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James and Remus exchanged looks when she questioned if they had noticed. It was the classic male expression of utter confusion. James was the first to answer with a shake of his head. "No, I really don't pay that close attention to him...or anything like that...I always thought he just lived under a rock and was happy that way."

Remus shot him a look, but couldn't help a small chuckle.

"I trust both of them," James nodded. "I mean, we can't show Lily because she's in a mighty position but these two are kindred souls."

Once in a more private spot, James took out the map it. "I solemnly swear I am up to no good," he said before the map showed itself. Handing it over to Blakely he gave a small grin. "Go ahead and look, the very reason of our success."


"I've been in there before, supervised, of course. What I'm looking for is a bit...it's a little more difficult. Don't worry, I can help with distractions, I've come to learn some very good charms on that," Willow said with a small smirk. While it wasn't her complete nature, she loved learning little things, annoying as well. "Just because I'm a Ravenclaw doesn't mean I'm boring."

Of course he'd ask that question. She paused before deciding on the abridged answer. "We have two different ways of solving issues. Her way is usually better, but I need to do it this way."

And the library was more crowded than normal with a lot of papers given out this week. She looked to Sirius raising one light brow to him, silently asking if he had ideas.
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Her words intrigued the boy as she didn't strike him as the sort to WANT to get into anything. But then again she had left with him Christmas Eve and by now had become known for her standing up to Malfoy. And again with that look to her eyes as she spoke. If her words weren't enough to sway him just her look did.

A small smile came to his lips and Sirius nodded. "It's not that hard to get into. But we have to move fast because they don't leave it unsupervised long." The boy said as he took her hand and began to lead her to the library and the section she had wanted to get into.

"What is this that you don't want your cousin knowing anyway?" He figured she could at least tell him a little if he was going to be helping.


Blakely nodded slowly. [b "I think we do know...maybe. But neither of you jad noticed..?"] She asked, slowly standing and motioning the boys to go first. She had heard of the map if it was the one she thought it was but had never seen it.

[b "What exactly is the map...?"] The question was out before she could stop it.

Peter had moved from his spot and over to the other boys and the girl. "Moony, Prongs do you really think we should show it? What if she tells?" The boy asked, eyeing Blakely. Unlike the others he didn't trust either Willow or Blakely fully and had voiced it a few times.
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"Yes, it involves mischief, as well as...Blakely can't know yet...this is something more for me to do right now," Willow gave a small nervous chuckle. It didn't seem a distant past but a current. While Blakely was right, the semantics was off, without anything proper they would be in the dark. They only knew what was in the papers and little tid bits.

Leaning in a bit closer she spoke in a low voice. "I need to go to the Forbidden Library and can't do it alone. She can't know right now."


"There is that, too," Remus nodded before listening to the conversation. James still seemed uncertain until he was surprised. While he wouldn't be a threat, there was that threat to Sirius now.

"I guess I'll try apologizing to her if she let's me," James said slowly. "Moony. I think it's time they see the map, don't you think? Well, Sirius won't like this but I think we know who she will chose."

Remus rolled his eyes before nodding. "Follow us, we'll show you."

Peter would follow James anywhere, though it still annoyed Remus.
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[b "Or we don't want to notice it..."] The girl said quietly and gave another small smile. [b "Thanks for this, Remus it really does help."] Again the boy was more help to her than he would have guessed. To her they weren't just ghosts anymore. They were people and they had become her friends. And she even found that she cared about them.

Green eyes went to James as he spoke and she gave a thoughtful look. It seemed what she had said was sinking in at least a bit. [b "She knows you have changed from that and become more mature. Remember she is kind and looks for the good in people...she had you at those times and believes that your past doesn't define you."] Blakely said quietly and then looked to her book again. [b "It seems it would be Willow.."]


Sirius was by one of his usual haunts. He had just gotten to it when he felt the tap on his arm and the blonde was there. It kind of surprised him as she had been avoiding him. But the look in her eyes had him recompose quickly and he nodded slowly.

"What have you mind? And is it something that could get us into trouble?" He asked, almost excitecly as he loved thrills.
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"You're just upset because it's the truth. I'm not apologizing for that. Maybe you should face the fact that you hide behind a mask because you feel just as out of place as those with 'lesser blood'," Willow answered before seeing the shot miss. Glancing over her shoulder gave a small smirk.

If Severus had a reason, did the others too? She hated that feeling. Flashing Severus a small smile. Finding one of Sirius' haunts she tapped his arm. "I need your help with something."

Sirius could keep a secret, she didn't want Blakely to know yet.


Remus hated see Blakely like this. He frowned knowing normally she had a keen sense when it comes to people. Leaning more closely in to her he smiled. "It's okay if you didn't notice this. Sometimes we don't notice changes in those we are close to. I believe in you."

