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Wonwoo chose to go back to Spain with Dowoon, who missed his pack. The thing with being wolf-humans was they faced a lot of scrutiny for being normal wolves but Sungjin, the pack leader, pushed through it and continued to lead his pack against hunts, which were aided by Wonwoo. Things were starting to change now for the pack since Wonwoo joined, and as a new pack moved into their territory it becomes a fight to keep their territory. Will they succeed? Or will things get so bad to the point where Sungjin is forced to move the pack somewhere else?

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Hai~! Author-nim here with another story~! Dowoon and Wonwoo won the votes though Hobi and Doyoung came in at a close second xD. Good to know someone wants that pairing though. Anyway, onto the characters~!

[center Characters:]

Wonwoo: A pure blood werewolf who found his other mate in Dowoon. He was a part of Sungcheol's pack before joining Joshua's pack. He then left Joshua's pack to join Sungjin's pack when Dowoon wanted to head back to Spain. He is a part of Joshua's faction and is one of the more active members that travel internationally.

Dowoon: A wolf-human who is Wonwoo's mate. He is the quietest in the pack, being the youngest. He didn't expect to find his mate in a werewolf, but he didn't mind it. He was the last to join the pack after his brother Junhyuk ran away, never to be seen again. He doesn't resent his brother for leaving him, but sometimes he wished for his brother to return. He can speak Korean, English, and German.

Sungjin: A wolf-human who is the leader of the pack. He is assertive when it comes to keeping his pack together, but he doesn't butt into the other members of the pack's business unless it directly involved him. He leads his own faction, and is allies with Joshua's and Moonbin's factions. He can speak English and Polish.

Jae: A wolf-human who is the oldest in the pack. He can seem as cold at first, due to how he grew up, but once you gain his trust his friendly side comes out. He isn't particularly close to anyone but he gets along well with Wonwoo and Dowoon, being the first person to really accept the two as a couple. He can speak English, Spanish and Korean.

Brian: A wolf-human who was the most against Dowoon and Wonwoo's relationship. He judged Wonwoo because he was a werewolf, something different from what they were since they were just regular wolves, but after getting to know Wonwoo he had become close friends with him. Dowoon was like a younger brother to him, and he was determined to fill the gap that Junhyuk left. He can speak Korean, English and French.

Wonpil: A wolf-human who acts like the youngest in the pack but he is the second youngest. He has a bright and bubbly personality but it's all to hide the scars of his past. No one but Sungjin knows about his abusive past, and he was actually the first person to be recruited by Sungjin to join his pack and his faction. He can speak English, Korean and German.

I hope you enjoy the story~!

A huge thanks to [https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1307589/graphic-shop-closed-graphics-request-posters-postershop-graphicshop 青蛇] graphics shop for the poster~!


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[center Epilogue]

Wonwoo and the others made it to the states, with Joshua coming to pick them up in Ryeowook's truck with Minhyuk. "Welcome back to the States you guys," said Joshua. "You're welcome to ride in the trunk, there should be enough room for all of you considering you have no luggage," he said. "Well, except your carry ons but," he said, chuckling. Once everyone was settled in the truck Joshua drove off, heading home. Dowoon, Wonwoo, Jaehyun and Wonpil were in the back seat while Sungjin and the others were in the trunk.

"Your room is still the same," Joshua said as they stopped to grab some food. "Not much was changed about the pack house, but all the empty rooms got turned into guest rooms," he said. "Ah cool," said Wonwoo. "You guys want anything?" Joshua asked as he got out of the truck. "Nah," said Dowoon. Jaehyun and Wonpil shook their heads no. "I'm good," said Wonwoo. Joshua went to ask Sungjin and the others if they wanted food before going into the fast food restaurant to get food.

"So I heard ya'll were going to Toronto after this," Minhyuk said, turning around in his seat to talk to Wonwoo and the others. "Just Dowoon and I," said Wonwoo. "I have my own pack to check up on," said Jaehyun. "I left them in the care of Taeil, we're a rag tag bunch considering all our animal forms are different," he said, chuckling some. "And Sungjin wanted to see an old accomplice of his," said Wonpil. "Hyunjin was it? He lives in New York," said Minhyuk. "You'll get to see them I'm sure," he said.

Joshua came back with food and gave the bags to Minhyuk before driving home. "Well, I know who will be excited to see you Wonwoo," he said. "Hm?" Asked Wonwoo. "Mingyu was actually looking forward to your visit, he has a lot to talk about apparently," said Joshua. Wonwoo chuckled. "He was the more talkative one of the two of us," he said. Dowoon chuckled some and looked out the window.

"When you heading to Toronto?" Asked Joshua. "In a couple days," said Wonwoo. "We'll drive there," he said. "I think I managed to track down my parents thanks to Moonbin so," he said, shrugging. "Alright, good luck on finding them," said Joshua. "Thanks," said Wonwoo.

After a week of spending time in Boston with Joshua and the others, Wonwoo decided it was time to find his parents. Joshua let him borrow the Jeep, and Jaehyun and Wonpil tagged along so they could meet with the rest of Jaehyun's pack and Dowoon went along for the moral support. Sungjin wished them luck, and said to just head on home after the trip, whether successful or not.

"I guess this is it," said Wonwoo as he pulled up to his old house. "I guess," said Dowoon. "Want me to wait here?" He asked. "No, there's nothing here for me anymore," said Wonwoo as he sighed. "Oh?" Asked Dowoon. "It's my old house, but we have another spot to visit," said Wonwoo. "When Moonbin found them, he found their obituaries," he said. "Oh..." Said Dowoon. "So, we're going to visit the cemetery," he said. Wonwoo nodded and started the jeep up again and drove to the cemetery where his parents were buried.

Dowoon walked with Wonwoo over to the grave site, with Wonwoo staring at the graves as soon as he found them. "I never got to see you before you died," Wonwoo said, sighing. "But this is my final goodbye," he said, brushing his fingers over the names. "I hope you're proud of me, I just wish I had managed to come see you before I was sent to the US," he said. He finally let himself break down as he started sobbing. Dowoon could only put a comforting hand on his shoulder, offering soft words of comfort.

[center ~]

"It certainly has been a long time hyung," said Hyunjin as he found a time for him and Sungjin to meet. "Mm," said Sungjin as he smiled slightly. "You're still a kid to me," he said, tousling Hyunjin's hair. "Yah! This [i kid] happens to be a big alpha of a wolf pack now!" Said Hyunjin. Sungjin laughs. "Proves nothing, until you're placed in a situation that tests your abilities as an alpha," he said. "I guess so," said Hyunjin.

