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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [center [size11 Kaiser and [b [u Your Name Here]] have been an on again, off again couple for years. They haven't had the best go at it either. Kaiser was always running off with another woman, and he wouldn't even think about the damage he was doing to [b [u Your Name Here]]. When they had been younger, Kaiser had promised [b [u Your Name Here]] that when they were older, and out of college, he would marry her. Now that they were finally out of college, and out in the real world that promise was broken. [b [u Your Name Here]] knew it wouldn't happen, but she was still holding out hope that it would.]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [center [size11 There was something always standing in the way of the two, always another woman, and always Kaiser telling them he would gladly bed them. [b [u Your Name Here]] was slowly losing hope, and losing faith in the male. She didn't want that to happen, but she knew it was. Deep down she knew they were supposed to be together, but Kaiser was too busy fucking around to see it. That's when [b [u Your Name Here]] decided to try something out. She wanted to see how far he would go to keep her in his life. Even if it meant hurting her in the process.]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [center [size11 One Halloween night was when the plan was rolling into action. [b [u Your Name Here]] and Kaiser were going to a Halloween party, and when they were alone she cut herself. Kaiser stood there in shock. She looked up at him, pleading inside of her eyes. She wasn't going to tell him what the plan was. She wanted him to react on his own. What'll happen when she faints? Will Kaiser pull his head out of his ass long enough to help her? Will [b [u Your Name Here]]'s plan work? Or will it all come undone? You will never know, unless you join Love, Lust & Liars.]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [center [size11 [b [u The cast of Love, Lust, & Liars.]]]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [center [size11 [u Kaiser Knight: Taken]]]][center [pic http://i.imgur.com/swz4iio.jpg]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [center [size11 [u Female: Open]]]]

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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [center [size11 [b [u What I need from you.]]]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [center [size11 I'm going to make this really simple. I would like you to Private Message me, make sure it's titled though. Inside of it I would like you to have this simple skeleton.]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [center [size11 [u Character Picture link || Character name || Character age || Small bio]]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [center [size11 Not that hard now is it? I will tell you right now, this isn't a first come first serve role play either. I do have a full time job, and this will be a really slow moving role play. I'm not always on, so I would like someone who will bare with me, and understands that I will be on when I can. Now please make sure to read all of the rules below.]]]

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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [center [size11 [b [u The rules of Love, Lust & Liars.]]]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [center [size11 [b [u Number One-]] The pictures are real. Please nothing too big, or too used. If you would like some help, all you have to do is ask me, and I will help the best I can.]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [center [size11 [b [u Number Two-]] Romance will most likely happen, but not right at first. It's something that has to be worked up too. Just like in real life, love at first sight doesn't happen.]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [center [size11 [b [u Number Three-]] Ditching is a no. If you don't wanna be apart of the role play anymore, simply message me and tell me. Don't ask to join, and then not post.]]]

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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [center [size11 [b [u Number Five-]] Stealing this plot is a huge no. If I see anything like this, I will make your life hell. I've been working my ass off on this, and I see anyone stealing it, you will get your ass chewed out.]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [center [size11 [b [u Number Six-]] If you would like to add in more characters, talk to me first and maybe we can add in more. Right now it's just the main two characters.]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [center [size11 [b [u Number Seven-]] Plot twists, I love them. I would love to add anything and everything under the sun. Don't be scared to message me either about ideas you have.]]]

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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [center [size11 [b [u Number Ten-]] Most of all have fun. That's what writing is all about. Make this enjoyable for yourself. Happy writing!]]]


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[center Accepting this gift from him felt... wrong. Especially peering down at the pretty trinket. She ran fingers over it's cool face with a soft sigh, her anger somewhat quelled but not wholly assauged by any means. The letter was the second to be opened once the locket had been safely tucked away, and as she read it through, a pang of anxiety echoed somewhere deep within her. That had been a horrible night. Feeling that sort of near loss had been painful to say the absolute least.

Persons often said you didn't know what you had until it was gone, but she wholly disagreed. It was when you were in that place so far beyond yourself, wishing to trade places with the person in front of you that did you in. The moments in which you thought you would lose them forever were the truly painful ones, incomparable to the total and absolute loss. That desperation had been one she'd never wanted to feel again, and it haunted her even now. Sometimes when she thought of him and could feel the distance grow especially cold, and at others when she imagined having been there in his place.

