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"Personal space... not something I'm too concerned with, honestly." Vincent says as he walks with her. "But I guess yours that you're more concerned about."

Vincent just focuses on going whatever it was that they were heading to.
[i Magic, magic, magic, that's apparently so normal to everyone but me here and she's making it seem like... just something that doesn't bode well for me.] He thinks to himself. [i Not like I can do anything else at this point though.]

"Whatever it takes to help me find the two that came here with me and send me back." Vincent says. "I have to-... never mind."

As they reach a restaurant and head inside, he just couldn't help but feel like he's dreaming all of this. As the woman makes him wait and goes off, he begins to think out loud.

"If I ended up around here, they couldn't be too far... unless this 'magic' that brought us here decided to put them somewhere else." Vincent mutters to himself then sighs. "That's to say if they even came here with me; for all I know, they could back at that bunker and wondering what the hell happened."

When the woman came back showed him where to go, he goes towards where she pointed. When he got into the room, he decided to stay standing and lean up against a wall near the dais.

"My name is Vincent by the way, Vincent Elesonni." Vincent says. "And right before I ended up in this world, I was a soldier in the middle of fighting in a war alongside two others who are also lost somewhere in this world."
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[Center [google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Quicksand] [Quicksand the petite woman grabbed his hand, placed a string in his palm and closed his hand. She began walking away holding onto the other end. She waved her hand indicating he should follow her. They walked through the flowers and she could see all the insects hop and fly away with every step.

"[#9ac6d5 I give you this string to avoid invading personal space. Before, when you were injured, I did not ask. But that is because that was not something I can negotiate with you about...]" Just in view was a dirt path that lead to pavement. The pavement lead to the center of the town near by. There, were houses. And the large road led downtown. Or the heart of the village.

They soon approached the few houses that bordered the village. With people who had recognized Veronica. She nodded and occasionally waved to them. But kept a consistent focused pace towards the main road. It would lead them to all the restaurants and shopping stores. The few buildings they were on the main road, but it was the liveliest of the town and where she could easily seek help. "[#9ac6d5 This is my first time encountering someone from a different world, but I could tell by your magic. Not just anyone can tell though. Just those extremely tuned to magical frequencies. Magic is energy, you can sense intent, feelings.. it's immense. I'm assuming your world doesn't have much magic, considering your magic isn't really... flourishing. But that's what I'm here for. Here, magic is almost like a limb. If you don't exercise it you'll surely fail. We eat and meet my master. He can help. I know so little, I only go by what my magic tells me. It guides me. And it wants me to guide you.]"

Soon enough after following the main road, they had walked past a few restaurants and bars, clothing stores and what not. Each had windows to peer in, seeing the inside was rather much bigger than the outside. A common occurance in this world. To avoid disturbing peace untouched by humans and to have better business. Veronica came to a building called, "Kingsley Korner" and she opened the door and went inside.

She gently pulled the string away from Vincent's hand, then her hands went up and bounced. Signalling him to stay. The inside if the store had tables and chairs, filled with families enjoying their dinner. Few looked at the man and whispered a thing or two. To the left and right of the large room were staircases following the wall. It lead to a second floor balcony that over looked the entrance of the building. And had two doors labeled "Party Rooms". Veronica had gone to the counter that was under the balcony, and spoke with the man at the counter. He smiled and nodded, looking at Vincent and went through doors behind him.

The blue eyes woman came back for Vincent and pointed at the party room. Then walked up the left staircase, making her way there.

Once inside the room, there were three large long tables with many chairs. And a dais to the left of the door. The door was on the right most side of the room. And the dais held a small table with four chairs. She sat herself in the middle left chair on the dais. And waited for Vincent to come along.
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"Find it discouraging... I find it impossible more than anything." Vincent says as he stares at light enveloping his arm. "I don't understand what any of that is."

[i I guess that is a slight lie, because I have heard of magic before... but the closest anyone has ever gotten is a card trick at a poker game or someone disappearing because they pissed off the wrong person.] Vincent thinks to himself. [i But neither of those instances are really magic.]

"Wait, so I am in another world?" Vincent asks. "You seem as if you've dealt with this type of situation before, unless you're very good at adapting..."

Vincent stands up with the woman's help, though he really didn't need it, he decided to be polite and accept her help.

"And how can I think about food at a time like this?" Vincent questions. "Moments ago, I was just under heavy fire in the midst of a battlefield, then a little later I end up falling through the earth with two of my fellow soldiers and somehow winding up here by myself... food is the last thing on my mind right now."
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[Center [google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Quicksand] [Quicksand
Veronica first felt that his magic was more... hidden. In slumber. But he did not hold a hostile intent. Her broght blue eyes caught blood from his arm. She kneeled beside him and placed her hand gently on the wound. Soon a veil of magic wrapped around his arm.

Her magic distorted light, it almost looked like oil on water. A smooth rainbow mess. But it was clear, not dark and murky. Almost like a mirage on the horizon of a hot sunny day.

"[#9ac6d5 You may find this discouraging, but I have practiced this on not a living soul yet. So if you start vomitting then we must hurry and go back to my master... if you're just nauseous and weak, it's normal. Tough to tell if one succeeds or not.]" She spoke in a monotone voice. Veronica had found monotone had kept people calm more often than not. Or creeped them out enough to not fight back.

She removed her hand and the blanket of magic dispersed. The sound had seemed to heal fine. She leaned back and her magic formed a stand to support her. She crossed her arms and the sweet breeze tickled her nose. She took a breath and looked up to the sky.

"[#9ac6d5 I have been here for awhile napping. This is my safe place. The village is not far from here. You are not from this world. I cannot help bring you back. I do not know what has brought you here, but I do not have the power nor the right to help you return with my magic. Are you hungry?]"

