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"I knew of two people that quit their normal school, opened a joke shop and were very happy. I'm not saying quit school. Perhaps you could teach the next generation of how to do mischief. Speaking of which, I'd love to learn that charm you performed," Willow said with a wide smile. Hearing his compliment she gave a small flush. "Thank you."

Waving back she stared for a moment in amazement. There was the carefree part of her that liked him, then other part that had been damaged was mad. That wasn't good.

Instead of going into the room, she found the wall where the room of requirements usually appeared. Focusing on a well rounded place with what she needed, she hastily entered upon seeing the door.

It took five tries and an hour and half to get it just right. It was one of those spells that required charms, putting the item in some strong smelling water stuff, and a spell. Still she had done it without killing herself, which was good.

There was only a small bang, coughing, she looked around noticing it looked the same. It couldn't hurt to check if there was any change. Taking the necklace out, she dried it with a towel before poking her head out. Oh yes, there was quite a change. this must be the time he cast it.

Sneaking quietly, she placed one of the Death Eaters in a sleeping spell before going to the head office. She wouldn't have the password, but at this time there was one of the Death Eaters leaving. Hiding herself, she waited before slipping in afterwards.

This was it, time for answers and her decision, but after she knew the whole story.
  Memory / Faust / 3d 22h 7m 31s
While it was difficult during those times of the month, Remus hated it then. Otherwise it was his life, it hadn't been his fault, it hadn't been his father's fault, instead it was just what it was. Starting Hogwarts he had been angry, since then between his friends and Dumbledore he grew to accept his life would always be different.

"Sometimes we are born with different adversity than others, it's just easier to accept it and create boundaries than it is to fight it," Remus said wisely before giving her a soft smile. "Well, let's start by doing something that you'd love to do but haven't let yourself."

He looked to her curiously of what that would be. She seemed so well mannered and contained that he thought it might be mild, yet there was always surprises with her.
  Memory / Faust / 3d 22h 12m 23s
"Nothing has ever caught my attention before. I've always been fairly good at charms but never thought to do anything with it. Professor Flitwick is always scolding me for letting that talent go to waste. But maybe I'll find something. And maybe it'll shock us all and be something conventional. The horrors though." Sirius said with a chuckle, trying to make a joke and light of his own confusion and angst.

When he heard what Willow had said and that she knew what she wanted, a smile did trace his lips. "You're talented and smart. I've seen what you can do in class and know that since this is 'easy' you can do so much more. And I know that what you choose to do with Charms you'll be great." His words were meant. All of them, though he MIGHT deny it if anyone ever came to him about it. The only one he would admit it to were Willow and his friends.

Slowly he nodded to the girl and gave a wave when they got closer to her dorm. "See ya tomorrow, Willow."


The girl knew Remus was a liar when he claimed being okay with who he was. She had seen the struggle and him close off near the last couple full moons. But she couldn't say it. And only hid against him when he hugged her. This was a part of her she had hoped not he or any other would truly see. Willow saw the occassional break but never like this.

After a few moments, Blakely stepped back and was rubbing at one of her eyes. A soft and sad smile traced her lips. [b "You'll do that to someone who wants to be there....and I'm so very used to being strong and trying to be there for others. It's hard to remember to take my own advice."] She whispered and backed away slowly.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 3d 23h 5m 4s
"It only means you aren't conventional so nothing quite fits,that's not a terrible thing," Willow said, feeling that pull again. She really hated Snape in this moment. Close to her dorms she stopped to look at him and nodded. "Charms. I loved it before but now I know I can do so much more."

Now there was work to do. This could go well, terrible or a dud. She was going to try. "I'll see you tomorrow Sirius."


"I don't hate myself, i am okay with who and what I am, Blakely. I jus know it's more difficult and why would I do that to someone?" Remus pulled her in a hug. "I'm sorry for your loss, I am. Maybe you should take your own advice. Take some time for yourself not everyone else."

