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[i The world was at one time ruled by monsters known as Behemoths. These forces of nature ravaged the lands and spread death and destruction to where ever they traveled. All the Kingdoms across the land were at the mercy of the whims of Behemoths.

After a century of hopelessness, the Kingdoms of the lands joined together in a last ditch effort to find a way to fight back against the Behemoths.

Their combined efforts eventually gave birth to Arcane Raiment Knights or Arks for short. Arks are large armored suits imbued with powerful magic. These armored suits allowed the Kingdoms to fight back against the Behemoths. After a decade of fighting, all the Behemoths have been put to rest and the Kingdoms ruled the lands once more.

That is the origin story of Arks. It is a thousand year old story. No one knows if that story is true or not, but it is known that Arks have been around for a thousand years and they still hold mysteries that remain unanswered. However, that does not stop Kingdoms from using these very Arks for their own desires. One particular Kingdom has decided to use these Arks to dominate all that oppose them...

The Dakunai Empire. Dakunai travels Westward, taking over Kingdom after Kingdom. Their next target is a small, but prosperous Kingdom known as Radinata....]

[h3 Rules]

1. Basic ES rules

2. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE AVAILABLE AND ARE DRIVEN TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE RP. I'm tired of people joining the rps I work hard on, only to flake out on me 3 posts in. I am looking for hardcore rpers who knows what it means to be a good rper. Only join if you like to write and will make time to rp. Please do not join on a whim. That is all I ask.

3. Anime or Art pics only please


5. Also, please don't forget to communicate with me. If an issue arises or you have a question, pm me. My pm box is always open and I am always willing to help. Don't just sit there and suffer in silence >_>.

6. Just FYI. I want you guys to have fun. Just, I want to have fun too. Otherwise enjoy ^_^

[h3 Posting Requirements]

I don't ask for much. I just want you to put in the same amount of effort as your fellow rpers. I do however ask for AT LEAST 3 GOOD QUALITY PARAGRAPHS. See? Not much >.>

[h3 Posting Order]

So, this is important because it stops people from falling behind and allows you to know when to post. Now, to be more specific, I do something a little different in terms of 'order' than what you see in most rps on here.

What we will be doing is not posting turn by turn but by 'cycle'. what I mean by that is that each cycle will begin and end with one of [b MY] posts. Once I post then everyone will have to post AT LEAST once, but can post to a maximum of 2 per cycle. In other words, if you post 2 times before a cycle ends, you have to wait for a new cycle aka everyone has posted at least once. Other than that you can post WHENEVER you want or can. However, I will not wait to long, maybe a week or so for you to post before I just push the rp along. Pm please if you do not get how the posting order works.

To simplify, I post, then everyone has to post at least once. Just keep in mind that I can still post twice per a cycle as well. I will keep you guys informed on what cycle it is by putting it in the rp title.

[h3 Setting/Radinata NEW!]

There are two continents in this mythical Earth, the east and the west continents. Radinata is the Kingdom on the far east of the western continent. To the west are 7 other Kingdoms including Dominatus.

Radinata is a bit of a small Kingdom. The layout of the Kingdom is that the castle is at the furthest depth of the Kingdom at its Eastern side. The rest of the Kingdom expands out westward. Radinata is also on a peninsula. Just a little fyi so you guys know the layout

[h3 Arks and Drive Gears]

Arks are large magical suits of Armor summoned through the use of a Drive Gear. A Drive Gear is a weapon infused with the power of the Ark. The weapon allows one to use a portion of their Arks powers.

To simplify, Arks are basically large suits of armor and your Drive Gear allows you to summon the suit and merge with it. If you want a reference to how big they are. They are about 150-200 feet tall.

[h3 Ark Element]

Okay, with all the questions, I feel the need to add this section~. The Ark element is a basic foundation of your Arks powers and abilities. Namely speaking. If you have the power of lightning by chance, maybe you have the ability to detect things through electrical pulses or something. Or if you have the power of fire, you also have the ability to increase temperatures or melt things with a touch.

If that did not make enough sense, please pm me with questions. I will help you figure it out~ Just keep in mind that your element is the basic foundation of the powers of your Ark.

[h3 NEW! Elements]

There are main elements and mutated elements in this rp. Mutated elements are something along the lines of subcategories of the main elements. They are neither strong no weaker than the main elements. However, each mutated element does fall under a main element. Down below shows who falls under which Elements

[h3 Main Elements:]

[h3 Fire:]


[h3 Water:]


[h3 Wind:]


[h3 Earth:]


[h3 Lightning:]

[h3 Ark Rider]

The term used for people who wield an Ark. The ability to wield an Ark is rare as is, so the number of people who can wield them is small.

[h3 Royal Roles Needed]

Prince: Filled
Princess: Filled
Princesss 2: Filled
King and Queen: Rped by yours truly

[h3 Skellies]

Account Name:
Age: 18+ for Knights at least
Role: Role in Kingdom
Drive Gear: Which Weapon Model
Ark Name:
Ark Element: Can use anything but Light or Darkness
Ark Pic: Don't need to find this right away

[h3 Tyasuke]

[pic http://i67.tinypic.com/1z56zcg.jpg]

[pic http://oi63.tinypic.com/21km13q.jpg]

Known Name: Azure Wing
Age: 22
Role: Mercenary from outside the Kingdom
Drive Gear: Sword Model: Raicalibur
Ark Name: Exaltus

[pic http://oi66.tinypic.com/2qn5agg.jpg]

Name: Lilia
Age: 25
Role: ExGuard of the Queen
Ark Name: Artemis
Element: Nature/Archery
Drive Gear: Mystic Bow

Short Bio:

Lilia was one a street rat who was found by the Queen. She was taken in to be a friend and sister to Killian before Seraphina was born. This is because Lunarus was unsure how many children she would be able to have at the time. However, Lilia quickly showed immense talent with a bow and arrow. Darnus had her trained and Lilia, who became ambitious, trained to become the Queen's personal guard so she could pay the Queen back for all the she has done. Lilia is a childhood friend to all three of the royal children and was like a daughter to Darnus and Lunarus. She left the Kingdom a year ago when the Queen died for the reason of trying to fulfill one of the Queen's dreams.

[h3 JakefromStateFarm]

[pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/5db9d9e1e7d409aa1bb6aa4a04ca52b9.jpg]

[pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/650befcce6d5456a7a9ed49d3fe11170.jpg]

Name: Killian Radius

Age: 26

Role: Prince of Radinata

Drive Gear: Double Bladed Staff

Ark Name: Wings of Horus

Ark Element: Kinetic Force

[h3 Kikido]

[pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/7fd4536d6b161084d8cba0fae3d6c8181728746.png]

[pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/73e571fe69d1014b2b6cad10fa8429391728746.png]

Name: Princess Ikana
Age: 16
Role: Princess
Drive Gear: Blades model
Ark Name: Princess
Ark Element: Crystals

[pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/972a1018e3c3c56daea1418ae6b5f4b31728746.png]

[pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/163daee1e6e207be5707c47f4c16ce8e1728746.png]

Name: Pyra Tempris
Age: 23
Role: Ark Rider
Drive Gear: Whips model
Ark Name: Five-Tailed Fox
Ask Element: Fire

[h3 Colorful Insanity]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/bUfll8s.png]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/U8SkRUb.jpg]

Account Name: Colorful_Insanity
Name: Anu
Age: 24
Role: City Guard
Drive Gear: Ring Blade
Ark Name: The Guardian
Ark Element: Gold

[h3 Tesla]

[pic http://i962.photobucket.com/albums/ae110/Tesla_RP/LuciaBromide11_zpsdly2hhbj.jpg]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/SAwaYoY.png]

Name: Seraphina
Age: 21
Role: Princess
Drive Gear: Short Sword Model
Ark Name: El-Machina
Ark Element: Space

[h3 NorthernWolves]

[pic http://i68.tinypic.com/eoivp.jpg]

[pic http://i68.tinypic.com/hs13bn.jpg]

Name: Alanna Altera
Age: 23
Role: Guardian of Princess Seraphina
Drive Gear: Polearm
Ark Name: Eternia
Ark Element: Water

[h3 Otter]

Taoh Laghari

Twenty - Seven

Bodyguard of Prince Killian

Drive Gear
Long Sword

Ark Name
The Crimson Demon

Ark Element

Taoh comes from a well-known tribe of nomads named The Vares who specialize in fighting, they are often sought out to fight other people's battles however refuse because they don't believe in fighting other peoples battles. Taoh hates the peacful life his tribe lives so he decide's to leave and eventually finds Radinata. He loves everything about it so he decides to stay there and join their military. He stands out due to his pale skin, dark hair and eyes and the tattoos that cover his body.

Taoh is very relaxed and chill most of the time, he doesn't see much as threatening since he knows that he's strong and likes to flaunt it. In rare cases when the need does arise he can become very determined and will do what needs to be done. He isn't afraid to speak what's on his mind, even to those of royal blood. His upbringing taught him to never hold back and it is a bad habit of his to point out another person's flaws - even his own.

Ability; Taoh has the ability to control blood to a certain extent while using his ARK - or rather he powers his ARK using his blood. The more blood he provides it the stronger he gets, though if he allows to much of his blood to be consumed it could put his life in danger. He can use another person's blood to power his own ARK if he feels he needs more strength.

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Now one would think that an experienced fighter and commander such as Rose would have calmed down after such an outburst of rage, especially since she was facing a very capable opponent. But that was for the thinkers and philosophers to think about, not for the person doing the actual fighting.

Rose had not calmed down, she continued to rage and seethe at the Nightmare knight as she continued to dance the deadly dance with it.

But here's the difference between an experienced fighter/commander such as Rose, and someone who had less experience; the ability to channel the rage and anger into useful actions instead of letting the rage and anger downgrade your fighting ability. Rose knew all too well how to channel her own rage and anger into harder, more precise strikes.

Had the knight been some mortal being, then they would have had their mortal coil removed long ago. But the Nightmare Knight was no mortal being, there was dark, insidious magic infused with all that armor. But even Nightmare Knights had their weaknesses, one of them being death by bludgeoning.

The front end of a polearm was not the best way to bludgeon anything to death, since a polearm, specifically a halberd in Alanna's polearm case, had an axe head, a hook, and a spear-like spike. The axe head was useful for hacking and slicing, the hook for dragging down things from horses and other mounts, and the spike for stabbing.

But the rear end of the polearm, now there was an extremely powerful bludgeoning weapon. Usually the staff of the polearm would be made with wood, but Alanna's was made of a lightweight but hard metal. Combine that with a counterweight tip on the rear end, even a light swing would be able to shatter at least a bone.

But to break a bone in the Nightmare Knight, it would take more than just a light swing.

Rose bided her time, continuing to use only the front end of the polearm, slowly setting up a trap for the Nightmare Knight. Easy it was not, for Rose had to contend with its nuances as well to avoid being killed faster than an in an eye blink.

The clash of the axes and the polearm was constant, no break in the clanging sounds as the axes continuously bounced of the staff or the head of the polearm. The only break would come when either the knight or Rose would end up dead on the ground. Rose had no intention of being dead, she intended to stay alive and make sure her daughter still lived.

And then the moment came. The Nightmare Knight had pulled out both of its axes, allowing time to knock it off its feet. Rose spun the polearm and raised it as if she'd be doing a quick attack from up high. The Knight fell for the feint, and Rose used the rear end of the polearm to knock the Knight over. And before the Knight even hit the ground, Rose was hitting it with the rear end of the polearm over and over again.

After a few more such hits, the Knight lay dead on the ground. Rose let out a sigh of relief while wiping away some sweat that had managed to drip around her face. The fight around her had subsided for now, allowing everyone here some respite.

