The Island Abyssal: A Kynterra Tale [Dark Fantasy Survival]

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[h3 [size20 POSTING ORDER] ]
[center [+red [space+mono Finch { ExistentialCrisis }
Indigo { Dyke }
Tillie { VenomousHydra }
Cato { SuzumeBachiAngst } ] ] ]

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[h3 [size20 [sedgwick+ave+display The Mystical World of Kynterra:] ] ]

[div [size20 [germania+one A world of endless wonder, populated by Humans, Elves, Fae, Ogres, Beastman and countless species of monsters. It's a place of magic and adventure. A whimsical world of legends where the gods take active hands in shaping their domains. Unfortunately, there are places where even their benevolent hands cannot reach... Dark places... Where the only rule is survival at any cost...] ] ]

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[h3 [size20 [sedgwick+ave+display The Abyssal Island:] ] ]

[div [size20 [germania+one There are rumors, of an island of never ending night, surrounded by a deadly storm. Some say young adventurers are spirited away in the night to the island, never to return. Only once, ages ago did someone escape, driven mad by his trials on the isle. Many court magicians and powerful sorcerers have attempted expeditions, though few survive. Those that do never reach its shores, the monstrous storm spews the refuse of their ships back into the sea.] ] ]

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[h3 [size20 [sedgwick+ave+display A Rude Awakening:] ] ]

[div [size20 [germania+one You've awoken in the mud, staring up at a pitch black sky. You have the barest of armor, if any at all. Around you several others are slowly waking, the confusion on their faces matches your own. Far in the distance you hear a storm raging over ocean waves. The silence is broken by a distant howl, unlike anything you've ever heard...] ] ]

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[h3 [size20 A Quick Note:] ]
Welcome to the Abyssal Island. A horror survival adventure in my own personal fantasy world. Think LoTR and survivor, with a heavy dose of all of my favorite nightmarish creatures and twisted plots. Everyone will be playing new adventurers so keep that in mind.

Also, I know this looks a little sparse, but I can't exactly give you a list of all the spooky places and freaky beasts that you'll be encountering. At least not until you've encountered them. It would ruin all the excitement!]

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[h3 [size20 Rules and Guidelines:] ]

[space+mono [size15 [b Rule 1.0:] ] Pictures should be classified as Digital Art. Try to keep away from anything anime-like. Fantasy warriors on the younger side preferred. If you can't pick a race, just give me a picture and I'm sure I can match it to one. OH, and if I can name the character/source... It's an instant NO till you find something else.]

[space+mono [size15 [b Rule 2.0:] ] Joining. You do this by filling out a skeleton and PMing me it. That's it. I'll go through your previous posts myself. And it is NOT first come first serve. So don't feel rushed. If I don't like something, we can work on it together. Okay? ]

[space+mono [size15 [b Rule 3.0:] ] Attitude is a motherfucking must, but keep it in character.]

[space+mono [size15 [b Rule 4.0:] ] Posting will have an order to be determined later. Try to keep it above 1000 characters and keep the misspelling and punctuation errors to a minimum. Everyone has typos, but slapping it into an autocorrect doesn't take much. Otherwise I'm not going to be too picky... for now.]

[space+mono [size15 [b Rule 5.0:] ] The Species and types of things is already set up. Don't make shit up without checking with me first. I've got whole pages of this crap. Some of it will be posted here. Some of it you can even play as. If you DO want to make something up, we'll talk, but it may be added to canon if it's really awesome. OH and a Half- something doesn't mean it has to be half human.]

[space+mono [size15 [b Rule 6.0:] ] Look, I'm an asshole. A tyrant. I'm sure there's a couple hundred words in the dictionary that you can use. None of them flattering. I reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason, I'll probably even tell you why. I've been around for a while, in ES years I'm a bitter old man. Sorry. Luckily for you folks I'm really needing an rp.]

[space+mono [size15 [b Rule 7.0:] ] Lots of annoying rules, but let's try to have fun, okay? I mean. It's why everyone is here usually.]

[h3 [size20 Character Application:] ]
[b Picture:]
[b Picture Link:]
[b Username: ]
[b Name:] [i First, middle, last, plus whatever. More info means more creative.]
[b Titles:] [i I'm gonna be picky here. Might even dish them out unless you have a good one.]
[b Age:] [i Depends on the species, check with me.]
[b Gender:] [i My brain can only handle 6 of them.]
[b Species:] [i Like I said, this is particular. I'll outline a bit below and we'll talk if you have issues.]
[b Height:] [i If this becomes an issue I'll ban your ass... You know who you are... >_>]
[b Weight:] [i Some things ARE heavier.]
[b Eye Color:] [i Some things have 2.]
[b Skin Color:] [i This more like a test of your creative talent than anything important.]
[b Hair Color:]
[b Class Specialty:] [i There's a list.]
[b Known Talents:] [i We aren't Batman... but this should have more than a few things.]
[b Known Languages:] [i Useful info. Most races have several, there is also a common tongue that almost all species seem to be capable of using. No one knows why.]
[b Quick Bio:] [i Summarize it. Most importantly I want to know who you were before the island.]
[b Pertinent Information:] [i Just the tidbits you want people to know that don't fit anywhere else. I.e. tattoos, oddities and extra bits.]

