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With fresh, new clothes and a new hair style she felt better. It was still...awkward to a point considering what had come to light. To the world she would a muggle born and the secret of the death eater.

She had told Sirius to meet her at Diagon Alley dressed in the short shorts and a Pink Floyd tee shirt. She wore one of those sleeveless vests over it as per style.


Remus had already arranged to meet her in her in the town she was by. He apparated there when and where told. This truthfully was the most nervous he had been.

Waiting nervously he glanced around feeling shabby compared to the others.
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The girl couldn't help a laugh and shake of her head. [b "I'm sure we could find one for you."] She couldn't help teasing the other. It was nice to have the lighthearted fun for just that little while. And she continued to watch as Willow switched her hair and finally settled on three inches shorter, feather cut and long bangs. [b "That actually looks the best out of the styles you have tried."] Blakely said with a smile.

Having her hair so short was odd as she was used to the long style it had been. But she wasn't going to argue and even flushed slightly. [b "Think I'll keep it for a bit. Besides it's hair and it'll grow."] The girl said with a smile. Quickly she then nodded her head when clothing was mentioned.

[b "Think four or five outfits sounds about right. We've been seriously needing a new wardrobe. And this gives us an excuse."] And as she spoke, Blakely gently poked Willow's side. [b "Though we might want to go in the early morning."] Those words were thoughtful as she gave a small smile.
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"I just need a flapper dress and I'll be good," Willow laughed. Attempting a dew more stupid hair styles and colors, this was fun. Eventually she settled on three inches shorter, feather cut and long bangs.

Looking to Blakely she gave a grin to her. "He's not going to know what to do. Now tomorrow we need to clothes shopping. We have what, four outfits?"
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Green eyes were on the other girl as her hair was changed to being a bob. Most times Blakely was used to the long haired style her half-sister had. But she could appreciate the new style. [b "It looks really pretty on you. Maybe you should keep it."] She said with a wink as she gently reached out and gave Willow's hair a gentle tug. She was teasing the other girl with tug but had meant her words of it being pretty.

A smirk crossed her lips as she looked to the short permed picture that she was shown. It did look pretty but was she sure it was for her? Maybe not, but them getting to play as they were was so nice. It was a good change and not a chance they had gotten often and not one she was sure they would get often. So the strawberry blonde nodded and took out her own wand, muttering a couple words she saw on the page, her hair changing to match the style of the picture.

[b "Well, what do you think?"] Blakely asked, biting her lip a little and brushing her fingers through the bangs to get them out of her face as she looked up at Willow
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Shifting the fire with the stick she looked to the book to the side of her. The brown book had a cover of a witch with hair that changed color, inside was pictures of styles, most of them was from twenty years ago. The wizarding world was behind in style. Clothes shopping...that would be another thing to do.

"Well, uh, let's try shall we? Oh...they have the bob in here," Willow took out her wand before stating a word. Her hair turned to a quick bob that was clearly from the twenties. "What do you think? Oh...you should totally do this one."

She showed her a picture of a curly perm but it was short, like something from the sixties. This was actually kind of fun to play around like this.
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It had seemed a silly question to ask where Willow had gotten the book, but her curiosity had been a bit piqued. As soon as the answer was given, Blakely found herself nodding slowly. Of course there was no point in trying to get the names of their former classmates as it was the last year and well it was highly unlikely they would see them again anyway. Kind of interesting that this was their lives now and soon would be their hisrory. That their futures, or was it pasts no longer belonged to them.

A smile came to her lips as the other girl took up the ends of her hair and described something she may want to do. [b "Whatever you choose will be beautiful. Besides, you're right. Having something complicated and fussing with our hair with everything else seems pointless."] The words were thoughful as she spoke them and took a strange of her own hair and looked at it.

[b "Perhaps highlight it and go with a pixie cut. Or similar to you and cut a few inches and for me get it feathered."] Honestly she hadn't thought about it. And was slightly amused that they were spending their time trying to think of something to do with their hair
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"I really have no idea...one of the Ravenclaw girls that's obsessed with her hair and whatnot..." Willow said with a dismissive shrug. It was true she had no idea who most of them were, asking for their names in what was their last year seemed stupid. Either way this was their life and soon they would have histories and an identity.

Taking the ends of her hair she could do it drastically short and close to the style of this time. Big annoying bangs and all...but that didn't seem good, either.

"A few inches, layers, maybe highlights. Really don't want to be fussing with the hair when trying to get this done," she said looking to Blakely, her half sister, how strange of a thought. "What do you want?"
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The young woman was using a stick to poke at the fire as her green gaze was upon the dancing of the falmes. Her eyes seemed blank and almost void of emotion as the conversations and liveliness of before had quite died down. She was still trying to process their newest discovery and it was sinking in but with dificulty. It was still hard to think the girl who she had grown up with as her cousin had actually been her half sister the whole time. That part was fine but the being lied to for years and finding out about their father was the hard part.

Her thoughts or lack of were broken through when she heard Willow's soft voice and words. An amused smile traces her lips as she looked to the book that was taken out. [b "So who was the one to give you the book?"] She asked with a raised brow and nodded, thoughtfully. [b "It would be fun to give it a try. Might also be fun to see how the boys react too."] There was a soft edge of amusement to those words.

Sisters, always told they had looked like they could be. Still ironic on how that had actually not been totally wrong.