Hands taking on a slight tremble, she carefully folded the letter once more and tucked it away for safe keeping. Jånna spent some time among the books, sorting through a few she took interest in with hopes that it would calm her before she made her way over to their spot. She ended up purchasing a decent amount and asked for three of them to be gift wrapped, all the while wondering what Kaiser would have to say to her beyond the letter he'd written.

A neatly packed, flat-bottomed bag was offered to her across the counter, and she thanked the clerk before making her way out of the shop. It wasn't a particularly long walk to the Malt Shoppe, and when she arrived at last, it was easy to pick Kaiser out among the booths. In all honesty, it wasn't all that busy.

She slid into the booth, settling across from him with her purchases taking up the space just beside her.

[#c8516a [i "I wish you'd have come to me... but I guess that's more selfish than it would have been helpful since rehab seemed the only option. I get it, though. You needed time for yourself; how are you getting along now?"]]

Truthfully, it felt as though every word that left her lips was being spoken by someone else - as though she were watching as an invisible third party, a stranger even to herself.

Being in that [i dark place]... did you know you were there, or did it creep up on you? Were you slowly enveloped by it, or dragged despite all resistence to its depths? It was difficult to imagine, from her perspective. She felt...nothing. Of late, besides rolling through routine after routine and meeting one expectation after the next, Jånna felt inescribably--hollow.

She honestly couldn't remember the last time, before this, that she'd gone out with anyone, and her instruments had hardly been touched in months. Some days, it felt as though if she simply vanished, no one would take notice. Others she was unsure whether or not she was truly even there. Confusing, to say the absolute least.

[#c8516a [i "And what now... where exactly do we go from here? Are we calling a truce?"]]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex
The male's phone buzzed and he read the message. He could tell she was pissed off with him, and he didn't blame her at all. He had been blowing her off, and now he had to figure out a good ass lie as to why. He slid his hand back into his pocket and felt the little box there. A small smile passed over his lips as he wondered how he was going to explain this one. He sighed lightly as he found a couple of books, and then heard the woman's voice. He looked towards her slowly and nodded a bit.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex
He placed the books he had in his hand on the shelf, and turned around to face her. [#ADD8E6 "Yes I did promise you a treat, and I'm going to do just that. I just need to find a couple books for classes, and I have a little something for you. I know it's not your birthday, and Christmas is forever away. But it's something I saw and thought you'd like it. It's not a bribe either for your forgiveness. It's my way of saying how sorry I am, and a promise as well"] he said with a small sigh.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex
He turned around and grabbed his books again, and then stopped. He might as well give it to her now. He set them back down, and turned around. His hand went back into his pocket, and pulled out a small box. It held a locket and he had a letter in his back pocket for her. He handed her the box, and then slipped the letter out of his pocket and handed that over as well. [#ADD8E6 "I don't care if you don't read the letter, but the locket is what I liked the most."]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex
He rubbed the back of his head, and sighed a little bit. He didn't know what else to say at the moment, and it was eating at him. He looked down and then grabbed his things once more. He then slipped past her and went to pay for the books. He looked over his shoulder at the woman, and sighed. He could tell she was pissed off, and he didn't want to make her even more mad. [#ADD8E6 "Meet me at the Malt Shoppe when you are ready"] he said lightly before slipping out into the cool air.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex
His mind went back to when he had started writing the letter, and he remembered how hard it had been to write it. The letter read this...]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex
[center [i My darling Jånna,]]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex
[center [i I know things have been really rocky between you and I, and I'm really sorry. You remember the night you found me nearly dead, and with a blade in my hand? I've been back in that dark space for a while now, and it's eating me up inside. I know I shouldn't blow you off like I have been, I just don't like burdening you with my problems. I'm truly sorry for closing off, and I promise I will make things up to you.]]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex
[center [i I've been in a rehab center for the past few months, and I had just gotten back a couple of weeks ago. That's why I haven't talked to you, why I haven't messaged you, and why I've been so distant with you. You don't know how many times I wanted to call you, just to hear your voice on the other end. The feeling of you hugging me, or telling me everything would be okay again. I missed that. I missed you.]]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex
[center [i I know it doesn't matter right now, all that matters is I'm really trying to open up, and not keep things bottled up inside. I just need you there for me. I need to know you won't shut me out, like I've shut you out. I'm really sorry for everything.. I hope you can forgive me for not telling you right away.]]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex
[center [i Forever yours, Kaiser.]]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex
It had been hard to write that out, and he had wanted to throw it away.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex
He sighed lightly as he walked towards the Malt Shoppe, and slipped into the building. He wasn't going to order anything yet, he wanted to see if she would join him. Instead he walked over to a booth, slid inside and placed the bag of books on the table top. He looked out the window and sighed a bit. His mind was racing, and his heart felt like it was going to burst out of his chest. Maybe finally telling her why, she would understand at least a little bit as to why he was distant.]
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[center As she'd been pulling out of her driveway, Jånna heard a new notification come in, announced by Siri via bluetooth that [i The Ass] had sent another message. Frustration brought her fingers to clench at the leather a bit tighter. It wasn't like her to ignore him? Did he even [i know] her anymore? Bitterly, she puckered her lips, pulling up to a stop sign as she contemplated a message to send back.

