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Blakely wanted to go with Willow to help her. But she knew that staying would be easier. It would keep James, Sirius, Remus, and Lily from being curious of where she was going. [b "Hurry back, okay? We were going to play exploding snaps and have you teach twenty-one."] The girl said with a smirk and wink to the other girl.


Severus was still wondering what all he had seen. The necklace seemed to show him a little more each time he held it. But why did it? And what was it showing him? The boy needed to find one of the girls and get them to explain it to him.

He was wandering the halls and near where he had been the night before for his patrol. And it was not TOO long before the Ravenclaw girl seemed to appear. "WILLOW!" He called out as he made his way to her. For the moment, the necklace was in his pocket.
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Remus did look awful, during these days as a teacher he just disappeared leaving Snape to take over. Oh, that was fun, she did learn a bit though about nastier things. She looked to Remus with a smile. "Thank you, Remus," she said before looking to the tittles. "Oh, Ernest Hemingway and Emily Bronte, my favourite, thank you."

"You don't need to thank me, I found them a while ago," Remus answered. He was ashamed most Christmas. It was harder with the girls.

James gave him a smile, "never mind, it's good to have friends here before the year ends."

"Thank you Sirius, these are my favourite here," she said giving him a warm smile. She was starting to like him, which wasn't good. Following Blakely's gaze she reached for the necklace. "Oh, I need to get Blakely's present. I'll be back."

She rose with a steady look but was inwardly panicking.
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Blakely smiled at seeing Remus come down, but her cheeks flushed a little as she remembered the night before. She then shook her head slowly to James. [b "It's fine." ] The girl said and moved over to her cousin. [b "I'm so happy that you could join us here."] Blakely said and hugged Willow. She then slipped the two books into the other girl's hands. [b "Remus said we could have them."]

And once more the girl moved away. But her eyes were where Willow's necklace would have been as she noticed it was gone.


Sirius smiled to Remus when the boy came down. "Didn't know if you would be joining, Moony. But glad to see that you're up and about." The boy said as he walked forward and clapped the boy on the shoulder. He knew the night would be a terrible one and he and James both would be spending it with him.

The Black boy then went to each person and gave them the sweets he had bought the night before. He even gave Willow a small pack. "Since I saw the ones you ordered. Also thought would be nice to have something." He said and gave the girl a wink before he moved away. He still opted to behave after the night before and how broken she had seemed. Besides it was Christmas and a day to have friends and be merry with them
NOT irritating them to high heavens.
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Bloody hell...either this was an amazing set up or Snape was a double agent. Taking a shaky breath, she quickly darted off to the only escape there was. This would change everything. When news of Snape's death did happen, she was deeply saddened. Harry said little but the fact that he had been a good man.


Remus awoke to see that James and Sirius was already gone. Gathering the small amount of presents he had he went down to see Lily, James, Sirius, Blakely and Willow there. She had asked permission to join Blakely for Christmas.

Remus gave a smile but felt awful today. He was likely to remain in bed for most of the day.

"Here you are, mates," James said proudly before looking to the girls. "I'm sorry, I didn't know you'd be here."

"It's okay, really. The best gift is having Blakely still with me," Willow said giving a warm smile to Blakely.
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Snape watched the girl as she left. He waited a couple of moments before he left the room himself, roaming the hallway. The man knew what he had done and had done it purposely. If they were truly going to accomplish anything more help was needed and he had to be giving it. And those were the thoughts that where in his head as he called the two Carrows over to him after having found the brother and sister.

[i "If you keep this up the Dark Lord won't have any leverage over the war he intends to start. The students will all be dead before May. Some may rebel but that is expected as not everyone stays on one side. But to keep punishing them and so severely will be a mistake."] The man drawled. He knew when the move was being made and he made it a point to have that as his first words. He had expected it to be heard.

"Bloody hell, Severus. Don't say you have done soft and actually care about these useless exscuses of witches and wizards. We were told we could have our fun and to keep them in line."

[i "And in line you do keep them. During the day. Lock them in their dormitories after sunset if you have to, but no more of this. Also I have not gone soft. We just cannot afford you idiots to mess anything up. I was made Head Master here for a reason and you are to keep in line. Are we clear?"]

The two wanted to say something but they were afraid. Snape had been given more power over them. The Dark Lord had made that clear. "Fine we'll lighten up and try to keep these brats alive until May." And with that the Carrows left the man in the long black robes on his own.
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It was all puzzle pieces in her head. The most frustrating part was that they were everywhere in her head. Right now it was focused on the towering, dark haired man that was not acting the same. This was not the same man that called her potions all sorts of words and the lazy word came out.

