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[i The world was at one time ruled by monsters known as Behemoths. These forces of nature ravaged the lands and spread death and destruction to where ever they traveled. All the Kingdoms across the land were at the mercy of the whims of Behemoths.

After a century of hopelessness, the Kingdoms of the lands joined together in a last ditch effort to find a way to fight back against the Behemoths.

Their combined efforts eventually gave birth to Arcane Raiment Knights or Arks for short. Arks are large armored suits imbued with powerful magic. These armored suits allowed the Kingdoms to fight back against the Behemoths. After a decade of fighting, all the Behemoths have been put to rest and the Kingdoms ruled the lands once more.

That is the origin story of Arks. It is a thousand year old story. No one knows if that story is true or not, but it is known that Arks have been around for a thousand years and they still hold mysteries that remain unanswered. However, that does not stop Kingdoms from using these very Arks for their own desires. One particular Kingdom has decided to use these Arks to dominate all that oppose them...

The Dakunai Empire. Dakunai travels Westward, taking over Kingdom after Kingdom. Their next target is a small, but prosperous Kingdom known as Radinata....]

[h3 Rules]

1. Basic ES rules

2. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE AVAILABLE AND ARE DRIVEN TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE RP. I'm tired of people joining the rps I work hard on, only to flake out on me 3 posts in. I am looking for hardcore rpers who knows what it means to be a good rper. Only join if you like to write and will make time to rp. Please do not join on a whim. That is all I ask.

3. Anime or Art pics only please


5. Also, please don't forget to communicate with me. If an issue arises or you have a question, pm me. My pm box is always open and I am always willing to help. Don't just sit there and suffer in silence >_>.

6. Just FYI. I want you guys to have fun. Just, I want to have fun too. Otherwise enjoy ^_^

[h3 Posting Requirements]

I don't ask for much. I just want you to put in the same amount of effort as your fellow rpers. I do however ask for AT LEAST 3 GOOD QUALITY PARAGRAPHS. See? Not much >.>

[h3 Posting Order]

So, this is important because it stops people from falling behind and allows you to know when to post. Now, to be more specific, I do something a little different in terms of 'order' than what you see in most rps on here.

What we will be doing is not posting turn by turn but by 'cycle'. what I mean by that is that each cycle will begin and end with one of [b MY] posts. Once I post then everyone will have to post AT LEAST once, but can post to a maximum of 2 per cycle. In other words, if you post 2 times before a cycle ends, you have to wait for a new cycle aka everyone has posted at least once. Other than that you can post WHENEVER you want or can. However, I will not wait to long, maybe a week or so for you to post before I just push the rp along. Pm please if you do not get how the posting order works.

To simplify, I post, then everyone has to post at least once. Just keep in mind that I can still post twice per a cycle as well. I will keep you guys informed on what cycle it is by putting it in the rp title.

[h3 Setting/Radinata NEW!]

There are two continents in this mythical Earth, the east and the west continents. Radinata is the Kingdom on the far east of the western continent. To the west are 7 other Kingdoms including Dominatus.

Radinata is a bit of a small Kingdom. The layout of the Kingdom is that the castle is at the furthest depth of the Kingdom at its Eastern side. The rest of the Kingdom expands out westward. Radinata is also on a peninsula. Just a little fyi so you guys know the layout

[h3 Arks and Drive Gears]

Arks are large magical suits of Armor summoned through the use of a Drive Gear. A Drive Gear is a weapon infused with the power of the Ark. The weapon allows one to use a portion of their Arks powers.

To simplify, Arks are basically large suits of armor and your Drive Gear allows you to summon the suit and merge with it. If you want a reference to how big they are. They are about 150-200 feet tall.

[h3 Ark Element]

Okay, with all the questions, I feel the need to add this section~. The Ark element is a basic foundation of your Arks powers and abilities. Namely speaking. If you have the power of lightning by chance, maybe you have the ability to detect things through electrical pulses or something. Or if you have the power of fire, you also have the ability to increase temperatures or melt things with a touch.

If that did not make enough sense, please pm me with questions. I will help you figure it out~ Just keep in mind that your element is the basic foundation of the powers of your Ark.

[h3 NEW! Elements]

There are main elements and mutated elements in this rp. Mutated elements are something along the lines of subcategories of the main elements. They are neither strong no weaker than the main elements. However, each mutated element does fall under a main element. Down below shows who falls under which Elements

[h3 Main Elements:]

[h3 Fire:]


[h3 Water:]


[h3 Wind:]


[h3 Earth:]


[h3 Lightning:]

[h3 Ark Rider]

The term used for people who wield an Ark. The ability to wield an Ark is rare as is, so the number of people who can wield them is small.

[h3 Royal Roles Needed]

Prince: Filled
Princess: Filled
Princesss 2: Filled
King and Queen: Rped by yours truly

[h3 Skellies]

Account Name:
Age: 18+ for Knights at least
Role: Role in Kingdom
Drive Gear: Which Weapon Model
Ark Name:
Ark Element: Can use anything but Light or Darkness
Ark Pic: Don't need to find this right away

[h3 Tyasuke]

[pic http://i67.tinypic.com/1z56zcg.jpg]

[pic http://oi63.tinypic.com/21km13q.jpg]

Known Name: Azure Wing
Age: 22
Role: Mercenary from outside the Kingdom
Drive Gear: Sword Model: Raicalibur
Ark Name: Exaltus

[pic http://oi66.tinypic.com/2qn5agg.jpg]

Name: Lilia
Age: 25
Role: ExGuard of the Queen
Ark Name: Artemis
Element: Nature/Archery
Drive Gear: Mystic Bow

Short Bio:

Lilia was one a street rat who was found by the Queen. She was taken in to be a friend and sister to Killian before Seraphina was born. This is because Lunarus was unsure how many children she would be able to have at the time. However, Lilia quickly showed immense talent with a bow and arrow. Darnus had her trained and Lilia, who became ambitious, trained to become the Queen's personal guard so she could pay the Queen back for all the she has done. Lilia is a childhood friend to all three of the royal children and was like a daughter to Darnus and Lunarus. She left the Kingdom a year ago when the Queen died for the reason of trying to fulfill one of the Queen's dreams.

[h3 JakefromStateFarm]

[pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/5db9d9e1e7d409aa1bb6aa4a04ca52b9.jpg]

[pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/650befcce6d5456a7a9ed49d3fe11170.jpg]

Name: Killian Radius

Age: 26

Role: Prince of Radinata

Drive Gear: Double Bladed Staff

Ark Name: Wings of Horus

Ark Element: Kinetic Force

[h3 Kikido]

[pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/7fd4536d6b161084d8cba0fae3d6c8181728746.png]

[pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/73e571fe69d1014b2b6cad10fa8429391728746.png]

Name: Princess Ikana
Age: 16
Role: Princess
Drive Gear: Blades model
Ark Name: Princess
Ark Element: Crystals

[pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/972a1018e3c3c56daea1418ae6b5f4b31728746.png]

[pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/163daee1e6e207be5707c47f4c16ce8e1728746.png]

Name: Pyra Tempris
Age: 23
Role: Ark Rider
Drive Gear: Whips model
Ark Name: Five-Tailed Fox
Ask Element: Fire

[h3 Colorful Insanity]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/bUfll8s.png]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/U8SkRUb.jpg]

Account Name: Colorful_Insanity
Name: Anu
Age: 24
Role: City Guard
Drive Gear: Ring Blade
Ark Name: The Guardian
Ark Element: Gold

[h3 Tesla]

[pic http://i962.photobucket.com/albums/ae110/Tesla_RP/LuciaBromide11_zpsdly2hhbj.jpg]

[pic https://i.imgur.com/SAwaYoY.png]

Name: Seraphina
Age: 21
Role: Princess
Drive Gear: Short Sword Model
Ark Name: El-Machina
Ark Element: Space

[h3 NorthernWolves]

[pic http://i68.tinypic.com/eoivp.jpg]

[pic http://i68.tinypic.com/hs13bn.jpg]

Name: Alanna Altera
Age: 23
Role: Guardian of Princess Seraphina
Drive Gear: Polearm
Ark Name: Eternia
Ark Element: Water

[h3 Otter]

Taoh Laghari

Twenty - Seven

Bodyguard of Prince Killian

Drive Gear
Long Sword

Ark Name
The Crimson Demon

Ark Element

Taoh comes from a well-known tribe of nomads named The Vares who specialize in fighting, they are often sought out to fight other people's battles however refuse because they don't believe in fighting other peoples battles. Taoh hates the peacful life his tribe lives so he decide's to leave and eventually finds Radinata. He loves everything about it so he decides to stay there and join their military. He stands out due to his pale skin, dark hair and eyes and the tattoos that cover his body.

Taoh is very relaxed and chill most of the time, he doesn't see much as threatening since he knows that he's strong and likes to flaunt it. In rare cases when the need does arise he can become very determined and will do what needs to be done. He isn't afraid to speak what's on his mind, even to those of royal blood. His upbringing taught him to never hold back and it is a bad habit of his to point out another person's flaws - even his own.

Ability; Taoh has the ability to control blood to a certain extent while using his ARK - or rather he powers his ARK using his blood. The more blood he provides it the stronger he gets, though if he allows to much of his blood to be consumed it could put his life in danger. He can use another person's blood to power his own ARK if he feels he needs more strength.

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While this was not her first time in a life or death situation it was what she would consider her first battlefield. After being on it for a while the one thing she realized she was least prepared for was the smell. The nauseating stench of death that surrounded her and was almost thick enough to cut. She had dealt with the smell of death before, the smell of waste before, but this was by far the most overpowering odor she had ever experienced and it was only getting worse as the battle carried on.

The smell of the corpses was bad enough, but the sight of them did her no better as she slit the throat of another Dakunai soldier. Still she stood tall through all of the various assaults on her senses as the guards around her motivated her to stand her ground. They needed her to be strong to give them the confidence needed to hold the line, and the thoughts of what could happen if they failed were more than enough motivation to provide her that strength.

All the strength in the world though could not prepare her for the sight of her trusted guard being flung through the sky like a child's doll. Nor could it have prepared her for the angriest words she had ever heard from her mentor. The violence that she then unleashed made Sera wonder if she was so protective of all of her students, or if there was something special about Alanna. Either way seeing Rose go all out was plenty enough to get her mind back in the battle just in time to avoid a direct hit from one of Dakunai's forces.

A quick stab to her left dropped the soldier that managed to bruise her arm. Followed by a slash at her right that sent a helmeted head rolling. [b “Nash, Mia tend to Alanna!”] Seraphina ordered as she kicked another soldier out of her way. [b “Laike take charge!”]

Nash and Mia were both young, but they had shown enough promise that they had made it on Sera's radar when she was looking at potential replacements for Matteus. Laike on the other hand was the most veteran of the guards that she could identify, and would be her personal choice for Matteus' replacement. There was no better guard in the North to take charge of the situation in her absence.

With Rose dealing with the monstrous knight in front of them, Alanna out of commission, and Lilia tied up with an enemy ill suited to her Sera saw a need to change tactics to turn the tide of battle. Striding forward Sera severed another throat with a quick slash from her right, and impaled another face with a thrust from her left. The growing number of bodies of Dakunai soldiers would have to make up for her lack of presence on the ground as she made her way forward.

[b “Lilia switch!”] Seraphina yelled just a moment before reducing the space between her and the rooftop Lilia was standing on. While this was their first time fighting together like this; it was far from their first time working together and so Lilia caught on to Sera's plans quick. Allowing the two to trade places and take on the opponents that they were best equipped to fight.

Thanks to Lilia's speed with her bow she was capable of taking out a dozen soldiers in the time it took Sera to deal with a handful of them. Meanwhile Sera's abilities made her uniquely suited to deal with the long range tactics of the monstrous ballistae. By allowing them both the freedom needed to do what they do best they would have a much easier time turning the tide of the battle in their favor. Something that would be necessary for her to have any hope of sending reinforcements to the Central Gate.

The sudden change caused a momentary hesitation on the part of the ballistae as they seemed to debate whether to track Lilia, or whether to change their target to the more heavily armored Sera. Their hesitation did not last long though as they turned on Sera quickly once she started moving to approach one. Even as their first volley of bolts came though Sera continued forward making subtle use of her abilities to dodge the bolts by slim margins.