"What brought you back to the states?" He asked. "Two of my packmates were homesick," said Sungjin. "It was only right to take everyone out on a vacation," he said. "Oh, right I heard you picked up a shapeshifter and a werewolf," said Hyunjin. "I had no real choice there, they both found their mates in people in my pack so," Sungjin said, shrugging. "Not judging, considering my pack works with Doyoung and Hoseok a lot," said Hyunjin. "Ah you got assigned to those two? They're a good team," said Sungjin.

[center ~]

"Ah, Jaehyun!" Called Taeil once Jaehyun walked over with Wonpil. "Hello Taeil," said Jaehyun. "Where's the others?" He asked. "Mark was sent on a hunt, Yuta and Winwin are here somewhere, Johnny went food shopping and well, I came to meet you, and Haechan's in the house," Taeil said with a chuckle. "Come on in, Haechan's been excited to see you again," he said.

"Hyung!" Called Haechan as he tackled Jaehyun. "Oof," said Jaehyun. "Hey," he said. "Who's this?" Asked Haechan. "I'm Wonpil," said Wonpil as he smiled some. "Nice to meet you," Haechan said with a grin. "Wonpil's my mate so," Jaehyun said, scratching the back of his head. "Oh! You're a wolf?" Asked Taeil. Wonpil nodded. "I'm not a werewolf, but yeah," he said. "Cool!" Said Haechan. "Come on! Let's go meet the others!" He said before dragging Wonpil into the house yelling for Yuta and Winwin to come downstairs.

"Ever the handful eh?" Asked Jaehyun. Taeil chuckled some. "This is the first time in a while that he's been this excited to see anyone new," he said. They walk into the house, being greeted by Yuta and Winwin who then turn their attention to Wonpil, going to give him the house tour. "Yep, ever the handful," Jaehyun said, chuckling some.

[center ~]

"I think I'm ready to go," Wonwoo said after an hour of sitting in front of his parent's graves. "Are you sure?" Asked Dowoon. "Yeah," said Wonwoo. "I got to say goodbye, that's all that matters," he said. "Alright," said Dowoon. "Let's go home," he said. Wonwoo nodded and got up, heading back to the jeep with Dowoon.
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[center Chapter 20]

"Are you sure about this?" Asked Sungjin as he stood on the platform waiting on the next train with Dowoon and Wonwoo. "Completely sure," said Dowoon. "I want to see my parents, we'll be back in two weeks tops," he said. "Take care of him Wonwoo," said Sungjin. "Always," said Wonwoo. "Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?" Asked Sungjin. "I think it's for the best that I go with just Wonwoo," said Dowoon. "I don't think they'd take [i too] kindly to another pack alpha in their territory," he said. "Alright, stay safe you two," said Sungjin as their train pulled up to the platform. He waited until the train was gone from the station before heading home to get ready for their trip to the states.

Dowoon and Wonwoo sat in their sleeping car, just wanting to enjoy the trip. "Are you nervous?" Asked Wonwoo. "A little," said Dowoon. "I haven't seen or talked to them since I left, and I might as well go make amends, try to leave on a good note," he said. "It's good to do so," said Wonwoo. "I hope to go home to my own parents some day," he said. "I know you do," said Dowoon. "We'll be going home soon, at least, back to the states," he said. "We'll make a trip to Canada for you," he said. Wonwoo nodded, smiling a bit.

Once in Berlin, Dowoon and Wonwoo stepped off the train and onto the platform, being greeted by Junhyuk. "Hey you two," said Junhyuk. "Are they happy that I'm actually coming home for once?" Asked Dowoon. "Pretty much," said Junhyuk. "They don't know who Wonwoo is but," he said, shrugging. Wonwoo sighed. "Well then," he said. "I think it'd be better if I left the introductions to you, I don't think they'd believe me if I said you had a werewolf as a mate," said Junhyuk. "Makes sense," said Dowoon.

Junhyuk drove them back to the pack house out in the countryside, being silent on the drive there. Wonwoo sat in the backseat and Dowoon sat in passenger. "What made you go back anyway?" Dowoon asked in German, tilting his head to the side. "I felt like a coward," Junhyuk said in German. "I came back because I had no one to turn to," he said. "I only left with Zico because he was chosen for the next pack alpha," he said. "Hm," said Dowoon. "I hope y'all aren't about to go at each other's throats up there," Wonwoo called from the backseat. "No no, it's fine," Dowoon said in English. "We're almost there," said Junhyuk as he pulled into the long driveway that would take them up to the house.

"Nothing's changed," Dowoon said as the house came into view. "Not really," said Junhyuk as he parked the car. "Just be careful with them," he said. "I know you have a pack to return to but they will do everything to get you to stay," he said. "Mm," said Dowoon as he got out of the car with Wonwoo getting out a minute later. Dowoon let out a deep breath before walking into the house with Junhyuk and Wonwoo following after him.

"Mom, dad I'm home!" Junhyuk called. "We're in the livingroom son," called his father. "Here we go," said Dowoon as he headed into the livingroom. Wonwoo was hesitant as he walked into the livingroom after Junhyuk gave him a reassuring pat on the back before following after Dowoon. "So the youngest pup returns then," said Dowoon's father as he spotted Dowoon. "Hello father," Dowoon said, forcing a smile.

"Who is this?" Asked his father. "Wonwoo, he only know's English," Junhyuk said. "Ah, my apologies," their father said in English. "My name is Yesung," he said. "Wonwoo," said Wonwoo as he bowed. "No need for formalities Wonwoo," said Yesung.

"So what brings you here?" He asked. "Ah, I wanted to introduce Wonwoo to you as my mate," said Dowoon as he scratched the back of his head. Yesung tilted his head to the side. "Mate?" He asked, switching to German. "Ah, yes, Wonwoo is my mate," Dowoon said in German. "What is he? He's not human is he?" Asked Yesung. "No," said Dowoon. "He's a werewolf," he said. Things were silent for a few minutes, as Wonwoo shuffled on his feet a little, getting more nervous with every passing second. It made him more nervous when he couldn't even understand them when they were speaking German.

