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[h3 [center Elemental Warfare]]
[b War]; It comes to all. What little peace there had been, has fallen to ruins. As the old earth burns, a new world emerges from the ashes.
As the war continues to ravage the countries, new technologies are being developed in hopes of defeating the next land.

As one country manages to pull ahead of the rest, a new prototype weapon has been created. The prototype, a robotic limb which grants the user the ability over a single element.
Of course, their choice of people to test this weapon, those injured in war. These people were taken without their consent to the experimental weapon.

Now they wake up, all in the same room of what they can only assume to be a massive facility. Confused and now stuck with a new robotic limb and abilities they are unaware of, a voice sounds in their room.
That voice tells them that they are to win the war for their country. But first, the group will have to learn to master their element, work together, and get through the tests before they will be released onto the battlefield.
[h3 [center The Elements]]
[b [u Fire]] - Extreme offensive capabilities

[b [u Water]] - Combines healing and defensive capabilities

[b [u Earth]] - Extreme defensive capabilities

[b [u Air]] - Combines offensive and stealth capabilities

[b [u Shadows]] - Extreme stealth capabilities

[b [u Light]] - Extreme healing capabilities
[h3 [center Rules]]
~Need 5 other people
~Drama, gonna happen between characters
~Absolutely NO godmodding, if I see any of this I'll kick you from the RP
~I prefer anime/illustrated pictures, but you are welcome to use what you are most comfortable with
~Wait for 2 people to post before you post again
~Posting, take your time, sometimes takes me 2 days before I post
~Please don't ditch, if you are going to be gone for a lengthy amount of time, PM me please

Any other questions, feel free to PM me

~[http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=29909 Dragoncita]

[b P.S.]
This idea is loosely based off of an RP I did several years back with a couple of friends
[h3 [center Skeleton]]
Age: (17-29)
Limb Missing:

Please PM your skellies to me with the title of your element
Thank you
[h3 [center Accepted Characters]]
[center [b [u Fire - *CLOSED*]]]
[b Username: DearConnorMurphy]
Name: Katsu Chevalier
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Limb Missing: Left arm
Element: Fire
Bio/History: N/A
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[center [b [u Water - *CLOSED*]]]
[b Username: Burningsxn]
Name: Alexa
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Limb Missing: Right shoulder and arm.
Element: Water
Bio/History: Alexa had been a soldier from the day she could walk and damn, she was good at it. She had the advantage of her youthful innocence and people expected her to flee or faint at the sight of blood. However, she was quick and could bring a man twice her size to his knees in one hit
The war had been a trophy call for her, she had put herself in the middle of danger and fought her way out every time. The last thing she remembered was doing just that. Her team were out doing recon and she had become impatient waiting for them to "figure things out". So she ran in, head first. She took down the men on the ground easily enough and almost smiled at how easy this had become, however one man stood on the sidelines, waiting. She charged at him, preparing to fight with her bare hands when he lifted a strange weapon and blasted it towards her. White heat ripped through her right side and in a second, she had blacked out.
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[center [b [u Earth - *CLOSED*]]]
[b Username: Dragoncita]
Name: Ragnor Barron - AKA: [i 'Big Boss']
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Limb Missing: Lost an arm
Element: Earth
Bio/History: Ragnor was once a proud leader to a group of powerful mercenaries. Their services were highly sought after by many of the countries as the wars continued to ravage the world.
However, one of their dealings took a turn for the worse. Ragnor was working with a leader of another country. He was unaware that the very man he was making a deal with had his own team moving in, eradicating every member that was once part of Ragnor's mercenary group.
When Ragnor came back to what was left of his home and the bodies of his comrades that were once closer to him than any family he had, the man was left in a broken state. However, being a trained mercenary, he pushed those thoughts away, leaving only one in it's place; the want for revenge.
Ragnor went out on a killing spree, till he was finally stopped. The man doesn't remember what happened afterwards. He woke up to find himself in a large room with his arm replaced with some robotic limb, and 5 other people whom he had no idea who they were.
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[center [b [u Air - *OPEN*]]]

