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Blakely bit her lip as she thought about what had been said. The girl only looked up fully when she heard Remus, though she did very much agree with James. It was a nightmare in itself that the Ministry could be so very cruel and unfair. But she decided not to speak on that matter.

[b "You know you won't. And I'm sure all of us would be... I've been thinking about maybe going into the Ministry or coming back here once we're done.."] Her words were soft as she still kept her head on her lap. She had to be able to make some kind of a difference. If not for those she and Willow had come to befriend, but to at least make sure their future didn't happen. That there wouldn't be anymore cases like Harry's with his parents, hers and Willows in losing Brian, and so children wouldn't have to fight.


It didn't take himself long to get lost. To her soft and sweet lips and to the sent of her natural sweetness. Her hair was soft as a hand had found its way into it. Yes, the snogging with the girl was nice. Nicer than other things he could name, though his mind seemed to draw a blank as he was so intoxicated.

When Willow pulled back for breath, Sirius was panting softly as his eyes locked with hers. "It was so very good.. why is it only the once again?" He asked, though his words were half serious. Her kiss did leave him wanting.
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"He really was. It's sad how he thinks he'll be alone, you know he won't be. Friends, family and all that. If the Ministry wouldn't be such an ignorant arse..." James faded before there was Remus standing there.

"There's words about people wanting that," Remus said folding his arms across his chest. "I just refuse to be apart of a potentially violent movement."

"I know, Moony. You know I will be here," James gave a kind smile. "Once out of school, we will go in together and we'll see."

"Its not like I have a choice," Remus mused. Sitting down he pulled out a book.


The snogging was something else, it didn't take too long to get more in to it. She decided quickly that she loved his hair and touch of his skin. It was a nice feeling. Needing air she pulled back a little before smiling.

"Very good snogging," Willow smiled running a hand through his hair. "And only the one time, what a shame."
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There were no promises being made and no demands. The moment was on of happiness and one that held the promise of the day. And it helped him to feel more alive than he had in awhile. Because when with the girl he didn't have to think about the future to come. Just about being him and about both of them keeping to their youth that would be lost in time. It was funny how she could make him feel so much and with so little effort.

As her hand moved to touch his hair, the boy slowly did deepen their kiss a little. But he was careful to keep it gentle and sweet as well. She gave off good feelings and it was something has not felt before even within all his flirting before. With Willow it all seemed real somehow. Different.


How could she have been so stupid to let her emotions get the best of her? Or to say any of what she had? But if she was going to, the strawberry blonde was actually thankful it was to a mutual friend and someone who could give the insight. [b "So this is better than he used to be? He doesn't still think of himself to be a monster, does he?"] Blakely asked quietly and bit her lip.

[b "That's true...almost none of us know what we will do from here...It's kind of scary.. But...I think as long as we're not alone..."] But she shook her head again. She had to stop thinking about what she had known and what she was afraid still could happen
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It was what was wanted in a kiss after that time. No ideas of forever, just relaxing and the chance to claim her lost youth. Sirius helped with this more than he could know. Kissing back she moved one hand to touch his hair.

The feeling was pretty good, warm and special, which was something coming from him.


James gave a small laugh before snaking her head. "You think he's down on himself? When we met he wouldn't look anyone iin the eyes, had his head down and always looked like something was after him. Even when he warmed up he was still shy and spoke about being a monster. Now he talks and is so happy. Don't worry, Blakely he's very comfortable and happy."

James gave a smile to reassure her. "The future iis hard for us and extra difficult for him. It doesn't mean he's not okay, trust that."
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A sigh slipped the girl's lips and she looked to her lap. [b "He...just had a calming about him. And it just...I've not felt like this for a long time. I do like him and very much. It's just hard to understand where he comes from, though I do try...it...it's just hard seeing how down he can get on himself when he is so brilliant..."] Blakely didn't mean to let herself say all of what she had, but she had been keeping it in. And it seemed that even had she wanted to stop her words she couldn't.

She hoped James understood that she didn't mean any harm and only wanted to help. And when she realized what James said, her cheeks turned bright pink. [b "E-everyone?"]


It was nice to hear the fondness she had of the area. And when he looked out the window, Sirius could see just what she mean. "It would be a nice place to see either snow or first arrival of spring. Maybe we'll have to come back here and see it." The words were quiet and thoughtful as it was something he thought that they both might enjoy.

As she stepped forward with that little smirk of hers, the boy felt his throat go dry and his eyes locked with hers. "I think you might know." He whispered as he did gently brush her hair back and lean in to kiss her. This kiss was softer and more what he would have wanted the first to be.
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"Please, everyone knows that you do except him. You have been attached to him since meeting him. I wonder why that is. If you like him, please understand where he comes from. He knows you're trying to help, there just isn't much any of us can do though we desperately want to," James stretched before giving a lopsided smile. "Im just happy to see him as happy as he is."