A few tense minutes pass before Yesung turned to Wonwoo. "You are taking good care of my son?" He asked in English. Wonwoo nodded. "We've had our rough roads, but we've stuck together," he said. "I never intend to hurt him, he'd hurt me more if he decided to end things," he said. "Is Dowoon your first mate?" Asked Yesung. Wonwoo nodded. "I still have my pure blood mate to find but when that happens I'd rather take the chance and make it work somehow than have to put that kind of pain on him like that," he said.

"Well, with that statement, I approve," said Yesung. Wonwoo relaxed, smiling a bit. "Thank you," he said. "But if you do anything to hurt him, I will not hesitate to rip you apart," said Yesung. "I wouldn't fight back," said Wonwoo. "I like you already," Yesung said with a chuckle.

During the 2 weeks they were there Wonwoo had gotten along fine with Yesung and Dowoon's mom, Cao Lu. When he had showed his wolf form to them, they thought he was Dowoon, but Dowoon was smaller. "Twins," Junhyuk had said with a chuckle. "Well, this is unexpected," he said. "I approve of this," Yesung said with a chuckle. Cao Lu chuckled and nodded.

"Are you sure you want to leave?" Asked Yesung as they waited on the platform for the next train. "I have a pack to return to father, I only came to reconcile, I will visit when I can," said Dowoon. "Besides, I'm going to the States to visit some friends, and let Wonwoo go home," he said. "I see, good luck to you son, make us proud," said Yesung as the train arrived. "It was nice seeing you again baby brother," said Junhyuk. "Take care of him Wonwoo," said Yesung. "Always," said Wonwoo as their train arrived. "Come for a visit after you're home from the States," called Junhyuk. Dowoon and Wonwoo waved to them before going to their cabin.

"Welcome back guys," called Jaehyun when they got home. "Oh sure, leave it to us to walk home," said Wonwoo. "Sorry," said Sungjin. "Hyung forgot to check his phone again," Wonpil said with a sigh. "Anyway, get some rest, we're heading to the states tomorrow," he said. Wonwoo and Dowoon nod before going to get ready for bed.
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[center Chapter 19]

Wonwoo was clinging to Dowoon, even long after they got home. Sungjin assured him that things would return to normal soon, to just stay by Wonwoo's side until then.

Taeil was going to leave with Jihoon and Minhyuk, stating that he had no desire to stay around after everything. Sungjin let them go without a problem, knowing that they wouldn't return.

Moonbin sat with his packmates on the couch watching Sungjin and Wonpil play another game on the PS4. They were trying to get things back to normal as best they could until Wonwoo could snap out of whatever trance he was in.

"Did you hear from Hyunjin?" Sungjin asked Moonbin. "Ah, yes!" Said Moonbin. "He says he remembers you, but he can't accept any more members right now," he said. "You are welcome to come for a visit though, was his words," he said. "We weren't planning on moving," said Wonpil. "But, at least we have a place to go to for a [i little] while until we find a new place to stay when we do move," he said. Moonbin nodded. "You're always welcome in Cairo if you do decide to move," he said.

"I think, taking Wonwoo home will help him a little," said Wonpil. "He deserves to go see Joshua and the others," he said. "He deserves the vacation, especially after everything he's been through," said Sungjin as he leaned back, sighing. Moonbin hummed in response. "I'll be out of here in the next couple days, gotta see how Wonwoo holds up," he said. "He's got us, and Jaehyun," said Sungjin. "But you're welcome to stay around for as long as you need to," he said.

Jaehyun walked into the room from Dowoon and Wonwoo's room after checking on Wonwoo. "How is he?" Asked Sungjin as he looked up from the TV. "Fine, I got him to sleep, Dowoon's taking a n awfully long time outside," said Jaehyun. "He needs his space as much as Wonwo does," said Sungjin as he shook his head. "Brian and Jae are with him, don't worry," he said.

"He has a lot to think about, especially after learning that his parents want him back," said Wonpil. "Leave him be for a bit, they'll be back soon," he said. Jaehyun nodded and sat beside Wonpil, watching them play whatever game they were engrossed in on the PS4.

It would be a few hours before Dowoon came home with Brian and Jae, Dowoon immediately going into his and Wonwoo's room to check on Wonwoo. "How was the walk?" Asked Sungjin as he paused the movie they were watching. "Fine," said Brian. "He spent the entire afternoon at the beach but," he said, shrugging. "We made sure he was alright though, he even agreed to getting food," said Jae as he held up a couple bags of take out. Sungjin took the bags from Jae and everyone got their share of food before sitting down and continuing to watch the movie that was playing.

Wonwoo was curled up on the bed staring at the wall when Dowoon walked in. Dowoon climbed into bed behind Wonwoo and turned him around, bringing him to his chest. "Hey there," mumbled Wonwoo. "Missed you," he said, clutching onto Dowoon's shirt. "Sorry, I needed time to think," said Dowoon as he sighed. "Your parents want you home, that does require some thought," said Wonwoo. "Mm," said Dowoon.

"Will you return home?" Asked Wonwoo. "I don't know," said Dowoon. "They kicked me out first, I don't even want to go back because of that," he said. "I never wanted to become an alpha of a pack, they were going to force that so they gave me a choice, stay or leave," he said. "I left and they cut everything I had access to," he said. "I had no money, or much of anything, but thanks to Chanwoo I got a job as a vampire hunter," he said. "Hm," said Wonwoo.

"How are you feeling?" Asked Dowoon. "A little better," mumbled Wonwoo. "I still feel a bit off but," he said, shrugging. "Hm," said Dowoon. "You up for eating? I think we got enough for everyone but I wouldn't be surprised if they ate all the food," he said, chuckling. Wonwoo chuckled some. "I guess," he said, moving to sit up. Dowoon got up and led Wonwoo out of the room and into the livingroom.

"Ah, Wonwoo decides to make his presence known!" Said Jae as he spotted Wonwoo and Dowoon. "Any food left?" Asked Dowoon. "Yeah," said Wonpil as he pointed to the coffee table. Wonwoo and Dowoon went to get their share of food before going to sit down and watch the rest of the movie.

"So," said Sungjin. "I was thinking of taking all of us on a trip back the states," he said. "Would you mind going to see Joshua and the others?" He asked. "Sure," said Wonwoo. "It'd be nice to go back for a few weeks," he said. "I think I'd like to go see my parents before we go," said Dowoon. "Are you sure Dowoon?" Asked Sungjin. Dowoon nodded. "I want to, I need to get some closure about this whole thing," he said. "Alright," said Sungjin.