[h3 [size20 Current Cast:] ]

] [size45 [Berkshire+Swash Finch] ]
[b Username:]
[ ExistentialCrisis]
[b Name:]
[b Titles:]
Wayfinder, Little Bird.
[b Age:]
[b Gender:]
[b Species:]
Mixed Race: Hericen with a touch of Griva.
[b Height:]
[b Weight:]
[b Eye Color:]
Murky Blue.
[b Skin Color:]
Sandy tan.
[b Hair Color:]
Black with a few stripes of white.
[b Class Specialty:]
[b Known Talents:]
Dagger proficiency. Minor curses/hexes. Hunting and tracking. Slight knowledge of Herbology and Alchemy. Adept first aid.
[b Known Languages:]
Common. Grivan hand signals. Faerensal.
[b Quick Bio:]
Finch can't remember a time before the island. He's not even sure he showed up like the others do on occasion. If he had been born here, it would explain his quite unusual length of survival. Most folks who make it past the storms don't last more than a few years. For Finch there's just hazy memories of learning to hunt and avoid pissing off Indigo.
[b Pertinent Information:]
Finch is a native to the isle. As with anyone who stays long enough, the isle causes strange happenings in physiology and mana.]

[right [size45 [#FFFFFF -----] [Berkshire+Swash Indigo] [pic] ]
[b Username:]
[ Dyke]
[b Name:]
[b Titles:]
[b Age:]
[b Gender:]
[b Species:]
Fairy [i Poison Elemental]
[b Height:]
3 1/2 inches.
[b Weight:]
Refuses to be weighed. [i She's sensitive about being small, and then thinks she's fat at normal size.]
[b Eye Color:]
Bright amber.
[b Skin Color:]
Deep indigo grey.
[b Hair Color:]
Same as skin.
[b Class Specialty:]
Archer [i Venom Based]
[b Known Talents:]
Flight. Control of poison. Archery. Control of body mass [i Through elemental absorption.]
[b Known Languages:]
Common. Faerensal.
[b Quick Bio:]
Indigo doesn't remember much about her childhood, though she does remember the venture her tribe attempted to make. Many died and she and her parents were some of only a few to survive the initial trip. Surviving the Island was another matter entirely. After only six months, Indigo was the only one left standing. She taught herself archery, but even that wasn't enough to stop the dark magic within the Island from morphing her very being. Starting as a simple Forest Fairy, Indigo eventually transformed into the dark creature she is now, though that doesn't make her evil. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Indigo tended to avoided people until she met Finch, a newcomer to the Island. The two became fast friends, watching each other's backs.
[b Pertinent Information:]
If you piss her off, you're likely to get stuck with a pin-sized arrow tipped with paralytic poison... So, word to the wise; Don't. ]

[pic] [size45 [Berkshire+Swash Tilda Corriks] ]
[b Username:]
[ VenomousHydra]
[b Name:]
Tilda [i "Tillie"] Corriks
[b Titles:]
None Yet.
[b Age:]
[b Gender:]
[b Species:]
Humankind - Temeris
[b Height:]
1.73 Meters (5'7")
[b Weight:]
[b Eye Color:]
Emerald Green
[b Skin Color:]
[b Hair Color:]
Midnight Blue
[b Class Specialty:]
[b Known Talents:]
Speaking with Dead, Animating Corpses [i Typically only hands and skulls currently.]
[b Known Languages:]
Temeris, Levalnian, Fulmarian, Duscalian, Common
[b Quick Bio:]
Tillie was a young teen when her family was murdered and sacrificed by a crazed cult seeking to bring about undead. She was captured, tortured, and broken. She was then forced to read from their ritualistic books, and was forced to wear a strange artifact that they used to communicate with the dead. Upon wearing the strange artifact, she began to hear grisly whispers commanding her to perform various grim deeds, and quickly lost herself to them. She carried out the commands of these whispers, and grew in power as they taught her everything she knew of necromancy.
Upon arriving on the island, the link to these whispers vanished, and she now finds herself lost. No longer able to hear "him" as she calls it, she quickly loses herself once more. Her powers as a necromancer waned heavily, and she can not remember much before arriving aside from her name.
[b Pertinent Information:]
She has strange tattoos placed beneath her eyes and marking her cheeks. She also has an odd set of scars that start at the top of the tattoo, over her eyes, and go up over her forehead on each side. She does not recall ever getting these, and they seem to serve no function as of yet.]