She had to keep them focused on her as long as possible for her plan to work, and more importantly for her to keep her allies safe from the ballistae. Still she made sure to dodge them subtly to continue to bait them to attack her as she made it to the rooftop closest to the ballista nearest the guards. A quick step allowed her to dodge two more bolts as she got close enough to put her plan into action.

With a warping of space Sera angled the next incoming bolt from the farthest ballista at its sibling and at the same time took a warped step forward that brought her into close quarters with it. The piercing bolt and two rapid sword swings dropped the ballista down. A swift series of follow up swings made sure that it would stay down before Sera stepped over its corpse to prepare to face down its twin.

The sight of its sibling's death caused the ballista to wail as it launched a series of bolts at Sera. Her reaction to the danger was quick though as she warped space to redirect them at the Dakunai forces below. Using its bolts Sera was able to skewer about a dozen more troops before the ballista ceased fire upon seeing the results.

Given the apparent ease with which she was able to turn its attacks into not so friendly fire the ballista hesitated once again. It could change targets, but there was no guarantee that Sera's abilities did not extend far enough to still be of value. Of course given her position it was also easily possible that she could get close enough if her abilities lacked the requisite range. Analyzing the situation at hand it skittered back and forth a moment as it seemed to cycle through its options.

Its confusion was a welcome sight for Sera as it gave her a moment to breathe. While she had done well thus far her stamina was going to be tested from the ongoing combat and the extensive use of her abilities. So since the ballista was hesitating she took the opportunity to switch to a more relaxed gait as she strode forward. Benefits from the change were twofold as it would serve to help her keep her feet beneath her, as well as show a confidence that could serve to inspire the guards below.
  Seraphina / Tesla / 18d 21h 39m 41s
Rose noticed the influx of additional enemy troops that came in running. But this did not worry her not one bit, for she knew that along with Alanna, Sera, and all the guards would be able to take care of all the enemy soldiers.

While running towards the mass of enemy soldiers, Rose felt something off. Along with the fact that there were plenty lifeless sets of armour lying on the field, the enemy soldiers weren't exactly paying attention to the task of taking the North Gate.

Rose afforded a quick glance around, attempting to find the answer to this mystery.

She could only let out a quick, minuscule smile as she spotted a dark clothed figure with a bow. That would be Lilia, a person who had been taken off the streets and had been raised along with Ikana, Sera, and Killian. Lilia had shown proficiency the bow, and so had been taught and evetually became a guard of the Queen. Until Lilia had vanished, never to be seen again. Until today that is.

Just as she and Alanna reached the closest soldiers, Rose heard Sera charging in. Rose could not look at how her student fought, so she had no idea of how Sera fought. But based on the movement of the Radinata guards who rushed forwards after Sera's command, Sera had shown the guards that she knew how to fight. Even if the soldiers did not know that the armoured individual was in fact one of their princesses.

The enemy soldiers who ran were not pursued. They were either picked off by random archers with an arrow to the back, or were allowed to run. It definitely would have been agreeable to pursue them, but with no knowledge of the enemy dispositions that would lead to useless lives lost.

It then quieted down. There were sounds of fighting, but they were distant; it seemed the Central and Southern Gates were still fighting of the attacks,but fighting well since the sound did not creep not one step closer.

The guards at the Northern Gate used this time to reorganize and strengthen their defensive positions. Rose learned that the Northern Gate commander Lord Matteus had never even arrived here. All of his orders had come from wherever his fat ass was sitting, somewhere safe. Rose, seething in rage, knew she would be having a word with King Darnus about finding a replacement for this lazy fatass.

But then a figure approached. A 'clank' followed by a 'clank', a never ending symphony of steady clanks.

Rose mentally cursed upon seeing the source of this clanking. It was a Nightmare Knight. These were no opponents you could sneeze that unlike the regular enemy foot soldiers. These were tough as nails opponents, they knew how fight offensively and defensively.

Rose looked at Alanna, who looked back at her. There was an instantaneous agreement of the course of action.

Both Rose and Alanna stepped forwards, their weapons and posture defensive. The knight in front wielded two single handed axes. With Alanna's longer reach of a weapon, Rose would keep the knight's axes occupied while Alanna would use the longer reach of the polearm to land jabs and swings at the knight.

The knight charged both of them. Rose let Alanna slow down the knight's charge by extending her polearm forwards. As the knight slowed down and started to take a more diagonal approach Rose lashed out, attempting to keep with the plan.

But the plan soon showed its flaws, for it relied on the knight using both his axes to be engaged with both of Rose's swords. The knight managed to keep both of Rose's swords occupied with one axe, which allowed the knight to use the other axe to ward off Alanna's polearm.

This could not continue for long, for the knight would figure out how to defeat both of them.

But then the unexpected happen.

[center /--|--/]

Alanna once again extended her polearm, this time extending it downwards to experiment. And then it wasn't in her arms, the long wooden handle of the polearm being jerked out of her hands.

Less than a second later Alanna felt an impact against her stomach which drove the air out of her lungs. She was left stunned, breathless, and stuck while she recovered her breath.

She heard metal clash against metal, before the knight rushed her and knocked her into the air. Alanna flew backwards a short distance and hit the ground hard. The whole world began to ring as it blurred and slowly began to darken. Alanna attempted to move, but her body did not respond. She tried one more time before she fell unconscious on the hard stone ground.

[center /--|--/]

Rose cursed as both of her swords managed to get occupied by the knight's axe, forcing her to step back lest the knight disarmed her.

But this curse was nowhere near to the curse Rose had when she saw the knight use that opportunity to use Alanna's polearm against Alanna, and then throwing Alanna. The smack that was heard from Alanna's body hitting the ground made Rose shiver.

[+red "SERA, make sure Alanna is alright. I'll take of this FUCKING ASSHOLE!"] That, that was the fucking last god damn straw. No one harmed her daughter, and the knight would understand that in the most bloodiest manner possible.

Rose sheathed her swords, and tossed the swordbelt backwards. She picked up Alanna's polearm, no better weapon to dismember that fucking asshole than with Alanna's own weapon.

And then Rose lashed out with speed and agility not seen before. She was hellbent on killing the knight. And if that meant smacking it around with the butt end of the polearm, then so be it!
  Alanna / NorthernWolves / 21d 10h 57m 42s
Anu had held off the black warriors, but not for long was he alone. The prince several royal guards and even the youngest of the royal siblings Ikana arrived all dressed in battle finery. It had boosted the moral of the men at the central pathway to know that the royals would fight alongside the soldiers that swore an oath to them. the prince had only said a few things to the commander who was protecting the gate from below. [I "Captain."] is what caught his attention at first. [I "How is the situation?"]

Before he could even get out the answer however the pods seem to launch even more soldiers up the pathway. Charging in the group's line met first with the guards that had come with the prince and those already on the wall that was helping Anu defend it, however the prince dashed into the group giving orders to the guards to protect Ikana and for her to use her bow and arrow. the pair worked together almost like a fork and spoon did. They could be used separately, but together they were stronger.

Staying back behind the royal guards Anu would make sure that no one got through to the nobles quarter and to cause trouble within at least before the citizens were tucked away in safe places. It was then the battle cry came from above them on the wall. It was a shout he knew all to well. [I "In coming"] Taoh, like Anu was a member of the guard not from Radinata, but from outside the kingdom itself. He was a close friend to the Royal family. It was then the two even gave the empire soldiers a good run for their money until a white flash of light appeared on the pathway up ahead

It was the man Anu had followed earlier in the day when he had first arrived, but pyra had dismissed. Anu had a gut feeling about the man, and would have to think him later if he lived for the little bit of the pause on the soldiers. With curious eyes he watched as the man drew the blade out, and now he knew why his gut was telling him something was off. The blade came out looking rustic at first, but flashed to a shinny new blade. Within a few moments a trail of black soldier bodies littered the pathway, a tank destroyed and he was gone.

Feeling a burning sensation against his thigh anu dug into his pocket to get his communication gem out. It was a women's voice that came out across the gem giving him orders to move to help Pyre on the southern pathway. [#bc6e0b "I am off lord."] Collecting the gold from the battle he had earlier and throwing his rings out anu made a few discs which helped him jump over the buildings and roads to the southern pathway very quickly. Stopping just above Pyra her whip was keeping the soldiers at bay.

[#bc6e0b "I've been ordered to help out Lady Pyra."] dropping his disk anu took into a roll, allowing the gold to hit the ground first forming a dagger and digging it into a soldier close by. Forming another he threw it into the helm of another soldier. spreading out the gold by the use of the soldiers the male flattened the gold out into a very thin sheet which covered the pathway. Stepping onto it he took a battle stance, his rings in his hand. The several soldiers still alive stepped back and separated to allow a dark knight carrying a spear to step forward to the front of the group.

Anu looked at him confused at first, then understood that this must be a better trained soldier. Anu just called to his soldier to Pyra. [#bc6e0b "Stay back. We don't need both of us dying for doing something stupid with this guy."] It was partly true Anu's words. They didn't both need to die and leave the southern path defenseless besides the soldiers that were on the wall and the gate, but all ark riders are trained to work with one another incase orders forced them to work together. The male looked at the knight in black and saw his spear was a bit longer then his arms and so the knight had the advantage mostly of length as long as he stayed off the gold now laid out.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fo7XPvwRgG8]

It was then the battle cry came from the knight who charged forward not minding the gold one bit. Thrusting and pivoting the Nightmare knight and Anu went at it with what seemed for a few minutes, they seemed like they were dancing with blades instead of trying to kill one another, but it was Anu who made the first mistake. He had let his guard down around his ankle and so the knight took his opportunity and cut Anu's right calf.

Dropping his leg back Anu made then the second mistake of trying to trip the man which had costed him a wound upon his left hand. Forced to drop the ring from his hand Anu and the male went at it a few more minutes and the knight made his first mistake, he had let his hand slip to far up on his spear. Anu knocked it forward and dug a blade into the armor around his shoulder, but it did not. He got a headbutt and a bleeding head wound to boot. Anu stumbled back a bit which had costed him the use of his left with a pierced through wound to his shin.

Dropping to his knee Anu looked up at the knight. Digging another blade into the male's armor around his knee, only to be greeted with a knee to the face and another to his chest. Now on his chest to the ground Anu only called out. [#bc6e0b "Stay back Pyra."] The group of soldiers that had held back all started to point at the man. Anu could tell behind the masks and muffled noises he could tell they were laughing. Getting back up to his knees Anu faced the knight whom was getting ready to give the killing blow to the man now on his knees. Anu had his arms down at his side, his head hung like he had been defeated. It was the drive of the spear that had stopped a few inches from Anu's neck that the knight caught that he could not move.

Anu just made a clicking noise and waved his finger in front of him back and forth like he was scolding a little child. [#bc6e0b "You were to busy watching my moves not to pay attention to what was being dug into you."] Holding up his arms to his side anu looked over the cobble stones of the pathway again. [#bc6e0b "You see the gold is not as far as it use to be, why do you think that is?"] it was then the male understood the daggers that had been used were made of the gold from the street.

anu had let his right hand fall to his side, but he lifted up his left even farther over his head. snapping his fingers the black knight had gold running out of his armor, eventually covering the man completely solid [#bc6e0b "Gold can be injected into the body, like a medicine by needle. Its just difficult to control."] Slowly standing with the held of a fellow soldier Anu's eyes went from a normal Solid white to that of gold. The black knight broke out of the encasement, badly burnt. It was then the soldiers came charging up the pathway to cover their fellow knight, who seemed to be recovering quickly. Even without a weapon he'd be a handful.
  Anu / Colorful_insanity / 22d 16h 44m 46s
Darnus stands in the War Room giving off orders s the battle evolves. He listens to each operator that feeds him new data and he sighs. [b “Have Anu move to the South gate and back up Pyra, and give me a status update on Lilia,”] Darnus orders as he looks over the data.

[h3 Elsewhere…]

...Lilia begins to shoot off mana arrow after mana arrow as takes out every enemy that approaches. However, the constant growth in number allows the soldiers to close in on her quickly. Lilia back steps as a soldier gets close enough to lunges toward her, sword in hand. She holds her bow in front of her and uses it to deflect the thrust of the enemy blade. Her right foot slashes straight up into the air and into the chin of the soldier. She spins her body and smashes her right foot into the ground to thrust her left foot straight back into the soldiers stomach, sending him flying into another approaching soldier.

