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[i The world was at one time ruled by monsters known as Behemoths. These forces of nature ravaged the lands and spread death and destruction to where ever they traveled. All the Kingdoms across the land were at the mercy of the whims of Behemoths.

After a century of hopelessness, the Kingdoms of the lands joined together in a last ditch effort to find a way to fight back against the Behemoths.

Their combined efforts eventually gave birth to Arcane Raiment Knights or Arks for short. Arks are large armored suits imbued with powerful magic. These armored suits allowed the Kingdoms to fight back against the Behemoths. After a decade of fighting, all the Behemoths have been put to rest and the Kingdoms ruled the lands once more.

That is the origin story of Arks. It is a thousand year old story. No one knows if that story is true or not, but it is known that Arks have been around for a thousand years and they still hold mysteries that remain unanswered. However, that does not stop Kingdoms from using these very Arks for their own desires. One particular Kingdom has decided to use these Arks to dominate all that oppose them...

The Dakunai Empire. Dakunai travels Westward, taking over Kingdom after Kingdom. Their next target is a small, but prosperous Kingdom known as Radinata....]

[h3 Rules]

1. Basic ES rules

2. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE AVAILABLE AND ARE DRIVEN TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE RP. I'm tired of people joining the rps I work hard on, only to flake out on me 3 posts in. I am looking for hardcore rpers who knows what it means to be a good rper. Only join if you like to write and will make time to rp. Please do not join on a whim. That is all I ask.

3. Anime or Art pics only please


5. Also, please don't forget to communicate with me. If an issue arises or you have a question, pm me. My pm box is always open and I am always willing to help. Don't just sit there and suffer in silence >_>.

6. Just FYI. I want you guys to have fun. Just, I want to have fun too. Otherwise enjoy ^_^

[h3 Posting Requirements]

I don't ask for much. I just want you to put in the same amount of effort as your fellow rpers. I do however ask for AT LEAST 3 GOOD QUALITY PARAGRAPHS. See? Not much >.>

[h3 Posting Order]

So, this is important because it stops people from falling behind and allows you to know when to post. Now, to be more specific, I do something a little different in terms of 'order' than what you see in most rps on here.

What we will be doing is not posting turn by turn but by 'cycle'. what I mean by that is that each cycle will begin and end with one of [b MY] posts. Once I post then everyone will have to post AT LEAST once, but can post to a maximum of 2 per cycle. In other words, if you post 2 times before a cycle ends, you have to wait for a new cycle aka everyone has posted at least once. Other than that you can post WHENEVER you want or can. However, I will not wait to long, maybe a week or so for you to post before I just push the rp along. Pm please if you do not get how the posting order works.

To simplify, I post, then everyone has to post at least once. Just keep in mind that I can still post twice per a cycle as well. I will keep you guys informed on what cycle it is by putting it in the rp title.

[h3 Setting/Radinata NEW!]

There are two continents in this mythical Earth, the east and the west continents. Radinata is the Kingdom on the far east of the western continent. To the west are 7 other Kingdoms including Dominatus.

Radinata is a bit of a small Kingdom. The layout of the Kingdom is that the castle is at the furthest depth of the Kingdom at its Eastern side. The rest of the Kingdom expands out westward. Radinata is also on a peninsula. Just a little fyi so you guys know the layout

[h3 Arks and Drive Gears]

Arks are large magical suits of Armor summoned through the use of a Drive Gear. A Drive Gear is a weapon infused with the power of the Ark. The weapon allows one to use a portion of their Arks powers.

To simplify, Arks are basically large suits of armor and your Drive Gear allows you to summon the suit and merge with it. If you want a reference to how big they are. They are about 280-300 feet tall.

[h3 Ark Element]

Okay, with all the questions, I feel the need to add this section~. The Ark element is a basic foundation of your Arks powers and abilities. Namely speaking. If you have the power of lightning by chance, maybe you have the ability to detect things through electrical pulses or something. Or if you have the power of fire, you also have the ability to increase temperatures or melt things with a touch.

If that did not make enough sense, please pm me with questions. I will help you figure it out~ Just keep in mind that your element is the basic foundation of the powers of your Ark.

[h3 Ark Rider]

The term used for people who wield an Ark. The ability to wield an Ark is rare as is, so the number of people who can wield them is small.

[h3 Skellies]

Account Name:
Age: 18+ for Knights at least
Role: Role in Kingdom
Drive Gear: Which Weapon Model
Ark Name:
Ark Element: Can use anything but Light or Darkness
Ark Pic: Don't need to find this right away

[h3 Tyasuke]

[pic http://i67.tinypic.com/1z56zcg.jpg]

[pic http://oi63.tinypic.com/21km13q.jpg]

Known Name: Azure Wing
Age: 22
Role: Mercenary from outside the Kingdom
Drive Gear: Sword Model
Ark Name: Alvista

[h3 JakefromStateFarm]

[pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/cb32e8a15852dc82ef70f2ba7d3cacc4.jpg]

[pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/650befcce6d5456a7a9ed49d3fe11170.jpg]

Name: Killian Radius

Age: 26

Role: Prince of Radinata

Drive Gear: Double Bladed Staff

Ark Name: Wings of Horus

Ark Element: Kinetic Force

[h3 Dao]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/PPCpC04.png]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/9KgnuJP.png]

Name: Luciana Radius

Age: Twenty - One

Role: The First Princess

Drive Gear: Whip Model

Ark Name: "The Serpent"

Ark Element: Water

[pic https://i.imgur.com/bwbW1Tk.png]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/LaGFZRq.png]

Name: Huo Kamicihi

Age: Twenty - Four

Role: Ark Rider

Drive Gear: Katana Model

Ark Name: "Satans Fang"

Ark Element: Fire

[h3 Kikido]

[pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/7fd4536d6b161084d8cba0fae3d6c8181728746.png]

Name: Princess Ikana
Age: 16
Role: Princess
Drive Gear: Blades model
Ark Name: Princess
Ark Element: Crystals

[pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/972a1018e3c3c56daea1418ae6b5f4b31728746.png]

Name: Pyra Tempris
Age: 23
Role: Ark Rider
Drive Gear: Whips model
Ark Name: Five-Tailed Fox
Ask Element: Fire

[h3 Kudaketa]
Casual look
[pic https://i.ytimg.com/vi/0dEWyNbxMa4/maxresdefault.jpg]

Ready for Battle
[pic http://i.imgur.com/SXKf29j.jpg]

Name: Maria Hardt
Age: 19
Role: Prince's Bodyguard
Drive Gear: Greatsword Model
Ark Name: The Hero's Shield
Ark Element: Chivalry
Element Description: The ability to enhance strength or endurance.

[h3 Nonconfomity]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/QWoX37I.jpg]

Name: Lancelot
Age: 20
Role: Royal Knight
Drive Gear: Longsword Model
Ark Name: "Pendragon"
Ark Element: Water

[h3 Ignis]

Name: Johnothan Vidas
Age: 62
Role: Knight
Drive Gear: Greatshield Model
Ark Name: Forgemaster
Ark Element: Earth
Pic: N/A
Ark Pic: N/A

[h3 Colorful Insanity]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/QgS5xoj.jpg?1]

[pic https://i.pinimg.com/736x/9f/9a/06/9f9a06a0091e8dafb25df51f6b5c9474.jpg]

Name: Omi
Age: twenty-three
Role: Temple Cleric
Drive Gear: Armor mask
Ark Name: "The Horned King"
Ark Element: Molten

[h3 Valkyira]

[pic http://40.media.tumblr.com/b3c988447ddfa758c5166d5305175ac8/tumblr_ny1gvdr6uS1sazby5o1_500.jpg]

Name: Tiffany Thirio
Age: 32
Role: Royal guard captain
Drive Gear: -
Ark Name: -
Ark Element:-

[h3 -Megami-]

Name: Lily Hīrā
Age: 18
Role: Royal Mage
Drive Gear: Staff
Ark Name: Heaven's Kiss
Ark Element: Healing: The ability to heal others physical wounds, but not yourself.
Pic: Still looking
Ark Pic: Still looking

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Relieved to no longer have blades at his throat Omi released some of the tension that was laying in his body, allowing his hand to drop away from the blade that hung at his side. Isis’s hands fell to the boy in the mask’s left shoulder. With no words she gave a slight nod to him. [b “Go. Sebastian and I can help guard the king.”]

Without a word Omi rushed to a window and jumped out. While the landing would have killed anyone he knew better than most how to use his ark’s power. Calling out to his ark’s element he made a molten lava ramp in a sense; It was more of a sled or a small board under him. Letting his feet hit the hot liquid, his boots melted away to bare skin showing a golden tone to them. Using the molten to get down the rest of the fall, the boy dived into a roll at the last bit to hit the ground. Omi grunt a bit not expecting the roll to hurt as much as it did. Perhaps his ark did more than allowed him to use the element he was given, but healed him more rapidly as well, and now that his ark had been blocked off the magic flow had been limited.

Omi had stepped out pasted the eastern gateway after being given several inquisitive looks, to which he only held up a communication stone given to him by the Priestess. It worked somewhat like the king’s stones did, only it was a personal connection between the High priestess and Omi. Not even Sebastian could hear what was going on over the stones. Catching the group of black soldiers Omi stopped in the middle of them. Three of them had surrounded him in a triangle formation. Drawing out their blades as they looked on to their first target. Omi placed his hand upon his katana only to move it as a knife sliced the air to close to his hand.

