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Roleplay Responses

[b Adele:] *slips into the room looking around* Hello to whomever is here..
  нawтнorne / Waterlily- / 17h 56m 53s
[b Lillie:] Blah. It sure is going to be a busy night at holders job.
  walcoтт / SweetSerendipity- / 23h 31m 36s
[b Alice:] It's alright. Mine's been busy doing laundry, and talking to her mother.
  walcoтт / Waterlily- / 1d 3h 31m 57s
[b Lillie:] Sorry. Holder ended up falling asleep.
  walcoтт / SweetSerendipity- / 1d 3h 44m 44s
[b Alice:] That's how I've always been. I can't do something horrible like wake them up.
  walcoтт / Waterlily- / 1d 6h 46m 39s
[b Lillie:] Haha, your just too nice sometimes. [i Giggles]
  walcoтт / SweetSerendipity- / 1d 6h 51m 27s
[b Alice:] I don't wanna be mean though *pouts* Sorry about her, she's vanishing to go out with her family.
  walcoтт / Waterlily- / 1d 6h 52m 45s
[b Lillie:] Wake them up. [i Chuckles]

[b Blaze:] No worries.

And that's good to hear. I think.
  walcoтт / SweetSerendipity- / 1d 6h 58m 36s
[b Alice:] I'm doing alright. Waiting for the brat's to get up cause I wanna go hunting.

[b Kaleigh:] Sorry, just getting used to this place.. Not really ignoring anyone.
  walcoтт / Waterlily- / 1d 7h 3m 32s
[b Lillie:] It's too early. [i Chuckles] How are you doing?

[b Blaze:] [i Looks at female and shrugs] How are you doing?
  walcoтт / SweetSerendipity- / 1d 7h 10m 6s
[b Alice:] How are you Sissy-La? *snuggles* Morning to you both as well.

[b Kaleigh:] *nodded lightly towards the three before sitting in a corner*
  walcoтт / Waterlily- / 1d 7h 14m 14s
[b Lillie:] Well good morning, sissy dear.

[b Blaze:] Morning everyone.
  walcoтт / SweetSerendipity- / 1d 7h 15m 20s
[b Alice:] *tackles her sister*

[b Kaleigh:] *wandered into the room looking around* Good morning.
  walcoтт / Waterlily- / 1d 7h 22m 59s
[b Blaze:] Good morning.

[b Lillie:] -Yawns walking in- it’s too early.
  walcoтт / SweetSerendipity- / 1d 7h 34m 26s
[b Alice:] We tend to always miss everyone!

[b Bailey:] *slips into the room her arms wrapped around herself*
  walcoтт / Waterlily- / 1d 15h 25m 46s

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