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Blakely smiled as she saw the small flash of a grin from the boy. It made him seem more their age and a bit lighter. She still got that feeling of tension from him but still way more relaxed than she had felt and seen with him. [b "These books are more muggle oriented... So I can see why. But I am glad to know that you think it is a good book."] Her words were soft as she looked over to Remus.

Her eyes then followed his over to the books. There had been a fair few there. Slowly she nodded and stood, going over to the table. [b "It is so kind of you to let us borrow these. Thank you. We both enjoy books and the silence they provide."] The girl said and looked back to Remus after she had picked up four different books. Two she would keep with her and two she woud hand off to Willow when she saw the other girl.


"He is younger than I am and a little bit more easily influenced. Regulus doesn't want to disappoint our parents or let down the family. There is a lot expected and to live up to.." His words were quiet as he spoke them. Almost a little painfilled as he remembered it for what it had been. "I'm glad I'm not either and my eyes have been opened to the world and what it is. Just means I get to meet people and know them for who they are."

Sirius fell into silence and just enjoyed the time spent with the girl. It was comfortable and fun. Almost like it was with his friends. And when she spoke, Sirius nodded slowly. "So they're not magical and have a hard time in understanding? But at least they care and you get on well enough."

When she mentioned how late it was getting, Sirius' eyes went to the clock and widened. It wasn't like he wasn't used to being out late but he didn't want the girl in trouble because of him. "Yeah, getting back would be a good idea. Come with me...another passage back but it will be a little tricky as well." He admitted as he stood and held a hand out to the girl.
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"Yes, actually...There are nights I do this. We have ways around the castle and I am a prefect," Remus gave her a small flash of a grin. While he was not in a great deal of mischief like his friends but there was still some. "I really don't understand most of this but it's good."

Looking to the books again he gave her a kind smile. "Take any books you'd like. I'm sure that Willow would like some as well."


"I can relate to that," Willow gave a small chuckle. "He's more what a pure blood family is supposed to be? I'm really glad you aren't like that, though."

It was very comfortable with him, which might create a problem. This wasn't the man on the poster, this was someone her age filled with hope and warmth. "They love me and care, they just can't relate, so it's awkward but it's okay."

The game was fun, she enjoyed teaching him. Looking to the time she looked to him. "We probably should get back."
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"I only have one brother and we don't get on well. He's more..." But Sirius only shook his head. He could remember when the two boys had gotten along but he also rembered when it all changed. "So you were close to your sisters?" Yes he was trying to change tactics and was curious about her. He by now had taken a seat across from her and watched as she shuffled the cards and was intrigued by the skill that seemed to come with it. Before the night was over he would ask her how she had done it and to have her show him.

"Just you always hear them talking about the newest robes, brooms, and potions that come out. Your hear about this famous witch or that one. And mostly we hear about the Ministry and their upcoming. Or if you come from my family blood lines and purity. It gets boring and you wish for more than that." The Black boy said quietly.

He then fell into silence and listened to the rules. Complicated but at the same time intriguing.


[b "Don't be sorry. It was along time ago and I don't remember him."] Her words were soft as she watched the boy go over to the pile of books and take on to the corner with him. She had heard Charles Dickens was good and did intend to read one day.

The girl was content to the silence and the reading. Speaking when they had questions or something came to mind. It was nice, very nice.

[b "So do you have nights like this often?"]
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"Dont worry, I have three sisters, one four years older and two younger. Keeping and keeping your own secrets private is just survival. Also hiding things..." Willow gave a relaxed smile before pulling out the decks. Shuffling like an expert she sat down at the table contently. "It's not like they make it out to be. There's the teley, movie theatres, and all sorts of entertainment. The jobs are as different as flowers. What about the full magical community?"

She had felt bad once but loved her origins. Explaining the rules, she used magic for the dealer.


"That's sad, I'm sorry he left you," Remus said but smiled at when she sounded happy. "It seems like it'd be interesting. Let's see, this isCharles Dickens?" Settling in the corner he opened the pages beginning to read.

