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[b Madeline:] sorry. We all disappeared for awhile.
[b Willow:] Well they are losing out then.

[b Reese:] I'm alright, how are you?

[b Heath:] *smirks lightly taking a drag* How are you?
  {Devil} / Waterlily- / 5d 5h 53m 49s
[b Madeline:] But very true..

[b Amilio:] How are you?

[b Daphne:] -Kisses his cheek- Hello
  нσffмαи / WinterWonderland- / 5d 6h 10m 27s
[b Willow:] What? That's not possible.

[b Reese:] Good morning..

[b Heath:] Yes? *smirks lightly*
  {Devil} / Waterlily- / 5d 6h 17m 48s
[b Madeline:] Urm... I’m single..

[b Amilio:] Hey.

[b Daphne:] My Protector.
  нσffмαи / WinterWonderland- / 5d 6h 19m 4s
[b Willow:] Why not? You should be getting them every day from your love.

[b Reese:] *wandered in stretching slightly*

[b Heath:] *wandered in behind his sister a cigarette between his lips*
  {Devil} / Waterlily- / 5d 6h 25m 13s
[b Madeline:] No please don’t.. I’m just not use to the compliments..
  нσffмαи / WinterWonderland- / 5d 6h 28m 4s
[b Willow:] Do you want me to leave you alone? Cause I will.
  {Devil} / Waterlily- / 5d 6h 33m 55s
[b Madeline:] W-Well thank you.. -Hides behind her hair-
  нσffмαи / WinterWonderland- / 5d 6h 36m 43s
[b Willow:] Yes beautiful. You are very beautiful honestly. It's a pleasure to meet you Madeline.
  {Devil} / Waterlily- / 5d 6h 38m 27s
[b Madeline:] B-Beautiful... [i Blushes darkly] I-I’m good.. I’m Madeline..
  нσffмαи / WinterWonderland- / 5d 6h 39m 31s
[b Willow:] I'm doing alright beautiful. How are you? I'm Willow.
  {Devil} / Waterlily- / 5d 6h 41m 32s
[b Madeline:] Oh hello there.. how are you this morning??
  нσffмαи / WinterWonderland- / 5d 6h 47m 46s
[b Willow:] *slips into the room* Hello, and good morning.
  {Devil} / Waterlily- / 5d 6h 48m 47s
[b Madeline:] -Wanders in- Hello, if anyone is here.
  нσffмαи / WinterWonderland- / 5d 6h 50m 26s

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