[i [#c8516a 'I'll meet you in town... the usual place, I guess.']] There was nothing else to really say. Something warned her against any excitement. This felt more like a trip to collect the excuses he was bound to give her, and something about that really didn't sit well with the blonde. Hopefully, Kaiser would [i actually] be sincere this time.

It felt as though she'd heard it a thousand times over - how sorry he was, ways he would make it up to her. [#c8516a [i "Yeah... always some urgent reason why with you,"]] she mused.

It wasn't long before she reached the shop, parking on the street before she had begun to make her way inside. The interior was cool, dry, and smelled of a variety of books both new and old. She had frequently come in here on her own over the years in search of specific titles, and they had yet to disappoint her yet.

It was a quaint little family-run establishment, so she'd always been eager to stay loyal and support them. The owners had come to know her well over the years, too.

Ghosting along the aisles upon waving to Sunny at the counter, she sought out the brunet. Her steps were light and practically inaudible. One of her many talents. 'Appearing' was something Jånna did quite often, actually.

[i [#c8516a "Kai?"]] She pronounced in her accented English, keys dangling from her cold fingers. Whether or not he actually expected her to show up, she didn't know, but hopefully now that she was there, they could sort things out.

[i [#c8516a "You promised me a treat; you'd better make good on it for ignoring me all this while and blowing me off,"]] And if he thought he was getting out of this so easily, then he thought wrong. She might have been forgiving, but even Jånna had her limits.

Her brilliant eyes were wary as she regarded him, and though she typically would have immediately gone in for a hug, today didn't feel like a hugging sort of occasion. Truthfully, she wasn't sure he even really deserved her affections. Not until he gave her some plausible reason for disappearing so damned often this way.

[i [#c8516a "What is it with you lately? Did you find a new girlfriend or something? I'm surprised I heard from you at all,"]]]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex
The male kept on checking his phone, and when he still didn't get a reply he sighed a bit. Maybe he had overstepped a line this time. Was he really hoping she would show up? He bit the inside of his cheek knowing he might have messed up majorly. He wouldn't blame her if she didn't show up either. He had been putting the woman on the back burner, and for what? So he could look and bed other women. That wasn't like him, and lately he had been missing the woman more and more everyday.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex
He was debating on messaging her again, but then a thought came across his mind. She might be busy getting ready, or she's just outright ignoring him. Both were good ideas, but he didn't like the second one at all. He ran a hand over his face, as he reached for his phone and opened the message he had already sent. [#ADD8E6 [i I know you might be ignoring me. I want to apologize and in person. It's not like you Anna to ignore me like this, message or call me please.]] He read the message over and hit send a second later.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex
He slid his phone back into his pocket, and then slowly walked out of the house, and straight to his car. If she wanted to come and find him, she would be able to find him in his favorite book shop. The only place he went to clear his head. He slid into the car and started it up. He backed out of the parking lot and headed into town. He drummed his fingers on the steering wheel as he drove. He took the back way the whole way into town, trying to clear his head.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex
As he was driving, memories flooded his mind from when the two had been kids. The day on the playground at school when another kid was bullying the woman, and he had protected her. He had kissed her then, and told her he would always protect her, and be there for her. All she would have to do was call, and he would come running. He had been that way for the next few years, but when their senior year rolled around he changed. He was on the football team, and everyone wanted to be around him.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex
That had also been the year when he found out he was a player. He would sweet talk any woman into his bed, and his best friend was becoming more and more of a back up plan. He slammed his hand against the wheel and shook his head. He couldn't believe he had let it get to that point. He missed the woman, and he had ignored her. He's been doing the same thing since. He sighed lightly wishing he could make it up to her. He knew he couldn't, but he had to at least try too.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex
Before he knew it, his favorite bookshop was on the side of the street. He had been so wrapped in his memories, he didn't realize he had made it there already. He pulled into a parking spot, shut the car off and climbed out. He locked the car door behind him, and walked inside the building. He smiled at Sunny who was behind the counter, and the woman smiled back. [b "Did you need help?"] she asked lightly. The male shook his head. [#ADD8E6 "Just looking, thank you Sunny"] he replied back. The woman nodded and looked back down.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex
A small sigh passed though his lips as he checked his phone again, still nothing. He slid his phone back into his pocket, and started browsing though the many books, trying to find the right one's he would need for his college classes. Or just something new to read altogether, while waiting for something that might not even be happening.]
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[center [i Perfect timing...]