Lilia back flips through the air creating some distance. She quickly fires off three arrows, each of them hitting their targets in the head causing them to collapse to the ground in the next moment. Lilia steps forward as she charges toward the soldier closest to her. The soldier draws a spear from his back and thrusts it toward Lilia. Lilia jumps up onto the tip of the spear before jumping up higher into the air above. She flips forward hanging upside down in the air as she aims her bow at the enemies below. Lilia charges her bow as a sphere forms at the end of her energy arrow, and in the next moment she fires a volley of arrows downward taking out another ten soldiers. She lands on the ground and looks up at the clutter of soldiers before her. The archer releases a sigh as she stands up straight. The enemies before her take a step back as they reorganize their attack formation. Lilia grips her bow tightly as she gets ready for the change in attack pattern.

Lilia is drawn from her focus for a moment as she hears an intense clash begin behind her. She looks over her shoulder to see Sera, neck deep in the heat of battle. Lilia smiles a bit at the obvious signs of growth the princess has gained over the past year. However, now was not the time to dish out compliments or get sentimental. She looks ahead again, and notices the enemy is not showing signs of charging forward. Lilia takes a careful look around the area before she sees a sudden glint of light in the sky above. Her heart skips a beat as her instincts scream for her to move. She jumps backwards as a large black arrow smashes into the ground where Lilia was standing. Lilia looks up at the direction the arrow came from.

Upon the spot she was once sniping from, a ballista now stands. However, the ballista is far from ordinary. The outer exterior of the ballista is a hard scale texture. The head of the ballista is shaped like a giant x and at the x's center is a red demonic eye. Four red streams of energy flow out from the corners of the x and forms a sphere before the ballista’s eye.

[h3 Special Enemy Skeleton]

Title: Nightmare Ballista

Description: The outer exterior of the ballista is a hard scale texture. The head of the ballista is shaped like a giant x and at the x's center is a red demonic eye.

Abilities: It can manifest and fire black arrows at terrifying speeds.

Strong Against: Long Ranch Attacks

Weak Against: Any close range physical attacks

[h3 Special Enemy Tutorial]

Special Enemies are designed specifically to take on Ark Riders. They can go toe to toe with Ark Riders unless they are in their actual Arks. Some enemies are highly resilient to certain attack types. In other words, they are not some enemy that can be easily beaten. Please keep that in mind when fighting them.

[h3 End Tutorial]

[i 'That's not something you see everyday. A living ballista.'] Lilia think to herself. She grits her teeth and runs to the right as a rain of black arrows fires down at her. She turns the corner and hides behind a building as arrows tear at the buildings corner. She waits for a brief pause before she turns the corner and fires an arrow at the long range assailant. The ballista turns and fires a black arrow into Lilia’s arrow, causing both arrows to explode. Lilia turns back around the corner as more black arrows fire at the building she hides behind. The sound of crashing arrows dies down and she peeks around the corner at the ballista. She notices the ballista is no longer aiming at her, but Rose, Alanna and Seraphina.

Multiple green vines slowly slither out of each of the holes in Lilia’s quiver. The vine twist and curl around each other until they form into green arrows. [i ‘Well, time to see if I can outshoot a demonic ballista,’] Lilia quirks a brow at her own thoughts, [i ‘This is something I never thought I’d so,’] Lilia turns the corner and draws forth a green arrow from the quiver. She shoots the arrow, yet the tail of the arrow latches onto the bow’s center while the arrow’s head fires forward. The arrow head latches onto the edge of a buildings top, and Lilia is dragged up into the air. She jumps up onto the adjacent rooftop of the ballista, only to find a second ballista mounted on the building across the road from her. Both ballista turn their attention toward her as she releases a deep breath.

The Nightmare Ballista release a high pitch screech as their stands separate into four thin pointed legs. The ballista howl as they get ready to fight Lilia.

[h3 Meanwhile…]

...at the Central path, Azure stands surrounded by Dakunai scouts. He lifts his blade up into the air and lets his sword fall onto his shoulders. [b “So Exaltus, how many do I need to take care of?”]

[i ‘By my calculations, you need to at least terminate twenty seven soldiers and the Magitank to ensure that the Central Gate will remain standing by the time you terminate the Ark Jammer.’] A voice replies within Azu’s head.

The whispers of the enemy can be heard loud and clear by Azure.

“It’s the traitor…”

“The most wanted… Empire.”

“....the notorious thief.”

“Azu of Azure Wing.”

[b “Oh, so the mindless drones have learned my name,”] says Azure as he spins his sword once and lets the blade rest on his shoulders once again. He faces the soldiers in front of him as his eyes slowly glaze over, draining from the casual nature that they usually hold. [b “Thief? Traitor? Hah, you guys really need to look up those words in the dictionary,”] Azure says as he thrust his sword forward and points it at the soldiers before him. [b “I bet you’ll find your beloved Emperor’s name in place of the definition.”]

A soldier wielding two swords rushes up behind Azure trying to pull off a sneak attack. The soldier lunges forward getting read to sink his blades into Azure’s flesh.

Azure slashes his right arm straight back and releasing the grip from the hilt of his sword. His sword launches from his hand and impales the incoming soldier through the chest.

The rest of the soldiers surrounding Azu feel a cold chill run up their spines as the air around Azu suddenly changes completely. Their instincts fire off telling them to run as they stare at not a mercenary, but something else. They stare at a manifestation of battle, a Grim reaper of the battlefield. However, they only whisper one word in response to the cold air of death that now surrounds Azu.

[b [#FF0000 “BattleBorn.”]]

Azu chuckles coldly as he looks at the soldiers. [b “So, you knew my name, but not what I was,”] Azu says in a icey tone as he begins to walk toward those who block his path. He holds his right hand out to the side a bit as his sword disperses into particles of light. The particles begin to surround his right hand as his eyes begin to glow a faint blue. [b “A year,”] Azure says the moment the light surrounding his hand flashes and reforms into his sword, [b “I have waited a year to step back on to ‘this’ battlefield. An entire year, of boiling blood and a blade waiting to be drawn, I waited to be face to face with you bastards once again.”] Azu’s trench coat begins to slowly float upwards as he walks, while the air around him becomes distorted. A radiant aura bursts out from his body as he holds his sword out to the side. [b “Now that I am here,”] Azu takes a firm stance before his enemies, [b “I will make sure every single one of you takes the name ‘Azure Wing’ to your graves.”]

The soldiers shake off their anxiety as they ready their respective weapons. Down along the path, behind the group of soldiers rests a giant Magitank. The Magitank consists if a large wooden platform with four stone wheels attached to its sides.Mounted on top of the wooden platform is a large Magic wand that has a red Magistellia at its end. Four Mages, two standing on each side of the wand, press their hands against the wand and begin to pour their mana into the wand itself.

[i ‘Ten seconds until discharge.’] Exatlus says to Azu.

[b “That’s eight seconds to spare,”] Azu accelerates forward at a blinding speed to stab the first soldier closest to him. He pivots to the right ripping his blade out of the side of the solder only to slice his sword through the neck of a soldier to his right. He aims his left hand backward to fire off a sphere of light from his left, shooting the sphere into the head of a soldier that tried to get the drop on him from behind. Azu leans his body backwards as a spear thrusts at him from his left side, lightly skimming his chest. A small spurt of blood is released from Azu’s chest, yet with no break in movement, Azu aims his left palm at the soldiers chest and blasts a sphere of light through the soldiers chest. He then runs forward and jumps up into the air, only to kick off the head of the soldier he recently killed before the lifeless corpse had a chance to fall to the ground. Azu descends on another soldier slashing his sword straight down the center of the soldier. Blood sprays from the recently split in half soldier drenching Azu.

Once again, the Dakunai’s soldiers feel the ever so approaching grasp of death as they look at Azu’s blood covered appearance.

Azu crouches close to the ground as he presses his left palm against the ground. His body gains a faint glow of light before he bursts forward as a stream of light. The stream of light rushes forward like a wolf on the hunt, the light lunges and charges at one Dakunai soldier after another, leaving a trail of bloody corpses in its wake. Once halfway toward the Magitank, with five seconds remaining before fire, the stream of light runs up along the wall of the building to the right side of the path. Azu emerges from the stream of light as he continues running up along the wall. His sword however begins to vibrate violently as he kicks off the wall and spins in mid air. He throws his sword mid spin as the sword flies at an incredible speed.

The sword pierces the Magitank’s Magistellia as the sphere itself begins to have volts of magic energy surround it, while crack after crack forms in the newly damaged crystal.

Azu lands on the ground the same moment the Magitank explodes into a blazing tower of flame. He holds his right hand in the air, and a flash of light bursts from his hand as his sword reappears in his grip. He slashes the sword straight down toward the ground as a burst of light flashes from his body and expels the blood that covered him. [b “How many left on the kill count Exaltus?”] Azu asks as more soldiers surround him.

[i ‘You have actually gone three over the required amount,’] Exaltus replies.

[b “And yet so many remain,”] Azu says in a malicious tone.

“Let him through!” Crusade’s booming voice shouts out from beyond the wall of smoke that now stands before Azu. “I will handle the street rat who dares oppose our Emperor. The rest of you, focus on your mission!”

Azu watches as the soldiers step aside opening up a way for him to go forward. [b “Well, if you guys insist,”] Azu replies as he lifts his sword and rests its blade across his shoulders. He walks up to the wall of smoke and pushes through it, entering the Central Plaza beyond it where Crusade resides.

After Azu crosses through the fog of smoke. A large heavily armored Knight emerges from the tower. This heavily armored Knight stands at ten feet tall and holds a giant two handed broad sword. He releases a dark howl as he looks down the center lane at the Prince and his companions.

[h3 Special Enemy Alert!]

Title: Nightmare Knight
Description: Powerful Knights with incredible combat prowess. There are different types of these knights based on the weapons they wield. However these knights are incredibly resilient and hard to take down.

Strong Against: Physical Attacks, Attacks based on Impact
Strong Against(Elemental): Earth, Wind

Weak Against: Non physical based attacks, attacks based on causing internal damage

Weak Against(Elemental): Fire, Lightning

[pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/66/a5/d8/66a5d8268f0b3cf8a3ce6990d6b7a29d.jpg]

[h3 Special Enemy Alert End]

A Nightmare Knight appears at both North and South paths as well, a dual wielding axes version at the north and a spear wielding version at the south.

[h3 In the War Room…]

… Darnus watches the path of destruction left behind by Azu and then grips his cane tightly. The moment of truth is coming. The moment of whether the hope he placed in Azu is well placed or not.

[h3 Azu…]

...emerges on the other side of the smoke tower. He looks up at the giant black knight that stands before him. However, not a hint of fear of anxiety appears on his face. [b “It’s been a while Crusade,”] Azu says as he looks up at the armored titan.

“Azu of Azure Wing. I see you still insist on opposing my liege’s will,” Crusade’s voice booms from his Ark as the Ark’s green eyes look down upon Azu.

[b “Man, if I had a gil for every time one of you drones said ‘liege’ or any variation of it, I’d be the richest man alive,”] Azure taunts as he rolls his eyes.

“Do you not understand the severity of your situation? How do you intend to face me while under the effects of the Ark Jammer?” Crusade asks in an arrogant tone.

[b “I’ll show you here and now Crusade,”] Azu says as he holds his sword above his head. His sword slowly loses form and turns into a pure blade of light. He lets his blade fall forward and spins his sword into a reverse grip. [b “Come forth from the light of my soul and cut through the darkness before me!”] Azu thrusts the blade of light down into his own chest, stabbing the blade right through his very own heart. [b “Exaltus!”]

A magic circle forms over Azu’s chest, and the moment it does, Azu turns the blade of light like a key. He releases the hilt of light as light energy pours from his chest and covers his whole body until it forms an armor made of light. Azu jumps up into the air, now as a silhouette of light, as he curls up into a ball. He throws his arms and legs out to the side to shape an X out of his body, and the moment he does the armor of light sudden expands to several times the size of Azu. Particles of light begin to fall from the newly formed armored giant, particule after particule falls away from the silhouette until it reveals a large suit of armor. The armor stands tall as a radiant symbol before the dark shadow that looms over Radinata.

