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______ Has ruled over his kingdom for 50 years. Being only 150, he was nothing but a child when he took the throne. Now an adult, he rules with an iron fist. The humans have slowly destroyed his land without remorse.He has no choice but to go to war with the Humans, even knowing it could cause more destruction.

Alina is 110 years old, the turning age of an Elf into adulthood. Orphaned years back, _____ had taken her in to serve as an adviser to him. He could not have one of his kind roaming the woods alone, malnourished and homeless as the humans allow their kind.

Unlike the rest within the kingdom, Alina is not afraid to speak her mind to his highness, though it has gotten her into trouble. She dabbles in magic, but never really truly being taught. _____ takes the initiative to teach her in his spare time, leaving rumors to spread around the castle of a sinnful affair.

There relationship is a close one, however they both know their place, and both are not afraid to be stubborn with each other about it. How will their story play out?

Need _______.
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Could the Elvin King tell the young woman what it was that he favoured in her? Truly? The answer was no because even he didn't fully know. It wasn't the way that she looked, though she was so very beautiful and different than all the maidens throughout the central kingdom. Looks honestly had little to do with the man's opinion on Alina. If he had to even guess where his draw happened to lay it was her personality. The very nature of who she was. She was the only one who dared to challenge the harshness of his actions and the only who dared to keep him grounded. Alina often reminded Kartel that he was more than just a king and that he was a man as well. Which no one ever did and he did owe the young woman for it as she kept him in a check that none not even he understood.

[b "No, there is nothing else I wish of you for the night. If you wish to go you may. Or if you wish to stay you may."] The man spoke quietly as his own green eyes found their way to the window and the moon. Time had just seemed to fly as the moon had risen quite extensively since they had begun.
  Kartel / SheDevil / 1d 16h 20m 24s
Nodding, his words echoed in her elongated elf like ears. She was a northerner, her features being distinctively different compared to those who lived in the central kingdom. Her nose was small and angular, her eyes elongated as well. However, she shared the traditional green iris that all full elves were blessed with at birth. Her hair fell from behind her ears as she looked down at her soft snow white hands. She always wondered what it was about her that caused him, her King, to favor her. She had begun to think of this year's ago, when rumors started to appear. Maids hurried though narrow corridors to pass a tale through their unpainted lips. Elvin priests would speak softly the Heresies that were said to be between the two . And even other high officials looked upon Alina with distaste for being so close to the stern faced king.

Finally she stood. Looking at the window. The moon was high in the sky, time had lingered far greater than it should have. [b Did you need anything from me? It grows late and I do not want to keep you.]
  LunaLucisCaelum / 3d 20h 17m 12s
The man had known pain and he had known death. He had known what it was to have something thrust upon your shoulders even when it was the furtherest thing from what you wanted. Kartel also knew what it was to have to be forced into growing up and to not have freedoms. In that way, the man and the young woman were the same. Both had been dealt fates that they had not asked for. Struggled with memories that others around them could or would never understand. Even when he should not, the Elven King did take solace in those truths. Take solace in knowing that there was one other at least that could understand his frame of mind. But again that was another part to who he was. It was a part that almost none knew and he would keep it that way.

[b "Sometimes it is our strongest thoughts and emotions that tend to guide us the most. They give us the power that we seek and when knowing how to control them or not let them hurt us they make us who we are. It is okay to remember your past and what had been. It is a part of who you are but also you must remember to never let it fully rule you. You do have to keep moving forward as well."] Words he would deny having ever said if it was brought to him. But all the same, the king meant his words. In a sense even if it wasn't as sympathetic as he should have been it was his way to say he understood and that he cared for her. It was also saying that there were some things that no matter how you try that they will be a part of who you are.
  Kartel / SheDevil / 6d 18h 5m 13s
Looking at her King, Alina paused. She wasn't sure how to say the words. She didn't want to lose sight and become angry. But she also did not want to be seen as weak, a frail being who could not get over the death of her family. Her eyes searched the ceiling above them. Never really noticing the finer details, her eyes traced each crack the flowed from the intricately designed molds. She would have to call upon the palace engineer to make sure all was in good standing.

Sighing she looked back at the male before her. Again his arms were crossed, however, this time for more curious of reasons. [b I was thinking of my parents...of the day we were attacked.] Biting her lip to calm herself , the flames around her began to glow again, but this time, more docile. Alina watched as he had walked closer to her side. It was times like this she found comfort. She knew her king cared for her, even if he didn't show it forthright. She knew in her heart that he truly cared for her well being, and for that she was grateful.

