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"Oh, that does sound amazing. With James it was going somewhere we shouldn't have. That's James, though, and Sirius was following most of the time," Lily shook her head. The hair did look good and the plans was very romantic. "Why don't you go talk to her and I'll help set it up. Just ask her casually when the time is right."

Lily had a bet to win against James. There was also the happiness of her oldest friend on the line. From where she could see they both clearly liked each other a great deal. Even had a special connection that others should be jealous about.


The tents was set up and everyone ate what was made over the fire. The conversation was light, as it was still awkward. Mateo chatted with who he could, having gone from a sweater to a coat. Remus found that deeply amusing as he looked to the fire. "So, we're actually going to Romania..." Remus said showing her the note, tone unclear.

"I can't believe we were doing this. At least we are making a form of living,"Remus tried to add a benefit to this even if he was getting more nervous for this.
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[b "He's slowly getting there. But like you said it'll take time."] Blakely whispered as she gsve a faint smile. Slowly she nodded about saying "hello" to the others. Afterall, it couldn't be that bad. They were obviosuly as confused and nervous as she and Remus had been.

Her hand gently moved to Remus' to give a small squeeze. [b "I know...and it is for me as well. But we'll be okay."] The young woman whispered back.


Having her help was kind of odd. Not at all in the bad sense, but in the sense it reminded him of the friendship they had once had. Now he saw her as more of a sister and was content to have her back as a friend. Though he still did wonder what she had seen in James to begin with.

"I was thinking of keeping it simple. The stargazing and tent as you said. And then perhaps a stroll and simple picnic." Severus said as his cheeks were dusted in a faint pink when she had done with his hair and spoken.
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"I can see that you want to, and if you want to you can. Remus over there will not be as easy. Let's go say hi," Mateo gave a smile. She was sweet and cute, but it wouldn't be an easy path. They were all different but they didn't need to feel that way. "We don't have to be alone and scared."

There was a half giant there, some other ordinary people, mostly British was there. Remus walked close to Blakeley. "This is the weirdest thing I've been too."


Lily helped with the hair, before taking some ideas on the friend date. Looking to the hair she gave a wide grin. "That looks great. Now, this should be away from other people, mostly. Maybe a tent and star gazing...or whatever else you guys like to do."

He did look good, she was wondering what she had missed herself. She loved James though, James would kill her for helping him.
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Severus looked down at the picture that she had pulled out and gave a fsibt smile. He did remember that day and it had been one he could say he had actually beem happy on. But to see the two of them together and just the genuine smile upon Willow's lips seemed to tug at something within him. He knew he cared about her. Just he had never thought it would work given his past, what the him of the future had done, but mostly with Black there.

Slowly he shook his head as he handed the photo back to Lily. "Black is still like a child. He knows how to show affection but only when it suits him. She...I think you have a good idea, Lily. And thank you.." He meant for the help she would give and for also trying to get him to see it.


His words struck something in her. There was no way she wanted to become a blood-thirsty killer who lured victims out. It had been done to her and she had read up on others it had happened to. They hadn't been so lucky and had become full vampires and lost to their blood lust.

[b "Do you honestly think you can teach us to accept what we've become?"] She asked quietly as he spoke about the cold and the panther. If he could do it, maybe there was hope. But she quickly fell silent again.

There were already five others at the camp. All of them seeming as lost as they were. It was awkward to say the least.
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Lily reached for her bag and pulling out the pictures. "Sev, its not only the way people touch or how they talk to each other. Sirius isn't really ready for any of this, but he wants to but it's going to take more," Lily handed him the picture taken on the last day of Hogwarts of just Severus and Willow.

The picture was them was Severus looking awkward but happy, and Willow smiling to him. "She thinks very deeply about you, Sev. I know this will work. We just need to be subtle. First we cut your hair, okay? You are not slimy or ugly, you're better than the classic handsome, you're unique."