[pic http://oi63.tinypic.com/21km13q.jpg]

[h3 Battle Conditions]

One or more Royals Arrived at the Central Gate

Effect: The enemy has put more focus onto the Central Path

One or more Royal has left the Central Path

Effect: Now there is more pressure on the North Path along with the Central Path

[h3 Battle Tutorial Rpers vs ME BWUAHAHAHAHAHA!]

So, up above you guys may have noticed battle conditions with Cause and Effect. Before this battle got into full swing, I made a list of predictions. These predictions are me trying to predict the possible actions you guys will take throughout the battle. If one of my predictions comes true, this will trigger an effect. Sometimes this effect can be beneficial or sometimes detrimental. This is to add a bit of consequence to one's actions throughout the rp and keep it unpredictable. This is also how it is Me and the Rpers Vs. Me the Sadistic SOB.

Any questions, just ask

Enjoy the Battle :)
  Azure Wing / Tyasuke / 23d 8h 6m 0s
This was her first time setting foot on an honest battlefield, but there was no hesitation in her movement as Sera made her way to the Central Gate. It seemed that all of her training had paid off as the emotional turmoil she expected never seemed to come over her. All she felt was a burning desire to force these invaders out of her home. Every stray thought that might slow her down was easily cast aside by the knowledge that they would target her loved ones, and that only served to make the fire inside burn hotter.

The first sight she got of the battle was a welcome one as she caught sight of her mentor's distinct appearance in front of her. Rose gave out an order before turning her attention to Sera and jogging over. While the expression on her face could be described as a smile it sent a strange shiver down Sera's spine as she noticed it.

[b “How nice of you to join, you're coming with me,”] Rose said as she dragged Sera along.

Before Sera could get a response in she found herself following her mentor on the path to the North. While she was supposed to wait for Killian and his instructions she was not about to disregard an order from Rose. She had seen the battlefield firsthand and was quite possibly the most experienced commander Radinata had at this point. If she had to follow someone into battle there was no one in all of Radinata that she would rather follow than Rose.

[b "Alanna, might as well join us. We're going to the Northern Section,"] Rose yelled as she spotted her on the way.

This meant Alanna would not be following the orders she had given her, but there was no room for Sera to complain about it. She was ignoring the orders of her father the King to follow Rose after all. It was something she was certain they both knew very well at this point that when Rose issues an order it is to be followed. Still, it was the first thing that caused any hesitation to form in her heart as she felt an urge to stand by her siblings.

The sight at the Northern Section helped remove that hesitation though as she saw a company fighting without any form of leadership. Whether the leader died or fled as a coward it did not matter to Seraphina as she prepared to step up in their absence. Outnumbered at least two to one by the invaders they would need all the help that they could get, and she intended to provide as much as she could.

Their numbers did not last though as a blessing from the Heavens rained arrows that reduced their numbers significantly. The sight was one that served to comfort Sera even more as she recognized the old friend who had come to reinforce Radinata. It was just like Lillia to show up at the perfect moment and come in to save the day. This time however Sera had a different hope for her as she drew her blades in preparation to show off the abilities she had developed in her friend's absence.

While her brother's speed was whispered about throughout the kingdom her own abilities were a mystery to the majority of the populace. That would change today as she lunged forward and reduced the space between her and her enemies. In the blink of an eye she pierced through the skull of her first enemy, and in a fluid motion flung their corpse at one of their friends. An act that drew widened eyes and strange whispers from the Dakunai's forces.

One more step forward and a slash from her left severed two throats with just a bit of help from her magic to reduce the distance. With a lunge and a thrust from her right sword she pierced another skull leading to her fourth successful kill but left her with more enemies around her than allies. A position that Rose had forced her through dozens of times over her special training, however it was not a position she was keen to be in for long.

[b “Forward!”] Seraphina commanded.

Her order drew even more attention from the enemy onto her, but the first attack was an overhead swing that was easy enough to deflect with a flick of her left hand. The second attack came from a thrust of a pole arm that she was quick to trap between her blades. A swift maneuvering of her blades torqued it out of their hands and pulled them close enough for her to counterattack. With a slash from her right she crushed their helmet, and with a slash from her left ripped away most of their face.

[b “Stand tall! Reinforcements have arrived!”]

While it was not as impressive a display as Lillia's violent volley it served to improve morale. Especially with the leadership that Seraphina was happy to supply to the group of guards. Although none of the guards could identify her as the armored individual who came to their aid; the fact that she came with Rose was enough for the guards to trust her orders. Of course, her swift slaughter of some of the Dakunai forces did not hurt her position among them.
  Seraphina / Tesla / 26d 21h 33m 39s
While Pyra was mostly known for fighting, she knew now wasn't the time. Instead, she would help the people get to the noble quarters so they could be safe. She hadn't seen the enemy yet, but for now that was a good thing. It meant they hadn't gotten to the people yet and she could still save them. She had no idea what the other ARK Rider were doing. For all he knew they were helping at the other parts of the city. It didn't matter at the moment. Right now she needed to focus.

[#430505 "Let's go! Come on, you're almost there, just up ahead."] She spoke to the citizens as they ran by, Pyra running the opposite direction. [#430505 "Make sure your children are with you!"]

She knew in times like this some people would only think of themselves. It wasn't their fault, more of human nature. A little reminder would help them focus on the task at hand and make sure their loved ones were okay. Even she was worried about someone close to her. But they had both said that if anything like this happened, they would meet at a certain spot within the noble quarters. She wished everyone else had an idea like this, but she knew better than that. People didn't want to think of things like that, but she had to. She had to make sure she had everything covered.

[i "ARK Rider! Please! My son is missing!"]

Pyra turned to a woman who had tears running down her face. She was panicked, clinging to Pyra's coat. Pyra put a hand on the woman's shoulder, getting her to calm down so she could try to help.

[#430505 "Where did you lose him and what does he look like? I'll go look for him and you go to the quarters like the king has ordered."]

[i "His name is Jason. He has brown hair and green eyes. He comes up to my waist. I lost him towards the bazaar. We turned a corner and found this crowd. We were pushed around and I lost my grip. Next thing I know I can't see him! Please, help me find him!"]

[#430505 "Don't worry, I'll go find him. Now go."]

Pyra ran towards the bazaar, looking for any roads that seemed a little less crowded than the main road. As she ran, the crowd itself started to thin. Perhaps that would make it easier for her to find the kid. This was the capital after all, it would be a miracle if she found him, but she had to try. Finally, she came to an area that didn't have many people. In fact, it was rather quiet here. She didn't like that, but had to keep going.

As she ran, she heard a child cry. Quickly looking around, she spotted a kid with brown hair. [#430505 "Jason?"]

The kid looked up and Pyra quickly made her way to him. Kneeling down, she smiled, the kid instantly recognizing who she was.

[b "You're the fire ARK Rider."]

Pyra nodded and stood, holding her hand out for the kid to take so she could lead the way. The ground suddenly shook, sending her stumbling and the kid falling over. Looking around, she saw a pod had landed and soldiers were walking out.

[#430505 "Keep going straight ahead, you'll get to the noble quarters."] She ordered the kid, pushing him to get going [#430505 "Go go!"]

Once he had started running, Pyra turned back to face the soldiers. Thankfully, she had her whip with her, taking it off of her hip. Pulling her coat off, she tossed it to the side before throwing the whip out, flames exploding from it. She didn't let them get the first attack, she knew better than to let that happen. Her whip hit one, sending him back. She swung it again and it caught another. She pulled him towards her and punched him with her fist that was covered in flames, making him fly back into a few of them.

[#430505 "Now things are getting interesting."]

[center ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~]

[center [pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/7fd4536d6b161084d8cba0fae3d6c8181728746.png]]

In any other situation, the princess would've huffed and said something back about not needing a babysitter. However, this wasn't the time. She had never been in an actual war situation before. The girl couldn't admit that she was scared. She couldn't let that show to anyone, especially her brother. Instead, she simply nodded and went off towards her own room.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/Iln65Lk.jpg]

Once in, her maids quickly went to work with helping her put her armor on and ready for battle. While one put the corset on, the other helped her with the armored boots. The skirt looked like it had wings making some think of a Valkyrie, which was part of the inspiration behind the armor, thanks to her mother. It hadn't taken long to get ready and she was out the door and heading off to battle. Her heart was racing and her hands were clammy. She was a great fighter, but she still had a lot to learn compared to her older siblings. At least she was going to be with Killian.

She met up with him and followed out, staying close as he approached Anu. Hearing a booming sound, she looked over to see the huge figure, yelling about executing the royal family. She felt a shiver run down her spine, realizing what this meant if they lost the battle. They would all be killed. She knew she would be fighting for her life, but it didn't really hit her until the enemy spoke. Looking up at her brother, she wondered if he was scared as well. If so, then he was really great at hiding it.

Before she could ask him anything, they saw a flash of light and then a boy. He looked a little older than her, but she had no idea who he was. Glancing at Killian, it seemed he didn't know either. She had to admit, he was kind of cute.

Ikana shook her head, trying to get that thought out of her mind. This wasn't the time and place for daydreaming and thinking guys were cute. She was able to focus more when she heard the order from Killian to stay back and shoot at the enemy. The princess was thankful she wouldn't have to be in the middle of the fighting, but she knew her job was just as important. As the soldiers ran ahead, she was given a bow and she went in another direction to find the best place to be.

She had to make sure she was up high enough so she could have a good view of the battlefield. However, she also had to make sure she wasn't where the enemy could easily get to her. She didn't go too far away from where they split, finding a bridge that overlooked the area Killian had ran off to. This was perfect, the wall was sturdy and would shield her when needed. Hiding behind it, she used her ability to create crystal arrows. They were as strong as diamond, sharp as obsidian.

[#2A96E2 "Stay calm, and focus."] She spoke to herself, taking a deep breath before looking out and holding her bow ready.

She could see her brother taking on quite a few of them. One was coming up behind him, but not for long. Before it could even lift its arms to ready an attack, an arrow pierced into his back, breaking through the armor. Ikana was quite proud of the accuracy she had with that shot, but she couldn't celebrate now. Quickly, she grabbed another arrow and shot it to help a soldier from not getting killed. Her crystal bows were perfect for the job, able to break through the armor enough to pierce into the enemy. While some were just injured, others were straight out killed. She had to make sure not to get too cocky though. This wasn't the time to show off.

She suddenly had to catch herself, almost shooting off an arrow that, if he hadn't noticed, would've hit the new ally that had appeared. It only took her a second or so to realize who this ally was. Taoh. Killian's friend. Ikana had talked to him quite a few times, being nosy and wanting to annoy her brother sometimes. The princess chuckled a bit as she only saw the interaction between the two before they went back to fighting.