James seemed to think on that before pausing, "what if she sees...the past me...I know it wasn't right what we did. And he has eyes for someone else. Who?"
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Lucius' pale eyes were on the girl as she spoke and a coldness coming to them. "How dare you speak to me like that? Like you know me? You think a filthy little blooded witch like you has the right?" His words were hissed out as her words truly had unnerved him and before truly thinking his wand was drawn.

As the girl began to walk away, Lucius did follow. And he intended to curse her too. But he gave her a warning of sorts as in to start a duel. Of course it was against the rules, but her words struck and he was not doing well at composure or keeping his temper. That honestly was not a skill he would learn until he was older and the adult him. "Why don't you show me what you can do then?"

Severus cursed under his breath as he watched Lucius. It was when the wand was pulled and the first spell sent Willow's way was his own wand out. He had come to care for the girl and didn't want the Malfoy hurting her. Actually no one doing so again really after what he had seen. "Malfoy leave her alone." And soon he had managed to get into the space between Lucius and the way Willow had gone. He hoped to buy the girl some time.


A sad smile traced the girl's lips at Remus' words. Of course he would have an idea in what was wrong and try to help make it make more sense. And deep down a part of her knew what he said to be true. However, it didn't help with the fact that she was taking it so hard either. [b "I...you may be right, Remus."] She said quietly.

Blakely's eyes were locked with Remus' for a moment as he pat her hand and then gave the pleading look. James really was being mopey and annoyingly childish. [b "James, Lily loves you and always will. Just right now she needs you to understand and to trust her. And besides...it appears Severus' affections are being turned elsewhere. You would see this if you paid attention to it."] Her words were gentle but firm.
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Willow couldn't help but give a small awkward flush. Even in this age he was actually more attractive, there was still the memories of the sharp words and withering looks in her mind. It wasn't fair to young Severus, but it was there. "It must be sad knowing you don't have true friends, or even girlfriend. One mistake and you're alone."

Looking to Luciius with a unrelenting expression. "I'd say your fear is that you'll disappoint everyone around you. I'd say those fears are well founded." Adjusting her book bag she looked to Severus. "I'll see you later."

Of course, when she walked past him, she brushed him with the bag using slight of hand to grab the necklace.


"I remember you saying that you both went through quiet a bit this summer, right? Losing your best friend and all. I'd say that you both have different coping ways and it hurts you she's using hers," Remus said thoughtfully before patting her hand. "Give her time to come around and perhaps there's a deeper reason."

It was sad to see her like that, Remus had gone through this all before. Looking to James he gave a small, frustrated sigh. "James, she won't leave you if she talks to her old friend."

"An old friend that loves her," James added in a grumpy tone.

Remus gave Blakely a pleading look.
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The girl took a seat opposite of the two boys and rested her book on the table. She had it opened to the page she had been looking at and slowly looked to the boys. [b "She has been avoiding me since we spoke last....she...I don't know. I think she was serious when she said that she had been done and is now leaving me on my own to do what I want."] Blakely's words were quiet as they were spoken. It had been her way to answer both Remus and James as she could see and could feel Willow's retreating further and further into herself.

[b "Lily is still barely talking to you since the fight the two of you had?"] She asked. Since her talk with Willow, Blakely was pulling back some herself. Not nearly as far but she was starting to break. The one who had been keeping her together had been Willow. Having befriended the others helped but her cousin was her main go to person.


Lucius had come out if the charms class and smirked faintly at seeing Severus and Willow so close to the other. "Seems like the two of you have something going on. Interesting since he's the outcast and you are well you. People are starting to talk since he never lets anyone close." The blonde haired male with the pale eyee said.

There was nothing really meant by his words. He was just trying to stir up Willow since he noticed the girl had been off her game the last few days. He also had noted her asking Severus for something. "So what would you want from him, hm?" Again he was trying to make her life hell.
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Remus found it difficult to not notice the change in Blakely. Once she left after the conversation with Willow, he figured it had to do with their situation. The days after that they barely talked, or Willow blew it off, and went off to work. It was even odd when she easily blew off Sirius. That was some mood.

Remus talked casually with James when Blakely arrived. He gave her a soft look, "she still isn't talking, right? I have faith she'll come around when she finds what she's looking for."

James looked to Blakely offering a half smile. "Trouble in paradise for you, too?" He asked taking a sip of his drink.


It burned more in her memory, the events of that year, it felt as if it was spilling in crushing what was left of her. What she had done herself. That in itself spoke that she was incapable of helping people, just doing fancy tricks.

Willow hadn't remembered working as hard as she had in these days. In just the matter of days she became the prime student in charms. It was a good feeling. Waiting after Charms class, instead of moving off she looked to Severus with a small smile.

