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Willow watched as Lucius left, feeling the whole truth dawn on her. It seems they were all victims of hate there. Both sides had such hatred and fire that it that the battle was inevitable. Unable to speak the words, she just had the images flashes of the bodies and destruction.

Taking shallow breaths, Willow leaned against the wall, before slumping down. The first tears was expected, the next wave of anguish turned to a full on meltdown. The only second meltdown since the battle after it ended.

Wrapping her arms round her knees, she couldn't fight it, she just let it come. Grieving was welcoming.


"There's a few hours before we go. We tend to go an hour or two early just to relax..." Remus flashed a weak smile. Sitting down on the couch, he could feel his innards already preparing. His whole body was already preparing. "I'm sorry I have been up in the dormitory all day. I just don't feel that good. It's better for others."

The quiet one with a bite during his time of the month. If one suggestion came to her lips, he was sure he'd snap a bit. Why did he have to say something? He ruined it by being honest.
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The blonde boy's icy glare fell on the girl as she spoke her words. Of course he knew it was not some game. It was why he HAD no choice in the matter. And why he was doing what he was. "Don't you think I know that, you insolent...." But his words were cut off when Serverus' wand was once more raised.

He had to be careful as the other pair had their wands and he didn't. "Look we're just wired differently. For me it would be anything even if that meant terrible things." And that was his last words as he simply nodded as the girl wanted to wrap it up. Hell even he did.


Blakely had originally been going to the library but she had forgotten a couple of her books in the common room. The girl had just found them when she heard the steps on the staircase and her eyes moved over to catch sight of the boy. [b "Oh, Remus...I didn't expect you to be up and about yet."] She said quietly.

Even she had noticed it seemed harder for the two to be around the other. It wasn't so much she wanted to fix him as it was she just wanted to help.
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Though it had been happening for some years now the new stab of pain each time of the month always took him off guard. Remus managed to get out of bed, long enough to go to the common room. Somehow facing Blakely after revealing himself was more difficult than he wanted it to be. The idea of him needing to be fixed was insulting. Right now he just wasn't in the mood.

Taking the bold steps down the stairs he looked around knowing he felt as bad as he looked. Soon the others would be ready to go soon.


"You can't be stupid enough to think that it's a silly game, Malfoy. What is it that they care about...you playing a puppet or who you are?" Willow asked, her tone returning back to sharp. The question just about got a rise out of her. In seemed in a moment there was the flash of everything she had gone through and seen.

"As it turns out...I would protect those I love...give everything up. Doing something terrible is something I won't do," Willow said. "Now, shall we wrap this up? I have some work to do."
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"If I fail he will kill me and my family. I back out of this and it risks all those I care about. So it is more for that reason." Lucius said quietly, her words striking him. It was odd what she knew and had taken him offguard. None knew what he had signed up for after school was over. So how was it this girl had?

His eyes never left the girl. "Tell me you wouldn't do something even if it were terrible if it meant those you held dear were safe?" He had heard mentions of a Brian and had seen how close she was with Blakely. That was why he threw it back at her.


"Maybe I should let her have the say. She is a lot stronger than most would think but I don't want to put her in that place James." Sirius said quietly. This was something he was adament on. The boy wanted so much keep those he cared for out of their reach.

"You're righ. He's been becoming more restless and it will be a long night." Sirius said quietly. And he gathered his own things so the two could go and see their friend.
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"Perhaps you should give her a say. That is a strong Ravenclaw, taking on Lucius, that's bold. Of course, you're right they can be...ruthless. just don't throw it away," James gathered his items before rising. "We should go see Moony now. Its going to be a long night."

It was going to be, and as far as James knew they'd continue after this year.


Willow's blood ran cold at his words. Death Eaters. It could end now, save some people...but was that good and wise? Tightening her jaw she stepped one step forward.

"Do you mean murdering people, dragging your family through the mud and possibly Azkaban? Or a battle where death is on both sides. If you lose this battle being hunted like animals...or is it knowing if you fail He Who Must Not Be Named might kill your entire family? Is that it..."

Unable to control her shaking she gave a glare. "Think wisely...It's your only chance."
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"I think both of them have struggled enough in their own ways. Moony we know his struggles but her...she won't tell us. But we can't let them bump the heads over and over. Watching you and Lily proves that a bad idea, mate." Sirius said, giving James a faintly raised brow as he wondered what the other boy could mean.

A sigh then slipped the messy haired boy's lips and he gave a weak smile. "You know you're like my brother. All of you are and I think of your family as mine. But you also know why I am afraid for her if my family does find out." And he was thinking to how into the blood purity thing most his family was into. Surely James would get the point.


Fingers ran through long blonde hair as the boy's grey eyes went between the two. It was interesting to see the bong formed between the outcast and the muggleborn. But that was the last thing on his mind for the moment as the smirk once more crossed his lips.

"It's not that simple. And besides my parents already promised me to be a part of something. So I'll take my chances." Came hissed words as he picked up his wand again. His head was too warped to listen to reason it appeared.


