike the rest within the kingdom, Alina is not afraid to speak her mind to his highness, though it has gotten her into trouble. She dabbles in magic, but never really truly being taught. _____ takes the initiative to teach her in his spare time, leaving rumors to spread around the castle of a sinnful affair.

There relationship is a close one, however they both know their place, and both are not afraid to be stubborn with each other about it. How will their story play out?

Need _______.
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Every man that he knew wanted the things that she had said. A family, a loving wife and children. And in the back of his mind somewhere, even Abel could admit that he had thought about it. But for the time being he would not and could not ask it of her. Both of them were not truly "normal" or as others would expect them to be. He was okay with that. For now, all the man wanted was a companion and to be able to know the woman who had lost it all.

None of his thoughts did he voice. They were in his opinion not proper and better kept to his own mind. Once more did he bow his head and give the faintest of smiles. "And I do understand, my lady. If a caring friend is all that you may be in the future, than I will be luckier than most. Many have only married because they had to and despised the other."


The king was more annoyed than he had been, if that was even possible. But having seen Alina with her husband to be had striken something in him. Something he was not even sure of. However, it had the storm raging inside roling and coming out by means of the torches that lit the way. And the girl at his side being so quiet was doing nothing to help.

[b "Tell me more about you. Or anything you would like."] The man said, voice colder than he meant, but he needed a form of distraction.
  Kartel / SheDevil / 1d 4h 24m 35s
Bowing her head in solem thanks, Alina kept quiet for a short amount of time. [b There will come a day, when your thoughts change. You will want a family....and a loving wife. I'm just afraid that I won't be able to be that for you. Or anyone.] She had never once thought herself a wife and mother. Unlike other little girls she never dreamed of love, or children. It simply wasn't on her radar. [b I'll try though... to be a loving wife...if anything I'll be a caring friend.]