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[center [b [u Shadows - *CLOSED*]]]
[b Username: NorthernWolves]
Name: Anya
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Limb Missing: Both legs
Element: Shadows
Bio/History: War, war never changes. It is always bloody, and random things have a high probability of happening on the field of battle. Her random event, was simply being near the detonation of a mine while out on patrol in a warzone with her squad. The last thing she saw, was being helicopter lifted to a helicopter before blanking out and forgetting everything on awakening in a strange place.
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[center [b [u Light - *CLOSED*]]]
[B Username: Kudaketa]
Name: Reiki Chiyu
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Limb Missing: Eyes
Element: Light
Bio/History: N/A


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Roleplay Responses

War, war never changed. It never mattered how technologically advanced the war was, the bloody and inhuman characteristics never changed. Humans killing humans, humans torturing humans, bombing of civilians, surprises, the list went on and on.

In the midst of an ever evolving battlefield, Anya and her squad patrolled an empty city. The city was devoid of life, the only evidence being the shells of the houses that people had been driven out from by the war. The patrol was to make sure that no enemy soldiers had been left from the previous attack. The squad moved silently and with deadly precision. Each member performed their job with a military precision, years of training and years of working together as a single unit. Unless the six of them ran into any form of serious armour or aircraft, nothing would’ve been able to stop them.

Despite the trudging of their heavy boots, there still was a deadly and chilly silence floating through the city. It felt unnatural, as if there was something other-worldly that had arrived and made its home in this city. Despite feeling all that, they still moved along their route.

Until one accidental muster and the report of an explosion ripped through the quiet city. After the dust had settled, Anya was lying a good distance away from the epicenter of the blast, on the verge of unconsciousness and with a weird feeling coming from the area of her legs. She could see the world as this blurry bubble, and hear a distorted voice yelling something. Some time later, she heard this weird “wub-wub” noise accompanied by dust raising into the air, before being lifted into he air where she fell unconscious.

Anya woke up with the start to a feminine voice yelling. There were others in the room, lying in identical looking beds. Her legs felt weird, so Anya decided to wait with looking around at the others and massage her legs. Immediately her sense of touch told her was something wrong. The legs, they felt too cold to the touch to be alive. Anya slowly rolled up her pants to her knees, and staring in shock at what she saw. She had no living legs, they had been replaced with metal legs. But at the same time, they felt so light. [+purple “What.... the..... hell.??”]
  Anastasiya / NorthernWolves / 1d 14h 13m 14s
[center [h3 Peace and War]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Aoiwktr1Z8]]

[center [b Reiki Chiyu, was the name of a young boy who lived happily with his family in a rather small town. He was timid but for the most part a happy young lad. His parents were herbalist and he too was learning the practice as others boys at the education departments wanted to learn how to fight how to serve the army. It wasn't always that way in Reiki's school but when the government moved in and started making changes and promoting warfare as the only answer maybe it was? Maybe they had to fight to preserve their existence right? Reiki wasn't sure about that though he didn't think it was his problem.]]

[center [b One bright sunny morning Reiki had gotten up as he got dressed he didn't look it but he was eighteen and about to graduate soon. He wasn't sure where he'd go next to advance his education but as he got dressed and headed out the door his folks gave him a smile and a wave. As he smiled softly and waved back.]]

[center [+lightgreen Bye mom bye dad I love you see you later!]]

[center [b He was a naive childish lad but Reiki was very aware of that fact. His backpack was strapped over his shoulders as he began to head out with a faint smile on his face. It wasn't long before a group of three other boys attending the school stopped him.]]

[center [+lightgreen Guys I-]]

[center Rei don't look so nervous we just wanted to check on our pal! We are pals right? You know I forgot money for our daily ration at the department today. I gotta keep well fed to protect little squirts like you right? So I was wondering pal if you could maybe help pay for my rations right? You're parents already serve soldiers like my own right so get a head start Rei!]

[center [+lightgreen I-I can't I barely have enough for-]]

[center Oh Rei buddy pal you'd leave me hanging? If I can't eat how can I protect you from danger?]