And seeing her daughter run towards her, now that was a happy smile. [+red "Next time, don't lose your polearm"], in a joking tone as Rose tossed the polearm back to Alanna.
  Alanna / NorthernWolves / 151d 17h 8m 18s
Killian was allowed only a moment of respite in the feeling of victory after they had downed the difficult Nightmare Knight as the Dakunai soldiers made a renewed surge. [b “Shit.”] He only whispered it, but it made him feel better nonetheless. It wasn't enough that they were trying to kill him, they even lacked the common courtesy to let him revel in his success for a moment. That and their creepy whispering was more than enough to get him motivated to rejoin the fight.

Mentally he was as ready to fight as ever, but the Nightmare Knight had certainly done a number on him in his haste to defeat it. His once pristine leather armor had fist sized holes ripped in it, he had at least a couple of cracked ribs and that was only if he was lucky enough that they hadn't fully broken, the onset of a concussion or at least a nasty headache was setting in, and blood was starting to get into his eyes. Through his labored breathing though he reached his offhand up to wipe the blood and sweat from his brow. Only to grin as he steadied himself for the next round. He had spent his entire life training for a moment like this and he was not about to go down without putting up one hell of a fight.

He twisted his hands at the center of his staff to retract the blades before he lunged forward and thrust one end into the head of a Dakunai soldier. An act he followed with a swing from the other end of his staff that sent the soldier spinning through the air. Even with all of the wounds that he had endured he was still prepared to go on the offensive. Something that he proved as he slid his hands to one end of the staff to give him a wide swing that built up enough momentum to knock a few more Dakunai soldiers to the ground.

[b “You're gonna have to do better than that!”]

A glance at Taoh reassured him even though his bodyguard was in a similar shape. They had managed to defeat the Nightmare Knight together, but they had paid a hefty price for it with their health. Still they beat the biggest bad guy in front of them. Compared to that monster Killian wasn't worried about the foot soldiers that were in front of him, and from what he could see of his old pal their mentality was the same. It just put a fire in them both to leave the Dakunai soldiers in even worse condition.

Killian's fury subsided some though as he caught sight of the massive explosion of the Ark Jammer. An explosion of that size would normally be a cause for concern, but today it was a most welcome occurrence. He couldn't help but let out a cheer at the sight. If he could just summon his Ark then it would be that much easier for him to fight off these bastards. That outsider had done his part by destroying the Ark Jammer, and now it was Killian's turn to show that he could do for the country with his Ark Wings of Horus.

His face faltered when he looked down where the red circle had been and saw the damage that he had sustained. Would he even be able to summon his Ark in this state? He didn't have much experience with it when healthy, and he was far from perfect health after that fight with the Nightmare Knight.

That doubt was erased in an instant though by the timely arrival of Ikana and her announcement that the Arks were back. Her announcement was proven as she fired the Princess' bow into the mass of enemies. The difference was night and day as her one arrow now violently ripped through a squad of Dakunai soldiers. It was enough to put his trademark grin back on his face.

[b “Get ready.”]

It was the only warning he gave before he dashed forward and slammed one end of his staff into the ground to pole vault into the sky above the middle of Dakunai's formation. The burst of kinetic energy from his staff was enough to give him the clearance he needed. The summoning of his Ark Wings of Horus while airborne was a sight to see for the soldiers that had fought alongside him so far and as strong a morale boost as they could get. Especially as it crushed a dozen Dakunai soldiers beneath its feet as it was summoned.

His Ark was on the shorter side to provide him the best mobility, but even so it gave him much better visibility of the battlefield. That sight allowed him to breathe a sigh of relief as he saw that Seraphina had managed to summon her Ark as well. They had been pushed around by Dakunai long enough. With his trusted guard Taoh at his side, and his sister Ikana behind him it was time for the royal children of Radinata to go on a rampage that they would write books about for centuries to come. As the eldest, Killian's pride would see to it that he was as much a part of it as any of them.

[b “For Radinata!”]
  Prince Killian / Tesla / 188d 5h 35m 34s
Pulling himself up again on the Knight's spear that had held him up in the fight with the Nightmare Knight Anu looked to Pyra as more waves of the black soldiers came pouring up to the front lines. [#bc6e0b "Fight for all your worth men, or will you be outdone by these vile things?"] It wasn't a battle cry, but a rally one and they could very well be the last words the men would hear from him that day. Pyra had another idea instead. She had disappeared down a side street which left Anu, Lady nightly, and the soldiers from the wall to defend it.

Pushing himself Anu stood his own ground, he couldn't exactly move without causing more damage to his ankle without having it healed, and right now the medics would take to long to get here. He also wouldn't leave the field knowing that there were still so many enemy soldiers on the field of battle. It was like an endless sea of black soldiers that kept coming from the civilian part of the city, and now even more seemed to rush from outside of the city itself as the door was gone and the streets were already over run.

Hearing lady Nightly give her rally of the soldiers on the wall it inspired more of the soldiers to fight harder, Anu being reinvigorated threw blades formed of gold at soldiers like one would shoot an arrow from a bow, but as he drew on his power his vision began to blur in and out. Hazy he tended to miss his target only to damage or kill another enemy instead. As the soldiers pushed forward hard Pyre had returned to the main road liquid in her hands that she would heat up and throw just in time for the liquid to catch fire and burst onto enemy soldiers killing them or burning them to the point they couldn't fight.

Watching as she threw the remainder of the bottles Anu held up his hand. Taking a deep breath he forced all the gold he had on the field and all the gold he had upon his person to Summon a giant shield of gold in the shape of a giant tree. The fire enveloped around the enemy soldiers and even around the tree itself, but Anu and Pyra were safely tucked away inside and the Radianta soldiers were to far in the distance for the fire to touch.

Hearing her words Anu nodded. [#bc6e0b "I believe your right. These soldiers weren't the main thing we are going to fight I feel, but were just a buffer for whatever is coming next. Its a tiring tax, but what is next that they can send at us?"] Stumbling a little with the support still Anu just nodded. [#bc6e0b "I also believe your right about my injury, I will need your help again."] slowly lowering himself to the ground the male grabbed a piece of wood that had splintered off from something and moved to place it in his mouth but paused a moment. [#bc6e0b "I need you to use your fire powers to seal off the wound. We can not fall, and I do not have time to go see a medic just yet."]

Feeling the weight from the center of his chest lift the young city guard commander looked up to see the blocker was gone. Turning his gaze to his chest the red circle was gone as well. Placing his hand upon the center of his chest a smile played on his face. Whispering to the air [#bc6e0b "Welcome back Guardian."]
  Anu / Colorful_insanity / 206d 10h 6m 48s
Ikana didn't really pay much attention to what was going on with her brother and his friend. She was more concerned with taking out the ones that tried to get in on the battle but were on the outskirts of it. Her crystal arrows were true, hitting their mark 90% of the time. She had improved much since she started her training. Even though her ARK model was one for blades, she still had to train in other weapons, according to Pyra. Aside from blades, she was rather good with the bow, so being put at a distance still allowed her to help. Still, she didn't feel like she was really helping all that much.

Sure she was taking off enemies that others didn't notice, but she wasn't in the middle of the battle like her brother and sister were. It was because she was the youngest. They didn't think she could hold herself up during battle, so they stuck her either out of battle or as far away from it as possible. How was she suppose to use her ARK or even get practice in if she was always on the sidelines? She hated it. But she still did her duty and continued to shoot at the enemy.

Glancing over to her brother, she saw right as the knight picked him up by the face and threw him. Her eyes widened as she saw his impact with the wall and falling to the ground. Had she just seen her brother's death?

[#2A96E2 "KILLIAN!"] She yelled, despite him being way too far away to even hear her.

Glaring back at the knight, she gritted her teeth as she took aim. Without a second thought, she let go of the arrow and watched it fly. It bounced off the armor, doing nothing, not even making a dent. Seeing this, Ikana became even more angry and annoyed, tears coming to the corner of her eyes as she continued to fire her crystal arrows as the knight laughed. She hadn't seen her brother get up until she saw Taoh rush over to hit at the knight just before he did. She lowered her bow as she watched her brother and his friend fight this knight, sadly not getting past the armor. But Ikana remembered what Taoh's ability was and had an idea of what they were trying to do. They just needed blood.

[b "Look what I found."] A voice behind her said. [b "The little princess."]

Ikana looked back to see two Dakunai soldiers looking down at her. They smirked with ill intent, knowing what a prize it would be to bring back her body, or even just her head. She stared at them, pushing against the brick that made up the bridge, realizing now she was in the middle of the battlefield. She had gotten her wish, and now she was regretting it. These men were here to kill her. Not capture her. Kill her.

[b "Why not try to have some fun with her?"] One of them grinned with a sly smile.

Ikana hated that look. She knew what they meant and she was furious. This fueled her and she quickly stood up and kicked at one of them. Catching him off guard, he fell back, the other one jumping away in surprise as well. She created a spear and jumped at the one that fell back, stabbing into his chest with the crystal blade. He wasn't wearing strong armor so her crystal broke through and pierced into his skin and to his heart. He was dead within seconds, a look of shock on his face. The princess looked up at the other soldier, fury in her eyes.

[b "What the hell?"] He asked, gripping his sword and rushing over.

She quickly jumped back, losing her spear and creating another one. She remembered that stabbing people was easy, it was taking the weapon back that was difficult. So if she was able to, then forget about the weapon and move on. She swung her spear to hit the soldier on the side of the head, knocking him down. Before he had a chance to get up, she was above him and stabbed into his chest.

The blood from both deaths had splattered blood onto her and she was just now noticing it. She knew it was a possibility if she had gotten into actual battle. However, seeing it now really sank in for her. She had never taken a life before and she easily just took out two. Did they have a family? Were they fighting because they had nothing else they could do?

[#2A96E2 "Don't think about that..."] She muttered to herself. [#2A96E2 "They attacked us."]

She turned back to see her brother and his friend had defeated the knight, but more enemies were coming. Ikana readied her bow again, now more focused and determined than ever. It wasn't until she noticed the burning on her chest wasn't there anymore that she felt her ARK again. She smiled as she lowered her bow and realized what this meant. The mercenary had broken that strange orb, and now they were on a more leveled playing field. Now was her time to really test her limits.

[#2A96E2 "This has to work."]

Ikana took a deep breath and called upon her ARK, feeling it form around her. It was only recently that she was able to use her ARK in training, so using it here would really be a test for her. She had to remain focused and keep it together. Hearing her father from the war room only gave her more confidence as she spread her crystal wings and glided down to her brother.

[#2A96E2 "Killian! The ARKs are back!"]

Landing just behind him, she formed her bow once again and shot into the crowd that was coming near. She walked up to her brother and looked down at him as she was now taller than him.

[#2A96E2 "I'm here to help."]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/oOKvw1o.jpg?1]

[center ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/paxhUul.jpg?1]

Pyra breathed heavily as she had used a lot of her magic, sweat beading on her forehead. She wouldn't quit though. Even though Anu had defeated the enemy, this wasn't the end. That red orb was still in the air, blocking their ARK. The mercenary was going after it, but would he get there in time for them to win this battle? She had to believe he would. They had to win this. They couldn't lose the kingdom to an attack such as this. It was a disgraceful of an attack. Going after the people that lived here, using a surprise attack and blocking out their defense. While it was smart, it was a cheat.

[#430505 "Anu, I saw that injury."] Pyra started, standing and following him close. [#430505 "Even the best ARK Rider can only go so long with an injury like that."]

While she believed in Anu and the other ARK Riders, she still didn't want to see them injured like this. Especially in the moment like this where they couldn't access their ARKs and none of them knew for how long. The kid seemed to know what he was doing and all they could do was trust him.

