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[center [size20 [u Special Containment Project:]]]
[center [size13 [i A project that has been created by the government in secrecy where experiments have taken place and those experiments are placed in containment to be closely monitored by special scientists and researchers that have been hand picked by the project's main creators. These scientists and researchers are trustworthy, intelligent, and don't have much of a life outside of what this project is and will never be able to return to normal society, after the project is completed.]]]
[center [pic https://media.giphy.com/media/S37o0ObkuLLUc/giphy.gif]]
[center [size13 [i These experiments are not just tangible creatures. They can come in the form of pills, inanimate objects, and even whole rooms. They do not have to have a hostile look about them to be able to kill you. The government is pretty good at disguising killers as normal, every day items, like a room or a bottle of medication. One experiment can cure the effects of another one. But they are all locked away for a reason. Research, studying, and keeping the small amount of scientists and researchers that are there, safe and sound, so they don't try to run away and tell the whole world about what the government is doing.]]]

[center [size20 [u List of SCPs:]]]
[center [size12 [u [b SCP-012:]] [i This SCP cannot move when people have direct line of sight of it. It is sealed in a heavily guarded, where it cannot escape, even if people aren't looking at him. When going into his room, no less than three people need to be there and when people blink, they have do it at different times, to keep direct line of sight with it. When it isn't in direct line of sight, it can kill people by snapping their neck or strangling them.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-087:]] [i This SCP can infect a human with a virus that slowly turns them into a zombie. Effects are not cured by another SCP. They are long term and result in death within a few weeks of being infected, if you aren't killed first.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-134:]] [i This SCP can cause mass suicide. Modeled after the movement called People's Temple. This SCP isn't a humanoid, it is a room filled with noxious gas. Effects are cured by SCP-198 when it proved to be far too powerful.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-198]] [i A SCP that was created just to cure SCP-002. It is in an emergency glass case by SCP-002's room for safety measures, but most people know to keep away from SCP-002 to keep that from happening.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-243:]] [i A creature that is locked further into the facility and attempts to manipulate people into getting free, by capturing their deepest thoughts and using it against them. If more than one person is around this SCP, the SCP cannot attempt this kind of brain manipulation and will simply level them alone.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-256:]] [i A very harmless SCP. When hearing people around it, it will cause random doors to open and close as a way to get their attention, or even to be an bother to the scientist and researchers their. It cannot open doors to other SCPs' rooms though.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-314:]] [i If provoked, can cause sudden death by heart attack. A simple SCP that is contained in a small room, chained to the wall. Dealing with this SCP does not happen very often and normally has to be prepped before thinking about dealing with it.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-345:]] [i A voice that lures people away from their current task and can only be viewed in the dark, through night vision goggles. Isn't extremely hostile, but does cause issues with some of the scientists and researchers when they are trying to work.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-378:]] [i An endless hallway that causes mass confusion and normally people get lost and has to be rescued from the endless hallway, some eventually die.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-423:]] [i A stuffed bear that is in a locked room and inside of a chest that is under lock and key. If approached the stuffed bear with scream and cause mass growths to grows inside of the person's body and eventually causes death in a few seconds.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-520:]] [i A bottle of medication that if ingested will cause the person to relive the memories of a World War 2 Holocaust survivor. Extremely vivid experience which will end in death, by the person having a massive panic attack, hyperventilating, and ending with the person killing themselves with whatever they can get their hands on.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-546:]] [i A very large, white creature that when it spots a person and it isn't in its containment area, will run up to them screaming and slicing the person's head off with razor sharp nails.]]]
[center [size13 [u [b SCP-620:]] [i A black mist that you can only see out of the corner of the person's eye. Not hostile, just annoying.]]]

[center [size13 [i These are just a few of the creatures that are contained in this facility. Most of them are just violent creatures that weren't created for any purpose other than to kill people that come into contact with them. This job, at this facility, is not for the faint at heart and the few people there have been trusted to a do a very important job and not to talk about this with anyone other than the other works.]]]


