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The headache was still painful, but not blinding as it was this morning. Taking the potion carefully she gave a small smile. There was work to do And she felt as if she drank far too much.

"Thank you," she said rubbing her temple for a second.

It was confusing to her how he could be both insufferable and likable. She took a few pages out of her bag handing them to him.

"I translated the near riddles from the book for you. It's not double checked yet but seems in order. Thanks again."

She turned around starting up she glanced back before continuing. Either they'd die or get back.
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The night had been a long one. He could not help going over the words that Piper had spoken and the notes he had been shown. It was more then curious and continued to buzz in his head. The most he was able to come up with was that she and her friend were not from their time and were trying to get home to whatever time it was they had come from. Though that did not help with the fact that she had seemed to hate him. And since he knew that he would not be finding sleep or rather much sleep that night, Severus had decided to finish the potion he had been asked to help with.

Upon the morning he was tired but it was not at all a new concept to him. It had been something he had learned to live with since he had all but sold his life to Dumbledore and his persistent nightmares of his old friend's death. None of which he let on to and had gone on a out the morning and day as was usual. He taught as he always did and by his last class was sat at the desk with parchments and homework that had been turned in.

It was the creek of the door that had dark eyes come up and fall on the young woman. Just one look at her told him she had not slept much the night before either. [b "I finished it last night. It should be ready for you and your friend when you have all the items you need.. And if you wish to see the Headmaster he is in his office."] Severus said.
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There was a long list of what she never expected in her life.

She never expected her best friend of seven years to die. She never expected to fight in a war. The curse on her shoulder was entirely unexpected. Lastly, she never expected to know the person she had grown to fanthom in the last year of his life.

Tired in the morning, she continued to teach the class though was thoroughly tired. Receiving the owl from Blakely about her coming to Hogsmede gave her second wind.

In fact she waited for his class to finish for the last class she entered, and couldn't help a shiver.

"Is the potion ready by any chance? I have some unexpected plans and still need to speak to Professor Dumbledore," she flashed a small apologetic smile.
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[b "So it sounds more like we won't learn anything because they are stuck in the old ways and don't want to make room for change. It's sad really.."] She could not help her words as she spoke them. It had always made her sad that there could be those so stuck in there way and those who were outcasted for being different.

The blood curdling cry came again and this time seemed a bit closer. Slowly Blakely nodded and began to head back with the man behind her. Her own wand was still out. But it almost made her feel better that she was in good hands.


It was ironic the way she complained. Almost in a sense made him think she had been talking about him. But that surely could not be the case as they were near the same age. So he quickly pushed the notion away.

The faintest of smiles crossed his lips at her thanks. [b "You're welcome...and this certaintly has been interesting as I have never actually done this potion before."] His words were slow and quiet as ever. Dark eyes then went to the book she still had and he gave a nod to her. He wouldn't need it for the time being and though he did not say, the man hopes perhaps it could be of use to her.
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"I asked the same thing. Why don't they teach the creatures or how to identify? Even disarm instead kill. It's from those that hurt instead of try to understand," Remus said still listening as it came again. "I would say Banshee we should go."

He followed after her intent to protect her on the way back. The village was still popular.


Complaining how she was taught to the person who did it. At least she understood that bad days was when he couldn't relate to them, or was in a bad mood.

"Um, Severus...thank you...I can't tell you how much the helps us," she said. Still noticing she had a dark arts curse book in her hand. "May I borrow this?"
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Dark eyes stayed on the young woman as he stayed back to watch. She did seem to struggle but the determination and fact that she was able to get back on track kept him from stepping in. It was more complex than he had made it sound but from the wit she had shown and the resourcefulness he had figured she would be fine..only when she stepped back from pain did he move forward to take over again.

[b "It is just easier for me not to. Writing the book would take too much time. And I much rather help the students.."] Severus answered but did give a raised brow at the words she had spoken. But before he could ask, "Piper" was saying how it was late.

[b "Yes, we can finish tomorrow. Good night."] He said slowly.