"What are we watching?" Asked Wonwoo. "Erm, Man of Steel," said Wonpil. "Oh, Superman," said Wonwoo. "Okay," he said.
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[center Chapter 18]

Jaehyun managed to yank his chains free and run to the cages, quickly going to open them. Dowoon fell out of the cage, grunting as he got up. He went to check on Wonpil, shaking him awake. "Can you calm him down?" He asked Jaehyun. "I can try, but I'm not sure how good my alpha aura is against a werewolf," said Jaehyun as he turned to the angry wolf who now had his attention on them.

"Wonwoo," Jaehyun said carefully as he kept Wonwoo in his sights. "Calm down," he said. "Dowoon is fine," he said. "See? Dowoon is fine," he said, unleashing his alpha aura. Wonwoo continued to growl, baring his teeth. Jaehyun wondered if being in his polar bear form would increase the intensity of the alpha aura but he wasn't sure. He also knew that changing would set him off even more so he kept his posture as neutral as possible.

"Why did I have to be the one to only have an alpha aura," he grumbled as he moved to let Wonwoo see that Dowoon was okay. "See? Dowoon is okay, calm down Wonwoo," he said. Wonwoo had stopped growling at that point, though he kept his body tense, his fur standing on end. Jaehyun looked around, spotting Zico, Kyung and Jaehyo on the ground in a bloody heap.

"What the hell did you do?" He asked as he went to Zico's body to look for a key to take the chains off. He found the keys and went to take the chains off his wrists and ankles, rubbing at them. He went to Wonwoo. "Wonwoo," he said softly, reaching out to pet the wolf's head. "Let me get those chains off you," he said, reaching over to take the chains off.

Once the chains were off Wonwoo let his body collapse, whimpering. Jaehyun let out a deep sigh, before going to check his injuries. "Is he okay?" Asked Dowoon. "He'll live," said Jaehyun. There were footsteps and Jihoon, Taeil, Minhyuk and Junhyuk ran into the room. Wonwoo got to his feet, snarling at them as he rushed to Dowoon's side.

"What the hell did you do?!" Shouted Minhyuk. "You idiots decided to force Wonwoo's rage to the surface," said Jaehyun as he deadpanned. "What did you think would happen? Even [i I] know what happened with him, and he has no recollection of half of the stuff he did," he said. "You're lucky you didn't kill him, because that would've gotten your entire pack killed," he said.

"Just got him calmed down too, are you trying to get killed here?" He asked. "I'm not here for violence," said Taeil. "We ran into your pack," he said. "They told us that you were here," he said. "And your idiot of a pack mate?" Asked Jaehyun. "I wasn't aware they were going to do this," said Minhyuk. "I thought he'd bring you here to keep you ransom," he said. "I thought he'd not harm you but to go to this length?" He asked. "Jihoon, go get Sungjin," said Taeil. Jihoon nodded and ran off to find Sungjin.

"Can you get your werewolf friend to change back? We're not here to hurt you," said Taeil. "I think he was cut with silver knives, give him a few minutes to heal," said Dowoon as he ran his fingers through Wonwoo's fur to keep him calm. "Can you get a change of clothes?" He asked. "Minhyuk, go get him some clothes," said Taeil. Minhyuk nodded and ran out of the room.

"He's not tough now that his precious alpha is dead," remarked Jaehyun as he tilted his head to the side. "Zico was a douche bag anyway," said Taeil as he shrugs. "And I would've handled this situation better than him," he said. "Only reason I never became alpha until now was that no one would've had my back," he said.

"I was right then," Dowoon said, noticing Junhyuk. "You are here for me," he said. Junhyuk shrugs. "It's more mom and dad wanting you back," he said. "So you went back to them after I left? You [i abandoned] us," he said. "What the hell was that ruse about then?" He asked. "You wanted [i me] to grow up and yet [i you] ran away from the problem," he said. "I will [i never] be an alpha, I'm not the oldest child, you are," he said. "So no, I will [i not] return, you can tell them to screw off," he spat. Junhyuk sighs. "Whatever," he said.

Dowoon stood, going up and punching Junhyuk in the face before shoving him into the wall. "You called me the child, and yet here [i you] are acting like one," he said. "I'm not the god damn child anymore," he said, growling as he shoved Junhyuk against the wall again.

"You're just a god damn coward who instead of staying around to work out your damn problems you ran away with your tail between your legs, and yet you called [i me] the child," he said. "I stayed, I stayed because I thought you'd return, but you know who kicked me out? Our god damn parents," he said, before letting go and walking back to Wonwoo who had returned to his human form.

Wonwoo clung to Dowoon, taking deep breaths and whimpering in pain. "Hush," said Dowoon as he ran his hands through Wonwoo's hair. "You'll be alright," he said. "I-I don't know what I did," mumbled Wonwoo. "Why am I in so much pain?" He asked. "Sungjin's coming with the others," said Dowoon. "You'll be alright soon enough," he said.

Sungjin ran into the room with Jihoon, Minhyuk, Moonbin and the others. "I'm glad I have medicine for those wounds, they're healing slowly but," said Moonbin as he ran over to Wonwoo. "N-No, stop!" Said Wonwoo. "It's alright," said Dowoon. "Moonbin's here to help," he said. "A-Alright," said Wonwoo. "I'm right here," said Dowoon. Moonbin was careful as he cleaned up Wonwoo's cuts and applied the medicine before putting on the bandages.

"Holy cow," said Jae. "What did he do?" He asked when he noticed the bloody mess. "His rage took over," said Sungjin. "Could you blame him though? He was being tortured," he said. Minhyuk handed Dowoon the clothes and Dowoon got Wonwoo to get up and helped him get dressed.

"Come on," said Sungjin. "Let's get everyone home," he said. "Do you mind if we come along?" Asked Taeil. "It seems we're without a pack now," he said. "Leave Junhyuk here," said Dowoon. "He doesn't deserve to come back with us," he spat.

Jaehyun went over to Wonpil to check on him. "I'm fine," said Wonpil. "Just a bump on my head but," he said, shrugging. "Let's go home then," said Sungjin. "I have a truck," said Taeil. "So some of ya'll can ride in the trunk," he said.

