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The girl couldn't help laughing softly at some of the faces Remus made when he tried the variations of the pizza. It was to her like a child trying to decide what he liked and what he didn't. Already she knew what she liked and was taking a bite from her own pizza, setting it down when he asked her more about her. The question shouldn't have taken her aback as it did but still it had.

[b "Well I can say that I like movies, bowling, playing cards though you know how miserable I am with it... Um I liked being able to go to the lake and just reading, writing, or sometimes drawing. But mostly I had found that I liked spending my time with Willow and Brian...I also loved being around animals and children..."] Her words were thoughtful as she did have to struggle some to remember. A lot of her memories were still there but slowly she found they too were diminishing just as her old life was. [b "What about you? What more is there you like?"]


At those words, Sirius gave her a raised eyebrow. He was almost sure with that comment she knew about the Animagus thing. But he wouldn't tell her if she was right. "I think a chihuahua  or even a cat would be easier." The boy said with a smirk and a chuckle.

"Well since it is the British way we might as well do it. And a Pub sounds like it could be fun. Will they have music?" Sirius asked as he really was again eager to explore. He couldn't help it though.

"So do you know the things you used to like to do?" He asked, head inclined as he was curious.
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"I...I don't remember..." Willow said after a moment. If it was a strong memory, she knew it, but the subtle ones was disappearing. There wasn't anything to replace it with. Perhaps it was time to write down more so they would have something at least. Giving a side ways look she looked to him. "A chihuahua would be easier."

She guessed it would be him since they had been with Remus that night. She just wanted to see the reaction. Once the train appeared, it was clunkier than she remembered, but still smelt and had the same amount of people on. Still having his hand she stepped on finding a spot to stand. "It is the British way. Maybe later we could go to a pub."


"It's lovely," Remus said softly. He had grown up like some of the others on an piece of land outside of a city. It had been a nice place, even in his condition. It was comfortable here and he could tell she was at ease here, too.

The pizza was a strange variety of things. He found what he liked without any mushrooms on it. "So, there are those books, pizza and all that. What else is there that you like?" He asked curious about her other than the tragedy.
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"Which was your favourite read and what one made you want to claw your eyes out?" Sirius asked and had to admit that her next comment of the leash was more than amusing when he thought about the fact that he shifted into a giant black dog. But he couldn't say that. "Maybe you do. But no promises that I still wouldn't be dragging you all over the place." Came his words with a smirk as he gave her a side glance.

When he had been taken underground and saw the muggle way of getting tickets again his curiosiry was piqued. He was close to asking her about it but with there being too many people he decided that he would ask when it was just them. "So you would recommend at least trying the fish with the deep fried potatos?" The dark haired boy asked as they were on the train and had come to a stop to let more people on and off. He truly was letting Willow lead as she seemed to know it all and he was a stranger to it.


The girl giggled softly as she could smell the pizza and everything food wise around them. One perk to being half a vampyre were the stronger sense. The downfall, her being an empath was stronger too. So with that she could sense his curiosity and anxiety as it seemed to radiate from him. Only did she seem to relax as he seemed to change course of thought. [b "It's a quaint little town. Beautiful and not too many people. And trust me you'll like it. It's where we're all meant to meet up when we bring the others back with us... But I can take you tonight to see it?"] She asked.

It was nice to see him so bright. [b "That Remus would be the pizza. But they have other foods too. Come on."] Blakely said with a smile, leading the boy in and to seats at the counter. [b "Get anything you want. It won't bite you."] The girl teased with a wink.
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"Pizza sounds delicious then. At least from what I heard it is delicious," Remus gave a small chuckle. It was clear that him asking her was not something she wanted to talk about right now. Perhaps it was for the best to find each other an a lighter level. "This is a nice town, and a head quarters? That's amazing. I can't wait to see it."

Remus could already smell something amazing ahead. he gave her a bright look before smiling. "What is that smell?" He asked brightly.


"Some where interesting, some were not, of course she wanted to read it all. There was some good ones, though," Willow said thoughtfully. Taking in his look when on the street she gave a chuckle. "I may need to get a leash for you...c'mon we'll take the tube to get to where we need to go."

Finding the station she went underground, paying for the tickets. It felt weird that there wasn't some machine doing it. Handing Sirius the ticket she waited on the platform liking feeling secure. "Fish and deep fried potatoes, it's amazing. If you don't like fish, there's much more."
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Blakely gave Remus a faint smile as her hands went behind her back. Maybe she looked better and she did feel better but it also was that more seemed to weigh on her mind. Not that she had meant to have it show or be so very obvious to the boy who had become her closest friend aside from Willow while they had been in what used to be their history.

