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The boy gave her a raised brow at being called cute, well the house being called cute. It was interesting and honestly he didn't know what else would explain his thoughts. "We don't do things based on just bravery...sometimes loyalty... But we're as much like Ravenclaw can be. Picking reasons to do things. But my point is you still did it." He said with a small smile to her. It was odd to have this conversation, but nice to have a better understanding. "I just hope something else doesn't pop up." He said, thoughtfully. Though he was sure it somehow would. Life always had a way of making things complicated.

Slowly the boy stood and took the scrolls to the fireplace. He was still thinking to take them. Well more like arguing with himself. Her words of asking Blakely made him curious. "What do you mean ask her about Remus?"

Afrer a moment he did move back to the girl and hug her gently. "Try and get some rest."


The girl blushed a little bit. [b "Remus...thanks for being here and trying to help."] She whispered softly as she couldn't help her yawn. She was more tired than she was trying to let on and fighting it. But only because she had missed his company and didn't want to be alone.

Slowly she moved over to give the boy more room. He was in her opinion being far nicer than she deserved.

[b "Right now you're the only one who does...I don't even...and seems they fear I'll bite anyone who comes near me..."]
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"You Gryffindors are cute. Hers was sheer bravery, mine was I saw I needed to for survival, and I did. Ravenclaws always find some sort of necessity to do actions. I don't regret it," Willow smiled gently. It was good to have this conversation. "We won't let this happen, Older Snape thinks we can save James and Lily by him not being a Death Eater, and he isn't. I stopped that."

This talk was giving her a headache. Leaning back against the pillow she gave a yawn. "I think I'd like to sleep, please burn those. If you want to tell the others, I can't stop you...but we should ask Blakely first about Remus."

If she could shed hug him but was too tired to get up.


"I know, I have the most loyal friend of all," Remus kissed her forehead again. She'd come around, he needed to be paitent. He nodded to her question. "Of course, unless a nurse comes in. Then I need to dart."

She looked so horrible but he knew it was her battle and he was just cheering her on. "I believe in you."
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Blakely knew that Remus meant well just as she had. But for the moment she couldn't accept the words. Or at least couldn't yet. In time as he said she was sure maybe it would be. And again she bit into her lip again to try and feel that pain rather than the burning in her throat. [b "And you're not alone either...."] She whispered quietly.

Blakely sighed as she leaned against his hand as he stroked her hair. For a moment she did flash back to another time. A time she had been happy and in love. And she missed it. But she had to push it aside. It was her past and it was gone. She had to let it go and try to heal. Besides Brian would want her to try and move on...to try and be happy with someone new without guilt right?

A sad smile came to her lips as green eyes looked to the boy. [b "I know they don't want anyone near me right now...but...I don't want to be alone either. Could you maybe stay until I did fall asleep?"] She felt silly asking. He didn't owe her any favours. And she slowly looked down after her words had been spoken. What had she been thinking?


"So it seems you had more reason than she did. A more noble one even. But the fact of the matter is you both did this and both wanted to help. It's brave of you. And I admire it." He said slowly as he heard her words. So it had been an accident that had brought them to them. Could he say he felt sorry for the girls being tricked? Of course. But did he regret meeting and befriending them, not at all. It was just a lot to take in.

Sirius gave a sad smile and a nod. Somehow he could picture it. "At least he got to do something that helped others. Though I'm sorry he didn't stay long as your teacher." He said slowly.

And again he grimaced as he imagined what she told him. What kind of a world had they lived in? But he could understand too. "Okay...I get it some..." Honestly he was more at a loss than he wanted to be. Very new to him too.
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"It was all accidental. We thought Brian sent us the necklaces that sent us back, instead it was actually Severus. He used advance charm and potions and made charmed them...in hopes that we could change it. I can't really imagine doing any of that," Willow said lowering her shirt with a grimance. She couldn't help but give a little laugh at the mention of breaking. "Blakely chose to do this on Gryfindor bravery. I knew I had to give everything I had, because if they succeeded. My family and I would die first because of my blood."

She did give the smallest of smiles at the mention. "He was the most amazing teacher we had. I hate that subject, but he brought a boggart in it. We were told he was a werewolf and he resigned, it was really sad. So, yes, we know what he is."

The last part made her nod. "So much darker...Diagon Alley was destroyed, muggle families killed, people disappearing. I fear if we fail, then...it might be the end of muggles and muggle born witches and wizards."