Everyone headed out of the building, leaving Junhyuk behind. Once everyone was divided between Taeil's truck and Sungjin's jeep Sungjin drove off with Taeil following after him in the truck.
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[center Chapter 17]

"What is your reasoning for wanting to join my pack?" Asked Sungjin as he walked with Wonwoo. "Other than for Dowoon?" Asked Wonwoo. Sungjin nodded. "I figured you'd want my help, as a fellow hunter," said Wonwoo. "And, I was never one for being in Joshua's pack, I'm too used to Sungcheol anyway," he said.

"You are a werewolf though," Sungjin said, tilting his head to the side. "Yes, but Dowoon is my mate, I can't stay away from him for long," said Wonwoo. "And if you find your pure blood mate?" Asked Sungjin. "We'll deal with it when it comes to that point," said Wonwoo. "You still don't know everything about me, but I hope you give me a chance," he said.

"I grew up with the mind set to give others a chance," said Sungjin as they reached the beach. "It doesn't matter if you're a werewolf or a human, I can see you have true feelings for Dowoon," he said. "Just, don't break him, he's still recovering from his own past trauma," he said. "I won't," said Wonwoo as they went to sit in the sand.

[center ~]

Wonwoo woke with a gasp, and sat up, rubbing the back of his head. He felt something heavy on his arms and looked down, seeing chains on his wrists and ankles. He looked around and saw Wonpil and Dowoon in their own cages while Jaehyun was also chained to the floor. Jaehyun was also already awake, and was taking in his surroundings.

"What are we going to do here?" Wonwoo asked, tilting his head to the side. "I'm not sure," said Jaehyun. "But prepare for anything," he said.

[center ~]

"There's a reason I stayed with Sungcheol for so long you know," said Wonwoo as he looked up at the clouds. "Oh?" Asked Sungjin. "I have this anger, something that I can't control if I change to wolf form in that state," said Wonwoo. "I have to make sure that I don't let that anger take over every time I change," he said. "I guess that'd make sense, your alpha auras keep you under control," said Sungjin. "At least, from what I've observed from the shapeshifters," he said.

"What if you lose control here then?" He asked. "I just hope that Dowoon can bring me out of it, I don't know how you'll be able to as an alpha of a regular wolf pack, but we'll try," said Wonwoo. "It's the best we can do," said Sungjin.

[center ~]

It's been a couple hours now, and Wonwoo was glad he could see that Dowoon was okay from what he could see, he wasn't sure what his anger would do right now. Jaehyun was testing his chains to see if he could break them but he didn't want to risk changing here.

Zico walked in with Kyung and Jaehyo, walking over to the cage first before taking notice of Jaehyun and Wonwoo. "Ah the two abominations are awake," said Jaehyo as he walked over to Jaehyun. Kyung chuckled. "One's a werewolf, you know what their weakness is?" He asked, brandishing a silver knife and walking over to Wonwoo. Wonwoo tried to move away, a growl rumbling through his chest. "I don't think you want to piss me off right now," he said, glaring at Kyung.

Kyung laughs. "Don't worry kid," he said, putting his knife away. "It's not you or your friend we're after," he said. "Touch him and you're dead," spat Wonwoo as he yanked on the chains. "I suggest you don't yank on your chains, they have silver," said Zico. "I don't give a damn," spat Wonwoo as he tried to yank the chains free. He didn't care if it was starting to burn his wrists now.

"Wonwoo," said Jaehyun. "Calm down," he said. "Don't let the anger take over you," he said. Wonwoo growled but had stopped struggling for now and glared at Zico.

Zico chuckled and went and opened the cage, dragging Dowoon out and slapping him awake. Dowoon groaned and opened his eyes. "What the hell?" He asked, glaring at Zico. Jaehyo and Kyung held onto Dowoon, keeping him from moving as Zico went to prepare for a torture session. "Leave him alone damn it!" Snarled out Wonwoo as he struggled with his chains again.

"I'll take the torture," he suddenly shouted, desperate now. "Oh? Interesting," said Zico as he walked over to Wonwoo. "Why the concern for him? He's nothing to you," he said. "Dowoon is my mate, you kill him you'll have more than a pissed off werewolf on your hands," spat Wonwoo as he struggled with his chains again. "I can take the torture, just do it already," he spat. "Alright," said Zico. "Put him back in the cage," he said. "No!" Said Dowoon as Jaehyo and Kyung threw him back into the cage.

Zico grabbed the silver knife from Kyung and walked over to Wonwoo. He started the torture session, slashing Wonwoo with the knife. Wonwoo gritted his teeth as he tried not to show weakness. Jaehyun felt useless as he now tried to yank his chains free.

Dowoon tried to escape the cage now as Wonwoo started to cry out in pain from the burning pain that started to course through his body. It wasn't so much the wounds now, since Zico had stopped but it was the after effects of the silver taking its toll on his body.

[center ~]

Wonwoo couldn't remember why he was here, why he had been captured by werewolf hunters out of all people. The only thing he could remember was getting a shot then nothing. He didn't want to know what he was doing during those blank moments.

He was being taken care of, he knew that much. But when he was being sent out on missions with teams of werewolf hunters, everything blanked out. He couldn't remember a thing, there were blank holes in his memory.

He was in the middle of a mission when he came to, blinking in surprise. He was bloody, the front half of his body was covered in blood as he returned to human form. He looked up and saw a man he would later call his alpha, Sungcheol. "We came here for vampires and ran into a pure blood, who are you?" Asked Sungcheol. "Wonwoo, my name is Wonwoo," said Wonwoo.

Joshua walked over, his head tilting to the side. "What do we do with him?" He asked. "Take him with us, take him to the showers and let him get cleaned up," said Sungcheol. Joshua nodded and helped Wonwoo up, taking him to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

[center ~]

Pain, that's all he could feel right now. "Finally dying hm?" Was all he heard before he blanked out, feeling the anger take over. Wonwoo yanked his chains out of the floor as he changed, snarling and baring his teeth as he attacked first Zico, then Jaehyo and Kyung.
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[center Chapter 16]

Sungjin and the others spent their time planning when they weren't playing games on the PS4. No word had come in yet about Zico and their threats but it was better to be prepared than to not be prepared. Jaehyun returned a couple days after Moonbin and the others arrived, now a full time vampire hunter.

"You didn't have to give up your job at the bank Jaehyun," said Wonwoo. "It doesn't matter, Joshua took my place anyway, he was better at this than I was," said Jaehyun. "How is he anyway?" Asked Wonwoo. "He's alright, all the hunting goes to his brother, Siwon, Mingyu, Minghao and DK now," said Jaehyun. "Mm," said Wonwoo.

