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He knew she had not meant it when she had called him childish and nearly all bit "pig headed". And he had known she was right in a sense. The young man still did have a lot to learn. It had not been the words that got to him but more who had said them. It was actually because he cared what she thought did it sting. But did he say all of that to Willow? Of course not. Sirius was still too proud to admit all of that.

"I have my moments... But seriously you won't. Come to like you too much so you won't get rid of me that easily." He attempted to make a slight joke. Anything to try and make things less awkward than they had become.

Her next words and question did strike him and hard. Now he knew how James and Remus always felt when he became insecure and even stupid about his family. "It's not your blood that makes you who you are... It's those around you and who you choose to be." Sirius said quietly. And never had he understood those words as clearly as he did now.


Blakely's eyes were still scanning the area around them as Mateo spoke his words. He was definitely right about Death Eaters and their being sent out. But it left her to wonder how. [b "If Fenrir is sent out then we won't have much time...he...he is a bit of a monster. And I mean that quite literally. We have to move."] The girl whispered.

Without thinking, her hand took the man's and she began to pull him with her. She could only hope the others wouldn't get into trouble.
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"I also forgot kind, giving and full of life. Most important thoughtful of friends and their safety. I'm really sorry. I don't want to lose you as a friend at all. You're one of my best friends," Willow gave his arm a squeeze.

It was as confusing as that she gave a small laugh at how stupid it sounded. "Um, that's basically it, but it hasn't happened yet. What's it supposed to mean though. Like...with your family?" She asked insecurely.


"That can only mean Death Eaters," Mateo frowned. How would they have known? Mateo frowned moving close to her, wand out. "They don't know we are here yet. It might be good to go a little further."

She was good and it was saving them. He couldn't help but feel bad that she felt bad for herself .
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[b "He's undecided about me, really. I know that I have feelings for him... but it is complicated."] She said quietly. It was interesting to hear what back home for him was like. And for a moment she did imagine it. Almost wish that she wasn't so shy to take the chance even.

The girl had fallen silent to her musings and froze when Mateo stopped at her side. Her eyes darted around the area where they had stopped. [b "Colder than it should be...and it's not cat like either...it feels evil."] She whispered to the man, her hand had moved to her wand which was in her pocket.


Sirius looked to Willow as she spoke and gave another shrug. "Some of the things you thought could very well be true. I've not grown up." He said quietly. The usual sparkle in his grey eyes was not there. "I get it...nothing to be aorry for.."

And at her next words his head tilted. "So..the two of you have a Death Eater for a father...and are sisters? And what do you mean you feel like you have evil blood in you? There's nothing evil about you."
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"Is that what you think, Blakely? Please, you two barely look away from each other and when you do there's usually a blush. Never seen a pair of shy lovers. In my home we'd just grab the person and kiss until one of the people gave out," Mateo smirked to her. Someone had to say it, if it hadn't been for that then she would have made a bigger move on her. "And what you are is not an excuse, either."

It did feel different around here. He stopped to look at her. " Are you sensing anything, it smells differently." Vampires had good senses, thus why she needed to come out here.


"I'm apologizing because I went off on you saying things about you I know that's not true," Willow said almost exasperated before taking a breath and turned to face him. "You're also my best friend, you know. It's a different beginning but you've been a good and loyal friend. And...I just...I'm sorry."

She couldn't help but feel horrible for what she said. "Sirius, I want to tell you first. Blakely and I found out not that long ago...that first this Death Eater slept with her mom, and when my parents were separated, she slept with the same guy. So, we're not only half sisters, but he's a death Eater. It feels like there's evil blood in my blood, I guess."
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Sirius hadn't been back until the morning but even then had decided against going in. He had been back to being him and not the shaggy black dog for quite a while and was merely sitting in the grass which overlooked the rest of the property. He guessed it was nice to be sitting there and just taking in the sunlight. But if he were honest, one Sirius Black was still extremely mopey as well.

When the steps came up beside him, the young man didn't look up. He was more than aware of who it was by how light the steps had been and the soft voice that spoke a few seconds later. Picking at the grass he listened to her words.

"What's there to be sorry for?" He asked, giving a shrug. Sulking. He was definitely sulking.


Her cheeks became a dark red at the question asked. And honestly she wanted to dodge the question as she didn't know how to answer. But she also felt rude if she did that. [b "Remus became my first friend when Willow and I came here... he is sweet and very caring...we're around the other a lot...But I don't know really what he thinks or feels about me.. I mean I know he cares because he helped me through the change and we're close..."] Blakely felt so lame as she truly was stumbling over both her thoughts and words.

[b "What about you..? Do you have a special someone back home?"] Anything to change topics.
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"Tomorrow night then, Sev," Willow hugged him again before going for her room. Damn, she really did like him, not in just a friend sense but as in the idea of going on another date with him made her completely happy. Maybe that had happened on the date with Sirius. She really owed him an apology.

