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"It must be nice to not get so tired," Mateo yawned, still adjusting to the drastic time change. Watching an owl land he took the note and gave an approving nod. "Just as you said Blakely. That's where we are going...and whom we are going to see."

"Food, yes, please," Remus said. Truth be told the full moon was close and his body was starting to lag, it was a horrible feeling. Thank goodness for Severus. He had made enough to last him a while. He gave her a Blakely, wishing he could do more.


"This is really nice, actually..." Willow said surprised. It was thoughtful when most of her dates wasn't so thoughtful. "This is beautiful. Thank you."

With some food in her system from the picnic with some blankets as well for star gazing she looked up to the sky. "Sev...have you ever questioned everything in your life? What's real...what's just a lie? Blakely found some truth out. I don't want to say it right now. But it...just turns everything upside down."
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Severus nodded slowly to her words. It always amazed him how well Willow seemed to adjust to the past. And how hardly ever she seemed to think about all she had truly lost. For that reason, Severus though her both very strong and very brave. He even found he admired her. But the man didn't speak the words as he didn't want to really keep the conversation in that light as he figured it would make her uncomfortable.

"I thought this would be a nice place. I came across it last night." He said as he moved to stand at her side and look out over the field. Fireflies were starting to rise above the grass and the flowers.


Blakely had come in a couple hours before the dawn. As she had said she had not really been tired until then. But when it was time for them to get up, the girl didn't much complain and was quick to even get up and to get dressed.

The girl was silently behind Remus as he grumbled, looking through the food. [b "Maybe I can do breakfast for everyone?"] She asked. The girl couldn't help it and she was more or less anxious to do something. And as far as she could tell, the others all looked half dead. More so than she felt at only having a couple of hours of sleep.
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"Sometimes it can be. I don't remember why I don't like certain things, look at a place and know I know it, but don't know how. Sometimes though...memories aren't what they seem..." Willow gave a small noise before shrugging it off physically. "I like the new memories, I know you different, see the others much better. Now I don't get those horrible flashes anymore."

The field took her mind away from all those thoughts. It was beautiful and peaceful. "This is great, Sev..." She smiled to him. All those thoughts gone now, and she wanted it to stay that way.


Mateo gave a low whistle of approval at her knowledge, it was amazing. Remus gave a bright look. "She's amazing in this, knows more about my kind than I do. She's just that amazing and bright," Remus gave a warm smile. If his feelings didn't show then, it'd take a lot more to show it.

It was early in the morning when they were awaken early. Remus wasn't completely ready but still got out of bed. He mumbled something looking for some food. He hadn't slept well with the Scary Cousins snoring, and half yelling in their sleep.
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"But still that must be a little vexing sometimes?" Severus asked as she had taken his arm and the pair walked. He hadn't meant to be asking so much or to make things awkward. But legitly he found himself curious of how making the new memories felt when it seemed she almost had no past because it was quite literally the future.

"The place I have in mind isn't that far...you'll see." He said as he continued to lead Willow. The young man intended to take the young woman to the small flower field nearby with the lake. It also had a nearby hill incase they couldn't really see from the field. Honestly he had come across it on his way to headquarters that morning and hoped that Willow may like it.


[b "Here in Scotland most likely means we'll be trying to deal with Cait Sith...creatures that are believed to be michievous and like witch fairy cats...they believe them to steal and to eat children..or at least that is the muggle Scottish lore."] Blakely said quietly as she looked over Dumbledore's letter. The man it appeared had been serious when he had said all manor of mystical and magical creatures did he want them interracting with and trying to get to join the cause.

The young woman offered both males a small smile. The smile to Remus had been warmer. [b "Good night to the both of you."] She whispered as Mateo had walked away towards his own bunk. Once the man had, Blakely stood and kissed Remus' cheek. [b "Try and relax and get a good sleep..I'll probably be out by the fire for a little while so the light and my reading doesn't keep the rest of you up."] And with that, the strawberry blonde picked up one of her books and left the tent.
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"Only in bunk beds...can you imagine bunking like this with the others?" Remus gave a laugh. He gave her a smile, wishing it was clear what to do, kiss her or just be friends. Mateo joined them at the last moment.

"I really don't know. Here's the letter, but suppose it makes sense why we are still on an island," he shrugged. He wasn't sure why but it was what it was. "Good night. Try to get some sleep, I think we might leave at dawn here."

"Night," Remus said awkwardly giving a nod to him before smiling to Blakeley. "Good night."


Willow looked to him surprise when he said the word beautiful. She hadn't thought he felt that way. She gave a smile, almost shy like. "Thanks..." She said and offered her arm to him. Was it possible she liked him as more? Or was it the comfort?

