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This time there was a plan, a setting, it was all set. Keeping the endless bag on her she looked to Blakely she gave a soft sigh. It had taken two years to get what was left, amazing considering this took over ten years for the other.

"Well, here it goes...it seems we'll have three months before we forget anything. Which is why I, uh, lifted these. It will help us form that identity or we'll be obviated."
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[b "He did start to write a book..and it was dedicated to a special young woman who believed in him in a time he couldn't even believe in himself."] Blakely said softly as she had pulled down a book that was more of a binder. And slowly she brought it over to Willow. [b "And I know you do... I think that he had just wanted to live his life...and had not thought of the small beauties and gifts of life."] Her words were thoughtful as she waved a hand and a flower did grow in the empty pot on the windowsill.

They had learned so much. It was like this had been where their lives had been heading. [b "You're right. It is and we know what is out there too. Right now they need that help."] She said quietly. Though her mind was again on the letter they had been left. Those directions as well.
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"There isn't room for a garden. I've always wanted one. A muggle one, mind you...roses, daffodils...what sort of place doesn't even have a yard?" Willow said as she went through more of the books. It'd take her a lifetime to read all this.

There would be so much that would need to be done on both of their parts. "And you can do it...the ministry is a big, fresh wound. We can rebuild. We need to."
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Blakely gave a thoughtful smile. Willow was one to like vibrant or not cold and grey. But she also imagined that the other was thinking more of the last year of school. [b "No I don't think so. Perhaps he wants you to make this place more a home though. You were always good at that sort of thing."] The girl said as she moved to a shelf and took a book down.

A sad smile traced her lips as Willow spoke her words. The man had shown her that world and opened it up to her. But she assumed he had since their third year. Absently she played with her bracelet. [b "I made him a promise and it's time I get started on that. And I have seen how the world treats them..It is unfair."]
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"Is it wretched that he left this house to me and yet I really do not like it here? There's so much gray, no yard, only gray," Willow frowned moving one book aside. "He should have written a book...Yes."

Willow looked to her and gave a soft smile. "He taught you so much over these few months, and showed you that world. Maybe...you can help with the policies and make it a better world for creatures everywhere."
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It had been a month and the girls had spent most of it going through the home that had been left to Willow. There had been like an endless array of books that had taken forever to go through. Some were donated and others they did keep to help them. Help them further their learning but also to keep their minds busy.

[b "It still feels so soon with everything that happened...But you're right. It's time to start our lives..none of them would want us moping about. Besides I was going to start in their Magical Creatures office.."] The girl said as she gave Willow a weak smile.
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It was their house.

Somehow in just those months of knowing him, she became the sole heir to his vast knowledge and house. The thought of the professor that terrified her for all those years became the one that nurtured her.

Willow and Blakely spent a month just going through the books to see what they would keep and donate.

"So, I know it's soon...after all those deaths...but I'm going to go to the ministry. They probably have some of the knowledge and items. And...it's time to start our lives."
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A weak smile came to her lips and she nodded slowly. When around others, Blakely was able to put on a brave face. She was able to smile. But here with Willow she was being completely true. She was giving into what she felt. She could either smile or she could cry. Her "abitliy" made that more than possible. [b "You know...It might be the thing we need...And he would have been the one to make this less a riddle if he could..lets go see a professor's house.."] The girl said as she took Willow's hand.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 39d 48m 56s
"Suppose it's time to use these books to know what we need to put in our trolley," Willow gave a waning smile. It was too hard, she couldn't cry nor could she smile. There was a good collection of books for them and items those were at Snape's house though.

"I know he would have left us more clues. Should we go see what a Professor's house looks like?"
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A weak smile came to her lips. She knew the other was trying to tease and make a joke of it. But it still stung and she could see it quite did for Willow too. [b "Perhaps this time...it had been for us both."] Her words were quiet and thoughtful as ever.

The strawberry blonde was trying to hold it together but she wanted to break and cry too. Slowly she hugged Willow and gave a weak smile. [b "Well...we know where this journey begins...and like you said it's a long list...so we better start."]
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"Professor Snape wrote what was needed. It's missing parts, wanting to make it a riddle, he knew that made me happy. And all that warm parts must be for you," Willow tried to smile and tease, instead it ended up failing.

"There's a lot missing. We couldn't do it now...I think we should do it...and finish everything on the list. It's going to take a while," she said knowing she wanted to cry again.
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The girl had been in the forest. Had been the one to find a pretty near torn apart Remus with Fenrir stood over him. The man had told her to go and help the others. Had done all he could in keeping the "monster" away from her. And she had been the one to kill Greyback, staying with Remus until he was gone. It...she had never meant for what happened to happen. But he had made her promise to keep caring for others and to keep to her work with the creatures. Not being able to do anything else and knowing she owed the man, Blakely had given her promise.

Both she and Willow had been the ones with Severus and Remus when they died. Had been the ones who had heard their final words and had had to explain what had happened. How the men had died and how brave they had been.

Quickly she shook her head and had to pull herself back to the present. [b "I...when we were told that I couldn't believe they would have..None of them.."] Her words were quite and filled with pain. Unlike Willow, Blakely could still cry when she thought of Remus, Severus, Brian, and all their brave and fallen classmates.

Slowly she took a breath and nodded. [b "I...yeah I can."] It killed her to read it because the instructions were from Dumbledore, Severus, and Remus. It stated by the time she and Willow read the letter they would be gone. And to know that what they had done was because they cared and were returning favours two brave young women had once offered to them. It then went on to day how proud they were of how much they had grown and that they could do anything. At the end.. it was instructions and knowing they were hurt and lost..but asking they take on one final adventure. An adventure which had to do with a box of items locked within the headmaster's office.

[b "D-do we do it?"] The girl stammered when she had done reading.
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It still hurt from where she had been struck by that curse, and yet Madame Pompfrey knew exactly what to do immediately. It could have killed her. She never knew how she did, but thought Professor Snape knew about it.

They were dead, they had been there for their respected professor's death.

Willow hadn't let go of his hand until she knew he passed over. "They left us everything they owned..." Willow mumbled unable to do more tears. Brian, their professors, classmates.

Blinking she looked to the letter. "I can't look at it right now...can you?"
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At the time the words had been spoken by the man, they had been lost on Blakely. But something in her had known it was a good-bye and he had not expected to make it out of the final battle alive. But he had not been the only blow struck. Remus, Brian, Severus...so many had fallen that night and huge holes and aching hearts had been left.

As she stood beside Willow, green eyes turn to the other girl. Neither of them had spoken much since the beginning of the war and the aftermath was crushing. It actually seemed to pull them further apart. But she knew that Willow had been struck by all of this just as much if not more than she had. And it had only been a few days so the injuries and memories were more than fresh.

[b "We were left one final set of instructions....this letter..."] Blakely whispered when she and Willow were alone. The writing on the envelop clearly stated their names. And again she looked to the other, wondering if they should even open it..
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 41d 22m 21s
"Why does it sound like you're saying good bye?" Willow asked with a frown. It was a silly sentiment but it was a chance that everyone would die here. "Really? Thank you...I...you're a wonderful professor when you aren't scaring us. And I respect you, it's brave doing what you've done for so long."

She hated to think about this more but she nodded. "They'll be expecting you. Good luck, Professor."


Remus turned to her and gave a thoughtful look. "I never told you about a woman I met a long time ago. She gave me one of my prized possessions, one of my few. A good luck charm if you will. She inspired me to be a wise teacher."

He knew it would not make any sense to her at all right now. "You're a wise and caring young woman. I hope that you will continue the work with creatures."
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