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Willow had been VERY good at what she had done. Always so very clever and witty. Sometimes both a blessing and curse. Especially when it got them both into and out of trouble. And for a moment or two, the young woman had let herself think on it. Or did until the doorway had appeared in front of them.

Severus nodded to her when she had asked that she had. He had seen hiw tired she had been and how tired she seemed. In fact, both of them looked like hell and like they needed a long sleep. So he hoped they would find it soon.

"I'll start off this way. Good luck.." The man said and soon left them.

Blakely went off to a pile herself and had withdrawn her wand. The young woman decided to have the items floating around her in a circle and studying each. She had no patience for truly digging through the piles. She was just hoping ONE of them would find it soon.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 73d 20h 34m 5s
Being muggle born didn't make her popular, nor did her affinity for getting into trouble. They needed someone on the inside to report who was going in and out, and whatnot, so they devised a communication system and code and became fucking spies. If it hadn't been so traumatic, it was amazing.

Stepping to the wall, she focused her mind before the door revealed itself. "I did? Oh...right...I need sleep. Um, yes, it's supposed to be--"

Entering she looked at the massive piles everywhere. "In here...so, yeah, let's do this."

She took one corner, since she was systematic. INstead of going by hand she sorted through the piles by what material it was.
  Memory / Faust / 73d 20h 45m 26s
She had not been in school their last year. The girl had joined what was left of the Order and had only joined in the Final Battle at Hogwarts. But she knew the pain and hell the others had faced. And she regretted not having been able to help. Dumbledore had been a great loss..but to her all of their friends, teachers, and those they knew had come at such a high cost.

[b "He always knows...remember here the walls do have ears and eyes."] The young woman said. Her features had gotten semi back to normal, but it killed her knowing what they did.

"Perhaps to split up could save some time. You already did show me a basic last night of what you would need." Severus said in his slow drawl and offered them a faint smile
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 73d 21h 25m 23s
[b "How does he do it? It's really disturbing,"] Willow commented. There was sadness knowing in the next few years he'd be gone. This Dumbledore was lighter than the one they had sort of known. That funeral was the first time she felt her heart plunged in freezing water.

Seeing the look from Blakely, she knew it was because they knew he'd die as well. Blakely hadn't been there for the hellish last year, yet they made it alive.

[b "Uh, yeah, I guess we could use a little help,"] Willow nodded.
  Memory / Faust / 73d 21h 38m 19s
Blakely had honestly hoped she would not have to be setting foot back in the castle again for a long time. There had been so many good times spent here. But also the worst days of her life too. And she couldn't help the tears that threatened to fall as she could remember all those they had lost. Quickly she had to push those thoughts away or she would break.

[b "Time is...shall we say of the essence?"] Blakely asked as Willow's hand been placed on her arm. When asked if she wanted to say hi, the young woman shook her head.

"Professor Dumbledore did say I may find you here. He even suggested that I help in your search." The man said as he moved towards them. And the look the second young woman gave was one of pain in a sense. It really did have him curious but he did not speak more
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 73d 21h 29m 21s
This was where the last conversation was before the had prepared for battle. There had been hugs, Brian with that bright smile and reassuring them, they'd be having butterbeers later on.

"Time we don't have. We'll just need to be smart about this," Willow nodded and placed a hand on her arm. "We got this..."

Glancing back she just knew it was him. "Want to go say hi? He's...not as terrifying."
  Memory / Faust / 73d 22h 28m 33s
[b "Yeah...it's been a long time. And it is much too soon for my liking to be back. Lets just hope we can find what we are needing and quickly. Though we also know this room has A LOT of stuff stored in here and it could take ages."] Her words were just spoken and she paled a bit.

Her eyes had moved over Willow's shoulder and there stood Snape. The young woman gave the other a raised brow as if asking about the man. But she did not speak her words out loud.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 74d 1h 6m 35s
Willow didn't care to talk about the war, she desperately wanted to move past the war. It was difficult when there was reforms and Death Eaters still there.

After a bag of Honeydukes they returned to Hogwarts. The route to the room was arduous.