The masked boy took a jump into the air; Lashing out with his feet hot liquid Magma shot out from his feet and gave a blinding flash of light to anyone in the area. Up he went and down he came even faster as he pierced the first assailant in the head. Carving the man in half from his head to his feet Omi dug his blade down the man's spinal cord heating it up as he went. As omi stood back up from his first fallen enemy he spun around to kick a second soldier square in the jaw and broke it. several more of the black armored soldiers showed up as the second guard hit the ground.

[b “Careful, He can still use his ark element.”] Omi gave a sinister laugh and his bent down close to the ground. Leaning on his left foot back his right close to his chest that like a runner at the starting line in a rice. [#970215 “To slow.”] pushing his body off the ground at a blinding speed he lashed out first at the person in front of him. Driving his blade into the man's chest. As omi jumped again into the air he took a spin to his body. While Spun in a circle Omi sliced around him he used his blade to cut off a few limbs from people. His feet kicking others away and his free hand blasting open air with molten. [b “You missed.”] Omi took the sheath off his side and slid his blade back into place his eyes drawing across the blade to look at the man. [#970215 “You…will…Burn.”] As he finished his words the man seemed to go up in flame, along with the guards around him. The one enemy who hadn’t caught fire seemed to have doused himself out with water. [b “How did you?”]

Omi had driven the man to his knees drawing back ready to kill him. Before drawing the blade he spoke [#970215 “You know my ark power of molten it means forms of it. Molten rock as well. As I was spinning around you saw I was throwing it everywhere, what you didn’t know was while you were focused on me I was focused on the ground. I made a ring around all of us, and slowly pulled it towards me until all of you were in it. I then heated it back up to its liquid form.”]

As he pulled his knife close to the guards now exposed artery vain a voice came out over his stone. [b “Omi wait. Bring that one back alive. I am sure the king will have questions for him.”] Omi tied the man’s wrists and ankles, along with bound them together so he couldn’t move. Picking him up like someone would a bag the masked man turned his head to look over his shoulders at the bodies. Snapping his fingers the molten melted the bodies down.

Returning to the noble’s district the male set his prisoner down so guards could return him to the king. Looking up into the sky however Omi still felt something was wrong. Like something bigger was coming.
  Samuri / Colorful_insanity / 4d 17m 40s
Darnus looks outside his window once more before he hears his son and his bodyguard command the guards to release the Priestess. The King looks over to see the Guards looking at him with questioning eyes. The Prince is known for being smart, talented and has all the makings of a good leader. However, he was doing nothing but fooling around until a year ago. This made the soldiers weary to follow his orders in such situations, specifically one's that required political knowledge and relations.

[b "You heard my son. Release them. If they were going to attack our Kingdom, they wouldn't have waited for twenty years,"] Darnus says as he gets ready to leave the throne room.

"Sir, what about the boy?" The guards asked not because of the suspicion against the boy, but merely because he is an Ark Rider and all the Riders are being called to action.

[b "If the boy wishes, he can stay by the side of his Priestess, or he can take up arms and help fight for the Kingdom he calls home. Choice is his,"] Darnus leaves the throne room now making his way to the war room.

The War room is a large circular shaped room with magical monitoring screens floating before a platform that was in the center. At the bottom of these monitors generated by magic were several people who wear a [http://assets.sbnation.com/assets/1219017/ttl.jpeg visor] that hides their eyes as they use magic to over look the Kingdom.

Darnus enters the large room and makes his way to the center platform as he says in a loud booming voice, [b "Is everyone at the ready? Tell me, what is the state of my Kingdom!"] Darnus demands as the people wearing visors begin to tell Darnus the full scale of the situation.

[h3 Elsewhere...]

...Azure hears an accusation against him flung his way as he watches the floating orb in the sky. He looks at the boy who has readily unsheathed his Katana and did not look at all pleased. Azure looks down at his drink again and swirls it within his glass. [b "Well, I can understand why you would point your blade at me. I am a new face, with a weird sword, and a mercenary to top it off. You'd be a moron not to suspect me,"] Azure says in reply to the boy's words before he takes another sip of his drink. The mention of being a mercenary would only raise Hou's suspicions, or even maybe even confirm them, regardless if Hou's suspicions were correct or not.

A Mercenary, a blade for hire, are considered the second lowest scum of society other than bandits. Throughout history, there have been records of Kingdoms losing wars simply because the opposing Kingdom bought out their Mercenaries. Loyal to the highest bidder, the overall reputation of Mercenaries netted them the nickname 'Hired Turncoats'.

[b "Damn, that's good. Should have asked the bar keep what this drink is before he ran off,"] Azure says before glancing over at Huo. He is used to the look Huo is giving him. One of suspicion, caution, and waiting for one wrong move before pouncing. Being used to such looks is what made it difficult for Azure to not tease those who send it his way. He turns his head to look down the dirt road that leads to the entrance to Radinata. His eyes glow blue as he looks up at the sky. [i 'Incoming,'] He thinks to himself as a large cloud of dust suddenly explodes and rises up from just in front of the Kingdom's gates.

[h3 At the castle gates...]

...a large black pod had impaled the ground just behind the castle gates. Four slots open within the pod as twelve [https://i.pinimg.com/736x/ea/44/2b/ea442bdbfcc613ad48368bcae0e25d98--black-body-black-suits.jpg soldiers] clad in black armor run out of the pod's openings. Each soldier carries a different weapon as they surround the pod and salute to the silhouette that just started to emerge from the pod.

[pic https://i.ytimg.com/vi/4Um6eBK90ws/hqdefault.jpg]

"Salute for Ark Rider Hyena!" One of the soldiers shouts out as they watch a large talk man emerge from the shadows of the pod. He is twice the height of your average male with golden blonde hair. The man wears a giant dark blue fur coat as he looks upon his soldiers. Hyena had sharp razor teeth and his pointy ears made him look more like a monster than a man.

"By the Liege's word, we shall take the last standing Kingdom on this continent for our own!" Hyena shouts to the soldiers in a loud booming voice, "Go, Assassins of Dominus Dakunai! Kill anyone who gets in your way! Show them the power of the Dakunai Empire!"

The group of twelve splits into three groups of four. The three groups rush up the now clear dirt roads, aiming straight for the noble quarter.

[h3 In the War room...]

...Darnus watches the monitors before him, unaware that Maria had begun to approach him. However, two guards step before Maria and holds their spears in an X.

The guard to the right says, "None shall speak to the King unless spoken to. Stand back and wait for further instructions."

The King glanced over his shoulder to see Maria who is aching to know what happens next. Darnus sees Maria as a diamond in the rough. A warrior with great potential, but has yet to fully acquire the mind of a knight. However, she is in the early steps of Knighthood. One could not expect her to get the flow of things so easily. However, Darnus's focuse did not remain on the girl long.

[b "What just landed in our walls?"] Darnus asks as he observed the descension of the black pod on one of the monitors.

"It seems that there are soldiers coming out from the sides of the object sir!" One of the monitors replies.

[b "Get me in touch with all the Generals and Ark Riders of the Kingdom,"] Darnus says as he lifts up a cyan diamond shaped color jewel. The jewel begins to glow as Darnus speaks into the crystal. [b "Attention Ark Riders and my Knights,"] Darnus into the gem.

Every Ark Rider of the Kingdom has one of these gems on their person somewhere. A Telepathic stone. It is the stone the King uses to give orders to his generals and Ark Riders out in the field of battle. Just by thinking of the person, the stone will seek out that person and connect to any telepathic stone they have on their person.

[b "We have enemies coming up along the main roads! They are heading straight for the Noble Quarter where our citizens reside! Do not let a single one pass!"] Darnus orders of his warriors.

[h3 Meanwhile...]

...Azure waits another minute to say something to Huo. [b "You know, I had a friend once. The guy was a heavy drinker. Took me out drinking for my first time,"] Azure says as he swirls the last bit of his drink around at the bottom of the glass. [b "He had the habit of explaining to me, 'what made a good drinking atmosphere', every time he got drunk next to me."] Azure smiles to himself and rolls his eyes at the memory. [b "He would say in a loud booming voice, 'Hey kid! Want to know what makes for a good spice for a drink? Atmosphere! What makes a good atmosphere?'"] Azure taps his glass with his right index finger and continues to quote the aforementioned friend, [b "Good food, good people, a roof over the head, and most importantly, Big bouncin' titties!"]

Azure looks at Huo who seemed more like he did not know how to react to Azure's words. [b "Yeah, I had that same puzzled expression to because he would always say that right next to his wife, who would then proceed to kick his ass,"] Azure explains before he finishes off the rest of his drink. He looks at the empty glass and then looks at Huo, [b "My point is, I enjoy a good drinking atmosphere. Right now, I see a few things that spoil my drinking mood. One, the giant orb of sadism doesn't do well for the scenery."] The glass in Azure's hand suddenly begins to gain a light glowing tint as it begins to vibrate violently in Azure's hand. [b "Two, would be those guys,"] Azure says as he raises his glass in the direction of the four soldiers who are rapidly approaching Azure and Huo.

