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"He...he was in Dumbledore's side the whole time...the last year he was protecting the remaining students from harm. He probably saved me from the Carrows more than once," Willow whispered softly. "They didn't deserve it."

Willow used the screen to change before settling down into bed. "Tomorrow we should be back. I have some clothes here I borrowed, you're welcome to it."

she didn't want to go back and just do the same thing. She wanted to do more.
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She again seemed to be lost in her head. Sadness and pain seemed to play in her eyes. It was not lost upon the man as he saw and observed much more than he let on. But he also knew it was not his place to draw attention to it. He despised when others did it to him, namely the headmaster, and so he would not do it to another.

When the grin came to her lips, Severus did not understand but it was nice to see. "Again..you are welcome. And perhaps a bit. Good night 'Piper'.." The man said as he watched her go. Soon he went back to the dungeons and his own office.


[b "So this is the dreaded Snape, huh? Kind of fun to see him now.. Sobering too.."] Blakely said thoughtfully as Willow re-entered the room.
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Willow didn't like to think of that final year. As a muggle born she was abused more, and when did didn't relent those twins made it worse. During that time she had seen Snape in is office.

It was all coming together. She wouldn't be here if he hadn't been headmaster.

"No, I really mean it. Thank you..." Willow said in a softer tone before giving that grin. "I'm growing on you, I can tell. Good night."
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Blakely gave Willow a faint smile. She had been thinking perhaps the Leaky Cauldron or even an inn in Hogsmeade. But the idea of staying with the other was nicer. [b "Thanks for that."]

It didn't take long to get settled in. But the young woman did decide to stay up until Willow came back.


Severus waited in the hall when the two had gone into the room. Easily he could have gone off to his own, but something had told him to stay. And just a few moments later "Piper" came back out.

The faintest of smile crossed his lips and he gave a nod. "It's alright. I get it. And you're welcome. It is what I am here for." The words were quiet as usual but also he had meant them.
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"Afraid I can't let you go back. Not tonight," Willow wrapped an arm around her shoulder. From the windows there was a big full moon which meant it was very dangerous to be out there. "There's room for another bed in the room."

It was strange, yet hopeful, no matter what happened this place always came back.

Willow made sure that Blakely got settled in before going back out to Severus.

"Thank you, I appreciate the help...and I'm sorry for how I was when...well at first. You reminded me of someone I knew and ends up I was wrong."
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Blakely had figured Willow would pull the papers. How she didn't know but it had been a guess. So when all papers were pulled from the swirling storm.of objects she let it all go back to where it was. To be honest, the young woman would have thought it would still take longer. So it was a happy surprise when it hadn't.

Once the paper was had, both Severus and Blakely rejoined Willow and were at her sides. "Probably for the best." The man muttered, dark gaze becoming cast upon the two young women again.

[b "Nice job it finding it.. And I guess I should get back.."] She said quietly, trying to stop a yawn but couldn't. Even she knew how the other felt. This was the first being so drained since the War.
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Sure, he'd love the test run back to when they were toddlers and the world was weary but peachy. Willow thought to herself yet was surprised that this had actually worked. Still they had a pile that was flowing around.

"Accio paper," she said pulling all the papers out before the old parchment was there in her hand. Scrunching to read it she nodded when it had the riddle on top.

"Got it...now...let's get the bloody hell to bed. I haven't been this tired since that night."
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"But just to have thought of it..." Severus said quietly. But then he gave her a look when her mind began to wander. He wasn't sure whether it was because she was playing or if she was just that out of it. However for the moment the man decided to leave it alone. He merely followed the young woman and began to help searching the pile.


Blakely had been a bit lost until the sparks and the loudness. A smirk came to her lips she followed it. What REALLY got her attention was Willow's calling out to her. Blakely stuffed a piece of chocolate into her mouth and ran over to the others. She was really just using the sweets to stay up at this rate.

