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______ Has ruled over his kingdom for 50 years. Being only 150, he was nothing but a child when he took the throne. Now an adult, he rules with an iron fist. The humans have slowly destroyed his land without remorse.He has no choice but to go to war with the Humans, even knowing it could cause more destruction.

Alina is 110 years old, the turning age of an Elf into adulthood. Orphaned years back, _____ had taken her in to serve as an adviser to him. He could not have one of his kind roaming the woods alone, malnourished and homeless as the humans allow their kind.

Unlike the rest within the kingdom, Alina is not afraid to speak her mind to his highness, though it has gotten her into trouble. She dabbles in magic, but never really truly being taught. _____ takes the initiative to teach her in his spare time, leaving rumors to spread around the castle of a sinnful affair.

There relationship is a close one, however they both know their place, and both are not afraid to be stubborn with each other about it. How will their story play out?

Need _______.
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Alina looked down at the table in front of her. She didn't speak, she just sat with a gaze that looked 100 miles away. Her hands shook violently with anger, silent tears fell from her face, down her cheeks where they met and fell from her chin. Their green glow dim as if someone snuffed the life out. [b They took the only title that game my name any meaning....] She whispered. Anger grew in her belly as she looked to her king for guidance. [b I promised myself I was never going back to a life of poverty...who would marry a woman of no title, and no family name??] A flut made of glass cracked as her magic grew uncontrollably. The wine seeping through the flutes chipped body. [b We've done nothing My Lord....nothing...yet...we are being forced to marry?] Shaking her head she looked away. [b I highly doubt they will find someone who can do this job as well as I] Finally she stood. [b Thank You However....without you...I would have been banished from this very kingdom I helped protect.] Tear marked her face and her eyes red. [b I have no where to begin to find a husband...I really only had you as company] she smiled before frowning. [b However I shouldn't complain. You must find a wife as well...agaisnt your own choices as well.] Walking to the center of the room the girl ran her hand along one of the council men's chairs. [b ....I'm assuming this will be our last encounter as well. I shouldn't even be speaking to you....I have no title, I can't even offer you my words.] Her voice trembled near the end. [b I have to go....] She said quickly before running out the door. She could no longer hold in the pain which filled her chest. Hurriedly, she ran to her room and closed the door. Sliding down the wall her body finally gave out. First she lost David, then she lost Kartel. Not only that, she lost the only thing that game her life any meaning. Without her work, without the role of advising and caring for her king, her life was empty. In one day she lost everything, and she didn't know how to take it. Crying into her knees, the flames blew out....around her a fog started to form. For the first time since childhood, she was alone...
  LunaLucisCaelum / 15d 22h 50m 11s
Cold green gaze fell upon the coucil as one of the men stood and began to read off the new decree. They had gone behind his back to make it and to even sign it. And it all sounded absurd to the elvin king as he heard what they wanted. The cold glare he gave to each in turn made his distate more than apparent. But he took the decree and read for himself, studying the signatures and seeing that all were there.

[b "We have not done anything of the sort that you seem to think we have. But since you have all signed the decree we have no choice in doing as it says. However, Alina is to remain here and she chooses her own husband. There is to be no intereference from any of you in that matter."] The man said, the flaming torches around the room growing ever brighter with his flaring temper as they began to go on about possible wife selections for him.

He had no choice but to at least act as if he werw listening, though his mind was many miles outside of the council meeting. By the time it was over, Kartel had an even bigger headache than he had started with. And he remained seated as the others rose one by one and left. His eyes slowly found Alina. [b "I had no idea they were doing this.."]
  Kartel / SheDevil / 18d 10h 33m 24s
Sighing she kept her eyes forward. [b My loyalties lie with you my Lord.] She whispered. [b They always have, and they always will. ] As they made it to one of the main doorways of the council rooms, She paused outside their entrance. [b I'll make sure to get all the details. If you need me to speak upon your behalf I will. I...] She paused. [b I know you haven't been sleeping well. I can always take the lead if you wish to rest your body.] She put her hand to the knob giving him one last chance.

