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Remus couldn't remember feeling as happy as he did now. He really felt like he was on cloud 9, as he had heard, he really wanted to find out more about those fun activies. He even missed Sirius' dismissive response.

"And be around James and Lily more? I've had enough of seeing them snog," Remus answered. "Well, we're leaving early in the morning. I should turn in. Good night, Sirius."

The room wasn't far from Sirius'. There was only one real wing opened, the other he had been told was needing to be fixed.

Meeting Blakely in the morning he bid goodbye to the others before they went to the train. They'd meet the person helping them at the stop in York before heading on their way.

"Are you ready?" He asked, trying not to be nervous.


'"That is cute. It was good," Willow gave a smile but didn't really feel like it. In fact she felt more like an idiot for having tried this knowing it would be futile. They survived from being more to just friends, they could do it again. "It wasn't a good idea if I wanted something further but it was fun."

The night was fun, they didn't need to talk about being sisters, just enjoyed each other's company. After seeing Blakely off, she started on the attic with clearing the old stuff away. By the time she came out, even with magic, she was covered under a thick layer of dust.

Taking a shower on the first floor, she had only heard some humming. She looked out just see the ghost taking her clothes. "Martha! Give me my clothes!"

"Manners, hm!" Martha stuck her head up before opening the door with her clothes in hand then closed it.

Willow growled, before wrapping a towel around her hastily and storming out. Right into a solid, living person, and grasped on to that person to avoid falling. "Oh...sorry...." looking to the person she gave a laugh of disbelief. Severus, the person she felt was her best friend. "Sev...I'm sorry again, this is awkward. Did you cut your hair?"
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Honestly she had given the choice of walking or aparating but had been hoping for the walk. It was a nice night and having more time was a nice thought. So when he chose to walk back, she couldn't help that her smile did seem to brighten. At least from that response, the girl was able to tell he had shared the same or rather similar sentiments.

After saying good-bye to Remus for the night, it was not long before Willow had found her. Her smile was still upon her lips and she still felt rather light. A feeling she truly had not had in a long time. [b "It was nice. It's so cute how much of the muggle world he doesn't know. And how did your date go?"] She asked, curious to hear about the other girl's experience. After all, they only had the night left. So a sleepover kind of deal seemed a nice idea and way to spend the night.


Sirius had bid Willow a good night and began wandering the headquarters. It was big and just as Willow had described it. But it was also still having work done and did not seem it would be done for a while. He was actually trying to distract himself from the awkwardness and how he had behaved at the end of the date.

It did not take him long to find a room that he felt would be fun to claim. It was as he was opening the door to the room did he hear Remus. Quickly he turned to the other boy and offer a smile, though the spark did not reach his eyes. "Dumbldore had actually told me to come here after the date. Also wanted to see it for myself. What are you? I thought you would be heading back to the Potters'." Yeah he was trying to turn it around on his friend and get the other talking because he did not feel like it.
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Oh! This just got better. As long as they didn't speak of the date and went back to just being friends, they'd be good. It had been done before after the snogging. Okay, so that had bothered her as well. "No problem," Willow said offering him her arm.

Arriving at the gardens she gave a nod. "The rooms are in the West Wing. It's still in disarray. I'm going to try and find Blakely. Today was fun."

Making her escape she found Blakely. This was the last night, they might as well act as if it was a sleepover.

"Hey, how was the date?" She asked, placing a smile on.


"That's perfect. I think James really want us all out of the house, or his parents..." Remus gave a wry smile. The kiss hadn't been rejected, though it had been on the cheek. She enjoyed it.

"We can walk," Remus nodded. It was a nice out, more time with her was appreciated. After the good byes to the rooms, he found the one that would work, they still were big rooms but clearly the work was still being done.

"Sirius?" He asked surprised. "What are you doing here?"
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Her cheeks pinkened from the kiss to it. It had been an awkward one but still sweet all the same. Slowly green eyes came up and looked at the man and she nodded. [b "Willow and I have been trying to get the rooms set up. But have only managed a few. The help would be welcome."] Blakely said, a soft smile tracing her lips.

If she were honest she didn't want to see him go. And she had so very enjoyed the day they had spent together even as the town was quieting down. Slowly her hand took his as she kept her gaze on him to take in his reaction.

[b "Would you care for a walk back? Or would you prefer we apparated?"]


He had said the wrong words and knew it too. Just how her mannerisms changed told him that. Honestly he would have loved another date. But there was still that fear in him. But how could he say it in a way that could make this any better? Actually, Sirius knew the answer and it was there wasn't. He had blown it.