It was really sad, and it seemed two different situations happened to each. "It time for both of you to do that."
  Memory / Faust / 3d 23h 28m 17s
Blakely was used to "stretching herself too thin" as the boy had put it. God did she want to tell him what she knew. That he COULD be a partner and a damn good one once he stopped dwelling on being a werewolf. That everyone had someone out there for them. But if she did that, the girl ran the risk of telling way more than she was supposed to. Ran the risk of finally explaining that she and Willow were not from the time they were in now.

[b "He died because he wanted to help in something just like Willow and I did. We had been partnered up and he took a curse that had been meant to kill me...She knows he died and they had been close...but not that it had been my fault for not being able to look after myself... But my point to this... You don't want to not try Remus. To just believe that you aren't a good man...and you only do have one life. Don't let that pass you by. Anyone would be luck to be with you...You just have to give yourself and them that chance."] Her words were soft as she looked down, tears she had been fighting slipping down her cheeks as she back away from the boy.

[b "I should not have said any of this...I'm sorry."]


The look the girl gave him was one that caught his attention. It was mixed between a smile and like she knew something. But how could she? Maybe since their year and time at school was coming to a close he was becoming more paranoid. Yeah, that had to be it. Everywhere he turned everyone had an idea what they wanted and where they were heading. He himself still have no idea.

"It probably will take a long time before I do. Up until now I've never taken anything seriously and just taken things as they came. What about you? Do you know what you want to be doing?" He asked as his arm was soon looped with hers and he smiled. "I'd be happy to walk you back."
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 3d 23h 25m 36s
"It's not what ministry job I will take or what parish I chose to live in. It's more, and I can't be a partner or any of that. This may seem as if I'm pitying myself but I'm not. It's all true and really its okay," Remus stopped giving her a soft smile before looking to her. "You've lost the person you loved, trying to help your cousin from her inner turmoil. Its wonderful and all. Perhaps you should take care of yourself before you stretch yourself out too thin."

Giving a kind look he placed his hands in his pockets. He would need to talk to Dumbledore, he might have some ideas.


Willow didn't tease him, only gave a mixed smile. If only he knew. Perhaps there could be a way, there wasn't any information though. That'd be another thing on the agenda, Grinch Snape wouldn't know what to think.

"I'm sure you'll stumble on it," she said before offering her arm. "Would you like to walk me to my dorm, partner in crime?"
  Memory / Faust / 4d 3m 11s
It wasn't something that Sirius would readily admit to. Because no one had ever known him to be nervous or to be scared. Him and those two words were hardly ever used in the same sentence or thought. But as she gave the gentle teasing, the boy realized that she was right. He was actually nervous which was odd. Slowly he nodded to her words. "Yeah, guess I am."

"You know I do intend to keep you to it. Especially since the end of the year is soon and there is no telling where we're going from here." Words that almost sounded sad as he spoke them. For like Remus, the young Mister Black had no idea where he belonged or what he would be doing. School had been easy because he always knew, but life was going to be hard and he felt completely and utter lost.


Blakely was silent as the two walked through the snow covered grounds. It was nice and the usual comfortable silence they shared, but there was a heaviness that came with it. One that seemed to make her sad as well as her hands dug into her pockets more. The girl was quiet as she listened to what Remus had to say, and admittedly it did hurt. But she probably should have expected it too. She already had one person she had loved taken, why not another she was starting to fall for be taken too? It only made sense, right?

[b "You're still young, Remus. We all are and not all of us know our place in the world yet. Some struggle more than others but there is a place for everyone. And I know you are one of the ones who do struggle... but you also deserve a chance and shouldn't be so hard on yourself....I..."] But she had to stop herself.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 4d 34m 58s
"Sirius Black is nervous to kiss a girl?" Willow teased giving a soft chuckle. It wasn't as if it'd be awful, or him, there was just that something else. Instead of continuing the teasing she looked to him thoughtfully before giving a smile. "Why not wait then? I promise I will keep my end of the bargain."

Willow did have to wonder why she would agree so willingly? There wasn't that much time if she could get this to work and study without prying eyes. There was something chaotic about her right now she just hoped there could be some resolution.


Something aboutwandering around in the snow that made him both happy and sad. After Hogwarts where could he go to change safely. "Blakely, I'm happy that we are friends. I just hope that you don't think that we can be more. Im...I can't be in that position as much as I want to."