[b Memories like these are just that, memories, I should not dwell on the past, and look forth to the future. Wouldn't you say?]
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 6d 20h 34m 27s
The man had released his hold upon the fire just as easily as he had taken control. From a young age he had been taught how to control and manipulate fire. It was one thing among many that he had taken to heart and memory. The words he had told to Alina were the ones he had been told when he was learning himself. Also he had been told it was best to settle on an emotion and use it to help wield the element that you were wanting to work with. For Kartel, the Elvin King had chosen sorrow as it was something he had felt for a great deal of time before he had become the ruler that nearly all happened to fear. But he would never explain it to another. It was not their place to know it.

Once he had his hold of the fire released, the man's arms were crossed again. Green gaze was upon the young woman and he watched her, studying her demeanor. Faintly did a smile cross thin lips as he could see her eyes close and could see her focusing. That told him that she had taken into consideration what he had said and that she was trying to decide how best she would be able to become one with the flames around them which lit the room.

As soon as all flames burst into blue the man was able to tell the emotion that she had settled on. For a few moments he was silent until she regained herself and once more he moved to take his llace in the chair across from the one she had slouched into. [b "You managed to control them. All of them this time. And control with the emotion comes later. So for now this was good and a start. Though I am curious what memory would have produced the blue flames like that."] He said quietly, falling into one of the rare moments where he allowed his gentler nature towards Alina to fuly have control. Even if for a few moments.
  Kartel / SheDevil / 6d 18h 12m 21s
She watched as he had made it look so simple. Like many of the things he did, weather it be nature, or people, they always seemed to bend in his presence. She studied not the flame, but his expression. She studied his eyes. He seemed to be an extension of the flame. It moved along with him and she couldn't help but wonder just what went through his mind as he guided it.

Looking back to her candle, Alina took a deep breath. Closing her eyes she thought about what he had said. [b I need to feel it...] She whispered. She thought of heat. And she thought of emotions which would fill ones body with fire. Desire, love, fear and anger. She had never once felt love or desire. So drawing on such emotions would be useless. Anger was a feeling she couldn't help but know all too well. Opening her eyes, she let the flames warmth fill her being. With the warmth she thought back to her childhood, to her parents and to her village. She had missed then dearly. As she let the memories pass through her mind, the candle in front of her began to glow, it's flame beginning to change from a rust colored orange to a blistering blue. She let the heat of anger fill her soul as the flames around the room all began to burn blue, before suddenly going out. She fell from her standing position to the seat behind her. Covering her face, she held back decades worth of tears. Regaining her composure, the young woman sat back and waved her hand once more. Baby flames birthed from the candles wick left the room dimly lit again. [b I guess I need to learn control] she whispered.
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 7d 17h 55m 16s
Kartel's arms were crossed over his chest, the light of the flames having his own icy green eyes seeming to come alive. It even made his own snowy skin seem to glisten as he watched Alina as she tried again. And much to what he had thought or rather been expecting the flames would merely crackle and then go back to how they had been. [b "Those old pains could have something to do with it. Or it could simply be not having had the proper training. You know the saying of when something is not used it can very well be lost."] The man said quietly.

Very much did the man know the whispers in the halls. Knew that the others figured he had a soft spot for the young woman. He also was aware of the rumours that some thought there was a special kind of tension between the two. A tension that was only felt between a man and a woman. When it first had come out and to his attention the one who had been stupid enough to bring it before him had been punished and harshly. He had even made the threat of banishment to whoever brought it up again as silly rumours would not be tolerated in his kingdom. And since those times he had not heard them but still knew they existed.

Again he had to push his thoughts to the side as Alina's soft yet assertive words brought him back to reality and to the moment. The man's arms uncrossed and chestnut hair bounced faintly on his shoulders as he moved to her again. [b "Knowing the basics is good but it is not all of it. You have to feel the fire and become one. In that case can you truly learn to control it. Because I can tell right now you see it but you do not feel it."] And again he showed her as he focused on the flames this time.
  Kartel / SheDevil / 7d 18h 26m 56s
The room grew bright. She could feel the heat of the flames against her pale white skin. As the flames flickered, Alina drew her eyes to their dancing ways. The bright orange glow warmed her pale green eyes. [b Yes, I believe this to be a better time than not.] Standing, her dress fell past her feet, flowing like petals of a bell flower. [b Recently, my head pains have returned. Just as they had when I was a child. I wonder if this has been the cause of my failed abilities.]

