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The books were a huge help. Little by little the old and what had been began to fade away. Everyone was different than the oast they remebered. Sirius was no more thought to be a murderer or the fearsome prisoner they had known. Severus was no longer the lonely and seemingly heartless vampyre bat, but instead had become a good friend. And Remus was a good friend, loyal and very true. But Peter was the one Blakely still had a thing against because of what he had done in the other timeline. She was not sure what to make of the boy as he seemed to still have it out for both her and for Willow, not trusting them.

As soon as they were a safe distance the three were back in Dumbeldore's office and her stomach was literally doing flips. Blakely had never liked apparating and it seemed never would. Her eyes were on the headmaster as he took out the bowl and got it ready. He then motioned to it, leaving her and Willow to look at the memory.

At the same time she dunked her face into the water and was horrified to watch. Flashes of a wantes poster, their mothers, and Brian were there and then gone. She was gasping when she pulled her face out and her eyes were on Willow. All of it had hit hard and almost hurt to the point she could not breathe. It was hard to find that that the girl she had always thought was her cousin potentially had been her sister. She wanted to speak. But everytime she tried her words got lost. Their whole lives had been a complete lie.

Dumbledore slowly walked over to the girls as they both seemed to be in a trance of sorts. Because it was the future, the man did not bother to look at it. Instead, blue eyes went betwen the girls. "Are the two of you alright?" He asked gently, geuinely concerned.
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It had been a stroke of genius to have the books otherwise they would have forgotten half of it. Severus no longer was this vampyre bat, but a loyal best friend that she loved. Sirius was not a poster and headlines, he was an amazing friend and snogger. Remus was dear and true, and helped out. Peter she was still was not sure on what to do, considering he does help Voldermort.

Once they were safely away, Dumbledore aperated them back to his office in Hogwarts. Preparing the bowl he gestured for them to look in and went to his desk to read.

"After you, cuz," Willow said. Placing her head in the water seemed insane but instead the memory came in and played itself out like a bad horror movie.

The poster and further evidence was produced, both with pictures. The memory ended and seeing Brian fade as well as her mom, it hit harder than it seemed. The idea of them sharing a dad...

Looking to Blakely after that, no words would come out of her mouth.
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Blakely pushed her hair out of her face as she was still laughing. [b "Oh they would have. We would have died before even getting into school."] But then her eyes followed Willow's and she crawled over to where the other girl was. Her head tilted as she noted the little gild coin that had once belonged to Brian was broken and a blue sliver seemed to take it's place. Curious how that had happened and how their memories were fading. But then they were no more in the other time and he was dead.

Slowly she stood and brushed off her jeans as she looked to the old man who had come back to find them. She almost felt embarrassed that he had caught them being so childish. But at the same time she didn't care. [b "Yes sir...we would like to know what exactly this memory is... And why it shows now."] The young woman said as she moved over to Dumbledore and waited for Willow.
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"If we did this at either house our mom's would have ringed our necks for good," Willow laughed before spotting something on the ground. Bending down she picked up the galleon before it just fell in half. Brian's lucky coin, though there were memories of him fading. They no longer existed and he was dead.

"What's this?" She asked picking the tiny phial with a glimmering blue thread.

"Ah, yes, a memory...it seems it was left for you," Dumbledore said, upon returning, the realtor was drawing up the paper work at this moment.

"This is a memory?" She asked looking at it closer. "So, uh, how do we look at this memory?"

"I have something at my office. Shall we?" Dumbledore asked kindly.
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It was funny as the last they had even atrempted to slide down a banister was when they had been eight. But unfortunately had been stopped and been under close watch after. Now being in their late teens it was funny how something so simple and "childish" could bring such joy. And for the first time, the past abd the future held no meaning or weight over their heads. They were free to live in the moment.

The strawberry blonde giggled as she watched Willow and heard the other girl's words. Her own eyes scanned the angles and she moved to the other banister to take her turn sliding down. Almost like a broom, but so very different. The smooth surface and the speed in which she slid was incredible. Blakely landed with a soft thud just across from Willow and was laughing when she turned to look at the other girl.

[b "I can't believe we've never done this! It was wicked fun!"] She may have sounded like a little girl but in that moment could not care less.
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It felt as if they were eight again, running up the stairs without any grace or airs, there may have even been giggling involved. Once on top of the stairs she looked down, taking in the angle and any obstacles. Carefully sitting on the smooth banister she held on before letting go. It wasn't riding a broom but it was fun, landing at the bottom with a small oomph she gave a laugh.

"That was wicked," Willow said feeling her heart soar in this moment. It was a good moment, the past or future behind them, now it was just simple fun.
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The girl had her hands behind her back, listening to the realtor as the house was explained to them. It was funny to have Dumbledore there with them and in muggle clothing nontheless. To the realtor it was as if the girls and elderly man were family. But ironically in these times it did appear he was as close to family as they had.