[b "That was clever on your part! And now lets make this easier."] She said and had her wand out, everything lifting and spiraling around them.
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"I didn't do any of the work, I just pitched the idea. He still won't listen to most of the ideas. I mean...the super sticky gum has been in movies and cartoons for years, it should exist," Willow shrugged. There went the brightness into the very random aspect that would annoy him. Right now it was her focus just having a hard time staying where it should be.

"B! Over there!" She called, taking another drink to stay awake before starting over there. They would survive this, and maybe turn things around.
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Being halfblood himself, Severus knew of muggle things such as fireworks. But he had not known there could be a magical use for them. So to hear her explanation, a small smile did come to his lips. She was clever and very talented for someone so young. "That was very clever and quick thinking on your part." The man said, clearly impressed with her.

Dark eyes then returned to the whizzing firework as it seemed to be "searching". It was not long before it left sparkles behind and stopped over a pile. His eyes then went to her and he nodded. It seemed that she had found what they had been searching the bwtter part of a couple of hours for.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 68d 23h 31m 12s
Somehow she had been wrong these years, especially in the last year. Willow knew better now having placed herself in obvious danger to pass messages. Snape had been a double agent that made sure they survived even if he was even more hated.

Willow looked to him for a moment, probably the most unguarded she had ever looked.

"It's like a muggle flare with the tracking potion. It tracks and instead of wondering where it is. It sends up the sound and flares," Willow explained. "There was a rescue when we were in Wales for Holiday, and saw those...thought why can't they be combined?"

It whized around for a moment before stopping in the corner and gave a red flash and crack leaving the sparkles behind. "There we go..."
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Being so free to touch another or to help was not in his nature. The helping bit perhaps waa becoming so but not the touching. So when he had done it and it had clicked, his own cheeks even became a faint pink. What got the man to flush more was the small flush from the young woman.

Truly he was at a loss as he did not or rather chose not to interact much with others. So he only gave a weak smile and a nod to her utterance of "Thanks". And the man kept her hand steady until she had poured the amount of potion that she had been looking to do.

The fireworks had been the last thing he had expected and FINALLY he had stepped back and was beginning to regain himself. "What does that mean exactly?" Severus aaked quietly.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 68d 23h 49m 53s
Normally there was someone who knew the ointment to relieve the pain, or there was downtime. Right now there was only a time crunch before their body wore down completely. Damnit, they had fought Death Eaters, fought with the Order, and just survived potions. This wouldn't be the end.

Looking back to him she gave a small flush. She never recounted touching him, or him even touching anyone. This was almost sweet.

"Thanks," she said. Finding it at the right level, before placing another dab of something red. "No idea what this is but it works."

Placing another piece of the paper in she saw it fizzle before launching like a firework. "I love this part of my job..." She gave a free grin.
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Blakely was still letting the items flow around in the swirl but it was hurting her head. There was way too much stuff and she knew if she was going to hell right now that Willow would be worse. Because she didn't know how much more she could take, the young woman gave up to try and see if she could find the other two.


Everything was seeming to pile up or look the same. Everytime it seemed like he had looked in one area, the room would rotate and more "junk" would take the previous' spot. It was getting harder and harder to consentrate. But he knew he had to keep trying and to help the two young women. Dumbledore had made that VERY clear though he did not know why.

He had done with the area he had been searching in and backtracked a bit. Soon he came across "Piper" and she looked even worse if that were possible. And for a moment he watched as she found a bowl and was about to pour a bit more of the potion. And from what he could see it was rather shakily at that. Without much thought, the man had moved to her and steadied her hand, helping her pour.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 69d 16m 46s
The headache wasn't getting better and the room only seemed to be growing. After an hour with an increasing headache she knew they wouldn't last going through it again.

"We need another approach," Willow rubbed her temples before fumbling for the remainder of that potion. She'd just owe the person that makes it another favor. If only her arm wanted to work with her, there wasn't fire but it was steady tingling.

"This should work...God, I hope so," she said finding an bowl to pour it into.
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