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Lupin felt worse than normal at changing back. His back was aching and the others looked worried. Confused he looked to them attempting to help his back. Soon the run back and he would be the living dead. "What happened? Why are you so...worried?"


Once Hagrid found them, they were rushed off. Willow didn't remember much except for seconds in between. It was not as awful as the curse she took during the battle. Waking up to the face of Albus Dumbledore she blinked disoriented.

Explaining what happened, leaving out the first part. She just had residue of their draining power.

Sitting up she groaned looking for Blakely half afraid she was dead.
  Faust / 51d 3h 9m 38s
When she said she should transfigure him, Sirius gave an indignified look. Of course he had not meant what had happened to happen. But obviously it was too late and the attack happened and both girls had been hurt. It was once she was on his back did the dog begin to move swiftly through the forest to get them back to as close as the grounds as he could. He was even as careful about it as he could be.

As soon as he got the two girls back, Sirius knelt enough so that Willow could get off and let out a howl. It was the only way that he knew to get the attention of any of the professors. When there was a figure coming towards them, the black dog was gone and ran back into the forest to find Remus and James. He had to somehow let them know what had happened.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 51d 19h 46m 35s
Emotional clarity, that was what she needed. Sure, she was sure she was about to lose her cousin to an attack. Taking the wand back she gave a look. "I should turn you into a Chihuahua..." She muttered before seeing what she thought was an offer for a ride.

Too tired and sore to process this she got on careful to keep Blakeley close to her. "Agh..." She said her arm burning, her body responded acutely.

Just a little longer...
  Memory / Faust / 51d 19h 55m 21s
Blakely could feel the bite and the blood being drained from her. It hurt and burned like hell but the girl couldn't fight against the beast as it was stronger than she was and had her pinned. Now that the cries had stopped, she realized what she had beem drawn in by and was mentally kicking herself for it. She should have known better.

It was hearing the steps getting closer and seeing the flash of light did Blakely realize that Willow had followed after her. The girl wanted to tell the other to go and to leave her. But again she couldn't. Only a whimper was able to escape as she was struggling to keep her consciousness and attention on the other girl.


Sirius had tried to get Willow away. But it had not worked that way. He was lucky that the girl was smart enough to distract the vampyre and use the patronus. It was the Ravenclaw cleverness that he had seen her use again and again. Just by watching he wished he would have been faster.

When she had her cousin in the air did the dog come over to her. He held the wand out to return it. He also turned and motioned to have her get on his back. Sirius knew he could move more quickly throught the forest and in turn since Blakely was being levitated by Willow that she too would move at the same pace. The dog barked at Willow, the bark being urgent. He had not been able to help with the vampyres but he could not. Just he hoped she would take it.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 51d 20h 4m 15s
Just as she was so close, she was knocked down and her wand taken by a hell beast. Peering in the distance she heard something bounce in the distance, a wand. Quickly getting up, she made a dart to it grabbing Blakely's wand.

This did catch the free vampyre's attention as it moved towards her giving the cry. Using some defensive spells, to give her the time, to save her cousin she'd have to try.

Focusing on the spell, she suddenly felt her arm gashed as it was moving in faster.

"Expecto Patrunum!"

One took a bite, beginning to feed before there was the bright light. Shrieking, the cloaked creatures seemed to return to the fog, not without circling her Willow scratching.

Then they were gone.

"I got an animal! About bloody time," Willow muttered before going to her side to see if...well...no she was breathing but looked horrible. Fighting back the tears she ripped the already ripped cloak wrapping it around the wound.

"Let's get you back, okay. Stay focused on me..." Willow smoothed her hair.

There was still Remus around, but distracted. The dog...it didn't matter. Waving the wand she raised Blakely in the air. If another attack happened.

She couldn't think that, just to get Blakely back to safety. "Give me my wand back! There's still nasties out here and those vampyres could return."


Remus was very riled up, James could see the bright light, before he proded Remus again bounding in the opposite direction. Hopefully this would all work and Sirius would get them to safety.

From what he could hear Sirius was already working on that.
  Memory / Faust / 51d 20h 19m 19s
The cry was one of angst and terror. One like the many they had heard back during the war coming from all sides. And it broke her heart more than it already was. She continued to run following the cries as if a siren was calling to sailors. The girl could no longer remember where she was nor could she hear the calling after her. It was like there was nothing but that drawing in and the overwhelming cries.

