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"This is very interesting. This is advanced time magic from books that haven't been seen in years. In fact these books are quite old," Remus scanned the pages before glancing through the books.

Willow caught a painting of a bearded man a woman and two children. It hit her profoundly, in a moment.

"B, he created these items to save his family," she whispered before pulling out some paper writing a note to Dumbledore. "Remus please give these items to Dumbledore and this goes to Severus."
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When they had gotten back, Blakely was coming leaves out of her hair and noticed scratches and cuts on her arms that had come from the forest. But compared to seeing the other two and how warn out they were she felt fine. Or so that was what she told herself. Her head was killing her and she felt..hollow in a sense. And it was finally letting down her guard did she sit on the carpet with her head on her lap, the spinning getting to her.

[b "That was definitely an adventure..."] She said quietly, watching as Willow moved to Remus and gave the man her bag. And she continued to watch as the inkwells had been pulled, her stiffening when the bronze had come out last. That HAD been the one that had gotten them into this mess. But she did not say anything.

They had all three pieces now. So they really were home free. A part of her almost didn't want to go.
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Halfway on the escape back, Willow noticed the pain in her leg. Of course she'd hurt herself in the house. The skull would haunt her for days. She was glad when the forest was lighter.

Remus looked even more worn out, even more holes in his coat. This poor man. He was glad they were safe and possibly the village would be free.

"That was very good, you two," Remus said when they made it. Almost collapsing on the first chair there was. "let's see what you found."

Willow handed him the bag and took out the inkwells before seeing the bronze one. That was it!
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[b "From what I had heard...you and your friends joined the Order right out of school at seventeen. And it was just as dangerous...death eaters and secret missions...So this isn't much different than that."] She muttered as a shrill cry came. And as he spoke of using the light, the young woman nodded.

She was cursing herself for saying what she had but it was too late. Willow didn't take too much longer before running out and saying she had it. Green eyes went to Remus as he gave them a nod to go first and she took Willow's hand and went off ahead with the other.

[b "I'm actually going to set a fire too... keep the spell simple and contained so it won't burn anything down.."] She said and stopped doing as she said.
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"My friends and I were in Order of the Phoenix, I know about this. Is there anything else you'd like to be like?" Remus asked before recognizing the cry. They were close. "Firsr, we'll buy some time. They aren't weak to light but do not prefer it."

She froze a moment hearing the cry. This was the worse time for the headache and her arm. Finding a desk she spotted what looked like it along with some books and papers.

There wasn't time, that cry was closer. Opening her bag she shoved everything in, taking the five inkwells in her bag. "Got it!"

Remus let them go first, firing off the balls of light.
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The young woman sighed and slipped the ear muffs back on. She was worried but knew that Remus was right that she and he would be the first defense and Willow was good with spells. So that had been quick lived and her own wand was still in her hand as she was watching the surrounding shadows. There were flashes here and there and they were getting closer.

[b "This may sound bad.. but this is almost a horrible game of hunting for treasure compared to... I mean we're all still young as it is. So you're quite accomplished yourself and we're lucky to have the help."] Blakely had had to stop herself from speaking what she almost had said.

Her eyes glanced back at the house behind them as she could see a glimpse of Willow by a window. She hoped to god the other would hurry and find what they came for. She was not wanting to hurt anyone or have anyone hurt.
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"That's a kind idea. It would be better if we had the protection. I'm sure Piper can preform a spell if need be," Remus said very calmly despite the fact that the Basnshees was coming in a hurry.

"I won't argue with that," Willow nodded. The next house took a little longer, she knew they were closer but it was darker and taking more time since there was a lot left.

"You two are accomplished for your age. Most would be panicking at this point," Remus said while keeping his wand up warily.
  Memory / Faust / 65d 3h 34m 11s
Blakely felt horrid asking their former professor and later friend for help. The man looked so very tired and like he did need the rest. But she was thankful to him for the help that he was giving and gave a nod when he said that he was ready. And soon she was at the other side of the house as Willow scrambled in and began her search.