Severus shook his head, keeping in front of Willow. "You think we would want to be in control of our own futures." He said quietly. He knew that he at least wanted to be. Especially after what he had seen and been told.

Again he looked to the girl behind him as he heard her words. He couldn't keep the smirk from his lips. It amused him even when she told it to him. "Seems I'll have to remember that. Might be a good way to keep attention."
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If Lucius did try, then she'd be prepare to counter the attack, but she wouldn't attack him. Besides if she attacked then it would be bad on her end. Why attack someone who was just as confused as she was. Listening to his words she just rose a brow. "Maybe it's time that you thought of what you believe, not what someone told you to believe."

It was still tempting to curse this weasel and get it over with. Seeing Severus move in front of her to protect her, she smiled. This might be the last straw for the Death Eaters for him.

Willow shrugged unable to fight back the funny of memory. "Billowy cloaks, dramatic entrance, and the most terrifying glares to 12 year olds...yeah, that's what we thought...and the twins told us that..."

Looking to Malfoy she looked to him calmly, wondering what he'd do.


"Well...we could do something....or just let them knock heads together over and over again," James said before looking to Sirius openly rolling his eyes. "Damn your family...let them define who you see and what you do you'll be more miserable. My family is your family even after we leave Hogwarts."

James gave him a smile. "Moony, you and Peter will always have a family with me..."
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"But maybe it is what they both need. She needs to know everything isn't simple and doesn't have a fix...and he needs to learn to let people in and know that some people are willing to go through the trials with him. But you're right, mate. Both are doomed unless one of them bends and stops being so thick headed over the matter." Damn that was one of the most sensible things he had said. Seemed that Willow was getting to him in the same ways that Lily seemed to be getting to James. Amazing what the girls could do.

A sigh eacaped him and he leaned against his hand. "Yeah well you might see it as one. Dunno how she does. Besides don't think I would end up bored, but there is still my family to consider Prongs. Particularly the mad cousin of mine." The boy pointed out.

Though he didn't know what he would be like. Maybe James was right. Maybe it was for the best.


Lucius had not expected to be disarmed as he had been or that flare of temper from the seemingly well grounded Ravenclaw. Seemed again he had miscalculated. And he had no choice but to listen, hands raised as really he was defenseless. "I don't know what I believe. I just believe some are better than others." Lucius said as the wand was dropped by him.

The boy bent to pick it up and soon once more had it pointed at her. The words spoken were curious and one reason more he did not know what to make of her. Another reason he found the idea of her besting him annoying.

But before he could make the choice to try and curse her, his wand was once more knocked from his hand.


Severus had noted Lucius go after Willow earlier but had not put it together. It was when he had did he leave to find the two, hoping he was not too late. And it appeared really he wasn't as Willow had her outburst and disarmed Malfoy. Even spoke of the future, though he was the only one that was not lost on.

The boy moved to Willow's side, his own wand raised. "Don't even think about it Malfoy." Came his quiet words as he looked at Willow. "Vampyre bat?" He questioned with a raised brow.
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Willow kept her wand steady, feeling the anger rise in her. It was the battle all over again, the insult, the black cloak with the mask. She saw the body of Nelly, to her right, there was Brian in a horrible position. The powerful emotion became a blind, hot rage. Poor Lucius was just the closest for it.

"Expelliarmus!" Willow suddenly said, the wand snapping out of his hand. Keeping her wand on him, she moved to grab the wand giving him a glare. "You don't get to call me that name! That is not what I am. I am so much more, I have done great things and I will continue doing so. No one tells me my place in the world, I tell myself that!"

He was disarmed, she could do such things, and it made her feel gleeful before she remembered that feeling. The feeling of powerless against someone more powerful. Then there was that gleam of expression. Snape had said something about how he had changed because of twisted feelings.

her facial expression softened. "I don't know you. I don't know why you call me those names. I don't know if you believe in those words deep within yourself...I used to hate all Slytherins until one of the best men I came to knew was one, never mind I thought he was a vampire bat for two years. I'm sorry for assuming about you."

Dropping the wand close to him, she didn't lower hers just kept it steady just in case.


"Yes, she's trying to help fix him and the future, like most women do...you know Lily has been doing the same for the while. He's not certain but doesn't want to drag someone through his life and all of it's hills...One will have to budge for it to work out," James said in the same tone, before realizing Lily was actually getting to him in ways.

Giving a small smirk. "Please, who are you kidding, Sirius...you haven't seriously flirted and only been with her. That is a relationship. But there is the chance you could get bored and leave, so, perhaps it's good that it's like that."
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The boy's wand was already drawn as grey eyes were on the girl. He had not expected for Willow to know he was there. In fact, the Malfoy didn't even know what he was doing. Acting on impulse and irritation was one thing that had happened. But what really was he doing?

"Wanting to pay you back for the humiliation you have made me face. You've bestest me at least twice and acted all high and mighty. You act like you know me, time to fess up, Mudblood." The blonde male hissed as his own wand was raised.

This would end in one way or another. He wanted to get her back. Wanted her to feel thw humiliation she had afflicted on him.