Back in Diagon Alley, Willow was still very awkward as she had kissed his cheek. Slowly he had returned it and gave a small smile. "Yeah..think I was going to actually head there tonight.. Dumbledore had said I could." The man said quietly and awkwardly.

"Mind showing me the way?"
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"That must mean that we will need to work harder on living past this, yeah?" Remus gave a bright smile. The town was closing down slowly, the houses lighting up more. He had came from the Potters since he didn't have any real place to go. Dumbledore had mentioned something about this new location.

"So, could I come home with you then?" Remus asked before giving a small chuckle. "Uh, I mean, Dumbledore said I could come to the new headquarters if I helped out. There really isn't much other places to go.."

He moved down, kissing her cheek in a clumsy matter before pulling back. He wanted to do more but frankly was too scared to do that.


We'll see...

Willow didn't need much more than those words to know that this was a wasted endeavor. It had been a nice date, but it was going no where, and she wasn't going to waste her time. She had known that before, she had just wanted to known for sure.

"Alright," Willow nodded, placing her hands in her pockets. "Well, this has been fun but I think we should get back. There's still so much more to do back at HQ."

Back at Diagon Alley she stopped awkwardly, giving an equally awkward kiss on the cheek. "I'll see you later then, whenever you come by HQ."
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Sirius again was more curious and looked about as she led him to the music shop. Almost immediately the drums and the guitars caught his attention. He had seen them played and heard them on the records he had gotten just to annoy his mother and father. But still he wondered what it would be to actually be able to play the instruments. And without thinking, the man did take a guitar down and strum a few chords, it sounding awful. Quickly becoming flustered, he returned the guitar and found his way back to Willow.

"So you imagine this as my scene?" He asked as he began to look at the music she was going through. Slowly he pulled out Styx and examined it. "So what were your favourite bands?" He asked. Okay so he was being silly, but he was curious and liked learning about the girl.

After the music store, the two were back to roaming. It had been a nice day and more fun than he had had in some time. He had liked it and a lot. When she asked if they could have a second kind of date, Sirius was torn. The reckless "devil may cry" part to him wanted more than anything to say yes. But the part that feared for the girl wanted to say no.

"We'll see." He finally settled on. It wasn't a no but it was not a full yes either.


Remus was awful at bowling and it was almost commical at how bad. The ball was in the gutter often and had even gone over a couple lanes twice. She couldn't help laughing softly as she watched. Her own game was only slightly better as she was able not to lose the ball into another couple's lane.

The day and the night had been so much fun. More than she had had in months. And what was more was Remus seemed relaxed as well. A side she was starting to see more of and liked. But it still hurt because she knew that there probably was not much a chance for a future there. She liked him, she really did. But there was still what his fiture had been. His wife and his child.

[b "You know what.. I would live if we could do this sort of thing again. It was really nice to have this..and to be ourselves without worry."] The girl said as she offered a smile, pushing her previous thoughts aside. There would be plenty of time to worry about what was to come
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It would be exactly like Willow to want to have a relationship with him. Willow chided herself on those thoughts. Sirius wouldn't want that, and already was nervous because of what he believed her blood was. Oh, if she told him now maybe it would be different.

After the diner she took him to the music store where there were both instruments and records. There was a Styx song playing in the background while many people were gathered talking about the music.

"This probably would have been your scene if you had been raised muggle," Willow said, scanning for some Pink Floyd. It was more out of date now, but it was a favorite for her. After this there was little else except for wandering.

"So, after this...what do you think about a second date?" She asked, partially hopefully and another part not. "It won't crush me if you say no. This has been fun and I've enjoyed this time with you."


It ended up that he was awful at this game. The bowling ball went in the other lane twice and there was more gutter balls than anything. He was bloody awful but found this to be the most fun he had in a very long time.

She seemed to be enjoying herself which was more than what he could say before. While there was still this weight to her it wasn't as pronouced now. Even the people around didn't seem to bother her so much.

"This has been fun. Could we do this...again?" Remus knew it was a second date, well, sort of date. He hoped that it wouldn't come off as too bad. While a life long commitment wasn't the absolute goal. He really liked her, and felt a solid connection with her.
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Having grown up on and in the muggle way of things, the movie wasn't as alluring to her. It fascinated her and she couldn't help her inward cringes at the way the writers thought the magical world was. But then she understood it better now and that helped with her being a little disappointed. However, watching Remus as he experienced the film was priceless to her. His interest and curiosity burned and again reminded her of a child.