[center [b The boy gave a smile as his two larger cohorts moved in punching Reiki in the face giving a few swift harsh kicks. As Reiki pulled his wallet out and held it to his chest. As he held on too it tightly as they kicked and pulled. "Yeah protect me from these two huh?" Reiki scowled under his breath people like him only thrived with war around. As he stubbornly clutched on the man at the lead pulled out a knife.]]

[center Okay you asked for i-]

[center [b Before he could make a move a woman had stepped in with a knife at his own neck. The man stood shocked as he dropped his own life with a hefty sigh and a shrug.]]

[center Ahh fuck it let's go guys]

[center [b They had left as the woman gave a sigh and helped Reiki up as she offered a bright smile.]]

[center [+pink Don't let guys like that pick on you okay Rei? You have to stand up for yourself or they'll just keep bothering you if you need to get a teacher okay?]]

[center [+lightgreen I can't or it'll just get worse...]]

[center [b Jessica was the name of the autumn haired tomboyish girl. Rei and her were friends for some time she always came in to save the day and it was so.. Embarrassing. Reiki hated feeling so powerless but at the same time he didn't want to learn how to hurt others. He always wanted to help people the best he could.]]

[center [b Reiki and her had headed off as she talked to him it was like any other day for this small town. Reiki and her had separated for classes as he zoned out during every lesson it seemed more and more everyone was talking about the war. The history of the war and who they were fighting and Reiki was tired of thinking of violence and death everywhere he went. He wiped under his bruised nose as he took a sigh looking out the window. As he noticed he saw smoke in the distance in the forest as he peered in he heard a large explosion as in an alarm went off.]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VK3Zs1BGuoA]]

[center [b Reiki felt a twisting feeling in his stomach as the world become muffled in his ears. The intercoms had went off and without even having to listen Reiki knew what they were saying. They were under attack against those they strove so hard to fought. As he saw guards in the city fight back with blades and bullets alike. A man at he lead wielding a blade himself as he cut a man into two wearing heavy duty armor. Reiki had sat up and began to vomit on the floor as the teacher tried to calm the students they sat up and began to panic one by one running out the room. Reiki had felt disconnected with the world "this couldn't be real" as the teacher finally bolted to catch up with the kids Reiki had walked out the classroom. As he strolled down the hallway almost as if it was any other day the exception being his eyes wide with terror and horror.]]

[center [b Reiki had made his way out the school as he realized his family was in trouble! He looked up and began to run to his home as the soldiers laid fire to those around them. He looked around in terror and fear as he looked over to see a guard had laid sights on him. Fear like a dark and cold grasp had found it's fingertips around his heart. As it pulled and squeezed holding him in place. As Jessica had stepped in stabbing the soldier through the chest as another man shot her in the stomach as she turned around with a growl charging the man as he began to again pull the trigger her way.]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9WsZoceais]]

[center [b Reiki had shut his eyes as he began to head home he couldn't let it sink in. He couldn't let himself realize what had just happened as he finally made his way back home. He saw the house on fire and men with rather cocky grins on their faces as they laid waste to the house an a hailstorm of lead.]]

[center [b Reiki had fell to his knee's as he cried out in pain and in anguish as he began to breathe heavily. Every breath more painful than the last like sharp daggers placed into his chest. As he looked up he saw a few men with grins on their faces as Reiki clenched his fist grabbing a broken shard of glass as he ran and stabbed one of the men in the eye. As he coiled back in pain the other men had raised guns to shoot Reiki down as the man stabbed raised his hand as to stop them.]]

[center [+red Halt! Little shit wants to play war hero? Cut my damn eye out? The main unit has already crushed this little sorry ass town. Get him on his knee's I have a real treat for this asshole.]]

[center [b As the larger men tackled Reiki slamming him onto his knee's as they gripped tightly yanking his hair back. The man had pulled the glass out of his own eye with a sinister grin.]]

[center [+red An eye for an eye they say but why not double for sneaking up on me? You wanna be a hero than here grab a shard yourself. Men let the boy go!]]

[center [b Doing just that they let him go as Reiki reached for a shard of glass as he stood up. The man waited no time before charging ahead as Reiki put the glass in front of him like a shield as the man ran through it. Letting it stab through his hand as he grabbed Reiki's throat pinning him to the ground. As Reiki began to chock and gasp for air the man had raised his hand over the boy.]]

