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It was working, they had done it, through all the team work and special skills they had won. Remus never felt so relieved but also worried. This wasn't who he was but it had came so easily to try and defeat these people. In the flash of a moment he took Blakely in his arms giving her a very tight hug.

"I'm so glad you're okay," Remus breathed into her hair. That was before he leaned down and kissed her on the mouth. He wanted to freak out over the sudden action, but the idea that she was still okay made it easy for a moment.

After a few seconds he realized what he was doing before pulling back. "Sorry...got carried away..."
  Memory / Faust / 141d 12h 54m 36s
Severus looked at the blonde as Willow explained what had happened. There was a part of him that felt bad because the older man had been a friend before all of this. But the other part of him knew that it had been coming and a matter of time. Lucius had been becoming more and more vile and more corrupt. None of that he could say out loud. Because he was not willing to let it sink in yet.

Instead, the young man gave her a weak smile. "This wasn't your fault. Willow we knew it wouldn't be easy and there would be death." He whispered as his hand had moved to hers to give it a squeeze.

Dark eyes moved away from Malfoy and to the remaining Dearh Eaters. Little by little they were scattering and retreating. They had won this round. But there was still the war. "Come on...lets check on the others.."
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 141d 18h 11m 19s
It was Malfoy, and she had killed him when she had meant to disarm, but it had happened. Just like that there was no pulse or breath. Just like that he was gone...She had actually murdered someone and took way someone important to the future.

"I killed him. He hit his head too hard and died...I actually killed someone..." Willow whispered, holding her arm, feeling it stinging more and more. How had she done that?

Unable to get the shock out of her system she looked to Severus seeing the Death Eaters slowly leaving. "We did it..." It was a small victory to a big war.
  Memory / Faust / 143d 14h 7m 24s
The fight was going in their favour. One by one the Death Eaters seemed to be retreating. They couldn't see the six of them and it was clear that they had not done anything like Sirius' mist before.

Severus had just sent another Death Eater off when he caught sight of Willow. The girl seemed to be doing fine. Even as if she was having fun. Well that had been until a curse hit her and then she sent her opponent into a rock. The young man ran over to her, not sure where the others were in the mist.

When he got to jer, Willow seemed to be freaking out. "Willow...what happened?" He whispered. He wanted her to tell him before he could even see if he would be able to help.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 144d 12h 38m 6s
With the diversion it seemed to work well, as well as Severus' plan, of the dual. Though they were all working on the same side and kicking arse. That was great! In black smoke one by one they were disappearing. Only she had her eyes on the blond as he wasn't giving up with stronger spells. Willow fended him off but was keeping level.

In a flash of light there was a pain in her arm as he got her with a spell. Cursing she looked to her arm before blasting him into a rock, and then he stopped moving. She blinked keeping her wand out before approaching seeing the blood.

With her wand out she kept her hand out to feel for a pulse, there was none. "Oh God...oh God...no..." She said moving back. She hadn't even been sure if she killed before during the Second War.
  Memory / Faust / 144d 12h 56m 50s
As he snapped his words, Blakely rolled her eyes. [b "Don't complain to much about it. You would do the same for me."] The girl hissed as another curse left her wand.

A smirk came to her lips as Sirius had let the distraction light up the sky in the way only he could. [b "Amazing that he can do that."] The girl said as she moved with the other two back towards the other three that had come to save them. She was thankful that they were all together.

[b "I'm glad you are too. I was so worried when I was sent off.."] Blakely whispered between her own spells. But the lights began to distract her a little. So beautifully entrancing
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 144d 13h 47m 18s
"Not if it bloody kills you too!" Remus snapped, though was thankful she was there. Suddenly there was that diversion that Sirius did so well. It was almost whimsical how he did that. "That's our Padfoot. That's our cue to start thinning out the numbers while they're dividing."

If Mateo was confused he didn't miss a beat. He started firing spells, starting to inch towards the other three that came to the rescue. They were a close group, that was a given.

"I'm glad you're okay," Remus said to her softly between the spells, the light show was almost entracing.
  Memory / Faust / 144d 14h 18m 37s
Sirius looked to Willow as she called her words. He had lost his focus is only for a moment, but nodded as he got back into it. "Coming up!" The young man shouted back. He had to admit he enjoyed the thrill of the fight. All the quick movements and having to think on his toes. A true challenge school had not offered.

He was looking for an opening. But again found he was distracted with Severus' aytention drawn to a specific blonde. Willow apparently was drawn in by the blonde too because she cursed him. Again Sirius had to pull himself back into focus.