"Hyung," called Wonpil. "What's up?" Asked Wonwoo. "We need food," said Wonpil. Wonwoo sighed. "Alright then," he said. "Who's going?" He asked. "You, me, Dowoon, and if Jaehyun wants him too," said Wonpil. "Sure," said Jaehyun. "Alright, let's go," said Wonwoo as he headed out to the truck. Wonpil drove to the grocery store with Jaehyun in the front seat and Wonwoo and Dowoon in the back.

"We gotta be careful when going into the store," said Wonwoo. "I know," said Wonpil. "We haven't heard much from them since they learned we were vampire hunters, and the fact that Moonbin is here is kind of turning them away but they may be trying something here," said Jaehyun. "Mm," said Dowoon.

They reached the grocery store and Wonpil parked somewhere and Wonwoo went to get the cart and follow the others into the store after Wonpil locked up the truck. Things were going pretty well as they got what they needed, Wonpil paying for it since their bank account was filled thanks to Jae's last mission.

"We got some visitors," Wonwoo muttered as they were getting meat. Dowoon hummed in response as he pushed the cart out of the aisle. Jaehyun and Wonpil were quick to run back to them with their food items before dumping them in the cart.

"Don't take notice," said Jaehyun. "Let's just get this over with yeah?" He asked. "Sure," said Dowoon as they went to get the last of their items before going to check out. They were hyper aware of Kyung, Jaehyo and Minhyuk in the store but they tried to not draw any attention to themselves as they got their bags and wheeled the cart out to the truck.

"This is a load of bull," said Jaehyun as Zico and U-Kwon met them outside. "I thought we sent you a warning," said Zico. "I thought I said that we wouldn't leave?" Asked Dowoon. "We're in a public setting, you really want to do this right now?" He asked. "Or do you want to face the wrath of the largest vampire hunting faction in the world?" He asked. "State your faction then," said Zico. "And we'll let you go," he said as Kyung, Jaehyo, and Minhyuk walk out of the store.

"I'm part of Chanyeol's faction," said Jaehyun as he held up his pocket watch. "I'm with Joshua's faction," said Wonwoo and Dowoon as they held up their pocket watches. "I'm with Sungjin's faction," said Wonpil as he held up his pocket watch. "Now, are you gonna let us go or what?" Asked Wonwoo as he clenched his hands into tight fists on the cart handle. Zico motioned for U-Kwon to move out of the way as he moved. Wonwoo took a deep breath and pushed the cart back to the truck with the others following after him.

"This is just like last time," muttered Dowoon. "We'll be fine, just pack up the truck," said Wonwoo as he went to put the groceries in the truck. The others helped and Dowoon went to put the cart away, running back to the truck. Jaehyun drove back with Wonpil in the passenger seat and Dowoon and Wonwoo in the back. They were being followed, but they chose to ignore it.

"Let Sungjin know that we may have some company," Jaehyun said to Wonwoo. Wonwoo nodded and texted Sungjin, letting him know of the situation. He also made sure he texted Moonbin that there may be some company soon.

"This might be troublesome, hang on to your seats!" Said Jaehyun as he tried to swerve around an incoming car. The car slammed into the back of the truck, causing it to skid sideways for a few feet and slam into a building. "Is everyone alright?" Asked Jaehyun as he looked around the truck. "Fine," said Wonwoo. "Yeah," said Wonpil. Dowoon groaned, but nodded. "I-I'll be fine," he said, trying to move. "Careful Dowoon," said Jaehyun as Wonpil pushed the door to the passenger seat open. He and Jaehyun got out, going to check on Dowoon.

As they were doing so everyone was knocked out, getting taken away to another location.

[center ~]

"They should've been back by now," said Sungjin as he headed outside. "There's talk about a crash," said Jae as he listened to people talk in Spanish. "A crash?" Asked Sungjin as he turned to Jae. Jae nodded. "We should've gone with them," said Brian as he walked over.

"Guys, we may have a problem," called Moonbin as he walked over with Sanha and Rocky. "What is it?" Asked Sungjin as he turned to Moonbin who handed him a piece of paper.

[i We have your packmates, if you want to see them alive come to this location and come alone. -Zico]

"I am [i not] going alone," said Sungjin. "I'm coming with you," said Brian and Jae. "Same here," said Moonbin. Sanha and Rocky nod in agreement. "Do they really think they can get away with this?" Asked Jae. "Apparently," said Sungjin. "Let's go," he said, going to grab the keys to the jeep before getting in it. The others got into the jeep and Sungjin took a deep breath before driving to the location.
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[center Chapter 15]

Moonbin, Sanha and Rocky arrived a couple days later, while Jaehyun had to return to the states to give his new status as a full time vampire hunter. "Long time no see you three," said Sungjin when he answered the door. Moonbin grinned. "Hey there Sungjin," he said. Sungjin moved to let them in before closing the door behind them. Dowoon was racing Jae, Wonpil and Wonwoo while Brian was in the office doing something on the computer.

"Is that the new Gran Turismo game?" Asked Moonbin as he watched what they were doing. "Yep," said Wonwoo. "Also hello Moonbin-hyung," he said. "Hello Wonwoo," said Moonbin. "Who's winning?" Asked Sanha. "Not Jae that's for sure," said Wonpil. Dowoon and Wonwoo were neck in neck as they tried to pass each other.

"So who's this wolf pack that's been bothering you?" Asked Moonbin. "They're being led by a wolf named Zico, two of their members are not part of it, they don't condone violence," said Sungjin. "But the others are all in for taking over this territory," he said. "Well, except Junhyuk, we aren't even sure what his intentions are," he said. "He's here for me," said Dowoon. "Nothing more," he said. "I don't know what he wants out of me but I do know he's here for me," he said.

"He's not getting to you without a fight," said Wonwoo. "I don't think he's here to fight with the others," said Dowoon. "I think he's just here to check on me," he said. "If he was here to fight with the others he wouldn't be on Taeil and Jihoon's side," he said.

"You know," said Sungjin. "After all this is over with I want to go back to the states," he said. "The 7 of us, I want to get in touch with Hyunjin and see if he'll let us in if we end up moving," he said. "I'm not sure if they'll take well to having a werewolf and a shapeshifter amongst their numbers but," he said, shrugging. "I think I can help you there," said Moonbin. "Hyunjin's the main hunter of their pack from what information I know and I can see if I can get in touch with him," he said. "Of course, that takes some tracking down but it won't take long," he said.