She spent some time in the morning looking for Sirius he would spend some time moping. Finding him somewhere outside she sat by him giving a sheepish smile. "I'm sorry, Sirius, I shouldn't have yelled at you. And you were right about Sev, too. I guess I like him in that sense, too. I'm sorry for that."


"It's better than nothing. I can see around town, and you can see about that," Remus said. He really didn't like this plan but it was a good plan. Mateo waited patiently for them to talk, finding some interesting muggle knick knacks. When Blakely was ready he asked if she was ready before walking out.

"So, are you two...a...well...thing?" Mateo asked. "He'd be blind if she didn't notice how beautiful you are."
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Usually Blakely was better about keeping it together. But for some reason she was slipping. And because she was, the young woman spent a good deal of time mentally kicking herself for it. Only barely did she hear Remus when the young man spoke, but as his words continued she was quick to tune back in and able to catch what he said.

Green eyes locked on him and she bit lightly on the corner of her lip. The only one who fully knew what had happened and had been able to help her was him. And as much as she would not say it, Remus had kind of become something of a security blanket to her. [b "Are you sure our splitting up like that is a good idea?"] She asked almost lamely. Honestly she knew it was logical, but it still felt odd to her.


When she had accepted his offer of another night of star gazing, Severus let out the breath that he had not realized that he had been holding. Of course he knew she liked the time with him and he did with her but he was still not sure what she felt about him. In some cases, Severus thought she still held what used to be the future against him. "I'm glad you would. Maybe you can tell me more about the stars too?" He found himself asking as an arm went around her when she moved more against him.

For a little while they had stayed in that moment and it had been perfect. But like all good things, it too had ended. Their walk back was silent, but a good silent. It was one of comfort and understanding, and and maybe something more? He tried not to think on that too much and just to focus on enjoying the final moments he had with her.

"Anytime..I mean it. And thank you for coming out with me." He whispered, cheeks a faint red when she had leaned up and kissed one of them. God he was awkward and he hated himself for it.
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It was obvious to Remus that there was discomfort on Blakely's part. She looked uncomfortable and he knew why. He had to resist the urge to touch her in an attempt to comfort her but even that was failing when he brushed her hand when getting items. The half giant had stayed back, then the onry duo was gone elsewhere.

"Why don't I stay in town while you two go looking for a bit? There's some items I'd like to get anyway," Remus said, hating that he had the idea. It was logical even if he didn't want her spending alone time with Mateo. He was charming, handsome and was so smooth.


This was the moment it hit her that the reason the date with Sirius was a failure. It was her. She liked Severus as more than a friend. She genuinely liked him and he liked her. There was a connection that was hard to deny.

"That'd be lovely, yes, I would like to," Willow said moving more against him giving a content sound. The most perfect moment was now.

Walking back at the house was the good quiet. Stopping at the door she looked up to him before leaning up to kiss his cheek softly. "Good night, Sev. Thank you for tonight."
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Severus was kind of surprised that Willow had figured out what he had intended the star gazing to be. But he honestly shouldn't have been as she was as he had said brilliant. He was only thankful that she was not mad at him for it, but seemed to be impressed. "You know..since you said that.. Perhaps we could come out here again tomorrow night? That is if you are free and would like to accompany me? I've had a nice time sitting and having you tell me more about the stars." He found himself saying as dark eyes locked with hers.

He was a little shocked when her head came to rest on his shoulder. But it was a nice feeling and spread a warmth through him that he had not felt before. And gently, Sanpe rested his head on hers.


Blakely was silent as the group was in the car. Honestly she longed to be outside and not in such a small space. The girl was slowly gaining her control and had help by means of the potion Severus had given her. But there was still the sounds of heart beats and the scent of blood that called to her. And it made her have to focus more when she was so very close to others..so with that being the case, the young woman sat with her eyes closed and only taking in the scents and sounds around her. It had become her way of distraction.

When they were all out of the car and away from it, the girl was finally more relaxed. [b "We could tell you whatever you want to know of Hogwarts...and as to going into town to get food and talk to locals... We could.. but would it be better if we did that in pairs? I think all of us at once might alert them to something and we are meant to stay under the radar."] It was only a reminder and suggestion. The others could do with it as they pleased.
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"So this was meant to be a date cozily disguised. Not a bad move, Sev," Willow said pleased with herself for guessing before giving a soft smile. Keeping their hands where it was she propped herself up on one elbow. "It's the best date I've had, and would do this again with you."

Before she knew what she was doing she removed her hand from his moving to rest by him resting her head on his shoulder giving a content sound. This was perfect.


It was a car that took them to the train station before they were off again. It didn't take too much time to get to the Highlands. Mateo was actually fairly quiet, finding it all fascinating and beautiful.

"We'll camp where we can do more research where they are. Maybe you could tell me more of this Hogwarts," Mateo said as they got safely away. "Perhaps while we are in town we could get some food, talk to the locals."
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Her cheeks were a bright red from the words Remus had told her. The man had easily said she was clever and smart before, but beautiful was new to her. [b "I..."] But the young woman literally found herself at a loss for words. It was more because she knew that he cared about her but to not to the extent. Sometimes she still flashed back to one of their arguments at Hogwarts where he had gotten so angry with her for pushing it.