The mercenary looks back at Huo who has taken out a Telepathic stone. [b "Go ahead and answer it,"] Azure says as he suddenly flicks the glass to his right. The glass flies at a blinding speed right at the foremost attackers head. The glass smashes into the guard's head with enough force to make the guard flip backwards. This causes the other three guards to stop in their tracks. [b "It'll take me a few seconds to handle these guys anyway,"] Azure says as he himself begins to look like he is vibrating. A light blue glow forms around Azure as he suddenly vanishes from sight.

Azure charges forward at a blinding pace. He runs up to the guard on his left and jumps up into the air, kicking off the guards chest only to round house kick the face of the guard to the right. Once he lands he rips the knife off the belt of the guard he had just kicked who was now slowly floating up into the air. He charges forward and sprints straight past the last guard leaving the knife stabbed into the last guards head. Azure's body returns to normal as the first guard he kicked off of flies into a wall, the second guard spins through the air before landing harshly into a couple of barrels and the third guard falls to his knees and then face first into the dirt floor. Azure did all of this with a level of speed in which Huo's eyes could only barely keep up with.

The three guards were finished off before King Darnus even managed to finish the order he gave the generals and Ark Riders. Azure sighs and walks over to the shattered remains of his glass, [b "Well damn, I rather liked that glass."] the young male picks up one of the glass pieces and looks it over.

"North Road Unit, come in! The center and South Units are coming up on the castle! Report in!" A voice calls out from the right pocket of the soldier who met an unfortunate fate at the hands of Azure's glass.

Azure crouches down and slips his hand into the pocket of the soldier and lifts out the stone. [b "Sorry to report but uh, your 'Northern Unit' met an untimely death,"] Azure says in a mocking tone, [b "As for the cause? I think he hit the bottle a little to hard, or glass if you get what I am saying."]

"Oh so my soldiers drunk themselves to death?" Hyena says through the stone and then goes further to shout, "Wait til I find you boy, I will make you suffer for getting in the way of my liege, for my name is Ark rider Hyena!"

[b "Hyena?"] Azure replies with a grin. [b "Alright, oh great Ark Rider. You won't have to find me, because I'll be coming after your head soon,"] Azure says in a cold tone before crushing the stone within his grip.

[b "Oi, you with the Katana,"] Azure says as he stands up and looks at Huo, [b "Want to save your Kingdom from destruction? Then hand me your telepathic stone after connecting to your King."] He holds his hand out and waits for Huo to comply.

[h3 Back in the War Room....]

... one of the Watchers say, "Your Majesty, Ark Rider Huo is sending us a call. Shall I patch him through?"

[b "Yes, patch him through,"] Darnus replies as he holds his stone up, [b "Huo, do you have something to report?"]

"Sorry to say your Royalness, but your Ark Rider is not the one who made the call," Azure states in reply to the King.

Darnus looks at his telepathic stone sternly and says, [b "Where is my Ark Rider and who am I speaking to?"]

"The Katana wielding guy is fine. I just had him very 'reluctantly' hand over this stone for a bit," Azure says into his stone as he closes his right eye, "As for who I am. I go by the name 'Azure', Azure of the Mercenary group Azure Wing."

The War room is filled with cautious and worried whispers as a Mercenary makes contact with them. Everyone seemed suspicious of the Mercenary as they should be, but Darnus however did not seem suspicious as much as surprised to hear the title 'Azure Wing'.

[b "When you say Azure Wing, do you mean the Mercenary group who is stationed out in the Wastelands?"] Darnus asks as he stares at the stone with a bit of hope.

Azure blinks slightly caught off guard by the King's question. "So, you heard of us?" Azure asks curiously.

[b "The group who looks after the hopeless lands for bottom dollar, Azure Wing."]

"Hey, you know our business slogan," Azure jests as he smiles, "The fact that you know of us makes my job easier."

Darnus smiles as he asks, [b "What contract is on the table?"] Darnus has a load of questions to ask, but he is aware of the little time he had to do so.

Azure remains silent for a moment. He reaches into the inner breast pocket of his coat and pulls out a sheet of light brown paper. On it is a contract written:

[i In the name of this Contract, the mentioned member of the Mercenary Group Azure Wing, Azure, shall help defend Radinata for the Duration it is under attack.

Compensation Fee: 1 Gil]

King Darnus cannot help but want to laugh at the terms of the contract after hearing Azure read them. Most mercenaries would ask for two arms and a leg for such a job, but Azure is basically saying he will do the offered job for free. [b "Azure, can you put Huo on?"]

Darnus waits for a moment for the stone to be transferred to Huo. While doing so, the rest of the War room whispers in curiosity at the King's strange sense of trust toward a Mercenary. [b "Huo, I grant you permission to use the Royal Seal to carry out a Royal Command. Sign the contract for me in my name. Once you do that, go and stand by the North Gate that leads to the Noble Quarter."]

The Royal Command Seal is a magic crest imprinted on an Ark Rider's right hand. The crest is usually invisible, but will appear when the King gives permission to use the seal. The seal is a way for an Ark Rider to give one command in the name of the royalty who triggers the crest.

[h3 Azure...]

... holds the contract in front of himself after he sees the Royal Seal clearly printed on the contract. He grins and rolls the contract up. The contract vanishes in a burst of light as he turns his attention to Huo who was holding the telepathic stone up to Azure.

Darnus says, "However, Azure. Do you have any ideas on how to handle the device that is above my Kingdom?"

[b "That thing? I'll be destroying it in ten to twenty minutes,"] Azure says as he reaches back with his right hand and grabs the hilt of his blade.

"You have a way to handle it?" Darnus asks curiously.

[b "Well, the damn thing is floating out of reach of any Magitanks, and it has a barrier on top of that. So, technically only an Ark could destroy that thing, which is ironic because that is what the jammier is jamming,"] Azure says as he stares at the jammier.

"Then what are you going to do?"

[b "Well Mr. King,"] Azure says as he tilts his head and casually says, [b "I'm gonna stab it, so hold out for twenty minutes tops."] Azure says as he throws the telepathic stone to Huo before the King could respond.

Azure pulls forward his sword and pulls at a strap of the bandages wrapped around it, [b "Alright Alvista, it's time to work!"] The bandages suddenly unravel from around the sword revealing its radiant steel. He lifts the blade and rests it on his shoulders before looking at Huo only to see the boy had run off to follow his orders. [b "Well, he's got his own job to do, as I have mine,"] Azure says closing his right eye as he looks up at the black orb in the sky.

[h3 World Map Change]

Three more pods had landed within the castle walls and have unleashed more soldiers. The pathways have soldiers rushing up them. Outside of the Kingdom's walls, similar black pods, but larger in size land just outside the Kingdom, but have yet to open.

Special Conditions:

Azure can no longer be reached

Arks are jammed

King's Order: Protect the People!

There are enemy units heading up the pathways. Stop them from entering the Noble Quarter and hold out until Azure destroys the Ark Jammier.

[h3 Mission Start!]
  Azure Wing / Tyasuke / 10d 4h 52m 20s
[font "Lucida Fax" Killian looked up at his father and blushed out of embarrassment. [b [#000080 “Sorry, father. I know you hate that.”]] The prince spoke as he sat down next to the older man. [b [#000080 “It’s hard to turn it off sometimes.”]] He referred to the formalities of royalty. The king, however, said nothing as he sat silently and watched the sea of flowers sway in the breeze. Then, King Darnus reminisced of his wife, Queen Lunarus, which happened often. He spoke of her love and care towards the conservatory. A soft smile warmed Killian’s stoic face. He did remember being very little and sitting outside, and his mother hummed a tone while watering the flowers. [i That certainly sounds like her.] Killian thought. He had no idea that she planted the entire place herself. It must have taken her months! The Queen was a strong woman as well as kind. It was a shame that Killian didn’t appreciate her nearly as much as he did now.]

[font "Lucida Fax" “You have grown a lot in this past year, Killian. Someday, I will pass this heavy weight onto you,” Killian’s sapphire eyes glanced out of his peripherals at the white-haired man next to him. Suddenly, his palms were sweaty. “When that day comes, I hope you will every once in a while, come out and look upon the flowers your mother left behind for us, and remember the love she had for this kingdom we call home.”]

[font "Lucida Fax" The young prince nodded his head obediently. If he could do one small thing to make his father proud of him, then he would do it. If he could be half as great of a king as this man, then it would all be worth it in the end. Killian’s head shrunk away as the king patted his head in good humor. “Your mother would tell you to man up and face it with gusto.” Killian huffed with a smile and folded his arms. He was right after all. His mother was always telling Killian to face his fears when he was growing up, to face it with “gusto”. He imagined she would be lecturing him about the same thing now if she were here.]

[font "Lucida Fax" Reentering the throne room, the High Priestess waited patiently enough, but the others that came with her didn’t feel the same way. Killian’s observant eyes noticed their immediate shift in stance once King Darnus entered the room after Killian. Not that he could blame them for time they must have waited to get an audience. It mattered little because a large ominous sphere lurked over the castle. A dome enclosed over the whole castle and the town below. [b [#000080 “What in the-“]] Killian whispered until a sudden reaction burned intensely on his chest. He slouched forward with his left palm pressed against the source of the pain. Looking down, the prince saw a strange circle shining through his formal garb. There was a sense of emptiness now. As though someone had cut off Killian’s arm. A phantom pain. He was disconnected from his Ark. Nervously glancing to his father, he could see the same thing on him. It happened to Maria standing close to Killian’s side. It must only be Ark Riders feeling the effects of the dome. Or at least that’s what he gathered from the limited information he could see.]

