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[center [size8 [b What happens when past and present collide? Will things stay as they were or will history come undone and the future take a new turn?]]]


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Talking to Dumbledore about their ideas and some of the struggles had not gone as well as they would have hoped. Peter was not to be excluded and they were to try and involve him more. They also found the Ministry was trying to keep everything hushed up and from the new details given it was no wonder Voldemort became the threat that he had. It was just as bad as the future if not even worse. It was funny in a sad way how much had not really changed.

Though disappointed as they were, the headmaster did give them a small job to do for him. Something that would take the group of four from Germany into France. They had also been told to enjoy the time too. Which even in just getting back, Blakely was almost happy to agree to because it meant going with Remus, Willow, and Severus. The young woman was almost sure the four would be able to accomplish something.

[b "I think she has a party in mind..but wants to wait until we all get back. Something about having the whole group there."] Blakely said as she handed the note from Lily over so the others could read it.

"Did Dumbledore fully explain this?" Severus asked as he stood beside Willow. It wasn't that he minded. But something almost made the young man think their former professor was playing match-maker or something. It did seem to be a secret hobby.
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Naturally, Dumbledore wouldn't let anything happened to Peter, instead wished for them to include him more. It wasn't exactly what she wanted to hear. There was little to do with the Ministry. This was only the tip, considering she was now more than certain the Ministry was the reason why Voldermort rose.

He wisely suggested some time away and do some light work for him starting in Germany then head to France, some work with their government and some other experts. Remus was glad to agree, too, though he felt bad for leaving Sirius behind.

"So, we have James' birthday coming up in a few days. Should we get with Lily and throw him a party?" Remus asked. Lily would already be planning something but as a group it'd be great.
  Memory / Faust / 35d 7h 9m 47s
It was almost ironically funny to hear Willow say that they were overthinking things. Not that she should have found it amusing but she did. Overthinking seemed to be something that they both had always been good at. A talent of sorts. And it had also saves them sometimes in their past, which was the future for thier new found friends and makeshift family. But she could not say any of those thoughts. Even if she could, Blakely was not exactly sure how she would voice them to begin with and so was only silent and listening to Willow's words.

[b "So..in a sense history would repeat. We would sound mad and possibly have huge targets on our heads and backs just because we want to get the truth out there.."] Blakely muttered with a sigh, summing up just how USEFUL the Ministry happened to be to them.

A hand came up nearly the same time as Willow's had and the young woman brushed strawberry blonde hair back over her shoulder and green eyes fell on the other woman. Faintly did a smile come to her lips. [b "Maybe you're right. Maybe it would be just what we all need. A break from this for us...and a chance to give Sirius space. Though do you have any ideas of what to do and what the boys would like?"]
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It confused James why Peter hadn't been included and some part of Willow felt bad for doing such a tactic. Perhaps it wouldn't be as needed, considering they had a year and a half before they would have Harry. If even less. Not that she remembered that very well anymore, Snape's detailed notes became this godsend.

[b "We're just overthinking this. It's not like we have a say in what will happen anymore. Either way the Ministry is useless now as it was in our time, denying all of this. That woman disappeared and they just said it's a long Holiday and she quit. People need to know that there's a real threat out there."]

Giving a long sigh, she ran a hand through her hair. [b "Let's go on a double date. We could all use it. Sirius could have some time off of seeing us..."]
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Blakely bit her lip at her sister's words. She knew the other was right. They did have to balance things. Had to decide what was more important. But Blakely also had to remember she was still herself and not at the same time. She had to remember that never again could she live a normal life as Willow could. [b "We'll figure this out...and perhaps memory charms and sending him off somewhere would be for the best?"]

[b "Sirius knows the whole truth as well. You told him back at Hogwarts where we are from and what we wanted to try and stop...how even we wanted to help them not face the lives and troubles that were to come...if it is you to tell him what is needed..ask him and Regulus..then I am sure he would agree. Probably think it the only useful thing he can do at this rate and give him something other than feeling a caged bird.."] Blakely said slowly, thoughtfully. Though she wasn't quite fond on putting someone younger than them up to the task. [b "If Sirius doesn't agree...then I can do it.."]
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[b "I suppose it's who views what as more important. Trying to prevent this or equality to...you know...we can try to balance this all out but I don't know,"] Willow sighed, playing with the lint in her pockets. It had been a tiring months and it was only going to get worse. [b "Maybe we should...Well....we can't kill him. But maybe a memory charm...whatever it takes, right?"]