The silver haired woman extended her hand, to help him up. She didn't have much to do today, but the people of the village would more than love to help her with food and housing for someone she trusted. She had always brought good. Even when there was no hope.
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Vincent sits in silence then sighs.

[i Honestly... what the hell even happened?] Vincent wonders. [i Was that just a dream and I was brought somewhere else after first getting knocked out?]

He had no idea where he was brought to or where Sergeant Verner and Private Brenson went. They wouldn't leave him behind, not entirely anyway. If they were the ones that brought him there, they would most likely be out scouting the area.
But if they didn't bring him here, where could they be?

He stands up and notices his Thompson laying on the ground in front of him. He goes to pick it up but then realizes he has blood on his right arm.
His arm is bleeding.

[i When did... this happen?] Vincent thinks.

He grabs at the wound to try to stop the bleeding then grabs his gun with his free hand and turns around.
He sees that a girl had been standing behind him the entire time.

"Were you... there the entire time...?" Vincent asks. "...Where am I?"
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[Center [google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Quicksand] [Quicksand [#9ac6d5
Veronica was a shaman since she was the age of five. Being a shaman was a difficult thing, and occurred to random people at random ages. It was in fact the main reason she began speaking. Before the events, she had been difficult to coax into talking. She knew the broken words to express her thoughts and feelings, she just never was able to bring herself to.

The process of becoming a shaman comes in blizzard forms. On the world she lived in, being a shaman meant not being connected to the spirit world, much rather connected to magic. Being sensitive to one's magic and being able to manipulate it. A sort of vitalism that certainly worked in her favor. She had become extremely I'll, out of the blue, and not a single clue came as to why it was so. For what seemed forever ached in her small body, and it hit her family that she must be a shaman. A shaman from a nearby town had come and taunted the magic flow in her, and she had bursted the magic that filled her body. She could feel everything in the room, she sensed the life in everything and anything.

Now that she was older, and had more training from a variety of shamans, she had taken piece in the local flower field. Dedicated to her extreme fondness of flowers. The small village had helped her plant them, in hopes to balance peace in fellow neighbors and to soothe Veronica when she needed it. Before it had been a part of the village that burned down, an old part of it-in fact. So old it wasnt in much use besides a place to sleep. But they built more since and abandoned it.

It was her favorite place to be. Often, she felt a calling, that she needed to be there. It had somewhat frightened her to be there, at times she could feel [B something] present. But she couldn't tell what. She could feel the magic of the people who once lived here and filled it with power. It was exhilarating.

This incident, she had come sleepy eyed to the field. Unable to relax her anxious body, she lay in the flowers and was lulled to sleep. She had felt a shift, not in the physical sense, and it shocked her. Enough for her to jump into the waking world. And before her was a man in strange clothing. Was he dead? No. But.. His presence was strange and appeared as his attentions were hostile. The magic around him was chaotic, which only occurred when there was violence around an individual.

She approached him and waited for him to wake. To protect her friends and this world... which he obviously was not from. She wanted to be in disbelief, but as a shaman she had always known there were other worlds.
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"Get down, get down!"

[b *Nakajima J1N plane flies by and shoots*]

"Christ, I don't think we're getting out of this one!"

[b *gunfire*]

"Just shut up and keep firing!"

"Oh shit, oh shit!"

[b *Mitsubishi A6M Zero flies by and drops bombs*]

Nearly an hour goes by of nothing darkness and silence.

[i Silence... everything went silent.] Vincent thinks. [i What... happened...?]

Vincent is pulled out from underneath some rubble by two of his fellow soldiers, Sergeant Verner and Private Brenson.

"We're not out of the woods yet, Sonni!" Sergeant Verner says. "Come on, we won't get another chance like this!"

Vincent gathers himself then grabs his Thompson and runs with Sergeant Verner and Private Brenson across the battlefield while the enemy has moved onward.

"There should be a bunker nearby that we can use against them!" Private Brenson shouts. "There's no telling what's in it so we'd better remain cautious!"

"Since when is there a time to not?!" Vincent exclaims.

The three of them sprint towards the bunker once it's in sight. Vincent sets some charges on the door for breach then moves away to the side.

"Alright, on three!" Sergeant Verner says. "One, two... three!"

The door blows open and they all rush inside shooting. Once the dust clears, they notice not a single person is inside.

"What the hell?!" Private Brenson says. "I saw soldiers go towards here... did they just walk around it or is there some secret passage?"

"I've got a bad feeling about this." Vincent says.

"No... they were here, see?" Sergeant Verner responds while pointing at rifles that had dropped on the ground. "Something happened to them..."

"What, you think they would just disappear?" Private Brenson asks. "This must be a trap of some kind!"

"There's shell casings too, and bullets holes on the floor and walls." Sergeant Verner answers. "I'm not one for believing and paranormal or magic shit but something did happen here and now this place is empty."

Suddenly room starts shaking.

"What's happening out there?" Vincent asks. "Are they right on top of us?"

The shaking grows more violently and a large hole forms in the middle of the room.

"What fuck is that?!" Private Brenson exclaims.

"Get away from you idiot!" Sergeant Verner shouts.

Private Brenson runs over towards the exit where Vincent and Sergeant Verner are but the hole starts sucking them in. Private Brenson slips and starts getting pulled into it.

Sergeant Verner dives at Private Brenson and grabs his hand to pull him away but starts getting pulled in too.

Vincent tries to run over and grab Sergeant Verner's leg but the shaking happens again and causes the hole to form even bigger which makes them all fall in.

Vincent awakes on top of some ruins in the middle of a flower field by himself. He sits up and tries to process what had just occurred.
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