[center [+lightblue Ack.. Hnng...]]

[center [b Reiki kicked and struggled as tears filled his eyes as he smelled burning flesh. The pain had plunged deep into his heart though that wasn't the only pain to feel. The man had slammed his arm down driving the shard into Reiki's right eye as he gave a twist. As Reiki screamed and bellowed in pain like a wounded animal as the tears in his remaining eye began to swell up. As he began to fall into a deep panic the pain filling his body he was going to die here wasn't he? The thought entered his mind and it couldn't stop it wouldn't go away.]]

[center [b "I don't wanna die" he thought to himself "I don't want anyone I love to die" was this the base of his hatred for war? For his fear of death? Before he could let his mind fall further into despair the man had yanked the shard out and quickly sunk it into his remaining eye. As Reiki gave an agonizing scream of repugnance as trepidation began to set in like wildfire. He was an abhorrent sight as red liquid crawled from his closed eyes. The man had stabbed the glass in Reiki's leg and sat up giving him a kick and firing his weapon into the air for Reiki to sprawl and panic alarmed by the loud noise followed with sudden darkness. As he stood up the man gave a cocky laugh.]]

[center [+red Wanna pick a fight? Than make sure you can boy! You could have ran away you dumb ass! Here's your chance run forward in the forest now go on give it a shot now! It wasn't very nice plucking my eye out see how it feels! ..Fuck that hurts get me a drink boys!]]

[center [b Terror and consternation began to swallow the boy whole as he sat up and began to stumble forward. Unsure of where to go the man pulled a firearm shooting into the boy's shoulder. Fighting his wavering body as he almost fell again his body had urged him to run in fear. He had bolted and ran into the forest slamming against tree after tree as he heard laughter and gunfire behind him. He felt he was in a living nightmare that's the only way such a atrocity could occur right? In a nightmare like this.]]

[center [b He stumbled slammed and fell again and again as he began to feel woozy. His adrenaline of flight had began to wear off due to his grievous wounds. As he heard a few aircraft began to land he tried to pick his damaged eyes as the vision began to fail him. Was that? Like that it was dark but he swore he saw the soldiers of his nation was he saved? Would they help him? With the darkness came complete silence as the boy had fallen right over.]]

[center [h3 Awaken]]

[center [b Reiki had woken up shaking as he began to pant his eyes stung as he opened them. He almost felt he had something stuck in his eye metal? He heard a weird whirring sound from the them but than after that? Normal as he began to think on what happened. "Nothing" he couldn't remember anything he remembered running in a forest his eyes gone. What happened? He felt his head hurting what did he do slam his head against a rock? He couldn't see maybe he slammed into a tree but what... What? What was he... Running from?]]

[center [b His family? His friends? Where were they? Did the people here save him? How could he see now? What it just a bad dream? No some of his wounds were still recovering it was a very real experience.]]

[center [b He saw others in the room just as confused a woman had yelled about her arm. Was she accusing them? She had to of seen Reiki just woke up right? He rubbed his head in pain as she glanced at her and the other man. As he curled his knee's up sitting down as he looked at the ground. He was never very good at making conversation or talking to others he was too scared too.]]

[center [b These people did they need help too? Were they afraid? Reiki was scared himself from the woman's loud yelling he wanted to bury his face and just hide. He placed his hands over his head as tears began to escape his eyes they felt.. Strange like their was more liquid than usual. That aside he shut them tight as he ignored the woman yelling at them. "This was just a bad dream a bad dream nothing more"]]
  Reiki Chiyu / Kudaketa / 1d 2h 26m 10s
[center [b [u A day like any other... ] ] ]
[i Damn them all to hell. ] Alexa took another few steps toward the low voices coming from a few feet away. Her team were out scouting the enemy, gathering intelligence that they believed would help them win a clean victory. They didn't understand war like she did. She was a true soldier, it was in her blood. Checking the bullets in her gun, the knives strapped to her belt, she rounded the corner to face the group of men who looked more irritated at the arrival of her than scared.
[b "You have two options," ] Alexa said, mentally counting the men and their weapons. [b "Either, you submit now, leaving your weapons, or... I can decapitate you." ] She locked eyes the men and before they had time to process her threat, she threw the knife in her hand...