Once Willow and Severus went back.to "work", Sirius used one of his special charms. If done right and used properly they would have the Death Eaters on the run.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 145d 13h 10m 27s
Somehow it was coming back, so very vividly, the feel of the wand and battle. What bothered her was how quickly it felt so welcoming. She had grown to love the feel of the quick actions and clever thoughts. "Sirius! This would be a good time for a big distraction!" She called out to Sirius, he had his good charms. If they could just buy a moment they could scare them off.

She recongized the flash of one blond haired man. She gave a small glare as he approached.

"So...this is how you repay us, Severus? By joining them..." he drawled slowly.

"And it was so much better," she growled hitting him with a spell.
  Memory / Faust / 145d 14h 2m 47s
Severus moved to where he was back to back with both Sirius and Willow. The young man's wand was out as his eyes were on the Death Eaters who were now coming their way. He was sure that it was a fair few and he shot a curse at the first man who had come close to them. "Are the two of you ready to be doing this? This is not going to be like our classes." He said as he watched Sirius block a curse and send one out himself.

As much as he hated Black, Severus had to admit he could hold his own. The other man was relatively well versed in duels. And he was at least thankful they had the help at the moment.

Blakely had gotten back to Remus and Mateo. Her eyes locked with his for a moment before she moved to being at the back of the two men. [b "Scold me later okay...But I just couldn't leave you on your own."] The young woman said as she shot a curse at an on coming Death Eater.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 147d 13h 57m 59s
If before Remus hadn't appreciated Mateo, that had changed. The man being a little older than they were, and was actually quite agile. Remus and Mateo had somehow managed to keep them backed up enough to get backup. He had a terrible feeling inside his stomach, and it wasn't because of the first real battle he was in.

Out of the hills came Blakely charging away. Both relieved and giving an inward groan. She would get herself killed for him wouldn't she? "The others are here, Mateo." He said before flashing his wand.

Just like that there was a distraction, as the Death Eaters began parting to face the new backup.
  Memory / Faust / 147d 14h 24m 42s
Severus and Sirius were quick to join the girls. Both of them had their wands out as well. Seeing them both so on edge made them worry. But then alos knew that this would come. Dumbledore had told them all that this could and wplould be complicated.

"I think those of us who are better with dueling can distract a small group as the others lead another of their group off. To divide them we would have a better chance." Severus said, cursing as Blakely had run off. He knew where the girl was going too. She wanted to get back to try and help Remus because chances were Fenrir was out as well.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 149d 13h 11m 17s
As soon as Willow heard only two sentences she called to Sirius and Severus to come. They could [i not] lose anyone so soon. The thought of losing Blakely sent off a panic in her chest that nothing but knowing that she would be safe as well as Remus.

"It's okay, Blakely, we know what to do. We are very tough to kill off. Are you guys ready?" She asked looking to the two boys. Though the memories were not as strong, she remembered the spells and what to do. They didn't have much time.

Aperating to the battle, she saw them from a distance. "We should create a diversion and divide them up...something like that. What do you suggest, Severus?"
  Memory / Faust / 149d 13h 42m 57s
The girl could hear running coming from the way that they had come. And it didn't take long for a familiar scent to hit her nose. Remus..he had come after them. And inwardly the girl was cringing as this was the last thing she wanted him finding himself in. She had done it a few times before and knew what they could do. But these two young men had not. Only had they been told. It were those thoughts that had her frozen for the moment.

[b "I..."] She was about to say something but Mateo's words broke through what it had been. More scents and more of that same icy feeling was getting closer. The man was right. They needed the help. [b "Both you and Remus be careful.."] And with that, the young woman apparated back to headquarters. She was getting Willow, Severus, and Sirius to help.

[b "Willow!"] Blakely called out as she got back. The call had been one of panic as she was panicking.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 149d 22h 22m 50s
Remus was still in town, hearing the reports of attacks and strange people. That wasn't good. Death Eaters was here, using an owl from a local witch he sent a message about the reports to Dumbledore. They were out there with just the two of them. Blakeley.

He didn't think twice before he rushed out where they went, wand prepared. He couldn't fight them all if there was Death Eaters.


"It's too late. We need to aperate now," Mateo growled, that predator side coming out. At least Remus was almost there. Looking to Blakeley he knew it was too much. "Get help. Remus is coming and we can do it...go!"

He said keeping his wand level.
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