"Well, here we are...last time we were here was just before..." Willow couldn't say more. It was before the battle , the three of them...
  Memory / Faust / 74d 1h 21m 24s
The other looked like hell. She had known about Willow's curse but not how bad it truly was. And just after th war the two of them had pulled away from the other. A way at the time to try and put it behind them and for the past not to hurt so much. But now she regretted it. Just she couldn't say it as they were practically strangers now.

[b "He alwayswas helpful..even when he had been the one to get all of us into the trouble too..But without him..We would have been lost.."] Her words were quiet and thoughtful as she slowly stood and smirked a bit. Willow was trying and she could too.

[b "God it's been ages since I have been there. I miss their treats."] She said with a pout and held a hand out to the other to help her up. If it was the Room of Requirements they would DEFINITELY need all the energy they could get.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 74d 2h 8m 31s
"I already asked Dumbledore if it was okay if we went back, and he said it was okay. God...Dumbledore..." Willow shook her head before looking over to her. She already felt her energy draining. She should have rested more but her arm wouldn't let her.

"Honeydukes first. We're going to need teenager fuel..." She gave a smile. She was trying, it was hard considering they were basically strangers.
  Memory / Faust / 74d 2h 17m 21s
Like Willow, the longer they were in the past the worse she had been beginning to look and feel. But a faint smirk came to her lips. [b "Yeah, but not like haven't dealt with stuff like this before.."] She said and then took the seat across from the other woman.

Her eyes went to the potion that had been taken out and she raised a brow. The question that the young woman had was how Willow managed to get the potion. But before she could ask, the piece of paper had been dipped and then was going crazy over the map.

[b "I was afraid that Hogwarts would be involved..."] She whispered when it pointed them to the Room of Requirements.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 74d 2h 13m 3s
"You're asking if I'm okay? You look white as a sheet. Headaches and nausea, too?" Willow asked almost laughing but it wasn't though. She moved to an isolated corner, she sat down tiredly.

"So...we use this potion now at work. This should work for the paper," Willow took a piece of the paper and dipped it in. Before placing it on a map of the UK.

It seemed to grow frantic going to Scotland. She placed each map down until it was at Hogwarts towards a place they both knew.

"The Room of Requirements," she sighed.
  Memory / Faust / 74d 2h 57m 48s
There was always more to a puzzle. That much had always been told to them. And the fact that it could have been a Ravenclaw to come up with this one would make sure of it. Blakely had figured the Black Forest as one place because that had been where she had found her own item. But the other place would be on Willow. Which mean...oh that meant Hogwarts. Great..she had not FULLY set foot in the school since the war.

Her thoughts had been buzzing until the fire in the Three Broomsticks came to life and out came the other. And she looked bad. [b "I was getting worried..are you okay?"] The young woman asked as she had returned the others hug.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 74d 18h 16m 55s
There was a sinking feeling that Hogwarts would be apart of the puzzle. It had been where she had found the items before the school was reopened. Dumbledore was amiable and let her use his exit out and permission to bring her in.

Arriving by floo network she held on to the side getting sudden vertigo. "Blakely?" She asked at the Three Broomsticks and went to hug her but not not too tightly. She was feeling sick.
  Memory / Faust / 74d 22h 17m 51s
As mucj as the man hated to admit it, "Piper" grew on him. She was witty and fiery. Clever yet there was more there. The young woman in herself was a mystery and one that happened to intrigur him. A riddle if one could call her that. But he had to stop thinking of that.

"You're welcome...and good luck.." The man said as she had taken the potion. Dark eyes then moved to the pages she had handed to him amd explained what they were. Honestly he had wondered when she had found the time. "Thanks...I've been meaning to try it..just never seemed to get it." And just after he managed to speak, the woman had gone.


Blakely was standing where she had told Willow she would meet her and was bouncing faintly. Even she was aware of the dangers this could bring to them. It was why she had wanted to go so early. The Black Forest was known to be more dangerous at night.

[b "Willow...where are you?"] She muttered under her breath.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 74d 22h 51m 46s

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