Looking to the flame, she waved her small delicate fingers over its heat. Cracking, the flame only twitched, before going back to is rhythmic movements. Lowering her arm she studied the flame. She understood the basic elements and how oxygen was a main component to building it's body. But all she seemed to be doing was suffocating it, by absorbing the air around it. Smiling the elvan woman turned to get again be taken into his presence. [b You know well I have nothing to fill my nights with. If you so desire, I will stay, and learn the lessons you wish to teach]

Her voice was soft. Soothing was the best way to put it. She had never been one to have a harsh demeanor. Even when she spoke out, her voice was always clear, informative, but never disrespectful. It was true, she knew she had leeway that others simply didn't process. She knew she could speak her mind , without having to fear as much as the others. Others could see the favoritism when it came to Alina, and this made making friends within the wall quite hard. Whispers had begun to spread of tension between the two, tension between a man and woman. But Alina paid no mind. Rumors had always spread of the King, but all were to afraid to make anything other than a whistler.
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 7d 20h 29m 37s
The man had been watching the young woman before him since he had drawn his gaze from the tea within his cup and he had spoke. It was always a wonder how she never understood it, but did he want for her to understand? Strict and ruthless to most but softer to her. Again not something the Elven King seemed to grasp and had purely put on the fact that he had known her for so long and kept her by his side so long. So why was it when that gaze had fallen upon him and her last words registered in his ears of what he wished that day from her was there the tightening within his chest? Was it because he knew that soon she would be fully a woman and fully mature? Thag IF she so chose and if he were to allow any she could be courted and start a family? Quickly he pushed those thoughts away. It was silly to dwell on for the moment and he could brood all he wanted later and awah from Alina.

Slowly Kartel set his tea cup on the small table that was between the pair and still had the tray that the elder woman had brought earlier. [b "You look into the details that I simply forget or do not pay attention to. And a meeting for us and the generals would be the best idea. As you had said any day now it appears we may have to start the war we had been trying to avoid."] The words spoken were slowly and deliberate as he spoke them and once more found his gaze flittering over Alina.

A moment's silence and then the man nodded and stood slowly. Again he raised his hand and the flames around the room with it. [b "You are off for the rest of the night. But perhaps startinf your lessons may prove a good idea? Unless you have elsewhere you need to be?"] Really she had no choice, but he liked to make it seem she did.
  Kartel / SheDevil / 7d 19h 10m 43s
Smiling, the woman watched as the man in front of her spoke of his plans if war was in fact needed. Her eyes were bright and her heart funnily quelled within her chest. [b Sometimes I wonder how it is I bring help to you. You may rule ruthlessly, but every plan you set forth has always been sound and well thought out].

Watching him sit, Alina too took a seat. Bringing her ankles to cross at one side, her figure sat tall, arms resting delicately upon her lap. [b Then I shall put forth a meeting with the generals, and set up a course for those they see it to fight. I will also read up on human military forces and see what we can learn to better understand their faults.]

His words however rang in her ears, even as she spoke. [i Just Stay] She could feel the muscle inside her chest begin to further race itself. [b I'll be at your side, always my king] She whispered. Looking at the dimmed flame above, she again thought back through their long history together. It had been close to 100 years since her village was over run. She would soon reach adulthood within the week. Her 120th birthday. This was the age when an elvan woman is matured, she may begin to be courted and hopefully start her family. Though with her role, she knew her life wouldn't follow traditional elvan guidelines. Her service was to her king, and her people not to herself. [b what do you wish from me this day?]
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 8d 1h 6m 30s
By the time she spoke to him again the man had taken a seat and had one leg crossed over the other. Green gaze was locked upon the jaded cup which his tea rested within. He was in thought over how he had once been. What their promise had been when he had found her. Back then it was a promise that she would stay at his side until there was no further use of her to him. But on his end it had been a promise to simply watch after her and to make sure she did not suffer as her village had. She had been the first to treat him as if he were still a person and not just the king. She brought back to him the realization that he may have been king but he was also still a man and did have a responsibility to his people. Even if he ruled with the "iron fist".

[b "You know very well there will always be a need for you. So better not to say it and to just say that you will stay. And I am very much aware that the humans get closer and closer. We habe scouts out watching and reporting back. There is no remorse only hunger and greed among them. This keep up and we have no choice but to go to war."] His words were bitter but they were also tired. He had been thinking on those terms for along time. And it was clear that he had been. [b "And only our best will be the onee meeting them when the time comes."]
  Kartel / SheDevil / 7d 21h 17m 26s
Nodding twice, the young woman poured her own glass of tea. Though she enjoyed her tea with sugar, she noticed a few less cubes in the dish. Sugar had been running scarce since the humans pushed further into the forest. Sugar canes were being cut and burned to make way for the humans machines. Setting the lid back top the silver dish, Alina went without, wishing to save as much as she could for future tea times.

