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The written lines that had been given to him made little to no sense. But they in their own way they gave a form of courage he needed. So he would owe her more than she would know. Those words had made his decision for him. He would definitely be helping.


"That is enough you two. Miss Straite is to come wirh me." Severus said in his low drawl, with seemingly no emotion. Both the twins looked at him but his cool gaze was enough to shut them up. He then turned his gaze to Willow and motioned she follow him.

The man led her through the halls for what must have been the fourth or fifth time that month. She was constantly in trouble and constantly in danger. Each time he had been able to stop the Carrows before they had taken too far but the girl did suffer.

When they were in his office, Severus pointed to a seat before the desk. "Sit." He said quietly as he moved behind the desk and took out a small vial. "This should help with your head...You are a reckless one Miss Straite and I am surprised you have made it so far." The man said quietly, keeping his dark gaze upon her.
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Being so ever eloquent the woman had simply written these few lines:

I grew up reading Robin Hood, King Arthur and more. In just the last few days it's occurred to me a true hero is never obvious, or has eternal glory. This won't make sense, someday you'll always be remembered as more.


It was a system they worked on in the fifth year. It was their own language, hidden in real language, and done with special ink. There was still kinks and getting the note out was difficult. So, in a rare find at an estate sale, they found a box that seemed to disappear. And they used that. Duplicating the box was Brian's part, it only worked half the time.

In two months she had seen Snape five times in his office because she lot her cool with the Carrows. Each time there was some grueling punishment.

This time it got more violent. Rubbing her head, feeling the headache growing she followed behind him sullen wondering what would happen now.
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The conversation they were having would definitely be maddening to others and was quite dizzy to begin with. If he and Remus had not lived it with Dumbledore, Severus was sure he would think their headmaster mad. But as it stood there was nothing that could be done. All they could do was let events play out as they were going to be playing out. And in a sense the man felt guilty for it.

Remus asked permission to take Blakely and a few others into the forest with Hagrid, which did surprise him. What could the other be up to in suggesting such a thing? But Dumbledore seemed keen on the idea and seemed to readily give it.

"Good night, headmaster.." Severus said when both he and Remus had been dismissed. His eyes fell on the other man as he spoke and an old, weathered note was placed in his hand. "Do you know what it says?" Severus asked as the other man turned away and he began to read it.
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It was a dizzy conversation. There was little to be done, to let events unfold as they would. Remus had no trust for Severus but he remained calm during this.

"With permission, sir, I'd like to take Blakely and a few students to the forest for them to learn. With Hagrid and other protection of course," Remus asked and was granted that. He wore the bracelet as a necklace, at times.

"These will be dark hours ahead but these children are our light. Good night Severus and Remus," Dumbledore said.

Remus paused by Severus for a moment before remembering something. "Ah, yes...I believe Willow dropped this...sometime before they went back," he said and took out the weathered note. With that he turned away.
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Severus was still not very fond of the man who had entered the office. But he did have a form of respect for him as he knew Remus too had helped the young women they had met years ago. "Remus.." Severus returned almost as cooly.

But the words that Dumbledore spoke about making a "wise decision" were not lost on him. He would end up trying to help Willow and to guide her. Even after all this time, Severus was still fond of the girl and the challenges that she gave. But never could he act on it. Never could it be known, though he was more than sure Dumbledore was very aware.

Dark eyes followed Dumbeldore's wand as the man spoke. And then he froze when Remus mentioned what Blakely had said. It seemed she had interferred and gave a hint of the future. But then so had Willow in how she had spoken of a friend that had died. And he put it together.

[#9251c1 "Yes, Remus that is exactly what it means. Voldemort will rise again and he will very much try again to take over. The students will be in danger as well as he does like 'young blood'...he will try and recruit them and he will make those suffer who deny him. Harry and the girls will defy him and do as they believe is right. That is where I need you and Severus...the two of you will help them and guide them."] Dumbledore said quietly, no hint of his smile.
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"We will know when the time is right. I trust you will make a wise decision," Dumbledore nodded. That would not be a command to take more in, yet he knew that Severus was still fond of Willow. It was just difficult to show on it.

"Professor. Severus," Remus nodded coolly towards him, placing some chocolate in his mouth. There was the odd admiralty between one student and the woman he met years ago.

"You might have noticed a similarity between the girls. There was the use of time magic, by the items that was given," Dumbledore used his wand to pull down the two items and books. Remus immediately recognized it.