[right [size45 [Berkshire+Swash Cato Dubon] [pic] ]
[b Username:]
[ SuzumebachiAngst]
[b Name:]
Cato Dubon
[b Titles:]
[b Age:]
[b Gender:]
[b Species:]
Humankind - Agrauthish
[b Height:]
[b Weight:]
[b Eye Color:]
[b Skin Color:]
[b Hair Color:]
[b Class Specialty:]
[b Known Talents:]
One-handed sword fighting. Moderate Bowmanship. Strategy. Resource management.
[b Known Languages:]
Agrauthish, Common
[b Quick Bio:]
He came from lower-class noble family in Agrauth, the youngest of five brothers, and, like his brothers, had been placed in knight training once they were old enough and had finished primary school in literacy, math and Agrauthish history. Cato excelled at his training and became the first of his brother to achieve knighthood and his pattern of success led him to be promoted to Knight General. However, in a civil war that tore Agrauth apart, his brothers were one-by-one killed in the violence and in the last year of the war, his family was massacred by the rioting poor in Agrauth. Unable to continue his status as a Knight General, Cato resigned from the position and spent a good deal of time homeless and grieving. He then decided he had lost faith in the Order and utilized his skills to pursue the life of a sellsword.
[b Pertinent Information:]
He has a particular aversion to dark magic.]

[h3 [size20 The Races of Kynterra:] ]

[size18 [u [b Humankind:] ] ]
[space+mono Varduanden, Larkes, Levalnian { French }
Laelithian, Calypsan, Hericen, Temeris { British }
Biemasic { Chinese }
Agrauthish, Paloien { Spanish }
Ledawen { Irish }
Mireaciean { Islander }
Railender, Morathien { Mixed }
Siravian { Nordic }
Ybaeken, Raerkej { Arabic }
Fulmarian { African }
] ]
[size18 [u [b Elvynkind:] ] ]
[space+mono Soleris, Solistan, Zunlelvyn { Sun Elf } { Light/Wood }
Luneris, Duscalian. Kenelelvyn { Moon Elf } { Ether }
Tenath, Oneris, Norekin, Dralelvyn { Shadow Elf } { Dark }
Qeailin { Lake Elf } { Water }
Haphyris { Winged Elf } { Wind }
Nixie { Sea Elf } { Water }
Griva { Desert Elf } { Earth }
Dustekin { Ashen Elf } { Fire}
] ]
[size18 [u [b Ogrekind:] ] ]
[space+mono Javaaro { Pale Hide Goblin }
Ghoblein { Furry Gnome }
Hobghoblein { Green Hide Goblin }
Erolk { Grey Hide Orc }
Ravaaro { Red Hide Orc }
Ogmin { Troll }
Jotunn { Civil Giant }
Jannair { Wild Giant }
Barolk { Bugbear }
Gaul’aan { Horned, Red Ogre }
] ]
[size18 [u [b Faekin:] ] ]
[space+mono Halfkin, Nulkin { Forest Sprite/Plains Halfling }
Duergar { Cave/Pale Dwarf }
Dwayre, Demmovaan, Agaur { Mountain/Earth Dwarf }
Fairy { Tiny Elemental }
] ]
[size18 [u [b Plant based humanoids:] ] ]
[space+mono Entari { Trees }
Petila { Flowers }
Bispor { Fungus }
] ]
[size18 [u [b Beastmankind:] ] ]

[u Canis:]
[space+mono Muhtt, Wargling, Graphali { Hyenafolk }
Hulijing { Foxfolk }
Lupe { Wolf }
[u Avians/Garuda:]
[space+mono Monguu { Strictly Crow }
Raptaine { Eagles/Hawks/Falcons }
Warblen { Nightingale/Parrots/Robins/Bluejays }
Scravel { Crow/Raven/Magpies }
[u Feline:]
[space+mono Sekhelm { Mix/Desert Catfolk }
Prihde { Lion }
Acinon { Cheetah }
Melani { Panther }
[u Rodents:]
[space+mono Ecorth { Batfolk }
Murid, Cheheille { Ratfolk }
Lepori { Hares }
Deoyi { Mice }
Hystric { Porcupines }
[u Reptilid:]
[space+mono Lynazi { Diminutive Lizardmen }
Draeg { Jungle Lizardmen }
Serpiat, Husari { Snake }
Phibb { Frogs/Newts }
Sauric { Muscular Lizardmen/Tortoise }
Drakos { Winged Lizardmen }
[u Insects:]
[space+mono Turruks, Ahrakin { Spiderfolk }
Culeat { Wasps/Bees/Hornets }
Adepha { Beetles/Crickets }
Formici { Ants/Termites }
Noptera { Mosquitos/Fleas }
Lepid { Butterflies/Moths }
[u Mammals { Herbivore } ]
[space+mono Masaa { Pseudo-Minotaur }
Turiv {Satyr }
Alotos { Wild Centaur }
[u Aquatic:]
[space+mono Icthial, Murook { Fishfolk/Sahagain }
Stacea, Krakota { Crabfolk }
Coleoi, Scruttis { Squidfolk/Mindflayer }
Selach { Sharks/Whales/Dolphins }
] ]