Remus gave her a kind smile. Even if she didn't accept the words now, as he had done once, he would say it anyway. "In time...it will be come easier to manage and live each day. It's one day at a time, I promise. You aren't alone and that's everything."

Stroking her hair he gave a small shake of his head. "No, no...it's not...you were trying to help and I was too stubborn to see that. It's just better not to press on those days about much..."

He looked to her again. "You should rest. Dumbledore will know what to give you to make it managable and very wise words."
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Now it seemed Remus could understand how she viewed him. That want to be there and the want to help. It was so ironic and she guessed if she were in a better head space almost bitter sweet. They it seemed had switched places.

Blakely bit her lip and looked down, nodding. She heard him, but was she really registering the words? Maybe she would but given the moment and what had happened it was not sinking it. The girl was scared, even with the reassurance given.

[b "I...You definitely are. But maybe I'm not."] The girl whispered as she remembered the things that she and Willow had done. As far as she knew, Remus had not killed someone, well many someones. Had not tortured them even when they begged for it to stop. Being able to feel those around her it literally crushed her. But she had done it and everyday had to live with it.

[b "Maybe I deserve this...doing those things...pushing you like I did..."] The words were quiet as she spoke them.


The more he read, the paler he grew. The boy was picturing it all so clearly and parts destroyed him to know. Like knowing he would lose his best friends and lose his freedom. And seeing how so many would die and be lost. Even he couldn't help feeling sorry for Severus though it didn't change his views.

When he had read it all, Sirius gave the scroll back. "That...it is a lot to take in. I'm surprised neither of you have broken with that. Is this what Blakely keeps letting slip to Remus in little details which confuse him?" He asked slowly and then looked to the spider web scar, grimacing at it.

"So the two of you are trying to change this..but the more we know the worse it could get. If you can stop all of that how much worse can it get?" Question after question seemed to bubble up in his mind.
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It would be hard for her. Remus had studied all these creatures, it had been his curiosity since the beginning. He himself was lower according to the Ministry standards, so therefore he was wanted to know more about the others. Vampyres hadn't been pleasant, not that he ever been around one until now.

"That's how these beings recruit. Weakness or just lust for revenge or more. My father insulted Grayback. He snuck in our house when I was five and infected me. Father stopped him before it was complete...but I was cursed since then," Remus told her quietly before giving a lopsided smile. "I don't have many memories before I was a werewolf. That's the only parts I left out..."

Blakely was in an awful state, he rubbed her shoulder before kissing her forehead. "It's not what we are that makes us, it's what we do. You're a good person, no matter what you are."


Watching him closely, she felt herself wanting to fall asleep in this moment but forced herself up. There was still more events to go, Snape hadn't left out any details, some was analytical and others fairly emotional. She had reread it trying to picture herself in his shoes doing these actions and witnessing it.

Giving a silent nod thinking to what he was reading. "That's just the beginning," she said softly before lifting some part of her shirt to reveal a spider web like scar by her hip. "One by one...people die...all by the Death Eaters hands. Voldermort comes back. Families are killed, people disappear...then the final battle...that's where I got this. They call it the spider curse. It wasn't anything to seeing my best friend killed."

There was some tears in her eyes but it wasn't overwhelming. "We want to stop that. None of you have to die, we could save so many...but possibly create new threat..."
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Her affliction would be worse. It would be always and she would have to fight herself constantly. The girl honestly had no idea what she was in for. But now she understood and she was scared. Blakely didn't say it. Couldn't as she couldn't even grip her thoughts or emotions. In fact she was still king of trying to come down from the bites and the attack but still not so great at it.

[b "I...it had happened after Willow and I had been talking...and my head wasn't there. I honestly forgot about that being something they did..could do."] The girl said quietly as bit into her lip. She could hear the blood in his veins and smell the sweetness. But she could fight it.

[b "I don't want to hurt anyone, Remus...and I am afraid of that. Because now I can smell the blood of those around me and hear it...And it sings...but I won't..."] Blakely whispered as she moved back a little, new tears stinging her eyes as she looked down. [b "It is...I mean..."] She couldn't gather her thoughts, but knew she didn't want to be alone.