[font "Lucida Fax" The guards advanced on the high priestess, but Maria told them to stay their aggression. Killian felt a small smile creep on his face before he resumed his serious manner. [b [#000080 “Maria, you’re in charge of evacuation. We have to get our people to safety.”]] He patted her shoulder before looking back at the king. He nodded to his father before turning to the rest of the guards. [b [#000080 “Half of you, escort our guests to a safe room. The other half are with me.”]] He gestured as he unpinned his cape. Waving a servant over, he gave the small boy his cape, gloves and formal overcoat. Whispering, Killian politely asked for the boy to fetch his staff quickly.]

[font "Lucida Fax" With his preferred weapon in hand, Killian felt the emptiness fade some. Now, if anyone attacked, he could at least protect his people with what strength he already had access to. Rushing to the front doors with a handful of guards behind him, he ordered the doors to be opened for the civilians to be let in. He would not let his people stand outside helplessly while enemy forces loomed overhead, literally. [b [#000080 “Everyone please step inside for your own safety! Do not rush!”]] Killian shouted as people started to panic. This was beginning to look like a shit show if he and the guards didn’t contain the panic immediately. [b [#000080 “We need blankets and seats for all of these people. And get the cooks ready for all of our guests.”]] Killian spoke to one guard to his right. Whatever happened, Killian would not leave his citizens behind.]

[font "Lucida Fax" Calmly motioning people to step inside the castle, Killian spotted several familiar faces among the crowd. His eyebrows furrowed in surprise and aggravation. [b [#000080 “Luci? Ikana? What in the name of all things holy are you two doing out here?”]] He asked bitterly. He looked at his youngest sister, completely ignoring all those that were standing with her, [b [#000080 “We have talked about this, if you recall. Now look, we have enemies at our gates.”]] But he would spare her a lecture for now. He turned his attention to the bodyguards that were in attendance, [b [#000080 “Can any of you access your Arks? I think the dome is behind this anomaly.”]] He stated.]
  The Prince / JakefromStateFarm / 13d 1h 51m 0s
Putting her coat back on, Pyra suddenly felt a shift in the atmosphere. She had a puzzled look on her face as she looked around in attempts to figure out why it had changed. She noticed the people around her suddenly looking up at the sky and followed their lead, finding the source. A red sphere formed over the kingdom, strange symbols appearing all over it. Spell symbols, she knew that much, but the language was foreign to her. She didn't know spells that well to begin with, but she knew this wasn't a common one.

Her chest began to burn, causing her to take a step back to regain her composure. Holding her chest, she looked down to see red. For a second she thought it was blood, but quickly realized it wasn't, seeing the glow that came off of it. Taking her hand away, her chest had a strange symbol on it now, and it was burning. Burning? That was a strange feeling to her, but that wasn't the point. The point was the other feeling she had.

[#430505 "My ARK..."] She muttered, realizing quickly that she could no longer connect to it.

She felt as though there were a hold in her chest where the glowing symbol was. This had to be because of the dome. She knew that much, but she also wanted to know how and why. What enemies were coming this way and how did they figure this out? She spotted Maria run past, heading towards the castle from the city. Pyra had a feeling she would be needed in the war room, knowing that during any disaster of any kind the ARK Riders would go there to see what needed to be done.

[#430505 "You all, go an help with evacuation, now."] She ordered the guards. They quickly followed the order and Pyra ran towards the war room, close behind Maria.

She came in while Maria was giving her quick report on the situation. Pyra waited calmly, hands behind her back, until she was done. She noticed the two princesses were now in here, as well as Lance. They all seemed to have the same issue, a red mark on their chests. Did that mean none of them could connect to their ARK as well? This wasn't good. If they couldn't connect to the ARK, then they were much less powerful than they could be if they could. They could still protect, but not to the full strength they could. She would have to wait and see what the King would order.
  Pyra Tempris / Kikido / 26d 2h 9m 27s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Quicksand]
[center [left [pic https://i.imgur.com/bwbW1Tk.png]]]
[center [size14 [Quicksand Hou offers the brunette male a polite smile, [+red "It is, while this city is large everyone knows everyone. Also..."] he gestures to what the guy is wearing. [+red "Your clothes are different than what people in Radinata wear. You also seem like a person who draws attention based on the way you hold yourself."] He said in a very definite tone, reaching out to take a glass of water that the barkeep had set there for him. Gulping the ice cold beverage down. His red-tinted eyes gazed up at the ceiling, thinking for a second before turning his attention back to the male.]]]

[center [size14 [Quicksand However before Hou could continue the conversation any further a commotion from outside interrupted them. Everyone who was in the tavern, aside from the new guy, went outside to see what was going on. As Huo stepped outside a burning sensation filled his chest, growing to a crescendo that made him grimace in pain. He grabbed his shirt and pulled it open, looking at the red circle that had appeared in astonishment. He ground his teeth, watching as the guards began to usher the residents towards the noble quarter.]]]

[center [size14 [Quicksand The guy he had been talking to before stepped out, drink in hand with a nonchalant look on his face. Hou couldn't help but instantly grow skeptic of him, he was way too calm in a hectic and unknown situation...unless he knew exactly what was happening? In a flash, Hou unsheathed the katana at his side and pointed it the male. He narrowed his eyes, trying to ignore the pain in his chest. The guards could handle the rest of the people who were still straggling about.]]]

[center [size14 [Quicksand [+ "I'm not one to judge people too quickly, however, I find that you are much to calm right now. Tell me, what's happening and what-"] He stopped to point his finger towards the black sphere that was floating above them. [+red "the hell is that? Based on your actions you either know or at least have an idea. I will arrest you for endangering the lives of Radinata, for all I know you could be responsible for this."] He stated, never taking an eye of him. Huo really didn't like accusing people of things, he was what people called [i "Too nice"], and [i "Gullible"]. On more than one occasion it caused him problems.]]]
  Dao / 27d 4h 46m 3s
[center [h3 Tensions]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzDPIrEiS-U]]

[center [b Maria had stood up reaching for her blade as she looked around. She was certain spies would leap from within the castle or storm them from the outside but instead she was greeted with silence. This was even more unsettling however before she could react she felt something. Her Ark? She looked at her right arm to feel something was wrong. Her connection to her element had weakened if she was needed to change to her Ark form? She wouldn't be able to this probably meant the others could not either this wasn't a good sign.]]

[center [b Than the guards had placed a blade to the high priestess right at her neck. As Maria bolted fueled by emotion as she was sure the priestess wouldn't have betrayed the kingdoms trust. Call it naivety or call it trust she acted on these emotions regardless.]]

[center [#e74b9b Guards, the priestess is not to be suspected unless ordered by the royal family! Cease this at once!]]

[center [b Despite being a high ranking officer the young girl had almost given them a pout of sorts. It was followed up by a sigh they were the ones being soggy pancakes. She rubbed her head but it wasn't long before the prince had placed her in charge of the evacuation. Her? She was certain she and the Mountain would be sent to the front gates to form a vanguard a form of frontlines. Or to escort the prince to escape perhaps that was the plan after evacuation but her? With this responsibility? The head? Leadership wasn't her thing, in fact, she wasn't really good at anything besides her worth on the battlefield. She had given her prince a bow before heading off. It wasn't like her to be so formal but right now she needed to be more serious.]]

[center [b She knew that the kingdom had many underground tunnels and there was no telling what the enemy had in store. They could have laid in ambush to attack and kill the civilians underground if they had an ambush waiting. If they somehow knew that much of the kingdom if there was indeed a traitor. She had gathered several guards as she explained while awkwardly fidgeting the situation to each one. As they directed the civilians to head to each hidden bunker through the kingdom all leading to same path underground. Sure it will diverge to several paths but she knew which to take.]]

[center [b As time passed she began to head underground with each of the civilians a large and massive crowd and her at the head. Would the king send more Ark users in case this place was ambushed? Even without an Ark form each still could use their element and had much value on the battlefield. Even if reduced right now should she continue here? Or should she head back up? No, she shouldn't make either choice as she halted. She should head to the war room and inform them of the dilemma.]]

[center [#e74b9b Increase the guard and encircle the civilians here and stand ready. I will return to inform you of what forces will be escorting them out of here.]]

[center [b She put a hand on the man she would leave in charge as she offered a dorky smile. Her glasses slipping off slowly as she pushed them up. The man had given a nod she wasn't sure if her laid-back response worried him or made him doubt her as a commander. Either way, she wanted him to feel something else than the anxiety he had in his mind. A stern hand? It wasn't her kinda approach the young knight had made her way back to the castle. Guards swarming the streets as she made her way.]]

[center [b The Ark users needed to head to the war room as soon as possible. While she was heading back she saw a man dressed differently from the other guards but she hadn't noticed him long. More importantly, the two princesses were out here in the streets? In a crisis? Maria had pushed past guards and civilians still trying to head to the bunker as she saw the young man with the two of them.]]

[center [#e74b9b Milady you two are needed at the war room. Is this man here an Ark user? I apologize I'm not too good with faces but you do seem oddly familiar.]]