Asking questions as it came. Remus was actually really content like this.
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She had always guessed that he had been pureblood based on his magical knowledge and talents. Not much was really known about blood status when it came to others besides the Potters and Snape. Or at least it hadn't been known until after counts on the injured and dead had come out. Quickly she pushed that out of her head and gave the boy a small smile.

[b "I'm half-blood too. My father was a wizard and left when I was five..My mum was a muggle and remarried a muggle. So even with being magical I've led an almost magic free life outside of school...And as to books Dracula is a fun one, Frakenstein, and also To Kill A Mocking Bird."] Yes she had done a lot of reading as it had been an escape of sorts for her. And she did love the quiet.


"It would be nice if you did. This one is one he's not ready to have out there." Sirius said, giving a weak smile. He knew that he had said a bit too much but she just had something about her. Something that in a sense made him let his guard down and be just a little more open.

When the two were inside, Sirius did slip his own shoes off to keep the wooden floors relatively clean. One too many times had the boy been scolded about dragging dirt or snow around within the house. "No, never heard of it actually. It's what I get for living in a magical family and being so accustomed to the magical community. But I would like to learn." He said and gave a smile.
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"Huh, that's interesting...I haven't read a lot of Muggle books. There's a large pile over there. Do you have any suggestions?" Remus asked standing up he moved to the piles of books. They were mostly dusty and worn. "I'm half Muggle but always lived in a magical community."

Finding one book he sat down. He wouldn't understand half of it but He was curious to try.


Right, werewolf, Snape had told the world. Even her parents had flipped out. She looked to the change in Sirus and gave a smile she attempted to understand. "I can keep secrets."

Inside wasn't actually too bad. She took off one shoe at a time to dry it with a quick spell. Looking to him with a bright smile. "Have you ever played 21? It's a Muggle gambling game that Margot taught me when I was 14."
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He knew better than opening his mouth but he had done so. In retrospect he should have known a Ravenclaw, no specifically this girl would ask questions. But could he really blame her? What he said if the show were on the opposite foot would have had him curious and asking as well. "The tales of it being haunted are meant to keep peo0le out. A means to keep it private. But that's all I can say. The rest of the story or reason is Remus' and he has to decide who to tell. Just don't tell him I said anything." His demeanor for that moment was a little more grim.

But once had given the girl hos coat, the boy's demeanor relaxed again. "It's no problem. I'm the one who dragged you out." And again the easy smile was back upon his lips as he led the girl through the grounds to a broken part in the wooden fence. "It's relatively stable." Sirius said as he slipped under the wood and moved it aside for her, taking his wand out and pointing it at the door so that it opened for them for when they got to it.


Blakely had to bite her tongue literally not to say say anything. His needing his secrecy she did understand. She also understood it being necessary based back on hers and Willow's final year at Hogwarts. The both of them had agreed to be "traitors" to the school and help the cause against Voldemort and his Death Eaters. All the while they had to be secretive in doing so.

Quickly she shook her head and her eyes came to meet the boy as he asked about the book. Her cheeks were pink and then she looked back at the book again. [b "It's one of John Steinbeck's...'Of Mice and Men'... it's about two ranch workers who are very good friends. Lennie is taller and stronger than George but a bit slower mentally...like a big child which is really adorable. George is the more mindful and looks after Lennie. They are almost always together and during the story find work on this ranch. But then they run into Curly who is the owner's son and he thinks Lennie has a thing for his wife who also does all sorts of things...Just it has a sad ending but throughout you see true love and friendship... Bravery in doing what's right even if it comes down to being the hardest thing you have to do..."] The girl whispered, pain lacing her voice as she spoke because for that instant she flashed back to her time again.
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"Why are people supposed to think it's haunted? You really can't just tell a Ravenclaw something and not expect questions," Willow asked in confusion. In her time it was just an old tale that once wailing had been heard from it, as young kids they would sit and wait for any shriek and when nothing happened it disappointed them. Smiling at the memory, she still felt the pang, but it was expected at this point.