[#430505 "I fear what might be coming. I don't know why, but I feel like this was meant to wear us down against whatever they really have planned...Perhaps we should have conserved our energy a bit better..."]

Pyra hoped she was wrong, but she had a feeling she wasn't. While the knights were a challenge, they were still able to take them down in a short amount of time. Why? What did they have planned? What would they send to take down the kingdom after wearing down its best warriors?

She didn't have long to think, another wave of soldiers coming at them. This wasn't good. If they kept fighting wave after wave, whatever big thing they had planned could easily wipe them out. Pyra had to think of something that could take out a lot of them but without using too much of her energy. She looked around for anything that could help, spotting a shop that sold potions and different types of liquid combinations. She suddenly got an idea and turned to Anu.

[#430505 "I'm gonna grab a few things from that shop and when I throw them, I need you to help create a shield to keep us safe."]

Pyra then rushed off to the shop, jumping in through the broken window. While she hated stealing, this was needed. She would come back after the battle and pay back the owner. For now though, she needed a certain combination. It didn't take long for her to find the liquid she needed, picking up a few big bottles of it. As she turned to run out, she noticed a type of powder in one of the containers. She knew exactly what this was and quickly took some empty bottles and filled them with it as well as finding little rocks and other small projectiles that could fit through the bottle's neck. Once filled, she ran back over to Anu and nodded to him to signal to ready his shield.

She then threw the bottles towards the soldiers. The bottles were followed by bursts of fire from her, breaking the glass. The liquid caught fire and poured over the soldiers. The flammable liquid caused the flames to consume the soldiers, Pyra stepping back so Anu could make the shield before throwing the other bottles with the powder and shot fire at them as well. The powder inside quickly exploded, the projectiles flying in all different directions. Thankfully, Anu had created the golden shield she had asked for and they were safe from whatever flew at them.

It was then that she could feel her ARK once more and smirked. [#430505 "We've got the upper hand again."]

Quickly, she summoned her ARK, holding her whip in hand as she seemed to transform. [#430505 "I'll cover while you transform."]

Seeing a new wave after them, she rushed forward and swung her whip, fire emitting from it as it swung around. She grabbed one and pulled him back, letting him fly through the air as she went after another. A second whip flew out and did the same, grabbing another and throwing it. While whips were an interesting choice of weapon, it was her specialty. Now, they just had to hold on until they saw whatever it was that was coming next.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/wzY95Ut.jpg?1]
  Princess Ikana / Kikido / 209d 10h 59m 49s
[b “You finally get the opportunity to show off for the country and this is the performance you put on for the public? Your brother has accomplished a lot more so far.”]

Sera let out a sigh as her helmet picked up the signal from her most trusted adviser. She did not let it interfere with here movements though as she let loose another bolt into the face of a Dakunai soldier. The goat's foot lever she found making it easy to reload afterward. Her movements were far more fluid after the magical interruption from the communication device inside her helmet though despite the contents of the message.

[b “I've taken charge of the north after Matteus abandoned his station and have kept the focus of the enemy on me. That's the best I can do.”]

The scoff was immediate, but it was ignored as several more Dakunai soldiers appeared on the rooftop to surround Sera. Their formations broken by Laike's flanking position they rushed to accomplish something. It was apparent now that their focus was on killing her given the tactical advantages that such an accomplishment would provide. Sera did not let that fact inhibit her though as she launched a bolt that managed to graze a neck.

[b “You've gotten yourself surrounded you mean. If Killian were in your position he would be swinging his staff around at superhuman speeds and knocking out everything in sight. You're not even using your drive gear.”]

Sera let out a sharp exhale before she shot a bolt in the face of one of the Dakunai soldiers. An attack she followed up by drawing her drive in a swinging motion that in combination with a simple warping of space left two more Dakunai soldiers with slit throats. The first three were downed quickly, but she had to drop to her right to avoid an attack from behind. A quick use of the goat's foot lever though and a rapidly released bolt left the fourth soldier plummeting over the edge of the roof with his crossbow clutched tightly in his hands.

[b “How about now; am I doing better?”]

[b “Danger at 1100, 100, 330, 430, 530, 630, 730, and 830. Good luck.”]

Eight crossbowmen and seven spearmen had made use of the first wave to get their opportunity to climb up. Six of each behind her, and two crossbowmen with a spearman in front. It was only now that she noticed the ropes around the waists of the trio she had just killed and realized their plan. She did not even have the time to sigh before their first volley of bolts were launched at her.

Sera's warping of space was not enough to counter their attack, but it was enough to knock the well aimed bolts off target enough that they just scraped her armor. Her next shot was much more lethally accurate as she caught one of the crossbowman in front of her in the eye. The goat's foot lever she found made her reload faster and let her take out the other crossbowman in front of her before the next volley of bolts found their way towards her. Since the bolts all came from one side it made it much easier for her to avoid them by redirecting their course. Four of the six bolts landed, unfortunately for Dakunai it was in their own spearman that was on the other side of the roof.

[b “Do you want this to be where your story ends, or where your story begins?”]

Sera smiled as she let loose the last of her bolts into one of the crossbowman of Dakunai. The follow up of throwing the crossbow was much less lethal, but no less effective as it sent a spearman tumbling over the edge to their demise. Five crossbowmen and five spearmen were left in front of her as the next volley came. With the benefit of focus on her side Sera made use of her ability to warp space to dodge them with a simple sidestep. That did nothing to prevent the lunge from the spearmen that followed though.

That was the moment that Sera had waited for though as she drew both her swords in a swift motion that left two more throats slit. The fountains of blood drew the attention of the Dakunai soldiers long enough for her to slit two more. Which left just the last spearman in a position to attack, and attack they did for all of the good that it did them. A twist of her swords locked the spear and a fluid motion disarmed them. One more swing left them headless, although it gave their allies time enough to reload their crossbows for one last volley.

The Dakunai soldiers hesitated long enough for Sera to swing her swords and with the warping of space she slit two more throats. Their three bolt volley had poor angles that left Sera free to dodge them with an ordinary lunge. Followed by another that left her in range to stab through the eye of one crossbowman and kick another over the edge of the roof to the harsh ground below. What had been a force of fifteen was now just one. One that no longer had the support of numbers below that they had used to justify their inefficient human wave tactics thanks to Laike and his group having proved themselves worthy to guard the Northern Gate.

A simple kick of one of the loose helmets into the last crossbowman was enough to stun him. That kept him from being able to react long enough for Sera to close the gap between them with a few swift strides on her part. Followed by a strong swing with both of her swords that sent his bleeding body over the edge. Sera's eyes followed him to see the work that Laike and his group had done to capitalize on her use as bait for the Dakunai forces. Their strategy broken down the Dakunai forces seemed keen to regroup elsewhere.

Laike's work was impressive in taking charge after Matteus' failure, but it was the sight of Rose showing off why she had been the leader of the legion for so long that drew her attention. Those Dakunai soldiers that escaped Laike's contingent found themselves on the wrong end of her blade. Rose was flawless in her handling of them though as she simply slaughtered every soldier that got within reach of her blade. There was no better motivation for Sera than that sight.

[b “You should know that my story began the day that I met you.”]

With one step and some warped space Sera brought herself safely back to the ground. Where what followed was best described as a frightening frenzy of fluid motion where each stroke meant a slit throat as Sera made her way through the last of the Dakunai forces that Laike's group had pinned. While Laike and the other guards were happy to see it they hesitated to follow her along her path of destruction for fear of being caught in the wake of it. That did not seem to make a difference though as Sera killed over two dozen Dakunai soldiers in less than five minutes.

After the carnage was over Laike was the first one to speak up about the scene that he had just witnessed. [b “You are definitely Darnus and Lunaria's child.”] He did not know if Sera heard him over the chaotic sounds of the battlefield as she gave no response other than sheathing her swords. The rest of the guards clearly heard though as they nodded in response.

While there were no Dakunai forces in sight at the moment Sera confirmed what she saw with the voice in the command room before she issued orders based on the information. [b “While we have a moment get everyone too injured to fight close to the wall so we can get them off the battlefield. I'll take them over the wall shortly.”]

Her orders issued she took the opportunity for what it was and opened her helmet to take a drink from her waterskin. Sera's beautiful face drinking water contrasted heavily with the bloody armor that she wore. The sight drew more than a few looks from the guards along with a few whispers that it was really Princess Seraphina under the helmet. Their most proper princess dressed in bloody armor was a sight none of them would soon forget.

She had only managed a few gulps before her eyes were drawn to the sight of the explosion of the Ark Jammer. The disappearance of the seal on her chest was a weight off, her mind. One that unfortunately did not last long as the voice from the war room announced the storm that was coming for them. Sera took one more big swig before she put her waterskin away.

[b “We did as you asked Princess Seraphina. What now?”]

Sera flashed the signature smug grin of one of her heroes before she righted her helmet. [b “Now, we have a battle to win. All that you need to do to make that happen is to hold the line here and we Ark Riders will handle the rest.”]

Whether that level of confidence was justified or not it seemed to do the trick of maintaining motivation for the guards. Which left Sera free to find a spot to summon her Ark. After having used her drive gear so much she was looking forward to the freedom that El-Machina provided to her in regards to her power. An order of magnitude more efficient for her. It would also do well with her current course of action even as her adviser detailed their own suggested plan of attack.

Sera let out a sigh of relief as El-Machina formed around her. Although the seal was gone there was a small part of her that was worried they would still be cut off from their Arks. She was confident of their chances at full power of defeating Dakunai. That level of hamstringing though would be more than enough to tilt the scales in Dakunai's favor even with the miraculous appearance by the strange allied Ark.

After a quick detour to help get the injured over the wall with a bit of warped space Sera got back in communication with her voice in the war room. [b “Time for you to be my guiding light.”]

With the knowledge provided to her by the war room Sera would lead the El-Machina on a warpath to wipe out the stragglers from the northern invasion force. A task made easier by the mobility of her element. An important fact as her intended destination was the main gate of Radinata. With the full power of her Ark at her fingertips Seraphina was ready to show Dakunai just how dangerous she could be. Since Rose's rampage was already something for the history books she'd have to step up as her apprentice.
  Spare / Tesla / 214d 7h 4m 12s
King Darnus watches the battle unfold within the war room. He has a stern look as his attention is particularly drawn to the battle between Exaltus and Crusade. On the projected screen before him, the two fight furiously. Each swing of the sword, each evasion, parry and block are performed with precision and skill. No movement is wasted as the two attack each other like ferocious beasts out for blood.

"Such a battle is a rare sight to see," A man says as he approaches the bottom of the stairs of Darnus's platform.

"Balka," Darnus says as he looks at the tall man. Balka a man who stands taller than Darnus, who has a lion like mane of white hair, and dark brown eyes is one of the four Sages of Darnus's council. The Sages are Darnus's most trusted friends and allies since childhood. They have shown incredible loyalty throughout the years, especially during the time when Darnus was purging his Kingdom of corrupted nobles. These four are known as legends throughout the Kingdom and have a power that rivals Darnus. However, in their old age, the four Sages have passed their Arks on to the current Ark Riders. Valgus was one such Sage as well. Nowadays the four often act as a second voice toward Darnus when he is acting as King.

"However, the better question to ask would be, can the Mercenary win?" Balka asks as he joins Darnus up on the commanding platform.

[b "He has to,"] Darnus replies immediately as he closes his eyes for a brief moment, [b "Or else Radinata will fall."]

[h3 The battle...]

...between Exaltus and Crusade continues. The two continue their dance of combat at the dead center of the Kingdom. Their weapons clash with thunderous roars of steel against steel. Each clash between the two rings out and echoes throughout the Kingdom.

Exaltus swings its sword forward only to have its blade blocked by Crusade's shield. Exaltus pushes off Crusade's shield and back steps away from its opponent. Azu lets out a deep breath from within Exaltus. [b "AS, how long has it been since we talked to the King?"]

