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[center [size12 Osiris had never been a showy kind of enigma. He kind of kept to himself until he noticed a ripple in time. Something that had gone terribly wrong. He knew he needed to get involved, help whom ever was in need. It wasn’t just a singular person that needed his help. It was a whole time, in the middle of a desert that needed him. They called him [i Their God] and worshipped him when he arrived. He didn’t particularly look like a normal person. His skin was black as the night sky with stars and planets that you could see through all the black and dark blue. His eyes were bright white and if you caught yourself looking too far into them, you could see your past life, your fate, and how you die. He was a God, in the technical sense, but he did not believe that he was. He felt as if he was a kind soul, helping the people in need. He did not want any kind of fancy title or to be treated differently.]]
[center [size12 Osiris knew of one thing though, he knew that he could travel between dimensions, alternate realties. He could talk to one person in one universe and meet them in another and that is what he did. He knew of someone named Cecil Baldwin. A sweet, strange man that worked as a radio host. He had a very odd life that Osiris always was interested in, but in one universe, he had promised himself to a scientist, a beautiful one at that. Osiris felt like he was destined to be with Cecil, but he did not realize that he would meet this radio host in another universe. This is where their story begins.]]
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[center [size12 Osiris was destine to protect Night Vale from a vicious force that was trying to rip open a black hole in the middle of the town. Osiris couldn’t keep the force back for long, not with his attention span. He made his way to Night Vale, traveling through space and time itself to finally arrive to Night Vale through a small rip in time. He landed gracefully on his feet, but was met with many, confused faces and finally someone called out his name. [i [#778899 “Osiris, our God! Our lord and savior, Osiris!”]] A man called from across the street and Osiris immediately withdrew himself, running away to find a place to hide. This was where he would make a kind of disguise for himself. A simple one, at that. He was never really good at doing these types of things.]]
[right [pic]][center [size12 Osiris’ skin went from the black space void that could captivate many people to a simple, pale nude color. His hair faded into dark brown, and his eyes were a cheerful sky-blue color that you could still find yourself getting caught in for far too long. He was dressed in a nice suit and tie with his hair pushed up and back from his face. He appeared to look like a normal person until you got a look at his hands. The remnants of the night sky was still there, twinkling softly on his knuckles and fingers. No calls of his name. He was completely safe now. He felt at peace as he began walking around, looking at the sky for possible signs of things going terribly wrong, but for now, things seemed to be alright.]]
[center [size12 Before Osiris came, he managed to carve a small area out to himself in this small town. He had a home already in line. It was a small house, on the corner away from the busiest area in the town. He did not have a job, nor did he really need one. He was here to save these people, not start a life or was he? He did not rightly know, but he did know that he wanted to find the man named Cecil Baldwin. A strange fellow that he had heard of before.]]
[center [size12 Osiris arrived home and was greeted by a dog. Not just any kind of dog, but a star dog. A dog that kind of resembled how Osiris’ skin looked. Bright white eyes and stars shining on its fur. It playful danced around Osiris’ feet as he came into the house, shutting the door behind him, turning the lock with a heavy sigh. He needed to be alone with his thoughts for a minute. He needed to figure out how to deal with this evil force trying to suck this version of Night Vale from the planet, making sure no one remembers that it ever existed. Osiris was NOT going to allow that to happen.]]
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