"I'm sorry, I need it back for now, I think I'm close to figuring it out," Willow said attempting to sound like herself but it wasn't fully working. He'd see right through it. "I just need answers."
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Watching her cousin, the other girl seemed to be lost in thought. She seemed older and lost in time as her gaze went to the window and stared out. Blakely knew that Willow had suffered during the war. Knew that the other had always had a harder time but sometimes she wondered just how much. There were secrets that both girls seemed to keep, but never had it seemed to be like this. Never did it seem to put such a wedge in the closeness that they had shares.

The strawberry blonde reached up and pulled her hair tie out and let her hair fall in natural waves down her back and sighed. [b "We do know what happens... And that is why I think we've got to try....You had wanted to change things too... There is always that chance... Can we face it again... I don't know... But getting to know them...They..."] But the girl could not finish as Willow said that she should do what she wanted and that she was done.

Before she could open her mouth again, Willow had left her. And the girl was forced to stare after the other. Without really thinking, the girl ran in the direction of the great front oak doors. She needed to get out and away. Just have a few moments and hoped it would help her clear her head.
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"I've been reading that tome till early in the morning, yes. The rest I was told..and naturally there's answers that what answered but I can't, Blakely," Willow's eyes returned to the window, through time it would seem. Hearing the question she knew that Blakely wanted to, fix everything that went wrong, maybe a happily ever after.

Looking back to Blakely with a distant expression. "And if we fail can we see that all over again knowing...what happens?" She asked in a quiet tone but it was full of a deep bitter tone. "Do what you want, Blakely, believe in the best. I'm done, I'm out...I can't do this again."

Feeling no other words needed to be said she gave her a last look before turning to go return to her home room.
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Blakely stopped a couple of steps away from Willow and listened to the words that had been spoken. Her hand slowly came up to the silver necklace that matched the one Willow also had. Somehow it didn't surprise her, but she didn't quite know why it didn't.

[b "That's what you have been working on? Figuring out the charm that could have been used.. And when you say new friend.. you mean Severus?"] Blakely asked quietly. The only reason he had been her go to was he was VERY slowly becoming a friend. He was also still a bit tense and awkward around them as well. Simple things he did hinted at that though.

[b "So what do you think we should do...? Should we help them?" Or rather I mean...do you think we were sent back like this to change history?"] The whole conversation was odd. But it was one they had skipped around off and on. And she could see that everything was taking a toll on the other. Just the feeling was hitting her as well. However she didn't say or ask more as she wanted to hear Willow out.
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"It wasn't out best friend who gave us the present. It was...well...our new friend,"
Willow leaned against the wall, looking to the window. It was tiring and even now there wasn't a true break. Leaning her head back she gave a soft sigh. "There's something that can leave a residue on a charm from the person who performed it. It can be triggered by the same person or family."

She didn't want to explain more than she had to. She hadn't felt so tired or exhausted in some time. And actually that hug. Why? why did she do that?
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"I actually do want to. There must have been reason for all of this. But I can understand how you feel and I want you to be able to do that... And Willow, thanks." Severus said quietly to the girl. Even he didn't get what he was thanking her for but he did mean it.

The boy watched her go and sighed. Why did she hug him? Why did it leave a warmth of sorts? What were all of these feelings or even thoughts that seemed to be going around in his head? Again he was more confused than he had been.

Slowly he picked up the necklace and tucked it back into his robes. Since the girl was gone, Severus figured that he would try and see what more he could learn.


[b "You don't need to feel bad for saying anything. I knew it would be coming when I told you what I chose. But I really do want to learn."] Blakely's words were gentle as she spoke and she began to read a little. Though she did watch the boy from the corner of her eye as he began to flip through pages to find something else. [b "An interesting choice. And a good one too."]

Both of them fell into a comfortable silence to work in. She was happy and he seemed content. How things always seemed to be as they seemed to only need the company and not fully to interact.

It was when she heard Willow's words did green eyes come up from the book. Slowly she nodded. [b "See you later, Remus."] The girl said as she gathered her books. She then nodded to Willow and walked with the other. The tension radiating from the other girl had her more than curious.
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Werewolves and vampyres, those creatures that ruined lives. Remus felt terrible for even thinking of saying anything about it. "Then it's a wise choice," Remus nodded before reading more. There had to be something good on these things, though he flipped to the specter page. "Wraiths are interesting, I think I'll do this."

They seemed to work in general peace and comfort. It was a good feeling, she was happy and he was comfortable.


"Well, in the future you saved me and those who stayed, gave information, and probably much more. The unsung hero..." Willow said before giving a small laugh of disbelief. "If you want, I just want to move onwith my life. Not chase ghosts."

Grabbing her bag, she gave a half smile, leaving the classroom. Hugging him! What was wrong with her?

Entering the library after a few minutes she walked up to Blakely with a serious look. "We need to talk."
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