[center [pic] ]

[h3 [size20 Adventurer Classes: ] ]
[size18 [u [b Might Class: Light Armor] ] ]
[u Fighter:]
Fighters are the jack-of-all-trades class. They can use just about any weapon when they need to.
[u Warrior:]
Similar to the fighter, but with heavier weapons. Greataxes and greatswords.
[u Barbarian:]
Musclebound warriors. Using mainly axes.
[u Berserker:]
Raging balls of anger. Generally uses two weapons and little to no armor.
[u Monk:]
Hand to hand fighters. Takes years of training.
[u Myrmidon:]
Duel blade fighters. The quickest form of swordsman.
[u Sentinel:]
Light armor and spears make them versatile fighters.
[size18 [u [b Might Class: Medium Armor] ] ]
[u Cavalier:]
Light armored spear using horseback knight.
[u Crusader:]
Mace and shield using knight.
[u Dragoon:]
Dragon slayers. Spears and swords. Mostly just a name.
[u Dragon Knight:]
Armored warrrior, uses axes.
[u Samurai:]
Armored katana user.
[u Strongarm:]
Armored hand-to-hand. Heavy brawler.
[u Champion:]
Greatsword using knight.
[size18 [u [b Might Class: Heavy Armor] ] ]
[u Knight:]
Short sword and shield using fighter. Heavy armor.
[u Paladin:]
Heavy blunt weapons knight.
[u Dark Knight:]
Hand to hand. Armored claws.
[u Guardian:]
Heavy tower shields and small weapons.
[u Blader:]
Two handed swords and heavy armor.
[u Lancer:]
Spears and heavy armor.
[u Gatecrasher:]
Two weapons and heavy armor.
[size18 [u [b Skill Class: Speed Focus] ] ]
[u Fencer:]
Quick light sword or rapier using combatant.
[u Corsair:]
Two handed fighter, no armor, mostly ship-to-ship battle.
[u Privateer:]
Knife using pirate, at home in the rigging.
[u Swashbuckler:]
Longsword duelist pirate.
[u Bladeslinger:]
Many daggers, adept aim.
[u Reaver:]
Small axes, speed barbarian.
[size18 [u [b Skill Class: Range Focus] ] ]
[u Scout:]
Dagger flinging crossbowman.
[u Ranger:]
Bow and sword user.
[u Sniper:]
Greatbow user. Can shoot from leagues away.
[u Hunter:]
Shortbow and axes.
[u Falconer:]
Bowman with an avian companion for sighting. Can also use daggers.
[size18 [u [b Skill Class: Stealth Focus] ] ]
[u Rogue:]
Basic shortsword using trapspringer,
[u Thief:]
Many weapons, but stealth focused.
[u Assassin:]
Dagger wielding shadow.
[u Ninja:]
Sword wielding shadow.
[u Shadow:]
Cloaked phantom. Hard to even spot.
[u Cutpurse:]
Thief with a focus on daggers.
[size18 [u [b Will Class: White Magic] ] ]
[u Druid:]
Nature magic using staff wielder.
[u Templar:]
Holy magic using mace wielder.
[u Cleric:]
Healing magic using staff wielder.
[u Priest:]
Chanting magic user.
[u Sorcerer:]
Scientific magic using wand user.
[u Witch/Wizard:]
Ritual magic using wand user.
[size18 [u [b Will Class: Black Magic] ] ]
[u Witchdoctor:]
Potion based black magic. Uses totems.
[u Occultist:]
Ritual based black magic. Dagger.
[u Demonologist:]
Demonic summoner.
[u Warlock:]
Curses and killing magic.
[u Necromancer:]
Anti-Life magic. Raises the dead.
[u Conjurer:]
Uses rituals to twist spirits to their bidding.
[size18 [b [u Will Class: Grey Magic] ] ]
[u Binder:]
Uses neutral curses to stop movement and bend the laws of physics.
[u Mystic:]
Uses celestial magic to complete rituals.
[u Shaman:]
Can heal and curse with the power of potion based magic.
[u Elementalist:]
Can use the elements to their bidding. Does not need control of the spirits.
[u Illusionist:]
Uses light and shadow magic to bend the word around them and make people see what the caster wants.
[u Summoner:]
Calls the spirits to earth and gives them the form of a familiar. A partnership.
[u Sage:]
Has control over oneself and their magic. Allows great feats of strength and will.
] ]