"Castlebroxo knows about these thing, we studied it, and its more accepted. So here's a clue. Accept yourself or become what you have. Dumbledore wanted me to help with you and other people who feel cursed," Mateo gave a warm smile. Taking the hot chocolate he took a small swig. "Thank you, some part will always be cold since the panther belongs to a warm place. Just one of those things. Oh there we are."

The camp was on the edge of a forest where five people was gathered. "This is it. All he gathered so far."
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[b "Remus had been turned when he was five...But the rest I'll leave to him to tell you. So nearly thirteen years for him and four for you. I'm just the baby when it comes to it."] Blakely said with a thoughtful smile. The young woman then fell silent and listened to the man's words. And she could not help but find his cheerfulness a bit odd. Refreshing in its way, but still odd. Truly it amazed her how well he took his family's curse and was not at all bothered in the way she and Remus both seemed to be with their own.

Slowly she reached into her bag and pulled out a thermus. [b "It's hot chocolate...maybe it could help with the cold."] The girl suggested as she set it on the small table before him. And quickly she looked away. The last thing she wanted to do was explain the empath thing. [b "That is very kind of you...and perhaps one day...just not now.] She whispered as she turned back to look at the male, a weak smile tracing her lips.


The girl was so infuriating. At first she asked him what the hell his problem was and then snapped at him when he told her. She didn't get the confusion she brought him. How she made him question and how she did make him want more. But no, it was not that simple just to tell her.

"You know what.." But before he could even speak, Willow stormed off after her words. And with his own frustration Sirius had decided to shift and be the dog for awhile. Maybe it would help him to calm down and to become more level headed.


Severus like Lily had heard the argument between the two. Not that he had wanted it, bit in its way it made him feel a little better. Dark eyes slowly made their way to Lily and he caught sight of the smirk upon her lips. And then a small smile came to his own lips as she spoke. The man did really like Willow but had never made or rather tried to make any moves because she had seemed interested in Black. He had also figured there was no way she could see him as anything more than a friend.

"Do you really think this could work?" He asked her quietly as she began to lead him off.
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"How long have you been a werewolf, amigo?" Mateo asked curiously. There wasn't anything that bothered him about this. In fact he seemed cheerful about it. "It has only been four years. I changed the summer I turned 16, mom told me it was a curse on her side, a male of every second generation is cursed. Luckily Castlebroxo loves and specializes in sorts like creatures and ourselves."

He was getting cold as the temperature dropped. "Well, one day you'll wake up and know that you are different. Still just as amazing and beautiful, just enhanced." He gave her a winning smile at that.


"I was starting to figure...either way..." Willow spoke soft before shaking her head. "So, it's okay to lead me around but the moment someone else is there it's not okay? Good God, Black. That's selfish of you."

Feeling her temper rise she shook her head. "Lets keep this simple, shall we? Make up your damn mind and then tell me. Either way we just remain as friends completely. Sev may be different but he's genuine, sweet and loyal. Those traits are becoming more appealing."

Without another word she stomped away back inside.


Lily could hear the arguing and smirked. "I know how to help you Sev. First... A hair cut...and then a friend date. Something that you both would like...like star gazing or quiet and make yourself known. Compliment, hold doors open...let's go get you ready and prepare that friend date."

Lily did not give him a chance to say no, taking his arm, she lead him away to get started.
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Sirius' grey eyes fell on the woman, hands slipping into his pockets in his usual defiant manner. He couldn't seem to keep the cold from his eyes and looked away from her. The man let the words sink in and debated his words before he even spoke. It wasn't like even he knew the bloody answer. When it came to Willow, the bloody woman threw him for loops.

"I've honestly no bloody idea. Just him and being around you gets under my skin. He fancies you too, you know." Sirius said, slowly as he finally did look back at the girl. Not a lie but not everything that perhaps happened to be in his head either. He wasn't exactly known to being open with emotions or telling many what went through his head. Actually he liked it better that way.


Blakely had taken to leaning back in her seat with her arms crossed over her chest. Her eyes were upon the lush hillside and landscapes that blurred by the window as the train sped along. Her mind was racing as she was thinking about their first assignment. It wasn't that it would be particularly hard or long but just the idea of doing the task at all.