[i "Fifteen Minutes and twenty three seconds."] AS replies as a voice within Azu's head.

[i 'I need to wrap this up soon.'] Azu thinks to himself as he looks at Crusade through the eyes of Exaltus.

"Your actions confuse me Azure Wing," Crusade says from within his Ark.

[b "And why would that be?"] Azu asks.

"Azure Wing was a Mercenary group that fought with every fiber of their being in name of the Wastelands. Despite their end, is not Dakunai's action in line with what Azure Wing fought for?" Crusade questions in a booming voice. "Why get in our way? Is it for something petty like revenge? Is that why you stand in the way of our homelands salvation?"

Azu grits his teeth a bit. [b "There are two things you are mistaken about, Crusade,"] Azu replies in a maliciously cold tone. The pupils of his eyes shrink in size as he targets Crusade with all his focus. [b "One, you have no damn idea what we fought or stood for. Like the rest of the world, you viewed us Mercenaries as trash."] Exaltus holds its sword out to the right and grips the hilt tightly. An aura of bright light bursts from the sword and glows with an incredible power as energy floods from the sword. Exaltus charges forward, quickly approaching Crusade with each step.

Crusade readies its guard. It lifts its shield and feels a flurry of heavy powerful strikes smash against the otherside of the shield. Each strike is strong enough to keep Crusade pinned behind the shield and leaving no room to counter.

[b "Second is that I would ever,"] Azu shouts as Exaltus continues its relentless assault of sword swings, [b "Dishonor the name of Azure Wing by fighting,"] Exaltus grips the hilt tightly with both hands as the entire blade glows with light. Exaltus swings its sword from its left hip up towards its right shoulder, smashing the blade against Crusade's shield. On the moment of impact, an explosion of light bursts from the radiant blade which causes Crusade to lose its footing.

Crusade stumbles back a bit as its left hand is forcefully flung out to the side from the intense impact of Exaltus's strike. Crusade inside his Ark feels the pressure grow as his guard is broken, and he thinks to himself, [i 'Why does it feel like he is getting stronger as we fight?!']

[b "For something,"] Azu shouts as Exaltus pulls back its sword to its right hip. The blade itself gets covered in a radiant light as Azu roars, [b "As petty as revenge!"] Exaltus thrusts its sword forward. The sword impales Crusade's right shoulder. Azu focus's his magic into Exaltus's sword, and a few moments after impaling Crusade's shoulder, the blade glows brighter and suddenly expands in length. The sudden growth in the blade's size causes Crusade's arm to be completely severed off.

Crusade brings its shield forward and tries to bash it into Exaltus.

Exaltus's arms begin to glow a faint light and vibrate. In a few short seconds, Exaltus quickly pulls its sword back and thrusts it forward again, this time stabbing straight into Crusade's shield. Only the tip of the blade pierces the black shield, but the tip is aimed directly at Crusade's stomach.

"What is it that you fight for then?" Crusade growls from within his Ark, "If not for revenge, then why stand in the way of our Lord!?"

Exaltus firmly plants its feet as it begins to pull up on the hilt of its sword. [b "The reason I fight for-,"] Azu says as Exaltus lifts Crusade above its head. Exaltus aligns Crusade with the Ark jammer in the air. [b "-Is a reason a loyal dog like you will never be able to understand!"] Azu pours magic into Exaltus's sword, which in doing so causes the blade to bursts with light magic and rapidly grow in size. The blade fights against Crusade's shield as it tries to further pierce the object in its way. The sword then begins to thrust Crusade backwards and up into the air toward the jammer. [b "Now get out of my way, Crusade!"] Azu shouts as the blade of light pushes back Crusade straight into the Ark Jammer itself. Exaltus grips the hilt of its sword more tightly as energy floods from the extending blade. The blade of light then pierces through Crusade's shield and straight into the Ark Jammer.

"You will fall, with this Kingdom Azure Wing!" Crusade shouts in his final moments as the Ark Jammer erupts in a fiery explosion, completely evaporating Crusade along with it.

Exaltus swings its sword out to the side as the blade reverts to its normal state. Exaltus then swings its sword up and sheaths it back into the slot on its back.

[h3 Elsewhere...]

...Lilia looks up at the sight of Crusade's demise. She stares in amazement and shock as the rising blade of light was almost like a sliver of hope that had pierced the dark despair that had befallen the Kingdom upon the orbs arrival. Just then the red magic circle that had appeared over the center of her chest fades from existence. In the next moment, Lilia rests her right hand over the center of her chest and says with a smile, [b "Welcome back Artemis."] Lilia's smile quickly fades as she looks up at the Noble Quarters gates that she hides behind. [i 'The fight isn't over yet. I need to get ready for whatever comes next.'] Lilia thinks to herself. She looks for a patch of grass. One that is a decent size and she rushes over to it. She sits down in the patch of grass in meditative style. She rests her hands on the ground in front of her and closes her eyes as her body begins to emit a faint green glow.

[h3 Back in the War Room...]

... Darnus smiles at the end of the Ark Jammer as everyone in the war room celebrates this most recent victory. [i 'He wasn't kidding about stabbing it,'] Darnus thinks to himself as he pulls a pocket watch out of his left pocket. He looks at the time and chuckles a bit, [i 'Nineteen minutes and fifty three seconds. Seven Seconds early,] Darnus smiles, which quickly turns into a solemn stare. He cuts the celebrations short by smashing his cane into the ground. [b "Listen up everyone, this battle is not over yet. Ark Riders of Radinata!"] Darnus calls out to his Ark Riders through the war room, [b "We have been freed from the enemy's shackles! Now suit up and show our invaders what happens when you intrude upon Radinata!"]

"Sir! We are getting a strange magic reading just outside the Kingdom!" One of the operators reports as his expression turns into one of fear and terror. "Its readings, they are off the charts."

Darnus grits his teeth as he looks at the readings himself. [i 'These readings can't be right. Such a level of magic power can't even be produced by an Ark Rider...'] Darnus feels a weight of fear and despair creep into his heart as he tries to piece together what is about to come knocking on the doors of his Kingdom.

[h3 Outside the Kingdom...]

[pic http://i63.tinypic.com/r7k9vt.jpg]

...a man, dawning a black battle suit and wearing a long black haori over it, stands tall just over the horizon of the hill in front of Radinata. His long black hair hangs down along his back as his left hand rests on the hilt of the katana mounted on his left hip. He opens his eyes as they glow a dark purple. A soldier stands to his left, holding up his hand in salute.

[b "Send in every titan we have. Make sure Radinata knows they will not win this battle,"] The man orders. The soldier nods and runs off as the man watches Radinata still.

"So, the loyal barking dog has been felled, what will you do now, General Dusk?" A woman calls out to the man.

Dusk turns to face a woman who sits on a rock. The woman's beauty could only be described as something of perfection. From head to toe, one could say she had the perfect figure, a beautiful face, and a physique without flaw. A beauty that almost seemed perfectly inhuman. The woman's crimson red hair is long and hangs down past her waistline. Her majestic eyes are as red as the blood that flows through one's veins. The woman sits on the rock with her right elbow propped up on her right knee. She rests her head on the palm of her hand as she stares at Dusk waiting for a response.

[b "Queen,"] Dusk says impassively.

"Such a cold reaction," Queen replies as she chuckles a bit, "Are you annoyed at the fact Radinata is managing to fight back?"

[b "I'll admit they are putting up more of a fight then estimated due to some,"] Dusk pauses for a moment and looks at Radinata, [b "Interference, but in all the same, Radinata will fall just as the others did before."]

"All in the name of the almighty Emperor of 'Eternal Night'." Queens says in a slightly mocking tone.

[b "And will you be joining this battle in name of our Emperor?"] Dusk asks curiously.

"I may be called Queen, but last I recall, I never once said he was [i my] Emperor. You best do well to remember that," Queen replies in a tone as cold as ice.

[b "Then what brings you here other than wasting my time?"]

"I wished to observe the rider of Light, and also see the second part of your current battle plan come to fruition," Queen replies as the two grow silent.

One of the Dakunai soldiers walks up to the conversing two and salutes. "General Dusk, the summoning ritual is almost complete," The soldier reports.

[b "If you'll excuse me Queen, I have other matters to attend to,"] Dusk turns around and walks away from his position to face the force of Dakunai that attack Radinata just beyond its sight. The forces consists of five large black catapult cannons that had launched the pods that carried their forces, and several other soldiers and magitanks that have yet to press an assault. However, behind this line of forces are twenty mages standing around in a circle. The circle they created was a vast one, spreading across the entire field behind the forces. A large red magic circle slowly draws itself out on the ground. Upon completion of the circle, a black hole begins to open and expand from the center of the magic circle until it expands the entire size of the magic circle.

Two dark red eyes pierce the darkness of the magic circle and looks at the light leading to the outside. A low howling growl is heard as the red eyes travel toward the light. From the darkness, a large scaled beast rises. A serpent of massive size, and dark purple scales with a black underbelly. The massive serpent rises and looks down upon those that have awakened it. The serpent releases a piercing roar that causes the skies themselves to tremble.
[pic https://i.pinimg.com/1200x/eb/f7/0c/ebf70c6bf05c7d87e2125a34d4fa360a.jpg]

Dusk who now stands only a hundred yards away from the circle looks up at the large Basliks, that was prepared to attack at any moment. Dusk raises his right hand as a black magic circle appears on the back of his hand. [b "Through the power of Eternal Night, become my servant for as long as the Night lasts!"] Dusk shouts as a black magic circle forms before his right hand. A large chain launches from the magic circle and quickly slithers through the air and wraps itself around the neck of the colossal serpent.

The serpent jerks around and howls as it feels its neck become entangled with a chain of magic. The beasts roars up into the sky as the same magic circle on Dusk's hand appears over the Basilisk's heart. The serpent growls as it looks down at Dusk once again. It lowers its head as it looks upon Dusk silently.

[b "To think, even a Behemoth will bow in the name of the Emperor,"] Dusk says as he looks up at the large beast, [b "Bring Radinata to its knees,"] Dusk orders as he looks into the Basilisk's eyes.

The Basilisk's raises its head and releases a powerful roar before slithering past Dakunai's forces.

Queen watches as the massive snake shoots out from behind her and charges toward Radinata. The woman does not even flinch or react to the Behemoth as it charges by. All she says is, "Now what will the Light Rider do in the face of such adversity?"

[h3 Back at the center of the Kingdom...]

...Exaltus stands, looking outside the broken gates of the Kingdom. Azu chuckles a bit and shakes his head, [b "Hey Partner, is what I am sensing what I think it is?"]

[i 'By these readings, it is safe to assume that is the only possibility.'] AS replies.

[b "Those psychopaths first figure out how to enslave Titans, and now Behemoths? Just when I thought things couldn't get anymore irritating,"] Azu replies with a frustrated sigh.

[i 'Speaking of Titans. I detect several are on their way here. They will arrive a few minutes before the Behemoth.']

[i 'Damn, Radinata will lose the moment that Behemoth arrives.'] Azu thinks to himself. [b "AS, what do you think the King of Radinata's next move will be?"]

[i 'Considering the data we have collected in the past four days, the King of Radinata puts his people before anything else,"] AS explains, [i 'He will most likely take advantage of the absence of the Ark Jammer and have his Ark Riders mount an Aggressive Defense to regain territory."]

[b "So, what's my options concerning the Titans and Behemoth?"] Azu asks slightly hating the answer he expects.

[i 'According to my sensors. There are ten Titans charging forward. Radinata should be able to handle them with its current number of Ark Riders. The next course of action that should be taken-']

[b "-Don't say it,"] Azu interrupts AS as he hangs his head feeling exhausted already just from the thought. He waits a few moment before saying, [b "Why did you go silent?"]