"So you think this will end badly for them? Sucks because I got used to the idea of them being maybe a thing." Sirius said, lazily as he popped a candy into his mouth. He knew he should be taking things more seriously, but he had meant it. Never had he seen Remus as happy before and even liked Blakely. Thought the pair were cute, but would deny it if asked. So he too was worried.

"Oh..well we're not really sure where we stand. I mean we both like the other. And have casually been going out. But yeah." That part his words were quieter on. It was odd and feelings he wasn't used to. "Besides if she stays with me she could be hurt."
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There was a strange feeling inside of her, it resonated of what seemed like forever ago. That was the feeling of being followed with malice. Turning the corner, she discreetly moved her wand in her hand.

Turning around calmly with her wand out. "What do you want, Malfoy?" She asked in a low hiss.

This would end, one way or the other. Looking him directly in the eyes, she set her shoulders prepared to defend herself. Possibly make him pay.


"What is there to say? She really likes him and he wants to her to have a real future. Someone is going to get hurt in the end...or both are...." James said with a bored look, though he was concerned. "The real question is what's happening between you and Willow."

It was very obvious of what was happening. Remus was close to changing ans elected to stay away. Now it was more difficult to face her, the barrage of trying to help was eating at him.
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The beginning to what they had become was more of a push and shove kind of deal. The girl would hang kisses and snogging over his head in order to get him to do his work. Which if he were honest he didn't much mind. Though it did kind of puzzle the others as they had never seen one Sirius Black really take care to learn or try on his homework.

And it was as Willow left and Blakely did too did Sirius give a small smirk to Remus and James. "They still seem to be keeping something. What do you say we try and figure it out?" More mellow he had become, but there was still a streak of the michief maker he had been.


Blakely had been sitting with the other Gryffindors and as usual had her nose in a book. It had become habit as she and some the others were still a bit anxious with the end of the year exams. Honestly it wasn't as if she needed it because her grades were relatively good. But more it gave her something to think about.

Green eyes came up when Willow had taken the seat beside Sirius and a small smile came to her lips. It was only for a few moments though. [b "I'll see you there. Enjoy your bath, since I remember you intended to relax some while you could. I was going to head there now."] The girl said as she gave the others a small smile.


Lucius had been watching the little muggleborn witch. She had bested him once and been saved once and now it looked as if she were all alone. So when the strawberry blonde left, the Malfoy got up and began to follow after Willow. Why not try and get the best of her since she has eacaped his wrath a couple of times already?

He didn't know why she got under his skin so badly but she did.
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"As much as I'd love to, Sirius, I do have some papers to finish. One being potions..." Willow gave a small chuckle before gently poking his chest before smiling. "Tell you what, next weekend if you do actual work then yes we can again, hm?"

Giving one last kiss she moved out from under the stair case, starting for the tower.


James and Remus looked to each other puzzled, but they did start on it. When Sirius came in and joined them, it was a strange feeling but it was good.


March was a wonderful time of year, spring was here and soon it would be summer. That did mean it was a maddening time. The first time around she was fighting for her life and future, now she just was trying to stay heads up.

Joining the others at the Gryffindor table on a Saturday she of course sat by Sirius since they have become something, just wasn't defined.

"I'll see you at the library tonight," Willow smiled to Blakely before standing up. Honestly, she was going to the girl bathroom to bathe before starting the transmorfigation work.

Walking towards the second floor bathroom, it was almost empty due to studying and papers being done. This felt good.
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The deal had been one and when that had been brought, Sirius almost groaned. But then a smirk did cross his lips. It was an amusing thought to say the least. "Promises and deals are made to be broken, Willow." The words slipped his lips before he could help it, but some of his usual cockiness had returned as his eyes locked to hers.

He couldn't help it because she was so much different than all the rest. "So what do you say? Do we leave it at one, or do we chance a second?" And with those words, Sirius leaned down to leave the choice to the girl. Though he did hope she would take the chance.


A smirk came to the girl's lips at Remus' antics and James' words of him sounding like Lily. It was a bit better than the path of conversation they had taken before. Blakely stood and picked up a second book. [b "It would give us something to think about. And she has a point, our final exams are coming up. Both you and Sirius have been neglecting it."]

Her eyes were avoiding Remus as she thought about what had been said by James. If everyone seemed to know, how long until he did too? [b "Do you have the mock exams we had been given? If not I think they were marking my other book and I can go get them."]
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Judging on his expression it had been just as amazing for him as it was for her. That was something considering his reputation with the girls. Willow gave an uncharacteristic grin. At this point she was supposed to step back. "One was the deal, wasn't it?" Willow questioned before pondering on if a second time would be wise. "Unless you want to take the chances on one more time."

What was the chances they'd enter in any form of a relationship? Not that she wanted to in the moment, not with Severus needing to stop becoming a Death Eater.


"Well, I'm not being given much of a choice here, am I? It's not exactly their fault. Most are not nice and they are are scared," Remus said reasonably giving a cheerful look. "Perhaps we should talk about something else, like how James has not been studying as he should be."

James rolled his eyes. "You sound like Lily."

"Lily is right though," Remus said moving the book in front of his face. "Want to help, Blakely?"
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