[center [pic] ]

[h3 [size20 Known Locations:] ]
[h3 [size20 Known NPCs:] ]
[h3 [size20 Bestiary:] ]

[ Doppleganger:]
-Don't be disarmed by its harmless, if odd, appearance. They Doppleganger is a murderous creature who consumes its victim and adopts its form to trick other future meals. It seems to have no mouth, but in reality has one rather large one in the center of its torso. Most often it will wrap itself around its prey and slowly begin to consume it. Not particularly dangerous alone, though a full nest of them can be deadly. They move rather quickly when instigated. Most often they will mimic and then lower the guard of others to then silently pick of adventurers one at a time. Dopps also seem to gain the memories of their victims. [i Finch's Notes: "Don't bloody trust anyone..."]

[h3 [size20 Useful World Information:] ]

[b Money:]
[i While all forms of object are subject to trade, the universal currency of the world is Kyn. Ranging in rarity of metals from common copper coin to the inconceivable astral-mythrite. Though shape and design differs from place to place, as does common value between countries.]

[b Racism:]
[i It affects any world with differing opinions and physical appearances. An unfortunate side effect of the vast and unique makeup of the world.]

[h3 [size20 Gods and Devils] ]
[size18 [b [u Creatio Deus] ] ] {Gods of Creation}
[div [i Blanca] { Light/Life and Justice }
[i Noire] { Shadow/Death and Malevolence }
[i Grist ] { Ether/Order}
[i Rouget] { Fire/War and Conflict }
[i Juanen] { Earth/Peace and Serenity }
[i Bleure] { Water/Sorrow and Pain }
[i Vertol] { Blood/Greed and Profit }
[i Rosem] { Wind/Love and Romance }
[i Pourpet] {Bone/Luck and Fate}
[size18 [b [u Terra Deus] ] ] { Earthly Deity }
[div Ciele { Sky}
Mjera { Sea }
Terraet { Earth }
[size18 [b [u Stella Deus] ] ] {Celestial Deity }
[div Orm { Sun }
Argente { Silver Moon }
Cuiven { Harvest Moon }
Lahoul { Shadowed Moon }
[size18 [b [u Greater Deva] ] ] { Abyssal Deity }
[div Zoaz [sup { Vengeance } ]
Sahn [sup { Corruption } ]
Sral [sup { Chaos } ]
Ozrah [sup { Hatred } ]
Ryve [sup { Fear } ]
Toac [sup { Despair } ]
Abzaral [sup { Blight } ]
] ]


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"You would do well to watch your tone in the future... If you live that long."

Cato scowled at him, he wasn't accustomed to being talked to this way--even as a mercenary most people held a certain respect if not fear for him. When the strange man, Finch, seemed to detect something in the distance, Cato looked in the same direction, narrowing his eyes. He couldn't perceive anything significant, and the swampish forest seemed to hold a merciless atmosphere regardless of whether something was out there. Or was it that something that gave it a merciless atmosphere.
Even if he didn't feel inclined to like this Finch and Indigo, Cato wasn't familiar enough with his environment to handle it alone.

He thrusts himself to his feet quickly, in an effort to show his prowess and strength, but stumbles forward a little--catching a tree trunk to prevent himself from falling over. His knees felt shaky when he bent them and could only find stability in erect legs. However, when it came to walking, he had to move them and it took a lot of effort to keep his dignity.

When the four of them stated to move through the forest, Cato turned to the previously crying woman, who asks him a question, "I never got your name...mine is Tilda."

"[b Hmm,]" he debated on whether he should answer honestly, "[b I'm Sedrik. And I'm from a place you probably haven't heard of before.]"
  Cato Dubon / SuzumebachiAngst / 240d 17h 56m 13s
Tillie quickly reached for the water when it became available to her, she gave it a quick sniff to make sure it wasn't anything else, for all she knew drinking some poison is how she got here after all. Afterwards she takes a few gulps, and takes a deep breath, she still felt sick to her stomach, but it was slowly fading. [b "Thank you..." ] She said as she looked at the man that introduced himself as Finch. She wasn't sure whether to hand it back to him, or place it on the ground near him. She stumbled up to the man, and offered it back to him.

She looked over to the other man that was recently unconscious, who seemed to be in a rather bad mood. She could understand, waking up in an unknown place...though she doesn't feel like he experienced what she just did. She wipes away the last of her tears, though she was sure there would be more to come when she had time to think about what happened more.