It was the man's words that brought her out of her head, eyes going to him. [b "Yes...that would be what we are. Seems both you and Remus have been your magical creatures longer than I have. Only the last few months for me...so I am still getting used to it."] She said quietly.

[b "What do you mean it is your curse?"]
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"He left some instruction's and someone is coming soon. Or so I think. I'm not a great secretary," Willow shrugged. There was the parchment waiting for them.
About halfway through the tour it was getting incredibly awkward. Luckily Lily came to see the place as well, and help. That was good and another woman around would really help.

Outside when Lily took Severus aside, Willow looked squarely to Sirius. "What the bloody tell is all this? First when we almost dates, you stopped it. Went on one date and there's a 'we'll see'. Now you act jealous. What the hell?"


Mateo seemed content watching the scenery outside of the window. The first order of business was in Scotland, which didn't take too long. There would be a camp waiting for them. When in private, he glanced back to them.

"So, you're a werewolf. And half vampire..." He pointed to each of them. "I'm a werepanther...Its my mother's family curse."

He spoke cheerfully as if it was the most normal thing.
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The man didn't seem to know or to see how odd this all happened to be for either Blakely or Remus. But he did seem warm enough, which made it maybe a little less awkward. [b "Nice to meet you. I'm Blakely Taylor and this is Remus Lupin...and I am sure that might make this a little easier."] She said with a faint smile as she slipped her hands into her back pockets and walked with the two men to the train that they were meant to be on.

Just being near the other two, at least to her she knew they were different. It wasn't really by look but smell. Hurray for the vampire. But she was quick to shake those thoughts as she forst boarded and found the first free compartment she could for the three of them. Finally she withdrew her hands from her pockets and had withdrawn the piece of parchment with Dumbledore's instructions that she and Remus had been given and handed it over to the new man.


Even the men knew they were being ridiculous. But they had not taste for the other. And they did nothing to make it less awkawrd on Willow as they awaited the reply. When it had been given it seemed fair enough. She seemed to compromise them between exploring and food.

"So Professor Dumbledore wants us to help here with the security and placing up the charms and enchantments? Did he explain more?" Severus asked as he soon fell into step beside Willow as the three left the kitchen.

"She did say he left instruction Sn..I mean Severud." Sirius muttered as he was on her other side and took a bite from the pastery still in his hand. He was soon Ddstracted by some of the new parts of the headquarters that she began to lead them through.
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The new male didn't seem to notice how awkward it was for them. Instead in his brightly colored sweater and worn pants he was smiling. "Yes, he did, I'm sorry I'm Mateo Lopez. When it's clear I'll explain more about myself. Let's just leave it at that I am like yourselves but different."

Remus gave a nod and couldn't help but notice he did feel different. When it came time to board he let Blakeley go first and then Mateo. This was something...different.


"Oh God, this is stupidly awkward," Willow said with some impatience. Giving a small sigh she looked under different silver platters before finding the right pastries. "There is something for now, lunch will be soon. We do the tour, yeah?"

Offering Sirius some of the pastries she turned on her heels. "We have someone coming to reconstruct some of the other buildings. So its this main part usable. Outside isn't much better but Dumbledore is focusing on the charms. That's why he wants your help Sirius and Sev with defense."

She started out of the door of the dining hall.
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Both the boys it seemed were eyeing the other but then looked to Willow when she spoke. Even now, the only thing that kept them from doing anything to the other was her. Her and the promise they had made to behave as best they could around the other. Though trying to keep to it was tiresome most times and did not at all lessen whatever tension that still sat between them.

For yet another moment, both Severus and Sirius were quiet. Both contemplating her words. Or rather what they wanted to do.

"Tour and getting to know the place would be cool." Sirius said.

"I think perhaps eating first would be a good idea. But how about we leave the choice to Willow?" Severus asked. And once more they were looking at her.