That thought still bothered her, she didn't want to become the other side. Double agent, that had been Severus, now it wasn't before she remembered a heated conversation between Sirius and a family member when they all had to go to London.

[b "Sirius has a brother..interested but in the same moment unsure...maybe we could convince him. If Sirius agrees,"] Willow suggested.
  Memory / Faust / 42d 6h 30m 39s
The lunch between them all felt more like a business meeting of sorts. They were speaking of the second disappearance and how Willow had seemed unable to stop it. They also had discussed a little more on what to do about the creatures and the ministry, which had both her and Remus tense. Mateo was the one who had to do the speaking there and explain more of who and what they had found.

It was after lunch did Blakely join Willow alone for a walk outside while it seemed the guys were trying their own version of a catch up. Her own hands had come to rest in her pockets as she watched ahead of then, taking in her sister's words. [b "We are thinking about the working...or more I am. Remus is still a bit nervous to be trying to find something normal because very few will accept us for who and what we are... And I know you have been trying. If I remember anything at all...we have to check Sirius' cousins and perhaps some people Severus used to know...I'm also still thinking Peter to be a problem..."] The strawberry blonde said quietly and couldn't help a soft laugh. [b "Sirius is still ever the eager one, isn't he?"]

As she looked to Willow a smile came to her lips and she stopped to hug the other. [b "I've been missing you like crazy too."] She said before she stepped back, contemplating what she said about their father. [b "To do that...someone would have to be a double agent or something.."]
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It was more of a business meeting than a lunch where everyone wasn't feeling sure. The second person disappeared, Willow had tried to stop it, but was blocked somehow. Someone was a Death Eater and she didn't know who it was.

Walking outside with Blakely, hands in her pockets. "Maybe you two should work after he changes. It hasn't been easy here, the second person disappeared, when I tried I was blocked. I don't know who is doing this. Sirius is going stir crazy and...I missed you..."

She gave a smile to her sister before sighing. "And we located our dad, somehow we need to keep him safe just in case we get wiped out, but still...does..you know..."
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The young woman's hand had gently moved to resting on top of Remus'. The man's nerves were becoming more and more shot as the days passed. Actually, both Mateo and Remus suffered when their was a full moon and there was one coming soon.

[b "To even come as far as we have is a victory in itself... But both Remus and Mateo have a point..maybe it should be one of us to talk to them...and it is still something we can talk over and have..."] Her words trailed and she looked down.

"I know...it was only an idea since they may be able to get them to listen..?" Severus said and nodded to Willow. If they didn't do lunch soon, the house elves would be annoyed and make them.

So he took a seat, eyes going to Blakely when her words trailed and then he looked to Willow, seeing if she had any idea.

Sirius was tired of being cooped up and feeling like a caged bird. Everyone else seemed to be doing something useful but not him. And he was tired of seeing Severus and Willow getting so close. It stung in more ways than he would admit.

"So what did Dumbledore say about the field work?" He asked as the tension in the room did seem to be rising and he was trying to change course a bit.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 42d 16h 31m 2s
"I'm actually not quite sure that I agree with some of them going. It really should be us, that goes, since we're the ones that's affected," Remus said, with it being close to that time of month, his nerves was getting shot. Mateo gave a sympathetic look to the man.

"That is a discussion for another time, my friend...why don't we eat and rest? Soon we all be going through a big change," Mateo suggested, continuing to eat more.

Willow gave a small chuckle, though she was fed up with the ministry at the moment. "How about some lunch before the house elves throw something at you guys?"

