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[center [Special+Elite [#CC9900 [size10 Throughout europe in the the 15th century, during the late medieval time era. Witch hunt’s had begun to emerge in switzerland; persecuting those in trials, who were accused of witchcraft. But the wicked weren’t alone in their heinous deeds. In fact a small fraction of the witches and warlocks trails were dedicated to the hentchmen.

On the occasion a sorceress would deny the evidence concerning a affiliation; who participate in witchcraft or assisted in the annihilation of innocent being’s, betrayer’s, and enemies in the favor/service’s of the wicked: they would be apprehended and killed . Regarding how pleasant the person was or the status of wealth and ranking he/she may have.

Pursuing the minion’s was impenetrable task at hand. The vanguard in trusted with witch hunt’s had no clue where to start looking. The huntsman’s had no name, no picture, or whereabouts of who they were looking for exactly. All they’ve had was their tracking skills and gut feelings to work with. However, it was vital. Seeking out the hentchmen, provide facts and evidence; with further more proof that the wicked were a hazard to others well beings...]]]]

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Roleplay Responses

Kiyoko looked up suddenly smelling the scent of the male she had seen in the cafe.She could see him walking towards her through the crowd. Liam slowly approached, showing no signs of aggression, just that unnerving calmness.

He soon was sitting on the opposite side of the bench across from her. Kiyo watched him lean back, resting his arms of the back of the bench, crossing one knee over the other.

There was silence between them for awhile before the male spoke.[+purple "Beautiful day isn't it?"]

She looked around noticing the people keeping their distance from the place they sat. Kiyo nodded.[+red "Seems to be..Lots of different smells."] She shrugged a little. Kiyoko looked him up and down.

[+red "I'm Kiyoko Neeman. What is your name?"] she asked quietly. Kiyo wasn't so sure if she should tell him what clan she belonged to. If he was a human it would be back but if not it would be okay.

He didn't smell human to her. Kiyo decided to wait until she knew a little more about him. She looked back at him, the window blew her red hair around. Kiyo sniffed in his direction taking in big whiff. To her he smelled like some kind of demon.
  Kiyoko Neeman / HirokoKyo / 123d 4h 28m 12s
[h3 [center Liam]]
He entered into the few people who were out and about with ease. Liam glanced around, jaws slightly agape allowing for better scent collection. Ah, there was 'wolfy's' scent. His red eye glowed slightly, the other showing little to no signs, partially blind.
The male wandered a little closer, soon finding where 'wolfy' was sitting by herself on a bench in the middle of everything. This ought to be fun.
Liam slowly approached, showing no signs of aggression, just that unnerving calmness. He soon was sitting on the opposite side of the bench of the female. Liam leaned back, resting his arms of the back of the bench, crossing one knee over the other.
He allowed the silence between them. The male glanced at 'wolfy' out of the corner of his good eye. Hm, not much to tell. Just a girl out on the town for the day. He then took note as people once again started to keep their distance from the place he sat. Liam only chuckled softly to himself.
Well, time to strike a conversation...
[#800080 "Beautiful day isn't it?"]
He had been tempted to say 'wolfy' in the sentence, but resisted. Liam had a feeling she probably wouldn't have taken it lightly...then again it would've been amusing, least for him.
  Liam / Dragoncita / 123d 5h 3m 52s
Lunaria sat down at the table, across from Holly. She tried the stew, and it was amazing. Everything was amazing. She was so nice, and she hadn't even asked her name. Wait. Lunaria realized that she had forgotten to introduce herself. She quickly ate another spoon of the stew, and smiled. "Thank you. My name is Lunaria Selene, from the X-Claw clan. Nice to meet you."

Lunaria decided to look around a bit, though she didn't leave her chair. The house felt new and old at the same time, but it was better than sleeping in the grass...or at a club or bar. She marveled at the owls, who were incredibly intelligent. At this point, it wouldn't be the most surprising thing if one knew English. Lunaria felt a bit bad, since she had hunted owls before, and, well, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

She went back to silently eating the stew, trying her best not to cry tears of joy.
  Lunaria / RamaAmor / 124d 18h 15m 22s
Holly smiled at the woman’s response after she turned back into a human form. The witch relaxed her stance, holding her staff like a walking stick now instead of a weapon . [+darkgreen “I was hoping you’d say that. My name is Holly. If you have trouble with your metabolism by the way, I might have some potions left over to help weight gain. They won’t solve all your issues if you can’t find a solid meal all the time but it should help keep your body from consuming your muscle if you don’t get enough to eat. Of course, you are always welcome at my cabin if you need a meal. As long as you don’t hurt any of the owls, anyway,”] she began to lead the she-wolf to her cabin. The house was old fashioned, but the technology was modern even if it was sparse. The house clearly had modern lighting and electricity and plumbing and whatnot, but as she led the she-wolf inside it was clear that the witch did not own a television or modern oven or dishwasher. In fact, the only technology that wasn’t built into the house was the small laptop that sat on the wooden coffee table in the living room. The smell of a hearty stew filled the homey building to the brim. There were also owls, perched on nearly every surface that was above head level.