The first couple of houses had held nothing for them and she was getting discouraged and anxious as it seemed the banshees were getting closer and closer. They really did not have much time left until night fully fell and the creatures would be on them. It was at the scream did the young woman run around to the door that Willow had come from and explained what had happened. A sigh did escape Blakely as the gave a weak smile.

[b "Well...let's hope the last house has what we are looking for...It's almost sundown.."] The strawberry blonde whispered and examined the other young woman. Quickly she slipped her own muffs off. [b "Take them..."] She said as she moved to Remus' side and gave the other girl a small smile.
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"I'm ready," Remus said, truthfully. He did hurt and was ready to rest but Dumbledore asked and he was willing to do what he could to help them. They were sweet girls that seemed close. They also seemed like they had seen far too much.

The banshees didn't like their territory being touched. They were already coming, the burnette was already scrambling out using her wand for light, with those special ear muffs on.

Shaking her head at the first house, though she did find some other cool items. The next two had little left and there was nothing and she didn't have time to search thoroughly.

"We must hurry," Remus reminded her.

"I know..." She grumbled going to the third, and then the forth, only in that one there was a surprise when she almost tripped over a skeleton and gave a small scream, unaware that the muffs was off. Pulling up the hood she walked over her head.

"Sorry, there was a body...old. That just leaves this big house," she said hopefully.
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The sounds were getting louder and louder and the more they stayed still, the more likely a target they were. What Willow said was true and she HATED to hurt people or creatures but if she HAD to do it she would. Her eyes stayed on the other for a moment and she nodded. [b "I know...but it was giving the two of you the out here.."] She whispered.

Her eyes went to the house and then she looked over at Remus. She had become more accustomed to his name over time. And slowly she nodded. [b "There aren't many left...and if one of us is on both ends...it is less likely they'll slip by. So we'll stand guard and you go in. And due be careful.."] Blakely said as she gave Willow"s arm a gentle squeeze and moved back.

[b "Ready?"] Blakely asked as she looked to Remus
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"Are you sure? I know you hate hurting creatures and people," Willow asked. She didn't like that sound that was coming, she didn't want to be facing them. It had to be in one of these few houses. There was only five left. "Maybe...P-Remus stands on one end of the house and you on the other."

"That's excellent. We can begin over here and go over. I haven't explored these houses thoroughly."
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That was true. Willow had ALWAYS struggled in potions. But the other did look like hell too. There was no way she wanted to leave her to stand guard. And she almost said as much before Remus had spoken up. Green eyes went to the man and she bit her lip. Slowly a weak smile came to her lips. [b "Between the three of us...I'm the one who is feeling the least bit like hell.. So you two get going and I'll stay here."] Her words were soft as she spoke them and gave both Willow and Remus a firm gaze.

Blakely moved to Willow after a moment. [b "I may have been the one who had the object...but you still know better than I do what we're here for."] She whispered.
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"You know I have no luck with potions. I'll use them, though, and those spells as backup just to ward them off. You should probably get the items though. I'll stand guard," Willow said firmly. Her arm in some pain, itd be interesting but she could do this.

The village was creepy, the earth was reclaiming the few remaining buildings.

"Why don't you two look, I can do this," Remus said after a moment. " we won't have much time. "
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Her cheeks had become a soft pink and she nodded slowly. She could dual if needed and was good at it. But she hated it and the idea of hurting another living being. That was how...Blakely had to shake that thought away and listened to the rest of the words that both Willow and Remus had spoken.

The young woman slipped a small coin purse from the pocket of the jeans she had borrowed from Willow and gave the pair a faint smile. [b "There are some laughing potions in here..."] She said quietly as she opened the coin purse and took a couple small vials out. [b "A couple nights ago I did late night reading and couldn't sleep...so..."]

God she was starting to get a little anxious the closer they got. That feeling of forboding only getting worse.
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"Very good," Remus gave a small nod.

"Anything that doesn't involve a potion. I'm a quicker dueler," Willow said. She was normally the guard, she was sometimes reckless but quick on her feet.

"Lumos keeps them away but light is fairly effective," Remus said thoughtfully. Listing a few spells Willow nodded listening carefully.
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