[#2A96E2 "I'll have to say hi to him once this is over."
  Pyra Tempris / Kikido / 27d 7h 45m 49s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=EB+Garamond]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 [b "Taoh ~ "] The soft purr in his ear made Taoh Laghari grin, the pale male keeping his eyes closed as he reached his arm over and wrapped it around an undressed woman. She giggled excessively, latching herself onto his side like a leech. [b "Can't you stay a little longer this time? You always leave in such a hurry...."] The woman asked him, one of her crimson painted nails slowly making circles on his bare chest. The male didn't answer as he tried to let his imagination go rampant....it would have been a pleasant morning if this woman would just shut up and let him think. She was constantly asking this and that, rambling nonsense and telling him pointless stories of things he hadn't even asked her about. It was times like this where he actually missed his people, there the woman didn't speak unless spoken to. Radinata was definitely [i "different"], customs and mannerisms were much more interesting than what he had grown up with.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 The Vares were a nomadic tribe that never stayed in the same place for more than a few weeks. They were easily definable - their porcelain skin and raven hair made them stand out like a dog among cats. The Vares people prided themselves on their fighting ability, men started training at a very young age and were able to expertly fight with various weapons by the time they were teenagers. [i "Fighting my ass"] he thought to himself, rolling onto his side. The woman complained about something and then got out of the bed, moving off into another room for something...he didn't really care enough to pay attention. He continued to think back on his old home. The Vares claimed they taught their men to fight young so that they could fight off enemies with ease, but Taoh had learned early on that his people would much rather avoid a fight at all costs. In the 14 years that he stayed with his family not once did they ever have to resort to violence and it bothered him to no end. While it seemed most of the men were content with their boring lives Taoh wanted something more...something exciting. He wanted to swing his sword and to protect something, not stand around and talk politics and trade deals with other cities. With nothing going for him he simply left.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 A grunt slipped past Taoh's lips as he pushed himself up into a sitting position. [+red [b "Ahh....I don't wanna go to work..."]] He said aloud, reaching over to grab his pants that had been thrown haphazardly on the floor. No doubt his "prince" was wondering where he was at, then again he always had a habit of arriving fashionably late. Without saying goodbye to the women who's evening he'd stolen Taoh left the room quickly and quietly. He walked down the stairs that led into the tavern, the bar tender lifting a brow at him. [+red [b "Hey don't give me that look old man, I can't keep myself from beautiful women."]] He said with a grin, leaning against the bar. His golden eyes glanced around to see that the Tavern was quite empty - not surprising since it was the middle of the day. Once guy in particular though stuck out to him, he was wearing clothing that wasn't normal for Radinata. He shrugged his shoulders, since he himself was a foreigner it didn't bother him, there was nothing wrong for people outside of Radinata to visit.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 The Bar keeper shook his head at Taoh. [b "Boy if that was beautiful then we've got different standards. The only thing nice on her was the rack."] Taoh laughed, adjusting the sword that was strapped to his waist. [b [+red "Well why else would I have spent the night with her?"]] As if god wanted to punish him the girl he'd been talking about smacked him upside the head with her shoe. Taoh flinched, rubbing the spot that was now sore. [b "Bastard!"] She called out, hastily putting her shoe back on and rushing out the Tavern. Him and the bar tender exchanged glances and shrugged. Taoh opened his mouth to say something but the worried and confused voices of people outside made him stop. Curiosity got the better of him and the rest of the people inside the tavern, all of them walking out and looking to the side. [b [+red "Oh this is way above my pay grade...."]] the male mutters to himself.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/rFSxzru.png]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 Within minutes alarms begin to go off - The Magistellia. An evacuation was taking place, everyone would be ushered to the Noble quarter. Taking his job seriously as a guard, the male began to guide the people around him towards the quarter. It wasn't surprising that people were in a panic, no one had any clue as to what that sphere in the sky was. Hell for all they knew it could be some sort of bomb that could turn Radinata into ruins. The thought made him worry but he wouldn't let it show. Once everyone seemed to be out of the vicinity Taoh looked around, the only other people left were the guards and knights who would defend if need be. Once he was satisfied that no one was left the male made his way towards the central gates.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 On his way to the gates Taoh felt the ground rumble, he was quite far from the gate but he could just barely make out a large black figure. [i "Well that doesn't look fun."] As soon as that thought crossed his mind soldiers began to poor out around the figure, running in all directions. Instincts kicked in and Taoh grabbed his trusty sword, the red blade shined as he flicked it back, a grin of excitement on his face. [b [+red "Lets see if I can beat my last record"]] The male didn't hesitate to dive into the throng of dark soldiers. He moved so fast and swung his sword effortlessly that it was hard to keep up with his movements, soldiers kept coming and coming as he moved deeper and close to the gates.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 At one point the male got push back into a wall, the soldiers think that they got the best of him. Gracefully he jumped up against the wall, pushing himself of and grabbing a pole and then launching himself off it with his feet up onto the short wall. He waved at the stunned and then looked up. He had a higher vantage point now and could easily see what was going on in the battlefield. Immediately he saw his oldest and probably only friend in a bit of trouble. In regular Taoh style the male braced himself and jumped up onto the pole, then with as much power as he could muster launched himself up into the air, making a point to a flip. [b [+red "In Coming!"]] He cried.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 After some bickering and head bashing the two males found themselves back to back. [b [+red "With pleasure, friend."]] He tightened his grip in his blade, a grin spreading across his face. The male lunges forward, swinging his sword left and right with lightning speed. The soldiers were caught off guard and then regained their composure, grabbing their own weapons and surging forward with battle cries. Taoh sliced at a group of men, they lifted shields in order to block his attack. They didn't realize how much force he was actually putting into his blows and flew backwards. Killian took this time to blink behind the enemy and use his staff in order to knock them back towards Taoh. The raven-haired man angled his blade downwards and aimed for their knee's. The group of men were incapacitated and mostly knocked out.]]]

[center [EB+Garamond [size15 With ease he spun around to face the men who had come up from behind him, one of them grabbed his arm as he swung at them. Using his free arm he brought it down on the guys elbow and freed his hand and blade. Taoh proceeded to thrust his leg out and kick the guy in the stomach, sending him flying and tumbling a few feet. Killian was where the guy landed and using a large amount of force sent him flying into a nearby wall. Taoh let out a boisterous laugh. [b [b +red "Yea! That's how we do it!"]] He scanned the group that was still in front of them. [b [+red "Come and get it boys, unless your scared."]] He taunted, flicking his blade to get rid of some of the blood on it.]]]
  [ᴛᴀᴏʜ] / Otter / 27d 9h 53m 54s
[font "Lucida Fax" After a mild scolding of Seraphina’s royal guard, the room was left for the royals to discuss the next move. The king was conflicted on whether he should allow his children to go out and fight, or to keep them safe inside the castle walls. Killian’s father quoted the late Queen Lunarus. Killian could almost hear his mother’s voice whisper, “In times of war, things, such as rank and title, become irrelevant.” While Prince Killian could not understand the turmoil, Killian Darnus Milivoj Radius, son of Darnus Radius, could understand the unwillingness to let his only family risk their lives for the sake of the kingdom. It was one of the most difficult things about being a ruler, he imagined. Those in charge, had to wear many masks. Sometimes, two masks conflict with the other leading to the ultimate question: which should be worn?]

[font "Lucida Fax" Upon hearing the king’s decision on placing the prince in charge on the battlefield, Killian tried his damnedest to not to look smug in front of his sister, Seraphina. Now wasn’t the time to don that mask of unruly brother. Prince Killian nodded towards the king and spoke simply, [b [#000080 “As you wish, my king.”]] Donning the appropriate mask, he bowed slightly and headed for the doors of the war room. He caught a glimpse of Sera already giving Alanna her orders and placing her mask on her face. She was always more mature and responsible than him. Now was the time when he didn’t envy that.]

[font "Lucida Fax" Alanna, the red-haired woman, quickly rushed up to Prince Killian and whispered an order to him from the Princess Seraphina. [i Seriously, Sera? What, you think I’m going to let our baby sister die on the field? I’m not so irresponsible as you think.] Killian thought as he shot daggers from his eyes toward his oldest sister. With Alanna and Seraphina rushing off, Killian rolled his eyes, quickly forgetting the notion. He had more important things to worry about now.]

[font "Lucida Fax" Turning to his youngest sister, Killian placed a hand on her shoulder. [b [#000080 “Listen, I know you’re not use to these kinds of things. Just stay close to me okay? I won’t let anything bad happen to you. I promise. I know how strong you are. I need you to have my back, alright?”]] He spoke in a hushed tone. That princely mask slipped only for a moment before he straightened up and nodded. [b [#000080 “Alright. Go armor up. I’ll meet you at the main doors.”]] He spoke before heading off.]

[font "Lucida Fax" There was no doubt in what Prince Killian should do. His people needed him now more than ever, and he would not shy away from this. An adventure awaits, and he would not fail to answer the call. Personal feelings aside, the Prince looked forward to the challenge his enemies presented him. Having only tasted fighting through varies skirmishes over the years, Prince Killian would have to focus strictly on the goal at hand: getting the civilians to safety and pushing back the enemy. War was a new experience for him, and he would not let the other side intimidate him.]

[right [pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/886e989dc887041b2ee501cb6aa554c9.jpg]]
[font "Lucida Fax" First step was to armor up and meet the forces at the gates. He only needed five minutes to strap into his exquisite studded leather armor. The lighter the armor, the quick he could cut foes down. With his unique skill set, speed and freedom of movement were more important than a heavy breast plate.]

[font "Lucida Fax" Of course, the metal curiass, pauldron, and vambrace never hurt to be added to the armor set. One could never be too careful.]

[font "Lucida Fax" He rejoined with Ikana and several guards that would accompany the royals on the battlefield. Seraphina and Alanna went to the North Gate to defend that path. Pyra, the fiery one, went to the South Gate with more guards. All paths to the castle were covered now. One less thing to worry about. The enemy forces were moving fast, so Prince Killian and Princess Ikana rushed their way towards the central gates as ordered by the king. Prince Killian’s group united with Captain Anu and his men. [b [#000080 “Captain,”]] Prince Killain spoke as he nodded towards the men. [b [#000080 “What’s the situation like?”]] The Central Gate group was just in time to witness the demands of a large dark giant. [i He wants my family executed? Bit harsh.] Killian thought as he and several of the castle’s guards stood at the ready at the central gates. This black titan fellow would have to get in line.]

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPmpaVR1XcQ]

[font "Lucida Fax" As the enemy pods landed in the city’s streets, Prince Killian twirled his staff in one hand and readied his stance. Rushing towards the were about a hundred soldiers strong. He gripped his weapon anxiously waiting for the foes to appear. As the foreign soldiers rushed forward in their ominous black armor, a sudden explosion of light erupted the scene. Everyone stood confounded as a young boy stood in the center of the road. Prince Killian raised an eyebrow and glanced over to Ikana. He shrugged, a signal that read, “I have no idea who this guy is”. This boy seemed to be talking to either himself or through a telepath stone. It was hard to tell from this distance. The boy drew a sword, releasing it from its bandaged cover and charged at the soldiers, dividing the oncoming force in half. [i He must be an alley then.] Prince Killian thought as he shifted his staff in his hands.]

[font "Lucida Fax" Despite the large aid from the mysterious figure, a good number of dark soldiers were still charging towards Prince Killian’s men. There were about fifty of them and only twenty-two guards. With two Ark users, even without their ark machines, they were still very powerful. [i This might be doable if Ikana can pick them off at a distance.] Prince Killian thought as he stepped in between his sister and the enemies. [b [#000080 “Ikana, get back and see if you can pick them off from a safe distance. My men and I have this.”]] Prince Killian spoke as he readied his stance. As the horde drew close, Killian raised his staff and shouted, [b [#000080 “For Radinata!”]] The guard released their war cries as the small force charged forwarded, ready to take on the opposing force.]

[font "Lucida Fax" As the men ran forward, Prince Killian was rushing forward ahead of the others. His speed was whispered about through the kingdom and now the castle guard were able to see their Prince in action. The white-haired male dashed forward, gaining speed and momentum. As he rushed forward, the staff was lined up along his arm. The more he moved, the faster his paced picked up. Once he was upon his enemies, Killian swung his staff wide. A crack erupted throughout the road as several soldiers were sent flying many meters away, armor cracked in the middle. Killian become a white and blue blur as he rushed up to one enemy, sweeping his staff out from under his legs and twisting the other end of the staff straight down on the soldier’s chest. The body bounced twice on the ground, but the cry of pain was cut short.]

[font "Lucida Fax" The fighting was far from over, and Prince Killian could not stay in one spot for too long. The two forces clashed while Princess Ikana did her best from the distance. Prince Killian fought his way through the center of the enemies, keeping them targeted on him so that the youngest princess was safe. As the soldiers piled over him, waves of bodies could be seen flying through the air as Killian gave himself more wiggle room. He smacked his staff on the brick road, releasing shockwaves of force to knock back anyone standing with five feet of him. One blink, he was over to the right slamming his staff into a soldier’s helmet. The next blink, he was fifteen feet away elbowing another enemy troop in the face and cracking his staff over the back of another adversary. If he gained enough speed, his hits could break through the armor itself, but they soldiers were slowly surrounding him while the guards tried their best to have their Prince’s back. It wasn’t enough. Prince Killian was surrounded by several dozen soldiers and no room to gain enough momentum.]

[font "Lucida Fax" The white-haired prince twirled his staff into his other hand. Even with the speed he built up in his staff, he would be able to take out all of these men by himself. He needed someone to have his back.]