[center [b She rubbed the back of her head sticking her tongue out with a goofy grin. It was her way to offer an apology as she began to head forward. She was certain they would come as well they needed to every Ark user on hand needed to make way to the war room for his majesty needed every capable warrior on hand. As Maria made her way back up the castle heading straight into the war room. As she bowed looking upward at her king as she began to explain the situation. Asking what forces should be sent to the evacuating party where exactly should they go? Another kingdom? Simply far away? She needed more specific orders and maybe her king could guide the young woman. She would be his shield his feet his weapon. Whatever it was they needed she would devote her being too.]]

[center [#e74b9b You're orders sir?]]
  Kudaketa / 30d 2h 48m 27s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Quicksand]
[center [size14 [Quicksand As Luci stared at the man she would never obtain as hers, a familiar voice snapped her attention away. [#BA55D3 [b "Ikana?"]] the princess said aloud, being greeted by the very woman with a slightly aggressive hug. It was odd because Ikana typically didn't greet her this way and as Luci looked at her youngest sister she could see in her eyes why she had done so. However, before she could do anything to aid in her sister's escape the smart girl found a way out herself. She watched with amusement as her sister said something to the distracted guard, who then began to panic when he lost his ward among the gathering crowd. [b "My, she certainly is a wily one, isn't she princess?"] Luci laughed as she looked down at her now empty cup, running a slim finger around the edge over and over. [#BA55D3 [b "Yes, she most certainly is. Father will never be able to keep a leash on her, and while he probably knows that he continues trying."]]]]]

[center [size14 [Quicksand As Luciana and Rachel spoke about her sister and other unimportant things, people began to point up at the sky. Confused, Luci lifted her head to see the black sphere hovering above her beloved city. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end, a bad feeling filled her body. [#BA55D3 [b "Rachel...I don't like how that looks."]] As she speaks Luciana felt like something heavy had just sat on her just, making her gasp for air. Pain radiated from her chest, looking down in astonishment she sees a red circle glowing from underneath her clothes. [i "What the hell is this!?"] She asks herself. At the same time, Rachel jumps up, grabbing Luciana and ushering her to follow the crowd.]]]

[center [size14 [Quicksand Luciana stumbled along, Rachel wrapped her arm around her princess to help her. Luciana clutched her hand to her chest, the pain she felt was immense. She had no idea what was going on, but she had an idea that the black sphere and the red wall that had suddenly appeared were the cause of it. It was stopping her from feeling the power of her ARK, she was certain that everyone else was feeling the same way. At this realization, Ikana's face flashed in her mind, her grip on Rachel growing tighter. [#BA55D3 [b "Ikana....I need....to find Ikana."]] She knew her sister did not do well with pain, she never had. She could remember on several occasions when she had gotten upset and hit her sister, causing the younger girl to burst out into tears. As she was walking along the sight of brilliant white hair caught her attention. [#BA55D3 [b "Ikana!"]] She called out, grabbing the other woman's arm. [#BA55D3 [b "Do you feel it also?"]] she asked, walking close to her sister as they were escorted to the Noble quarters. She noticed that a knight was also with Ikana, looking to the blonde male so spoke. [#BA55D3 [b "Do you have ANY idea what is happening?"]] She hated being in the dark, not knowing things was freightening.]]]
  [Azure] / Dao / 34d 2h 36m 17s
[center [h3 Disconnect]]
[center Lance smiled as the princess muttered her excuse for the day. He was used to her excuses as most of the royal knights who had ever guarded her would, or rather should be. She had a look on her face that told him she wasn't happy he was there. He wasn't that terrible was he? He quickly fell in step with to the girl as he grinned widely, weaving his way through the crowd with the princess at his side. Of course he knew what he looked like, a white knight saving his damsel in distress. If this was a fairytale he'd end up with the princess in the end wouldn't he. The idea was extremely entertaining to him, leaving his goofy smile on his lips.

[#f47506 "So milady what is the story we will be telling? I'm sure you don't want to upset the prince with your inability to keep a guard."]

It was no surprise the boy would be willing to tell any kind of lie for his princess. Not only was she, well a princess, but she was beautiful like any royalty should be. A pretty face was the mans weakness for sure. Of course if it stepped on his duties as a knight, well nothing could do that. His job was important and he would never jeopardize it. Ever since he was a child he dreamed of guarding the royal family. He had trained and trained for years to get where he was now and nothing could make him throw that away.

But just as the question fell from the boys lips he noticed everyone looking to the sky, his eyes followed and were met with horror. Before the princess had even spoken he had grabbed onto her hand to ensure they weren't broken up. He had now tasked himself with keeping her safe through this, at least until they got back to the castle. The burning in his chest didn't phase him, as he had built up a extremely high pain tolerance over the years. All the same he breathed a little heavier as the pain pressed against him, weighing him down. He felt disconnected; a piece of him was missing and it wasn't right. As the princess fell he was tugged back from his walking. He quickly picked the girl up and made his way to the castle through the crowd. The fact that the princess might not enjoy his carrying her didn't pass his mind as all he was worried about was moving as quickly as possible.
[#f47506 "We will be there soon milady!"]]
  Lance / RockyRoader / 34d 11h 10m 16s
The High priestess Isis had seen the prince enter, however before she could even say something to him he had given his greetings to her and left to go and find the king and let him know the lady was there. The head priestess turned to the two she had brought with her. The first was the guard that would always travel with her the head cleric, and her husband. She spoke in hush tones, and in the tongue of the temple so only the three could understand her words. [b "It will be fine. Let me do all of the speaking."]

As the priestess Turned to face the guards it seemed many were whispering about her companions she had brought, Not the male which seemed to be with her, but the other one. He was of course an odd one to them all. He wore a mask over his face where the priestess and her older companion didn't. He even worse a strange dress of armor, which it seemed only covered his chest. The rest was cloth or bandages of some kind. A single blade stayed at his side, while the priestess carried a Staff and her companion carried a scythe.

Returning her body to her companion's she spoke clearing [b "Omi do not remove your mask, even if ordered to. Remember its your connection."] Omi's left hand instantly shot up to the horns on his mask. [b "Riker, Make sure if the king asks that he is distracted so omi doesn't take it off."] the male just slightly nodded allowing no one else to notice his gesture.

Hearing footsteps in the hallway Omi stood up at attention, but the priestess and older companion dropped to their knees in a formal solute to the king. The male looked at both of them confused, but understood his folly as the king entered the room, the Prince at his heels. He didn't seem to pay much attention however as he spoke clearing and quickly. Omi had caught the hint of them talking later, as there was other matters of state that needed to be attended.

Following the king's eyes out the window it seemed a red sphere had enclosed upon the city produced from a jammer that hung over the center of the capital. Omi had felt a burning sensation at first and ignored it. He had gone through much worse pain before. Seeing the king place his hand over the center of his chest as a red circle appeared on it had the male confused. Seeing one appear on the prince and a few of the other people that came into the room.

Then it had come, the sounds of the bells which he guessed was the warning bells. that called out to the city for anyone to come to the safety of the inside wall. Omi felt the burning sensation return, only this time it came not from his chest from his head. Bending over slightly in pain Omi let out a gut wrenching scream as the circle appeared on his chest as well. Its bright red color hard to miss even with his dull darker crimson colored armor. The priestess looked to the king concerned that what private discussion she had come to talk to him about wasn't just blown to bits.

Omi stood slowly back up from the floor his eyes turning from their normal chocolate brown to a bright red in color, the same as the circle that was now on his forehead. As he took a few steps towards the window several guards drew weapons and placed them upon the group. The High priestess tried calling out to the king, but she had a blade pressed to her neck even harder.
  Dragon King / Colorful_insanity / 43d 23h 6m 3s
Mr. White Knight was the one the found her...Great. She didn't hate him, nor think he was a bad knight. He was rather good at his job, Ikana just knew the picture it painted whenever he was around her or her sister. Shining knight saving the princess, cliche at best. The girl pulled the hood of her cloak over her head, trying to hide her blushing face of embarrassment.

[#2A96E2 "I lost him when The Mountain came by..."] She muttered, knowing she wasn't going to get away from Lance like she did the guard. Ikana lost her freedom for the day, and it wasn't even noon yet. [#2A96E2 "I guess you can escort me home then. I doubt Killian would like it much if I returned by myself."]

Before even waiting for a reply, she turned back towards the castle. The princess figured her first guard would say something about losing her, so she would have to make something up to get her out of trouble. Perhaps just say that she spotted Lance and wondered off with him since she lost her guard in the crowd by the bakery that had formed earlier. It was worth a shot, Lance might even go along with it if she pulled the childish look of innocence. But would Killian believe her? Probably not. But it would be worth a shot.

She wouldn't make it to the castle anytime soon though. The girl came to a stop as a crowd of people looked up towards the sky. Figuring it odd, she didn't bother to look until someone said it was over the castle. Ikana didn't waste a second and looked to see the odd sphere seem to appear from the sky. A red dome encased the kingdom, trapping everyone inside. Panic started to set in as people began to run for cover from whatever was about to happen. Ikana leaned towards Lance, making sure they wouldn't get separated in the chaos as she tried to figure out what to do. She had to get back to the castle, but everyone would be headed towards the noble quarters anyways, making her take longer to get back.

Her chest suddenly started to burn. Looking down, a red glow came from the burning feeling and she realized she wasn't connected to her Ark. This couldn't be. Though she was young, and had just recently received her Ark, her connection to it was as strong as any of the other knights to theirs. But now, she felt completely broken off from it, and she didn't like this feeling.

