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August 27th I found out I was pregnant... I am now 13 wks and 6 days and the baby is growing well.. yesterday I was assaulted. Story goes as follows...

So I woke up yesterday morning at like three something and got up to go pee.. hopes younger sister came out of the kitchen and scared me and I said oh shit... this girl went ballistic on me. I went into the bathroom and said whatever cause she was cussing at me and I just needed to pee she started banging on the door and calling me names and said and I quote “just cause you are carrying precious cargo doesn’t mean I won’t fuck you up and get double homocide bitch”. She continued calling me names and I told her to fuck off and leave me alone she continued banging on the door by then I had put myself in the tub cause I was having an anxiety attack and she kept saying “just you wait till tomorrow morning bitch I got you then” while laughing Well before that I told her to quit being a cunt cause that’s what she was doing. And I told her that if she puts her hands on me tomorrow I was calling the cops. That’s all it took she kicked in the bathroom door and grabbed me by my hair out of the tub when she did that I blacked out and started having flash backs and at some point I either hit my stomach on the tub or the toilet. Idk which cause I blacked out but next thing I know is she’s off of me and Her older brother is in front of the bathroom door and his grandfather is standing there and then sams mom came and told me to call the cops and after I filled out paper work they asked me if I wanted to press charges had to fill out that paper work and then they said do you want to get checked out and see if the baby is okay I said yes so they had a paramedic come get me and take me to the ER they checked the baby and it’s fine strong and big and I have a couple bruised ribs and my head is sore and tender....
  JOURNAL / SpoopyPumkinPrincess / 358d 15h 14m 13s
It's been five months since you killed died and I'm stuck with no answers except that you really didn't kill yourself danny murdered you but made it look like a suicide he even admitted it to me and mom but it's our word against his... I miss you so so much chey it's hard not having you by my side helpin me through all the abuse and shit with my family and all the fights with my bf... I just want you back... I could really use one of your hugs right now chey....
  AnnaMarie / RenegadeAngelDemon / 1y 213d 3h 26m 5s
You are gone. And I honestly don’t know how to fully cope… I really can’t wrap my head around your suicide... So many questions are going through my head … Why did you do it? Dad said there wasn’t a note…did you reach out at some point and ask for help or suggest at needing it? Did someone or something make you snap? What happened within the course of two days that caused you so much pain that you had to end your life? Why didn’t I see the warning signs like I normally do? Why didn’t you tell me you were hurting so bad? I haven’t slept since I found out Tuesday afternoon when Damien called me and told me…I thought it was a joke until I asked dad and he said it was true… but anytime I try to sleep all I see is you hanging ….Who found you? Was it Mom? Dad? Your girlfriend? Or was it Dusty who found you?? Why did you have to leave Chey? I always told you if you needed me to call me… We both agreed and made a promise if something was wrong we would get ahold of the other especially if we felt suicidal... We both promised we wouldn’t take our own lives… I think of all the stupid fights we had and trust me they were all stupid but now that I think about it they were always about when one of us had cut or attempted to kill ourselves… I wish I could hear your voice Cheyenne see your smile feel your hug and hear that contagious laugh of yours… Memories keep flooding to me but my all-time favorite memory was summer of 2015.. Me, You, Jordan, Damien, Donavan, Ryan, Cierra, Maynard, KP, and Damien and Donavan’s mom were all camping.. Y’all thought it would be a great idea to go and get Donavan’s truck stuck on the reservoir. We had a great weekend that weekend… I love you Cheyenne Dale Glover watch over all of us will you? You were loved while you were here on earth and you will be greatly loved in the afterlife…

Sincerely yours,
Forever & Always
Your Baby Girl

Rest In Peace:
Cheyenne Dale Glover
  Jazabella klien / MidnightJuniper / 2y 9d 23h 3m 32s
I am a survivor of Domestic abuse and this is my story if you can see this feel free to leave a comment in the live chat if you would like.. =^.^=
  Jazabella klien / MidnightJuniper / 2y 12d 18h 37m 29s

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