But suddenly, the doors opened. Alina sighed and walked in quickly sitting in a seat to the right of the king. The Kings chair was about a foot above hers and to his left, a chair equally as high for his non existent queen.

The council men stood once their King slumped into his chair. The written secretary held up a parchment with a decree signed my the council members.

[b My Lord] spoke the secretary. [b Due to the events which have lead to our people's safety being jeopardized, we have come to a few declinations which need to be addressed.

1) Alina...the King's... closeness to you has made you a target for traitors like The young castle guard David. Because of this your position as royal advisor will be terminated indefiantly .

2) With your birthday in a few days time, we have arranged for you, a set of men whom you can choose from to marry. This way you will have obligations to your husband rather than the our Lord.

3) The King shall choose a bride. One with the proper allies and etiquette to know what kind of people can be trusted and around his royal highness.

Alina, we understand this treason was not of your attention. However you let your emotions cloud your mind as to David's true intentions. Everyone in the Castle also knows how the king favors you. He will not punish you equally as another in your shoes would have been. This is why the council has come together to sign this decree. We cannot have our Kingdoms name ruined by treason and scandal.]

Alina looked complexed and shocked. She turned to Kartel before looking back at the man in front of her. [b I....I... we have done nothing close to physical let alone anything that could remotely be implied as scandalous. Has my service to you and our people not been enough? Why should I be punished by marriage if I did nothing wrong.]
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 27d 1h 35m 16s
Honestly, Alina had handled the matter with David a lot better than he had thought she would. She had been fair and just but also held a sterness. The makings of a natural born queen. And it was there that the man had to stop his thoughts. He didn't even realize what could have led his thoughts to the place they had gone. [b "You handled the matter quite well and I am very pleased with you."] Kartel said quietlt as he was hoping that maybe it would get his mind to come back to focus.

She didn't have to look up as they walked for the king with the "heart of ice" to be able to sense her pain. It radiated from her. [b "What he has done is nothing against you. Or it does not tarnish you and that I know where your loyalties lie."] His words were quiet aa he spoke them and soon king and advisor were outside one of the many meeting chambers.

With a tires look to the young woman, the elvin king inclined his head. [b "Ready to face the council?"] Kartel asked. Heavens knew he wasn't and thought it was too early for all of this. But he knew what he had to do. His responsibilities as the king and leader of his people
  Kartel / SheDevil / 32d 23h 45m 53s
[b We are] she whispered giving one final look at David. She looked down, disappointment filled her eyes as she thought about her once dear friend. Looking up to Kartel, she felt an odd sense of comfort knowing he was beside her. Nodding to him she turned to make her way up the stone steps of the dungeon. As she walked be bothered not to look back. She didn't want her king to see her pain. She also didn't want him to get the wrong idea of their relationship. David in all was just a friend. Like an older brother to her. She herself felt as though because she considered him family, her own name was tarnished.
Waiting outside the doors she thought about all that would have to be done. Defenses would need to be strengthened, and new strategies formed on training and fighting. As her anger grew the glass vases around her begun to crack.
  Alina Elf / Lunaluciscaelum / 35d 3h 10m 8s
The elven king had been standing off to the side and listened to the conversation between the two. He was more than angered when he had heard David's answer but kept silent. He had made the promise and given Alina the authority of what she wished done to be the man's punishment. When he had heard what it was, the faintest if smirks did come to his lips. Very fitting. It would make David have to watch himself and have to constantly be trying to keep in line. Being him and being quick tempered, Kartel would have just hanged their traitor. [b "Do you feel we are done here, Alina?"] The king asked as he moved over to her side. He did not even spare David a second glance.
  Kartel / SheDevil / 35d 17h 23m 49s
Alina looked at him with sorrow filled eyes. He knew exactly what he was doing. He had done so with the fear of death. [b David....a guard of the kinngsglave welcomes death before treason....] Sighing she held onto the bar with her docile hand. She was, however grateful for the fact he seemed to believe what the humans had said to him. This proves he was mostly just empty header more so than spite. [b You know I cannot save you. If I authority will mean nothing....And our laws will mean nothing. Therefore your punishment will be severe.] Looking to Kartel the young woman nodded her head. She was grateful he had given her this chance, this chance to save her only friend. [b took an oath to protect the King and his Kingdom. No matter your views, you have brought harm to all of us. Our people have been being slaughtered more so these last few months than in all history of the war. I should let our Lord publicly hang you as an example.....But I won't.] Looking away she gritted her teach before speaking again. [b I sentence you to life, with the possibility of death...mess up once...And I won't be able to save you decision is final.] She whispered
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 36d 21h 33m 16s
The king moved back a little, standing tall and with his hands foldes behind his back. Green eyes were now on Alina as he had turned it to her. It was her show and he was giving her the chance to save her friend. And he thought she may be able to get more from David than he had been able.