She may not feel as if it was enough but it was to their friend.


"Its a simple area under a staircase. It's lovely especially when iin first snow or spring," Willow gave a soft smile before looking to him with a chuckle. "You've already made that clear. Now, what did you have in mind?"

Stepping forward she gave a smirk, wondering exactly what he would do. This made her nervous as well.
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The place that the girl took him was one he had not been before. Which when he thought about it was odd because the Marauder's had been all over the castle. It made him wonder how theu could have missed the area. But as she brought him to the place and he ducked just enough to join her. It was quite close but roomy enough for two and comfortable too.

"Well I like this place. Only wonder how we had missed it before." The boy said as he flashed the girl a smile. He then couldn't help laugjing and shaking his head. "Well she's going to have to stop. Or I'll flirt with you in front of her." It was a gentle tease coming from him. But enough the tone to his words meant that he did like her, even if he didn't out right say so.

Maybe just maybe he could see more coming for them. Or at least for the moment that was his hope.


Blakely watched after Remus and sat in one of the armcahirs, pulling her legs up and her head rested on her lap. She heard James' words and bit her lip. [b "I know I shouldn't take it to heart too much...But I think I've fallen for him. If you tell anyone James, I swear I will transfigure you into Lily's next scarf."] The girl said and hid her face. She could not believe she had just told the boy that when she had been trying so hard not to say it at all.

[b "I'm sorry...please just..you can't tell anyone."] The girl found herself saying as she looked over to the boy slowly after a few moments of silence. There was a sad smile on her lips as she had asked that favour of him. Because she was or rather had fallen for Remus but she felt so very torn and guilty.
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"There is that spot, but mine is different," Willow gave a grin. This spot was reasonably well hidden that it had done its job in the dark year. It was by the stair case, she ducked a little under it to some other window and and nice niche. "This is it, my little spot..." Willow smiled. Once under, there was more head room. Giving a small chuckle. 'That's her...can't seem to shake her."

It was actually big for her to take him here especially for snogging. It felt as it'd be a start of something.


"You really don't have to make it all better, Blakely. I told you because I like you and thought you should know. Not for it to be fixed. Thank you though, I'm just going to my dorm," Remus gave a smile. "It matters to me that you listened, not fix it."

Remus went to the boys dorms, James was on the couch and overhead some of that. "Don't take it to heart. It's actually good he reached out to someone, it took us three years to get us to tell us. You've known him for two months."
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Dumbledore's words didn't quite offer the encouragement that the young woman had been hoping for. It seemed as if there was a pointedness within them somehow. But she couldn't let herself dwell on it too much. Already she seemed to be biting off more than she could chew as she still wasn't healed by any means after everything.

When the two left the office, her eyes were on the floor. And she could not look at the boy. [b "I thought he would have more input than that...I'm sorry Remus."] She whispered softly. It seemed he felt the same way she did but worse because all of it pertained to him. And she was almost sure she and Willow would both be summoned to the headmaster after this.


Sirius heard the words she said about Blakely and Brian and gave a faint face. If that was where she wanted to go they could. But he wanted the place to be one different. One for just them and one that would be meaningful. Close was he to saying that before she began to speak again, the next words having a smile come to his lips.

"Well then we can go there. I've heard it can be nice." He said, his hand lightly taking the girl's. And then he laughed. "You mean the one I asked you to show me how flirting was done with?" The boy asked as he was so very obviously amused.
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It was difficult for Remus but she was right, he would need to have this talk soon.He gave a solemn nod. Starting walking to the office he gave her a soft, nervous smile. Dumbledoresaw them in with that wise, kind smile offering his favorite candy. Remus asked some questions about what he could do.

The mention of a possible rising was curious bur he wouldn't think on it. On the way out he looked to her. "Is that better? Some people who might help. Thank you for the company. I'm going to go lay down."


"I really don't know any snogging spots. There was where Brian and Blakely went, but I don't know any spots," Willow took his arm, wondering where to go. This was uncharted territory. At the Yule Ball it was just outside.

Hopefully Severus would be okay, she felt bad. "Actually theres a nice spot by the Ravenclaw tower...it's actually my favorite spot." She gave a smile beginning to walk in that direction. "Oh, and that girl indirectly hit on, she's been flirting with me. It's very odd."
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Sirius was still a little bit taken aback by what he had done. The boy would have rathered it had been under different circumstances but he had wanted to kiss her. And he assumed had made an arse of himself which was normal when he let emotion kick in. It was partly why he usually hid behind the Marauder him and the playful him most knew and many despised. Just it was easier that way.