Alexa wiped the sweat off her face. Most of the men lay motionless on the floor, bullets embedded in their flesh. Those who still moved wouldn't last much longer. A flicker of movement caught her attention and she spun to look at a man, stood in the shadows, observing, a look of amusement on his face.
[b "Enjoy the show?" ] Alexa clenched her bloody fists, tensing her body. [b "Oh don't worry, you'll be on the floor with them soon" ] She said confidently. Then, the man lifted a strange contraption from his side, a gun of sorts, and aimed it directly at her. She had barely moved to defend herself, before a searing white hot pain tore through her side, knocking her out completely.

[hr ]
Alexa woke to an intense, raw agony in her shoulder that spread out across her chest. It was the reason she had been passing in and out for the past hour. She breathed in deeply, keeping her eyes closed. She would not throw up, she was stronger than this. [i Stay conscious Lexa, pain is a teacher.]

Hearing the mans voice she sat up suddenly, pushing down the waves of nausea, reaching for the nearest thing that could be used as a weapon on the stranger and falling short. [b "What...the heck..." ] Alexa looked down at the alien metal object that was protruding from her body where her dominant arm used to be. It pulsed with a strange energy and looked like liquid silver in the fluorescent lights. Turning to the other three in the room, her face became hot and anger rose in her chest. [b "My arm! What the fuck, have you done to my arm" ] She barked at them, ignoring their own confusion.
  Alexa / burningsxn / 4d 14h 17m 0s
[h3 [center Ragnor Barron - AKA: 'Big Boss']]
[center [b [u Nothing More than a Dream]]]
[b "Y'know, last time I checked, there was a group off in the East who was offering us a bit more money than you have set on the table right now,"] the male grumbled.
He raised the cigarette to his mouth, inhaling deeply. The man then slowly exhaled, the smoke escaping his lips. His eyes appeared to closed, as if relaxed.
[i "That's just the up front payment, I promise you will get the rest once you finish this task we have given you,"] the other spoke.
The man slowly opened his eyes. He took a moment to look back at the wad of cash on the table. The male was quiet, then slowly reached over, grabbing it. He ran a finger through the bills, eyes intently watching as the paper flipped against each other.
He lifted his green gaze to look the other in the eyes, [b "So, the 'up-front payment'. Hm, suppose it could count."]
The man then slipped the wad into a pocket of his jacket, leaving without another word. As he closed the door behind him, the male was unaware of what was happening, or what he was about to return to...

He froze, dead in his tracks. His eyes were wide open, the half smoked cigarette falling from his mouth. What was once a building, was reduced to rubble. Blood painted the ruins, bullets littering the ground. Lifeless bodies surrounded him on all sides.
His legs collapsed from under him, making him fall to his knees. All he could do was stare, no words to describe the scene. The man wanted to call out, maybe there was still someone alive. Yet, in the back of his mind, he knew they were all gone.
[hr ]
[center [b [u Brought back to Reality]]]
He awoke with a start, gasping. Ragnor could feel the cold sweat that had formed on his body. The man took a moment to look around, panting. Something didn't feel right...
Ragnor looked towards his side. He felt the bile rise in the back of his throat. The lights overhead glinted off metal, only that metal wasn't from the table he was laying. He felt his body start to tremble uncontrollably.
Without even thinking, Ragnor reached for his pocket that usually held his cigarettes. Only problem, they weren't there anymore, not even his lighter could be found.
He sighed, reaching towards his head with his hand that was still 'human'. It took all his control to keep from panicking. He muttered in a shaky voice, [b "First the bastards take my arm, then they take my smokes? Sick fucks..."]
Ragnor glanced upwards, seeing a few other individuals who appeared to waking up as well. Did they have any recollection of what happened, or who did this to them? He was curious, but there was still terror there, threatening to overtake his usually calm demeanor.
  'Big Boss' / Dragoncita / 7d 5h 25m 43s

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