"Who all is a member of his pack now do you know?" Asked Sungjin. "Woojin, Felix, Seungmin, Changbin, Jisung, Chan, Minho and Jeongin," said Moonbin. "Huh, 9 members," said Sungjin. "To lead a pack with him being only 17? Wow, I was 20 when I left and he was 13, they must've saw the potential in him after I mentioned it before I left," he said. "If I had stuck around I probably would've taken him with me but," he said, shrugging.

"How do you know him anyway Sungjin?" Asked Wonpil as they paused their game. "Again, he was with my parent's pack," said Sungjin. "I don't know how he met the others, probably happened in the last 4 years," he said. "But he was the son of the betas in the pack," he said. "Since his parents were my parents' betas I ended up watching him growing up to make sure he didn't get into trouble," he said.

"We had this brotherly bond going on, and he had asked to go with me when I was leaving but I couldn't take him along, he was still a pup at the time," he said. "I told him I'd come back for him later and he just disappeared off the face of the earth after I left," he said.

"Would he have become your beta if you took him with you?" Asked Wonwoo. "Probably not," said Sungjin. "There was no way to tell back then, he was still a kid," he said. "For all I know, he could've become the alpha, and I would've become his beta," he said. "It's determined on who's the stronger leader in stressful situations," said Wonwoo as he tilted his head to the side. Sungjin nodded.

"How did a douche bag like Sungcheol become the mighty alpha anyway? Since you say that priority was given to the oldest," said Wonpil. "Well, yes the oldest was Joshua, but he was a natural beta at the time," said Wonwoo. "Chan was more a beta than an alpha so he didn't want the position," he said. "It went to Sungcheol and then Jeonghan and Jun joined because Joshua had saved people on their teams at some point, and that's how our pack had grown so big," he said.

"It's even more complicated for shapeshifters," said Moonbin. "Is that why your faction emblem is a fox then?" Asked Wonwoo. Moonbin nodded. "We're foxes," he said, shrugging. "An alpha of a shapeshifter pack is determined by genes," he said. "If you were born from a main alpha's family then you're automatically the main alpha," he said, shrugging. "I've been alpha since forming my pack and well, we've been through thick and thin," he said.

"So did Chanwoo find you as his mate or did you find him as your mate?" Asked Dowoon. "Both actually," Moonbin said, scratching the back of his head. "However he still has to find his pure blood mate," he said.

"Anyway," said Moonbin as he stood. "I'm going scouting, Rocky and Sanha you stay here and keep them company," he said. Rocky and Sanha nod. "See if you can get in touch with Hyunjin, tell him Moonbin wants to talk," Moonbin said before leaving. "Alright," said Rocky. "Ya'll got a computer?" Asked Sanha. "Brian's using it," said Sungjin. "Brian! Let Rocky use the computer for a few minutes," he called. "Alright!" Called Brian before he came out of the office. Rocky and Sanha headed into the office to use the computer.

After a few minutes Wonwoo, Wonpil, Jae and Dowoon continued their race, Jae trying to pass Wonpil while Dowoon was still trying to pass Wonwoo. "I'm surprised you didn't talk during the entire conversation," said Wonpil. Jae shrugs. "I didn't feel the need to talk," he said. Sungjin hummed in response as Wonwoo won the race again. "Damn it!" Said Dowoon as he sighed. "Almost beat him that time," said Brian. Jae came in third and Wonpil came last. "My turn," said Brian as he took Dowoon's controller. Sungjin took Wonwoo's controller and they started another race.
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[center Chapter 14]

The next day Jaehyun left to go do his mission, promising to be back later that day as it was in the next town over. Jae returned after Jaehyun left, getting tackled by Wonpil. "Welcome back hyung!" Wonpil said as he beamed. "Jeez, was I missed that much?" Asked Jae as he chuckled some.

"Welcome back," Wonwoo called from his position on the couch as he was playing Gran Turismo with Sungjin again. "Did ya'll get a new game?" Asked Jae as he went to see what they were playing. "Yeah, and Sungjin's been waiting on racing you, he's lost against everyone already," Wonwoo said with a chuckle. "I have not!" Said Sungjin as he moved his controller around like a steering wheel. "Doing that doesn't help you know," said Jae as he laughs at Sungjin's antics. "Yes it does!" Said Sungjin as he continued to try and pass Wonwoo.

"Hey, do you know who the pack that's been rising in reputation in the US are?" Asked Jae. "Apparently their pack is run by someone named Hyunjin," he said. "Ah, I know him," said Sungjin. "It's always the young ones that try to surpass us eh?" Asked Wonwoo as he beat Sungjin again. "Here you go Jae," he said, handing the controller to Jae before getting up and going into the kitchen to get something to eat. Jae took his place on the couch and started another race with Sungjin.

"Hyunjin belonged to my parents pack," said Sungjin as he raced Jae along the track. "He's a good kid, I wondered what happened to him after I left," he said. "I figured he'd find his own pack to lead, he's only a few years younger than Dowoon," he said. "But he's already leading a pack which is surprising to say the least," he said, starting to move the controller around again as he was falling behind.

"His pack must really trust him then," said Wonwoo as he came back with a sandwich and sat down beside Jae. "Well, that and he showed potential before I left," said Sungjin. "I'm only 7 years older and I saw the potential in him," he said. "Which is saying a lot considering I was born into the alpha's family," he said. "Hm," said Wonwoo.

"How is an alpha chosen anyway?" He asked. "For us it's dependent on who can perform as a leader," said Sungjin. "Who's the most powerful in a fight, things like that," he said. "Alphas in a wolf pack are the most dominant but they also care for their pack as a whole," he said.

"How are werewolf alphas chosen?" He asked. "It's usually handed to the oldest in the pack," said Wonwoo as he shrugs. "Which, if we were going by those terms, I'd be the alpha right now," he said. "Priority is usually given to the oldest, but if a pure blood feels like he/she is ready to become the main alpha of the pack then they face the challenge of fighting off the entire pack's alpha auras," he said. "If they manage to fight it off and overwhelm the pack with their own alpha aura then they become alpha," he said.

"Every main alpha has two betas who can take the place of an alpha if the alpha is gone for some reason," he said. "Then we have the other alphas of the pack who back the main alpha and then we have, very rarely of course, natural betas," he said. "They are werewolves who don't have an alpha aura," he said. "Hm," said Sungjin. "Are you one of them?" He asked. "No, you'd've known by now," said Wonwoo. "But I don't assert my role as an alpha as much as you think," he said. "Hm," said Sungjin.