David looked at the young woman as she looked up at him. He had actually cared about her. And she had been such a good friend over the years. It was their king who he was out to destroy and taken their kingdom back from. "It was a deal I had made with one of their leaders. He had been about to have me killed when I had been brought to him. But when he found out I was one of the King's main guards he spared me and we began to speak about both our worlds and the people. He had promised that if I gave him the secrets that after our cruel and harsh Lord Kartel was overthrown that he would return our lands. We could learn to live with them." The man said, eyes never leaving Alina.
  Kartel / SheDevil / 38d 15h 37m 5s
Alina's eyes turned to her king as he spoke. This was the first time she was ever able to speak in a situation like this, let alone make a conviction. Taken aback, the girl looked back at her caged friend. Sighing she stepped forward, shoukders back, stance tall. "David...if you wish to have any chance at living, you need to give more of an explanation. Tell me, why would you betray your own giving our enemy information on our abilities. You say you wish to rebuild without Lord Kartel, but do you not realize human kinds wishes to over turn not just he, but us as a whole?" Stepping close to the bars she looked up in her dear friend. Leaning forward she whispered. "Where you even my friend?" She waited for him to reply. Of her desicion, she did not know. She knew Kartel gave her the chance to save his life. Even so, she had to make the best decision for her people. He had commited treason and his choice could be the death of them.
  LunaLucisCaelum / 38d 19h 50m 16s
Admittedly his words had been harsh and he knew they had. What he had said was not applied to Alina. And that should have been obvious to the young woman. But he never would tell her or admit it. The man had only meant that it was easier to do it when things, like what had come up with David arose. It was not meant as always. However, within the dungeon all of those thoughts were forgotten and he was filled with anger at the traitor.

Slowly when David had spat his words, Kartel looked to Alina. The king knew what he had told her. And just from her look he could see she was boiling with anger just as he was. Perhaps a bit more. [b "I know what I had told you before. But now you may speak. And since he had betrayed you just as much, I am even leaving up to you what happens with him."] The man said quietly. It was in a sense part of his birthday present to her, though he would not say. And he was genuinely curious how she would want to deal with David. [b "Whatever you decide will be his punishment."]
  Kartel / SheDevil / 40d 57m 54s
Alina stopped walking for a moment. Looking down she wondered just how much she let her emotions get in the way of her choices. She also thought of him. What of their relationship? As they stood in the dungeon she thought more about her ties with Kartel. Before he spoke, she liked to think he saw her as a trusted companion. Yet, with his warning, she couldn't help but wonder if he separated her from his own emotions. Wss she just someone who fit what was needed? Did he really see nothing more of her than a strategic business choice.

