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"The same game you kept losing, yes," Willow smirked

As an estimated guess, she figured Severus andRemus would do lousy. Sirius would go over a lot and James would win. When Severus folded and after Lily did she leaned over to him. "This is your chance while their busy. Use words like I instead of you, and be gentle. I believe in you."

Willow gave a smile to him.


"This was good of you to do, Blakely. I dont want to have a future where past grudges define us," Remus gave her an appreciative smile. He was about out and was still having fun.

There was only some hours before he would change. He wanted the small moments to count.
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Blakely was sitting next to Remus and was slightly amused with how curious the boy seemed with the set up. It almost made her think of a small child in a sense. And even she was attentive when the cards were produced and she had transformed items into fake money.

[b "It's not that hard and it's fun. It makes us think but not in the same sense as class. Just a game which tests your wit and how much you trust yourself."] Her words were said once Severus had joined them and everything was nearly set. She was shivering faintly from the vibes that seemed to be flying around the room. None the others seemed to trust the other.

Sirius smirking faintly as he looked at the girls and then the cards. "So this is like what you were showing me?" He asked. There was no shame in his voice as he spoke.
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Remus was amazed at how quickly the wooden table was transformed into a card table. Five decks was produced and colored, round discs was called chips. Blakely transformed items into fake money. Remus wasn't sure exactly what this was about.

When Severus came in, it was suddenly tense on both sides. Willow looked up before gesturing for him to sit next to her. Explaining everything she looked to them. "I will be dealer, Blakely will answer some questions. This is a gut game. And you can fold."

Remus looked to Sirius who seemed to have some idea of what it was. So, he had been with Willow last night.

"Everyone good?" She asked keenly.
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Blakely sighed and crossed her arms. The only one who seemed to be mature about it out of the boys was Remus. And she couldn't help being slightly annoyed by it. [b "Think of it this way...would you want to be alone during the holiday? Besides like Willow said it wouldn't be long. So...please give it a chance?"] It was the tension in the room that had the girl on her guard as well.

Her eyes went to Lily for a moment, almost pleading with the girl to say something. Pleading with her to say anything that would help her and Willow convince the others that it could not be a terrible idea.

Lily sighed and nodded slowly. "Remus, Willow, and Blakely have a point. It is our last year and we shouldn't let old grudges keep us. Besides Remus is right. You did have him in a bad spot. We might as well give this a chance for the night." The redhead said gently.

Sirius was looking at everyone like they had lost it. "But it is Snape of all people. He always has it out for us and puts me and Wormtail in detention when he has the chance. He's not exactly our biggest fan and we aren't his. I'll behave only if he does." And the boy seemed adament on his words.
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While Willow was glad that she'd see Severus again. There was a mystery of how he came to be, but from what Blakely told her from Lupin, that they hadn't been kind to him, but he had trusted him. "Severus returned it to me, thankfully. We'd like to invite him to play after the feast. He's been a friend and helped me with Malfoy."

Remus always felt terrible for Severus but also thought he brought some on himself. "Last time was cruel. How can we go into the world knowing we did such things?"

"It wouldn't be too long," Willow added before going for some of the candy. The feast wouldn't be too far away. She'd join them for that as well, it would be fun.

James' expression was not happy but he didn't explode. "He called Lily a terrible name."

"We had him disarmed and upside down," Remus reminded gently.

"People say and do bad things when they feel cornered, then usually regret," Willow saidquietly before shaking the thought away.
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A smirk came to the girl's lips. [b "I wouldn't be me if I didn't meddle. Besides you know I do it because I love you."] The girl said and did give a strand of Willow's hair a gentle tug. Her own smile was warm towards their future professor. She did hope the boy kept to his word. From what she could tell he would though he did seem to have the same slight anxiousness coming off him as her cousin did.

[b "We actually should. Think they might eat all the fun candies and leave us the gross ones."] She said and began to gently drag Willow with her. She too wanted one day to be normal and to try and forget.

Snape watched after the girls. But he had agreed before they left him fully. What was he doing? And what were they palying at themselves?


When Willow and Blakely got back, Sirius was looking at the two. He seemed to have his mouth full of some kind of treat. But he was quick to swallow it so he could talk. "So find what you were looking for?" He asked, eyeing them curiously. Why did at least one of them look slightly guilty?
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Wrapping her arm around her cousin's shoulder she gave a bright smile. "And I love you all the same even when you can't leave my business alone," Willow said before giving Severus a measuring look but it was not harsh. "Great, we can use one of the unused classrooms. After the feast then. Thank you for coming."

She looked back to Blakely, "should we get back? I do want to get back to my old hobby." Old self, old hobby, before it got so messed up. She flashed a smile to Severus before getting anxious to return.
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Blakely gave Serverus a soft smile and nodded. [b "No one deserves to be alone on the holiday. And she's right usually I am the prying one. But we also know what it is like to have a hard time being understood."] But those were the only words to back Willow's words of her being a bit of the prying sort even if she didn't meant to be.

And again the girl nodded to the boy who was looking at them strangely. [b "It'll be okay, really."]

Snape was a bit shocked when the two girls had spoken. He was NEVER approached or asked to be a part of something. But he had to admit it would be nice to not spend another year alone. He was silent for a moment but then gave both the girls a small smile.

