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Roleplay Responses

[B Ben:] Good afternoon.

[B Delilah:] Hello hello hello!
  dємi / WinterWonderland- / 25m 12s
[b Juniper:] *slips into the room looking around*

[b Reese:] *wandered in with a mug in hand*
  {Onyx} / Waterlily- / 17h 41m 13s
[B Benjamin:] Pleasure all mine.

[B Amilio:] What's wrong? *Frowns*
  dємi / WinterWonderland- / 9d 16h 31m 50s
[b Madeline:] It's a pleasure meeting you Benjamin.

[b Reese:] Not so good.. But I'll be okay.
  {Madeline} / Waterlily- / 9d 16h 40m 35s
[B Benjamin:] I'm good - I'm Benjamin.

[B Amilio:] How are you??
  dємi / WinterWonderland- / 9d 16h 41m 54s
[b Madeline:] I'm doing alright, and how are you? I'm Madeline by the way.

[b Reese:] Hello to you as well.
  {Madeline} / Waterlily- / 9d 16h 46m 19s
[B Benjamin:] How are you?

[B Amilio:] Hello dear.
  dємi / WinterWonderland- / 9d 16h 47m 16s
[b Madeline:] Hello to you both as well.

[b Reese:] *wandered in yawning a bit*
  {Madeline} / Waterlily- / 9d 16h 51m 39s
[B Benjamin:] Hello hello.

[B Amilio:] Good evening.
  dємi / WinterWonderland- / 9d 16h 53m 42s
[b Madeline:] *wandered in books in hand*

[b Reese:] *slips in pulling her sleeves over her arms*

[b Charlotte:] *wandered in yawning*

[b Charlie:] This seems slightly lively this morning.
  {Madeline} / Waterlily- / 20d 4h 2m 23s
[B Benjamin:] Good morning.

[B Greer:] -Yawns while walking in-
  dємi / WinterWonderland- / 20d 4h 6m 29s
[b Orlando:] Seeing what this place is all about, you?

[b Reese:] I'm doing alright, and how are you?

[b Aveline:] *wandered into the room running her fingers though her hair*
  {Hoffman} / Waterlily- / 21d 5h 19m 38s
[B Greer:] What's up?

[B Amilio:] How are you?

[B Jeremiah:] -Leans against the wall, watching everyone-
  dємi / WinterWonderland- / 21d 5h 20m 46s
[b Orlando:] *nodded to the others* Good morning.

[b Reese:] Good morning to you..

[b Willow:] Hello to everyone.
  {Hoffman} / Waterlily- / 21d 5h 24m 7s
[B Greer:] Good morning!

[B Amilio:] Good morning beautiful.

[B Jeremiah:] Morning.
  dємi / WinterWonderland- / 21d 5h 25m 57s

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