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[center [size12 Nate glanced at his cigarette before chuckling in a defeated sounding way. He was a creature of habit, especially if it was a bad habit. He couldn’t help himself, plus lately, he found himself falling into a spiraling stressful state given that the top researcher, his boss was being especially hard on him as of late. It all started when SCP-012 began acting up and Nate was put into a position that meant extra hours, longer days, and super early mornings. He hated it. Nate did try to stop smoking several times. It never worked out in his favor though.]]
[center [size12 Quietly, Nathaniel tapped his cigarette out before he began eating. [i [#778899 “I slept fine. I keep having those odd dreams though,”]] he looked a bit concerned before placing a large bite of food into his mouth. [i [#778899 “But the breakfast isn’t for something special. I just know this morning is an early one, especially for you,”]] he offered a small smile, taking a long sip of coffee. Nate generally gets up early, but his husband, on the other hand, was not much of an early bird as Nate was.]]
[center [size12 Nate nodded his head, [i [#778899 “an ironic name for him, but yes, him.”]] He was never a huge fan of the nicknames that Elias gave the SCPs, but he allowed his husband to have his fun and name them. Nate was a very straightforward, serious individual that rarely had any fun at work. He did keep them himself while he was at work. He had his own, private office and generally did not leave the office unless he had to conduct experiments or take a break. He was allowed to smoke in his office, as well, but only if he cracked the window.]]
[center [size12 Nate finished off his food whether quickly when Elias commented that they were going to be late. Nate then got up, placing his plate and coffee cup into the sink, quickly cleaning them off, as well as Elias’ plate. Thankfully, Nate was already ready. He was dressed in a pair of black trousers, white button-up shirt, and a jacket that was only buttoned once in the middle. His tie was plain, which was completely different than the neon blue tie that his partner was wearing. Both of the men were opposite sides of the same coin and complimented one another. Elias being the more of the bubbly type, while Nate was the dry, calm type. Though, Nate did have a personality too. He was just very reserved.]]
[center [size12 As he pushed his feet into his shoes, tying them. [i [#778899 "Well, I was asked a few days prior to keep an eye on him, with the cameras that are in his containment room,"]] Nate began explaining as he was making a large to-go cup full of black coffee. [i [#778899 "SCP-012 has been trying to escape,"]] he explained as he closed the top of the cup that now contained enough coffee to get Nathaniel through the first part of his shift. He felt like today was going to be a long one. Thankfully, there was coffee makers at the facility, even though the coffee that was there was super gross, but did the job.]]
[center [size12 Nate pocketed his pack of smokes and lighter, as well as his keys and wallet. He then sighed softly, [i [#778899 "but, we can talk more about it at work. We are actually going to be late."]] He chuckled, they were rarely late though, so their bosses should not be too upset about it plus Elias was never the early worker like Nathaniel was.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Let's go,"]] Nate wrapped his arm around Elias' shoulders and guided him along to the door. He opened it and closed it behind them.]]
[center [size12 As they approached the facility, which did not take longer since they lived on sight, Nate pulled out his entry key card and slid it into the door which granted both of them access. A man, who was security, was sitting behind a small window, right when they walked in. [i [#FF0000 "It's past 5 A.M., Nathaniel. Why are you late?"]] the man spoke and Nathaniel chuckled nervously. [i [#778899 "In the grand scheme of things, I am actually not late. My normal shift does not start until 5:30 A.M. and Elias' doesn't start until.. What? 9 A.M., right?"]] Nate pointed out before hearing the next door clicking, which allowed both of them to continue on to their jobs.]]
  nathaniel / GH0UL / 12h 32m 48s
Elias hated early mornings.

His entire morning routine was filled with yawns of varying degrees; from the wide first-light-of-day yawn upon having his deliciously warm covers pulled off of his body, to the toothpaste-filled yawns he couldn't hold back, to the yawned "good morning" greeting to his grumpy sweetheart upon entering the kitchen filled with Nate’s sweet, sweet cooking. Only food could entice him to truly wake and face the world through his usual masked facade. Giving Nate a small sleepy smile, Elias sat down at their table for two. When they were first getting things, Elias had fought for a large table, but honestly who was he trying to fool? Neither of them was the ‘entertaining’ type. At least not for most of the people they worked with and for. If they let some of the experiments over, that would be interesting.

[b [#fd5e5b “How did you sleep dear?”]] Elias asked, taking a slice of toast and nibbling on the side. By the time Elias had come in last night, Nate was fast asleep. Which didn’t bother him one bit, since it was one of the few times he got to be the big spoon. Sometimes it was nice to be the one pretending to be a jetpack. [b [#fd5e5b “This looks wonderful, what is the occasion?”]] Silently, Elias prayed that it wasn’t their anniversary. He was horrible with dates but oddly great with math. Lazily, the silver-haired male rubbed at his still very tired blue eyes. Taking in a large inhale, those tired blues eyes narrowed, pointing daggers at his husband. [b [#fd5e5b “I see you broke the ‘I’m not going to smoke for the rest of the week’ pact you made yesterday.”]] Elias knew full well that Nate wasn’t going to keep it. However, he had given his word and that was one of the few things that Elias took seriously.

[b [#fd5e5b “SCP-012…”]] Elias mumbled, dismissing the smoking and turning his attention back to the breakfast in front of him. [b [#fd5e5b “Blinks!”]] He exclaimed while forking two pancakes onto his plate. It had been a long while since he had called any of the specimen by their actual numbers. Most were very friendly with him and as a kind of return gesture, he had given them all names. Or at least he thought they were names. [b [#fd5e5b “Thank you for breakfast, dear.”]] It was said in between mouthfuls, as the silver-haired male tried his best to hurry. He still had to get ready, since he was fairly sure the overseers didn't want him showing up in anything but his blue sleep shorts and white tank top. Once he had devoured his share of the pancakes, he moved onto the eggs and bacon, which was gone minutes after it had touched his plate. [b [#fd5e5b “We are going to be late!”]] Though it sounded more like ‘re ree roinr re rare’ with the last large bite of egg in his mouth.