"Thank you," Willow said placing it on without a seconds thought. It still had his warmth that seeped through her skin happily. Following besides him she looked to the old house, wondering about it's structural stability. Though she loved adventure there was cautiousness in her. Normally.


"Sometimes it's out of necessity rather than desire," Remus answered keeping his tone light but it still seemed heavy. It was tiresome but his friends helped him keep going. Now he had a new friend who was also strange, but that actually was a good thing for him.

"Of course, it was just over there in that pile and thought I'd keep it for you. What is this about anyway?" Remus asked, having not read it just remembered the book. He was curious about her instead of her knowing everything about him.
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[b "We all have our secrets and want to keep them that way... So I understand that and wanting to keep it that way."] The girl said, her smile now a more real and genuine one. At least she had been able to give him that truth to how she was and him relaxing actually had her relax some herself. Blakely only wished that she could have told him more.

When he took the book out and handed it over to her, Blakely flushed faintly. [b "You...you actually listened when I had mentioned it? And I would like that...getting lost in a book with nothing more sounds really nice right now."] And slowly the girl took a seat once more in front of the couch, opening the book and resting it on her lap.


As the girl had said the place was haunted the boy had to stop himself from laughing. He knew that was what everyone was told but it amused him to no ends since they literally went to school with ghosts. "I'll let you in on a secret. The place really isn't haunted but it's what people are supposed to believe about it. And honestly we know more places than we should. The school grounds for one and the town here." Sirius said and shrugged a little.

Slowly the boy shrugged his jacket off, having a lighter and 'proper' one beneath the overcoat he wore. "This might be a little warmer." He said quietly as he offered it to the girl. He had been the one to drag her out so it was the least he could do as he led her towards the old abandoned house.
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At least there was some answers there. Remus visibly relaxed into the chair. "Thank you for letting me know. It's uncanny when some on tells you what you're feeling and knowledge. I'm sorry, we like our secrets, more than we should."

Pulling out a book he handed it to her. "You mentioned this book one class and it just happened to be here. We could always relax the old fashioned way without secrets or extra feelings. It's been a while."


"The Shrieking Shack...The place that was, is, haunted,"Willow gave a small chuckle. It was exciting, feeling back to her old self was an amazing feeling. "I'd love to see it, how many places do you guys know?"

The type like Sirius was not a weak spot, but she did like it. Wrapping her arms around her, it was beginning to snow and cold but this was good.
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Again he couldn't help chuckling at her words or her antics. So very carefree and how he often acted. Strange to be able to speak this openly and freely with someone outside his group of friends but it was nice. "Ah, we can't have others being jealous. Would not be fair to leave others out even if we are having our fun." Sirius said as he sat back in his chair slightly, the lazy smile making its way back onto his lips.

And when after their butterbeers and food the girl asked if there was another place he wanted to go. A place she would not know. Slowly he nodded as he stood. "The Shrieking Shack. That is if the tales of the place don't scare you." Gentle banter coming from the boy as both seemed to be taking it easy.


A slow smile came to the girl's lips when Remus asked his question of her. [b "It's odd to say the least. Just I am more an empath of sorts and catch onto emotions. But there is no mind reading I promise."] Blakely said, keeping the smile upon her lips though none of it showed in her eyes.

The girl did finally find the door she had been looking for and bit her lip. He so reminded her of his future self and of Brian. And though she liked the boy and the time with him it hurt. Especially with the upcoming holiday. [b "I do like you too...and even want to be friends... But you said it yourself relaxing would be better. Perhaps after the holiday?"]
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"Oh no, what would that do to the others? Though, it has been fun saying how angels are hating their lives or ways they'd try to maim themselves. Might need to start including other species though...they might get jealous," Willow continued with that smile crossing on leg over the other.

There had been a time when she had been playfulness. It was coming out more with him. Much to her surprise the conversation was fun and lively, it was very easy. She almost forgot the future.