[+darkgreen “I made sure my friends know to stay up high when company comes over. Usually people get uncomfortable when they see owls using my laptop as efficiently as I could, or cooking ingredients in the kitchen. But if an owl is up high where people are used to them being, they tend to relax a bit. Don’t worry; all the owls that are in my house know how to wash their claws and beaks properly and do not use their wings to cook. I assure you it is completely sanitary,”] she told her guest as she went through the door less doorway that led to the kitchen, coming out a moment later with two bowls of stew. One bowl was noticeably bigger than the other, and filled to the brim. She handed that one to Lunaria. She indicated that Lunaria could sit down on one of the two comfortable couches on either side of the coffee table before sitting down on one herself.

Holly chose that time to look up at the owls perched near the ceiling. [+darkgreen “Ah, Riri and Tala, you brought in those herbs I asked for didn’t you? Thank you. Galan, could you check the Potions storeroom to see if I have any weight gain potions left? Or anything for slowing metabolism. Nothing too strong mind you, but enough to protect the muscles from being consumed by the body. Thank you,”] a large white and black owl detached from the rest to fly into another room. [+darkgreen “Ah, the rest of you may eat now. You can hunt if you want, if not then help yourselves to some of the stew as well. And Niki, don’t forget to wrap your wings in plastic gloves. You’re shedding feathers again.”] the remaining owls took off, most of them flew outside to hunt mice and other small animals while three or four flew into the kitchen.

That was when Holly finally took a bite of her stew. It was good, a thick meat broth and thick but well cooked pieces of vegetables like carrots, celery, onions, corn, potatoes, and peas. There were also good chunks of beef and chicken strewn in it, truly making it an “everything stew,” But it was definitely a meal perfect for someone whose body processed foods abnormally quickly. And despite the wide array of ingredients, it was quite tasty. Holly suffered from a similar issue to Lunaria, as her body was stuck in the form of a fourteen year old and decided it would process energy at the same rate as one as well.
  Holly Screech / catthhay / 124d 18h 29m 47s
Kiyo was still people watching and slowly drinking her tea. She really wasn't sure what to do. Kiyoko was new to this village and didn't know anyone just yet. Her clan kept to themselves and very seldom ventured into the village.Now Kiyo was the Alpha female and was able to venture where she deemed fit.

The air was chilly and full of interesting smells. The season was fall so the leaves were turning colors falling off the trees. Kiyo wrapped her scarf a little tighter around her neck as a cool breeze made her shiver.She looked straight forward as a scent hit her in a gust of breeze.

It smelled like the male she had saw earlier but she didn't see him.[+red "Weird.."] Kiyo whispered into her tea.She just kept staring into the direction that the smell had come from. He had to be there or where else would his scent have come from.

He smelled of Demon but not a normal demon. Kiyo thought for a minute trying to see if she could pinpoint the exact type of demon and whether he was pure blood or not. Kiyo's blue eyes glittered in the little bit of sunlight as she tried to take a sniff of the air but not make it to obvious.
  Kiyoko Neeman / HirokoKyo / 127d 22h 7m 28s
[h3 [center Liam]]
As he walked, he listened closely to the world around him. The male happened to glance behind him, movement and a certain scent came to him. A female, werewolf, how interesting.
[#800080 "Run along little wolfy,"] he muttered to no one in particular. The stranger turned his gaze once again forward, [#800080 "Perhaps after I find the 'songbird', I shall cross your path again."]
To be sure, he turned into a dark alley, seemingly being consumed by the shadows. He was gone, no trace at all. The only thing would've been a faint linger of his scent, but it could easily be mistaken. However, he could see everything. The male waited patiently for 'wolfy' to pass by, then reappeared once again. He walked out of the darkness, taking a moment to watch her walk away.
A small smirk came to him, [#800080 "Such a pretty thing, wonder what you look like in your other form. Well, we shall save that for another time wolfy."]
[hr ]
It didn't take long before he found the 'songbird'. He slipped against a wall, listening intently.
[i "I swear to god! There are demons here! [b Demons]! And get this, there is word that a exiled demon prince is around here!"]
As for the stranger, he couldn't help but give a soft snort as he listened. A young hunter no doubt. Only they seemed to get excited by these things. Though, he'd have to silence this damn bird, and do it quick before more knew.
[#800080 "Well, well, I knew I was popular, but didn't know I was [b this] popular."]
He growled, approaching the small group. Thankfully, the idiots found a another dark area to share this story. As for the stranger, he grinned, showing fangs. Ah, the element of surprise, he enjoyed watching his victims sudden fearful expressions.
[#800080 "Come now, don't worry about little old me. There are worse things out there you should really go after."]
[i "Y-you! I knew you'd be here,"] the one managed to finally sputter out.
The dark male simply smirked. The shadows started to swarm around him. His red eye started to glow, the other there was a faint red glow, but not much.
[#800080 "Tis I, the one and only. Now little 'bird', I am terribly sorry, but I must silence your song."]
The young man fell to his knees, begging, pleading, [i "P-p-please! I swear I told no one else! J-j-just these few h-h-here! Let me live! I-I'll be quiet! N-not a word!"]
The darker male snickered to himself, [#800080 "Hmph, so young. Very well little 'bird'. I shall let you live, if, and I say [b if], you leave this town behind you. I'd advise you leave by this evening, or else..."]
His eyes flashed, the shadows darkening, [#800080 "I [b will] silence your song, and I'm sure none of us want that."]
The dark one's eyes then flashed to the other two, [#800080 "And as for this pair, I advise keeping your mouths shut. Or else the demon prince, Liam Valerian, will be paying them a visit."]
Then without another word, he left them behind. There, that problem was taken care of at least.