Hurriedly, Elias cleaned off his place at the table and raced into their bedroom. Rummaging around in the drawers until he found the neon blue tie that his heart was set on. The rest was a cakewalk and took him no time at all to put on; crisp white button-up shirt, black ironed pants and black leather shoes that he had shined the night before. Sitting back the kitchen table, Elias began the process of putting on his shoes. [b [#fd5e5b “Did they say what was wrong with him? Or are we just going to monitor and see?”]]
  Elias Lovelace / Darcy / 5d 3h 39m 21s
[center [size12 There are a small group of houses in a kind of makeshift neighborhood that was located right outside of a large facility that houses some of the most dangerous creatures in the whole world. These houses belonged the scientists, guards, and researchers of this facility and they worked for a projected called [i Special Containment Project] and each person had a very specific role in this program that if they failed their job, everything is else came crashing down with it. The people who were picked were not some nobody off the street, they were extremely intelligent and secretive people that the government had been watching for the majority of their life and it so happened that Nathaniel and his husband, Elias, were picked to work on this project.]]
[center [size12 Now, granted, Nathaniel had been working for the government as a researcher for a while now, but nothing that could even come close to be compared to the work that he has been doing for this project. It actually kind of made him sick to work here, but it was good money and his husband was here, working as a scientist. They were provided with most everything that they wanted and needed and Nathaniel had really nothing to complain about. He sure hoped his husband didn’t have an issue with their jobs.]]
[center [size12 Though something actually did not quite sit right with the male. He often found himself waking up in a small room in the facility, even though he had gone to bed at home. He would be covered in blood and a dead body next to him. He often woke up with a nasty headache and soon would go in and out of consciousness until the next day. He finally deemed it as a recurring dream and never really bothered with talking to anyone about it. He did not want to seem like he was going crazy from doing the work that he did.]]
[center [size15 [b ~~~~~]]]
[center [size12 The SCPs here weren’t all bad though. Nathaniel had met some actually very interesting types of experiments that looked violent, but actually were extremely kind. The SCP-256 that opened and closed doors by themselves was Nate’s favorite one though. Often, when he would come into work in the morning, or even in the middle of the night, he found that specific SCP very helpful in a way that Nate never really ran into doors. He used to before this SCP was created. Nate firmly believed that it was created to help him, instead of being an obnoxious creature that no one could see. Though, that SCP did cause issues with some of the other workers, but with Nate, he never had an issue.]]
[center [size12 Though, Nathaniel did have an issue with a particular SCP, even though it was completely harmless. It was SCP-620. This SCP made Nathaniel’s work very hard sometimes, especially when he is extremely tired. This SCP is a black mist that you can see out of the corner of your eye, but never make direct eye contact with it. It was more of a pain in the ass than actually being harmful to Nate. He found himself getting distracted with SCP-620 around, so most of the time, it gets locked away, so it doesn’t bother him.]]
[center [size15 [b ~~~~~]]]
[center [size12 It was early, around 4 A.M. and Nathaniel was being awoken by an alarm clock that was barely out of his reach. He actually had to get up, out of bed, and turn it off. And he did just that, as tiredly as possibly. He wiped what sleep he could away from his eyes and pressed the button with thin, pale fingers before turning back to the bed, where there was another human sized lump still sleeping. Nate huffed quietly before reaching over, pulling the blanket off of the body and pouted. [i [#778899 “Hey, Elias…. Time to get up. We gotta be there early today to run tests on SCP-012. It’s been acting up a lot lately,”]] Nate murmured softly before dropping the blanket back down on the bed and groggily making his way into the kitchen, where he began a large pot of coffee.]]
[center [size12 Sitting down at the kitchen table with a smoke between his lips and a newspaper in front of him, Nate patiently waited for his coffee to finish brewing. Though, he did not sit for long. He wanted to be nice today and make breakfast for the both of them. It was an itching kind of need. He felt odd today, like something bad was going to happen, but he could not quite put his finger on it.]]
[center [size12 As if on cue when Nathaniel began getting everything together, his coffee finished brewing and the smell of bitter coffee filled the room as he pulled the pot out from its place and began pouring himself a large cup it. He tapped his cigarette in an ashtray and began sipping quietly for a moment. It was kind of weird, he thought about it, he knew he was never going to be able to return to a normal kind of living. This project has consumed his and his husband’s life and there was no chance of ever being normal. He found it weird, but at the same time, necessary. It was a secret government project that civilians have no clue about. Only a select few government officials know about it, as well as the workers on site. Some of the workers only knew about so many of the SCPs, but Nathaniel, he had a vast knowledge of every successful, denied, and ruined SCP that was out there. He had to destroy a couple of them, himself. Something he was not too proud about, but it was all necessary for this project.]]
[center [size12 Nathaniel finally put his cigarette out and finished his coffee before finally feeling able enough to actually cook something to eat for the both of them. Eggs, bacon, toast, and pancakes. Not super fancy, but nice enough to make anyone’s day. As he was finishing up, he placed everything on the table and huffed quietly when he did not see his husband anywhere near. [i [#778899 “Elias!”]] He huffed from the kitchen as he began pouring a second cup of coffee and finally taking a seat on one end of the table, patiently waiting for Elias to finally join him.]]
  nathaniel / GH0UL / 12d 14h 26m 19s

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