Closer and closer did she get as a fog seemed to slowly rise around her feet and the moon come out even more. It was when she reached what some would consider the middle of the forest did the girl stop seeing two figures. They just happened to be wearing cloaks that masked them and she could not properly see as she still slowly moved closer.

[b "Hello...?"] Blakely called softly. The girl was about to say something more but her words were trapped because quickly one of the figures was before her and had her pinned. She only just managed to let out a shrill scream of her own that seemed to echo in the forest.


Sirius was in his dog form and as was usual for full moons was out with Moony and the others. He had figured it would just be one of their usual nights out. The rolling in the leaves and finding something to chase. But never would he have expected what had happened.

As was usual, Remus was the first to hear and smell something off. And he and James bounded after him. It was soon did he too hear the shouts and catch that Blakely and Willow were in the forest. With a quick nod, the great black dog followed after the two girls. He had to know what was going on. It was the scream that pushed him to run off even faster ahead as he saw Blakely and the two vampyres. One seemed to have Blakely and the other was watching the direction expectantly. And that meant Willow was a target as well.

The dog knew that he couldn't let Willow get drawn in too and ran back her way. He was going to lead her off away from the vampyres and back towards Prongs and Moony. They were going to have to do something to help. And so the dog bounced up and knocked Willow over when he got to her, knocking her wand from her hand and picking it up in his mouth. Sirius made sure she saw he had it before he began back the other way.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 51d 20h 35m 49s
Willow was torn between demanding answers and chasing after Blakely. She looked to the centaur before raising her wand. "This is the most convenient time for you people, isn't it? Why don't we try this some other time. Maybe you can tell us what's going on...Voldermort is going to start recruiting soon...the forest darker...be careful."

"Lumos," she spoke before running after Blakely, still able to hear her foot steps. Charging after her faster, she couldn't believe this was happening. "Blakely! Stop! There's no one in here."

It was like track and field with the roots, there was noises all around her. This place was every bit terrifying than the accounts. Her mind was still focused on tracking Blakely.

There was yet another sound of bounding. Not daring to stop, she took out her wand. "Stupefy!" She yelled causing the creature to fly back before continuing forward.

"Blakely! Answer me!"


The two vampires leaned over the corpse of a spider, having finished feeding. It sensed one close, giving a cry, those that would attract those in most pain. Most humans followed after another,even knowing the danger. It was a good food chain.

The victim was coming closer, it rose in waiting while the other finished feeding.


It seemed an ordinary trip to the forest, Remus was sniffing around looking for something to chase. The other three was along with for the ride, even for a wild creature he was happy that they were around. Friends in and out of the form.

His ears perked up hearing the running. Remus was the first to catch that before running like a dog after a car. Next there was the crashing back. Willow and Blakely?

James gave Sirius a look before moving in front of Remus to distract him again, hopefullly Sirius would follow after.
  Memory / Faust / 51d 21h 1m 16s
Blakely's mouth went dry when danger had been spoken of. And her eyes slowly went to the moon overheard at Willow's whispered words. Honestly she had forgotten when on their walk. The thoughts of Brian and the war had been no help either. But it was the scream of pain that had really gotten her attention when it echoed. [b "I'm sorry..."] The girl whispered as she began to run off.

She didn't know why she was being drawn as she was. But she couldn't seem to help ot either.


"The stars and the planetary alignment as shown it. And also there has been talk of two who seem to know what is to come. Act older than they appear. But this is the warning I give. Be careful who you trust. Some have changed but others have taken the place. New dangers await." The centaur said as he then watched the other girl run off.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 51d 21h 27m 23s
Willow stared first at the centaur and when he spoke of danger that night, she looked elsewhere. There was the outline of the full moon just in the sky. Her mouth went dry, and it was getting darker as well. Somehow the time had just slipped them on the long walk.

"Blake, do you know what tonight is?" Willow whispered pointing to the moon. After several Dark Arts she grew a steady dislike and discomfort for creatures. Rubbing her arms she glanced to the centaur unsure what to say. "How do you know about us?"

That seemed a logical question. Peering to the forest she could swore she heard a scream in the distance. Visibly shuddering she looked back to the centaur and then Blakely.
  Memory / Faust / 51d 21h 33m 59s
[b "I don't intend to get too close. I just want a better look. The Forbidden Forest has just always been curious to me."] The girl said as her hand slipped into her pocket and she withdrew her own wand. The creatures didn't really make her skin crawl as it did for Willow. Instead they actually interested her.