Now then, where did 'wolfy' wander off to...
  Dragoncita / 130d 5h 46m 41s
Lunaria stepped out of the bushes, stretched, and went back into her human form. She was obviously malnourished, her ribs barely visible on her sides. "Stew please." Lunaria gained a large smile. She held out her hand , offering a handshake. "My name is Lunaria, and yours is?" Lunaria's ears flickered, and her ponytail had small branches and leaves. Her hand seemed to have claws instead of nails, and her green eyes seemed to shine as she met this new friend. Unfortunately, this also made the slight bags under her eyes easier to see.
  Lunaria / RamaAmor / 130d 18h 10m 58s
Holly was nearing her cabin when she heard rustling. Rapidly she mentally calculated the size of whatever was causing those rustles, and almost immediately realized that it would have to be something huge- too huge to be a normal inhabitant of the forest. She spun around, pulling a hand to her mouth and making a sharp and incredibly loud whistle echo around the immediate area in a short signal. Once done, she dodged out of the way while being carefully not to damage her basket. In mere seconds a large owl came by, carrying a large wooden staff in his strong talons. Holly grabbed the weapon when the owl dropped it, tossing her basket up to the owl who caught it and flew off with it as Holly got into a defensive stance.

[+darkgreen "Hello,"] in contrast to her stance, her voice was casual as if she had known this random wolf for a long time. And this had to be a werewolf, it was too large to be anything else unless it had been a demon, but a demon would not have looked so natural. [+darkgreen "If this is a Little Red Riding hood situation, then I'm afraid my basket only held herbs and no actual food. If you're aim is me, on the other hand, then I'm going to have to ask you to leave. If all you want is food however, I have been preparing a stew all day. I always prepare extra in case someone comes by, so you are welcome to join me for supper."]
  Holly Screech / catthhay / 130d 21h 57m 0s
Walking down the street Kiyoko spotted a small café. She was new to the village and was still discovering all it had to offer. Before entering the building Kiyo looked through the large front window.

She could see a male with his elbow on the table, propping his chin on his hand. He lazily spun his straw in the drink.He had one eye that was a chilling red, the other milky white with a scar running across it.

[+purple "Hmm."] She thought to herself as she opened the door and walked inside. The air was warm and relaxed. Kiyo walked up to the counter to order a drink off the menu. She looked towards the male sitting at the table she saw through the window.

Before her drink was ready he stood up, leaving a small tip on the table, then walking out the door. Once Kiyo received her drink she walked out of the café. She looked up and down both sides of the street trying to find him.He wasn't just any normal person, she could smell something different to him.

Kiyo sighed taking a sip of her tea and started to walk towards the middle of the village. She looked around at everything as she went.Smelling all of what the village had to offer. There were bars,shops,houses all sorts of things with interesting smells.