First, this was a light conversation. Second, was the expression she had seen. Third was the words, of keeping safe. No students had been harmed except for bruises. What could it be? Double agent or a whole act?

Frowning in confusion, she was beginning to hate this puzzle. "That does seem to be the case hypothetically," Willow answered calmly. Straightening though it hurt her shoulder she kept a brave face. "Yes professor."

Carefully she turned back to her common room. She was slow though, there could be some good words. That was how they were finding out what they did. Once at the end of the hallway she turned the corner and waited. There had to be something.
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Brave, the girl was definitely a brave one. She didn't look away and she did not flinch either. But of course the man had known there was more to her the whole time. Seven years and having been her professor had been enough to tell him that. And just looking into those eyes as they stared back the man coule see that there was more. Gears seemed to be turning as she spoke.

It was amusing to hear the Carrows referred to as Tweedle Di and Tweedle Dum as they truly were pieces of work. Harsh and unforgiving, truly. He himself had been merely playing that part and never could let it down unless alone. [i "They know they are not to take the students out of bed. Seems that I will have to be dealing with them after I am done here."] He said quietly, trying not to give anything away in his voice as he spoke. Though again his eyes seemed to betray him as they were locked with the little Ravenclaw's.

[i "And it matters because I cannot continue to keep you all safe. If word is to get out it has to be done more creatively."] That was a blunder on his part and he did so very know it. But oddly he was telling her that yes he knew. And yes he wanted to help to continue to fulfill what he had been meant to do.

[i "Best to get back to your common room. No stopping or talking to anyone. Straight there Miss Straite and do not let the Carrows catch you again this night."]
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Don't look away, don't flinch and keep your composure. If the situation is right, crack a joke at their expense. That's what the Ravenclaw had been taught. Stick with mostly truth but don't omit the truth. Before now she had quiet but that was starting to look suspicious.

"Lazy, yes but never quiet," Willow cracked the smallest of amused smiles. "It was Twiddle Di and Twiddle Dum who called us out trying to use boredom and insults to get people to confess. I got bored and made the origami fly, not my fault they attacked them."

There was something different in those eyes. What was it? It wasn't angry as it should be. "What would it matter if I was or wasn't? I'd be first to die all because of my blood. It isn't though, and I don't know anything."

It was actually a jaded feeling instead of painful to know she'd die first because of her blood.
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The man was careful to keep up the pretenses to which he had been accostumed to for the last many years. None were to know his truth as it would mean not only his death but that of others as well. Too many others. He was studying the girl as she turned to look at him, the defiance evident in her eyes. It was a look he knew all too well and one that would sting him because of where his mind had wandered for the briefest of moments.

[i "You were out of your common room and much later than it is expected to be. So what was the meaning for this act? Usually you are quiet and you are lazy. What could have brought this change on? You wouldn't be up...to something now would tou, Miss Straite?"] Severus asked, his voice low with the same draw it had always held. His eyes weren't laced with hate as he spoke but of an underlying meaning as his words that were spoken.

The younger Severus was frozen. What was he watching? And why was the man before the blonde....why was he him? It all made no sense to him as he watched.
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Seeing Carrow scowl and move away giving her a death glare, she met his eyes with intensity. Unwilling to be seen as weak, she gathered herself up, her shoulder throbbing. Chances were that she would be dead if it wasn't for Snape. She looked to him next, this time more calmly.

They were questioning everyone, and most was in on it. It was her and Blakely's system though. Adjusting her shoulder she gave a small groan. There wasn't words that needed to be said, her expression was one of careful defiance.
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Sirius couldn't help the faint smirk as he raised a brow. "Does it matter where I've been, Remus? You knew I would find something more fun to be doing other than the Christmas Party that was put together." The boy said as he took a seat on his four poster bed and kept his gaze in the other boy who looked way happier than was usual.

"So what have you been up to tonight? You don't seem as sulky, which is good to be seeing mate." He said, giving his you better tell me look.


It was late and as a Prefect for Slytherin one Severus Snape was making his rounds since he was scheduled to be doing so. He had seen Willow and Sirius but had kept to watching the two. Had it been just Black by himself Severus would have acted but he had found the blonde girl of interest. She had not seemed like the others and he had been thinking about trying to befriend her. So for those moments, the boy did nothing but watch. Even he knew acting would ruin any chances he had to make friends.

When both Willow and Sirius had gone, Snape walked to the area they had been and saw a curious necklace laying on the stone floor. He remebered seeing it upon the Ravenclaw girl's neck and figured it was hers. Slowly did he pick it up and freeze. He could see flashes of the blonde girl and within the halls of the school. Only the school did not look like the school he was used too. It was darker and just from the look had an air of forbiding about it. There was the blonde girl as she had cast a spell and she was being punished for being a distraction?