The boy was silent as they walked back. But had noticed that both Remus and Blakely seemed to be as well. He did let his mind wander to what it could be. But soon they were back at the castle and Willow was seeing Snape off. His usual smile soon was on his lips and his eyes met hers.

"I was hoping there still would be. You pick the spot." And with that, Sirius offered Willow his arm.


On the way back, Blakely was silent. Her mind was still reeling from the conversation that they had had. It was maddening in its way. And it hurt to see how uncertain he was about his own future. She was about her own as well now, but knew that her place was to try and help them. To try and change the course of time that she knew.

When they stopped in the hall and he said his words, green eyes came up and looked at the boy. [b "I just want you to understand that you are capable of so much...and maybe we can get Dumbledore's help with this if we can..."] Her words were soft as they were spoken. She was trying to keep her own emotions in check the best she could.
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Willow knew there was some flush to her cheeks, whether it was because of the scare or kiss. She almost didn't have words to respond. 'Well, now you have, maybe we should get back. They're rounding us all up."

Being kissed by Sirius after kissing Severus, that's interesting. She flashed Severus an apologetic smile. "Lets get back then. Hopefully Remus and Blakely will get back soon."

At the castle she hugged Severus good bye. "I had fun, I'll see you tomorrow."

Once seeing him off, she looked to Sirius curiously. "I'm guessing you're ready for that snogging session."


Remus and Blakely walked back, it was an odd trip back. Most of the group was talkative except for a few. She still seemed stuck on some thought. Back in the halls he looked to her curiously. "Alright, I'll bite. What are your thoughts. I'll do what you suggest."
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The girl bit her lip. Truth be told she and Willow did have their freedom taken from them but not in the same way. But she could not say it. [b "You'll figure it out. You're a smart young man and talented."] For the moment she was tired of trying to get him to see that he could do what he wanted. And tired for the moment trying to get him to see asking for help would be okay.

[b "I think we should be getting back. Professor McGonagall will be rounding us up soon enough."] Blakely said quietly.


Her lips had been soft and warm. So much like he had imagined and yet so much better. And he could have guessed it would have been even better had he not scared her. When his arm was hit and she yelped out her words, the boy gave an apologetic look.

"Didn't mean to scare you. Just had wanted to be able to kiss you." He said. It was the truth but leaving out that he had been jealous of seeing her with Severus. The boy didn't want to get into that part.
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"I don't want to live in the pity and charities of others. I want to do what I want to no matter what I am. It's hard to understand unless your freedom was taken from you too," Remus gave a small sigh before looking to her. "It will be a road I will get to when I do. Thank you for listening."

Even if all she did was listen it felt good. He rose up slowly before smiling to her. "Shall we head back?"


One moment she was about to respond with a memory, next she was being grabbed. Her whole body seized before forcing herself to relax. There was still kinks to work out in her reflexes.

It was Sirius and it was an amazing kiss, that made her melt for a second. Stepping back she hit his arm. "What are you thinking,Sirius? Scarring the crap out of me!" She half yelled. "Don't do that, please."

She was on the fence about the kiss, there was hopefully a snogging session later.
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The kiss had been quick but sweet. Honestly he had not known what to expect but he could say he had liked it. So now in a sense thans to her he knew one thing he had beem missing out on. And it would be something he would remember for a long time to come.

"Thank you Willow...for showing me what it's like." The boy said with a small smile. He then couldn't a laugh at her word on hair styles. "Are they really that terrible?"

Sirius had wandered off from the group a while ago. He had promised he would be good, but being around Snape had beem a chire for him. To try and regain himself and his usually relaxed demeanor the boy had found himself in Honeyduke's and buying sweets. He would never admit it but sometimes he had a sweet tooth that could rival either that of Peter's or Remus'.

It was when he came out of the shop did he see Willow and she was with...Severus. For a moment he was going to brush it off. But that was until he saw the kiss, which literally had his blood boil. It was before he thought anything through did he make his way over and then pull Willow close, kissing the girl.


Her eyes went to the tear in the chair and then back to Remus. [b "You can't get something that would be what you want..but some witches and wizards do hire those who are part creature. And I know that those who are marked sometimes are the hardest workers and the best at what they do. You've proven yourself here and I know you can in whatever you choose....maybe even talking to Dumbledore could help."] The girl was trying to get him to see that it was going to be tough but that he could not give up.

It was true she wanted more. Had even come to see the boy as far beyond the professor she had known. Liked him for who she was getting to know. And again she thought of that conversation they had had.
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