When Kiyoko reached the middle of the village she still hadn't come across the male from the café. She sat down on a bench,drinking her tea,and watching the passers by. [+red "He couldn't of just disappeared."] Kiyo said to herself taking another sip from the hot cup. She continued her people viewing for awhile longer.
  Kiyoko Neeman / HirokoKyo / 131d 2h 15m 45s
"Finally!" Lunaria entered a bar in the outskirts of town. Though it was more like a modern club. Lunaria took of a black cloak she was wearing, revealing her outfit and wolf ears and tail. She ordered some chocolate liquor and chugged it. She went outside, a bit tipsy, and decided to go hunting in the woods. What could go wrong? She ran through the forest and quickly turned into her fenrir form. "Been too long since I've hunted." Her voice was scratchy in this form as she looked for any life around the area. She noticed a witch carrying a basket. Lunaria's stomach rumbled at the sight, and Lunaria ran towards Holly, like a wolf chasing a rabbit.
  Lunaria / RamaAmor / 131d 2h 26m 38s
[#9b42f4 "Why me?"] Rio pouted, even though no one was in the wide store room. With a sigh she, pressed her back against the curtained wall, clutching the broom to her chest. Master Priam, the sorcerer who had taken her in, was gone as he always were these days, and had basically left her a timetable of things to do, with barely anytime to herself. And it was a very [i long] list, enough work that made her want to pick her dagger.

She had already crushed at least weeks worth of nightshade, to the point where her fingers were dyed purple. Bottled and labeled the white snakeroot and the yellow jasmine, ready to be sold. The turmeric and the cloves were both grounded into the finest powders, their scents still lingered in the air. In then finally she had soaked and scrubbed the cauldrons, [i without] magic mind you, because even the slightest hint could ruin a potion and melt a hole in the floor.

  Rio de Vul / Specs / 132d 4h 8m 39s
[h3 [center Liam]]
He sat quietly in a small café by the window. The male had his elbow on the table, propping his chin on his hand. He lazily spun his straw in the drink that had been given to him with his other hand. The man turned his gaze towards the window.
He looked normal for the most part, except his eyes. One eye was a chilling red, the other milky white with a scar running across it. The air around him was relaxed, yet there was something else there as well. Everyone that had entered the small place made sure to give him a wide berth. However, this didn't bother him at all.
Both his eyes narrowed slightly, [#800080 "Tsk, only here for about 3 days, and already people are avoiding me."]
A smirk came to him as he continued to mutter to himself, [#800080 "Perhaps a little 'bird' has found its way here, singing a song about my dark deeds. Hm, I might have to find this 'songbird' and silence its song."]
He stood up, leaving a small tip on the table, then walking out the door. The strange man paused once outside, gaze looking towards the sky. The scents all came to him, some pleasant, others not so pleasant. However, something didn't seem quite right. He glanced back out of the corner of his eye.
A soft growl escaped his throat, [#800080 "Is the 'hunter' becoming the 'hunted'? We shall see in good time..."]
Then without another word, he started down the walk, heading to nowhere in particular.
  Liam / Dragoncita / 137d 20h 36m 54s
A young girl was in the middle of the forest, large pointed hat sitting skewed on her head. Usually people wouldn't stay out in the forest for longer than a few minutes, they all believed that the Owl Demon would come kill them if they overstayed their welcome in the woods. But there [i was] no Owl Demon, it was just a rumor spread to keep this seemingly young girl, who was picking medicinal herbs calmly, from interrupting the plans of wicked witches that lived in the village nearby. If nobody stayed in the woods long enough, then this girl couldn't help them. If she went back to the village for very long, she could end up as the next victim.

Plus, she was well aware that people wouldn't want her to go back. Nobody liked witches, and this girl was definitely a witch. So she stayed away, living in her hidden little cabin in the woods because she knew nobody wanted to even talk to her unless they needed her help.

[+darkgreen "Let's see,"] the girl murmured to herself. [+darkgreen "Chamomile. Jasmine. Stinging nettle... this should be enough for today. I should have enough other ingredients back at the cabin to make poultices. Did you find anything, Roro?"] she called out. An owl flew down, carrying a branch of perfectly round black berries and perfectly green leaves to her. [+darkgreen "Oh, Deadly Nightshade. I suppose it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep some on hand just in case, but you know I don't usually use anything this toxic. Can you get Riri and Tala to pick some of the rosemary, thyme, and lemongrass from behind the cabin? Thank you,"] the small female watched as the bird flew off to put the branch of toxic berries away and do as she asked.

Yes, Holly was a witch. She wasn't anything at all like her relatives, who were part of an evil coven that lived in the village. Holly rubbed her right shoulder, where a nasty scar covered the top portion of it and crawled up the right side of her neck. She'd stop them. Holly didn't like what she was anyway, so she'd stop them from hurting anybody else... and then she'd continue to live nice and quietly in her cabin with her abnormally intelligent owls. She gathered the herbs she had just picked, put them in a handmade basket, and adjusted her hat on her head before starting to head back to her home.
  Holly Screech / catthhay / 137d 22h 19m 18s

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