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______ was never too interested in school. Some would even label him as the class delinquent, skipping classes and hanging out on the streets with a bad crowd. On top of that he kept to himself and had a bit of an attitude problem coming off rude to anyone who talked to him, especially if they were authority figures. Though he had his own reasons why he broke the rules. Coming from a poor and broken home, it was getting harder and harder for his family to keep a roof over their heads. It looked like they were going to loose everything until the class president caught wind of their financial problems.

The rich and popular class president had her eye on ____ for a long time. She saw right through his delinquent act and was determined to make him hers at any cost possible. Though the reason wasn't exactly because she liked him or anything like that. She didn't. She wanted to prove herself as class president. That she could get even the schools baddest student to listen to her every whim. Then everyone would respect her, right? She would certainly get re-elected and that's all her rich status obsessed family wanted.

There was only one way to get this delinquent to behave and listen to her, and that was to use her money and her body. Convincing ____'s family that the busy class president needed an assistant and one that was available to be called on wherever and whenever, she agreed to pay them a large some of money, if only _____ listened to her every request. Of course, there was no way he was just going to come barking and wagging his tail willingly. So the day the deal was made, the gorgeous class president marched herself fearlessly into the alley way of thugs that _____ usually hung around with and grabbed him firmly by the collar and kissed him hard on the lips claiming him in front of all of them.

Not only would this random kiss in front of all these other delinquents, tick him off in general it was from [i her]. The class president of the school he hated and hardly went to, by the same person that was constantly hounding him to attend classes. A girl he had always despised. Now here she was suddenly acting flirty with him and like she liked him or something, and going on about how he's all hers because of some deal. Though he would have no idea that she really didn't care for him at all and that it was just a way of getting him to do as she says. How will these two move forward? How will he adapt now that he's forced to start going back to school AND become the girl he hates assistant? How will he deal with the fact that she treats him like a dog but is all over him at the same time? Will he be able to control his hot temper and do this for his family?


[b Rules]

-anime pics only

1000+ characters

-will take place in JAPAN, have a Japanese first and last name, just google Japanese first and last names

-Your character does NOT like mine. Even if she's kissing him and embarrassing him, he hates it but has no choice but to put up with it. He can slowly start to like her but NOT right away.

-your character is also a delinquent, a bad boy with an attitude problem. Act like it. Of cours, he's adverse to authority figures, like a class president and being told what to do. So he is noooot going to like being practically a servant to least at first. But also give him some background as to why he would be like this in the first place.




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