[i 'You told me not to say what I was about to say.'] AS replies.

[b "Yeah, but I need you to say it, or I won't be able to bring myself to do something so stupid and reckless,"] Azu says as he closes his left eye.

[i 'By my speculation, you are always reckless.']

[b "Within reason."]

[i 'Is it possible to be reasonably reckless?']

[b "Stop hitting me with questions I can't answer to my benefit and say my next course of action,"] Azu sighs, [b "Sometimes talking to you is more exhausting than fighting in a war."]

[i 'You are a very complicated one to figure out Azu,'] AS replies in a slightly confused tone.

[b "You aren't the first to tell me that partner,"] Azu says as Exaltus crouches down toward the ground, placing its right hand on the ground.

[i 'As I was saying before. You need to act as a decoy and hold off the Behemoth. Otherwise, Radinata will fall.']

[b "For how long do I have to play chicken with it?"] Azu asks curiously as he looks at his syncro rate which makes its way up to eighty six percent. [i 'Finally got over the threshold.']

[i 'You have to hold it off long enough for Radinata to regain territory and slay the Titans,'] AS explains.

[b "Basically long enough until Radinata's Ark Riders are ready to face it?"] Azu questions as Exaltus's cape begins to glow a faint light.

[i 'Correct,'] AS simply replies.

[b "Oh joy, I definitely should have charged more for this job,"] Azu says as his eyes glow a bit brighter with each passing moment. His pupils thin out and turn into a sharp slits like that of a beast.

[h3 Battle Conditions]

* Arks have been Unlocked

* Titans will be arriving in the next post cycle

* Radinata is driving back enemy forces

* Azu still can’t be reached

[h3 Difference between Exaltus and other Arks]

So, I have shown you guys a lot of Ark related things, but haven't really clarified how Arks work. This knowledge and wisdom I am about to impart basically explains a few minor differences between the usual Ark and Exaltus. This is basically knowledge your characters know but you don’t. So I thought I should inform you guys. Any questions pm me

1. No Ark can talk.

2. All parts of any Ark are mechanically made.

3. The summoning ritual for usual Ark riders is different. They just have to draw their weapon and trigger the summoning. Once done a magic sphere will form around your character and grow three sizes. After the third expansion, your Ark will burst from the sphere.

4. In the cockpit, usual Ark Riders do not get stabbed in the back like Azu did. Also instead of getting a direct feed like Azu, other Ark riders have a magic visor form over their eyes that aligns their sight with their Ark's.

5. The Syncro Drive is something Exclusive to Exaltus. Other Arks have a Full Drive which basically means you can access full power at any time.
Any questions let me know.
  Exaltus / Tyasuke / 217d 17h 2m 47s
Anu had just been brought back to the front line on the southern gate. His wounds had been sealed by his ability of Gold. He had manipulated the plate he had placed upon the street to cover his wounds and make sure they would no longer bleed. The man had stood finally on his own as the black soldiers pushed themselves farther and farther into the lines of soldiers that stood. Pyra held her own in the mass of black armor using her own fire abilities to keep them from coming to close to her. The knights just kept flooding however and it caused more and more of the soldiers to be pushed back, and eventually they were right against the wall even the archers arrows were useless in comparison to the soldiers numbers.

It was the showing of the spear knight that Anu had faced before that made him stand in the way of the gate once again. Sealing it with his power of gold at the door. Looking to the knight Anu drew the blades from around his wrists once again. [#bc6e0b “Pyra Keep the area clear, This man will be dead this time.”] Stepping away from the group itself Anu placed his body between the nightmare knight and the people who were for now under pyra and his command by order of the king. [#bc6e0b “On your guard men while I fight this knight it doesn’t mean that the others will stop coming. Shields to the front, Spears after them, and I want the archers to focus on the men in the back.”]

Anu drew up his weapons up into a battle stance and watched close as the Nightmare knight gave his battle cry again and charged at Anu only to have his weaponry dislodged into the air. It was no matter it seemed however as Anu also lost his rings into the air, and so the pair went into a hand to hand combat fight in which Anu had no advantage. He slowly seeped gold into the armor, but the man only shook it off like it was nothing. Anu became more frustrated with the fact the knight only shook off the gold, but it was an easy thing to overcome.

The knight had gotten the advantage and broken anu’s right leg forcing him to stop all his bouncing around the knight and taking a few blows before Pyra jumped into the fight. Her own battle cry over powering the rally cry from the guards at the gate and the wall to signify that their commander had shown up. Lady Nightly, while not an Ark knight like the royals or Anu she had the presence of one herself.

Pyra had helped Anu get away from the knight. Laughing however Anu rolled his eyes. [#bc6e0b “You never learn do you?”] slipping his hands around his leg and snapping it back into place he winced. The blood soaked his hands was sticky and grim but dry mostly, so the blood had seen raw red to a dark brown. [#bc6e0b “The nightmare knight you would think have learned by now.”] standing up slowly and leaning himself on the own knights spear he just looked to him. [#bc6e0b “You are facing the God of Gold, I am no mere knight that you can face and pound down and expect me to stay down.”]

[#bc6e0b “Lady Pyra I need you to distract the knight while I gather up some power.”] Anu looked at the nightmare knight and his eyes seemed to go from a cool gold tone to the cold steel. The fight went on for quite some time and would only give the soldiers long enough to pause on both sides. The fight had caused a commotion to draw the attention so many people including the long line of knights the enemy was pumping into the front lines.

Moving with the fight anu threw a bit of gold here and there into the fight throwing the liquid. The gold seeped into the armor and farther and farther into the soldier. Nothing to noticeable this time as small pin pricks would be felt if the knight didn’t already have adrenaline pumping through his system from the fighting. [#bc6e0b “Pyra, move I have it fixed. I just need you to heat him up.”] The nightmare knight stood once again frozen the gold swimming around in the nightmare knight’s system. [#bc6e0b “Lady Pyra I need your fire.”]

The great lady had lit up the field of battle in her fire. The bright red encased the group of three soldiers and would swallow up the nightmare knight melting the armor from around him. The knight stopped for a moment letting out a great growl and charging again. [#bc6e0b “Now we have you.”] pointing his fingers at the knight he just shrugged it off. [#bc6e0b “You will die now knight.”] Snapping his fingers the gold within the knight’s system started pushing itself out faster and expanding more like a bubble. The nightmare knight had exploded his blood flew out over his own knights and those of the knights that guarded the door.

[#bc6e0b “That should hold them off a while.”] Anu set to his job and set himself once again between the gate and the soldiers that were coming to face them.
  Anu / Colorful_insanity / 262d 17h 35m 43s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=EB+Garamond]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Taoh's breath ran heavy and hot as he continuously fought back against the waves of soldiers. Taking on so many at once was indeed a struggle but he couldn't allow them to reach Killian, the Prince was doing his best to defeat the Nightmare but it was obvious that it wasn't going to be an easy task. The armored knight was just blocking every attack thrown at him, Killian couldn't do it alone. [b [+red "I'm getting real tired of this shit."]] He said aloud, gripping the hilt of his blade and facing the Nightmare. The fair-skinned male jumped into the air and swung his weapon with a massive amount of force, but just like Killian it only bounced off.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 The male let out a cry of frustration. He, a trained warrior of the Vares Tribe, was being bested by some dude sitting in a suit of armor. He was angry, he wanted this thing dead. [i Now]. Toah's mind was blurred by anger and without much thought he charged again at the Nightmare. However it was ready for him. Before metal met metal the Nightmare raised its hand and grabbed the sword. [b [+red "What the-"]] Taohs words were cut short as he was flung backwards, rolling and skidding across the ground. He slammed into a broken piece of wall, pain shooting up his arm.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Taoh staggered to his feet, dazed and even more upset than before. There was a good chance his arm was broken but the pain was masked by the need to destroy the Nightmare. Before he could charge in like an idiot again Killian spoke over the Magistellia necklace. He grunted, grinning. [b [+red "Never thought I'd hear something like that coming from you."]] This would be tricky as he would have to use his left arm instead of his right to fight.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Taoh picked his sword up from the ground, it felt strange to be using his opposite arm but he would just have to do his best. Using his cockiest tone, he walked out onto the field. [b [+red "Hey tincan, what crawled up your ass today?"]] He asked with a grin. The Nightmare Knight and he went back and forth between dodging and attacking. All of Taoh's hits did nothing but that was alright, he was just meant to keep his attention. He watched out the corner of his eye as Killian went in for the deciding blow and backed up towards the gate when he called for a retreat.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 [b [+red "Hey, I know she's pretty and all but we kind of have more important things to handle."]] He snickered, taking the bloodied in his hand. He stared at the red liquid that dripped from the sharp edge, bringing it to the tip of his tongue. The bitter taste made him frown a bit. Taoh handed Killian back his weapon as a tingling feeling began to take over his body. His skin grew hot to the touch, it was an uncomfortable feeling but he was used to it. The male took a deep breath as he closed his eyes and concentrated. He imagined the blood in the Nightmares veins swirling an boiling, his body pulling and pushing against itself.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 The Nightmare let out a blood-curdling cry, there was no doubt he could feel his body moving on it's own. The more he resisted the more pain he felt. Taoh manipulated the blood within his body, forcing the Nightmare onto it's knees. [i "I need to make this quick..."] he thought, he could already feel the strain of controlling such a large mass. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, forcing the Nightmare Knight to fall. He was pretty much boiling the blood within his body which in turn fried the inside of his body.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 With that the Nightmare Knight was down and defeated. Taoh felt a moment of relief and then a wave of weakness that cause him to wobble a bit. The male steadied himself against the wall but unfortunately there was no time to rest. A second wave of enemies was rushing towards them. [b [+Red "Man...I'm gonna need a nap."]] He muttered, grunting as he pushed himself up to stand next to Killian.]]]
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[font "Lucida Fax" The two warriors were flung backwards as the Nightmare Knight matched their attacks with a counter shove. The blade narrowly missed Killian’s right arm. The prince cursed aloud as he gripped his staff tightly. He stabbed the ground dispersing web fractures through the cobblestone road. Things weren’t looking so good on this end. He couldn’t imagine what the others must be facing. Taoh did his best to vanquish the smaller threats of the invading soldiers, but more were on their way. The location of the Prince would cause a reaction in the enemy forces; soon, they would come for him. He estimated he had three minutes before another wave came.]

[font "Lucida Fax" As for the Nightmare bastard, Killian could hardly inflict damage because of the thick armor. The kinetic energy was redirected across the armor instead of through it. Maybe the back of the armor was a bit more exposed?]

[font "Lucida Fax" Killian leaned more weight on his heels before blinking forward. To the left, to the right, his image was a blur. He appeared in multiple places at once. Suddenly, a clear image focused in as he teleported behind the knight with his staff ready for a strike. He whipped the staff’s edge dead center of the chest piece’s backside. A crack boomed from the impact, but the armor remained unaffected with a tiny dent where the staff landed. The prince paused with a baffled look. He had never seen armor withstand his strikes so easily. How was this possible? Even with everything he had, it wasn’t enough to even scratch an itch!]

[font "Lucida Fax" The Knight turned to the Prince, grabbed him by the face and hurled him back at the Central Gate wall. The prince’s body bounced off the wall and fell to the stone ground. A chilled paused passed before the stone of the gate succumbed to the pressure and depressed where Killian was thrown. Two of Radinata’s finest warriors received more injury by this knight than dealt within a thirty second time-lapse. No matter how fast he was or how strong his attacks were, the Prince of Radinata couldn’t defeat this one enemy. The Nightmare Knight just stood there, mocking him for his failure. That creature, that [i thing], laughed at him.]