It was almost blunt if it wasn't sad. "I don't even know what I'm going to do when I leave school."
  Memory / Faust / 4d 1h 3m 51s
The boy smirked again and couldn't help a laugh. It was just amusing that she knew him so well and shot it back at him. "Hey, but can you blame me?" Sirius asked as he moved a bit closer to the girl.

She did seem a bit uptight and the silence was a little awkward. One that was tense for him too. "So should we?" He asked. Usually he wasn't so nervous, but again the others he didn't really like. They never gave him the sort of feelings that the girl gave.


Blakely could hear the awkward pause in his words. There was something off in his words and the save he had used. She could feel it. But she and he had the mutaul understanding of not asking. A small smile traced her lips and she nodded. [b "So to make sure you got a needed book."]

Again she nodded to the boy. Her hand came up and pushed her hair away from her face. [b "It would be really nice. Maybe the coldness will help clear our heads. Heaven knows we've been studying too much."] And slowly she walked with him so they could get their coats and go for their walk
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 4d 18h 12m 19s
"I honestly don't know why I'm surprised, really. Thinking on it, it does seem like something that you would do," Willow gave a small laugh. Not that she was exactly wanted to do this. If there was any serious feelings, she'd know of of his life and death and feel responsible. Willow chastised herself for the gloomy thoughts when she needed to be focused.

"Oh, and the awkward silence. I almost missed this..." she said in faint amusement. It wasn't as if she was a stranger to this, it just wasn't often, the last time she truly remembered was at the Yule Ball.


Remus chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, not much anymore since we've slowed down in our old age. But yes, he used this whenever he needed a distraction, especially when we-" Remus stopped right there knowing he was going into secret territory. "Needed to find a book that everyone else did."

Not the smoothest recovery but it would work for him. "Let's get our coats and whatnot and go for a walk outside. It would be nice to go outside even if it's bloody cold."
  Memory / Faust / 4d 19h 10m 46s
It was not secret that he was interested. If he wasn't, the boy wouldn't have helped and he would not have stayed around so long. As it seemed, Willow was like a flame to him and he was a moth. She was pretty for sure but as he said there was just that spark that was so alluring to him. That spark that drew him in. And even when burned he just couldn't stay away evem when he had tried a few different times after she had shunned him and tried to avoid him.

As soon as he got her answer, the first words and them being so dumbfounded amused him. He couldn't help the faint chuckle or the smirk. "You seem suprised that I would ask this. But fair is fair." Sirius said as they were a safe distance and he moved to the girl. Honestly he had wondered for a while what it would be like. Not that he would say it though. Again not his classic self if he admitted ANY of that.


A soft sigh slipped from the girl as the other two were nowhere to be seen. And what met them was not exactly what she had hoped for. It was students scrambling around and womdering what had happened. [b "He does this often?"] She asked quietly, rubbing her temples. The anxiety of the others around them along with her own in what Sirius and Willow could be up to had her own head hurting.

[b "Good luck with Lily...remember what I said.."] Blakely said, giving the confused boy a weak smile. She then nodded to Remus. [b "I think we could both use it...between those two we will be in early graves."] It was half a joke and half not.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 4d 19h 21m 26s
When the four reached the library there wasn't a sign of the pair, only students frantically trying to figure out what happened. Remus gave a sigh before shaking his head. "Well, it wasn't for studying, that's his classic distraction move. There might be reason to be concerned here."

James looked lost on what happened and exactly what those two were concerned about. "Alright, I'm going to see Lily now. Good luck mates."

Remus looked to her before shaking his head, "do you want to go for a walk? My head hurts."


"Snogging?" Willow asked dumbfounded when a safe enough distance. Placing the now filled book in her bag she looked to him. It wasn't that he wasn't attractive, she was attracted to him and rather liked him in some sense. It was difficult when she had two different images in her head, and the looming cloud of their fates.

If she rejected this, he'd wonder why, then it would be a Severus situation all over again. Giving a small sigh she looked to him. "Fair is fair, thank you for the help, and alright."