It didn't take any of them long to love the house. There were the five rooms, library, the study, and just everything sounded amazing. In fact, the place seemed like one she remebered wanting to live in when she had been a small child. And also a place she had wanted to get with Brian after the war. At that thought she had to shake her head. She could NOT think about that. It was no longer her life.

Dumbledore had gone off to buy the place and she was nudged by Willow. A soft smirk crossed her lips. [b "I am!"] And with that, Blakely ran after her cousin. She REALLY wanted to slide down the banister and to have some fun too. It had been a long time since she had felt so free.
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"As soon as we can! This is amazing, we should snatch it up before some rich arsehole does. Let's go!" Willow actually jumped up and down like a kid for a moment.


It was weird to have Dumbledore walk with them in the hallway. The realtor just thought they were granddaughter. It had five rooms, a study, library, ballroom, kitchen, downstairs and a lot of acres and owned a part of the woods.

It was stunning inside and already had a handful of ghost stories. Willow had never been so in love. When Dumbledore went to buy it,she nudged Blakely.

"Let's slide down the banister! I've always wanted to do that," Willow said like a little child. Willow was feeling good, she couldn't explain it, but she didn't feel a pressure on her chest. Running to the top of the stairs she looked down to her. "You're still a little immature like I am, still. Admit it...it sounds fun.."
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The two girls had eaten and shopped in the nearby town and then had headed up the hill with their backpacks and camping gear. She had forgotten what it was like to be out in the woods and open. To not feel the ties to anything in particular and to be worry free for a bit. The wind tussled through her hair as Willow stopped ahead of her and began to look through her binoculars. Her head tilted to the side as she moved closer to the other girl and soon took up her own pair.

It really did look perfect for a place to do head quarters. As she let her gaze scan it, Blakely could see the woods beyond it and the small house too. It was just like she had remembered when they had been shown it as children. Except the last time though pretty as it had been the place had meant very little. Now it meant something.

[b "Now everyone can be a part of meetings without having to fear. And you're right it definitely has the privacy element needed. Question is though when should we speak to Dumbledore about it?"] The girl asked the other, her head tilting faintly.
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Was it her or was there a flicker of more in Severus' eyes? Willow gave him a smile, though was beginning to wonder a bit more of what he felt. The idea of losing Severus as a friend absolutely bothered her. But deeper feelings? She had no idea. It was puzzling about what she was supposed to do now.

Willow was already going on a date with Sirius, whom she was attracted to and they had chemistry to a point. Severus though, she had no idea other than she felt completely safe and comfortable around him.

Saying goodbye to Hogwarts a second time, and the new friends was hard, even if it was for a short while.


It was a beautiful area, she forgot how nice it was. First they ate the local food and shopped, then there was the camping and backpacking that they always meant to do.

Adjusting the backpack, she paused on the hill and looked down. Just below was a red brick manor with white windows and doors. Taking out the binoculars she scoped it out. There was forest behind them and the lake to the right.

Most of all, there was a for sale sign on the gates.

"Blakely...I think we need to talk to Dumbledore...that would be a perfect place. There's a house to the back for the bad time of months and privacy, there is the woods and privacy, and room for the order. It's perfect! Dad pointed that out when we were eight..."

It was bloody brilliant.
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Constantly the girl was a bit down on herself in one way or another. She coulsn't help the struggle that she had with it. Or more so her fears of hurting someone. Literally now she could see and very much understand how Remus had felt and what he had to be reminded of. It was very painful in its way because even in her dreams she was not good. There was that part to her that wanted the taste of blood. And it scared her.

[b "I...thank you Remus. Sometimes I need the reminder of it."] She whispered and gave rhe boy a faint smile. And she meant it. His words and sometimes that gentle firmness was very much needed.

As he spoke about the bowling, the girl could see how eager and excited he seemed to be to do it. For a moment it reminded her a bit of a child. Funny she knew because they were far from it but still it did. There was just that innocence about him and that want to do something new for fun.

[b "If you really want to do it, we can. It would be nice to have a little 'muggle' fun without magic."] She said and nodded when he mentioned they should get in and packed. He was right about that as almost none of them had started to fo so.


He did wonder why that particular thing had been chosen. But when she explained about her father and how the man would probably flake out he could see why. It was also kind.of interesting to learn that she liked outings and stuff like that because others he talked to weren't as interested in it. "Do you have many memories of the place and what you used to do before?" He was genuinely curious.

When the changes were mentioned his curiosity was even more piqued. "Muggles actually have things like that? How did they make them?" Sirius asked. Again he couldn't help it. Perhaps it was the fact that he had the thing for muggle things like motorcycles, the beach girl calendars, and their music. But more than that he found it of interest becauae it gave him more insight into who Willow was aside from the girl from another time. And the more he learned the more he could say he liked her.

"From what you let me read seems they will be. See you later." He said as she began to walk away and he went back to James and Lily.