Sylara walked along side the king. He seemed lost in thought, his mind clouded with anger. She knew best not to speak. Deep down she knew it had to do with Alina. Watching her and her new suitor brought him nothing but annoyance, which could be seen by the low light of the room.
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 2d 7h 47m 8s
Abel kept his eyes upon the young woman when she had drawn her gaze from his own. "That may he true, my lady. But typically one cannot deny how they feel. Emotion or attachment is not an easy thing to snuff out." The man said. He was telling her he was not mad or didn't think less of her. And he continued to watch as she went over to a bed ans removed her jewlry that she had on. A faint smile only graced his lips when she had come back to stand before him. "I will not ask of you anything you do not wish to do. You will have your freedoms to do as you choose."
  Kartel / SheDevil / 4d 5h 19m 2s
Alina dropped her eyes from his as she thought of his words. Shaking her head she sighed. [b If that's true...And you are right, we both know such feelings would be....improper.] Finally standing she walked over to one of the beds. Sitting down she took care to remove her jewelry. First her necklace, then her earings. Lifting the circlet from her head, the young woman gently set it to the side. Now that she was stripped of her role there would be no need to wear such a beautiful item. Pushing herself up from the bed she walked over to the dark haired male. His skin was so much lighter in contrast, and his eyes reflected beautifully against the fire. [b Wayward though my feelings maybe, I have a duty to you now.]
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 4d 6h 37m 36s
The man gave a faint bow of his head. [b "There is no need to thank me. Being respectful and trying others in the manner I wish to be.. It is something I was taught to do. Not all of us are hard and calloused to our own wants and desires."] Abel said as he stood and moved towards the fire, him turning back to Alina and their eyes meeting when he did. A faint smile traced his lips. [b "That is because perhaps you feel more for our King than even you are aware of."] But those were the only words the man spoke. There had been no tone but he was only being thoughtful as he said the words.
  Kartel / SheDevil / 5d 3h 54m 24s
Smiling, the young woman looked down at her hands once more. He was very generous with his complements. She didn't know what to say, or how to react, so she just kept herself hushed as the color in her cheeks told of her response. [b Abel... thank you. For understanding my feelings... And being as respectful as you have.] Looking back up at the man, Alina compared this man with her king. They were strikingly different from each other. With Abel she felt relaxed and comfortable. He seemed to be like an old friend of hers already. However, Kartel was a different story. Kartel was intense, his words demanding. But even so, with all his intensity, he did keep his eye out for her. [b Abel....why do I feel like I'm betraying our King when I sit here with you?]
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 5d 6h 2m 29s
Perhaps it would be odd that he would be studying the young woman. But he was curious about her and wanted to know as much as he could. And he had always been more an observer than anything and so it was and old habit that in a sense "died hard". However to have her speak again brought the man from his thoughts and again he offered a faint smile that was gentle. [b "I had been told as much. But it does quite surprise me as you seem so wise beyond your years. It is a good thing though."] Abel said, knowing that this change was hard for her. It was hadrd on them all.
  Kartel / SheDevil / 10d 6h 8m 5s
She smiled lightly and looked down. It wasn't often she was complemented or observed. Nodding her head she let her lashes tickle her cheeks before lifting her eyes. [b I learn from my observations....i guess its only customary I share with you my age. A few days ago I turned 120.] Thinking now, he probably already new that. Either it was told to him by one of the head advisors or he asked himself. She was just doing her best to get to know him. She didn't want to seem cold and distant. Yet, in the back of her mind, she wondered about their King. He already seemed frustrated and she worried for the young maiden with him.
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 10d 6h 58m 7s
Honestly he could see that she worried. Her expression upon her face did not show it, but her eyes were very telling. And he only shook his head when she had spoken about being worried. He wasn't himself. Or not really. [b "It will take some time and some getting used to. I understand that and take as long as you should need."] Abel said as he had turned to look at her when she had taken her seat. It still was not close to him, but even he could see she was trying. That was more than others would give. [b "You are very close, my lady. I am about three hundred and twenty-five...You learn to listen and to watch..."] The man said, grey eyes upon her.
  Kartel / SheDevil / 10d 7h 18m 16s
Alina looked over at the long black haired male and shook her head. [b I just worry... ] relaxing her shoukders Alina again stood and looked around the room. [b It's going to take me some time...I'm not used to being around such...Nice things] Holding her hands in front of her, the young woman finally walked her way back and sat on the same sofa as her soon to be husband. Still, she was a good length away, but she was at least trying. [b How old are you? You seem to be more mature, I'm guessing 300?]
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 10d 9h 53m 55s
Out of place was how she felt and he could see it plainly. Almost too plainly. But the man was not going to point it out or to ask her. He would let her speak and tell him when she was ready. Grey eyes slowly went to the lit fire and he listened to her words. [b "You had told me you serve our king and would do anything he asked of you..I had agreed for our people and the kingdom. And when told about you I had wanted to know more. All of this doesn't define me...but who I am as a person does. If they cannot accept it, then that is them. I am truly sorry for all of this my lady."]
  Kartel / SheDevil / 11d 5h 38m 37s
Alina felt a bit out of place. Sitting down across from him she looked to her side. Her eyes catching glance to a lit fire in a stone covered fireplace. She rolled her eyes internally not know what to say or do. [b Can I ask you something?] She mumbled not knowing exactly how she was going to say her next few words. [b Why was it that you agreeded to Marry me? They must of told you who you were to be wed too. What was promised to you? Because I cannot give you anything like this. I'm sure I would be lowering your status with your fellow colleagues] Looking down she nervously played with the fabric of her dress. [b I feel like I was bought...not nessisarly by you....But just the situation]
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 11d 6h 33m 40s
Abel had not told her about being an Earl. It wasn't that he didn't want her to know but had wanted her to get to know him as a person. He was not one of the court who liked to flash his title about and was more humble about it. He almost had been hoping that the councilman would leave it off. But that had apparently been too much to ask for. [b "I do hope that you will find it comfortable here...And perhaps even to your liking. If not you can change anything you like."] Abel said to the young woman with a small smile as he had moved to take a seat himself.
  Kartel / SheDevil / 11d 6h 48m 10s
Alina watched as Kartel walked away. Though he looked at her, his eyes seemed colder than usual. Possibly this was his way of helping her let him go? She felt stiff as she stood there, eyes lost in thought. Finally a voice broke her silence. Feeling him press her forward, she nodded with a sad smile and continued their way to their new living quarters.

Once to the west wing, the doors were more elaborate, covered in etchings of roases delicately addorned with gold leaf. The council men opened the double doors and let the two enter. Inside was a full sized living area. A white fainting sofa with matching chair and sitting sofa arranged themselves around a marble table.
Two beds sat close together, with a small end table between the two. A porecaline washing bowl and pitcher sat upon the end table. To the left a changing screen, and to the right a massive closet. Large windows drapped with the finest fabrics over golden rods. Alina looked floored. Just as she was about to speak the councilman waved his hand. [b Young Alina, you will be wed to a Lord now. An Earl in fact. Hopefully this room is too your expectations Lord Abel. Alina, make yourself comfortable.]
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 11d 7h 8m 3s
The man would try and be a little softer on the maiden. But only because he would need someone as a companion of sorts. And he had to show her some of what Alina had done since she said she wanted to learn. The torches were still low in flame and light. His temper had yet to calm. And green eyes did for a quick moment fall on Alina as she and the others passed. But the man did not make to speak.


Abel felt horrible for the young woman. She had lost everything in one day. Her title, her means of being there for the king, and now even her living quarters. There wasn't anything else that they could do was there? And those were his thoughts as they were led through the west wing and Kartel and Sylara passing. The maiden looked almost as deflated as his own bride to be. "It's okay, Alina.." Abel said as he gently motioned her onward
  Kartel / SheDevil / 12d 5h 29m 46s

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