"Its mostly small memories like the star gazing, or..the diner from yesterday...I get to make new ones with you and the others. Good and bad," she wasn't sure where they were going so she was waiting for him.
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[b "They remind me almost of the four poster beds back in the dorms at school. And those had always been quite comfortable."] Blakely said, thoughfully. She knew it was the nerves that had kept the man talking but didn't mind it. Actually his voice and him in general was one thing that kept her calm and reminded her she was still her. She had told him so in the beginning but not recently. Almost did she find herself telling him, but snapped her mouth shut as Mateo had come to join them.

[b "Did the owl say what the job had been?" And the rest of you can..at night I get restless for the most part. I'll sleep closer to the dawn."] The girl admitted as she sat cross-legged and pulled out a couple thick books that would keep her busy for most the night.


He blinked for a moment but then nodded. The new hair and it being so soft was all new to him. "Or maybe I could take your advice too. You've always got such soft and beautiful hair." It was not meant to flirt but being honest. Her hair always was so shiny and always looked so soft.

Slowly he nodded and began to walk with her and listened to her memory of her farher and the stargazing. Honestly he did not mind listening. "Actually don't be sorry. I like hearing of things you once did and enjoyed. And also I'm happy for you when you can remember." He said with a smile as he held the door open for her so they could start on their walk through the garden and then go off for the stargazing
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"It's nice to have hair that is soft or you can run your hand through. If you're wondering, you wouldn't know what to use. Lily would know what to use though," Willow explained. Giving him a curious look at mentioning star gazing she gave a small smile. "Dad used to take me stargazing when we were younger. Even went to one of those big telescopes just before I started school..."

Realizing she was ambling she gave a sheepish look. "The memories are fading from my mind. So, when they do come, it's nice...Yeah...I'd love to star gaze, and take a walk with you, Sev."


"There should be enough room over there for you to have your own section. The beds may be bunks but they are comfortable," Remus said, knowing he was mostly talking because he was nervous. This would be the first time they'd be in the room overnight together. Granted they were away from each other but still.

Mateo walked over to join them and gave a smile. "Well, I guess we should go to bed soon. From an owl, we're going some place here in Scotland."
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By the time she and Remus had entered the tent, Mateo and the terrifying looking cousins were already there. She gave them all a small smile and let her eyes wander. It amazed her how it seemed like a mini home. And was still spacey enough for the four of them to be in it.

Blakely had to shake her head faintly to get her focus back. [b "I think it is brilliant actually. And like you said there is even room to spare."] She said and looked to the others. She was a little jittery but trying to seem calm as she moved over to one of the beds and sat on it.


"Lily would love to tell you. She seems to like the ones that make your hair soft." Severus said with a small smile. It had amazed him that she had known. But he was also grateful she did not drag it out either.

His own wand was slid back into his back pocket as he walked with her. "Perhaps a stroll through the grounds? Or would star gazing be more to your liking?" The young man asked.
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Taking her hand Remus led her to the tent. It was spacious inside with Mateo already inside with another male and female. The female looked terrifying in the leather jacket and long scars, the male equally terrifying. The cousins were some vicious sorts and didn't say much.

"Good luck," Remus whispered earning a glare. "Well, what to you think? Sirius still managed to take most of the place last time. Its kind of nice being out here..."


Willow took one extra step and touched the end of his hair. "So smooth, too. Im going to ask Lily what she used." She said the with a knowing smile. He really did like her and she...she didn't know... Only out of every guy she trusted him completely and cared about.

"A break sounds amazing, lead the way," she smiled placing her wand down. With him it'd be relaxed and simple.
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The faintest of pinks did dust over his cheeks as she had noticed his hair and commented on it. Still it was so different to him and he was not used to the kind words. But somehow, the compliment coming from her had made it mean more. "Thanks.. Thought it was time for something different." He said quietly, still obviously a little embarrassed.

He listened to her next set of words and gave a small smile. "There's nothing to be sorry for. That ghost is something else...and so is a certain someone. But it seems maybe you need a break."


[b "It'll never be easy and now I do understand where you come from. I'm also gald we're both different. You've helped me more than you know."] And the smile she gave was one of her genuine ones. One that Remus was the one to see most. When he kissed her cheek she couldn't help blushing. God she had wanted to kiss him though.

[b "Um yeah..we should probably check in and see who all is paired with who in tents."] Though honestly she did hope it was just them. Slowly she stood and pulled him up, grabbing her bag. [b "Lead the way."]
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"I've got this. Just need to focus some more..." Willow answered stubbornly lifting her wand again. Waving just right she said the spell focusing her thoughts elsewhere. Half of the new material went where it was supposed to leaving a checkered ceiling. "Good enough..."

Turning around she looked to Sev, rising her eyebrows in surprise. "Wow! You're hair looks great. I'm sorry about earlier, its been chaotic and a bad date on top of it."