He wanted to move. Wanted to help but when he had taken a step towards the scene and spoke it was as if he was unheard. And that was when he realized he was seeing things. Things that had not happened yet. [i "You are to leave the girl, Carrow. As you can see she has suffered enough.] Came a voice that had the black haired teen's head snap to where it came from and a man in black robes came forward, wand drawn and pointed at the girl. [i "I will be questioning Miss Straite now."] And with that, the man motioned the other out and moved to the girl.

All the while the younger was watching. He was curious as to what was going on and what more there was.
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Willow couldn't remember being more terrified but proud of herself in her life. Her flying cranes attacked the death eaters, just giving Ginny enough time to have the paper transformed into a bug and sent out to Blakely by magic. It was precarious. This time it was her time to be a hero. She excpeted to be taken out to be punished, it hurt though landing on her shoudler that way. Groaning, she slowly stood up taking her wand out to point to the death eater.

"Filthy mud blood!" He hisself taking her wand out "It's time to learn your place."

"It's not your blood, it's your actions," Willow answered in a calm tone. "I am not going down without a fight..."

Giving a quick spell to disarm him, she was thankful then for the lessons that Harry and the others gave, Dumbledore's Army. There was strong, but quick footsteps coming up using that distraction she quickly said another spell. The Death eater flew to the wall but not without his own spell into the corner.

While there wasn't a crack, there was a nice a nice thud, and her shoudler pounded even more. This would be the end of her, she'd die before a damn battle. Holding her shoulder, she looked up to Snape with an unyielding look, openly defiant. While no one had died under his watch, it didn't change anything.

"We still don't know who is sending the messages, but this filthy mudblood cast a charm...then dare attack," he told stepping back with a slow motion.

"Better than an inbred cousin," Willow muttered looking to her wand that was a few feet away.
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Remus flushed at the kiss. It was only on the cheek but most didn't give him that attention. "It's not necessary, Blakely. They aren't even mine. Company tonight was the best gift that I could receive. Happy Christmas, Blakely."

In the dorms he looked to Sirius seeing that his jacket was dirty and wet. "Merlins Beard, where did you go? And looking so happy..." He asked with a smile, knowing he looked happy himself.


Willow liked him, she wasn't sure in what sense but she genuinely liked him. It'd make t hings more difficult when the time for a decision came. Either way, she was happy and would live in her ignorance right now.
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A soft pink rose in her cheeks aa he said she and Willow could keep and of the books that they wished and she smiled. The smile she gave over being able to keep the books and it being a good Christmas present was qenuine and sweet. [b "It's really sweet of you. Thank you for that. I'm just sorry that I've not got anything for you...maybe after the holiday I can in Hogsmeade?"] The girl asked and nodded when he had mentioned that they should get back.

The strawberry blonde walked with the boy to the dormitory stairs and gave another smile. Would she maybe freak the boy out? Maybe but he had been so kind. [b "Thank you for the night, Remus. It's been amazing."] She whispered, kissing his cheek gently before moving away and going to the stairs. She stopped on one of them and turned to the boy. [b "Happy Christmas."] And with that the girl returned up the stairs and to the girls' dormitory.


The boy had taken her back through the passage that was below the Whomping Willow. He had even made sure to go first and hit the knoch that would freeze the tree and took her through the shadows to get them back into the Castle. It was clear he had done it often and stopped with her so they could part ways. Sirius smiled and took the jacket back, throwing it over his shoulder.

"Don't mention it. Tonight's been nice for me too. I'm glad you enjoyed it." He said as she kissed his cheek. He knew better but decided to return a kiss to her cheek. "Happy Christmas and good night." The Black boy said as he turned to leave the girl.
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"That sounds very oppressive, I'm very sorry," Willow gave him a smile. Before he asked about her family she gave a nod. "Not in the least bit, they can't figure out who was magical in the family. Blakely's dad was a wizard. They try though, it's just difficult for both of us."

Back in the castle she handed him the dirty jacket. Unknowingly, the clasp getting caught and falling off. "This was actually a great night, thank you, Sirius."

Kissing his cheek softly. "Good night."


"It's not my books, Blakely, you can keep any books you want. Both of you. It might make a great Christmas present, too," Remus knew it was time to go to get her back. "It's a little past...but I can excuse you. After you."

Walking her to the dorm room he smiled. "I really loved your company tonight, it was nice. Happy Christmas, Blakely."
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