[#2A96E2 "Lance...we need to get back..."]

Ikana held her chest, trying not to fall to her knees. She never really took pain that well, but she was trying to hide this fact from everyone around her. Though they were more focused on themselves getting to safety to even notice she was the princess, she didn't want them to find out when she fell to her knees.

[#2A96E2 [i 'I hope father is alright...']] She thought to herself. Her father was strong, but she always worried about him. [#2A96E2 'I wonder if Killian even knows Luciana and I aren't there..."]]
  Princess Ikana / Kikido / 48d 8m 31s
[h3 The King...]

...stares out into the distance from the Royal Garden. In the distance, some of the taller buildings of the Kingdom could be seen. Darnus turns his attention to his son as the young Prince approaches. He sighs seeing his own son be formal toward him and says, "No need to be formal when its just you and me Killian. Come and sit for a bit," The King orders as he waits for his son to take the seat he offered.

Darnus remains quiet for a good deal of time as the two sit there. Killian probably knows exactly why the King is glazing over the bit of information about the High Priestess. The time is now 12:37 in the afternoon. When the Queen was alive, Darnus and his wife would always come out into the garden at 12 and spend a hour away from their royal duties as King and Queen. It was the one hour during the day they would spend as man and woman, husband and wife. Darnus has never once failed to contribute this one hour a day to his Queen Lunarus, even long after her death.

"Did you know your Mother planted this entire garden herself?" Darnus suddenly says. "Long before you were born. She did not have much to do in her early days as Queen, so she took it upon herself to plant the Royal Garden," Darnus chuckles and continues to say, "I offered to hire gardeners, but she flat out refused. She said she wanted to give me something beautiful and relaxing to look at so that I can rest my weary head after a day of carrying a heavy crown."

Darnus strokes his beard with his left hand and says, "You have grown a lot in this past year Killian. Someday, I will past this heavy weight onto you," Darnus closes his eyes and says in a soft tone, "When that day comes, I hope you will every once in a while come out and look upon the flowers your Mother left behind for us, and remember the love she had for this Kingdom we call home."

The King says nothing more to the Prince after that as he simply looks out onto the view. He looks at Killian once again. He could see a bit of himself as well as Lunarus beginning to show within the young Prince. He could tell the Prince is worried about accepting the crown. Darnus pats Killian's head, "Your mother would tell you to man up and face it with gusto." The King teases a bit as he pushes himself up onto his feet.

"Now, let's go see what the Priestess wants today," Darnus sighs as he begins to walk in the direction of the throne room.

[h3 Elsewhere at...]

... the tavern, Azure looks at the drink set before him. He takes a deep breath and sighs as he takes hold of the amber colored drink and downs the entire thing like a shot.

"Woah there kid. That's not something you drink as a shot," The Barkeep says as he watches Azure.

Azure chuckles and raises his hand to signal one more, [b "Well, downing the first drink I get at a tavern is a bit of a tradition I have continued for an old friend."] Azure looks at the amber colored liquid in his glass. He takes his time to enjoy the second drink as he takes a small sip.

[b "Got today's paper here?"] Azure asks as he looks at the barkeep. The man tosses a paper on the bar and Azure picks up the paper. [i 'Info I am looking for is on the front page,'] Azure thinks to himself as he looks at the leading story. The story is labeled 'Was the King right to refuse Dakunai Kingdom's Offer?' [i 'So he refused it?'] Azure continues to read as he skims the words.

[b "Hey barkeep, what do you think about the King refusing Dakunai's offer?"] Azure asks as he closes his right eye and takes a sip from his drink.

"The offer that came with more jobs and resources we would know what to do with?" The barkeep asks as he cleans a glass behind the bar. "Hard to say."

[b "Why's that?"]

"Well, King Radius has always done what he believes is best for the Kingdom and its people," The barkeeper says as he puts the newly cleaned glass down. "He hasn't failed us as a King for the past twenty years, so I don't see any reason to question his judgement now."

[i 'Twenty years? That's a nice record.'] Azure thinks to himself as he gets lost in thought as he enjoys the drink in his hand. [i 'According to this paper, the deal was refused four days ago. That means I have three days to find Barkus and get an audience with the King.']

Azure is snapped out of his thoughts as someone walks into the tavern and starts a conversation with the barkeeper. Azure closes his left eye as he looks at the new person with his right eye. He notices the Katana the man carries, but then turns his attention away as he takes a sip of his drink. [i 'He's not the one on the list.'] Azure tells himself as he just looks at the paper again.

[b "Is it that obvious that I am new here?"] Azure says as he looks at the boy. [b "You are like the fifth person to notice."]

However, before the two can even start a real conversation, a roar of noise can be heard outside. Right outside, a large mass of people run through the pathways toward the Noble Quarter. Radinata can be described to be split into sections. First you have the wall that fends off outside intruders, and then you have the second wall within the Kingdom itself that houses the castle and the Noble Quarter. This was not set up by Darnus as a means of splitting the classes, but as a last line of defense for the Kingdom itself. When an attack happens, the people are to evacuate to this Noble Quarter.

[h3 Outside...]

...a large black sphere descends from the skies above and suddenly stops mid air above Radinata. The sphere opens up its center horizontally and magic energy floods out from the sides of the orb. A red see through dome of magic forms over all of Radinata.

[h3 Meanwhile...]

...King Darnus had arrived at the throne room. However, before he can even reach his throne and greet the High Priestess, he sees the black sphere hovering over his Kingdom outside the windows of the throne room. He looks up at the sphere, concerned as the dome of magic forms around his Kingdom. Once the dome finishes forming, he feels an intense weight bare down on him. A burning sensation manifests at the center of his chest and he lifts the collar of his shirt to look at his chest. A red magic circle forms at the center of Darnus's chest as he clenches his left hand over his chest. [i 'This sensation. I can't connect to my Ark.'] He looks over at Killian to see the magic circle glowing through his clothes as well.

An Ark Rider can always feel the presence of their Ark within. The way one summons an Ark is by feeding that presence mana and calling out to it. Yet, the magic circle that had appeared on every Ark Rider’s chest seems to prevent the Riders from being able to do so.

[h3 At the…]

… tavern, Azure sits at the bar as everyone has already ran out, including the Katana carrying male. He simply looks at his drink slightly annoyed. [i ‘Leave it to those bastards to attack outside of their usual pattern. It’s like they live for the very purpose of pissing me off.’] Azure puts down a few extra gil as he stands from his seat and takes a sip from his drink. He left a few extra coins as a means for purchasing the glass as well.

Azure stands outside the tavern and looks up at the black sphere. A ringing sound sounds off in his ear. [b “A Jammer? When the hell did they make something as merciless as that?”] Azure says as if he were talking to someone. He looks down the Northern pathway to see no enemies have yet to appear.

The Kingdom has three pathways that lead directly to the Noble Quarter. The North, Central and South Pathways. The people ran along these pathways as they evacuated toward the Noble Quarter.

[h3 In the…]

...throne room, the King turns and faces the High Priestess. He says, [b “It seems we will have to talk later. More pressing matters just fell upon us,”] Darnus says as he heads towards the exit of the throne room. [b “Killian, head outside and help guide people to the Noble Quarter. I want efforts to be focused on getting the people safe for now.”] Darnus says leaving the throne room and heading toward the war room.

[h3 Battlefield Conditions]

Battlefield Conditions are special conditions set up and created by the story line. The conditions cannot be changed until the change is carried out within the story. This can be done by the rpers in most circumstances. The actions and choices you guys make while in battle also affects how the battle field will evolve and develop.


*No enemies have yet to appear

*Arks are currently jammed and cannot be summoned
  Azure Wing / Tyasuke / 52d 9h 40m 1s
[b "Must you leave so soon?"] A male voice asked the shadow in the other room. [b "Surely they can do without you a little longer."]

A soft chuckle was heard from the shadow, stretching a bit to show the figure was that of a woman. She was slender, yet strong, as well as a little tall for her gender. Her hair fell just past her shoulders, thick and feathered. She walked out of the room, wearing her pants and shirt. The male slowly slipped out of bed, wrapping his arms around her from behind.

[#430505 "As much as I would love to stay, you know I can't."] She chuckled, tilting her head to rest on his arm. [#430505 "If I was a normal guard I could get away with it, but because of my position..."]

He sighed softly. [b "Yes yes, I know. I guess I'll have to let you go then."]

[#430505 "I'll be back as soon as I can."]

The man released her and she finished getting dressed before walking out the door. A smile was still on her face as she walked towards the castle. She loved that man, and wished she could've stayed, but she had her duty. She was a knight, but not like others. Instead, she was one of the few special knights of the kingdom, so she felt she had to set a good example. She knew many looked up to her and her fellow knights, so it would look bad if she would run late whenever he wanted her to stay, which would be everyday.

Pyra Tempris was a strong headed woman, and always had been. She knew from an early age what she wanted to be and worked everyday to get there. Now, here she was, living her dream as an ARK Rider, the highest of knights in the kingdom. She was practically on equal level as the king, but without the power he had. Even so, she was still proper with her speaking, unless told otherwise.

She knew all the secrets of the castle, the ins and outs, the hidden escapes for the royal family, everything. She liked using them sometimes just so other knights thought she could appear from anywhere. It was good to keep the new recruits in line sometimes. As well as to make a good few scares. Today wasn't one of those days. At least, not yet. After she took care of her duties she might have time for it.

