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The edge to Remus' tone was not lost on the girl. She had known it wouldn't be taken lightly when she had told him what her choice had been. Blakely gave a faint smile and a small shrug. [b "Well the assignment was to pick a creature that isn't well understood...and that caught our attention. And reading Bram Stoker's Dracula has made me curious of the true orgins."] It wasn't a lie really. She had always heard of vampyre's being dangerous but wanted a good means for why that was the case. And she wasn't looking for safe on their assignment either.

Blakely nodded slowly to those words. [b "It was around first year that some creatures were known to be hiding within the forest and meant to keep the students safe wasn't it? Remus what do you think the real reason behind the forest becoming forbidden is?"]


Honestly he was so lost and confused. Not that he wanted to be, but it was not everyday someone heard about or in his case saw what they were to become. It had looked to him like he had hurt so many and caused a lot of pain. Willow's words should have brought him solace in a sense. But for that moment they didn't as it was all still trying to sink in.

"I just wish I knew what had happened...and that he...I could have helped more. From all of that it looked bad.." He whispered as he hesitantly did return the girl's hug. He was not used to affection really at all.

After a moment he slowly did pull back and give a weak smile. "I want to try and help you figure this out..."
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Willow could give into that anger and find the closest person that she could. In this moment she paused, trying to find some other words or thoughts, but it was slow to come. Going back to that memory she closed her eyes slowly.

"You shouldn't be sorry, Severus. What you saw was him saving me, or you, I don't know. And every student that was there...and giving messages that helped," Willow paused before smiling. "I don't know anyone else that did more."

He looked so...lost in this moment, and he should. Slowly approaching she gave him a slow hug. "I'm sorry for dragging you into this, and my emotions."


The thought of these reports was both curious and happy, of course there was negative. He looked to her with a raised brow at the word vampyre. "Why a vampyre?" He asked, hearing the edge in his tone. Dangerous creatures such as that worried him. "I mean, if that's your choice, it seems like a good one."

Perhaps his was a bit safe for him to chose the centaur but they fascinated him. "It was in our first year that they closed the Forbidden Forest. They never told us fully why, just that it was more dangerous."
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Severus looked at the girl and looked down. He didn't know what he could really say to her. The boy had only seen a small part of it and was scared to see more. Was scared to see the bitter man that he was to become. Honestly he didn't know what had happened either and that itself scared him.

"If I knew what happened I would tell it to you. But obviously whatever it was that had happened to make that future happen... It hasn't yet." The boy said quietly as eyes slowly moved to the necklace that was still on the table between them. Slowly he nodded when hearing her words. "If I know him....he had a reason and one that he would have kept secret... For now I will keep it and see what more it shows me before I give it back. Again I am more sorry for that than you know." His words were quiet as he only nodded to her words of going.

What was even happening?


Blakely sighed softly as she listened to Remus. She could hear the affection in his tone when he spoke of Sirius. And she could hear a soft bitterness that was overly masked when he spoke of his own learning through experience. [b "He seems like he'll always be rash...but have a good heart and it be in the right place when and where it counts... But maybe a gentle reminder would be good.."] Her words were thoughtful as they were spoken.

As he mentioned them facing their 'demons' she could not help but let out a sigh. [b "Sometimes it takes a long time to face them... Especially when you.. It's your fault someone very dear had died...But eventually we have to come to terms with what had been. Only then can we move forward. It never goes away but becomes less painful overtime."] Blakely had purposely let her words slip this time. She figured that the two of them were becoming good enough friends that maybe it was time she let the boy in a little more to better understand.

[b "Um..I was thinking maybe the vampyre or the goblin. They just happened to catch my attention the most."] She had been thinking of a werewolf as well but had sense enough not to say it.
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It was a form of torture to need to relive any of it. Perhaps it was running, or merely attempting to adjust away from the horror. Perhaps the one repeating thought was the fact that it wasn't from Brian, Snape had done this before his death. The anger and confusion flushed through her system.

"I don't know what happened to you, I really don't, I wish I did know," Willow said softly before looking to him with an unreadable expression. "That was my shoulder, what really happened was my back, and that will never be the worse part. I have no idea, it was a gift from our older counterpart..."

Looking to the necklace she looked back to him. "Think on it and return it back to me, it might be what he wants. I should go...I don't want to take my mood out on you or anyone...I'm not angry at you...just...I don't know.."


"Tell that to Sirius...I know that..." Remus chuckled. Yet that was one of the parts of Sirius that he loved the most. He gave a soft smile before opening his book. "Sometimes all we need is reminding of what we've gone though and what we've done. Especially if it's difficult. I know this by experience."

Looking through the part they were on he flipped to one of the lesser liked creatures. "This one will be good, it has to be one we've covered in the last while. What about you?"
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[b "The thrill isn't always a good thing. For a little while it makes you excited and feel alive, but when... Thirlls taken too far can sometimes hurt yourself and those around you. If you can, taking that step back and appreciating something for what it is is more precious... But for his sake... I do hope he does sooner rather than later. The lesson is harder as we get older and we are filled with regrets that came with earlier antics..."] Blakely spoke those words as she couldn't help flashes of the future from playing in her mind at that moment. How excited they had been to help in the cause and then the ruin that came after. And the losses they had suffered.