Severus had been wstching the two of them talking. And there had been a jealousy there. Not that he meant there to be but he was rather fond of the girl and he knew Black to be as well. There was just that slight nagging that with the other boy liking the girl he could lose any possible chances. It had happened with Lily and so he was afraid it could again.

A small smile came to thin lips and he nodded. "You know you'll see me in the few days. I look forward to seeing you when you get back." The boy said as a response. And he meant the words as she walked off. He would miss school, which he never thought he would say. But the truth was everything was changing. Life was just beginning for them all.
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"Blakely, look at me," Remus said in a firm but kind tone. "You have potions, you have friends, and probably more will than anyone here. There's no doubt in my mind that you will do wicked good out there. You just need to believe it in your heart. It's not fun to live off of those potions...but you still have a life."

The idea of bowling gave him a wide grin. It sounded like fun, and most of their fun so far had been the library and walks. It was wonderful, but it was time to shake it up just a bit there.

"Then it's agreed, you can show me bowling. Let's get in? I think we need to pack soon."


"Chances were he'd find some way to not go anyway. Some business with Margot or work...Either way, it'll be nice to go back there," Willow smiled. There were several places in London that she could think of before giving a chuckle. "Oh yes, in this time there is music devices this big," she referred the boom box that was at the time. "And now mine was about this smaller...and where the music played was smaller and round."

It was interesting, word was the discs would replace VHS, too. She'd now need to wait and see. "I'm going to go back to the dorm. I want to say good by to Xeno...he promised me a pair of his glasses and a new lesson on some invisible gremlin. Very interesting him and his future daughter."

Giving him a smile, she walked to Severus. "I'll see you in a few days, okay? Or at least I better." She gave him a smirk before walking back to the common rooms. God, she'd miss this place.
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"So just kind of do something that had been familiar so it doesn't feel like as if you lost your life fully? Or lost doing something you enjoyed at some point. I'm sprry it's not going to happen wirh your dad. But at least the two of you can enjoy it. How knows might find some interesting new haunts." The boy tried to make light of it. And also in a sense was saying that their adventure could be a good thing as well. He also had not known what else he could say.

Sirius smiled slowly and nodded to her words. "So things for muggles change faster than they do here for wizards?" He was ligitimately curious. Due to family and those he knew, Sirius really did have so little experience with muggles and their customs. The idea really intrigued him because it reminded him that there was more out there. There was more to explore.


[b "I'm slowly starting to get that...Just I am still afraid that at any moment I could lose my control and want to bite someone. With you and the others I've been lucky. But only because you're my friends and now also my family."] The girl said as her eyes came up and met his.

When bowling had been mentioned she couldn't help a laugh. She remembered the last she had gone with both Willow and Brian. It had been over the holiday and the three of them had decided they would be "normal" for a night. Though she had tried she had truly been terrible. But it had been so much fun.

[b "If we don't stay long in the bowling ally...maybe we can play a game or two. It's actually really fun. Annoying too."] There was a sparkle to her eyes as she spoke about it
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"Well, a city isn't advised. I think we might visit where we used to go camping and hiking in the summers. The last year dad and i- were supposed to go backpacking in Scotland. That's not going to happen so we are going to," Willow's expression didn't falter. Chances were he would've came up with some excuse. "The day we leave here, by then we should have a place."

Looking to Blakely talking to Remus she gave a smile. "I'll see what there is. Times changes drastically in the muggle world."


"Woods, its sounds very nice. Eventually you'll be able to go to the city and do what you used to. As long as you don't let yourself be defined by it," Remus gave her a reassuring look. "We can certainly do this...though....I remember something about bowling mentioned. I've always been curious."

He hadn't done much muggle activies and something fun seemed in order.
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Willow and her truly could not go back. Remus and Sirius along with Severus were aware the girls were from the future. But unlike the other two, the boy she spent the most time with didn't know all the details. [b "Thank you for that. If anyone can figure this stuff out, Willow can."]

[b "When younger Willow and I would go with our families to a lake in the woods. It was a quiet place and a lot of open space. Just the air of the place was so calming. If you like maybe we could go there? I mean there is a small town nearby where we could get food and other essentials. And that way we wouldn't have to worry about being near too many people."] Blakely's words were soft as she spoke them. And it brought on a kind of melancholy feeling for her.

It was simple she knew. But she knew that both of them liked the more quiet as well. [b "Like you said though we can definitely think about it and plan it."]


A smirk crossed his lips as she had teased about the other girls. "Let them be." The boy said. Part of him meant it but the other part was trying to play it cool. He was slowly starting to regain the him everyone knew. And the more he listened to Willow's words, the more excited he could honestly say he was. He would actually get to see what muggles did and to spend time with a girl who really held interest for him.

Sirius smiled to her and gave a cheeky wink. "A bikini couldn't hurt. But all of that is brilliant and we should do it!" Yup he was definitely excited for it. And his head tilted slowly.

"What do you and Blakely plan on doing when you disappear?" The words meant when the girl left.
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