"Yeah, I think I might." It was all he could really think to say for that moment. Curious the two girls. Very curious. And maybe this could be his chance to try and apologise to Lily as well and set that right.
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"Family, isn't it? Blakely and I can somewhat understand on that," Willow said before thinking. She was in a chipper mood, feeling some weight off her shoulders temporary. "Oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't pry. That's Blakely's job anyway."

She rose a brow to Blakely wondering what the hell she was thinking. This was more her skill, she'd trust her. "Maybe later you'd like to join us. We can get them to behave for a while, and it's more a game of skill and accurate guessing. I'd love for you to come."

Later she'd ask Blakely why, but she actually did. She owed Snape her life, a lotnof people did.
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Severus was off because of the things he had seen. But more so the holidays always ate away at him. There seemed nothing about them to be merry about. He had no friends really and a horrible relationship with his family. So instead of being happy as he supposed he should be, the young man found the holiday miserable and in all senses depressing.

Could he tell that to the girls who stood before him though? Not likely as he was sure they wouldn't fully get it. Or maybe they would? It was all so confusing.

"I'm as good as I can be. Still happy that you got your necklace back. Um yeah after the holiday would be good." He said, giving a weak smile. And then when she mentioned gambling, the boy raised a brow at that.

Blakely had listened to Snape and had been studying the boy. His words struck a nerve as they had been the same she found herself using. A soft smirk came to her lips at Willow's words on gambling and corrupting young minds. [b "It's actually a lot of fun. She's brilliant and does have your head spinning."]

Blakey said, a soft laughter to her tone. One that had not been heard in a long time. And gently she nudged Willow, Severus' true emotions getting to her. [b [i "Ask him to join...I'm sure we can convince the others to behave for one afternoon."]] The strawberry blonde whispered as she stepped back a little.
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There was something different about Severus today. Christmas could be miserable for anyone without a family. Today there was friends so it wasn't as hard, she did miss her family though. "Are you okay, Severus?" Willow inquired curiously. He seemed off and she couldn't place it. "Thank you again, this is irreplaceable."

He had offered that before only it was different. When Blakely agreed she nodded to. "Not today though...we need time to celebrate."

She hadn't thought she'd make it to this time and had. It was a bit emotional but in a proud way. "Well, we should go back and corrupt young minds with gambling. Shall ee, B?"
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The change in demeanor of the girl was interesting to say the least. Because he had been watching her and noted the briefest of flinches and the tightness in his speaking and the smile given. "Don't mebtion it. I'm glad that it got back to you." He said with a small smile though it didn't quite reach his eyes.

Dark eyes then went to the other girl who had come up. He could see how much they did look alike and from the necklace had seen flashes involving the strawberry blonde and a boy too. But he quickly had to push that aside. "It's nice to meet your cousin. I've heard you mention her before. Do the both of you need extra help with potions?" He asked curiously. There was more behind his asking. Both girls were curious to him.

Blakely smiled when she saw Willow and that she had the necklace. When waved over, the girl quickly went to her cousin's side. And her eyes widened when she heard the name of the boy. Her eyes went to the other girl for a second, shock and confusion clearly in them for the briefest moments. But she pushed it aside and looked to Snape.

[b "Willow has told me some about you. It is nice to be meeting you. And the help on potions would be nice."] She said, voice soft as she spoke. She was wondering if the both of them had finally lost it.
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Willow felt as if her heart would leap right out while her stomach dropped. Both equally strange feelings. Taking the necklace back hastily, she didn't place it on but kept it in her hands. "Thank you, this a real life saver," Willow breathed before giving a small wry smile.

Seeing Blakely she waved to her with a small smile. "Got it. Uh, Severus this is Blakely my cousin and best friend."

She was curious of her thoughts since Snape had hated Gryffindors the worse out of all of them. Ravenclaws had annoyed him with their eager to be the smartest. She hadn't beem one though.
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The girl smiled to Remus gently when he had leaned over and gave his smile. She could tell he had gotten the hint and also figured he would help. The others again seemed to be distractee and bickering because Sirius supposedly had stolen candy from one the others. [b "Thanks... I definitely owe you for this."] The strawberry blonde whispered as she got up and slipped out of the common room. The only thing left was to figure where Willow had ended up.


Severus gave the girl a faint smile as he came up to her. "Happy Christmas to you too. You seem as if you lost something... Could this have been it?" He asked slowly as he pulled the necklace out of his pocket, careful to keep the sleeve of his robe around his hand so it did not touch him directly. Just overnight he was fearful and realized what happened when he touched it.

Dark eyes were on the girl curiously as he waited for her to take it. He didn't know how he would explain to her why he had it to begin with. Or even if he should tell her what it had done.
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Willow was pretty and outgoing, it was no wonder why Sirius liked her. They must have kept each others on their toes. She didn't seem the ordinary Ravenclaw but not everyone was standard. Now Blakely was very pretty and keen, he liked that.

Leaning over he gave her a smile, "go to her if you need to. I can get them distracted."


This was the spot of the jacket scene and kissing cheeks, so where was it? She rememembered it in tr shack and tree. Groaning, she ran a hand through her hair. "Oh no...Brian curse..." She muttered on the verge of freaking out here.

Hearing Severus, she still flinched he slightest, the old memories still stronger. "Severus," she placed on a smile looking to him. "Happy Christmas."
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