[b "For tonight how about we just enjoy it? I'll tell you soon what it is... And the time with Willow...it had been intersting. We did manage to find a place for HQ where all of us could be with no complications."] Came her words thoughtfully as she led him towards a small pizza parlor. [b "Feel like pizza?"]


Sirius chuckled when he saw her surprise and smirked a bit. "Lets just say I had gotten hit with it a couple of times. And no puns intended between Blakely and Lily." The boy admitted. But that was all he told her, not wanting to give the impression he had actually read it. That would be out of his character ans contadict the role he gave himself to play.

"She did? Seems she likes to study and get into things more, am I right? Did you at least enjoy the reading or get bored?" It honestly made him curious as he still didn't know all that much about the girl. Still she knew more about him.

As they had gotten into muggle London, the boy's eyes wandered with his curiosity. All of it was new and so very exciting to see. "Lets go with food...and what did you call it again?" He asked, attention coming back to Willow. He looked like a child wanting to run wild and to explore everything.
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Willow gave him a surprised look at the fact that he knew that. To him it wouldn't be that old since it was placed in the sixties, to her it had been outdated. At least until she had went to Hogwarts when the question of her blood came up.

"Yep that's the book," she gave a smile. "We were supposed to read it in Junior high but learned magic instead. Blakely checked out books that we were going to read in muggle school and sort of made me read them."

She gave a small fond smile at the memory of that. Once back in London, there was the busy roads and the cars driving past so busily. It almost looked the same, smelt the same. "Well, if you're hungry there should be a place that has amazing fish and chips. Maybe a movie. I guess we'll find out."


"That all sounds good," Remus nodded. What sort of shops a muggle would have was beyond him a little. He was curious to try and see what there was. The bowling sounded the best. Looking to her, she seemed to be doing well enough, though there was new worry in her eyes.

"Are you doing okay with everything? You look better than when we left Hogwarts," she did look better though more worried. "How was the trip with Willow?"
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Blakely's cheeks lit up with a blush as she slowly pushed her hair behind her ear and gave the boy a small smile. She was just as timid about this as he seemed to be. Not because she didn't like him, but because she did and very much. What held her back more or less was all the conversations they had had at Hogwarts, the fact that she was different now and didn't think he could like her for what she had become, and still remembering what he had in the future. It was all so head dizzying when she thought about it.

[b "I was thinking that maybe we could get some dinner, maybe explore some of the shops here...and then do bowling when it got a little later. It would be easier as later it won't have so many people around. I've been watching the town here the last few nights after Willow had gone to bed...."] She explained as she slowly held a hand out to him to take. [b "We can start wherever you want."]


Sirius chuckled faintly at her words. He couldn't help his amusement at her teasing him. "You're talking about [i The Outsiders] right?" The young man asked with a faint smile. He was only asking because he had gotten hit upside the head with it by both Lily and Blakely before the year at Hogwarts had ended and Blakely had insisted it was an amazing book. It had made him wonder why and he figured there was no hard to see the fuss, though he would not admit it.

His hand gave hers a small and subtle squeeze as she took his hand and led him towards the Leaky Pub that would lead them into London. He had only been on the Wizarding side not the muggle one and so was curious what awaited them. "So where were we going first and what did you want to do, Miss Straite?" Sirius asked, obviously curious and excited for their adventure or date.
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She looked stunning, much more like herself, if he could say those thoughts than he would have. Remus wasn't like Sirius and was able to say those things so easily. "You look...you look good..." Remus settled on giving a small chuckle, awkwardly hugging back. Oh yes, he liked her, only that was the issue. He was entirely too nervous about that.

"So, uh, anything you'd like to do here? I mean other than bowling," he said rubbing his neck. He had a terrible week so far and he hoped this would turn it around.


"Oh, scruff and a leather jacket? Who would have thought you were a greaser," Willow teased, giving him a light hug. They were comfortable with each other physically to a point through the months they were sort of together. "That's a reference to a movie. Greasers were the poor, tough guys going against the rich assholes. It was one of my favorite movies."

She had to remember to explain. Taking his hand she started for the Leaky Pub where they would enter to get to London. She was excited to see how London used to be compared to her memories.
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Sirius was actually in black jeans, white shirt and his favourite black leather jacket when he appeared. It was a style of his that his parents had so loathed but one he had so very liked. And since he was going to be spending time with Willow and knew the girl would be open minded had figured that it would be okay to be more of himself than she had even saw at Hogwarts. For even at Hogwarts, Sirius had still been on some form of a leash so to speak.

A smile came to his lips as he saw the girl in the muggle clothes and he walked over after he had appeared. She looked good and he had to say he was loving the new hair and clothes too. "Hey there. Long time no see. It's good to see you." The young wizard said, smile never faltering.


