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Willow, at this point, somewhere between the shell shock and mental exhaustion. Basically was at her core self. She gave a disbelieving laugh as she looked towards him.

"You mean to say that you believe me to be witty? Not the laziest Ravenclaw you've ever seen, though...that's true. Or not talented..." she said knowing she had these memorized. "Or was that also an act?"

It had been strange after the third year she had gone from cleaning plots to organizing the items and 'assisitng' on potions. It had helped since she had gone from failing to knowing some.
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The girl gave the man a smile and nodded. A week would be enough time for her to set straight some of the things she would be needing to do. And his words had made her cheeks go a slight pink as it meant a great deal coming from someone she so very admited. Though she honestly didn't know how deep or what the words meant.

[b "Thank you Pro--Remus."] Blakely had to stop herself from calling him professor as she was so accustomed to doing. And now that she had agreed, the girl had to find a way to tell Willow and Brian what she had agreed to. Willow she had the feeling might be more for it, but Brian and she had been struggling and she had a bad feeling.
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"Wonderful, than I shall see you in a weeks time. There's just one trip to Romania and you can sort out your affairs. It's going to be a pleasure to work with you, Blakely," Remus nodded and smiled to her. That might have seemed like a casual statement, but it wasn't.

She was a delight to be around and had always enjoyed her nature. THis had been what he would have done before even without Dumbledore asking.
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"I am here to do what little I can without it being clear that I am a traitor and have been working for Dumbledore this whole time. And I am here to try and protect as many of you as I am able to do so." The man said quietly. All of this did hit him much harder than he had let on or than he would ever let on. But she did not need to know that.

His eyes again had moved to the written note she had left with Remus. And then they came up to meet her gaze again.

"I am telling you this because I need you to be able to become one of my helpers. I can get you in and out and help you pass messages along. If it comes from me they will not trust it..but they will you."
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Those stark words hit her hardly as she looked to him, wonder filling her for a moment. It did seem strange how they had done a month of getting some information passed without being caught.

"So...you're here to...protect us until the time comes," Willow summerized feeling even duller than before. How someone could do such a thing without being torn inside.

"What do you want me to do?" She asked, figuring that was why he was telling her. Looking to her writing dumfounded at that.
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The others that he introduced her to were not like others she has known or met. There was something special, just as their had been something special about their former professor. But the girl would not voice her thoughts.

Blakely slowly looked to the man and gave a small smile. If this was something she could do to help then she wanted to. Besides she didn't see the creatures as bad just misunderstood. They were still people even if they did not look or act as most expected. [b "Yes I would love to help. Maybe I can do more this way then I have been able to do."] The girl said, her eyes filling with determination.
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Remus introduced her to three others. Most were over twenty but they were all different than regular witches and wizards. He looked over to her and gave her a smile.

"Please, Remus or Lupin, whatever you'd desire," he said casually before knowing this was the time. She had seemed so sure that most creatures were innocent before. "Dumbledore asked if I would gather support for our side from the creatures. Would you care to join us?"
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Dark eyes stayed on the girl as he studied her. She was slowly letting down enough of her guard to at least hear him out. Which was more than he could have asked for or hoped for. So that was a start in the very least.

"Because he wanted me to be the one to kill him. Draco would not be strong enough to do so and he wanted to save what innocence he had left. But more than that, he wanted the Dark Lord to trust me. And this was the best way." Severus was under truth telling syrum but he did not feel the need to lie to the girl either. "All of this was to put into place the end of this battle when it is to come... It must come down to Potter and Voldemort...though many will be lost along the way.."
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While it could be faked, her handwriting was somewhat messy. What struck her was it was ballpoint pen, her preferred method, she didn't like quill as much.

After just a mere minute she took the potion slowly yet never keeping her eyes off of him. It all had to taste awful didn't it?

"Time magic, I knew there was more," Willow said wishing she could feel that joy but couldn't. "I don't have to hear more, that's not important...Why....why did you kill Professor Dumbledore if you worked under him?"

That was hard to say, it caught her throat halfway through. The proud girl would not let that show through.
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Bkakely along with Willow and Brian had been three of the outside students to believe in Dumbledore and Potter when they had said Voldemort was back. In thei mr fifth year they had actually joined the DA and had been able to come up with an invisible ink that only the group could get to work. It was hell but also had felt like the right thing to do.

Now Willow eventhough being a muggleborn had decided to go back to school. She had chosen to be their inside woman and it made her scared for the other. Snape was the headmaster and the Carrows had been put in as the punishers and new teachers. It was sure to be one hell of a year.

Green eyes came away from the window she had been looking out when she heard the soft words of one of her favourite forner professors. [b "Of course, Professor Lupin."] Still it was by habit that she called the man professor even after all this time.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 62d 28m 33s
The war that had been promised came at a slow rate. For nearly three years he had his friend back, Sirius was all that was left of the Marauders, and when he passed through the veil it was bitter, cold feeling. His dear friends were gone.

Dumbledore had struck him hard considering he had been one of the few to believe in him.

The school year would be starting and Willow, despite being muggle born, bravely decided to be the inside woman. That left Blakely and Brian of the three.

"Blakely, might I introduce you to some of my friends?" Remus offered with a smile. He had cultivated her in his brief there, and whenever he could during the later years. Now it was finally time to do so.
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He had to remember that she was not the young woman he had dealt with years ago. Well she was but not her yet. A sigh slipped from the man as he rubbed his temples. Willow was always one to test the boundaries and to push them. Defiant as hell too. And right now that was no different.

Severus pushed the note her way that she had written when he had first met her and then he took up the vial. "I want you to listen closely. Can you at the very least do that? Because I have no intents on doing anything to you." The man muttered in his slow drawl and took a sip from the potion, cringing as it went down. He then began to tell her.
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Willow didn't bother to hide her anger and resentment. She was a clever witch, she was still insulted everyday. it hadn't been since the fourth year she had cried as much, and she was without her best friends.

"No," Willow said giving him a full glare. It wasn't wise to do this but the girl was to her last leg. "Why would I accept anything from you? First, you take the potion or do what you will with me."

Showing her age she crossed her arms across her chest and looked to him.
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"Take the potion and I will explain more of this to you. I will even take a truth potion so you know what I have to say is not a lie. But it is time that you understand the truth in what is happening." Severus said quietly to the girl, dark gaze still upon her.

The man had taken the note that Remus had given him from the drawer and the truth potion as well. But the man would not make any moves until he got Willow to speak and to tell him her choice.

Severus only was hoping he would be able to tell her the truth. But he knew she was a stubborn one as well. So this would be difficult and he knew it as well.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 62d 22h 4m 57s
Everyday hearing mudblood, and how impure blood should be taken out. It had changed everything for her. She was not Blakely with empathy, and Brian with turning the cheek. The Carrows almost caught them with taking a message.

"I will not take a drink from you," Willow said touching the back of her head. She was sure it had bleed. Giving a small groan she was puzzled by why she was here in what was Dumbledore's office.

"Why am I here? Wouldn't it be easier for the Carrows to finish what they started?"
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