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It was awkward with Severus around, of course, they didn't like each other but there wasn't wands being taken out. James was relieved when there had not been any moves but true to those words he was infatuated with Willow, and Willow had an attachment to him that was strange. The pictures went from a large group one, to the boys, James and Lily, Blakely and Willow, to the various pairs there was of friends or almost couples.

James pulled Sirius more to the side while there was more pictures. "You're losing her, mate. She said she likes you...maybe you could...I don't know see if she'd want to go on a date with you or just 'spend time'. Anything."


Having actually finished felt normal, if she didn't have the scar and memories, she would have thought the future was a dream. While the time magic would remain a secret, she was going to go to charms, more specfically the dark charms portion of the ministry. From Severus she already learned a great deal more about the dark arts, even some of the other things.

"Only to have to work summers and not get as much Holiday time," Willow said, lamenting the school time. "Yes, Blakely, pictures...it's a good thing."

Some part of her wished it went better with Sirius but it had been more or less his choice. That just meant that the chances weren't likely.
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Blakely's eyes were blank as tears seemed to glisten in them. Her mind was slowly going over what they had known. What would have been the future and what now was their past. There would be no more family but the other and those they got close enough to to consider family. No more mum and step-father and the sass and slight arguments there. And she would miss it. But most of all, there would be no more Brian either. Everything about them in their time would be gone. It would be as if they had never been.

[b "I hope we do find it out..Not knowing is more annoying than I think to know would be. Honestly I never thought what all of this would be like...But if I had to pick anyone to go through it with...I'm glad it's you. You've always been there..."] She whispered as she slowly took the book and had returned a quick kiss to Willow's cheek and watched her go.

With the other girl gone, Blakely began to write her own part to the "story" as she had promised.


The final exams were terrible but still not completely terrible. But then she had been able to study a bit more than the others because Professor Dumbledore had thought keeping her away from other students aside from the friends she had made. After all they knew about Remus and the werewolf so it was okay for them to know. Actually the man had made her explain and then she had time to study.

[b "It was brutal..but you guys are smart and have this."] The girl said with a small smile, trying to reassure the other. All of them she knew had tried their best because this was their futures this would count towards. Well even if she did well she and Remus would have more issues doing anything they wanted.

When she Severus, Remus, and Blakely arrived the girl rolled her eyes. [b "Have we got to do the pictures?"] The girl whined.


Severus didn't know how to think of the exams. Even he had been put out by them. Well all except potions which he knew he had done fine in. After all it was his specialty. But the look of the others made him feel for them a bit. Yeah his future had been changed and his emotions not locked off.

"Hey at least we're done. Think of it that way." He said with a sheepish smile as they walked to where Lily, James, Sirius, and Peter were waiting for them. He had been told by both Lily and Willow he had actually had to come as it wouldn't be that bad.

"Do we really have to do the pictures? Lily you know some of us well.." But he shook his head. He was avoiding looking at both James and Sirius who both seemed to be scowling heavily and still pouty children in his being a new found friend.
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For the first time they would not have a family. There wouldn't be the parents and their silly arguments, no fighting for space with her sisters, she would actually miss them. Looking to the picture to the hopeful face of Brian she walked over to the fire and placed it in looking back to Blakely.

"I'll look for anything in the books, we'll find it out," Willow replied. Wanting to know was the worse, and somehow she was sure Brian made sure they would. "Yeah, it is, but this is our lives. Just us for family and friends. I'll see you tomorrow."

Kissing her cheek, she knew that Blakely would be out soon and she'd hopefully be normal.


The final exams was horrible. They didn't have a past, though Dumbledore was creating one for them for the ministry, but this was the future and getting top marks was important.

Remus had given it his all in hopes that someday it would count for something. Going to help recruit did count as a job, but it wasn't what he wanted his entire life, but it was important.

With the final test over, Remus joined the others in the court yard by Lily's orders. "We need pictures! Don't roll your eyes at me, James Potter. This is the final week here and we need pictures all of us."

By that Remus knew she meant Severus as well. Severus would likely be coming with Willow, since that was usually where he was unless Sirius was around.

Just then Willow, Severus and Blakely walked to join them, looking just as dazed as he felt.

"That was brutal...I don't even remember half of those subjects being covered," Willow muttered before looking to Lily taking pictures. "Oh yay. Pictures."
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If Brian had been trying to tell both her and Willow something before his death and it seemed about a lie then it must have been important somehow. And just that realization had the girl all the more curious what they had been started to be told and what had been cut off. What made the thing so important that he would feel the need to tell them and break a promise though he usually honoured them?