[font "Lucida Fax" [#ff0000 “In Coming!”] An all too familiar voice shouted from above. Prince Killian looked up as an extremely pale figure came barreling down, longsword in hand, towards Killian in the middle of this crowd of foes. Pivoting to side as The Crimson Dragon crash landed right next to the prince with a stupid grin on his face. This was one of Killian’s oldest friend, Taoh Laghari.]

[font "Lucida Fax" [b [#000080 “Taoh?!”]] Killian shouted unexpectedly, the mask slipping from his face just a bit before he had to readjust his composure. This fight was just about to get more interesting. [b [#000080 “Where in the blue blazes have you been?]] Killian argued with a smile on his lips as he dodged an oncoming blow from a sword.]

[font "Lucida Fax" [#ff0000 “Protecting your kingdom, fool. Where else would I be?”] The raven-headed punk replied.]

[font "Lucida Fax" Prince Killian stifled a laugh as he cracked his staff against more heads. [b [#000080 “Glad to have you finally joining the party!”]] He said before taking a punch to the face. The Prince spat blood out from his mouth as he gave the soldier that hit him a venomous stare. [b [#000080 “You bastard! How dare you hit me in my precious face!”]] Killian roared as he rushed forward, full force, and jabbed the blunt end of the staff square in the soldier’s helmet. The helmet, under the immense pressure of the speed, cracked wide open as the soldier was sent flying into a nearby building. [b [#000080 “There! Anyone else want some?”]] The prince challenged, still surrounded by many, many soldiers. [b [#000080 “Come, Taoh. Let’s show these simpletons how we treat trespassers.”]]]

[size10 Post made with permission of Otter.]
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[b "Who is that?"] Valgus asks.

[b "I am going to take a guess and say someone asked who this is. Well, considering time is a factor, I'm going to come out and say I am a Mercenary from the Azure Wing Mercenary Group. For reasons I don't feel like mentioning, you can call me Azure for the time being,"] states Azure.

[b "Did you just say Azure Wing?!"] The King asks in a booming voice of surprise that shocks the rest of the room. Darnus looks at his overview map and holds his hands out. He spreads his hands out to the side which causes the map to zoom in on a location. He sees Azure appear on the screen, except Azure's face is blurred out. [i 'That effect can only be caused by an out of place artifact called The Forget me so Bandages,'] Darnus thinks to himself.

Valgus stares at Darnus curiously and asks, [b "Azure Wing? I've never heard of that group."]

Darnus is not surprised Valgus does not know of Azure Wing. The group Azure Wing is a Mercenary Group that usually only resides in the Wastelands. The Wastelands themselves reside on the other side of a long mountain range known as the Abyssal Wall, which splits the continent horizontally through the center. The Abyssal Wall is an impassable mountain range where no magic or Ark can be used. The mountains are constantly covered in a black cloud which makes the mountain range look like a giant black wall. The only way through the Abyssal Wall is a small opening in the mountain range called the 'Gate', which is on the completely opposite side of the continent from Radinata. Any information about a Wasteland Mercenary group would not reach Radinata.

Darnus then zooms in on the crest on Azure's left shoulder. He signals for one of the operators in the room to scan the symbol. The scanning of the crest reveals that Azure is a legitimate member of Azure Wing. Darnus smiles at the confirmation of the crest's legitimacy.

[b "Believe me Old Friend,"] Darnus says, [b "They are a group worth knowing."] Darnus steps forward and speaks out, [b "You have an offer, do you not Azure Wing?"]

[b "Oh? You already know how we work?"] Azure responds.

[b "You could say a twist of fate allowed me to know. However, what is an Azure Wing doing all the way out here?"] Darnus asks.

[b "That's a long story to be told over a drink. Which would take time we don't have. So, let's keep the game of twenty questions down to the ones that need to be asked, yeah?"] Azure says through his recently acquired telepath stone.

Darnus chuckles a bit and replies, [b "What's the job offered?"]

[b " My offer is that, I will take out the egotistical loyal prick of a dog Crusade and the floating ball of sadistic death."]

[b "For how much?"] Darnus asks as he grabs hold of his telepath stone. He uses the war room intercom to connect his telepath stone to Azure's.

[b [i "One Gil."]]

"ONE GIL!?" The entire room but Darnus asks curiously.

[b [i "Yeah, one damn gil to save your entire Kingdom. What's it gonna be your royalness?"]] Azure asks as he feels somehow exhausted.

[b "Put the telepath stone up to the contract,"] Darnus says as he takes off the glove on his right hand to reveal a Royal Crest on the back of his hand.

Azure holds his left hand out as a rolled up piece of paper appears in his hand with a flash of light. He unrolls the contract as the writing of the contract is suddenly written with magic. Then, Azure holds his telepath stone up to the contract as the royal seal is planted on the contract. Down along the path, Azure can see enemies quickly closing in on his position. More of the Empire's emotionless soldiers rushing in without a care in the world other than serving their Emperor's cause.

[b "How long will you need to destroy the Ark Jammer?"] Darnus asks.

[b "Ten, twenty minutes top. Think you guys can hold out that long?"] Azure answers.

Darnus grins, [b "My warriors are strong enough to hold their own, even without Arks."]

Azure himself wears a vicious grin as the soldiers closing in on him get closer. He says, [b "Good to hear. Any questions before I take off?"]

[b "How will you take out the jammer?"]

[b "I'm gonna stab it,"] Azure replies casually as if his answer made complete sense.

[b "Wait, how are-"]

[b "-Whoops, out of time."] Azure says cutting Darnus off. He throws his telepath stone toward the first soldier to close in on him. The moment the soldier's focus hones in on the stone, Azure's right fist breaks through the stone and smashes into the soldier's helm. The soldier is sent flying backwards and skidding along the ground. [b "Sorry guys, but I have somewhere I need to be,"] Azure says as he looks at the soldiers that stand before him. He suddenly vanishes in an immense burst of speed.

King Darnus winces a bit at the high pitched sound that is caused by the sudden disconnect of the telepath stone.

"What now your Majesty?" Valgus asks.

Darnus slams the end of his cane into the ground. [b "Situation report, give me a full rundown of who is where Valgus,"] Darnus orders as he looks at the map.

"It seems Pyra is covering the South Gate, Prince Killian along with Princess Ikana and Anu are are the Center Gate, and it seems Rose took Princess Seraphina and Alanna toward the North Gate to take command there," Valgus reports in a stern tone.

"Reporting in, there is a sudden rush toward the North Gate! By estimation, Rose's party will not be able to make it in time to setup a valid defense!" One of the operators reports from their seat.

"Also, it seems we are picking up an unknown reading along the North Path! Scanning it again to try and obtain the identity of the new presence.

[b "What is the unknown's location?"] Darnus asks.

"On a rooftop behind enemy lines on the Northern Path, sir." An operator replies.

[i "Is it an enemy sniper? But for it to be just one seems strange. Plus, it seems the enemy is still sending in scouts and not the main force yet. Taking that into account, who is it?']

[h3 On a rooftop two stories high...]

...stands a dark silhouette of a woman which is shaped by the sun behind her. In the shadow's right hand is a dark green bow, and on the mysterious woman's back is a strange quiver that has a lid over its opening with holes in it, yet there are no arrows in the quiver itself. The hooded figure wears a dark green lightweight armor that matches the color of the bow. The cape hanging down along the figure's left side sways gently with the ominous wind. The woman's golden colored eyes glow a cyan color and change in form. Her eye gains the pattern of a bulls eye with the color pattern of black and cyan. The outer most ring is cyan while the inner most ring is black.

The woman readies her bow and draws back the bow string. As the string is drawn, a cyan colored arrow manifests upon the bow. She releases the string and the arrow flies forward as it pierces the helmet of one of the enemy's scouts.

"Enemy fire... detected," The scouts whisper among themselves as s some of the rushing enemy units stop in their tracks and turn to face the direction the arrow was shot from. However, the moment they turned to face the silhouette, a flurry of arrows fires forward and guns down all the units that had turned their attention.

[h3 Back at the War Room...]

... an operator reports, "Magic used by the unidentified figure! Identification obtained! Your Majesty, it's Lilia!"

Darnus's eyes widen, but then he smiles, [b "For her to come back now."]

"Fortune seems to have smiled upon us," Valgus says with a smile as well.

Lilia jumps down from the rooftops and lands on the pathway, facing away from the Northern Gates, after having reduced the enemy enough for the North Gate Guards to hold out until Rose's arrival. The hood falls to Lilia's shoulders to reveal radiant fluent blonde hair as she readies her bow cutting off enemy reinforcements.

[h3 At the center path...]

... units charge forward, quickly approaching the Prince's party. However, three blocks ahead a flash of light charges into the fray cutting off some of the enemy units. Azure stands on the center road once the light fades as he looks down the path toward Killian. He quirks a brow and says, [b "Wasn't I supposed to end up down there?"] Azure asks.

"..." A ringing sound replies to Azure.

[b "What do you mean I made a wrong turn?"] Azure asks in an annoyed tone. [b "Ah whatever, no use bitching about it now."] He reaches back and grabs the hilt of the wrapped sword. He draws the sword forward and pulls on the tied knot right underneath the guard of the blade. The bandages that are wrapped around the blade quickly unwrap themselves from around the blade to reveal a majestic blue sword. The sword has a strange shine to it that makes it seem pristine even on the battlefield. It's gleaming silver edges look to be cutting even the light of the sun itself. Azure slashes the sword out to the side and says, [b "It's time to work Exaltus!"]

[h3 Lilia's Skeleton]

[pic http://oi66.tinypic.com/2qn5agg.jpg]

Name: Lilia
Age: 25
Role: ExGuard of the Queen
Ark Name: Artemis
Element: Nature/Archery
Drive Gear: Mystic Bow

Short Bio:

Lilia was one a street rat who was found by the Queen. She was taken in to be a friend and sister to Killian before Seraphina was born. This is because Lunarus was unsure how many children she would be able to have at the time. However, Lilia quickly showed immense talent with a bow and arrow. Darnus had her trained and Lilia, who became ambitious, trained to become the Queen's personal guard so she could pay the Queen back for all the she has done. Lilia is a childhood friend to all three of the royal children and was like a daughter to Darnus and Lunarus. She left the Kingdom a year ago when the Queen died for the reason of trying to fulfill one of the Queen's dreams.

  Azure Wing / Tyasuke / 49d 6h 44m 26s
Alanna had asked for only one pastry, just a singular pastry. But, that did not translate to receiving a single pastry; Princess Ikana handed all the pastries to her. Alanna was surprised, but only for a short time before walking into the room.

Even though the King's children had walked in first, the king addressed her first. Alanna lowered her head respectfully as the King addressed her, for he was not happy with her decision of following Sera's request. The King's tone was stern, meaning that he was considering some form of punishment.

But whatever her punishment may be, it would be put off till later. Alanna meekly submitted to the king's words, walking and standing outside the door after having put the pastries on the floor.

Ten minutes. Ten minutes. How did one calculate the length of ten minutes without a clock to measure the passing of the seconds which led to a minute, and the passing of a minute time ten for ten minutes? Well, one could count the seconds in their head. Yes it was a boring and mundane thing to do, but the ten minutes had to be counted somehow.

Well, ten minutes had not passed before Princess Sera had come out. Princess Sera had walked up to her, and had told her what had been said in the war room. Alanna nodded her head silently as Princess Sera left.

Alanna faced quite the conundrum. What should she do? Should she follow the king's orders? Or should she for the sake of her close ties to Sera, follow Sera's orders? Yes she was Sera's guard, but did not the word of the king trump the words of a princess?

This was a choice between being a good friend to Sera and following the dictum of what Rose, her mother, had taught her. Alanna was on the point of completely giving up...

But then, maybe this would work.

Alanna ran up to Prince Killian, right up to him. She locked eyes with him before whispering to him, [+purple "Keep an eye on Princess Ikana, make sure she does not disappear. A request from Princess Sera."] Even though this was not exactly true, just lightly putting it, Alanna spoke it with confidence and conviction.

She did not give the time for Prince Killian to respond, instead just walking off as if she were needed somewhere urgent; to be fair, the king had ordered her to go to the Central Gate.

Before heading to the Central Gate however, Alanna stopped by the armoury to put on some armour and grab her polearm.