Alina finally looked up once Kartel spoke. David seemed to care less about her. How could he have spent so many years with her, and feel no guilt. As he spoke Alina wanted to scream. How could he say such things? Especially since her job was to advise her king of what choices to make. An attack on her king was just as much an attack on her. She had spent her life doing all she could to build their people up from the most recent war with the humans. Bitting her lip she kept silent. She was already warned not to speak, but actually doing so was difficult.
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 41d 19h 51m 31s
[b "I do not blame you for his treason, Alina. But from now on keep your judgemend and emotions separate. It is the only way to not feel when things like this happen."] And the way he spoke there was the faintesr hint of regret to his words. He had let emotion and judgement rule him at one time in the past and it nearly had cost him and the kingdom. A time Kartel did not think of nor did he want to remember.

It was after those words did the man fall silent and make his way down to the dungeons with the young woman. The farther down they got, the longer and darker the pathway became. Puddles and dripping water could be seen and heard around them, but green eyes stayed on the way before them until they came to the cell that was occupied by the traitor.

When he had been slowed to face the young guard, Kartel was watching both David and Alina. He could see the anger within the young woman and the seeming no care of David. Piercing green gaze was soon on the prisoner. [b "It has been discovered that you have betrayed your people and been working with the humans. What is the meaning of this?"] The man growled, having the flames of the torches around them burning more brightly.

"To get rid of you. You are a horrible king. With you and your rule gone we could rebuild." David said, with the same growl to his words as his eyes locked with the Elf King's and Alina's.
  Kartel / SheDevil / 41d 18h 48m 22s
His words echoed through her. She was not to question his decision. Fearful for her friend, she couldn't help but wonder if she would be able to witness his death. Seeing as Kartel had already made his way out of the room, she quickly caught up to him. He has stood, waiting for her down the hall. He knew exactly how she thought, what her choice would have been. Sighing she finally stood at his side. [b My lord.. I promise you...I knew nothing of his treason. I should have seen it sooner. I let my feelings for him get in the way of my usual observance .]

Woo. They reached the stairs down I to a dimly lit dungeon. It was cool and damp. A slow dripping of water became a puddle of standing water. Passing the first set of cells, they finally came across one that was occupied. Alina saw her friend, dishuvled and bleeding. He had been in a fight when he was taken into custody. Alina stepped to the side, slowing Kartel to face David. Her gaze was low when their eyes met between the bars. She was angry, he had lied to her. Had he used her? Had she slipped up by allowing herself to have a friend when her place in the kingdom was to be close to the King.
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 43d 19h 56m 16s
The man had done washing his face and was staring into the bowl of water that had been used. Green eyes were locked with their reflection and he was still taking in the words that had been said before. Kartel truly did not wish to punish or to hurt his people as he was sure so many believed but merely behaved in such a manner that they may act appropriately. To hear that one of their own, a guard whom he had trusted was the traitor was hard to say the least. And his mind was reeling with the information.

It was only the soft voice and words of Alina that had called him from his reeling thoughts. Slowly did he pull his gaze from the water bowl and move over to the young elven woman. [b "If allowed to be there, you are not to question anything I choose to do."] The words were simple and they were firm. After they were spoken, the king went to the door and drew it open as he began to leave the room. He did however wait at the end of the hall for Alina, knowing she would decide to be present. After all, the guard in question had been a dear friend of hers as she had been growing up.
  Kartel / SheDevil / 45d 2h 8m 27s
Alina quickly turned her body as not to watch him wash. Even if just his face, it was improper for her to lay her eyes upon him. Listening to him speak, she held tight the emerald green dress that lay upon her softly. She knew the young male would be made an example of. Death wasnt usually a sentence brought down in the Elvan community. Her heart jumped into her throat. The man in question was a childhood friend. He was a bit older than she, and always seemed to take care of her. Like an older brother he would sometimes even bring her treats after guard duty.

[b My Lord....the traitor in David. ] She knew he knew who David was. He ended up being one of the Kings guards and would check up on Alina if she herself had not been sleeping. [b There is no excuse for his actions, and whatever punishment to decide to give will be the correct one. Just...] She paused afraid to ask. [b If I could. May I be in the room when you speak to him. Not only did he betray you...he betrayed me as well.]
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 48d 18h 46m 4s

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