[b "Have any idea what kind of look you want to go for?"] And with those words, Blakely tossed the stick into the fire and moved over to Willow and sat next to her.
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At the campsite it was quiet, the lively conversation of earlier was gone. The news was sinking in very difficultly. Looking to Blakely she gave into a thoughtful look. "There's this book on magical hair styling that was given to me...probably as a hint...wanna try?" She asked taking out the bag. "Given everything that's happened a new look couldn't be too bad. Right? We do both have dates tomorrow, after all."

Giving her a teasing look she gave a smile. She knew Willow took everything far more quickly than Willow, she'd be stewing on this. Half sister, that was odd, they had always been told they look like sisters. At least that wasn't wrong.
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Blakely couldn't help a small smirk at Willow's words. She knew perhaps she shouldn't be amused but the wry humour was in a sense needed. Especially with what they had just discovered. It was all just too uncanny and a lot to take in. [b "Continuing the us time would be nice. After all...we won't have much of it when we come back and get back to work."] A sadness laced her words as she looked down.

And for the first time, Blakely couldn't help wondering if any of them were truly different. From what she was seeing in their new lives was they all seemed pawns in a war none of them understood why they were fighting. But maybe it was just the want to impress those who were deemed great and to make something of themselves? She had to push those thoughts away. She just had to.

"If that is what the two of you would like. I would be more than happy to assist you." Dunbeldore said as he stood and walked over to the girls. His hands took both their arms and in seconds they stood back on the edge of the forest outside the new headquarters.
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Never in her deepest thoughts had she thought she'd know Dumbledore personally. Even without real contact they had still gone above and beyond for an ideal. Now she wondered how she had done it and and why, but that was the thing in common with Death Eaters. They felt inspired to do more than asked.

"I was thinking of pointing at people we know who dies and say 'you're going to die' and walk away," Willow said wryly before shaking her head. "No, I'm really not...Perhaps we could continue our next few days of us time and then get back to business. Thank you professor. Do you mind taking us back? We can't apparate here."

It was nice to have something serious and meaningful but she wanted to go back to before.
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The man smiled to her and nodded slowly. "Those are words I have told others as well. Words which I learned have meant a great deal and a lesson that I too had once had to learn. The question now is how the two of you plan to use this knowledge." Dumbledore said, eyes twinkling in that way they always seemed to. Honestly he had not meant his words but wanted the two girls to know they still had that spark. That though they had seen what they had they were still very much them.

"Remember it isn't who or what you are born but who you choose to be that makes you." He said thoughtfully, once more taking his seat at the desk and watching the girls.

[b "Now I can understand why she had never wanted to tell me much as I got older. She simply said that he wasn't a good man and tried to leave it at that. He hadn't been my father anyway... Jackson was. Even though he thought I was a bit odd he never didn't treat me like his daughter...even tried to help me to learn to better understand my being an empath.."] Her words were soft as she was calmer now.

Slowly green eyes came up and she looked to Willow and smiled, shaking her head. [b "Nothing changes. We're still us."] There was a fire in her words and eyes as she stood and went to the other girl. [b "We'll learn more about him."]
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He may have done that...with my mum when my parents were separated...he's not my dad. They said they didn't know it was the same man until they were introduced. My dad worked hsrd as a electrician and taught me every strategy game he could," Willow said between gritted teeth. Looking to Dumbledore she furrowed her eyebrows. "You can't mean that, sir. On our first year said that in the darkest there is light. There was always words, when you died, we carried that light and we won. You do not know what you mean to us."

Too tied for emotions she said that plainly but with fire. "It's what's still in us...this doesn't change anything, Blakely. Nothing at all."

Still she was curious about him, some part always had been.
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Blakely was still frozen, her head reeling. The girl had always believed she was an only child but had always been mistaken as Willow's sister. In fact, the two of them used to play on that fact just to mess with people. But never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that they could really be sisters, well half anyway. It was too strange and she was still trying to process it.

[b "How could they have? Didn't they know? That is...it is so wrong..."] her voice was weak as she found her way over to the wall and leaned on it, sliding down. Her face was hidden in her lap. All of it seemed too much.

[b "I...He came after me too. The wizard who had killed Brian..."] Blakely whispered and was now looking at the floor. How could any of this had happened? Why had they never been told and been living a lie all their lives. It was like the world was crashing down and if nothing made sense anymore.

Dumbledore looked between the two girls. He sighed and nodded slowly. There were no words the man could offer to help and he knew that. "All I can say is that I am sorry... but perhaps knowing the truth may help you...or if you wish I can erase it from your memories." The elderly wizard as he continued to see how distraught the girls were.
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Willow hadn't remembered ever feeling so lost for words as she did this moment. Looking to Blakely, she could see it now, they always were mistaken for sisters. They were actually half sisters. "Sweet Jesus, sisters slept with the same man! That is disgusting," Willow said irrelevantly. The idea was disgusting, but things were piecing together. "Margot was already three then...so she was with my...Oh, my god..."

Finding a chest to sit on she couldn't help but feel sad and also want to vomit. Looking to Dumbledore she wasn't sure what to tell him. "I don't know, sir...I think so..."

What what they supposed to do now? They couldn't go back and demand answers. "I think he tried to kill me in the battle...Blakely but he stopped. Oh...this isn't happening..."
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