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"So, whatever the costs, we do it?" Willow asked seriously. It was a big leap and the others might not agree. Maybe they needed to lower the level on the maze, she'd talk to Dumbledore about how to do that. There was much more they could do and see his input with Peter.

"I'm going to see if I can talk with him. Why don't you see if we can get everyone a turn and then relax before you have to go," Willow suggested. She went to Severus to explain she would be back later.
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[b "We know what they face...all the lives lost... this is something we have to consider seriously...We...we've not had to before now..but knowing them...knowing they didn't get the lives they deserved I think rewriting all of this...Maybe it would be worth it."] Her voice trembled as she spoke the words.

It was after she spoke did she exit the house with Willow in time to see Dumbledore make the maze stop. [b "When it comes to that...we do.."] But she fell silent again, watching as Sirius came out.

The man looked as if he had seen a ghost. All of his worst fears had been there. And it seemed to him as if he had lost some of his sanity too. At first it had not been too bad. Riddles and charms. He couldn't explain it but now he knew why the girls had been so off.

"Remus you'll want to be careful. It's nothing we've faced before.." He said to the other when he had been able to regain himself. Grey eyes had gone back to the maze.
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[b "I guess the question is..."] Willow pursed her lips together. The question that they both hadn't had the guts to ask or answer. So much had happened already. [b " How far do we go to ensure the future doesn't happen?"]

Just seeing the spark she stepped out to see Dumbledore stopping the maze somehow. [b "Okay... We need to get an instruction manual."]

Remus looked to him as if they were partially insane. If it was like that he didn't want to know what was in there. Of course, the Death Eaters were fearless. "I'll go next after Sirius is okay."
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Away from the maze she was able to regain her focus and a bit of sanity. There was something with that maze that seriously messed with her and she couldn't help but wonder if it was a draw to the darkness or something? The "beasts" within some of them. But she had to shake that thought off. Sirius was in the maze now and one of the others would be next. She had to keep it together for her sister and for everyone else.

[b "Keeping Peter away could work...I mean we can't watch him every moment of everyday...he would still be able to slip through the cracks and still join them.."] Blakely had to point out. Her hand went through her hair and she couldn't help giving Willow a look at her next idea. [b "We are already messing with time so much...we can't do that too...there has to be another way...there just has to be."] She whispered as the red sparks went up.
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"Maybe we should get you away from here. You aren't looking so good..." Willow wrapped an arm around her and lead her inside. It had to be something with that maze, Sirius would be out soon, and then it'd be one of the boys next. Once inside she glanced around looking to her. "We need to stop Peter from becoming a Deatheater. Or keeping him away at all costs."

It was darker, then she realized it was her thoughts. "Oh...well I'm going darker now...maybe if they didn't have Harry so soon."
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Blakely's eyes moved to Willow when the other girl asked her if she had seen something. [b "Yeah...and it..."] But the girl shook her head. There was no point to share as it still had her scared. Her hands had moved to her arms and she rubbed them, watching as Sirius had been let into the maze. If this was anything like the demo, the man would want out soon.

[b "In the orginal history...Sirius was to be the secret keeper but had given the duty to Peter...If we tell Sirius...we can try and switch keepers..that way no one but Dumbledore, Sirius and the new keeper knows... We'll also have to search Voldemort out and try and stop him before this can truly begin.."] All of her words were hushed. Almost trance like as if she was trying to remember. But for the moment it felt as if the maze was calling to her.
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"You actually saw something in there, didn't you? I just felt like I was on this acid trip," Willow said. Of course, Blakely was far more sensitive than she was. Watching Sirius go in she looked to Blakely concerned. Pulling her aside she lowered her voice. "It won't be long until that prophecy is given...We need to do something for them...It was Peter's doing but how do we stop that?"

Keeping them as friends, close friends, would be good but Peter was a problem. He'd go to Voldermort sometime. It was weighing on her mind. If they kept the Potters alive...
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The strawberry blonde's hands were in her back pockets as she listened to both Willow and Dumbledore. She was thinking about the attempt she and Williw had tried the day before. It might have not been the real thing or the maze they were going to be facing but it still had taken a toll. And she wasn't admitting it but had done a number on her sanity a bit. [b "It's dark in that thing and can really mess with your head. Don't be a stubborn arse when it comes to it. Call out when you need to. There is no shame in it."] Blakely said quietly.

Her words were not directed at just Sirius as she spoke them. It might have sounded like it because the Black boy would be going first. But the words of caution had been for all. And she was sure Willow would know exactly what she meant. Both of them had had had a preview and had had to call out themselves. If a preview had done what it did, then what would the real deal do?

Severus noticed that the girls seemed a little off. And it made him wonder just how bad it could be. "Black, listen to them on this." He said quietly. He was almost certain that Sirius was letting it all go in one ear and out the other for the most part.