[b "Thank you... I think maybe she needs to know that more than I do."] Again she fell silent. At the boy's excitement a smile came to her lips and she nodded. It was nice to see the youth and that light in him.

[b "Did you know which magical creature you wanted to write for?"] Her head tilted as she could feel his excitement.


Willow's demeanor ans the sudden break hit something in him. Never did he think that she could be holding so much. Especially since she always seemed so strong and so well kept together. It was seeing her as she was. Seeing that brokenness that had one Severus Snape realize that the two of them were not so different after all. They both had their secrets and both seemed to lock their emotions off as to not hurt and to move forward. Honestly he was surprised that he had not noticed it before that moment.

A sigh escaped him as she put the necklace on the table between them. Dark eyes fell on it and then once morw went to the girl. "I don't know if I really want to do that. What I saw was terrible and... I cannot understand how it all came to pass. I know that you got hurt and badly and some sort of war took place... I also know that I was cold and bitter to you. So for that I am sorry. But I'm not....no I can't do that...see it again." He said quietly.

And slowly he pushed the necklace back her way. "Does it...Does you necklace have this effefc on anyone else?"
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In that moment there was a crush of emotions as well as the physical reaction. She almost expected a full blown panic attack but it didn't happen. Taking her deep breaths she shook her head. "I won't, I can't. Don't ask me to go back there...I've worked so hard to come away from there."

Taking off the necklace she placed it on the table looking towards him but not at him. "If you want to see, then go for it. I wouldn't recommend it...it's...awful for me, I don't know about you."

She could even feel the tears wanting to come, damnit. She couldn't go back.


"I don't think so, but there's always the chance. Sirius feels alive when there's thrills and something to discover. Maybe someday he'll settle a little bit. Though, I think you both are very resilient," Remus offered. There was still that feeling of something else.

"That sounds like a good start," Remus said excited. He was thinking of staying and teaching. He just needed to talk to Dumbledore about it.
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Blakely had to bite her lip to not say anything. It amazed her how close the boy had come without knowing how close he was. But she regained herself quickly enough and took out a quil and played with it. [b "So he won't hurt her? Sirius I mean?"] The girl asked quietly as she really was curious. His words actually made her wonder if Willow did like either boy though.

[b "Perhaps introductions for the Care of Magical Creatures? I've been struggling how to start."] And her mind was back on school as if nothing had been talked about.


Willow's eyes seemed different as he spoke. Almost panicked in a way but he was not sure way. Still he had spoke and she wanted to know. Now it appeared that the boy had no choice.

"It was odd... Like I could see you helped a redhead and then being punished for it. The two...I think they were called Carrows and they were harsh. And I aslo saw myself.. but older. It was all so very strange and I don't know what to make of it. Can you tell me more about it?"
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"There must have been some event. I've seen detached, with Sirius when we met him. That seems more like the event of something traumatic," Remus said thoughtfully. He didn't have anyidea of how close it was. "Don't worry, Sirius will do anything to get that out. He likes her so he'll try till he gets bored but nothing else."

Taking out his book he looked to her. "Okay, so where do we start?"


It took everything to not explode right there. The morning before she had just finished on 'residue of charms' normally on family members or same person. Mostly it was back fire for casting the charm.

"Then it was cast differently," Willow said to herself before looking to him with a calm expression, her eyes weren't calm. 'Why don't you tell me more about what you saw?"
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How to begin was truly the question as the blonde shot her words his way. He should have expected it as she did seem to want to delay and to have a very keen mind. But did he want to be going first? In truth the young man did not but it would be the only thing that would make him tell the girl as he was near deciding against it. Especially in the way she had spoken of her puzzle. It had seemed like she was trying to make it impersonal but it was personal and he cpuld tell.

A sigh did slip from him and he locked the door, making sure he used a spell that would silence their words to passerbys. "Your necklace...it is a curious piece of jewlery...and when I had it I saw some things... I wanted to know if you could explain it to me." There that was the first part. He would see what she said before he admitted to just what he had seen.


The girl snapped the hair tie on her wrist once and nodded slowly. [b "It just seems to get worse and worse though. He is just so hardheaded and can't see that she really does only have eyes for him. Sometimes our..."] But Blakely stopped herself and shook her head as she pulled her hair into a pontail and slowly took her books out along with a couple scrolls of parchment.

Blakely sighed and looked to the book. [b "Willow has always been it seems a little detached from her emotions. She cares and when you have that from her it is fierce and she is loyal. But no...she doesn't seem to have a true interest in anyone...this is normal and been the case since we were young. There might have been one person...but.."] Blakely again stopped as she was not even sure herself.
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"Well, its tricky. It's a charm, thats not a charm and has great power. The best question is who sent it and why...sometimes we he hypothetical questions and problems to keep us sharp," Willow said, mostly so it didn't seem personal. Sitting down she took the book out. The one main reason she did poorly in classes was helping her now.