[b "How will we find out what it had been...? It's not like we would be able to ask..."] The girl said sadly as her eyes were trained on Willow's hand and watched it brush a book that looked rather old and slightly warn. She had seen the other girl with it many times before and it did quite pique her cusiosity. A few times Blakely had thought to ask, but never did it seem the right time. Now though, the blonde girl explained it to her.

Her look was pained as the words spoken, but Blakely gave a slow nod. [b "I'll start it tonight. Something tells me that if I don't it will be even harder to recall what had been. Some of what we knew already seems a slight haze."] The words were soft as they were spoken as motioned to the book in Willow's posession.
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Some of the memories was fading, she was having a hard time imagining Severus as the teacher. It was likely since he didn't become a Death Eater, he didn't become a teacher quite yet, though he did seem to still want to. It was selfish that idea freaked her out a bit- though the book reminded her why.

"Um, before Voldermort called on Harry, Brian tried to tell me but was cut off. As far as he got was that there was a massive lie in our past," Willow said playing with her bag. Her hand brushed the book and that reminded her what she had worked on. "We'll find a way to see what he wanted to say."

Pulling out what seemed a plain, slightly worn book that she had been working on. "Write down your memories in the last part. The first is Severus', then mine, and yours. Once done I'll copy the book and we can charm it. That way we won't forget as much as we want to."
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[b "I did think as much...and thank you again, Professor."] Blakely said quietly and managed a weak smile. The girl knew that it was for the best but that still did not make it easier. And this as far as she knew was the only thing that lined up with the history they knew. Well aside from them being a part of the Order now and the first time around.

Both of them had changed. Was it for better or for worse? Honestly she had no idea but was sure that the would be finding out. All she could do was hope it was closer to better.

[b "Brian said mum had told him something...but he wasn't meant to tell you and me about it. He felt bad keeping the secret.. He said that my dad wasn't as good a man as mum tried to say... But that was all he was able to tell me. Shortly before he could tell me more we had been called about and well you know the rest. What makes you ask?"] Green eyes were on the other girl who was looking out the window. Truly she was curious
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This was in line as well, the others would be in the Order of the Phoenix. Now they would be, as well, and it was something remarkable. It would not have happen without the war, the person she became now. Whether that was a good thing or bad, she wasn't aware.

"You will begin tomorrow after lessons, Miss Straite. I'm afraid Miss Taylor you will be here for a few more days, tomorrow someone from the ministry will come in," Dumbledore said kindly. "I will leave you two to talk."

When Dumbledore left, Willow stood up to go look out the window. Pulling out one of her books she took out the folded picture. "We don't exist anymore. It's just Brian in the picture now. I have question...did he try telling you about something about your dad on the trip or before his death?"
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Dumbledore listened to the question asked of their other young friends and nodded slowly. "I have asked them if they would be up to taking part as well. And they just as the two of you have agreed. " The man said quietly as he offered yet another smile to the girls.

He was sure this would be hard enough but he trusted them. "And I trust the two of you will be taking this seriously and help to watch after the others?" Again he gave one of his pointed glances as an after thought to his words of the lessons both girls would be receiving.

Blakely was silent as she heard the words. Again being separated from Willow would be hard. Actually this time it would be scarier as well. They were not in their own time and the troubles were just beginning. They also didn't know what would be the same and what would change. But like the other girl she was aware it had to happen.

[b "It..thank you for this!"] For the first time a little of her spark was back. But even she knew it wouldn't last too long as she was not dealing well with the change.

[b "So...when does all of this start?"]
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"We know, sir. We've fought for you and the wizarding world before, and Severus in the future wrote down events that may come to pass. I know you asked not to be told what happens," Willow responded. She understood why he wouldn't want to be told. It was prudent to not know anything of the future. "Are James, Sirius and Lily joining?"

In their timeline it did, it was impossible to say now. Sirius would want to, to save his life as well as his mates. To not be with them would be difficult. Hearing she'd be away from Blakely worried her, but knew she'd need to go.

"Wonderful, well, Miss Taylor, there will be potions and lessons from an expert in the ministry. As luck as you would have became only half like Mr. Lupin," Dumbledore continued looking to her with a smile. "Miss Straite, since you've already began studying time magic, perhaps it's time for lessons."