She quickly ran to the Central Gate, where she spotted her mom talking with another person wearing armour; that person was Sera. Even though the armour completely encased Sera, Alanna knew that was Sera's armour.

[center /--|--/]

Standing alongside Anu, Rose could feel the tension. It felt as if it was one big, long, undulating wave. The people evacuating with the help of the guards was an accurate representation of this wave. Rose crossed her arms, waiting for whatever was to come.

Shouts came from the guards on the gate. Shouts about a single knight, challenging pretty much all of them. Rose raised a curious eyebrow. What did one man hope to do against all the guards and others who knew how to fight?

Now that the knight had an Ark to back him up, all became clear. A knight by himself could not hope to accomplish much. But an Ark, an Ark shifted the balance of power; not just by a tiny bit, but by a lot since no Radinata Ark rider could access their Ark.

As Anu turned to face the nearby guards, Rose did to. She looked at Anu, giving him her full attention, and also turning the guard's attention to Anu as he began his speech. Even no she had no doubt about how much of a fight they'd be able to put up, she could feel the spirit of the guards rise several notches.

As Anu gave her command of the guards, Rose turned around to see what Anu would do after jumping off the wall. She could feel the eyes of the guards staring at her back, but she kept up the strict and most importanly, the confident stance. [+red "Well, this should be fun."]

It was quite the sight to observe Anu fight. One of the nicknames of Anu was [i God of Gold], and it was no joke at all. Anu could control gold, and to anyone who did not know this fact would end up bewildered at the sight of gold moving as if it had a mind of its own.

And just like that the fight was over. Anu had even snagged a gilded guest to be interrogated in the dungeons. Rose smiled, another little success bringing another small step towards victory.

Turning around, she faced the guards. She got a headcount of twenty guardsmen in front of her. [+red "Groups of five guards, now!""] And just like that, the mass of twenty became four separate masses of five. [+red "Two groups, head towards the South Part. If it is being overrun, fight off the invaders. If impossible, slowly retreat and send a runner for reinforcements."]

Two groups of five left at a jog. Rose was about to say her next orders before she spotted a familiar set of armour walking in the distance, which changed her orders. [+red "The remaining two groups, you will stay here and back up Commander Anu. That's all"]

Rose ran over to the familiar suit of armour. From her daughter's, Alanna, description, this suit belonged to the Princess Sera. [+red How nice of you to join, you're coming with me."]

But before Rose could begin jogging, Rose noticed her daughter. Rose almost yelled out the word "daughter", but caught herself before she had yelled it out. [+red "Alanna, might as well join us. We're going to the Northern Section."]

Rose jogged forwards, her sword sheathes clinking softly. To her side was Alanna, and Princess Sera was close enough to them that Rose did not have to worry about her safety too much.

Coming up on the Northern Section, [+red "This commander is going to have his position for this.."] The guards were fighting, but there was no leadership. The fight that the guards put up was good, but it was somewhat half-hearted because there was no commander here.

A good commander always fought side-by-side with his troops.

Rose pulled out her two sides, and ran at the group of enemy knights, Alanna following right behind her. If Sera decided to join, that would be her decision.
  Alanna / NorthernWolves / 56d 7h 5m 6s
[b “She is following my orders father,”] Seraphina said as she made sure to stand up for her guard. [b “You may feel free to punish me for that after we make it through this, but for the time being I would appreciate you trusting my judgment here.”]

Sera may not have had the same awareness of the situation as her father, but the order she gave was one that was necessary to their long term strategic success. She made sure to give a nod of support to Alanna after her statement. Her father may not like it much, but Sera was not about to back down given the importance involved.

Father's speech was one that Sera could appreciate since the traits of her mother being referenced were some she shared. Everyone needed to step up to protect each other as if they failed the end result would be disastrous. She was thankful that her father was willing to respect that belief and leave them free to make their own decision. Of course he had to ruin the moment right after, but she was used to that by now.

Sera gave a nod before making her way out of the war room. She stopped just outside long enough to update Alanna and give the woman her thanks before they parted ways. She would have to explain herself to Darnus later, but she was prepared to face any consequences from her father for issuing Alanna separate orders. After he made it crystal clear that there was no point in her staying in the war room she was more than prepared to have that discussion later.

While time was of the essence Sera still made it a priority to make a stop to put on armor. A suit similar in appearance to a miniature version of her Ark El-Machina. Once she was properly outfitted she made her way out of the castle and made use of all of her knowledge of shortcuts to make it to the Central Gate.

She might be the last to arrive, but she knew from Rose's teachings to be more cautious. A battle like this was life or death, and any advantage she could eke out could mean the difference between taking a life or losing one.
  Seraphina / Tesla / 65d 14h 56m 21s
Anu looked out across the kingdom as the citizens were slowly making their way to the noble quarter. It was to slow in his eyes, but the guards were doing their best. It was then the warning shouts came from his own men at the gate. They were screaming about how a single knight had appeared at the game clad in black. It gave the male a feeling he did not like what so ever. A single man would take on the entire force to the kingdom of the king?

It was then the mans Ark had appeared, a giant black creature who's eyes had glown green ever so brightly. Anu had watched as the giant broke through the gate without fail with three successive blows to it. It wasn't meant to be taken lightly the gate, however this creature had more power then a normal ark rider. Even then the knights of Radinata would fight to their last breath for their Royal family. Loyalty was their trait bred into them all and would not be so easily overcome, but even so some would be fearful of the new found enemy they face.

Anu looked to the guards on the wall that he now stood upon along with Rose. [#e18914 "Do not fear men; for we have more then just our might against these enemies we now face."] having his booming voice reach over the wall into the city below so the citizens and knights could hear as well the male went on. [#e18914 "Let me ask you now. Is life so dear or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of the blood of those closest to you? I know not what course others may take, but as for me, I will stand by my vow of protecting the place I call home and to protect those I serve."] s he finished his speech he turned back around to face the giant enemy knight who had stopped in the middle of the empty city.

[#e18914 "Rose I ask that you take command here."] without skipping a beat Anu jumped over the wall and slowed his decent with his ark''s power. So they could still use their ark's power, but not the armor itself, well that is good indeed. Skidding to a stop on the pavement of solid lime stone Anu stood now on the Central path between the noble quarter and the city. He looked up again to see the giant black armor had not moved from the middle of town, but three pods had shot outside of the city, each pod had produced knights out of them. Each pod was placed so that the knights could run up the pathways without any hinderance from buildings and the like. It was then the black clad Knights came up the central pathway. [#e18914 "If you wish to pass you shall have to kill me."]

The knights slowly started surrounding anu, he felt their presence around him, perhaps it was the sense of the gold they carried upon their person. It was then the jingling had given away their movements, but anu caught them off guard first. He drew the blades away from his wrists and had the rings placed in his hands one guard dead the loss of his head caused his body to twitch. The male's head placed at Anu's feet perfect on a spike of gold. [#e18914 "Tell me did you think you could take on the God of gold?"]

The last three men understood what the male had said and tried quickly to throw their pouches off of themselves, but it was to late. Anu had covered one male's left side with the gold he had. The second had his right leg covered. The last one had however gotten his gold off of him before anu could move it. Facing him the young male just snapped his fingers and the gold on the other two began to snap in places a human's body shouldn't. The first died from a broken neck the second lost his limb, and was on the ground wiggling back and forth screaming in pain.

[b ".....Never win."] said the last guard as he pivoted on his heel and took an attack from Anu's left side, however it was but a few moments that a spike of gold appeared out of the head at anu's feet to spike through the other man's foot and right through his shoulder. [#e18914 "You should pay more attention to your footing. It could lead to your death if you don't."] snapping his finger's again the spike piercing the man through grew out in all directions more spikes into a tree of gold. [#e18914 "You also should have watched where you threw your coin."]

Stepping over the now two bodies from himself he stepped up to the one man who was wiggling around in pain. [#e18914 "Hold still."] incasing the wound in gold Anu picked the man up and dragged him back to the wall. [#e18914 "Rose, I bring a guest for the dungeon."] slowly the door in front of him opened up and a few city guards came and took the man away.

That left but one more pathway into the noble quarters, but it was to far away for him to get to if the guards had gotten this far already up the pathways.
  Anu / Colorful_insanity / 66d 13h 2m 59s
Azure stands alone outside of the tavern. All the people have been clearly evacuated. The only ones who would be on the roads now would be the guards and knights who are ready to fight for their home and against any invaders that may come. Azure looks off in the direction Pyra ran off in. [b "Well, there goes my best chance of getting in touch with his highness,"] He says in a casual tone as he looks up at the Ark jammer He takes another sip of his dwindling drink. [b "What are my options, partner?"] Azure asks as he looks to his right down the path toward the large gates that allow entry into the Kingdom itself.

[h3 At the War Room...]

...Darnus looks at the overall situation. Upon the arrival of his children, the first one to be addressed is Alanna. [b "I am at ease to know my daughter has such a loyal friend and bodyguard, however, I believe I gave orders for [i all] Ark Riders to follow. That includes Royal Guards,"] Darnus says in a stern tone as he looks over his shoulder at the red haired girl. [b "However, now is not the time for such conversations. Alanna, wait outside the door. If you do not see my children come out in ten minutes, then report to the Central Gate,"] Darnus motions for Killian to come back up toward the door that enters that War Room and rejoin his sisters, [b "If they do come out, then follow them where they go,"] Darnus orders. He waits for Alanna to leave the room as well as Killian to rejoin the group. The King then descends from the platform and stands before his three children.

[b "Listen you three. Someone has just threatened our home with invasion. They have yet to appear, but have shown they have no fear of provoking us. A battle is imminent,"] Darnus explains and continues on to say, [b "Our enemies have taken our Arks away and already have the upper hand on us. As your Father, I wish to order all three of you to remain here where it is safe."] Darnus lets out a stressed sigh and grips his cane tightly. [b "However, as the King, the words of the late Queen continue to resound in my ear."]

Darnus looks up at his children with eyes filled with fire. They were the eyes of the powerful King who managed to achieve peace within his Kingdom by taking on the very corruption that infested it and purging it. A King who is not one to be trifled with. [b "Your Mother, the Queen, always said that in times of war, things such as rank, title, and bloodline become irrelevant. Everyone must take on a roll to protect the land we call home,"] Darnus says as he turns his back to his children and begins to ascend up to his platform once again. [b "I will leave it to you three to decide whether or not you take part in this fight."] Darnus stops on the top stair and looks down at the three once more. [b "Yet, if you do enter the battle,"] Darnus's eyes grow a blaze and completely stern as his next set of words are filled with the entirety of the pressure Darnus carries as King, [b "You leave any petty difference you have between each other here in this room and report to the Central Gate. Once there, Killian takes charge. Am I clear?"]

The King returns to his position on the platform. His main focus turns to the main gates of the Kingdom. He has a heavy feeling weigh in his heart, and it was not because of the Ark jammer. It is because of the idea the jammer represented. An enemy would only use such a device if it gave them an advantage. Darnus has the agonizing feeling that he knows what that advantage is, and he can only hope that his suspicion is wrong.

[h3 Outside the Kingdom's Gate...]

[pic http://oi64.tinypic.com/2cqiioi.jpg]

... a Knight clad in completely black armor stands before the large gate. His horned helm makes him look as if he is a demonic knight while his long black cape flows around his body making him look like nothing more than a black mass from a distance. Mounted on his right arm is a large black shield which has the hilt of a sword protruding from its top.

In the distance the Knight could hear the shouts of the Radinata Knights who guard the main gate. However, their warnings fell on deaf ears. The Knight begins to approach the Kingdom with one heavy step after another. He begins to draw his sword from its sheath as he says in a low raspy voice, [b "Crusade, it is time we fight once again in the name of our Liege."] A dark blackish green mist begins to surround the Knight as he approaches the main gate.

[h3 Back..]

... in the War Room, Darnus's fears begin to come to light. A loud rumble could be heard smashing against the main gate. After the third rumble, the gate crumbles to pieces as a the destroyed pieces of gate avalanche inward into the kingdom. From the dust emerges an enormous black armored titan. The titanic knights eyes glow green as it piers down upon Radinata.

[pic http://oi65.tinypic.com/r9hjt3.jpg]

Darnus grits his teeth, [i 'So I was right. The sphere only effects us.'] Darnus thinks to himself as he looks upon a symbol of despair. An enemy Ark.