[b "Thanks...but you're the brilliant one...I just do a lot of reading.. However it's the Scottish Highlands territories we should be able to have the most luck in. Remember we're looking for creatures that very much resemble wild cats that can be as big as dogs...typically black with white spots on the chest."] Again the girl recited something she had read.

Her eyes then went to the others as she gave a faint smile. [b "Sooo are you ready?"]


Severus was still mentally kicking himself for his words. God he wished he would have thought them out before he spoke them, but as it turned out he hadn't. And he could also see that the girl was slightly uncomfortable. "I'm sure there is more...and remember what you told me.. 'We're our own worst critics.'" The young man tried again. "And if you don't want to talk aboiut...for now I won't ask."

Her next words had him a bright red. He honestly would have thought that maybe she would have forgotten that. But to hear she hadn't left a warmth in him he had not felt before. "You were the first girl I had ever kissed...and actually I'm glad it had been you." He found himself saying as he did lay back with her, hand in hers. "I'm just happy you agreed to come out with me."
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Dumbledore had been vague on where these creatures were. According to what he had remembered they generally stayed in some locations of their forefathers. It was more Northern Scotland though, that was all that they knew.

"Blakely, this is now in your hands," Remus placed a hand on her shoulder. "You're smart, beautiful, and clever. You can do this, I know you can. Trust me."


"Brilliant is you...I'm just the person who find corners annoying so tries to sneaks around them. That's the only reason I went into Ravenclaw was the clever part," Willow said partially uncomfortably. "Not this...this is different...but I'm not going into that right now."

Thinking to herself she took the jacket with a smile she looked to him thoughtfully. "You know, your the first person I kissed in this new life. It was not a bad choice, at all." Taking his hand she pulled him down gently to try and lay down. "Thanks for all of this."
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"The thing that the two of you found out.. How much does it truly change things? Because as far as I can tell, you're still you and she is her aside from the vampire part. Who you are doesn't change just because information does. And I think you're brilliant as you are." After he spoke, Severus inwardly cringed. He had not meant to say everything he just had but it appeared he had not been able to stop himself from saying it either.

Again he tried to turn his gaze to the stars above them, but out of the corner of his eye the man could see her shiver the slightest. And in noticing it, he shrugged his jacket off and put it around her shoulders.


The girl would be able to act when the others wouldn't. And with that thought, a faint smile came to her lips. [b "We all have our talents and strengths. It's why he chose us to begin with.. So if he thinks we can do this, I do too."]

For a moment, green eyes lingered on Remus and she returned his small smile. He still seemed on edge but slowly she could see he was starting to get a little better. Soon, the girl began with breakfast and brought each of the foods to the table when they were ready. She even left both tea and coffee in the center.

[b "I hope it's okay.."] Blakely whispered as she took her seat, letting the others get what they wanted first.
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"Blakely and I discovered something about our lives that affects the past and future selves. For the last few days I tell myself one thing, and the other voice says different," Willow replied vaguely, keeping her eyes on the stars. "Other than being sweet and genuine...you understand and feel more than more people our age. Its comforting."

She wished she had brought a jacket though. She didn't press that, though, right now was perfect as it was.


"See, that's good to have while we are on this journey. You'll know about that, I've heard Remus knew the dark arts, and I know creatures. This will be successful. I guess we're taking a port key there," Mateo said. He didn't turn at the moon, but like many creatures it did effect him.

"Yeah, of course," Remus nodded. It was a table to fit a few. He gave her a small smile. She was adjusting rather well.
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She couldn't help the faint pink in her cheeks as the letter had arrived and it appeared she had been right. It had been more a guess from where they were and from what she had read. [b "I just remember we had been told he wanted all sorts of magical beings involved and to know what was coming... And it is sometimes a blessing and a curse to not be so tired."] She caught herself saying and then kicking herself.

A small smile then came to her lips and she nodded as she was quick to put both coffee and tea on and everyone could have a choice in which they wanted. Blakely knew the full moon was coming and with it, Remus would be lagging more and a bit less easy. [b "It's no worries..how about you help with the table?"] She asked as she got plates and handed them over. She then was getting fruint that had been stocked, eggs and baccon as well.


Part of the time he found that he had been watching Willow. The field and the stars were indeed beautiful but to him, she was even more so. But it was not really like he could say that. He was not Potter or Black and so he was not as smooth in letting complements happen to roll off his tongue. If there was one thing he envied those two for it was how easily they could flirt and how easily they could speak to women. Otherwise he still had some reservations of them.

Severus had put the telescope to the side as he sat with the young woman on the blanket but his eyes were on the stars still when she spoke. For a moment he was silent and then nodded. "I have honestly since meeting you and Blakely both. What has you thinking about that?"
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