[youtube https://youtu.be/lRotnoKeKWg]

[center [font "Lucida Fax" Now, Killian was angry.]]

[font "Lucida Fax" This Emperor thought he could just come into Killian’s home with his big guns and brazen soldiers and take whatever he wanted. His men invaded Radinata, threatened Killian’s family, frightened his people, ruined his home, took away their main defenses, and still they kept coming. Dakunai thought they could waltz in here and take whatever they wanted. He would show them why Radinata was not a kingdom to fucked with. This was one kingdom Dakunai could not consume. They may have forced them into a vulnerable position, but that did not mean the people themselves were without power. Prince Killian would prove that King Darnus did not raise whimpering fools.]

[font "Lucida Fax" Killian staggered to his feet, fought off the dizziness, and took a pained deep breath. He spat out the copper taste on his tongue in front of the Knight that waited boastfully him. His left arm wrapped around his waist as he grunted. He guessed that he had broken ribs near the spine. The back of his white head was splurged with dots of red. He might have a concussion at this point, but it wouldn’t be the first time. His quick analysis of his condition was still mostly fit for combat, but not for very long.]

[font "Lucida Fax" He looked over to Taoh, whom was also recovering from another brutal hit. The sword-wielder could only do so much from his end. If Killian’s staff wasn’t doing much damage, then Taoh’s sword couldn’t either. At least, not in the large part of the armor. Perhaps if there was a smaller blade that could get in the gaps of the armor and somehow cut the straps holding the armor together, then more weak points could be revealed. Remembering Taoh’s particularly unique ability, this Nightmare Knight could be defeated if the two Radinatians could get the creature to bleed, [i if] it could bleed at all. Just one drop of blood could get this tank to bend to Taoh’s will. All Killian had to do was scratch him, then, checkmate.]

[font "Lucida Fax" The prince held his staff in both hands, holding it aloft by the center metal piece. His hands twisted in opposite directions, the staff’s edges protruded two razor sharp blades. These extensions were small and pointed but were perfect for getting into narrow cracks in armor. They were fragile against tough plate armor, so Killian would have to be precise in his strikes. One wrong move would ruin Killian’s chances of defeating this beast.]

[font "Lucida Fax" With a plan forming in his head, Killian reached for his Magistellia necklace and whispered into it. [b [#000080 “Taoh, I need you to keep this bastard distracted while I try to get some of it’s blood. Think you can do that?”]] The prince was met with one of Taoh’s classic snarky comments, but the royal’s command was understood. Soon, the pale warrior dashed forward with his sword spinning wildly like a tempestuous wind. The Knight raised its great sword to block Taoh’s fierce strikes. The sword bounced off the heavy plate armor easily. The Knight raised up his great sword struck down at Taoh. The black-haired man was quick on his feet and disengaged backwards. He was quick and nimble while the Knight’s movements are slow yet powerful. Killian would have to act now before matters get worse.]

[font "Lucida Fax" Mustering up as much strength as he could, the prince darted towards the invading enemy, building up speed. His staff resting on the back of his left arm, waiting to be used. The knight turned to see Killian run up to him but was distracted by the clanging of Taoh’s sword against the helmet and chest piece. As the black-armored foe swung at Taoh again, Killian blinked from sight to appear right behind the Knight. His staff held in both as he looked for a gap in the armor. He could spot an opening underneath the shoulder plate between the back-armor piece and the front chest piece were strapped together. Before Killian could strike, the large sword slashed towards him. The prince redirected his weapon to block to strike, but the impact sent him skidding across the cobblestone road. He nearly lost his balance, but he pressed forward, the knight now keeping his focus on the both of them. The great sword swung at Killian again, however, he ducked underneath he blade by sliding on his knees. Now that he was under the knight’s arm, He raise the bladed staff upward the jabbed it in the soft fleshy bit of the Knight’s armpit.]

[font "Lucida Fax" At last! The creature can bleed! [b [#000080 “Retreat!”]] Prince Killian shouted as he dashed towards the gate. Once Taoh touched the blood of the knight, he would have full control of him. That was the only way to hurt this guy. They would both have to regroup so that Taoh would have time to consume the blood.]

[font "Lucida Fax" As Killian dashed towards the gate, he hear a familiar voice. It had been a year since he heard it last. It was a call of hope in the bleak darkness. He looked up confused to see Lilia shout a command and dive to the bottom of the Central Gate. As she landed, a wall of thorns sprouted from the ground to completely block the Central Gate entrance. Killian found himself smiling despite the grim moment of the kingdom. Lilia was back. She knew that her home needed her again. It had certainly been a while since he saw her.]

[font "Lucida Fax" Taoh’s voice snapped the prince back to the present. [b [#000080 “Here,”]] Killian said as he raised the bloodied blade up to Taoh, [b [#000080 “make him suffer.”]] he grinned at his friend, knowing full well what Taoh was capable of.]

[font "Lucida Fax" As the blood user worked his magic, Prince Killian looked up to see the two Arks battle over the fate of Radinata. He couldn’t help but feel inadequate comparatively. Some stranger could miraculously summon his Ark to fight a battle that he wasn’t a part of. As the two giants fought in the streets, Killian worried over the future events that had yet to take place.]

[font "Lucida Fax" With the Nightmare Knight finally defeated, Killian raised his staff in victory. Unfortunately, the feeling was short lived as the second wave of enemies roared from the buildings in front of them. The prince cursed but held his ground. The fight wasn’t over yet, that was all he needed to be concerned with for now.]
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Sera's confident stride continued until she was within a couple hundred yards of the ballista. It moved past its confusion and started firing in a close pattern against her. Whether it moved past its confusion by realizing that the closer proximity would limit her accuracy in redirection, or whether it was because of some semblance of fear she did not know. Either way it was not a change of circumstances that she enjoyed.

Given the distances involved Sera was not confident enough in her skills to make use of the bolts against the allies of the ballista, but she was still skilled enough to keep herself out of harms way long enough to close the gap. Her last step was a lunge that distorted space allowing her to land two clean blows before the next bolt could be fired. Just as before she followed through to guarantee that there was no risk of the ballista getting up again.

It did not take long for her to discover why the ballista had changed tactics though as she noticed the soldiers scaling the building. The ballista was just bait at that point to lure her to an isolated area to make it easier for their human wave tactics to take her out. Something that was easy for her to deduce from their disturbing whispers of the word [I princess]. Despite her full covering it seemed that just the one shout of her name was enough for them to identify her as one of their primary targets.

The twelve that stood on the rooftop with her now were positioned like numbers on a clock at the edges. Those at the position of even numbers were armed with crossbows; while those at the position of odd numbers wielded spears and shields. It seemed they learned their lesson from watching her redirect the bolts earlier and were going to test to see how many distortions she could create at once.

A front snap kick extended through space sent the arbalist at her twelve to the ground. Followed by a spatially extended donkey kick that sent the arbalist at her six over the edge. Their counterattack was swift and formed through the trajectories of four bolts aimed at her vitals. Despite her skill she was only able to render them glancing blows and not an attack of her own.

Sera's next step placed her next to the arbalister at her ten as she stabbed her right blade through his throat. A followup swing and manipulation of space decapitated the spearman to her right. While a donkey kick and reduction of space sent the arbalister that had been at her four to the streets below. The spearman to her left was quick on the uptake, but after they traded blows she had at worst a broken rib to his fatal neck wound.

This time their counterattack was easy to redirect in comparison as she forced the last two arbalisters to take each other out of the fight. That left her with just four spearmen to deal with, but they showed none of the hesitation that Sera would have expected after her fight with the ballsitae. They were quick to change tactics into a small phalanx formation at the center of the rooftop.

While they were adapting to her well they still had yet to realize the weakness of her technique, or if they did they had yet to show that they could capitalize on it. Still the phalanx formation was an intelligent move in that it prevented her from just knocking them over the edge. Unfortunately for them it did nothing to prevent her from warping space with her weapons to slit their throats. An act that came more easily to her than she would have liked thanks to Rose's efforts.

After the fight Sera did a quick check of the situation to confirm that all of the ones that had fallen were dead. The two that survived the fall she made sure to put down using the crossbows that the ones on the rooftop no longer needed. She would have to preserve her energy, especially as she noticed more of Dakunai's forces surrounding the building. Even going so far as to step over the corpses of their fallen allies to get to her.

It reminded her of a story that she had heard about the Legion. That they were so well known for their bravery because after facing Rose there was nothing on the battlefield that scared them anymore. She had first thought that it was just a story that they told to scare recruits, but after having experienced it firsthand she realized there was some truth to it.

The willingness of the soldiers to continue to fight even as they surely realized that they were just fodder made her wonder if they were even human. Despite it being her first battlefield she found herself surprisingly comfortable with slaughtering them by the dozen, but even seeing their fallen allies they continued their attacks. A frighteningly successful use of the human wave attack if they were in fact just courageous or coerced humans.

While they had yet to deal her a serious blow it was only a matter of time if their forces were as endless as they seemed to be. The continued fighting would exhaust her, the smaller injuries that she had collected would slow her down, and eventually she would be unable to carry on. She recognized the tactic though and was the best equipped to counter it thanks to her element.

They had gifted her a good crossbow, a goat's foot lever to go with it, and several dozen bolts. All on top of a tall building that gave her the advantage of the high ground. If they were going to try to take her head she was not about to make it easy on them even if it meant making use of their own weaponry against them.

One benefit provided to her by her position on the high ground was that she could see that Laike had taken charge as instructed. He had even noticed the change in their tactics once they recognized her as one of the princesses of Radinata. The fact that he caught on so quick and was rallying the guards to make use of the opening proved she was right to choose him for the job. The sight left her feeling a bit uneasy as she noticed just how many of them were coming for her, as it made her wonder just how the forces at the Central Gate had reacted to her siblings.

The appearance of another soldier behind her brought her out of her head though, and with a bolt to their face added another notch to her kill count. It did little to better her mood though as she quickly reloaded her crossbow. Her kill count had grown quite a lot more than she had expected for her lifetime to be honest, and it made her wonder if it was the Dakunai forces that were inhuman or herself.

There was no time for her to philosophize about the inhumanities of war though as she had a very real threat in front of her. Whether she was a monster for being so easily capable of killing these soldiers did not matter in the moment, as they were just as willing to kill her as she was to kill them. She could figure out what this meant for herself after she made sure that there was no more immediate risk to the country that she called her home.
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Lilia lands on the roof of another building panting a bit as she resumes her battle with the Nightmare Ballistas. Her two mismatched opponents prowl on two adjacent buildings on each side of Lilia. They stared at her as if they are hunting some delicious prey. The Ballistas are starting to act more cautious. They are completely aware that Lilia is able to match them in a match of long range ability. Now the three long range fighters sit and wait to see if they can find an opening in their corresponding opponents.

Lilia aims at the Ballista to her left and fires off an arrow. The Ballista counters the arrow with a shot of its own and quickly follows up the first shot with a second. Lilia dive rolls under the incoming arrows and assumes a kneeling position. She fires off another arrow and pivots up off the ground and onto her feet. She faces the second Ballista which has already fired off its own set of rounds. Lilia uses her eyes to discern which arrow is closing in the fastest. She rapidly fires off a series of arrows, which takes out each of the Ballista’s arrows.

[i ‘This is going to be never ending at this rate,’] Lilia thinks to herself. Yet, the moment she has this thought is the moment before she hears a familiar voice call out her name. Sera had quickly made her way to where Lilia was. Lilia easily caught on to what was going through the Princess’s mind. She aims her bow at a building that headed in the direction of Rose and the Nightmare Knight. She pulls out an arrow from her quiver and fires the arrow. The arrow fires forward as a long vine that remains attached to the bow. The vine arrow yanks Lilia forward, clearing the way for Sera to take over the Ballista fight.