[b "Radinata,"] A man speaks from within the large Ark. The voice resounds across Radinata itself. [b "My name is Crusade. I am one of the most loyalest of Knights to his liege, Emperor Dakunai. Surrender the Royal Family to be executed, or we will execute them through force. Either way, they shall meet the same fate,"] While Crusade speaks, several black pods descend from the air and impale the ground just outside of Radinata's gate. Four slots open up within the pods, and black armored troops flood out from the openings.

The troops begin to talk among each other, however, everyone outside of Dakunai's forces only heard a dark eerie whisper of broken up sentences and words.

"Invade.... Kill those who stand.... against his Majesty.... kill King Darnus," With these many whispers, the soldiers charge forward into the Kingdom. They charge up the roads, killing and Radinata forces that they may see.

Crusade begins to walk further into the Kingdom unopposed. He easily reaches the Kingdom's center and stands directly beneath the Ark Jammer. Crusade stands at attention at the Kingdom's center as the invasion progresses.

[h3 Azure...]

... merely closes his left eye and takes a sip of his drink as he watches Crusade easily invade the Kingdom's center. His right eye looks down the path to his right to see four soldiers had arrived at his location.

"Kill... He stands before us.... Foolish... surround him..."

[b "You guys certainly know how to ruin a perfectly good drink,"] Azure says as he downs the rest of his drink. He then sighs as the glass in his hand starts to rapidly vibrate.

The front most soldier charges forward as metal claws extend from his hands.

[b "Time for Radinata's freebie I guess,"] Azure suddenly tosses the glass to his right. The glass flies forward like a speeding bullet and crashes into the first soldier's head, causing him to flip backwards off his feet. The moment his feet lift off the ground, Azure's entire body gains a faint glow as the world around him slows down. At a blinding speed, Azure rushes forward and pulls a knife off the belt of the soldier that is flying in midair. He approaches the next soldier to his left and jumps up thrusting his left foot into the soldier's chest. While kicking off the soldier, he tosses the knife straight into the forehead of the soldier way in the back and at the same time spin kicks the last remaining soldier. The moment Azure's feet touches the ground, time picks back to its normal pace, the two guards that were kicked are sent flying into walls that are behind them. The other two land on the ground with a loud thud as Azure brushes off the right side of his coat.

[b "Good friend of mine always said to never ruin a good drink, now you bastards know why,"] Azure says as he approaches the body with a knife in its head. He crouches down right next to it and he palm strikes the butt of the knife which causes the helmet the soldier wears to crack open. Azure strikes the right side of the soldiers helmet and a cyan colored magistellia rolls out from the opening made. [b "Telepath Gem, check."]

"South Path Advance Unit, what is your progress. Respond," Crusader calls out from the magistellia.

Azure tosses the magistellia up in the air and catches it. He holds the telepath magistellia up to his mouth, [b "Hey , sorry to report, but your soldiers' met an untimely end by the bottom of my glass and boot. Mind if I take a message for them?"]

"Who dares to shed the blood of the Dakunai empire!?" Crusade shouts through the telepath stone.

[b "The guy that is going to spill your blood for one gil,"] Azure replies and then says, [b "Do it partner."]

The telepath stone disconnects from Crusade, and suddenly the gem the glows bright as magic symbols float in the air around it. The symbols constantly change and morph into different symbols as Azure looks upon the gem. The magic symbols slowly begin to spell out a name. The first three letters spelled out are D, A and R.

[h3 Back in the War Room...]

... Darnus discusses with those present a strategy to use when facing the current situation. [b "Is there anyway we can shoot down that Jammer with a Magitank?"]

"We already ran the numbers sir. No tank would be able to shoot that high, plus, even if one could, it seems the enemy's Ark is standing there to protect it," One of the many workers in the room replies.

[b "Then-"]

Before Darnus could continue, a loud voice interrupts the discussion. [b [i "-Heeeey, Earth to War Room I am guessing? Would his Majesty happen to be in?"]]

[h3 Battle Conditions]

* Enemies have started to Appear along the Central and North Path. South Path Held up by Azure

* Cannot go beyond the central plaza.

* Current Fighting State: On the Defensive

[h3 Part One Complete]

Part Two will be released after two people post since a lot happens in this post
  Azure Wing / Tyasuke / 66d 19h 15m 14s
The princess was glad her older sister didn't start a rant on her. Ikana remembered when the two of them were younger and still considered Seraphina fun. Now, it was like she had to prove she was better than Killian. Ikana was glad she was the youngest. It meant she had no chance of taking the throne and the responsibility that came along with it. It also meant she was less likely to be forced to marry in order to even keep the throne. The only part she hated was the way her older siblings treated her. It was like she couldn't do anything right by them. Their mother was the only one that made her not feel that way. Father tried, but mother was the best at it.

[#2A96E2 "Of course he's not tied to a tree. That was only one time and it was an accident too!"] She yelled at her brother, becoming annoyed by the lecture she was getting. [#2A96E2 "And I didn't take that many sweets, just what I would eat today and possibly tomorrow. Honestly, do you really think I would ruin my appetite like that? I-"]

Ikana stopped as she felt something burn on her chest. Dropping most of the sweets, she clutched onto her chest. She wasn't good dealing with pain and was considered a sissy when it came to it. Though in training she had learned to hide it, she would still complain. She had never felt this before though. Pain along with the feeling of being disconnected to something. What was it?

[#2A96E2 "My Ark..."] She muttered, finally figuring it out.

She watched her brother run to the nearest window to look out. While she was curious to see, hearing their father speak to them took her attention. He wasn't happy and wanted the three of them there immediately. Whatever was happening, it was serious, and the king needed his children right away. It was times like these that Ikana would really step up and take things seriously. While she did take many things seriously, it was situations like this that she wouldn't dare make jokes. Something was on the way and they had to protect the citizens.

Ikana handed the bread she had left in her hands to Alanna, then started to make her way to the war room. The burning pain was still a lot on her and she had to use the wall as support. Once at the entrance to the war room, she followed her siblings in and looked at her father for any type of orders from him. She wasn't sure what she could do, but whatever task she was given, she would take.

[center ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~]

[pic http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/972a1018e3c3c56daea1418ae6b5f4b31728746.png]

Pyra was just as taken aback by how quickly he drank it as the barkeep. How the hell did this kid just down it that fast and not have a horrible reaction?

[#430505 "It may be a tradition, but you shouldn't do it with the strongest thing here..."] She responded, taking a more relaxed sip of her own drink.

She listened to what the barkeep had to say about the king refusing the deal. Pyra hadn't been in the meeting, but was acting as guard while they talked. She over heard some of the items on the table and she was surprised the king had said no. If it were her, she would've said yes. But she wasn't the ruler and perhaps he knew something she didn't. Still, it was rather strange to not say yes.

Looking back to the kid, she noticed him reaching for the strange blade that was wrapped up and quickly stood. Her right hand was at her side but had sparks coming off of it to ignite into fire at a moment's notice. Seeing the blade itself though, she felt that it was nothing more than a joke. How was it even a sword at this point? It was so rusted and broken, surely it was just a heirloom that he carried around. But then, what was the weapon he used?

Pyra didn't have time to respond though, scared voices could be heard from outside. The Ark Rider quickly turned her attention to that, knowing it was her duty to protect the kingdom and all it's inhabitants. As she got outside, she felt a burning feeling on her chest. Looking down, she could see the glow and knew it wasn't good. Her suspicions were confirmed when she quickly realized she could no longer feel her Ark.

[#430505 [i 'What the hell is this?!']]

She then heard the magistellia's sound off, the kings voice then giving a warning. Everyone was to evacuate to the Noble Quarters. Hearing of something being in the sky, she looked up to see the strange object that had cast a dome over the kingdom. She had no idea what this was, but she knew it wasn't of her concern at the moment. For now, she had to help people get to the safety.

Turning her attention to the people, she noticed the crowd getting thicker as they were told where to go. Pyra quickly got to the side and overlooked the crowd, making sure no one was pushed over.

[#430505 "Remain calm."] She yelled out to them. [#430505 "Head to the Noble Quarters and the guards will lead you to the designated area."]

She then went to head off to the quarters herself, keeping a look out for anything that was out of the ordinary.
  Princess Ikana / Kikido / 67d 13h 34m 0s
Even though Sera had agreed with her, Alanna still did not understand one thing. Why was the fact that the meeting would be interesting meant that it would be unfortunate? But it was not a big enough matter to be extremely concerned about, for it was not a matter of life or death.

As Sera walked, Alanna kept taking quick glances at Sera. Taking quick glances at Sera was not a cause for alarm, it was merely a habit instilled in Alanna as a royal guard. It allowed Alanna to gauge the mood of the person she was guarding. Sometimes, moods would positive or negatively impact the protection effort, so it was a good idea to understand the mood beforehand.

On the outside, Sera appeared calm and neutral. But it also felt as if Sera was thinking about something, thoughts clashing against each other in the head. Alanna would not have been surprised if Sera had been thinking about her conversation with Charlotte, since Sera had found out something quite interesting there. But Alanna knew that there was a possibility of being wrong, for Sera could be thinking about her various tasks in running the kingdom.

Walking, the two of them had run into another pair. This pair consisted of the prince and his bodyguard, Prince Killiam and Guy. Alanna did not concern herself with what either one of them did, for it was not really her duty to guard any one of them. All she really knew about them was the talk around the castle, but that talk was not always true.

One had to be careful in distinguishing the truth, from things which appeared to be true.

Prince Killian did have one habit which annoyed Sera, and that was his sarcasm. It definitely drove a wedge between the two of them relation wise, despite the fact that they were brother and sister.

Usually Sera would not grace his sarcasm with an answer, it was the type of sarcasm where it was better to ignore it than to give credence that it existed. But after dealing with the new information she had learned from Charlotte, it seemed as if Sera was not thinking about keeping silence. Instead, Sera replied.

Looking over at Killian, it was quite evident that it was not the reaction he had hoped for. His jaw shifted around, obviously unsettled by Sera's slightly venomous, at least in his eyes, words. That was what he got for trying to be annoying.

And then into this unsettled mess stepped the youngest of them all, Princess Ikana. Alanna had first noticed the smell of baked goods wafting through the hallways of all a sudden, followed by the sound of a very familiar and unsure voice.

Both Sera and Killian had noticed Ikana, but it was Killian who had gone for a more decisive and hands on approach. Killian went of on a responsibility rant, which would have ended who knows when.

But something did interrupt the responsibility rant. And it happened at the same exact time.

All of a sudden, Alanna could feel a warm feeling popping up on her chest. A quick glance downwards and she saw a red symbol on her chest. Trying to connect to her Ark, Alanna found it mentally blocked. Killian was experiencing the same thing, so was Ikana, Sera, and all the other Ark riders present in the room.

Whatever Killian was doing, Alanna was not paying attention. Her attention was on Sera, who was providing instructions, which were wispered, to her crowd. Sera singled out Alanna, quietly telling her what to do.

Well, this was quite interesting. Alanna glanced at Ikana before turning to face Sera again, nodding her head to tell Sera that she understood her instructions.

Right after that, it was time to follow all three to wherever they had been told to go. Alanna had not heard what the king had said to either Killian, Sera, or Ikana since she wasn't the king's child. She had heard the message sent out to the Ark riders, but being Sera's guard took precedent over that.

While walking, Alanna had walked up to Ikana and took a look at the pastries. [+purple "Mind if I have one?"]

[center /_-_|_-_]

Upon hearing the sound of the alarm, Rose had immediately ran out to see what the alarm was about. She had seen the red sphere slowly envelop the entire city. She had also noticed that many of the Ark riders had panicked, as if they were not able to access their Arks. Was it possibile that this red wall was some sort of jamming device?

Making her way up to the top of the wall, she arrived there without a loss of breath. All the townsfolk were being evacuated by the soldiers, an endless stream of people.

At that moment, Anu had walked up. He had nodded to her, and she had returned the gesture. She had heard stories of the man, but she respected Anu and the way he did his job.

Rose walked up close to Anu, stopping until she was two paces off and turning to face the same way he was facing. [+red "Whatever it is, we'll fight it off."] She said this with an iron conviction.
  Alanna / NorthernWolves / 80d 10h 33m 35s

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