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A faint smirk came to the girl's lips though it had not reached her eyes. [b "When have you ever known me to be young?"] She asked as she watched the man go. When he was gone, Blakely went to get ready. Honestly she dreaded what was to come but she knew there had to be more.


He could see the look on her eyes. It was pained but she couldn't tell anyone. If she did both she and those she told if caught could be in danger. And he knew he was already placing her in such.

"If I may have a look at it, perhaps I may be able to help. Do you think you can show it to me and how it works?" The man asked.
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"It's the older ones that should give speeches, it's your job to be brave and reckless...give a reason for old people to actually remember why we do what we do," Remus placed a hand on her shoulder before starting off to tell the others. It would be risky since that Death Eater is associated with werewolves.


It killed her to not tell Blakely, yet she knew if she told and Blakely was captured than she'd be in more trouble.

"Yes, sir, she is going to decode and take it to Remus," she nodded before frowning. "The problem is our system... We have a duplicating box we found, and Brian helped with the system but he left."
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Why did his words seem to hold more meaning then what the words spoken were? It was almost like there was something hidden in them. If she were Willow or Brian, Blakely would have asked. But just the sense she got was enough.

[b "And that is going to be the one thing that may prove the most difficult. It is easy to go out there and to pretend to be someone you aren't.. But it is another entirely to not get lost in your own act even. What will give us strong is remembering who we are..and sticking to what we believe and what we have to do.."] She said quietly, giving a faint smile and nod.

Getting to see the world and to learn more had always been something sje had wanted to do. So living out of a bag and tent wouldn't be a bad thing.


Severus had summoned Willow when she had gotten back. The man had wanted to know if she had gotten the message out and if she had managed not to say anything about what he had told her. That aside, the man also wanted to check on the girl and see if she was any better off then she had been.

"I trust you were successful?" Snape asked when Willow entered, his dark gaze upon her.
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"Good. We are going into a war, therefore we must be our best and do what we can...all while trying to keep our core to ourselves. I was reminded of that some years ago," Remus gave her a smile. "I suppose we should be ready to go then."

It was living out of a tent and a bag and going to see the world. Remus supposed he wouldn't have it any other way.
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[b "I have classmates and friends who face them on a daily basis. If they can do it, then so can I. I may not like to hurt people but if I have to I can do it. You've seen what the DA has done..."] Blakely said as her eyes came up and looked into the man's. She would be able to do it. She had to be able to. Not just to prove herself to him. But to prove that she had what it took to do this. And she had made a promise to do whatever it took to see this war through.
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"Not if you cannot do this. These people out there...they will kill you and terribly...they are still people but their minds are wrapped. Like us they believe they are doing right and will kill whoever gets in their way. You must be willing to do what it takes to survive even if you don't like to hurt people," Remus said seriously grasping her shoulder firmly. "Can you do that? There isn't shame if you cannot."
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Moody and Remus had not been able to read the note and so Blakely had had to translate for them. The idea of Death Eaters did make her a little skittish because she really didn't want to hurt anyone. But she knew that sometimes things happened and it couldn"t be helped.

Green eyes were still on the page she had translated for them and she looked to Remus. [b "I said I would go and that I could do this. So I'm not going to back out.. Please Remus I can do this and I am pretty sure if I have to I can handle myself."] The strawberry blonde said quietly.
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The box didn't work very well half the time, yet she was tinkering with it. It was really like a fax machine that could copy a paper in the box and send it to the matching box. One was working perfect, the copy, wasn't so much. She'd need to to take it to Snape to fix it.

Feeling better once the letter was delivered, in their own code it said that there was three people about to go "missing" and where some of the death eaters would be going to.

Remus read what Blakely translated and frowned. "This isn't good, there will be a Death Eater where we are going. We best be careful. Are you up for this Blakely?"
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Honestly the girl didn't want to talk about it. She knew things were tough and so knew that something was bound to happen. Besides seeing Willow helped in its own way. It at least told Blakely that the other was alive, which she was constantly worried about.

[b "Everything is hard..but like you said it'll get better after all of this..Hopefully. But yeah, I get this to Moody for you and remember to check our box too. I love you too and please Willow.. BE CAREFUL."] She whispered as she gave the other a quick hug and kiss to the cheek.

After a moment, the other girl was gone. And when she was, Blakely went to find Mad-Eye and Remus so both men could read what Willow had brought and ao they knew what was going on.
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Willow was torn between talking it out and Snape's time limit. It wasn't uncomfortable but it was not comfortable either. In fact it was only when he had information it seemed she was summoned. She was allowed to borrow books though.

"It's a hard time on so of us. It should be fine after the battle," Willow kissed her cheek. "It's fine. I need to go now, give this to Moodeye as quickly as you can. I'll have more through in our box. Bye, I love you."

As quickly as that she apperated back barely on time.
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Blakely was wiping her eyes as she had been crying. When Wlow had appeared the girl bit her lip. [b "Brian and I had a fight over my deciding to go with Remus on a trip to help in something Dumbledore had wanted him to do... And he figured I care more about magical creatures than I do him... So we broke up."] Her words were quiet and she looked to the ground.

God she hated that she felt things as deeply as she did. Having some empathetic abilities "killed" her. Her tears again began to fall but she was quick to wipe them away. [b "Willow are you okay? I mean the Carrows didn't hurt you too much did they?"] She asked, quickly changing topics and going to check on the other. She seemed off.
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Tell no one. This meant Blakely and Brian, she'd need to keep this secret from them. Yet this war sounded worse than what she had been thus far. While they hadn't been there for the department of mysteries, she wanted to do more.

Willow rose and nodded. "Yes, sir," she said with the lightest tone of respect.

She didn't need to act. When she went out, she felt dazed and disoriented. When she could she was allowed to apperate to Blakely. Seeing her red eyes she frowned.

"What happened?" She asked frowning.
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Oh he knew these words would sound crazy and perhaps for the time being be lost on the girl. But she honestly had been a favourite of his. A challenge for one and had a spark that not many had behind them. Thinking about it, Severus would have done this even without it being part of Dumbledore's wishes. Truly she was a brilliant young woman and he wanted to push her to do her best and to succeed.

"This will be no easy feat I can assure you. But I know you will rise to the challenge. You have always been good at that." The man said as he stood. "When you leave here act as if you had been cursed or something of the sort. No one can know, Miss Straite."
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"I thought you were a bat that transformed the first year. That was what the Weasley Twins said anyway..." Willow blinked at the memory trying to fight a smile. It had been a strange way to motivate her to interest her into potions.

"Very well..." Willow said rubbing the back of her head. "I, uh, I will help you then."

This was exciting and she loved living for excitement despite it's toll.
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The man deserved those words thrown back at him and more. So when she had spoken them he merely shook his head, hands clasping before him on the desk as he leaned forward a little. "Miss Straite I did say those things. And though one of the laziest students I have come across you are very talented and witty. Most of my actions over the years have been an act. Me playing the part that Professor Dumbledore had given me to play."

His words were as quiet as ever and he sighed. "You and Miss Taylor have been getting guidance from me and from Lupin since your third year. We both need the help we know you can offer. Dumbledore had faith in you and so do we."
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