Lilia glides through the air above Rose and the Nightmare Knight. She takes out an arrow from her quiver and aims it at Alanna. She fires off the arrow as it impales the ground by Alanna. A dome of vines sprouts up from the ground and forms a barrier around the downed Ark Rider. The dome would not vanish until someone with the intention to help Alanna arrives. Lilia lands on the ground and runs towards Rose and the Knight. She holds her bow sideways as she begins to rapidly draw out arrows from her quiver. She fires the arrows, yet none of them hit the Knight. Instead they sink into the ground by the Knight’s feet.

[b “Binding Vine!”] Lilia shouts as she smashes her left palm to the ground and a pulse of green mana travels along the ground. Vines rip from the ground by the Knight’s feet and coil around the Knight’s limps like a cluster of snakes. The vines pull down on the Knight’ limps trying to restraint the armored foe to the ground. The vines did not have the strength to fully bind the knight, but they were strong enough to at least create an opening for Rose to get a decent hit in.

Lilia wanted to stay and help Rose, but she noticed a bigger problem while fighting on the rooftops. The enemy has started navigating their way through the alleyways of the city, circumventing the Kingdom’s defense on the main roads. Lilia fires another hook shot arrow and uses a series of hook shots to fling herself through the air until she finally lands on top of the Central Gate of the Noble Quarter.

A green aura forms around Lilia as she focuses as much magic as she can into her quiver. Three green arrows begin to sprout from the holes of the quiver, and once fully formed, unlike the other arrows in the quiver resume to glow a bright green. She sets all three of the unique arrows and aims up into the sky. She fires off all three arrows at once, sending the arrows high into the sky before they descend into the ground just in front of each gate. Lilia mounts her bow onto her back as the green aura around her increases in power. All the mana flowing through her is focused into her hands as she shouts, [b “Nature, hear my call and grow!”] Lilia jumps off the Central Gate and descends to the ground. She slams both hands onto the ground upon her landing as a pulse of green energy washes out over the ground.

Following the green energy, three large stems sprout from the ground in front of each gate. They spawn bulbs which quickly blossom to reveal large eyes at the center of large roses. Vines creep up the sides of each gate and begin to form a spider web of vines that protect the entrance of each gate. The rose’s eyes follow anyone who approaches the gate. Any enemy who got too close to the flowers would be met with a large vine that would spring from the ground and attack without mercy.

Lilia pants as she kneels down on her right knee. She feels a massive amount of fatigue come over her. [i ‘I normally only summon one of these without my Ark. Three really took its toll.’] Lilia’s thoughts are cut off as she hears a loud smash and feels the earth beneath her feet shake. She looks up to see an entirely new Ark has appeared. An Ark that shines even amongst the foreboding darkness that has come over Radinata.

“Lady Lilia!” A Medic soldier shouts from behind as he rushes toward Lilia.

Lilia is hesitant to look away from the new Ark, but does to look at the Medic. [i ‘No time to be distracted. I have to withdraw and recover some mana.’] Lilia thinks to herself as she leaves the battlefield with the medic.

[h3 The new Ark…]

...silently stands there not making a sound. Its eyes are dark and hollow, showing no signs of life.

Crusade stares at his new opponent. “Not going to move? After all that talk, and bravado. You may have summoned your Ark, but it seems the Ark still does not function under the effects of the Jammer!” Crusade mocks in a booming voice.

Within the Ark itself, Azu remains suspended with his arms and legs held out to the sides in an x like fashion. His limbs are encased in metallic cylinders that have many vein like pathways of magic running through them. Azu’s head hangs as he remains still and lifeless. Behind Azu a metallic pole extends forward. At the end of the pole stretches a long blade that has a similar appearance to that of Azu’s sword. The metal pole extends forward as it begins to impale Azu’s back with the sword. Azu’s head jerks back as he grits his teeth. However, no matter how far the blade sunk into his back, it never pierces through his chest. Instead, the each segment of the blade turns into mana that flows into Azu the moment it enters him. Once the sword has fully impaled Azu, his head hangs back down as his body returns to a lifeless state.

Meanwhile. Crusade's Ark swings its sword out to the side as he shouts, “I Crusade, will now execute the one who calls himself Azure Wing! Your crime is that of treason against the Emperor himself!” Crusade howls as his Ark charges forward toward Exaltus. “Repent with your life!” Crusade swings its sword down toward Exaltus’s head.

Azu’s eyes shoot open to reveal that the irises of his eyes glow a light blue, and at the same moment Exaltus’s hollow eyes glow a bright blue. Exaltus’s right hand shoots up and catches the left wrist of Crusade, stopping the sword from descending upon his own head. [b “Sorry to bust your moment Crusade, but my Ark is functioning perfectly. Just,”] Exaltus squeezes Crusade’s wrist tightly before drawing back his left fist, [b “My Ark is an older model, so it takes longer to start up!”] Azu shouts as Exaltus thrust his left fist forward and smashes his fist into Crusade’s shield, forcing Crusade to slide backwards a few feet.

[i [b “All systems functioning normally Azu. Syncro Rate at 74%.”]]

[b “Good to hear Exaltus. Wasn’t really sure how things would turn out with that Jammer above our heads,”] Azu replies as Exaltus stands there waiting for Crusade to react to the functioning Exaltus.

“It seems fortune smiles upon you on this day treasonous thief,” says Crusade as his Ark slashes its sword out to the side.

[b “I really need to get you guys a dictionary so you can see what ‘thief’ and ‘betrayal’ actually mean,”] Azu says as Exaltus reaches back and grabs the hilt that is mounted on the right side of his back. Exaltus draws the lone hilt forwardard, and as the hilt is drawn, light energy hovers around the hilt and a blade manifests as the hilt is drawn forward from the slot if rests in. Exaltus swings the newly formed sword out to the side as he looks at Crusade’s glowing green eyes.

Crusade charges forward, with one loud thunderous step after another. "It is time for the final feather of the Wings of Azure to be plucked!" Crusade shouts as it jumps up into the air and descends upon Exaltus.

Exaltus slashes his sword straight up parrying Crusade's sword. Crusade follows its parried blade with a thrust forward of his shield. Exaltus uses his left arm to block the incoming strike. Azu flinches as Exaltus slides backwards a few feet. Crusade follows through with a thrust of its sword toward Exaltus's chest. Exaltus once again parrys the blade with his own and follows up with a left hook.

[i [b ‘Syncro Rate at 78%.”]] Exaltus informs Azu.

Crusade raises its shield up and blocks the incoming fist. The impact causes an explosion of force as the two lock gazes for a brief moment. Crusade swings its sword horizontally forward toward Exaltus’s neck. Exaltus rolls back avoiding the sword and returns to his feet. Crusade chases after Exaltus and swings its sword down at Exaltus. Exaltus assumes a kneeling position on his right knee. He then holds his sword above himself horizontally as Crusade’s sword smashes into his own.

“Do you not see how hopeless your endeavor is?” Crusade says as he has his Ark exert more strength while pushing down against Exaltus’s sword. “You know better than these foolish Radinatians, the full power of his majesty. You know that their struggle is pointless.”

[b [i ‘Syncro Rate: 81%’,]] says Exaltus.

[b “Rule seven. No struggle is pointless until you give in!”] Azu shouts out as a surge of strength allows Exaltus to push up against Crusade’s sword. The sudden increase in Exaltus’s strength catches Crusade off guard, causing the black Ark to stumble backwards a few steps. Exaltus quickly rises to his feet as his left hand glows a faint light. He thrusts his left hand forward and fires off a blast of light that explodes into Crusade. The giant Ark is sent flying backwards toppling through a few buildings. The buildings fall around Crusade creating a cloud of dust that hides the black Ark as Exaltus stands at the ready for his opponent.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=EB+Garamond]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jE1hWmvpTlE]]
[center [EB+Garamond [size15 [b [+Red "Come on now guys, surely you can fight better than that?"]] The witty male called out, ducking as a guy attempted to tackle him. Taoh shifted position and his feet crossed. He spun on his left foot sending the right up and out, catching his opponent squarely in the jaw. In one fluid motion, he spun and jabbed a guy in the chest with the hilt of his sword. Two more charged from behind.]]]
[center [EB+Garamond [size15 [i Idiots.] He flipped into the air and landed easily behind them. Spinning on his left foot, Taoh used his right to sweep their feet out from under them. With a swift kick to the face, they were rendered unconscious. [b [+red "Gotta be quicker than that."]]]]]
[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Taoh had lost count at how many men had fallen to his blade, though, looking behind gave him a pretty good idea. Just beyond the line of dead soldiers Taoh spotted Killian. While behind in kills, the prince was holding his own. The fair-haired male was his closest friend, and he was proud to call him as such. He grinned as he turned to face the next wave of enemies that dared to face him.]]]
[center [EB+Garamond [size15 The ground shook as a new foe entered the fight. A large knight that immediately went for Killian. While Taoh wanted to go help he knew that these small fries were going to be a problem as well. "Well, let’s get this over with." He grumbled, cracking his neck and gripping his trusted sword tightly. With determination, the male ran at the endless sea of soldiers. He dashed in and out of the throng of men, spinning his sword high and low. He sliced through them, cutting them down like the spineless fools they were. The blood that covered him was sticky and wet, yet he paid no mind to it as the only thought driving him was to protect his home and the people within it.]]]
[center [EB+Garamond [size15 [b [+red "Gah!"]] The male cried out as she was knocked backwards, sliding to a stop. He flung himself forwards, feinting to the left only to swing his blade from the right, exterminating the bug that was able to get a hit on him. His breath ran hot and the blood that trickled into his eyes stung. A good portion of the soldiers were now dead on the ground. He was so focused on getting rid of the rest of them that he almost didn't hear Killian calling out to him.]]]
  [ᴛᴀᴏʜ] / Namida / 332d 12h 41m 13s
[youtube https://youtu.be/5Ic44g2X4bQ]

[font "Lucida Fax" [i Thirty-four.]]

[font "Lucida Fax" [center [i Thirty-five.]]]

[font "Lucida Fax" [right [i Shit!]]]

[font "Lucida Fax" [right [i Thirty-six.]]]

[font "Lucida Fax" The prince counted out the enemies as he made them drop one after the other. Still, the number of those that remained seemed endless. The smell of copper fumigated the air until he was choking on dead men’s blood. Clashing blades and explosive magic erupted all around him. The sight of corpses littered the streets and rising smoke teared at his eyes. The heat of his own sweat is the only thing he could feel along with the numbness that came with each kill. His own hands shook uncontrollably as he felt his lungs burst with fire. The Prince wasn’t sure how much longer he and his men could continue. He could see their spirits leaving them. He had to keep fighting, if not for his men, then for his home.]

[font "Lucida Fax" He lunged forward and spun his staff, and in a flurry of movements, eliminated three more soldiers.]

[font "Lucida Fax" [i Thirty-nine.]]

[font "Lucida Fax" The sense of triumph was temporary but welcomed, and his number of kills quickly grew. Prince Killian looked down along the path to see how the new ally was fairing. The young mercenary that was once posted further up the path had disappeared, but not without a trail of bloody bodies in his wake. This display of overwhelming power easily out shone Killian’s feats on the current battlefield. He simply scoffed and muttered, [b [#000080 “Show off.”]]]

[font "Lucida Fax" A sudden quake on the battlefield disrupted every allied force of Radinata. A new challenger appeared as the Nightmare Knight charged forward from behind the enemy’s front lines. The Knight swung his broadsword high above his head with ease and brought it down toward Killian’s head.]