After Finch explains they need to leave, she nods, and quickly tries to keep pace. Her legs feel as though they tremble just by standing on them, everything feels weak, and unstable, but she tries and push past it, going as fast as she can. Her eyes dart around the ground in front of her, trying to be cautious of any roots that may trip her up. Falling and getting left behind was not on her to-do list. She looked over at the other man with them as she was walking for a moment. [b "I never got your name...mine is Tilda." ] She realized that these men looked quite unfamiliar. She had heard there were others outside her continent, though she never saw anyone personally...well except that merchant caravan of faekin once.

[b "If no one minds me asking...where are you all from? I've never seen anything like the three of you before." ]
  Tillie / VenomousHydra / 241d 11m 30s
Indigo glared at the man who had just woken and hissed as a cat would at something that threatened it. Even Finch's attitude turned quickly when presented with a new threat. The girl would be easier to crack, Indigo thought.

Finch went on with introductions with his usual candour. Being that the group didn't have a lot of time before the creatures of the dark were lured by the smell of fresh blood and bile. Finch finally turned to Indigo, claiming that they were to return to The Hollow; the only safe place that Indigo and Finch had been able to create in this cursed place. After a moment of hesitation, Indigo gave a sharp nod, he wings outstretched and beating furiously to lift her from her companion's shoulder. She moved to the edge of the trees, waiting for the rest of the group.

She watched the man stumble to his feet, wobbling after the side effects of the spell that had brought them here. The girl, however, struggled to even move. After a moment of deliberation, the man helped the woman to her feet, supporting her with her arm over his shoulders.
Finch was quickly moving through the trees, Indigohot on his trail, while the newcomers tried their best to keep up as best they could.
The group moved through the brush, the two behind them asking what seemed like far too many questions for the amount of time that had passed. Still, Indigo followed her companion without responding. They would just have to wait until they reached safety before their questions were answered.
  ƖƝƊƖƓƠ / Dyke / 241d 14h 37m 20s
Finch's chuckle died, but his smile twisted into something unsettling as he took in the newly awakened man. There was a feral glint of gold in his eyes. [b "I laugh at whatever I please, good sir."] His eyes narrowed. [b "You would do well to watch your tone in the future... If you live that long."]

He stood to place a small canteen of water near the young woman. [b "The sickness fades. Just breath slowly."] He returned to his perch, but kept standing. [b "I'm sure you are all quite curious as to where you are, how you got here, and why you're here at all."]

Finch shook his head. [b "Frankly speaking, I have neither the patience, nor the time. This place will quickly become an open hunting ground, and it would be in all of our interests to leave immediately."]

He cocked his head suddenly. Eyes going distant, as if he was listening to something far off only he could hear. His face snapped back into a snarl. A quick motion to himself and the fairy, followed by sharp words. [b "I'm Finch. This is Indigo. Pleasantries are over, if we want to live, we need to move. Now."] He gathered his things, and the bundle of salvage from the few who didn't survive. [b "Indi. We're going to the Hollow."] Finch waited for the fairy's nod and then looked at the other two. [b "Follow me and live for now. Stay here and die. Your choice."]

Finch moved further into the forest, with no intention of slowing down.
  Finch / ExistentialCrisis / 242d 58m 3s
He had been suspended in the in-between state of conscious and unconsciousness, mind processing but body completely immobilized. Later, Cato would have interpreted it as being in an extremely light sleep but at the moment, there was hardly any mental activity at all. He didn't even regard the poke in his face as anything more than just a poke. Only the loud and unpleasant sounds of vomiting roused him from this numbness and suddenly a strange soreness seized his entire body, his head promptly began to throb. Cato grimaced and sat up and felt the same way he did when he woke up from the doctor's anesthesia that one night his chest was slashed open by an unsuspecting blade. He looked around and it was as if his eyes was too slow to follow his gaze.

He spotted the crying woman dressed in black not too far away from him, near a gross pile of undigested remains. Cato turned away, trying to recall where he was beforehand. He certainly didn't remember laying down in any swampy-foresty area before going to bed and it wouldn't have been in his nature to do so. He was spoiled enough to demand a proper bed and room whenever he had to rest for the night. If Cato was camping, he would even go through the trouble to erect a proper tent for himself.

Yet he couldn't even remember when he slept, nor where, and every other event that happened before this awakening were in the wrong order and in fragments. When did he eat the innkeep's stew yesterday? Or was that a couple of days before? He remembered taking a job of some sort but he couldn't tell if it was to be someone's bodyguard for a night or get rid of a dangerous gang leader that lived in the outskirts of some town. He vaguely remembered completing one of those two tasks but it was as if he was trying to remember things in a dream . . . it was impossible.