Arriving, Pyra walks along one of the walks, looking down into the main courtyard. She could see the young prince practicing with some of the guards, sending one of them flying into the dummies. She couldn't help but to chuckle a bit at that. Killian had quickly grown up after the passing of his mother, the Queen. It was good to see this, but she also wished it had been on his own terms and not because of sudden responsibility. She had faith in him though, he was smart, and still quite charming.

She watched a little longer until Killian left, continuing on her walk as well. Pyra didn't seem to be needed right away, so why not get some training in? Even the best of warriors needed to practice, and she was far from an exception to the rule. Though she was an ARK Rider, she didn't consider herself the best of the best. She knew her own shortcomings and worked everyday to try and fix that. But in the end, she could only do so much.

[center [pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/980342e5efd0e97cd01d1df9a331fb491728746.png]]

Stepping into the training courtyard, a few of the guards that had stuck around watched her approach. They didn't say a word as she took the coat off, pulling a hood over her head and a mask over the bottom half of her face. Cracking her knuckles, she took a stance, ready for battle. With a silent bell going off in her head, she made a punch forward, flame erupting from her fist. It created a ball of fire that quickly dissipated within a few feet. She didn't want anyone to get hurt, so she kept her power low. It was much stronger in the ARK, but without it she could still do some damage.

As she continued some moves, flames burst from her hands and feet at precise times. Her moves were fluid, each one mixing into the other. Pyra had great control over her abilities, showing so in each attack she made. Her armored hand grew hot, but it didn't affect her at all as she continued to produce the flames. As they watched, she suddenly pulled out one of her whips, catching the flames she had thrown into the air mere seconds before. She turned, the whip forming a perfect curve, and stretched out to make a loud snap sound at the end.

This dance of fire went on about another minute before she finally stopped. The flames died down as soon as she commanded them to, leaving nothing behind that suggested they had been there. Pyra caught her breath, wrapping her whip up again to put away. A few of her audience started to clap in amazement, despite having seen her do this many times. She had to admit, it was a sight to see someone be able to control fire without it biting back with a vengeance. But the flames never harmed her, even when she was a child. Any flame could not scar her skin, or cause her pain of any kind. Seemed it was a little blessing, but she never thought much of it.
  Pyra Tempris / Kikido / 56d 3h 29m 43s
[center [h3 On Duty]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIsBuFKy0YI]]

[center [b Maria had offered a dorky smile as she stuck her tongue out rubbing the back of her head. As the man told her not to worry "Miss Knight" what a strange title for her.]]

[center [#e74b9b Well take it easy okay?]]

[center [b She was tempted to make a joke about how she could be "Mrs Knight!" or something dorky to that effect. She didn't have time to crack a few jokes at the boy. Sure she was shy but she loved to laugh as much as the next girl probably even more. She however had to resume her path back down the street.]]

[center [b As time passed Maria had entered the barrack's as she had approached her own quarters. She had began to undress as she began to dress herself wearing tunics and chain mail before getting to her own armor. Seeing her massive steel plate armor and refined steel greatsword it was hard to believe such a tiny girl possessed such brute strength.]]

[center [b As she began to suit her armor on she struggled a bit it was hard without assistance but she was too shy to have anyone help her get changed. Even if they were female aids she'd feel just as shy and awkward about it timid wasn't exactly a trait for a knight was it? These thoughts at times rummaged through her mind. How her personality and occupation clashed with one another a bit. She began to ponder as she remembered today she wouldn't be on patrol but to be by the prince's side.]]

[center [b She wasn't sure if he enjoyed having guards around him but when it was only her? It seemed to bother him less and that made her happy to see. She was very loyal to the royal family and she had admired them greatly. Was she dull? For simply wanting to follow others? To serve? Perhaps she was a bit dull and ditsy she could recognize that sure. Though she had a knack for this, for combat and she felt she had to do something with that gift right?]]

[center [b She remembered why she became a knight a man called "The Mountain" inspired her. As a little girl she looked up to the larger than life man. He was always on the vanguard on the front lines with his massive weapon. Protecting others with sheer force and guts alone she wanted to be just like that. Her element even embodied that trait "Chivalry" to increase strength and endurance. She too fought on the front lines often whenever a raid ever happened be it bandits or whatever else. Still she hasn't mustered the courage to one day tell "The Mountain" thank you for inspiring her the way he had. In time her brute strength even surpassed the mountain yet? She was only second in endurance and she was hard to move sure. Besides the Mountain? She was the hardest to take down but his resolve his willpower and endurance how he could block almost any attack? She had blocked and survived a few insane encounters herself but she envied his raw defensive and grappling capability. That with his strength being second only to hers? She wondered why he wasn't a guard to a royal member himself.]]

[center [b She had tried to wield a shield much like a knight in shining armor but she had lacked the skill or finesse to use such a weapon. Swinging around a massive blade that was what she knew how to do. She wasn't as versatile as other Ark users for that reason but yet the prince had placed trust in her. She wondered if he would have preferred an older more experienced knight with more defensive capability than her. Sure her own defense was second only to The Mountains but why settle for that? She was a hard hitting brawler sure but could she protect the prince?]]

[center [b In her lengthy session of equipping her armor everyday she wondered these things. Cause when the clock goes off? This tiny girl wasn't allowed to doubt herself to question herself. She had this romanticized idea of what a knight was and she had to do her best to uphold that ideal.]]

[center [b As Maria stood up in a full suit of armor placing her blade on her back. She had reached for her spectacles her eyesight wasn't especially bad she could fight without them even. However she was recommended to take it easy on her eyes so she did indeed tried to. They wouldn't last long in a fight without getting smashed if she took a rock or a blow to her face. Still she had money to afford extra pairs when the need had arisen as she exited her quarters she began to head to main infrastructure. Heading her way into the castle as a few guards gave her a salute as she offered a nervous chuckle. Protecting the prince offered a high ranking position sure. Though she wasn't exactly the type to lead other soldiers watching Killian over the years she had learned to take the time to spar with the guards. Train them? Maybe but to lead? To give orders? She couldn't handle a role of authority like that but maybe one day she wouldn't have a choice. She knew Killian had felt the same way about being king but that sounded like it held a lot more pressure.]]

[center [b So much more pressure in fact she felt silly for worrying over it as she strolled through the castle. She didn't have a right to be anxious look at the destiny he himself had. A destiny to do what was right for the kingdom and to lead them to salvation. She wanted to help shoulder that burden as much as she could for her liege for her friend. He may have gotten anxious or maybe he even doubted himself but Maria never stopped believing in him. Sure when they met it was... Bumpy and he was more intrigued into women this his work but deep down? She saw a bright compassionate young man and this last year? Though it's been hard he's really grown into his own and as his knight she was proud of him.]]

[center [#e74b9b Okay Maria stop zoning out of it, it's time to focus on the task at hand!]]

[center [b She slapped her face and gave a brimming smile as she stood in front of massive doors. She than entered the royal room she quickly saw Killian Maria had offered him a more delicate smile and a wave. She liked to jump behind him and yell "slacking off huh?!" the two played around like brother and sister often. Perhaps it was because of how many sisters he had in his life? No matter the case she hadn't ever minded it sure she got embarrassed at times but she hadn't minded it all the same not that she'd admit that!]]

[center [b Though Killian had bowed and Maria sticking farther back in the room had done the same. The king had made an entrance as they talked of the High Priestess. It had been awhile since Maria had seen their kind around here perhaps the king needed guidance or aid at such a time? Or perhaps she wasn't around when they had came over?]]

[center [b She looked at the ground with a fist against the floor. Maria tried to remain silent at times like these for proper mannerism wasn't exactly her forte. She was here solely to look out for Killian. Though she couldn't help but have her mind wander. "How was the king fairing?" everyday he put on such a brave face but Maria could only imagine how hard life has been for the elderly man. Maria had sighed her "don't be a soggy waffle" trick wouldn't bail her out of a somber mood this time around. Don't be a mushy dessert? She sighed at her own thought not better Maria! She was quirky and a bit silly even or rather a LOT, when she really opened up especially. Perhaps it was her way of keeping a chin up? Nah she was honestly always like this since she was a little girl. Laughing down the streets and saying crazy ridiculous things. She was glad that Killian somehow was able to tolerate all of her weirdness.]]

[center [b With that she found herself with a content smile as her thoughts ran away with her. As she awaited for a chance to speak with Killian she was excited to speak with him again. She wondered what his schedule would entail today.]]
  Maria / Kudaketa / 57d 11h 20m 52s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Quicksand]
[center [left [pic https://i.imgur.com/bwbW1Tk.png]]]
[center [size14 [Quicksand [b [i "Cast away your worries, my dear, for tomorrow comes a new day. Hold to me, you've nothing to fear, for your dream are not far away."]]]]]

[center [size14 [Quicksand A woman with long, dark hair sat in a room lit by candlelight. She wore extravagant, red robes that stood out among her black locks, her make-up done to complete perfection. In her lap sat a young boy who had hair just as dark as her own, his tiny body cradled in her arms. Lovingly, she gently ran her fingers through his soft hair, continuing to sing the lullaby she had created just for him.]]]

[center [size14 [Quicksand [b [i "As you lay your head and you rest, may your dreams take over, my love. Listen close, my son of the flame, for your destiny lies above."]]]]]