Sirius hadn't seemed to be doing well, she was talking to Dumbledore about getting him out in some field work. He wasn't good at being coped up, and with her and Severus it was getting crowded.
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Blakely had gone over to sit near the guys when she, Willow and Severus had entered the kitchen. The young woman could see that both had had fun in getting the house elf to get food made. But then the eating out and campfire meals had gotten boring and to lose them magic in the last eight months.

[b "Do you think that we can though? I mean I know they won't listen to the three of us..but at least we know others are willing."] The young woman said as she plucked a few grapes off Remus' plate.

Severus gave them a smile when they had walked in. His hand was still in Willows and he would see that the seemed at least content and being back. They had done what they said they would do. And even seemed to get others to join too. He, Willow and the others that had stayed behind had been under the radar and still trying to get others to join as well.

"Dumbledore and Willow and Moody may be the best bet we have in having the Ministry listen. Though it is really good to see all of you back."

Sirius had come from somewhere else in the house. The man had been in a way starting to withdraw from the others. Severus and Willow were a thing. And he had missed his chance. It was kind of all he could do in the ways of keeping his sanity.

"So how'd the trip go? Couldn't be as boring as staying 'round here." The Black tried to tease as he moved to get a plate himself.
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"No, that's about it for right now," Willow looked to Severus with a smile. Of course there was times it almost went further but didn't. In time it would, of course there was a lot of weight on their shoulders.

It had been a hard decision to not go back home, it was his final choice to stay here and help. The creatures here were in need of help and more. With their combined work more than half already agreed to offer help, of course they wanted more rights.

The food tasted amazing, and soon the other three was joining them. Willow holding Severus' hand. There was a pair that was in love. It was almost the same as Blakely and Remus, though they were still a bit shy.

Remus gave them both a smile. "It was a success...now we just need to get the ministry to listen."
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Severus' arms were around Willow as soon as her arms had wrapped around him, returning her gentle kiss. The two of them had gotten considerably closer. They were a couple now, but still haven't gone all the way. She had showed him that there was more to life and gotten him to open up more. He was hoping maybe to get to the point where they would go all the way.

"They've just gotten back. I think they were unpacking." The man said as he motioned with his head towards the doorway.

[b "Should I come back later? Looks like the two of you were having a moment."] The strawberry blonde said with a smile on her lips. She was honestly teasing them, but only because she missed them.

[b "Bit in all seriousness I've missed the both of you. The other two are downstairs and bugging the house elf for food."] Blakely said as she stayed against the doorframe as Severus still had Willow in his arms.
  M.E.M.O.R.Y. / SheDevil / 50d 12h 59m 38s
Another one gone, it was the second witch in two months. The disappearances started and they knew it would happen. Willow had known this witch who worked in one of the other departments, her time in the time room, let her know it would be her. But again she slipped through the fingers.

Returning home from work upset she could just tell by the sounds that Remus and Blakely was back, and with the active Brazilian man. "Sev," she said wrapping her arms around him kissing him softly she smiled. They really were together, though haven't gone all the way, but that was hopefully soon. They were at least a couple. "Where's Blakely and Remus?"
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[b "At this rate...it would be do anything and at all costs. Risky on our part..but so is us being here anyway...at any rate they deserve it...and talking to Dumbledore about the maze and Peter would be good."] Blakely said quietly. There was so much riding on this but seeing how the maze affected them all, it seemed it would have to be toned down. Seeing Sirius as broken as he had come out made her feel for the man. He seemed in the same shape she was. But now, it was Remus she worried for.

[b "Yeah..I'll watch and get everyone a turn..dunno about resting first before I do...wouldn't be fair to them."] The strawberry blonde said with a weak smile. [b "In any case..good luck, Willow."]

Severus was away from the others. He had been studying the maze and the reactions of those he came out of it. It appeared that the overgrown hedge was tearing them all apart and he wondered what lay within. What the dangers were and why it would seem some may suffer more than others. He was also wondering how he would fair when it came his turn.

When Willow had found him, the young man gave a faint smile. "I was wondering when I would see you again today. Are the two of you alright? And what of Black after facing the maze?" He asked quietly. Somehow he had a feeling she was going to tell him something and it would not be light either.
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