When the movie had done, the two found themselves at the bolwing alley and getting strange looks from the man who helped them. Blakely had to explain that the show thing was only because different shoes and sizes squeezed the foot in different ways. Though unlike Remus, the girl had gotten her pair right off as she knew her size.

As soon as they got their shoes, the strawberry blonde smiled and nodded. [b "We find balls. But Remus you'll want to make sure the holes fit your fingers and the ball isn't too heavy or light."] Blakely said as she moved to his side and began to look at the balls.


Sirius was still watching her. And for a moment it seemed staring as his mind wandered. What would it be if the two had been together? Or had managed to make what they had had at school work? At those thoughts he had to all but drag his eyes away and began to eat the chips more. He had to stop his mind. No way they could be together with rhe way things were.

"Where would be the next place you want to take me?" He asked as he finally managed to look up at her. His brow was raised and a curious look burned in grey eyes
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The movie was confusing, Remus wouldn't lie, but it was fascinating how they thought the fantasy world was. It had to admit that it would be more interesting that way, as well. It was an interesting experience to say the least. After the movie it was time for bowling, which he was excited for.

The person gave him a weird look when asking his shoe size before handing him three to try on. Finding the one that fit he looked to Blakely. "Now we find a bowling ball, yes?" He asked curiously. They all were in different colors that it was kind of picking a favorite marble.


"It's this aristocrats hunting lodge from the 1800's, then burned down and was rebuilt...anyway...it's a pretty place so naturally tourists like to look at it," Willow explained before giving a laugh. His reaction was priceless and it made her feel good. How would it be if they ever got further?

The sudden thought startled her, so she buried herself into the fish. She gave a flush at that thought. "Weird thought...I think I know where to take you next."
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The food wasn't like anything he would have tasted before, but it immediately grabbed his attention. The smell was enough to have him wanting and so as he watched the girl lick her lips he could only assume the food itself would be good. Well that and the fact that his stomach was enticed as well and didn't seem to want to shut up as the food was brought to them and soon set before them. Sirius himself went for the fish and let out a quiet moan as it tasted like heaven and immediately seemed to his the spot.

"That would be Dumbledore's way. To want everything in order before everything gets started. And honestly doesn't seem odd to me. The man's seemed fond of the two of you since you got here." The boy said as he popped a fry into his mouth, attention never leaving the londe girl before him.


Since the change, Blakely though she knew it wasn't true had felt a bit alone. Isolated in a sense. It really gave her the sense of how Remus had felt before. But it seemed the two of them were able to be light and to have fun. An understanding that was not shared by many. Nice in it's way, but also left her to wonder what there could be for them later on.

Her cheeks flushed as that thought crossed her mind and she had been staring at the young man to her side. [b "If you think this is interesting.. wait until the movie fully starts."] The girl said with a smile and soft laugh.
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Willow ordered the food for them and the drinks she thought he'd like. It didn't take long for the food to be delivered. The smell alone was delicious, the taste would be ever more so. Licking her lips, she went for the fries first.

"Dumbledore told us that there would need to be some enchantments and work done, so it probably will be this weekend," Willow said. Her list of enchantments wasn't as strong, but she was going to be helping. "I'm sure Dumbledore wouldn't mind. When we came, he called us his granddaughters. That was weird."


"Get them a job in a wizard theatre...." Remus mused with a smile. It was a fun conversation. It seemed they were at a place where they were light and knew each other. It was good to know that someone understood him.

Sitting in the threatre was strange but fun. He sat down with the chocolate and popcorn. The screen didn't appear to be much, when the room darkened, there was a sound before an image on the screen.

"That's weird...I like it..."
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Blakely had forgotten almost what a movie theatre was like because it had been a long time since she had had the chance. Actually now that she thought of it, the young woman had barely had a chance to do nearly anything in the last couple of years that she truly enjoyed. But she quickly shook that thought away and couldn't help a faint smirk. [b "Maybe if we're lucky we'll find some of those little fire creatures and can convince them to make popcorn for us."] She knew better but she couldn't help her amusement. Even with him being a werewolf and her being half a vampyre it hadn't made her lose her interest in Magical Creatures or darker ones.

Once they had their popcorn, candy and at least for her a soda Blakely moved with Remus through the theatre. The movie they had decided to see had been playing in one of the last theatres and the previews seemed to just be starting. So she was quick to just take a random seat and smiled to Remus. [b "I hope you'll like this movie."]