The boy heard the plea to her words. Almost wanted to listen even, but his curiosity had him. He wanted to know and to understand why the girls seemed so secretive. Sirius could see the way it bothered her. And he wanted to be good. He really did but could not help himself.

"You know me well enough. When I have something in my head I usually can't stop. And I really want to know. So I will do as you ask." The boy said quietly and began to unwrap the first scroll. He figured what he remembered he could tell to James and Remus. After all, he didn't need the whole right?

As he was reading, his face paled and he looked to her. "All of this happens?" It was only after the first few things written. And still he wanted to know more.
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Possibly a danger was a understatement, Blakely would have a more difficult time than Remus. He only became a murderous beast once a month and felt awful for a week. This affliction would be lifelong and all the time. He gave a soft sigh resting his head against hers.

"It wasn't your fault, you know. Vampyres have a cry that draws in victims, mostly those grieving for a loved one," Remus spoke thinking back to what he helped with the project. Giving a small sigh he closed his eyes. "It appears you'd be only half, at least, otherwise you would have attacked me already. You don't need to be sorry, water under the bridge as they say."

The nurse was bound to return soon and he'd need to leave. "The important thing to remember is that you are loved and will always have friends and family. It becomes much more important than before."


There was nothing stopping Sirius when he got an idea in his head. Of course, he noticed, he called her a liar on the first meeting and apparently thought it would remain that way.

"It was given to us by...I suppose a friend...It's events that aren't..." Willow was having issues finishing the sentence. Of course with Severus he had seen and she didn't need to explain. The lump in her throat wouldn't let her explain. "Don't read it, please. I don't want you to know...it's better if you don't."

He would anyway but the words wouldn't come the way she wanted it to. "If you really intend to, read it here...then throw them in the fire. I've copied them anyway. No one else should know. Even Dumbledore doesn't wish to know, but wishes for us to be more discreet."
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Sirius looked at the girl as she had a grave expression on her face. From it being as grave it made him all the more curious. Slowly he did withdraw one of the scrolls, eyes never leaving Willow. "What exactly are these? And why do you say they are dangerous? I've noticed you keep it with you at all times." The boy said slowly and quietly.

He still very much intended to take them when she fell asleep again. But he hoped just maybe the girl would tell him a little more about her. About them even.


Her first instinct was to pull away or to try to. But that didn't work out and instead she hid against the boy. Why did she have to be so stupid? Why had she been so drawn in by the vampyre? She didn't ask those things though and only listened to Remus and what the boy said.

[b "Different and possibly a danger...I wanted to understand...Remus...I...I am so sorry."] The girl said quietly, shaking. Now she really would understand him. Perhaps not the pain he went through, but the fear that came with the curse. The fear that you would attack or never have a seemingly normal life.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 50d 23h 2m 19s
The girl looked in terrible shape and utterly alone in this moment. Remus' heart reached out for her. Sitting on the edge of the bed he wrapped his arm around her gently. "I have been where you are now. Sitting somewhere, crying, knowing that you're forever cursed. I understand, Blakely," Remus said softly. "I'm sorry for what happened, Blakely. And sorry that I nearly got Willow apparently..."

Remus never wanted her to understand on this level, why should anyone want that? He had the gift of it having so young that he remembered different, also the curse.

"For what happened...doesn't make you a monster, or anything bad, just different. You'll still be you, just a bit different. More different."


Willow shifted in her bed opening one eye to see it was Sirius before what he had. Slowly sitting up, the grave expression crossed her face. "Sirius...don't do it...please," Willow said softly. "Nothing good can come of that scroll, I promise you that."

It wasn't as if she could fight him. They wouldn't let her have the wand just in case and she wasn't in any condition to fight him. "Somethings are better left unknown."
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"It's not all I care about Moony. It just has me curious because she is never without it and both Blakely and Willow seem to be hiding some huge secret. Even you realize they never happen to really talk about their lives. Only in some bits if at all." But those were the only words the boy could manage before Remus seemed to decide he wanted no part in what he was up to and was off to see Blakely.

In truth, Sirius was worried about Willow as well and wanted to check in on the girl. Also has he had stated the damn scroll of hers. So when Remus had gone, Sirius slowly once more started back down the hall and sneaked into the room the blonde had been confined to and slowly slipped in.

The boy's eyes went around the room and just to see where it could be placed and when he saw the scroll snatched it and put it into his pocket. He would be sharing it with the others later.