The man was relatively tall and was so very different from anyone they had come across before. And she couldn't help her eyes at least wandering his clothing when he had asked if were always so cool in the summer. It in a sense amused Blakely because the weather to her was what they could consider warm and she was actually in a white tank top and light blue jean shorts.

[b "This is typical weather here in England. And actually considerably warmer than what we are used to. Dumbledore I assumed left you with instructions as well?"] The strawberry blonde asked as she gave a small smile and nodded to Remus' words. [b "The train leaves in half an hour so we probably should get going."] Awkward. This was more awkward than she had anticipated it to be.
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"Oh good, I was afraid that I arrived late and missed you. I'd be lost going back to London," Mateo chuckled. Mateo was a fairly tall man, lithe in build but still there was muscles, his eyes were the warm hazel brown with matching warm skin tone. Unlike the others he wore a sweater and pants. "Is it normally this cold in summer?"

They didn't seem to know what to say yet so he gave them a warm smile. Remus gave an awkward chuckle, though seemed unsure. "Uh, right...shall we board then?"


It didn't matter to her what Sirius thought he saw, it was an accident. She really didn't care of she thought Severus as a best friend. Dressed comfortably in jeans and a tee shirt she looked to the two of them. "Dumbledore left some instructions but we could do that later? So, anyone hungry or want a tour? Not that there is too much to see for now."

Between the boys there was tension, but only one she cared more about right now.
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Sirius was still in a sense frozen in his spot. There was a surge of jealousy that he was trying to bite back. His grey eyes had gone to the floor so he didn't have to see Snivelus so close to Willow. Or the look that she seemed to be giving. Of course logically on her end he knew there didn't seem to be much there, but the boy was a bit insecure in the sense that he did like her. Just he could never seem to get it right when it came to her either. Especially based upon his fears.

It was when she came back did he actually give a quick glance in her direction where she was back near Snape. "Uh, yeah." He managed awkwardly. What could he really say anyway?


Severus had not meant his eyes to wander as he had. But since they had been getting closer and had been forming a close friendship, he couldn't help feelings he was starting to have. And if he were honest they did confuse him as he had not had them since Lily. It made him feel vulnerable and lost in a sense. Two things he hated feeling, though he would never speak it out loud.

"It's alright. I was told that the ghost here could be a handful. Now I can see that was not an exageration." He said with a faint smile before she had gone to get her clothes back.

A quick hug was giving as she was soon back and he returned it. He could tell Black was moping like a child and despite himself felt a bit smug.


A small smile came to her lips. [b "I used to in the summers...not really far but like camping and small trips to the lake. So this should be an adventure for the both of us. We'll be okay as long as we keep calm and remember our potions."] The girl said softly, shifting her own second bag which had books and things for writing.

Green eyes then went back to the platform.before them as she bounced slightly to try and see. Blakely wasn't all that tall and so she knew it must have seemed ridiculous of her. Only did she stop when the man had come up to them, asking if they were Remus and Blakely.

[b "We are..it's nice to meet you."]
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Well, wasn't this awkward, she swore she thought there was a once over. Did Sev think of her like that? No, of course not. There had been no signs at all, just a very close friendship. "I would, uh, hug you but that might be awkward..." Willow gave a nervous chuckle. Following his gaze she saw Sirius there as well.

Then there was some humming, and the sound of splashing water. "Oh bloody hell! MARTHA! Don't you dare wash my clothes!" Without another word she charged after the sound yelling some more words to the ghost.

Coming back five minutes later with semi clean clothes she gave Sev a quick hug. "I'm sorry about that, Sev. That bloody ghost keeps trying to 'help'. Sirius, hey...can I get five minutes? To change again."


"I never have been able to travel that much. This will be weird. Severus gave us several potions to last us for the next four months, thank goodness for that..." Remus rambled a little bit, mostly out of nervousness. The second bag had some books, which was good because it was more comfortable.

At the station they were told to go meet this person. Waiting, he glanced around, feeling out of place. Then a man with a bright colored shirt, long jeans, and dark hair approached.

"Are you Remus...and...Blakely?" He asked, in an obvious South American accent. "I'm Mateo."
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