"Of course, its not like I've been in a lot. Just the one year we went to a game," Remus gave a small shrug. "All my life that I remember I was to avoid showing myself and more. Now it's supposed to fully embraced. Since meeting you it helped."

He leaned in to kiss her instead went for the cheek. "I'll show you the tent, and see if our new guest is also staying in there."
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The girl honestly hadn't seen or been in tents of the magical sort before and she was interested in them and how he had explained them. She was far more used to the muggle type and sharing them with Willow or some other family member. [b "Maybe you could show it to me?"] Blakely asked as she gave a small smile, her bag still sitting close by where they had all gathered and decided to take their meal.

At his next words, her head tilted the slightest bit. [b "Honestly I've been wonder what sort of others we'll meet as well."] And her hand that still had his gave it another squeeze. She wasn't as weary of Mateo as Remus was, but he did seem odd in his way and made her wonder what had him agree to join. From what she had gathered he didn't seem to have as much to lose as some of the rest of them seemed to.


Lily's words were of somw comfort to him, but still they had not helped him all that much. Severus still lacked the confidence that both Potter and Black seemed to have. He had been about to try and ask something nore, but before he could, his oldest friend had very near skipped off so that he had no choice but to try and find Willow.

Slowly, Severus turned away and went back towards the house and entered. He was slow in his search at first until he heard the crashing of the beams. And it was the crashing and sounds of frustration that had him running towards where they were coming from and had him find the young woman he had been looking for.

His wand was almost immediately drawn and with a wave the beams and all the dust with them were cleared away. "You look like you could use a hand here... Are you okay?" Severus asked as he neared Willow, wand still out in case she truly did need the hand.
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"It looks like we have a tent to share. I mean, it's a big tent if you haven't been inside one before. There's dividers for you know...privacy..." Remus said the last part lamely, but smiled at the hand. Taking a breath he wanted to do more but this was enough and he was still nervous. "Who knows who else we'll be recruiting."

It was enough to have her nearby. Their new friend made him wonder why he was here and doing this? Trust wasn't the top on his list.


"Just spend some time with her, suggest some star gazing or something small and it will just grow. She's going to say yes and you heard her, she thinks very highly of you. She may like him as a friend, but remember the eyes..." Lily half skipped away to get things prepared leaving Severus to go where Willow was.

Muttering to herself, Willow was working on one of the hallways, repairing the floors with a new spell. Black, the new news, and Sev thought that way? It was all too much.

In a sudden motion the beams all came falling down to the floor. Cursing outloud she gave a frustrated sound.
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The girl was still in her tank top and jean shorts. The coolness of the night was actually somewhat of a reshing feel to her. The vampire half to her loved both the dark and the cold, though she did very much still try and dress in ways that fit general society. Blakely had talked with a few of the others, but nothing too deeply just names and where they had come from.

Her eyes were on the fire as Mateo was still trying to chat with whomever he was able and she looked to Remus. [b "Dumbledore did say Romania was a good stop for us along the way. He thought trying to convince dragon riders along with those with dragon blood would be a good way to go. Afterall they are as different as the rest of us. And I know...but doing this doesn't quite make me as anxious..."] Blakely whispered and again leaned closer, taking the man's hand and giving it a squeeze. She could feel how his nerves were starting to kick in.

[b "Remus it will be okay. We're not alone and we get to help in ways others can't."]


A small smile did come to the man's lips at her words. "James always did like to be exciting and to get into trouble. That is just his specialty where I like to keep it simple. Besides...the stars are one other thing I have always liked outside of potions and I just think it would be a good way to get away for a little while." Severus admitted, his words quiet.

He would definitely ask Willow and have her help plan it. But even he realized the time was still not right. Especially after how Black had behaved like a child again. "I just wish I knew how to explain...and to tell her... But I don't know how....and even if she does she is still fond of Black.." Yes he was nervous there too. He didn't want to put his heart out there only to crush it again.
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"Oh, that does sound amazing. With James it was going somewhere we shouldn't have. That's James, though, and Sirius was following most of the time," Lily shook her head. The hair did look good and the plans was very romantic. "Why don't you go talk to her and I'll help set it up. Just ask her casually when the time is right."

Lily had a bet to win against James. There was also the happiness of her oldest friend on the line. From where she could see they both clearly liked each other a great deal. Even had a special connection that others should be jealous about.


The tents was set up and everyone ate what was made over the fire. The conversation was light, as it was still awkward. Mateo chatted with who he could, having gone from a sweater to a coat. Remus found that deeply amusing as he looked to the fire. "So, we're actually going to Romania..." Remus said showing her the note, tone unclear.

"I can't believe we were doing this. At least we are making a form of living,"Remus tried to add a benefit to this even if he was getting more nervous for this.
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