[i Am I dead?] Perhaps someone had slit his throat while he was sleeping, and now Cato was damned forever. [i Is this what death looks like? Would I know if I'm dead?] If anything, the memories of receiving news of his slain brothers, or of visiting his burned down family home were still very solid and still felt very recent. And seeing the woman not far from him crying, it all put him in a very foul mood.

Farther from the woman sat a man and an . . . impish female creature of some sort. The man was laughing and, whether Cato knew if it was at him or not, it made Cato feel angry and defensive,

"[b The fuck is your dirty face laughing at?]" he growled.
  Cato Dubon / SuzumebachiAngst / 250d 21h 15m 11s
The young pale lady, suddenly snaps awake, her eyes clouded over, and in a dazed state. She begins coughing and heaving heavily. The only sound she can hear is an eerie screeching sound, it's almost ear-splitting until it begins to subside. The lady stumbles up and onto her feet, leaning against a nearby tree, and she promptly vomits. Shortly after she takes in a deep breath, and mutters something quietly, trying to get a hold of herself. [b [i "I can't...hear him...I can't hear the whispers..." ] ]

Her eyes begin to clear up, its no longer complete darkness, and her hearing finally returns to her. Her sight still blurry, but slowly coming into focus. She sits there, staring blankly at the tree before her. In a raspy, sickly tone. [b "Where...where am I?" ] She begins to look around with a confused look upon her face. She spots a pair of people staring at her, along with another person laying upon the ground near her. She looks back up at the pair standing nearby. [b "Where am I? Why can't I remember..." ] She groans in pain, as she tries to remember, but nothing, she can't remember a thing.

She looks down at herself, seeing a flowing black robe covering her, its wet, soaked through in some places, the smell of the sea pungent on her. She wipes her loose hair out of her face. She tries once more to remember something, anything, all she can grasp is her name... [b " name..." ] The mere mention of it triggers the memory of how her mother always called her Tillie...Her mother, a sweet beautiful woman, someone she always looked up to...Before she even knew what was happening, tears streamed down her face.

[b "She's father too...they're dead..." ] Her eyes continue streaming tears, the image of her sweet mother, and her burly father replaced with them being tortured, and stabbed repeatedly. She can hear the screams, the shrieks of pain, the scent of blood over-taking the room. She had to watch...why did she watch the entire process...The drawings all around, shapes drawn all over the walls, the floor, the blood soaking into them. The light in her mother's eyes faded first, and her screams of agony stopped, as a knife kept stabbing into her, releasing more blood and gore. Her father yelling...threatening vengeance upon them, they will pay, no longer did he feel pain she thought, just pure hatred as he watched his love fade from this world. Soon after, a figure drew a blade across her father's throat, and then silence...

And then the last thing she remembers is reading...odd books, they forced her to read afterward. The unbearable task of being forced to read as tears clouded her eyes. Everything else...gone. She snapped her vision to the pair standing nearby. No...they don't look like anyone from that room, anyone that stood over her as she read the many tomes, until it all went black. They shouldn't be one of them.

She feels a sudden shiver down her spine. [b "It's not safe here is it?" ] She wipes her eyes and takes a deep breath, an invasive sense of despair sweeping through her. All she could hope is that these people had some answers, and that they could get her to safety, and hopefully far away from those monsters...
  Tillie / VenomousHydra / 252d 24m 4s
Silent footsteps taken over a mossy branch while a snarling creature, barely recognisable from its original form lurked underneath, swinging its head furiously as it searched for something. The creature’s eyes had almost completely rotted away, relying on its sense of smell to find its prey. Its skin a sickly grey, while its mouth produced saliva that looked more like tar.
A much smaller creature looked down from the branches above. She was only a few inches tall, but that didn’t stop her from drawing and arrow and aiming at the creature below her. The tip of the arrow was covered in a dense green liquid that almost seemed alive with the way it bubbled. Waiting for her chance, the smaller creature fired, the arrow piercing only as a mere pinprick to the lower creature, that towered her in comparison. The creature roared out in anger, spinning and lashing out at the branch where the smaller creature hid. Squeaking, she outstretched her wings, flapping them at almost incomprehensible speeds, lifting from the reach of the larger creature within seconds. Again the rotting creature thrashed around, snarls echoing through the cursed forest, continuing on for a moment before the snarls became little more the gargled chokes, and the larger creature finally slumped against the trunk of a tree and stopped moving or making any noise all together. When the smaller creature was sure that her opponent was actually dead, she sped off through the trees, ducking and weaving with practiced precision.