Slowly did she stand herself and move to the blonde girl's side as the centaur looked their way. It was curious that it seemed to be there to meet them. [b "Hello?"] Blakely too asked.


The creature looked to the two girls and merely gave a faint bow of the head in gretting. "I've been waiting for the two of you. It seems that the two of you aren't from here. And were given a job to do. What you knew was changed but it is still very dangerous. Just as being here tonight is." The words were low as they were spoken. Almost eerrie in a way.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 51d 21h 51m 22s
There would be time for her to grieve, make up with Remus possibly have a chance or find someone new. Either way, Blakely would be okay, once she was allowed to mourn. They hadn't a true chance to recover and mourn before being thrown in again.

"This isn't a good idea, Blake. It's called the Dark Forest because there's many horrible things in there," Willow said tentatively. Pulling out her wand, she bit her lip, there were spiders and other things. Most of those creatures just made her skin crawl for some reason.

Giving a groan she followed after, there was the outline of what seemed a centaur. Like Frienze in the fifth year. "That's a centaur..." Willow whispered before standing up. It looked as if it was waiting for them. "Hello?"
  Memory / Faust / 51d 22h 6m 44s
The girl bit her lip and she nodded slowly. [b "No...we hadn't been. Only doing jobs given to us. And kept with the training..."] She whispered, letting Willow know she heard and did understand. Very slowly she seemed to be regaining herself. But still not fully as she too had stepped back.

It was starting to get darker and colder and she wondered why they had decided going towards the forest would be a good idea in the first place. But she didn't say it as her atrention was drawn to the endge of the forest where Willow had caught the movements from. [b "You're right. There does seem to be something there."] She whispered and slowly began to move closer.

She knew it wasn't a good idea but her curioisity was getting the better of her. The girl wanted to know what was there as the forest had always fascinated her. At the moment, Blakely seemed to be pulling one of Willow's numbers as she quickened her once and ducked down when she got as close as she dared
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 51d 22h 37s
"People we went to school and knew was all around us, some of them being killed. We were killing people...Death Eater or no...we were killing people," Willow said lowly before she took a step back. "It was overwhelming...you did everything you could...Doing and being taught is two different things. Before you say I could do it, I spent months being tormented by them, I turned numb and angry, you weren't."

It was getting colder, and they were by the Dark Forest. She glanced seeing swishes by the border. Then there was some figure just beyond the edge. "Hey, Blake. There's something by the edge..."

Her first instinct was to check it out, often that was wrong one.
  Memory / Faust / 51d 22h 28m 19s
Willow was right in what she said. The logical part of her mind knew it, but the emotional part and part that she had let build didn't. It couldn't see her words and still found fault and guilt in what had happened. They had all been trained for it. All learned that you had to be quick and not hesitate. And she had for that one second all because she could feel what the witch she had been cursing had felt. She had had to stop herself from doing it and when she had turned a green light was coming her way. One that she had expected to hit but instead it didn't and Brianhad fallen dead in front of her. Blakely had killed the wizard who had killed him, but that didn't stop her screams that night. Didn't stop the constant heartach or the guilt.

[b "I..Willow I hesitated that night. For a moment I had. We had been trained and taught not to do it and I had."] Her tears wouldn't stop even with her wanting them to. Blakely could feel what it did to her cousin. It was something she had tried to protect the other girl from seeing in her.

There had to be some sense to all of this. Would they ever be happy? Ever be able to move forwards?
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 51d 22h 35m 25s
Willow closed her eyes finding those words heartbreaking. It was a terrible feeling knowing that she felt this way and didn't let it out. Willow hadn't truly noticed due to her not being keen about these emotions. It was taking some time to learn these lessons that Ravenclaws weren't amazing at.

"It wasn't your fault, Blakely," Willow whispered rubbing her back slowly. "There was so much going on, one attack after the other, green flashes and sounds. It was overwhelming. Even I was overwhelmed...You couldn't have got every single one. Even if you did, he'd find someone else in distress and charge in. It's not your fault."

There had to be some healing at the end of the rainbow for this, there just had to be.
  Memory / Faust / 51d 22h 49m 7s

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