She was silent as she walked with the man. His words and what he told her were things she had never known. And things they never taught them. So fascinating and something that WOULD be useful. [b "Why don't they teach us any of this and pretend like it never happened?"] The words were quiet as they had roamed through the woods and come to the old ruins of a settlement.

Her eyes fell on the settlement and it was like there was a draw. She would DEFINITELY have to mention that to Willow. It was Remus' soft yet assertiveness that called her out of her head and seeing his wand out that had her draw her own. [b "What was that cry..?"] She had heard it and it had been bone chilling.
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The potion was far more complex than she was prepared for. Yet, following his notes was easier. It still meant that she was terrible at it and struggled but didn't give up. When her arm began to hurt she stepped back as she had learned to do.

"You should have written your own potion book. Other than...okay...a lot more than one problem I had in that class, I would have learned something instead of dread," Willow said before blinking at what she said. "It's getting late. Tomorrow night?"


Remus guided her through the forest explaining that this was another forest like in Romiaia and Hogwarts. Muggles built around it so after deaths there was ancient wards.

"This was one of the first settlements," Remus explained when they reached some old ruins. "It was abandoned after most died around 1500...a wizard lived with them, survived but later mysteriously died."

There was a strange call, chilling. Remus held out his wand. "Let's get back."
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[b "Once..but they didn't want me to stray too far. You know young and not at all experienced. But I would love to see more...learn more.. That is if you wouldn't mind showing me?"] She asked and gave the man a small smile.

Blakely could see that he was softening some. And from what she had gathered Willow was also learning more about Severus. Also what did she really have to lose? They couldn't go home yet as it was. Maybe, just maybe their previous Defense teacher would be able to help her think of a place to look for what she was meant to be looking for.

[b "After you.."]


It was odd to have someone watch him as intently as the young woman seemed to be. Only ever had he been watched in such a manner by Dumbledore. So to have another do it happened to throw him off guard. It felt as if she were studying him and in some sense trying to read him. Which was interesting to say the least as he had been doing that to her and so many others.

"You mean when they become the bane of my existence do the same to them? Perhaps. But it is something I will have to think about. It may actually get them to listen and to learn something." His words were quiet and said in his normal drawl, one that would not change in the years to come.

When she had said she wanted to try the potion even with her being horrible, the man nodded and stepped back. He of course would be watching and step in if the need should arise.
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Remus gave a soft chuckle as they finished their section. Others were working when he knew it would be a while. "Have you walked among one of these forests. It's fairly interesting. They have an interesting way of keeping the worlds divided."

She was growing on him to a point and he wouldn't be able to sleep otherwise.


Willow watched him more intently than she meant to. She had only seen the disdained look. There was the distant and even lost in the last year. After the news came out she knew he was protecting them, probably her more than once.

He seemed focused, yet younger with intense eyes and that dark hair. He was almost attractive.

"Perhaps those days is when the game should be switched up," she suggested out of experience. "I'd like to try...with the potion. I'm terrible but it's time."
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The man was one for observation and had always had a knack for seeming to read others. Something the Dark Lord had praised him for at a time. And something now Dumbledore used to his advantage. But it was just always something he was well versed in as he had not had many friends or was not very good with people. Of course all of that was not for the young woman who he happened to be helping to know. And so he was content to fall into the silence.

As he had said, the potion's base was not at all difficult. It seemed something he would have been able to do in his sleep. He was young but there was reason that he was referred to as "The Potions' Master". Only when Willow spoke did the man look up and over from the cauldron he had been working with.

"Sometimes that is debatable. There are good and bad days. Days that your students listen and then others they become the bane of your existence. But it is always learning." He said quietly.


As quiet and thoughtful as ever. Never really did she hear the man speak unless needed and he thought it over. Or unless his emotions were on high alert. It was funny what she remembered to what he was like now. The same yes...but so very different as well. Either way bright and sharp as always.