He'd always had a funny way of doing that, hadn't he? Popping up out of the blue as though nothing had changed - as though no time had passed - as though he hadn't done anything wrong. Rolling her eyes at the screen of her mobile, the blonde slid it back onto her end table and rolled away, face buried into the softness of the closest pillow.

It was cool beneath her cheek - comforting in lieu of her unexpected frustration. What [i now]? Wasn't he too [i busy] for her? Yet, like a fool, she found herself already considering his bribe. It was no question that she would cave, just as she always did. If not because she was weak, then out of morbid curiosity.

[i Maybe you're a masochist?] It was the best guess she'd had all week for why this pattern repeated itself. The expectation, the disappointment, the peace offering, an endless, vicious cycle.

Heaving a deep sigh, the young woman groped behind herself for the phone, tapping out a quick response, half in regret for the fact that he wouldn't be able to feel her anger as she jabbed fingertips at the screen.

[i 'Fine... I guess we can meet. I hope you have a good excuse this time?']

Weren't they always, though? At this point, did it even matter? And what the hell, she should have been [i celebrating]. Everything that had recently come into the auction house had been authenticated and cataloged at last. All that was left was to price each item and puzzle out an arrangement. Then there was the matter of her presentation at the local art museum.

These were all [i good] things to look forward to - great, even - but it wasn't the same if she couldn't at least spoil in the triumph with her closest friend. Even if he [i did] frequently forsake her existence; it was a painful fact of life she'd come to accept over the years, but at some point, that discomfort had begun to stir, slowly coming to a simmer beneath the surface.

It took her all of five minutes to full peel herself out of bed and stuff herself into the shower. The steam cleared her head, and the heat did wonders for the tension that'd built up over the course of the night.

At the very least she'd look presentable - even if it didn't matter what she looked like to him. Something told her it never really had. Especially after so long spent nursing her bruised ego when Kaiser seemed to forget about her altogether.

Her damp blonde tresses were twisted up into a high chignon, visage still flushed from residual warmth. Her garb for the day consisted of a loose black shirt that flowed around her body and hung slightly off her narrow shoulders, falling well past her mid-thighs, and she paired it with a set of leggings. Onto her feet went socks thick enough to keep her feet warm, and before long, they were being tucked into a pair of boots.

Makeup was beyond Jånna that morning. so she opted for none at all, her naturally rosy cheeks and soft freckles in full view. The last thing she grabbed before heading through the door was the case that contained her specs, keys jingling as she locked up behind herself.

This was going to be one helluva day - she could feel it already.

[i Just don't expect much...] That tended to help. Usually.