Sirius had put down his menu as it all truly did sound so foreign to him. But since she seemed to know what she wanted he would trust her judgement. "Going to play it safe and just get the same thing as you do. After all, you're the expert on today." He said with a faint laugh and teasing wink.

The boy could admit he was curious of what the day would hold. He honestly wanted to see the music shops and to be able to see motorcycles up close and personal. Actually the young man wanted to be able to ride one and see if it compared at all to flying.

"Since you found the place and are excited about it can we go there? I'm curious what place you found. And I wanna have claim to a room before all the good ones are taken." Again he was teasing the young woman, but not teasing her about wanting to see the place.
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"Oh...I think I've seen that once...but it was popped by these tiny fire creatures. Nasty things to handle improperly," Remus gave a small thoughtful look. He didn't have a lot of money, but Dumbledore was helping, as long as Remus helped act as a spokesperson. "Let's get this popcorn then, and whatever candy there is."

Stepping up, he let her order, since he was likely to sound like a dolt. The person was barely older than they were and looked very bored. Taking the popcorn he had his chocolate and popcorn he was okay.


"Of course, fish and chips with some sort of soda...I guess red creme soda...that's always good," Willow gave a bright smile. She mostly had scanned the menu to see if there was much differences, other than the drinks there wasn't. "What are you thinking?"

The next stop he would love. She'd need to look up the address but a music store with records and instruments. Sirius would probably never want to leave, seeing as she didn't truly exist she couldn't go to the motorcyle place yet but maybe there was ways around that...

"We found a place to call headquarters...We went by there as kids, but this time it was for sale...it's going to be perfect for everyone."
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Somehow, Sirius connected with Willow in ways he had not really many others. There was that physical connection or was it attraction? between them. But more than that it appeared when they were able to talk and to actually get past that stubborn pride each harbored that they more alike in a deeper sense as well. And those connections though as great as they could be also did scare him the slightest bit, though he would never admit to it. He just wasn't used to deeper level connections outside the Marauders and so it was all so very new to him.

As her hand took his, Sirius found he rather liked the contact. It was as he guessed to not really lose him as a few times he did nearly try to stray as he was led two blocks from the station. "So with it being the same.. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" He asked as he managed to finally draw his attention back to Willow and looked at the girl curiously.

Slowly he picked up the menu as he sat across from the girl and began to skim it. Some the things on it confused him and slowly he set it back down. "Do you know what you're going to get?" He asked as he had planned to get what she ordered.


Blakey's attention was caught by his words and she couldn't help flushing herself. What had the words meant? Oh how she wanted to ask but seeing Remus so flustered and sensing it had her not. Besides she wasn't sure what to make of it as it was and quickly finished her own pizza.

When they had come to the theatre, green eyes studied the posters and she nodded. It was adorable how unsure he seemed of the posters. Unlike the posters in the Wizarding World they were staionary. For a moment she was tempted to make the images move but decided against it and looked to him, nodding. [b "That is a sword And it looks interesting. Not one I've seen before..so good choice."] The girl said with a smile as they walked in all the scents hitting her senses as well.

[b "It's called popcorn. They pop the kernnels with that machine over their. Or heat them to make them pop and become fluffy. It tastes nothing like corn."] Blakely said as she led the boy to the counter to get their tickets and also get a popcorn so he could try it.
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Willow was amazed to find that they had more of a connection than she originally thought. It wasn't that same with Severus. Sirius was different, there was the physical connection obviously, they were also similar in many ways that she hadn't known. She gave a smile, before knowing what else to do.

"Mhm, exactly," Willow took his hand, she liked that, as well as to not lose him. It was two blocks away by some apartment buildings and various others, just a corner lot with a yellow and black sign. It looked almost the same as when she went with her family in the future. "It looks the same, and smells the same..."

Willow found one of the booths and slid in glancing through the menu to see if there was any differences.


"That wasn't personal. I know some things were, but not anymore, you understand. There aren't anymore boundaries other than the ones of the friendship," Remus said, before flushing, that had been a little bit too much to say. He finished the slices of pizza before thinking on the movie. Much wouldn't make sense to him but it seemed not to her either.

"Alright then," he nodded. Once at the movie theatre he looked through them not sure he understood most of the posters. "Uh, that looks interesting, it has a sword...right? Or I think that's a sword."

Inside was the most interesting smells, he looked to her puzzled. "What are those smells. It's like corn and something else..."
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