The girl herself was a bit anxious as she had told Remus to meet her in the town she and Willow had stayed near. The girl was in a white blouse and black skinny jeans as she saw Remus appear. Honestly she was a little skittish of what the boy would think of the new hair ane clothes, mentally kicking herself for those thoughts. Compared to everything those thoughts should have been the last thing on her mind. Especially now understanding that she and Willow were half-sisters and the secrets of a Death Eater.

Quickly the girl pushed those thoughts out of her head as she made her way over to Remus. [b "Hey there. It's so good to see you again."] Blakely said and gave him a quick hug before she stepped back.
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With fresh, new clothes and a new hair style she felt better. It was still...awkward to a point considering what had come to light. To the world she would a muggle born and the secret of the death eater.

She had told Sirius to meet her at Diagon Alley dressed in the short shorts and a Pink Floyd tee shirt. She wore one of those sleeveless vests over it as per style.


Remus had already arranged to meet her in her in the town she was by. He apparated there when and where told. This truthfully was the most nervous he had been.

Waiting nervously he glanced around feeling shabby compared to the others.
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The girl couldn't help a laugh and shake of her head. [b "I'm sure we could find one for you."] She couldn't help teasing the other. It was nice to have the lighthearted fun for just that little while. And she continued to watch as Willow switched her hair and finally settled on three inches shorter, feather cut and long bangs. [b "That actually looks the best out of the styles you have tried."] Blakely said with a smile.

Having her hair so short was odd as she was used to the long style it had been. But she wasn't going to argue and even flushed slightly. [b "Think I'll keep it for a bit. Besides it's hair and it'll grow."] The girl said with a smile. Quickly she then nodded her head when clothing was mentioned.

[b "Think four or five outfits sounds about right. We've been seriously needing a new wardrobe. And this gives us an excuse."] And as she spoke, Blakely gently poked Willow's side. [b "Though we might want to go in the early morning."] Those words were thoughtful as she gave a small smile.
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"I just need a flapper dress and I'll be good," Willow laughed. Attempting a dew more stupid hair styles and colors, this was fun. Eventually she settled on three inches shorter, feather cut and long bangs.

Looking to Blakely she gave a grin to her. "He's not going to know what to do. Now tomorrow we need to clothes shopping. We have what, four outfits?"
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Green eyes were on the other girl as her hair was changed to being a bob. Most times Blakely was used to the long haired style her half-sister had. But she could appreciate the new style. [b "It looks really pretty on you. Maybe you should keep it."] She said with a wink as she gently reached out and gave Willow's hair a gentle tug. She was teasing the other girl with tug but had meant her words of it being pretty.

A smirk crossed her lips as she looked to the short permed picture that she was shown. It did look pretty but was she sure it was for her? Maybe not, but them getting to play as they were was so nice. It was a good change and not a chance they had gotten often and not one she was sure they would get often. So the strawberry blonde nodded and took out her own wand, muttering a couple words she saw on the page, her hair changing to match the style of the picture.

[b "Well, what do you think?"] Blakely asked, biting her lip a little and brushing her fingers through the bangs to get them out of her face as she looked up at Willow
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Shifting the fire with the stick she looked to the book to the side of her. The brown book had a cover of a witch with hair that changed color, inside was pictures of styles, most of them was from twenty years ago. The wizarding world was behind in style. Clothes shopping...that would be another thing to do.

"Well, uh, let's try shall we? Oh...they have the bob in here," Willow took out her wand before stating a word. Her hair turned to a quick bob that was clearly from the twenties. "What do you think? Oh...you should totally do this one."

She showed her a picture of a curly perm but it was short, like something from the sixties. This was actually kind of fun to play around like this.
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It had seemed a silly question to ask where Willow had gotten the book, but her curiosity had been a bit piqued. As soon as the answer was given, Blakely found herself nodding slowly. Of course there was no point in trying to get the names of their former classmates as it was the last year and well it was highly unlikely they would see them again anyway. Kind of interesting that this was their lives now and soon would be their hisrory. That their futures, or was it pasts no longer belonged to them.

A smile came to her lips as the other girl took up the ends of her hair and described something she may want to do. [b "Whatever you choose will be beautiful. Besides, you're right. Having something complicated and fussing with our hair with everything else seems pointless."] The words were thoughful as she spoke them and took a strange of her own hair and looked at it.

[b "Perhaps highlight it and go with a pixie cut. Or similar to you and cut a few inches and for me get it feathered."] Honestly she hadn't thought about it. And was slightly amused that they were spending their time trying to think of something to do with their hair
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