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[center [size20 [font 'Impact' [#143678 Howl Hallow's Village]]]]

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[#143678 [font 'Impact' |Forum|]] [#3E7BB6 a group role play.]
[#143678 [font 'Impact' |Time era and frequency|]] [#3E7BB6 modern day.]
[#143678 [font 'Impact' |Genres categories|]] [#3E7BB6 supernatural, horror, romance, action, fantasy.]]]

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[center [h1 [size20 [Black+Ops+One [#E89158 PLOT]]]]]

[center [Special+Elite [#CC9900 [size10 Throughout europe in the the 15th century, during the late medieval time era. Witch hunt’s had begun to emerge in switzerland; persecuting those in trials, who were accused of witchcraft. But the wicked weren’t alone in their heinous deeds. In fact a small fraction of the witches and warlocks trails were dedicated to the hentchmen.

On the occasion a sorceress would deny the evidence concerning a affiliation; who participate in witchcraft or assisted in the annihilation of innocent being’s, betrayer’s, and enemies in the favor/service’s of the wicked: they would be apprehended and killed . Regarding how pleasant the person was or the status of wealth and ranking he/she may have.

Pursuing the minion’s was impenetrable task at hand. The vanguard in trusted with witch hunt’s had no clue where to start looking. The huntsman’s had no name, no picture, or whereabouts of who they were looking for exactly. All they’ve had was their tracking skills and gut feelings to work with. However, it was vital. Seeking out the hentchmen, provide facts and evidence; with further more proof that the wicked were a hazard to others well beings...]]]]

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[#B80000 [size8 [Nosifer [b ✝ Warnings And Ban's-]]]] ‘KB-TheBearWhoMauls’ will send out notification in private message (PM) and the real time role play (chat) to anonymous user’s, when disobeying the rules of the thread. Therefore, there should be no reason for excuses or you're absence to being oblivious.

Three strikes and you’re out! Or in this case, three warnings in a row prevents you from accessing the thread. This is called a ‘temporary ban’. Temporary ban prohibits the user form the thread for a day. In which is 24 hour’s. The user who has been prohibited may return, if they wish. Though, anonymous person may only return when they have surpassed the restriction time given in the message by ‘KB-TheBearWhoMauls’.

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[#B80000 [size8 [Nosifer [b ✝ Don't be a chat plague-]]]] no flame wars, flooding, spamming, scrolling, trolling, harassment, stalking, rape, nudity, sex talk, cybering, excessive caps , solicitation, no obsessive cursing, religious/politicaL debates, god-moding/overpowered characters.

[#B80000 [size8 [Nosifer [b ✝ No God-moding/ being overpowered-]]]] absolutely no god modding.

[#B80000 [size8 [Nosifer [b ✝ User Permissions-]]]] Role player’s must have the consent of the characters owner to be able to kill or control the other person characters actions.

[#B80000 [size8 [Nosifer [b ✝ Romance-]]]] keep it PG-13.

[#B80000 [size8 [Nosifer [b ✝ Be realistic-]]]] I ask of you to be realistic with weapons, objects, strength, health, appearance, and intelligence with all character’s as much as possible. In fact I encourage all role players to be realistic in this thread.

[#B80000 [size8 [Nosifer [b ✝ Image’s-]]]] anime/illustration picture’s only . The image’s themselves should have no nudity, dirty, or revealing photo’s.

[#B80000 [size8 [Nosifer [b ✝ Grammar-]]]] please try to write to the best of your ability. In other words, as long as you attempt to use proper grammar; I’m perfectly fine with the billion of error’s you made.

[#B80000 [size8 [Nosifer [b ✝ Posting order-]]]] you must wait for two others before posting again. Other than that post any time you want.

[#B80000 [size8 [Nosifer [b ✝ Elite skills rules-]]]] the site rules also apply here too. If you have yet to read elite skills rules, I suggest reading them now then later .]]

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[center [ [size8 [#3E7BB6 If you have any trouble or question’s about the role play please contact me (KB-TheBearWhoMauls) through private message (pm).]]]]

[size10 [#143678 [font 'Impact' |Username|]] [size8 [#3E7BB6 ]]
[#143678 [font 'Impact' |Character Name|]] [size8 [#3E7BB6 ]]
[#143678 [font 'Impact' |Nickname|]] [size8 [#3E7BB6 ]]
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[#143678 [font 'Impact' |Kill-able|]] [size8 [#3E7BB6 ]]]

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[center [h1 [size30 [Kristi Welcome Character's]]]]

|| Example Of Character Skelly:
[ Ralph]
[ Amelia]]

|| Username || Character's
[ Dragoncita] | [ Liam]
[ HirokoKyo] |
[ Kiyoko]
[ catthhay] | [ Holly Screech]
[ specs] | [ Rio de Vul]
[ RamaAmor] |
[ Lunaria]]


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