Sirius only nodded. Still his excitement was not dimmed even with the warnings given. It was just an overgrown bush. What could it do?

"Got it. Be careful and if it's too much send up the sparks. Can we please get this started?" He all but whined.
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"Well, we attempted...it was more like...well, it wasn't that impressive. We weren't great at Herbology or knew those curses like Sev," Willow shrugged to him. They had tried but it really wasn't that great more like hints at whatever it would be, that and it hadn't grown like it had it was now.

Dumbledore almost gave a knowing smile. "When it is too much shoot up a spark and it will be stopped."

Inside it was impossible to know. There would be "people" attacking from different places with disarming spells. But there would also be more personal stuff in there as well.
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Blakely's cheeks lit up and she gave Willow a swat at the smirk. [b "Very funny."] She said with a pout as they all headed back. She when getting back towards her room, the young woman perched on the windowsill in the moonlight to read. By now it had become habit for her. Only when it was a couple hours until the dawn did she "roll" into bed to get what sleep she could.

In the mirning, all of them were woken early. And it had Sirius a bit grumpy because of no coffee or breakfast yet. It was well known that with an empty stomach and no caffeine that he could be hard to handle. Well harder than was usual.

But that changed as they stood outside as both Dumbledore and Sprout had the little shrubs soon made a huge maze. And it really was something. For a moment, grey eyes were on it. Or were until the old man spoke.

"Right. I wanna see what this maze can do. They already tried it out." Again with that almost child like excitement at the idea of a new toy. He was even rocking on his heels, eagerly.
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"You finally kissed! Oh my God, it's about time...you two have only been making eyes at each other for the last few months..." Willow gave her a big smirk as they walked back. The room was made available by Mateo by the house elf. She at least made sure the he was taken care of.

That next morning Dumbledore, and the Herbology professor was there. Within seconds it went from a little maze into something much taller and larger. Dumbledore soundlessly did some enchantments.

"Miss Taylor and Miss Straite informed me that you wished to go first, Sirius," Dumbledore said gesturing lightly to him.
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Blakely gave Remus a soft smile as she returned his hug. [b "Good night.."] She whispered, knowing she wouldn't sleep much of the night. Just because she couldn't didn't mean the others couldn't. And when Willow's eyes came to her after Remus left, Blakely blushed. She moved over to her sister and nodded slowly. [b "Umm..early we kind of kissed."] She whispered to where only Willow heard her.

She then looked to the others still stood around. [b "Come on guys. It's been a long day and some sleep would be good. Besides knowing Dumbledore he'll be here early in the morning and watch each of us face this."] The young woman said with a clap of her hands.

Sirius gave one last pout as everyone was saying it was getting late. But it was and he was even more tired that he was letting on. "Night everyone!" He said as he soon followed after Moony. The hug and kiss to the girl's forehead had not gone unnoticed by the man.

"Could it be the two of you FINALLY made a move? Bloody hell it's been ling enough." The dog animagus said as he clapped Remus on the shoulder.
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"It's late and it's been a very rough day, let's get some sleep. We can try this out tomorrow, then get back to the quest we are on," Remus rose, his jacket having seen better days. He went over to Blakely and gave her a hug and kissed her forehead. "Good night."

Willow rose an eyebrow at them before giving a look to Blakely with a grin. Was it possible they actually had made a move?

"Bed does sound good," Willow agreed. "Good night everyone...We already wrote to him so hopefully he will be here tomorrow. "
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Blakely was rubbing her temples. The others were giving her a slight headache, well more or less Sirius. This was not something to jump right into. Both she and Willow being more skilled than the group had struggled even and so if they let them now, the maze would eat them alive. But she could not say that and only gave a weak nod and smile.

[b "Willow's right...until we have Dumbledore look this over and make sure we can handle it..no one else gets near it. We only know from notes..and even those alone are not enough to fully prepare us for what lies ahead..."] The young woman said slowly and quietly.

"So does that mean even you two are staying away from it now?" Sirius asked. Even with them seeming tired, the man was still really wanting to give it a try. Only half was he paying attention. Besides if they had faced it, how bad could it be?
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"Dumbledore ought to look it over first. We did...an okay job...but it's not great," Willow rubbed the back of her neck. It seemed like an impossibly long day and it was, the feeling after the battle coming back to her. The memories weren't dead, they were just a murmur in the background.

"It's all individualized, I think, obviously we have no idea what happened in the first one. It's only in...well...the notes given to us by someone else..." Willow said, almost saying Snape, it was how she was able to tell them apart. This was Severus the person she was sure she liked as more than a friend.

"This is more than that Sirius. It's different. After Dumbledore okays this then you can go first," she said feeling tired.
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