Willow never thought she'd get advanced lessons and here it was. Giving a smile she sat down looking to him. "That'd be...it'd be great..." Willow said happily.
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Her hand moved over Willow's. She would have been just as anxious herself but she would explain to the other girl after Dumbledore left them. [b "That's true...I wouldn't be me. But we also see what trouble it causes."] Her tone was amused as she spoke the words, eyes going to the old wizard as he spoke.

To see Willow so excitied was nice in a sense. It had been a long time since seeing that side. And slowly she nodded as well. [b "I'll join as well."] Her smile wasn't nearly as bright as she knew what the Order of the Phoenix had been. She had been a part of the new one before the war at Hogwarts. But she would do it again because she had those she cared about and knew they would be joining as well.

Dumbledore gave a small nod to the girls when they knew what he was talking about. Honestly he knew that they would. "Now I cannot promise this will be safe. There is a lot of danger to it. But I know the two of you are up to the challenge. Willow when I can get others to join I will again be separating you and Blakely. You will help here at home and she will be going on with Remus. I've spoken to Mister Lupin already." The man said.
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"It wasn't...entirely your fault...but if you didn't go after the sound of someone in trouble. That wouldn't be you," Willow gave a small chuckle, anxious to ask about her fate and what would happen. Listening to Dumbledore she thought on that for a second.

That time book actually had been an engrossing read, the spells even more interesting. The charms, and time magic was the first time she felt the spark of learning.

Looking to Blakely she knew what the order was. There had been a picture of the original order in the training room. "The Order of the Phoenix?" Willow nearly exclaimed. The idea of being a part of something so big. "Yes, of course I will."
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The girl smiled when she saw Willow and hugged the other girl when she had been hugged. [b "I'm sorry....and honestly we can't. This does get to be too much."] The strawberry blonde whispered moving over so that the other girl could sit next to her. Her eyes were on Dumbledore who seemed to watching the two of them.

[b "We know we've been changing things and letting more out than we should have.. but we just...we've gotten to know them and they've become our friends."] The girl said quietly as her eyes went to the bed instead. Somehow she couldn't look at the man. There was a form of guilt because they had disobeyed but also a slight one of defiance in her case.

Dumbledore look from Willow to Blakely and took the words in. "I know the two of you want to help. And you are also aware we have not found a way to send you back to your own time. So it appears you will have to stay." His words were thoughtful as he spoke them.

Twinkling blue eyes remained on the girls. "I am putting a group together. One that is focusing on trying to stop Tom Riddle. The two of you know he is slowly trying to rise to power, I am sure? And I ask that you join. "
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Willow rested her head against him taking in his scent. It wasn't calming but it was nice to rest and nor have some weight on her shoulders. "I really like you, Sirius. More than I've liked anyone before. Really glad I got to know you."

Slowly falling asleep on his arm contently. The sleep was raised this time.


She was released the next day and allowed to visit Blakely. Much to her surprise there was Dumbledore waiting for her. "Its time we've all spoken, shall we?"

"Yes sir," Willow nodded.

Giving Blakely a hug she smiled to her. "I thought... I thought I lost you again... We can't keep doing this to each other."

She didn't look much different other than tired. Dumbledore waited patiently on them.
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Her words about Remus made Sirius nod slowly. Honestly the boy should have thought as much. But the idea of not telling the other what he had found out right away had felt odd. "You're right. Better to talk to her and see if she thinks we should tell him too. Seems to affect him in that future more than the rest of us."

When she asked him to stay, it had been odd and the last thing he would have expected. But after a moment a slow smile came to the boy's lips. "Yeah. But if the nurse comes back you know I'll have to leave. Don't need McGonagall scolding me when we're so close to the end." And there was the cocky part of his personality as he settled down beside the girl.


A small smile came to her lips. He really did understand it and now she understood how he had felt. Life had a funny way of making people inderstand things. Or of making them feel different. She noe had the rest of her life as half a vampyre to learn to live with and he had his to continue to deal with the werewolf.

[b "I think yes. Maybe we can get a little more studying done."] She whispered as she couldn't help gently resting her head against his shoulder.
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It seemed reassuring but deep inside Willow gave her self doubt. Rubbing her arm uncomfortably she gave a soft smile but didn't comment. The Remus part was more easier to answer. "If you want to tell him, I want her to approve first. He's the one who in that future had a family."

The hug felt amazing, she knew he stopped for a reason but she didn't care at the moment. "Could you... Stay? The effects are not amazing."

Moving over on the bed she looked hopeful to him.


Remus had been there once, it seemed a long time ago, of course he had for his friends and family. "It will take some time but you will be okay," Remus reassured before settling down.

Taking a book he looked to her with a smile. "Shall we?"
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