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[b [center I am looking for a partner or two to start up some roleplays with!]]

[b [center -A little about what I am interested in at the moment-]]

Right now I want to start up something with assassin characters. I have a basic plot line, as it is something I started up a while back but it never got far off the ground. That being said I am up for tailoring what I have to fit your character in.

This is meant to lean toward romance, so have that in mind. My character is female, but I have no preference for your character's gender.

[b [center -A little about me-]]

-I do semi-lit to literate roleplays. 200 words is my absolute minimum. I generally post more , but it depends on what my partner gives me.
-I generally play female characters, but am totally down for being male if I like the story enough. There is also the option of doubling up, but once again the plot has to be solid.
-Romance is wonderful. I like a hint of it in all my roleplays, however I don't want it to be the driving force in my stories (usually.)
-How often I reply tends to fluctuate. Sometimes I will post frequently, but there are times when it might take me a week or two just because I'm not in the mood to write. Either way, I never drop roleplays without telling my partner.
-I only use illustrated pictures. They don't have to be anime, digital art of any kind is usually fine.
-I prefer 1x1 roleplays because I find they have more focus.

[b [center -A little about what I am looking for-]]

-Someone who can keep up with my post length and quality.
-A creative writer who is comfortable freely adding to the plot and world.
-Open communication. We should be able to discuss what is to come and any problems we might encounter.
-I may ask for a writing sample, just to see if I think our styles will work off one another.
-Someone who is alright with mild god modding. The story moves easier if we can assume some things about one another's characters in our posts. This will never escalate to full blown control and is up for debate if you wish.
-18+, not necessarily due to adult content. Just that I am moving away from writing with minors. Sorry.

[center [b If you find this interesting and want more details , go ahead and message me!]]

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