Finally the smaller creature came upon a clearing. A young man walked about a moment, moving two of the four bodies there. She could smell blood on the air. Judging from the positions, the one left in the clearing upright had been killed by the man, and the one face down had drowned. Ironic that one should do so in so little water. The creature waited a moment as the man sat down, perched on a rock in view of the two survivors. She sped over to him, hovering by his ear. “About time you caught up,” he said as she perched herself on his shoulder. He spouted something about the two that had already died, one being the victim of a Doppelganger, and asking if she had found anything.
“[b Well if someone hadn’t left Indigo to contend with the spiders Finch hates so much, she wouldn’t have run into the cursed Halfling, and she would have been here sooner,]” the fairy huffed out, her wings rising and falling with the breath.
“[b Indigo hopes these ones will be more useful than the last lot,]” she crossed her legs and arms. “[b Five last time and all died within the hour. And Indigo already smells death on the girl one.]” She motioned with her chin to the girl that still lay unconscious. “[b You know Indigo doesn’t like the Death Dealers.]” The young man simply laughed. “You need to give them a chance, Indigo, or we’ll never know for sure.”

Glancing at the young man with a pensive look Indigo dropped from his shoulder and onto the murky ground. Liquid moved, inching closer to the small fairy, pooling at her feet before moving along her body, edging up and up, forming new sinews before morphing when finally reaching the appropriate height. Where only moments before a mere three and a half inch fairy stood, a woman, still fairy, now five foot took her place. Everything about the fairy had grown as if, seemingly, by magic. She strolled over to the two unconscious bodies, poking the man with the bottom of her bow.
“[b This one has a bow,]” she said, poking him again, this time in the face. “[b but the cuts on his hands and arms suggest his skill with a sword, not bow. Why would he carry a bow? Indigo could beat him at challenge!]” The woman scowled, but squeaked and retreated back to Finch, returning to her original size when she heard one of them stir, Finch laughing at her.
  ƖƝƊƖƓƠ / Dyke / 253d 6h 50m 16s
The storm was bad tonight, the young man slinking through the forest knew what that meant. He could feel it in the air, leading him towards the right place. Like an iron ball to a magnet. Raindrops turned the forest floor into a muddy nightmare of roots and hazards, but he navigated them well enough all the same. The clearing was up ahead. One of many where events took place. He had to make sure he was there first. Otherwise this place would just have more corpses to mulch.

Finch picked up the pace until the clearing came into sight. he halted in the deepest shadows of the trees. Several still forms were scattered around the open grove. Raindrops and shallow breathing were the only sounds nearby. He waited. If this place had made him good at anything... it was waiting. Rushing into anything got you killed nearly every time. Or sometimes worse than killed.

Four forms, lying in the mud. He could already tell from here one wasn't breathing. That one hadn't survived the journey. Or landed face down in the pouring rain. Probably the luckiest way to go. Fall asleep at home, and just never wake up. The other three slept the fitful rest of the magically unconscious. With no other signs of movement, Finch cautiously made his way to the first body. A corpse for sure. Drowned. He shook his head and moved onwards. Two men and a woman. Finch edged closer, sniffing the air.

Now that the magic of their arrival was waning, he could get a feel for them. The one with the blade and lighter armor was a dud. No magic. Nothing remarkable. The kind who might survive here if he was crafty.

He turned to the woman and his lip curled a bit. He could smell the rot on her. It could have meant many things, but the sharp sting to the scent meant a Necromancer. Finch drew his knife, a deadly thing, covered in runes. [i Have to keep her away from The Fell, otherwise he'd just be adding to a problem that was already big enough.] He thought sourly.

The last form was stirring, eyes blinking sluggishly as Finch hovered over it. He took a long draw of breath and his scowl turned into plain anger. With a flick of his knife he drew a crimson line across the throat of the young man. Then he turned and rubbed at his nose. [b "Bloody Dopps... Think their so smart..."] The body began to hiss and steam as the form melted into a sickly grey skin. A bone thin creature lay dying, its bulbous black eyes watching Finch as its mouth worked like a fish on land. He took a look around, and spotted the booted foot sticking out from the brush at the edge of the clearing. [b "Didn't even pull it out of sight. Morons..."] He went to inspect the body and grimaced. Though there were already meaty chunks missing, the form was easily recognizable as the one the Doppelganger held before.

Finch busied himself with pulling the surviving two outside the clearing and positioning them so they could see and breath clearly once they woke. Then quickly scavenged the two unlucky ones for anything useful. He could hear the others stirring, so he sat down on a rock in their line of sight to wait. He'd need to leave soon if they didn't come too. A buzzing in his ear brought a smile to his face. It looked out of place under the grim eyes he had. [b " About time you caught up... We've got two on the hook. Two got to meet their maker. Dopp got one. Nasty thing."] The little green form alighted on his shoulder. [b "Theys hould be stirrin' soon. Find anything interesting out there?"]
  Finch / ExistentialCrisis / 254d 23h 47m 54s

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