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Okay okay so why in the hell was it actually enjoyable watching Twilight with Rami? Like this side saw it in theaters when it first came out before it became a "bad thing" to be into the movies. Maybe its just cause no matter what it is usually, if it seems interesting enough, this side will most likely always enjoy it just cause its fun watching movies. And while Bella and Edward are - lets be honest - awkward and weird as fuck. There are still some pretty cool characters. Alice is cute and Jaspers got that on edge vibe about him which is why me and Rami joke that they're me and him. Carlisle and Charlie just tryin to be good dads and Im pretty sure Esme is an angel not a vampire. But just- I don't get why like so many other things, Twilight had to turn into that typical "you either love love love it or you absolutely despise it and anyone who watches it". Why is there no room for people who just watch it to enjoy the good parts and just the experience of watching a movie with someone you like and to honestly, yeah, laugh histerically at the stupid overdramatic lip bites Bella does or the way Edward looks like he jizzed himself when Bella first walked in? Why is it that "oh you watched Twilight? So youre one of those people" like bitch Ill admit its terrible. Its like the same mindset that Homestuck people used to have about homestuck. Like "yeah I love homestuck but this shit is dumb and the fanbase is terrible lol". All in all, its just a movie. Its all about enjoying movies in general and if youre someone who does just love watching movies usually no matter what the movies is, then you can learn to enjoy watching anything even if you can admit its a weird shitty movie with maybe some redeeming qualities. So yeah Twilight has a rep but the scenery and locations are beautiful and some of the characters are fascinating and the things that make it bad are bad enough to make us constantly have to pause it and laugh hysterically at it which made it probably an hour longer than the actual movie lasted. So why not watch it? Its fun. More fun than sitting silently through a whole movie, never talking to your S.O. so fuck it. Go out there and watch movies with bad ratings! Go watch movies that most people shit on. Its fucking funny and its fun when you do it with the right people. Ugh still have that bit of "wtf are we doing" though lol. Fucking Twilight. Ew. Time to watch the next one. Kill me. Leggo
  Disgusted / Stalking / 309d 12h 35m 17s
Watching all these documentaries about dinosaurs and prehistoric crocodilians is making me want to get on Ark and raise a Sarcosuchus and Deinosuchus up from babies also wouldn't mind a Spinosaur, Tyrannosaur and a Baryonyx. Aside from the Tyrannosaur, those all have long snouts. Not into crocodilian looking creatures at all.

Also wanna start collecting dino sculptures/figures/statues. Not like little toy ones but hand sculpted busts and shit. Found a really nice Tyrannosaur and Dilo from this one website that lets you do it in two payments which is great but they're preorders so they wouldn't actually come out till April-June. Oh well.

Anyway, guess I better post to the wolf rp shit for Rami then I'll get on Ark and fuck around with some long snoots.
  Croc / Stalking / 312d 3h 55m 40s
Can the stupid old men just get me my damn picture so I dont have to sit here all fuckin day waiting to post
  Towel / Stalking / 329d 1h 53m 36s
Well.. not allowed to talk to anyone anymore.. guess thats a good thing. People frustrate me anyway. Mun doesn't want me to since it causes the body stress and the little bitch doesn't want it either cause hes a stupid fuck.
  Towel / Stalking / 337d 16h 27m 2s
Yeah I didn't wanna be able to play a game or anything. I'll just sit here while one of you sleeps and the other has fun playing a game, doing nothing. Fuck all of you. I'll just fucking drown in useless youtube videos that bore the shit out of me for 3 or 4 hours.
  Towel / Stalking / 339d 7h 7m 4s
It pisses me off how much I enjoy your company. Fuck you. Little hoe
  Towel / Stalking / 339d 12h 9m 2s
I don't see the point in him befriending anyone really. People "understand" how he is but will have just as little empathy for him as he has for anyone else because they don't know what it's like being like him. They "understand" when he explains how he is but when it comes to them actually dealing with those things, its like some shock to them. On one hand Id enjoy him having no friends but on the other, thats more time he'd have to fuck with me and I dont want that shit.

Whatever, not my problem. Im just trying to get through being out with a bitch
  Towel / Stalking / 340d 19h 29m 8s
What's the point in all this? You should have killed me when you had the chance. I should have gone when I said I would. Fuck this life. Fuck everyone.

Only thing semi good I got out of it was Hiver but even then Im not much of importance there..
What a joke.
So much for thinking you'd be able to handle how I am, huh?
Is that crying what we call handling it now?
  Towel / Stalking / 342d 11h 3m 8s
Well I was bored until I saw that snake tits was in my journal. Like what you see, bimbo? Fuck off

And now I'm bored again.
Why the fuck do we even have a thread? I dont even want to talk to him outside of es much less have to speak to him on this dumb website.

Its alright being able to write down what I think in here but its not like I need it so why do I have to be forced to have an account just cause the little bitch has one?

Whatever, just waiting for snake tits to one day try to say we're here cause they tried to make the shitty boy and the mutt. Like sorry the cunt's hair is longer than the boys and my hair is shaved on the sides so the characters dont look like us but they were as close as we could get so we use their pics. I'd kill myself if I was like the guy from the rp cause he actually likes the boy while I on the other hand want nothing to do with the fucking "bun" or whatever.

Why am I even talking about this? She's too dumb to try to hear out what anyone else says except herself so fuck it
  Towel / Stalking / 343d 10h 17m 22s
Also excuse the fuck out of me?

He said you'd probably block me too but really? I've never even fucking met you, you cunt. Maybe get your fat little fuck of a snake out of your tits and vagina long enough to realize nobody really gives a shit about you and your swollen, pompous, idiot airbag of a head.

Stupid fucking cunt. Get off ES or just the face of the earth would be best. Horse face.
  Towel / Stalking / 344d 8h 45s
Don't really wanna use a half naked picture of me all the time but its better than using a picture with that piece of trash's hand in it so it'll do.

Also, fuck you, Mun. Don't act like you don't feel threatened by me. I'm better looking and a hell of alot stronger than you and you know I'd fucking take you out without second thought just as fast as you would try with me.

You may have bite to your words but you're growing soft and my jaws would go through you like butter. Toughen up Mun or you'll fall behind. Know you're feelin it already.
  Towel / Stalking / 344d 8h 5m 2s
What is this terrible interest..? This concern this curiosity.. i wake up and it hits me like a ton of bricks to the face. Whether it's the concern itself or just the anger I have for feeling concern at all.. it still hits just as hard either way.. I don't care. I don't fucking like you. So why am I so concerned with your existance..?
  Disgusted / Stalking / 346d 2h 36m 16s
Don't get me wrong, I still fucking hate you. That hasn't changed.
  Disgusted / Stalking / 351d 23h 4m 39s

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