Now would this be awkward or good? She wasn't sure, but she'd find out. It was only once, right?
  Memory / Faust / 4d 19h 40m 8s
Grey eyes were on the girl as she rose the brow at him. With her he liked to play the games but only because she threw them back at him. A smirk crossed his lips as he leaned on a small table that was by a shelf. "Oh you injure me. But if I started off with that would you have let me help? Besides it's nothing big, just a snog." She had asked and so he might as well tell her straight out. When it came to it, the Black boy was not big on beating around the bush and could be a bit rash or forward.

Once he had spoken, Sirius did still stay back to watch her. It was still curious to him what exactly she was looking for. And why exactly she had aaked him. But it if he were honest he was more than happy to help her. Also was starting to like her and more than he had ever any other girl before. For the time being though he did try not to let her or many know it. It was why he kept mostly to classic Black.


[b "Knowing Willow she has something she wanted to do but needed someone there. Just curious that it would be him because of how she complained about him in the beginning... Perhaps this is in part what you were talking about Remus...her needing to deal with things...But I want to know why him and why that part of the library."] Blakely said as she looked to James and to Remus.

It really did bother her that Willow was up to something and not letting her help. It was to the point she was bouncing slightly where she stood. She knew what she wanted to do, but she looked between the two. If she was going to try and find out, the girl didn't want to go alone.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 4d 19h 52m 8s
It was incredible being in the Forbidden Library. If she ever was a spinster she'd stay here as the librarian...of course she doubted they liked their librarians reading these books. Giving Sirius a bright smile, she actually could use that charm, though there was several spells that could counter it. The Weasley twins would have loved these boys. In fact she had a feeling that the Weasley's followed after them in some way.

Hearing his words she rose a brow towards him. "So, you're extorting me? I'm more surprised you didn't start off with that. And what is that you'd want?"

Willow asked while she darted to the dusty corner, using her wand she pulled down several books scanning through it quickly. Each reject being put back before finally finding a small, damaged book. Pulling out a blank book, she muttered a spell watching as the words flew from the book to the pages. "Got it..." This should be the right book. "Shall we go?"


Remus caught it quickly as well, giving James and Blakely a puzzled look. "What is Sirius doing in the library? He never goes to the library even for the end of the term...And with Willow...unless she convinced him to study with her."

"Sirius would never study with a girl no matter how pretty they are," James shook his head. "Maybe we should investigate."

"Agreed," Remus nodded. "Mischief managed."

Remus looked towards her, wondering if she was capable of running there to discover what Willow and Sirius was doing. Chances were they didn't know they were even caught.
  Memory / Faust / 4d 20h 7m 41s
Blakely would have loved to transfigure the little rat of a boy into a tea cup and the thing was she could very easily. But she didn't out of respect for James and Remus. But it was starting to get on her nerves how Peter didn't seem to trust either her or Willow when the two of them had done NOTHING that really should have warranted it. Again though if she looked at it from her view two new friends that happened to appear as he was gone could be a bit odd.

As soon as the map was shown, Blakely let her eyes trail over it. [b "Every person and all the ins and outs of the school. The only place the map doesn't show is the Room of Requirements because it never stays long. Very impressive boys."] The girl said with a smile and wink. Her eyes then fell on Sirius and Willow on the map and she was frozen.

What could they be up to? And together? Her eyes slowly went to Remus and to James as she motioned to the map and what had her acting so odd.


The library was much more crowded then it normally was. Students were all over and had books and partchment spread over the tables. But then it was after the holidays and the work loads had picked up again. His eyes went to Willow and he smirked faintly. "There are ways around this. But you may want to cover your nose and mouth as well."

His words were just barely out of his mouth when he withdrew his want. And seconds later, the boy uttered a spell that would have students attacked by their parchments and also a smoke screen came into play. Having used the charm before, Sirius took the girl's hand and pulled her towards the Restricted Section and opened the gate while screams were heard around them. It would last a few moments more but it gave them time.

"For the record I never thought you boring. You have a fire to you most don't. It's intriguing to say the least. But now have to say that to keep this secret we're going to have to figure something out." The boy said as he had the gate closed behind them.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 4d 20h 2m 41s

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