[font "Lucida Fax" The Prince barely had time to back step, however, and the large opponent easily flicked his sword upward to slash at Killian’s chest. The Prince lifted his staff to block the blow as he was sent skidding backwards along the cobblestone road. He held up his staff above his head to block the blade that descended toward him. The immense weight of the blade caused the prince to stagger in his stance. Before the blade could crush him into the ground, he tilted his staff to redirect the blade into the ground. He back stepped again with a smirk on his lips as he lunged toward the Knight.]

[font "Lucida Fax" Once in melee range, Killian swiftly pivoted to the right while his staff was dragged through the ground. He ripped his staff out and smashed it into the Knight’s left side as a burst of force rippled on impact. An explosion of dust clouded over, obscuring the Knight’s presence. The Prince created some distance as he waited for the dust to clear. [i Got ‘em.] He thought.]

[font "Lucida Fax" A loud howl echoed from the dust screen as it suddenly dispersed. The Nightmare Knight stepped forward with only a small chink in the armor from the immense impact. The Knight raised his sword up above his head and the sword split into different segments. The weapon cracked down on the cobblestone floor like a metal whip. Killian’s eyes went wide at the sudden change of tactics. [i Dammit. That’s cool.] He thought. The monstrous warrior swung the chain sword around once before it lashed forward at the Prince.]

[font "Lucida Fax" Prince Killian held his staff up to block the strike, yet the strength of the attack lifted Killian off his feet and slammed him into the side of a building. Killian tasted copper on his tongue and teeth as he staggered to a readied position. The chain blade slithered back to its owner. Killian gripped his staff tightly as he glared at the Knight. [i I can’t defeat this guy on my own. He’s practically immune to my kinetic attacks.] The Prince huffed as he tried to examine the armor for any weaknesses.]

[font "Lucida Fax" In that moment, a new Ark appeared out of nowhere. An Ark that shined despite the darkness that surrounded it. It is obvious who summoned the Ark. The Prince huffed with a slight smirk on his face. [i Impressive, kid.] He thought as the grip on his staff tightened. His bright blue eyes locked onto the Nightmare Knight before him. There was no way Killian could take on this guy by himself. [b [#000080 “Taoh!”]] He shouted to the sickly pale man a few meters away. [b [#000080 “Cover me!”]]]

[font "Lucida Fax" [#ff0000 “With what?!”] The man shouted in a reply.]

[font "Lucida Fax" Killian, frustrated at his bodyguard, yelled over the constant noises of battle, [b [#000080 “Just cover me!”]] Prince Killian wasted no time dashing forward as he and Taoh attacked the Knight in unison.]
  The Prince / JakefromStateFarm / 359d 18h 38m 54s
While this was not her first time in a life or death situation it was what she would consider her first battlefield. After being on it for a while the one thing she realized she was least prepared for was the smell. The nauseating stench of death that surrounded her and was almost thick enough to cut. She had dealt with the smell of death before, the smell of waste before, but this was by far the most overpowering odor she had ever experienced and it was only getting worse as the battle carried on.

The smell of the corpses was bad enough, but the sight of them did her no better as she slit the throat of another Dakunai soldier. Still she stood tall through all of the various assaults on her senses as the guards around her motivated her to stand her ground. They needed her to be strong to give them the confidence needed to hold the line, and the thoughts of what could happen if they failed were more than enough motivation to provide her that strength.

All the strength in the world though could not prepare her for the sight of her trusted guard being flung through the sky like a child's doll. Nor could it have prepared her for the angriest words she had ever heard from her mentor. The violence that she then unleashed made Sera wonder if she was so protective of all of her students, or if there was something special about Alanna. Either way seeing Rose go all out was plenty enough to get her mind back in the battle just in time to avoid a direct hit from one of Dakunai's forces.

A quick stab to her left dropped the soldier that managed to bruise her arm. Followed by a slash at her right that sent a helmeted head rolling. [b “Nash, Mia tend to Alanna!”] Seraphina ordered as she kicked another soldier out of her way. [b “Laike take charge!”]

Nash and Mia were both young, but they had shown enough promise that they had made it on Sera's radar when she was looking at potential replacements for Matteus. Laike on the other hand was the most veteran of the guards that she could identify, and would be her personal choice for Matteus' replacement. There was no better guard in the North to take charge of the situation in her absence.

With Rose dealing with the monstrous knight in front of them, Alanna out of commission, and Lilia tied up with an enemy ill suited to her Sera saw a need to change tactics to turn the tide of battle. Striding forward Sera severed another throat with a quick slash from her right, and impaled another face with a thrust from her left. The growing number of bodies of Dakunai soldiers would have to make up for her lack of presence on the ground as she made her way forward.

[b “Lilia switch!”] Seraphina yelled just a moment before reducing the space between her and the rooftop Lilia was standing on. While this was their first time fighting together like this; it was far from their first time working together and so Lilia caught on to Sera's plans quick. Allowing the two to trade places and take on the opponents that they were best equipped to fight.

Thanks to Lilia's speed with her bow she was capable of taking out a dozen soldiers in the time it took Sera to deal with a handful of them. Meanwhile Sera's abilities made her uniquely suited to deal with the long range tactics of the monstrous ballistae. By allowing them both the freedom needed to do what they do best they would have a much easier time turning the tide of the battle in their favor. Something that would be necessary for her to have any hope of sending reinforcements to the Central Gate.

The sudden change caused a momentary hesitation on the part of the ballistae as they seemed to debate whether to track Lilia, or whether to change their target to the more heavily armored Sera. Their hesitation did not last long though as they turned on Sera quickly once she started moving to approach one. Even as their first volley of bolts came though Sera continued forward making subtle use of her abilities to dodge the bolts by slim margins.

She had to keep them focused on her as long as possible for her plan to work, and more importantly for her to keep her allies safe from the ballistae. Still she made sure to dodge them subtly to continue to bait them to attack her as she made it to the rooftop closest to the ballista nearest the guards. A quick step allowed her to dodge two more bolts as she got close enough to put her plan into action.

With a warping of space Sera angled the next incoming bolt from the farthest ballista at its sibling and at the same time took a warped step forward that brought her into close quarters with it. The piercing bolt and two rapid sword swings dropped the ballista down. A swift series of follow up swings made sure that it would stay down before Sera stepped over its corpse to prepare to face down its twin.

The sight of its sibling's death caused the ballista to wail as it launched a series of bolts at Sera. Her reaction to the danger was quick though as she warped space to redirect them at the Dakunai forces below. Using its bolts Sera was able to skewer about a dozen more troops before the ballista ceased fire upon seeing the results.

Given the apparent ease with which she was able to turn its attacks into not so friendly fire the ballista hesitated once again. It could change targets, but there was no guarantee that Sera's abilities did not extend far enough to still be of value. Of course given her position it was also easily possible that she could get close enough if her abilities lacked the requisite range. Analyzing the situation at hand it skittered back and forth a moment as it seemed to cycle through its options.

Its confusion was a welcome sight for Sera as it gave her a moment to breathe. While she had done well thus far her stamina was going to be tested from the ongoing combat and the extensive use of her abilities. So since the ballista was hesitating she took the opportunity to switch to a more relaxed gait as she strode forward. Benefits from the change were twofold as it would serve to help her keep her feet beneath her, as well as show a confidence that could serve to inspire the guards below.
  Seraphina / Tesla / 1y 19d 23h 39m 32s
Rose noticed the influx of additional enemy troops that came in running. But this did not worry her not one bit, for she knew that along with Alanna, Sera, and all the guards would be able to take care of all the enemy soldiers.

While running towards the mass of enemy soldiers, Rose felt something off. Along with the fact that there were plenty lifeless sets of armour lying on the field, the enemy soldiers weren't exactly paying attention to the task of taking the North Gate.

Rose afforded a quick glance around, attempting to find the answer to this mystery.

She could only let out a quick, minuscule smile as she spotted a dark clothed figure with a bow. That would be Lilia, a person who had been taken off the streets and had been raised along with Ikana, Sera, and Killian. Lilia had shown proficiency the bow, and so had been taught and evetually became a guard of the Queen. Until Lilia had vanished, never to be seen again. Until today that is.

Just as she and Alanna reached the closest soldiers, Rose heard Sera charging in. Rose could not look at how her student fought, so she had no idea of how Sera fought. But based on the movement of the Radinata guards who rushed forwards after Sera's command, Sera had shown the guards that she knew how to fight. Even if the soldiers did not know that the armoured individual was in fact one of their princesses.

The enemy soldiers who ran were not pursued. They were either picked off by random archers with an arrow to the back, or were allowed to run. It definitely would have been agreeable to pursue them, but with no knowledge of the enemy dispositions that would lead to useless lives lost.

It then quieted down. There were sounds of fighting, but they were distant; it seemed the Central and Southern Gates were still fighting of the attacks,but fighting well since the sound did not creep not one step closer.

The guards at the Northern Gate used this time to reorganize and strengthen their defensive positions. Rose learned that the Northern Gate commander Lord Matteus had never even arrived here. All of his orders had come from wherever his fat ass was sitting, somewhere safe. Rose, seething in rage, knew she would be having a word with King Darnus about finding a replacement for this lazy fatass.

But then a figure approached. A 'clank' followed by a 'clank', a never ending symphony of steady clanks.

Rose mentally cursed upon seeing the source of this clanking. It was a Nightmare Knight. These were no opponents you could sneeze that unlike the regular enemy foot soldiers. These were tough as nails opponents, they knew how fight offensively and defensively.

Rose looked at Alanna, who looked back at her. There was an instantaneous agreement of the course of action.

Both Rose and Alanna stepped forwards, their weapons and posture defensive. The knight in front wielded two single handed axes. With Alanna's longer reach of a weapon, Rose would keep the knight's axes occupied while Alanna would use the longer reach of the polearm to land jabs and swings at the knight.

The knight charged both of them. Rose let Alanna slow down the knight's charge by extending her polearm forwards. As the knight slowed down and started to take a more diagonal approach Rose lashed out, attempting to keep with the plan.

But the plan soon showed its flaws, for it relied on the knight using both his axes to be engaged with both of Rose's swords. The knight managed to keep both of Rose's swords occupied with one axe, which allowed the knight to use the other axe to ward off Alanna's polearm.

This could not continue for long, for the knight would figure out how to defeat both of them.

But then the unexpected happen.

[center /--|--/]

Alanna once again extended her polearm, this time extending it downwards to experiment. And then it wasn't in her arms, the long wooden handle of the polearm being jerked out of her hands.

Less than a second later Alanna felt an impact against her stomach which drove the air out of her lungs. She was left stunned, breathless, and stuck while she recovered her breath.

She heard metal clash against metal, before the knight rushed her and knocked her into the air. Alanna flew backwards a short distance and hit the ground hard. The whole world began to ring as it blurred and slowly began to darken. Alanna attempted to move, but her body did not respond. She tried one more time before she fell unconscious on the hard stone ground.

[center /--|--/]

Rose cursed as both of her swords managed to get occupied by the knight's axe, forcing her to step back lest the knight disarmed her.

But this curse was nowhere near to the curse Rose had when she saw the knight use that opportunity to use Alanna's polearm against Alanna, and then throwing Alanna. The smack that was heard from Alanna's body hitting the ground made Rose shiver.

[+red "SERA, make sure Alanna is alright. I'll take of this FUCKING ASSHOLE!"] That, that was the fucking last god damn straw. No one harmed her daughter, and the knight would understand that in the most bloodiest manner possible.

Rose sheathed her swords, and tossed the swordbelt backwards. She picked up Alanna's polearm, no better weapon to dismember that fucking asshole than with Alanna's own weapon.

And then Rose lashed out with speed and agility not seen before. She was hellbent on killing the knight. And if that meant smacking it around with the butt end of the polearm, then so be it!
  Alanna / NorthernWolves / 1y 22d 12h 57m 33s

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