"Anywhere else that I don't know about?" She asked after the butterbeer and food.


The words didn't seem to be able to stop. It just showed she knew more about them than she tried to let on. "There's what the rumors say. You aren't the sort that reads minds, are you or pick up things? It's a rare gift."

He didn't want her to leave but being able to relax was important. "I don't want you tp leave, I like you. It just might be nice to perhaps sit by the fire and relax."
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Again she seemed to say too much. But again it was the air about the boy that had her let down her gaurd. [b "I was told about his family and their way by my father. And it's just watching I can pick up on things. It has always been a bit uncanny and odd to others around me.... And the battles to fight you said we all have them. This might be easier if I was more at liberty to actually say more. But Professor Dumbledore doesn't want me to...he would be disappointed if he knew how close we were getting."] Blakely couldn't seem to stop her words.

The girl bit her lip at his next words and stood slowly. [b "I'm sorry Remus...maybe I shouldn't have agreed to this... Strange...."] But that was all she said as she back away, looking for the floor door that they had come up through.


Now it was his turn to chuckle as the first she spoke amused him. "Aye would make a right mess. If we could get along there would be no fun for us or for others to watch." The boy said with a faint smirk on his lips.

It was nice to be seeing this side to the girl. She seemed her age and more able to have fun. And when she sat, Sirius went to the table and sat with her. It was not long before they were asked what they wanted.
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"How do you know this? It's uncanny and sometimes it's bothering. Of course, Black is a well known purr blood family. There's more that only we know," Remus asked looking to her almost untrusting. It seemed liked she knew about what he was. Sighing, he ran his hand through his hair.

It was a mistake, he was on edge as it was an that was when he was more clear with his words. "It's just all a little strange and i don't trust that on good days. Strange invites bad."


If she had known that she'd be going somewhere she would have brought a coat or some pants. The candy made her happy though. "I think that's the first thing we've agreed on since meeting, though no one can know w3 might possibly be able to get along. Not a lot of entertainment in that."

Giving him a teasing smile she brushed her hair behind her ears. Inside was also welcoming with the fire, without hesitation she sat at a table by the fire.
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[b "You mean they are into blood supremecy and harder on Sirius because he's not like that and befriended what they would call 'the scum of the earth'..."] Blakely said quietly as she remembered having heard about it. And also had known others, Draco for one who seemed to think that way for awhile himself. [b "But I can believe them to be good. Just some bring out the best and the worst in us."] Those words were quieter and more thoughtful as she spoke them.

As the boy explained the holidays and it not being a good time for everyone the words were like a knife. It was somthing she very much understood as was fighting your own battle and demons. A sad smile graced her lips as once more she moved back towards the couch herself and sat on the floor before it with her legs pulled up and her head on her lap. [b "We all do...and some struggle to accept their fate and the fates of those close to them than do others. But...the holidays also bring memories of happier times...simpler times before we were faced with demons to face and battles to fight."] Her eyes were on the fire as she spoke and her hand moved to her necklace again.


Sirius had been aching to get out and to have an adventure. He didn't care who was with him but wanted to make sure they weren't too "goodie-two-shoed". So to see the girl seeming to become more calm was nice. And knowing he had helped in that made the Black boy feel a warmth he wasn't used to feeling. Strange but nice.

When they were in Honeyduke's the boy also bought some of his favourite candies and stayed at the counter longer than the girl had. Actaully since he did have the money on him, the boy bought candies for all his friends as well and even some more candies for the girl though he hid them before joining her again. A laugh slipped his lips and grey orbs sparkled as she mentioned the butterbeer. "That was actually our next stop. We're gonna be in town for a while and butterbeer is a must." Sirius said, smile never wavering.

"Hey it's no problem. Everyone needs a little time out. Thanks for agreeing to it." The words were rushed as he wasn't good with showing genuine emotion to people besides James, Remus, and Peter when the boy was around. But just something about the girl and the night had made him want to. Made him want to get in touch with the side that most didn't see. "So ready to be getting those butterbeers?"
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