Once more she went back to helping with the charms and seals. It was all she could do. [b "They don't know any better...none have or do truly look into history and the way it repeats...but then spells always change too.. Just as the person who uses them."] She said quietly. Again she spoke too much but it slipped. Willow was the clever one..she was the emotional one
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Willow couldn't really believe completely that she was back in time having a conversation with her most hated professor. And he was asking questions, almost reading her like a book. How did he do that?

"Basically," Willow nodded and watched him. When the cold got too much she placed the robe on. She asked questions on making the first potion, the one that take the ink off.

She was almost useless but she learned some when she could, and by watching him almost relaxing in his presence.

"Um, Severus...do you enjoy teaching?" She asked finding it weird say his name.


Remus tossed the creature away, taking in what she said with a nod. He was a man of astute observations and not many words. He seemed to internalize before saying, unless he was upset.

"They haven't gone through quite enough, then. There's much more out there and defenses we aren't aware of," Remus said, always the knowledgable one.

Going back to reinforcing the wards he seemed content in both silence and talking about the knowledge out here.
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She gave a weak smile to the man when he had spoken about her working for the office. [b "I'm still rather new..two years out of school. They are old school and well I just don't see things as they do. I believe we're all people and all have a right to live our lives. So why should I be all superior?"] Her words were quiet as she spoke them. Blakely needed the man to know that she meant him and the others no harm.

Her eyes then went to the "beetle" and she sighed. [b "Of course they would use them.."]


"If I had to guess you're the smart and clever one and she is the one who is more based in emotion?" He asked as he watched the young woman. "I am only saying because I have known others with those traits but they made a good team." It was an after thought but he meant it to keep her from getting irritable with him.

Slowly he nodded and opened the book with the potion he had in mind. "This can and will only work once we have all the pieces. But it will be easy enough to make the base."
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"So, you do work at the office. Only don't speak with as much superiority," Remus noted. It has been six months since they told him his kind wasn't tolerated there. The man had no idea what to do without family, friends, or steady income.

"Ah....there's a little pest here," Remus said before stupifying the ground it seemed. He bent over and picked up what could pass as a mouse as a distance, only had horns and wings like a Beatle. "These to under an create a breech. Back in the day it was used in battles with Grindlewald."


Willow was impulsive, yet had learned more to act during the last year at Hogwarts. She gave him a cool look, though she knew it was, only it was fading over time. She was still here.

"That's nothing," she said with a dismissive shrug. " Yes, but she isn't good at any of it. This is my part. Now I guess we make those potions. "
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[b "Unicorns are one creature that can...sometimes even vampires depending what they have in helping them...Then you've got trickets..."] The girl's words were thoughtful as she spoke them. She herself looked slightly out of place but she was content enough. Besides she had always enjoyed their "cursed" teacher and learning what she could. Her words too may have implied she knew more than she let on and COULD have worked in one of the Magical Creatures' offices.

Her head tilted when he seemed to hear something she couldn't. [b "What is it..?"]


The girl was guarded when speaking of her friend. And it mirrored his own guardedness of Lily when he spoke of her. And that was when it hit him. Her friend was gone. After that he decided not to speak more on the topic.

"The way you tremmor..there is a curse on you. And it was one rather powerful too..." Him and his observations. Her tremmoring the slightest and the hint of "web" on her should he had seen when he had taken her notes was what had him studying her and guessing it.

He then smiled faintly when she spoke. "I suppose you are not the only one looking?" If he was going to help he needed to know what all she would tell him.
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"He was many things," Willow said still guarded, knowing her shoulder was affecting her writing. That slight tremor bugged her but she knew it would pass.

Drumming her fingers in thought, going over it in her head. "It's the same thing. Ink goes in a inkwell. Effectively it's two items," she smiled brightly. "Um, no, but that's what is the objective.


"There are some creatures that disarm spells on their own. Like those over there...we don't know how," Remu explained. He almost looked at home here with his worn clothing. "In fact there's several out here now."

He started on reinforcing some of the charms. He worked contentedly before looking last her. He was sure he was hearing something.
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