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[IM+Fell+DW+Pica+SC [size18 Undead, succeeded the role of those who guard the flame.
How doth this flameless world thrive?


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"Only a bit more until we reach land." Kiza says.

"You think we have what it takes to survive around here?" Koun asks.

"Survival depends on the circumstances, and we have yet to see dangers await us." Kahn answers.

"Always the wisest one of the group." Alya replies. "I doubt we'll have too many problems with these dangers you speak of."

"Poor Linca needs something for her skin." Leena says. "I believe it was called hollowing, correct?"

"Yes, and in order to reverse it, we'll need a special item to do it." Riana responds. "I don't know it by name but we're bound to find one sooner or later."

The sky turns dark as a storm approaches.

"This does not bode well." Kahn says. "I fear we will encounter a danger in only a few moments from now."

"I thought it wouldn't be that easy." Alya says. "Leena, did you ever make out the pages in that old tome of what sort of vicious creatures we'll encounter?"

"Only a few... and one of them tells of a large beast within the seas." Leena responds.

"You didn't think to tell us that earlier?" Koun questions.

The storm grows furious and waves form larger and larger.

"Come on Linca, you need to be at the ready for what's about to come." Kiza says.
  A party of adventurers / Okimichi / 1y 296d 23h 7m 24s
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It's been too long. Far too long. Since she had heard about the lands where undead remained in peace and had hope. It was legend that undead existed. That those cursed with the dark sign were jailed and hidden away. The rest of the world just pretended and prayed they and their loved ones would not be branded by the curse.
Sealed to their fate of forever swirling into the madness that is being a hollow.

Linc what not heard much about what became of this "haven" that was Ghorrath. But she obliged to seek such stories. Truly, she was pessimistic. And had only hoped to find any souls she could to appease the dark sign. And anything to reverse the physical appearance of her hollowing. It had gotten much worse before, but now her skin looked near dry. Almost as if she were a tomato in the hot sun for three days. Shrinking and waiting for the rot to begin to end it all. She clutched her sword tightly.

Her mind was wavering. All she could feel was madness. She was slipping every once in awhile to the thoughts swimming in her head. These thoughts she couldn't leep track of. They came and go but the feelings they gave her were... empty. And hungry. Hungry for the deaths of this world.

Eyes became heavy, and soon enough she drifted. Into slumber. Undead didn't need to follow such silly human traditions. But the heavy waves prodded her nausea, which tired her out.

"[#da8d71 Gorrath. What lies in store for me to discover? To destroy and pillage?]"
  Linca / EileenTheCrow / 1y 297d 15h 15m 53s
Ghorrath, a place where the undead are sent. It was once known to be a peaceful place for undead... but that didn't last long.
The ruler known as Sera the True One lead Ghorrath into an era of peace but that was soon destroyed when she disappeared just before a ceremony was to be held. Many looked all around Ghorrath for her and many never returned either, and soon all of Ghorrath slowly descended into madness.
To this day, many set out to Ghorrath in search of Sera the True One. Will any of them succeed or will they all lose themselves during their travels?

A group of adventurers set out to Ghorrath for they have all been afflicted by the undead curse, and only undead can so easily get to Ghorrath by ship.
But little did they know that there is a guardian of the sea lurking within the depths, just waiting for any intruders within its territory to appear.
  A party of adventurers / Okimichi / 1y 298d 35m 46s

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