Once he got it, Sirius went to the chair that was beside the bed and sat. "I am so sorry..." He whispered. Not sure if she would hear him or not


It was one of the times the girl was awake. But her mind was trying to recall what had happened. Even after having been told, the girl was still having a hard time grasping it all. And the fact that there was a chance she could be a vampyre, well a full vampyre truly scared her. Not like she had anyone she could talk about it to. After all, she and Remus hadn't made up properly and literally had barely spoken since.

If she was honest she missed the boy and his company. And she regretted pushing him now. Again not like she could say it. Her head rested on her lap and she buried her face in her arms. Only did she look up with tear filled eyes when the door opened. She was shocked to see Remus there.

[b "W-what are you doing here?"] The words were just over a whisper.
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James had taken off to go see Lily before it was too late. Somehow Lily didn't know, and he didn't mean to tell her until some time. Remus was left with Sirius feeling drained and tired. Giving a groan he looked to Sirius and gave a disapproving look. "They were attacked by a terrible creature and all you are worried about is that parchment? Do what you will Sirius, I'm going to see Blakely."

Remus did feel guilty, they hadn't properly made up, barely talked to each other and he missed his friend. Her absense did make him want to have more, but it didn't seem prudent then. Now she'd need someone who would understand.

Taking off down the hallway, he knew how to be sneaky, just not as well as Sirius.


Willow found herself awake again with vivid nightmares. Working kept her mind off of the nightmares. Setting the scroll in the fireplace she took a step back before looking to the book. Now...she needed an enchantment for that, she just wasn't sure what.

Too tired to think on it more she settled for another book before the sleep took her again. Blakely had to be okay, without her she had nothing.
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Sirius gave James a look as the boy had mentioned the chihuahua. Clearly he wasn't exactly amused with it either. But he didn't say it. Honestly he was still angry with himself for not having been able to help either one of the girls. And in a sense blamed himself for what had happened.

"We've never seen them in here. That's part of what makes what happened so odd." He said quietly and ran his fingers through his hair.

When they got back, the boys had an odd conversation with the nurse when asking to see the girls. It also appeared they weren't able to just in case.

As they walked away, Sirius stopped and grabbed Remus' arm. "You've noticed that scroll that Willow seems to keep with her, don't you? It's curious how guarded she is of it. What if I slipped in and got it? Tell me you aren't at least curious if it as well." The boy said, grey eyes sparkling with his michief as James had already left them to go back to Lily.


Blakely was nearly completely confined. But even if she wanted to argue it, the girl really wasn't up to it. Mostly she was in and out of sleep. And she wasn't coming completely down from the effects of the bites. It was hard to tell if the girl would be a vampyre fully or only half.
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"You forgot the part where she threatened to turn you into a chihuahua. Personally, I think you could pull it off, Snuffles," James gave a small chuckle before sobering deeply. "I'm sorry, Moony. Let's get back as fast as we can to see how they are."

Remus wasn't in the mood for the joke. He hurried before nodding. "Lets get back, though I don't think they will let anyone see her. Wait, did you say vampyre? When did we ever see a vampyre in the forest?"

The discussion was strange, as it turned out the girls couldn't be seen just in case.


During the day she was confined, mostly to see if she became one, also come down from the effects. She set work on on copying over the scroll to a book, then writing down her experiences. Once Blakely was better she'd write hers.

Content she put it down, she'd charm it later. Hiding it to her side, she rolled over to sleep.
  Faust / 51d 1h 13m 49s
Blakely had lost her consciousness before they had been rushed back to the castle. And she was still out. Or was until the burning in her shoulder woke her. Slowly green eyes looked about confused as her eyes found Willow in a bed not far from the one she was attempting to sit up but couldn't seem to for that moment.

[b "W-what happened?"] The girl managed to ask barely above a whisper. It was cofusing to see Dumbledore there and giving them both worried looks.

She was fighting falling into the darkness again. Though it was so tempting.


Sirus was back to being the human him as was James. Both of them were dressed and had given Remus his clothing as well. They both had been talking about what had happened the night before. And it was clear they were worried, more worried than was usual.

"Moony... Willow and Blakely were in the forest last night...Willow blastee you and that's why your back is smarting so badly...and well Blakely had been lured out by a vampyre...actually attacked by it. Willow saved her..but we don't know what state they're in."

He had to tell the other boy.
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