Already there was an ache forming in her chest as a precursor for the upset to come, and deep breaths did practically nothing. This would be fine. She would just show up and they would talk. Even if that seemed to be a real novelty these days. ]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex [center [b [u Seven Years Ago.]]]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex The male let out a small sigh. He was waiting for Jånna to get to their homeroom. His leg was bouncing up and down, and when the woman walked into the room, his heart nearly burst out of his chest. She was beautiful, and he was one of the lucky one's to even know her. The moment she walked in, he plastered on a smile and pointed to her seat. When she sat down, she looked towards him and cocked her head to the side. [b "What's up buttercup?"] she asked, the old nickname made him grin.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex [#ADD8E6 "I was thinking, when school let's out, we head to our favorite malt shop, get something to eat, and then head back to my place and study"] he said with a small shrug of the shoulders. Jånna looked at him, and smirked a bit. [b "Are you trying to bed me again Kai?"] she asked, a slight teasing note in her voice. Before the male could reply, the teacher walked into the room, and everyone fell silent. Kaiser leaned back into his seat, and let the older woman's voice wash over him. Something about her, seemed to turn him on slightly.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex He didn't like how he was attracted to the woman, because he had an amazing person beside him anyway. They had been friends for years, and he was pretty much throwing everything away. He knew he was too. Jånna didn't ever stop him. She knew he slept around, and he was taking his time on really asking her to be his. He knew, she knew and in a way it tore him apart. He didn't want to hurt her, but he was. He was starting to follow in his father's footsteps as he got older.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex The male didn't notice he had gotten lost in his thoughts, the only reason he realized it was because Jånna was shaking him. [b "Where did you go? You missed everything. Good thing I take notes"] she said with a small pout. [#ADD8E6 "I was just thinking is all. I didn't mean to zone out the whole time. Can I take a rain check on today? I just need to go home, and get some rest"] he lied. He didn't like lying, but lately he's been good at it. He knew she might think it weird, but she agreed.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex [b "Yeah, that's fine Kai.. Maybe this weekend? We really need to do our project for Art"] she said with a small sigh. The male nodded as he turned and hurried off down the hall. He felt like he was going to be sick as well. He didn't like the feeling, but he couldn't really help it. He hated lying to the woman he was falling in love with, but it had to be done. He sighed lightly when he rounded the corner, and ran right into the bathroom. He leaned against the sink, trying to calm himself down.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex He was surprised with himself. He had slipped away from his best friend so easily. He was kind of worried that she was letting him slip away. He wasn't going to dwell on it longer than he should. He decided to stay in the bathroom until school let out. He locked himself in a stall, trying to figure out how to excuse himself from his classes. The bathroom door opened and closed a couple more times though out the day, and then the final bell rang. He stood, picked up his bag and walked out of the stall.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex He hurried and washed his face, took a breath, walked out and headed towards his classroom. When he walked to the door, he realized she was alone. He walked into the room, closed the door, drew the shade down and cleared his throat. The woman looked up, a sly smile coming over her lips. [i "I was wondering when you'd show up"] she said leaning back. The male walked over, leaned down and the two started kissing. Things went farther, and pretty soon he was in a world of bliss, everything including Jånna forgotten...]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex [center [b [u Present Day.]]]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex A small sigh passed through the male's lips as he looked around the small room. A blonde woman was laying in his bed, naked. Her chest rising and falling as he slept. Kaiser stood there a moment watching her, and then decided it was time she got her ass out of his bed. He needed to go and see Amanda, and see if she had any plans for Halloween later that week. If not, he was going to try and steal her away. He might as well. There wasn't anything better to do anyway. He sighed and walked over to the bed.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex He leaned down, and brushed his lips lightly against the woman's cheek. When she started to stir, he smirked a bit. [#ADD8E6 "It's time to wake up, and get your ass out of my apartment"] he said with a small hiss. The blonde looked towards him, and raised a 'brow lightly. [i "Are you kidding me? I don't have anywhere else to go, and you said I could stay"] she said as she sat up slowly, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. Kaiser stood there and shook his head, his hands on his hips.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex [#ADD8E6 "I might have said that last night, but I was drunk, and you and I were kind of busy. I didn't mean it. I have a friend coming over anyway tonight, and she doesn't like when I have other women around"]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex [i "You have got to be kidding me. You can't just throw me out like this. You know damn well I need your help"]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex [#ADD8E6 "Darling, I'm not one to help people often, and you aren't going to be the first person I have turned away. Now leave, before I call the cops"] he snapped. The woman didn't say anything, as she stood.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex She hurried and gathered up her things, and then got dressed. [i "You are going to regret this"] she snapped, as she stormed out of the apartment. The door slammed closed behind her, and it made Kaiser wince slightly. Maybe he had been a bit harsh, but that's how he was. He shrugged his shoulder's lightly, and then moved towards the dresser. He unplugged his phone from the charger, and he scrolled to Jånna's name. He hit Send Message, and his fingers flew over the keyboard.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex [#ADD8E6 [i Hey beautiful. What are you doing today? I need some company. Mind if we meet at our favorite spot? I'll buy your favorite milkshake ;D]]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex He read over the message and hit send. He sighed a bit as he walked into the bathroom to shower. He might as well clean himself off, and then he would be for Jånna's forgiveness for blowing her off last night. He's been doing that a lot lately, and he's surprised she hasn't given up on him yet. He should fell glad, but in a way he didn't. What was he doing? He was hurting her, and he knew it.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex He sighed a bit, as he undressed, climbed into the shower and waited for the woman to either call or text back. He wouldn't care if she was mad at him. He needed his best friend, and he needed her now.]
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