Looking to him curiously she pulled her hair back in a bun before raising an eyebrow. "You first," she said, purposely delaying the potion.


"It's what they do, they bicker a lot. I know James will calm down once he realizes Lily only wants Severus as a friend," Remus said calmly. The library was quiet as he liked. He placed down the bag before chuckling. "Well, that's that's opposite. She doesn't seem to be interested in anyone. Is that normal?"

Blakely was so open and Willow was not. She was funny and caring yet didn't seem to care about any of that.
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Remus and Blakely had an unspoken agreement that neither one pried unless it was truly needed. Both it seemed had come to really enjoy the others company and even she got terrible vibes when around James and Lily. Of course that had been hers and Willow's fault but the two of them had thought them working through their original issue was a good idea. It wasn't like it would change too much, right?

[b "The library sounds perfect and would get us away from their bickering. And it seems that both he and Sirius have or are starting to have a thing for Willow."] Her words were thoughful as she spoke them.

More classes were coming but she kind of welcomed them. They had become a good distraction.


Willow did seem distracted which was a lot of the time. But when she spoke of having a puzzle on her mind, the boy tilted his head curiously. "What pizzle would that be? Maybe I could help with it." He was offering the help because he felt like he did owe the girl, but he was also starting to like her. Something he didn't think would happen since for a long time he had seemed to not be able to really feel for anyone but Lily. So it kind of scared him if he were to be honest.

"We probably should get going. This potion shouldn't take too long. Difficult but not impossible. And...there was also something I wanted to talk to you about too." He admitted as he walked with her and began to the abandoned classroom they had decided on for their potion's lesson.
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It wasn't Brian who hadn't sent the necklace. It was someone else, just whom was the question. While also working harder on potions she also was working on that tome of a charms book. Hearing Severus she blinked, having not paid attention. "Potions? Oh yeah, right, that's still good. Sorry, just working through a puzzle."

Didn't Blakely tell her she was going to the library with Remus in the library. "Blakely is going to do a project with Remus so it will just us. Shall we? I have advance charms to read."


"How about after classes? We can go to the library," Remus suggested wirh a nod. It was good to have her around. Without strong prying the male was happy with the new friendship. "It's better than being around James and Lily. James is really unhappy that Lily is talking to Severus again. Severus does like her, if he doesn't start liking Willow."

It was interesting, there would be more classes bit he was looking forward to that.
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Since Willow had gotten him to apologise to Lily things were still strained but slowly the friendship was rekindling. And that was something he had never thought would be possible. So the boy figured he did owe the girl for the help. Maybe actually do the potion lessons he promised and tell her the truth. The truth about why her necklace had him freaked out a bit.

"You did still want the lesson tonight, right?" Severus asked as the two walked out of the class. Actually since Christmas be had been working to friend both Willow and Blakely as well. It actually surprised him that they put up with some of his antics.

"Sorry...I know I asked earlier but I want to make sure..."


Remus had become a good friend to her since their initial meeting. He was kind of mysterious in his ways but he was sweet too. When around him, the girl found it easier to smile and semi be the old her. Yes she still missed Brian like hell and the memories still haunted her. But things were easier to deal with having made some new friends and still having Willow.

[b "Don't forget we're supposed to have a paper due in the next couple days...if help is needed I wouldn't mind... Or maybe we can work together?"] She was saying the words quietly as they were just leaving class. In the next class she would sit with Willow since Gryffindors and Ravenclaws had it together. She actually wondered if the other had made the choice if they would try and help or not.
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Remus wasn't up for the game but it was interesting to try. There was quite a bit of Muggle activities that was underrated. He gave gave thoughtful pause, there was always room for this talk but he wanted to relax tonight. "What else is there?" Remus asked before giving a small chuckle. "How muggles have fun and games, I mean."

It was both easy and nervewrecking around her. She was sensitive but he also felt he needed extra caution or he'd spill or she would guess it.


"Yeah, I think you should," Willow said before giving a sad smile. "Sometimes you don't get a second chance and everything that hasn't been said...it sits there for, I don't don't know."

Brian, oh how she missed him but it wasn't bad now. "Good luck..." She nodded.
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Severus looked to the girl as he folded. And he couldn't help being a little more anxious. "You mean talk to her?" He asked quietly. It was clear that yes he wanted to be able to try and fix things but didn't know how. But then he nodded slowly.

"Thanks for tonight. I mean it's nice not being alone this time." And with those words he did indirectly tell her why he had been so off earlier. Well part of it. The other he didn't want to until they were alone.


[b "I think everyone needs someone. And I know you didn't want to be defined by the past.. so you're welcome and I hope this really does help."] The girl said gently, a soft smile upon her lips. Blakely was nearly out herself. She had never quite been good with gambling but she enjoyed it all the same.

The night was nice. Even if she knew things wouldn't always be so. For the night she got to see "ghosts" having a nice night and she got to see her cousin being herself again. It seemed perfect, well almost.
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