[center [size14 [Quicksand Huo opened his eyes to sunlight filtering through his window, signaling that the day had begun. Slowly sitting up, the male ran his long fingers through his hair as he thought of the dream that plagued him so much. His mother was a constant source of pain for him, and as much as he would like to forget he knew that he never would. [+red "hǎikūshílàn - Even if the seas should run dry and the rocks crumble."] He mumbled into the empty air, slipping out of bed. It was a phrase that his mother would often say, it was supposed to mean you would love someone no matter what happens and no matter how long.]]]

[center [size14 [Quicksand Shaking only painful thoughts away, the lanky male rummaged through his drawers and picked out the outfit he typically wore. Unlike many of the other royal guards, Huo had been allowed to dress differently due to her heritage and religion. Unable to give up the place he grew in, he continued to dress in the warrior's garb that was indigenous to his people. The red pin that was always clipped to his chest was the symbol of the Bàozhà Clan, a tiny yet hidden group of people that many knew nothing of.]]]

[center [size14 [Quicksand Huo left his quarters, grabbing the katana that had been passed from father to son and fastening it to his hip before leaving the building. When he had first arrived in Radinata people had given him strange looks, never before had they seen a man such in such an odd manner. It had taken many months and much effort in order to get these people to trust him, and for him, it was worth it because now the bright city had become his home. He would do anything for the people that had taken him in.]]]

[center [size14 [Quicksand Everyone seemed to be so lively today. Children sprinted and chased each other, guard laughed and poke fun at one another, vendors were having the times of their lives while making great bargains. It made Huo smile as he observed it all. The male decided that nothing was out of the ordinary and decided to go visit a friend before starting his day. Walking into his favorite tavern, Huo approached the barkeeper and offered him a huge smile. [+red "Gary, my friend!"] He said in a very formal manner. The barkeeper laughed loudly, laying a glass down in front of a man dressed in blue before turning to Huo.]]]

[center [size14 [Quicksand [b "Huo, boy you haven't come to say hello in months."] Huo grave an embarrassed chuckle, sitting down at one of the stools and rubbing the back of his head. [+red "I apologize, my boss has been keeping me quite busy as of late."] The old man slapped Huo on the shoulder. [b "Boy, how many times have I told you, don't speak so formally around here."] Many people told Huo that, but once you are taught to speak a certain way, it is hard to break. He talked to the barkeeper for awhile before he had to go off to serve more customers. Sitting there for a few minutes, he turned his attention to the un-familiar boy who had been sitting beside him.]]]

[center [size14 [Quicksand [+red "I do not recognize you, you are new here, yes?"]]]]
  Dao / 57d 12h 35m 55s
[center [b [#000080 [font "Lucida Fax" Killian Darnus Milivoj Radius, The First of His Name]]]]
[font "Lucida Fax" The castle Radinata stood out among the kingdom’s city like a bright white beacon. The people looked to it not as a tyrannical fortress, but as a protective watchful gaze like a lioness with her cubs. The alabaster structure with clay-red roofs with stood enemy invasions for centuries, never leaving its people to suffer. The front bronze gates remained open for all its citizens with a warm welcome from the High Tower in the center of the palace. Neither a storm nor an encroaching army of thousands could destroy this monument home of ten Ark Riders and their impressive machines. At least, that is what the Radinata’s civilians have come to understand. The kingdom’s streets remained relatively peaceful with King Darnus in rule. Even with the happy chatter and the busy roaming of the people down below, inside the castle was a silent mourning for the late Queen Lunarus. Adore by all and a beloved mother of three. Her presence has been missed this past year and it appeared the castle itself wept for her as some clouds pronounced the shadows on the architecture.] [right [pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/f04354dde021ff3439d037e6f355a460.jpg]]

[font "Lucida Fax" The silence was broken from the castle as fighting erupted in one of the palace’s courtyards. In the center surrounded by men with swords stood a young man with hair whiter than his blanched shirt. His porcelain complexion dripped with sweat as he panted. In a fighting stance, the man’s soul-piercing blue eyes remained vigilant to the men encircling him. He wore navy colored baggy pants with a golden sash tied around his waist. A long wooden staff was held firm in black gloved hands. The men surrounding him wore similar attire but with red or blue sashes at the waists. All were brandishing steel swords or daggers defensively. There was a long pause before they all charged in at once.]

[font "Lucida Fax" The morning sun glinted off the blades that lunged and slashed and jabbed. All attempts cut and sliced the air and nothing else. The white-haired man pivoted in his stance, dodging each strike with ease. His body was becoming a blade of grass in wind as his torso bent and lurched with impossible speed. The staff was lifted behind his head and horizontally blocked a blow from the back. A smirk grew on his face as he turned his head slightly to speak. [#000080 [b “That was cheap.”]] A modulated voice quipped. At blinding speed, the staff lifted again shoving the blade up and whirled around several times. The blunt end of the wood jabbed square in the center of the other man’s chest and sent him flying into the straw dummies meant for sword practice.]

[font "Lucida Fax" All the men stopped in place and stared after their fellow comrade with slacked jaws. A groaning and a grunt erupted from the destroyed piles of straw as the fallen man sat up with a gruff voice that said. “Well done your highness.” In that instance, everyone erupted into laughter as some men patted that white-haired prince on the back as two others went to go help their friend up.]

[font "Lucida Fax" Prince Killian chuckled as he went over to the fallen man to see if he was alright. [b [#000080 “Sorry to hit you so hard Brom.”]] The prince extended a hand out to the guardsman.]

[font "Lucida Fax" The man simply cracked his back and shook the hand before him. “Not a problem, sire. I shouldn’t have let my guard down.” He grinned as he rubbed his back painfully.]

[font "Lucida Fax" The prince nodded with a smile. [b [#000080 “Well see to yourself to the infirmary. I can’t have one of my best guards down on the job, eh?”]] He said cheerfully as he patted the man on the shoulder. [b [#000080 “I think practice is over for the day, lads. Everyone go rest up.”]] He declared as he graciously gave his staff to a servant that was in charge with clean up. He grabbed a towel that was neatly placed on a half wall for him to wipe his face and neck. They had all been practicing for about an hour now. He didn’t want to wear the men down too much else they’ll be too tired for tomorrow morning’s session. Glancing up at the courtyard’s clock, Killian estimated that he had enough time to freshen up before the meeting located in the throne room. Something about a High Priestess requesting an audience with Killian’s father. A small feeling in his stomach left him with a foreboding sensation.]

[font "Lucida Fax" After cleaning up, Killian dressed in his stately attire with the kingdom’s color of blue material, white accents and gold embroidery. A ceremonial sword strapped to his hip as per custom, however, his main weapon of choice as metallic staff. This was all for show, a special guest was requesting a meeting in the throne room and Killian was required to attend; therefore, fancy attire was recommended for the occasion, no matter how much he disliked wearing flamboyant garments. The women of the castle don’t seem to mind though. He was aware of the whispers about his appearance behind his back, the great Prince Killian with his handsome features and suave presence swooned many beautiful girls his way in the past. Since his mother’s death, the late Queen Lunarus, Killian’s childish and seductive behaviors were put behind him as he matured for his father. His kingdom needed him now, and he rose to the occasion as a strong and compassionate Prince.]

[center [pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/2026bcd46444cfdce050d951a63dab70.jpg]]

[font "Lucida Fax" Coming into the throne room always gave Killian an odd sensation. He grew up watching his father handle the kingdom’s affairs in this room. Of course, Killian never understood what was happening until he got older. The way his father handle problems was remarkable. The people found him to be fair and just. What was his son? Killian was a bit too impatience and distracted. Very clever and smart sure, but would he live up to his father’s reputation? Even to this day, after cleaning up his act after his mother’s death, Killian still shivered at the sight of that cushioned chair of power and authority. He felt responsibility and duty burn the back of his neck as he stared out of the throne room windows. The scene of the whole kingdom before his feet didn’t help either. Good thing no one could see his fidgeting hands back his back covered by his cloak. [i My palms are so sweaty. Why.] He asked rhetorically. The announcement of the High Priestess’s arrival drew Killian out from behind the throne to see his guests.]

[font "Lucida Fax" Receiving an audience with the King was hard to do on its own since he sought to so many duties in one day; however, the High Priestess was an important enough visitor that Killian thought an except was made. He had seen High Priestess Isis’s appearance before, but that lad accompanying her was new. He looked like an odd fellow enough, but so did many people in Radinata. [b [#000080 “Ah. I see you have business with my father, then. I’ll let him know that you have arrived.”]] People bowed as Killian left the room in search for King Darnus. A servant offered to go search for the king for Killian, but the prince insisted on doing the task himself. Besides, he had a feeling he knew the location of where the man wandered off to.]

[font "Lucida Fax" Indeed, his royal Highness was sitting contemplating in the royal gardens where Queen Lunarus loved to stare at the flowers there. The green house’s ceilings stretched up above with marble pillars supporting the structure on the inside. The temperature was comfortably warm and more so in the uniform Killian wore. He didn’t understand how the clever old man could stand it. Speaking of, he was sitting in the usual spot as always. Killian approached with a bow to his king before speaking. [b [#000080 “Father, the High Priestess Isis wishes to see you on some matter of urgency.”]]]
  The Prince / JakefromStateFarm / 57d 22h 5m 11s

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