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Severus was not one for sentiments but now it would be the time to let down his guard and the charade. Or at least for a few moments for the girl. She had suffered his unbearable insults and strange punishments for years. And she had for lack of better words grown on the man.

"I want you to know that you a very strong and talented young witch. Whatever life is to throw at you, I know you will rise to the occassion. So now I just hope you will put practice into everything you have been learning."

Those were the last lines he spoke to her before he went to play his own part in all of this. He knew what was coming and that had been the best he could do in his way of telling her "good-bye and he had been proud of her".


The forest had been her original spot she had been assigned to. The girl was one of the only one who knew the creatires and their weaknesses. A small smile did grace her lips as a returned gesture of their former professor. [b "It was my original assignment. Think I would back out?"] And with her words there was both the sparkle of determination but a sadness as well.
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One by one they seemed to arrive in the room they were told. Already the people were arriving, including Voldermort's army. It was the moment they had been preparing for and yet he wasn't sure how he made it to the next part.

Spotting Blakely he smiled towards her. "We're going to face the forest, I know we will be facing Fenrrir and where they are coming through the forest. Will you join me?"
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Blakely noticed the freeze and even the concern when Snape had been mentioned. Out of everything, that had been the most confusing really. Last she knew, Willow had all but despised the man. But the quick flicker in the girl's eyes that there was a genuine respect and even perhaps admiration of the man. Perhaps even to the same degree she held the respect for Remus.. Of course she could not voice any of this as there was not much time. The war was about to fully begin.

[b "We may not.. But I regret nothing and have loved knowing the both of you. Now see you both later."] It was all she could say as she wanted to keep her composure and emotions in check. Besides, all she felt around them was crashing in on her as well. And with that, the strawberry blonde left to where she had been told her station would be. None of this would be easy but she at least hoped not too many would fall.
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"You shouldn't be. It's been...I think we are going to do very fine..." Willow said optimistically. With the layout of the traps and the other aspects from the other teachers it was a well laid Normandy Beach.

"McGonnagal has started with enchantments. The others can enter anytime and Professor Snape..." she stopped for a moment knowing the concern was evident.

"You must be mad...he's the one that escalated this," Brian said surprised.

Willow shook her head. "No...I can't explain...let's get to position. We may not make it out alive. It's been wonderful having wonderful friends. Now let's kick some arse."
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Blakely and Brian had both learned what Remus and the others could teach them. It was funny as they seemed to go toughest on her and him but never said why. Even with no answers, Blakely felt more ready and grateful for it.

They had been following the news. The death counts and the missing persons. But mostly seeing when Harry would be sighted and be back at the school.

And when that dark day came, so did the war. Both Blakely and Brian hugged Willow back. [b "I've been going crazy with worry about you. We both have. And the others are in the Room of Requirements."] The girl said as she was actually in a Gryffindor robe now. It had been how she had been able to sneak in and find the other.
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It had taken a few short months to learn more about dark arts and cursed objects. In school she had floundered to find what she loved but this she was good at and loved it.

There was only a short period she could learn about what she could. That had been the procedure practice or learn, and borrow another book. She already was making up for many years of not paying attention.

When the reports of Harry coming closer, and the day he came was the day they all dreaded. Seeing Blakely and Brian she gave them both deep hugs before laughing.

"So glad you're okay...We're just preparing the final traps now."
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The man had been fond on Willow. He actually had been for a long time and only just was showing it to the young woman. She had grown on him since he had "taken her under his wing". Willow reminded him why he did what he did and to remember that giving up was not an option.

Severus blocked one of her spells and nodded. "The more practice you have, the better you will get. We have a little time." His words as always were quiet as they had been spoken.
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"Ginny took charge of most of it. Leave it to a Gryffindor to take charge. It's set in different hallways, mostly by that closet to Narnia," Willow said. It took difficult to set it up and tiptoe around the Death Eaters. The wands had been the luck of Brian.

"Can we work more on those spells before I need to go back?" She asked. Practicing with him was actually growing to be a great time, she was fond of him at this point. She didn't know all of his story only that this dedication was what she wanted.
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His words were in a sense bone-chilling. But she knew that she had asked the man what he thought was coming. The sadness that had come through with Lily and James mentioned almost made the girl want to cry. ALMOST. She had never been good with her emotional control and the "empath" thing as she was often told. But his last words made her nod. [b "Now more than ever we have to have faith and trust in those we are close with...And to just like you said be there and pray we can do this."] She said quietly.


"Are you sure that they have the enchanments done and placed as you told them? You know there is not much time left..." Severus said quietly as he stood in the office with Willow. He too was looking beyond the castle and to the forest. Time was ticking down and they only had a few days left.
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"Though...If I do have any ideas, I'd say that she has some greater help. We both did a few years ago," Remus smiled towards her. That was good to believe, he and Sirius just started to disbelief in everything the other was doing.

"I do not. The First battle, it was terrible, to lose Lily and James like that destroyed me. This, I fear, will be terrible though. We will need every light and bravery that we can muster. Remain close and true to each other."
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Blakely and Brian didn't much speak after they had broken up. They still helped the other when needed and were DEFINITELY there when Willow needed it like she did now. But still there was a kind of peace and familiarity there. If they lived this, she was thinking to maybe try again with him.. Only if he would want to.

A small, sad smile graced the young woman's lips. On their travels she had seen some of their friends die and some had even kept secrets to keep them safe. [b "It does hurt... But I would trust Willow with my life. So if she thinks this is for the best... well I guess it is."] Her words seemed to reflect something the her from before had said, though she had NO idea it had.

[b "Do you know how bad this is going to be?"] The girl asked as she leaned on the windowsill and looked out at the black lake just beyond the castle walls.
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Remus wasn't able to wear the bracelet given years ago. In stead he wore it like a necklace but that was under his shirt.

"I know it must be painful to think that she does not trust you with her new secrets. These times are dire and it's these times when despite how murky it seems, we must trust," Remus spoke from experience.

Brian was wonderful at charms, and still the awkward silence between the two was cute. There had never been true love for him, nor a strong romantic relationship, he tried casual but it grew difficult to explain.
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[b "Willow is known for her madness and her genuis. Even you had said that."] Blakely pointed out as she and Brian had been a part of the group chosen to put Willow's idea into play. She was wondering when the other girl would be thinking something like this out.

The young woman was playing with one of the enchanted bracelets she had made while they had been working on the project and bit her lip. She didn't know why..but she almost felt like this would be the last they would see some of those they had fought beside and even in a sense grown up with.
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"Then I'll casually mention this to a few of them and before we know it...this will happen..." Willow said with a bright expression. It was fairly clever though risky. "Good night, Professor."

She never did show anything deeper towards him, if anything there was genuine respect and she did do as she was told now. Mostly at least.


"That's the last of these to be placed. Thought this would be mad if it wasn't brilliant," Remus said as he watched Brian and the others finish the enchantments.

The others expanded on the idea such as taking out more of them yet they had to be be conspicuous.
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The lives lost really took a toll on everyone. As did the count of the missing persons going up day after day. He and the others were still trying their best but it still didn't seem enough. They all it seemed needed to step up. For the others that would be easier as they were not playing the double agent and trying to lack of better words keep the peace.

A sigh slipped from the man as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. Things were certaintly getting complicated. "I can provide the cover...but the lot of you may have to work fast... Even call in Remus and the group who have just returned.." He said quietly.
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