"Blakely spoke of a dark time, and a death, that friend that is always with them. Does this mean a Second Wizarding War?" He asked darkly.
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His hands had moved to being clasped behind his back as he listened to Dumbledore and his eyes went down. The old wizard knew that Severus could neither defy or deny him. He had promised his loyalties long ago and was still bound by his promise.

"Yes, headmaster. I did see the spider web curse...or a bit of it apparent on the girl. And I have come to see that they are both exceptionally talented when choosing to pay attention. We cannot keep them out of it as by the time it is to come they will be of age and will be making their own choices.. If they had been brave the first time around...they will do it again no doubt." Severus said quietly. Why he had even questioned the man to begin with had been beyond him.

His eyes were soon on the door as it opened and Remus was coming in.
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"Severus, it pains me to know that Voldermort will rise and there will be a battle. A battle that Potter and our students will come to be apart of despite our reservations," Dumbledore said patiently. "You told me once you saw signs of what we call the Spider Curse on her arm. It will not be a pleasant battle. All we can do is prepare them as much as we can for the dark days ahead."

Walking over to him he gave him the smallest of smiles. "What you decide to do, is your choice. Just know...they will do what they believe is best...and all we can do is encourage."

Remus would be here soon, he had been doing lessons with Harry to prepare him as well.
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Severus had been watching two of the girls very closely over the last couple of years and had finally pieced it together. They had been the ones that both he and Remus had met and helped. How they had even gotten back..no the why still did bother the man. But he had never forgotten some of the words that he had been told either. Only now did he get it.

"Yes, headmaster. I was wondering if it is truly wise to get them involved. Both Willow and Blakely..or the two we had known had gone through so much. Perhaps this time we should try and save them and not put them in that place." His words were ever quiet as he spoke them and dark eyes never did leave the old wizard sat behind his desk. Severus truly believed all of this to be unfair.
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The girls was in their third year when it all came together. Dumbledore knew immediately, it had taken a year for Severus to connect these girls to their past. The books and items was still hidden, knowing they were to be safer to keep that hidden.

[b "Severus, how good of you to come. I expect Remus will be here shortly,"] Dumbledore smiled looking to them. Seeing that look in those dark eyes. [b "You wish to speak to me in private then? Go ahead."]
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There was so much she wished that she could say to them man. But if she did speak what was on the tip of her tongue, the young woman would be telling the man far too much. Instead she settled for a gentle smile. [b "My words will make sense one day.. but right now I know it's confusing. Best of luck to you as well, Remus."] Blakely said, her words quiet as she spoke them.

The young woman had to look away to hide the sadness that was creeping into her eyes. To see them all alive again had stung so much more than she had expected for it to. [b "I'm going to see if Piper is almost done.."] And after she spoke, Blakely went to check on Willow.
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"For everything? I'm afraid I have not done that much. The first two days I was snarling at you," Remus asked puzzled. There was deeper meaning to those words and he wasn't sure what it meant. Inspire? She was lucky to get some quid to his name.

"I appreciate your belief in me. Good luck yourself," he said and looked to the bracelet again confused. She was being odd yet he knew not to question.
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Willow took the items she wanted to go back to Dumbledore and began on a box for them. She knew having everything together would be a good idea. And for a moment, the strawberry blonde watched the other young woman as she seemed to be focused on what she was doing.

It was only Remus' soft voice and words that called her back. A sad smile traced her lips and she nodded. [b "I'm afraid not.. And thank you... For everything. I hope you'll stay strong and keep fighting for what you believe...I know one day you'll inspire many."] The young woman said as she slipped off her bracelet that she had been wearing and gave it to the man. [b "It's charmed as a form of shield...to some it will hide your presence.."]
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[b "I'll just be getting everything ready for Dumbledore,"] Willow said taking the items and preparing a neat box for it. Eloborating on the letter for Dumbledore she included the book from Severus including her own note.

Remus looked towards Blakely giving a smile. "I do seem to be getting the feeling that I won't be seeing you again. I do hope things go better. And that you find the courage to lift your head again."
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Slowly she stood so she could see the pages that were being looked through and spoken of. Her eyes went to the picture and the girl became paler. There was no accident for the items and no accident they had been the ones to find them. But what she didn't understand was the why of it. ANYONE could have been better.

[b "So now what are we supposed to do..? I mean.."] But her thoughts were in such a jumble and she was at a loss. All of this was becoming even more complicated then it had started out initially and she rubbed her temples.

A faint smile did cross her lips. [b "We owe all of you.."] Blakely said quietly
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