Slowly she brought the steaming cup to her lips. Thinking back, she remembered their promise. She was just a child, 8 or 9. Her parents had been killed by human raiders, and she herself abused, left to die on the dirt floor among her burning village. She remembers hooves dancing around her, and a young man stepping down from his steed. He had gleaming eyes, like polished free stones. Though she wished for death, his eyes had brought her from her dismay.

Her first memory of her king was short. As he picked her up from the ground, she had slipped into a short coma. Only his eyes were kept in her memory. The warm liquid touched her full upper lip, breaking her of her long held memory. [b Then I shall continue to be at your side till the day you needn't have use for me.]

Setting her jade cup down on the deeply polished table, Alina stood once more. [b The humans are encroaching upon us my Lord, I'm worried it won't be a matter of time till they reach our gates]
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 8d 1h 47m 8s
What could the king actually say? He was always the slightest easier when it came to Alina. Even he didn't quite get it himself. Because even he was aware had it been ANYONE other than her he would have lashed out. He would have mocked their incompetence and stripped them of both rank and of title until they proved to him their were worthy to earn it back. The man had done it a couple of times before with little to no regrets in his actions. So clearly there was something he saw in the young woman. Oh yes, she was a constant and with all the changes that had been made, Kartel needed at least one thing to remain the same. Besides not that he would admit it but he had even come to care for her on some form.

When they were interrupted by the elder woman, the king merely nodded this head. It was his way of a curt thanks and also letting her know he was in the middle of something. Again he was trying to keep his patience, only relaxing as Alina made his tea and soon brought it to him. She truly did have her uses and he had meant what jw had said in teaching her. She would need to know.

[b "Good. And you won't owe me anything more than what we had agreed upon in the beginning. Lets just call the lessons a way to make you more of a proper elf."] He said quietly as he took a sip from his tea and motioned she pour herself some as well. She was the only he could tolerate being more than mere minutes without growong weary.
  Kartel / SheDevil / 8d 2h 14m 9s
[b I'm always willing to learn your majesty] she spoke, lifting the sides of her dress as she bent her knees in a bow. Deep down she knew he was lenient with her. If it were any other being in his command, they would have been stripped of their title and rank. So why was she so different.

His long chestnut hair graced his shoulders as his legs pulled him closer to the girl. His glowing green eyes always seemed to attract her, like a moth to a flame. Their conversations always seeming to involve long periods of eye contact, with little actual conversation. There was no reason to speak, she had already known his words before he spoke them. An ability learned through time with him.

A small knock broke their talk when an older female walked in. Placing a set of tea on the table, the elder bowed her head and retreated back to the empty corridors. Alina took the opportunity to make her way towards the door, closing it's heavily embossed wood frame with a sting latch. Making her way to the tea, she sat, pouring her king a cup filled with the floral brew. In the jade pollished cup, she put a single sugar cube, then pouring tje hot rose liquid over the melting sugar. This was how he enjoyed his tea, black with hints of floral notes, lightly sweetened with a single sugar. After the entire cube had vanished, Alina again stood and bowed her small head gracefully. [b I would be forever honored if you were to teach me. I will be even more in your debt]
  Alina Elf / LunaLucisCaelum / 8d 4h 36m 21s
A sigh escaped the man's lips when she looked down and their eye contact was finally broken. She was an interesting one and had been a constant to him. When she had been young she had learned what foods he liked and how he liked his tea, sat in with him amd his advisors before she had become on, and now she kept him up to dat on humans and their means. Never had she seemed to fear him as the others around the castle had. And he found it both curious and intriguing.

Moving back and towards one of the windows, Kartel gazed out at the moon. He was trying to gather his thoughts. In his mind she had been amazing and was a well trusted advisor. His most at that. But in the other part of his mind, the harsh and analytical king he had become over the years what good was an elf who struggled with her magic? It was a battle in his mind.

After a few moments, Kartel turned back to Alina and he made his way back to where he had left her standing. [b "Would you be willing to learn? I would even train you myself, but be warned it won't be easy."]
  Kartel / SheDevil / 8d 16h 44m 8s

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