"God damn it," said Sungjin as he lost against Jae. "Maybe pick a faster car next time?" Jae asked with a chuckle. Wonpil grabbed the controller from Sungjin. "My turn!" He said. "Where's Dowoon and Brian?" Asked Jae. "They went out to the beach again, I would've went but Sungjin challenged me to a race so," Wonwoo said with a chuckle. "Hm," said Jae as he raced against Wonpil.

"How's things with this pack?" He asked. "Well, we got threats from them, but I think they're more scared than they let on," said Sungjin. "Especially when they learned we were vampire hunters," he said. Jae snorts. "And they're gonna be surprised when Moonbin shows up," he said. "Is that who's coming to help then?" Asked Wonwoo. "Yep, I was there when Chanwoo had the conversation with him, he's coming over with Sanha and Rocky," said Jae. "We got this in the bag then," said Wonwoo as he heard the door open.

"We're back!" Called Brian as he walked into the livingroom with Dowoon. "Thought you'd be out there longer," said Sungjin. "It started to rain," said Dowoon. "Plus we were stalked by those idiots again," he said. Jae sighed. "Who was it this time?" He asked. "Jaehyo and Kyung," said Brian. "They kept their distance, but I can tell they're planning something," he said. "They followed us all the way home," he said. "They want to know if we moved yet," said Wonwoo. "We're staying," he said. "They'd have to drag us out dead if they want us gone," he said.

Jaehyun came home later that afternoon as Jae got a chance to race everyone. Wonwoo, Dowoon, Wonpil and Sungjin were racing each other in a four way race now, to see who would win. "Welcome back Jaehyun," said Wonwoo as Jaehyun entered the livingroom. "Hey there," said Jaehyun. "Who's winning?" He asked. "Obviously not Sungjin," said Dowoon. "Come on now!" Said Sungjin as he moved his controller. "Pick a faster car next time," Jae said with a snicker as he watched the race. Brian sighed. "We keep telling him that," he said. Jaehyun chuckled some as he sat beside Wonpil on the couch to cheer him on.

"Yes!" Said Wonwoo as he threw up his hands when he won. "Second place," Dowoon said with a sigh. "Come on!" Said Sungjin as he and Wonpil were neck in neck. Wonpil smirked and made his car shove into Sungjin's causing it to crash. "Damn it!" Said Sungjin as Wonpil beat him. "Well, at least you weren't last place," Jaehyun said to Wonpil. "There was [i no way] I was gonna lose against Sungjin," said Wonpil as he beamed.
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[center Chapter 13]

Jaehyun being around the house brought back the happiness that had been missing since Joshua and his group had left. Wonwoo was happy around Jaehyun, which in turn made the others happy. Jae was due home soon from missions, and Sungjin wanted to race him in Gran Turismo. He had lost against everyone in the house by then, and wanted to race Jae next.

Jaehyun was out walking with Dowoon and Wonwoo, who wanted to go to the beach. Sungjin had told them not to stay out for too long, he wanted to have a night in tonight, watching movies and just having fun. At least, since Jaehyun had said that he'd be leaving tomorrow for his mission.

"Wonpil seems rather attached to me," said Jaehyun. "He's like that with everyone," said Dowoon. "Nothing new, you should've seen him when he met Wonwoo," he said, chuckling some. Wonwoo scratched the back of his head. "He still tries to make me be his cuddle buddy, so far he's failed," he said. Jaehyun laughs. "Typical eh?" He asked. Wonwoo shook his head. "I [i refuse] to be anyone's cuddle buddy, except Dowoon's," he said.

"You guys are lucky, to be within walking distance of the beach," said Jaehyun as they went to sit in the sand once they arrived at the beach. "I live on the river side but that's nothing compared to this," he said. "It's nice to have a spot near the ocean," said Wonwoo. "Luckily we paid the house in full, so the only thing we really need to worry about is the utility bills," he said. "Oh right, ya'll don't work for Kris do you?" Asked Jaehyun. Wonwoo shook his head. "I'd think you'd be able to," he said. "You have ties to people who work for Kris and you should be able to at least get your utility bills paid since you bought the house with no mortgage," he said. "I guess, I'll have to talk to Jun," said Wonwoo.

"Have you even found your mate yet?" He asked Jaehyun. "No," said Jaehyun. "I never really looked," he said, shrugging. "Would it be surprising for you if I thought that Wonpil was your mate?" Asked Dowoon. "He's been wanting to do [i everything] with you, something he's never done before," he said. Jaehyun shrugs. "It would explain why he's so clingy to me all of the sudden," he said. "But we'll see when we head back," he said.

"Did you hear about the new group of vampire hunters rising up in the US?" He asked. "No, who are they?" Asked Wonwoo. "Not sure, I haven't seen them in person yet," said Jaehyun. "But their leader is a person by the name of Hyunjin," he said. "Word around the bank says that they're a bunch of wolves like you," he said, nodding to Dowoon. "We aren't exactly rare," Dowoon said with a snort, leaning back on his hands as he looked up at the sky.

"I've run into other packs before, but it's not surprising that a new pack of us took the initiative to make themselves known in another part of the world," he said. "I wouldn't be surprised either, if Chanwoo had more information on them than you guys do," he said. "Or that Sungjin knows them or something," he said. "It's nothing against ya'll or anything," he said. "Makes sense," said Jaehyun. "Chanwoo's the biggest informant Europe and Sungjin's a wolf, he'd know other packs," he said. Wonwoo nodded.

"Ya'll never learn do you?" Came a voice, causing everyone to turn to the voice. "I don't think you want to cause trouble Minhyuk," said Dowoon as he narrowed his eyes. "I'm here to bring a warning since Taeil did tell us that you were vampire hunters," said Minhyuk. "Big alpha Zico can't come himself to deliver this warning? Man you guys are more scared than I thought," said Wonwoo as he stood. "Give your damn warning already, we don't have time for this," he said. Minhyuk clenched his hands into fists, glaring at Wonwoo.

"He's willing to let you leave here without a fight, otherwise we're taking this territory by force," he said. Jaehyun snorts and stood, shaking his head. "Do you know who you're messing with here?" He asked. "I suggest doing a bit more research before coming to the conclusion to take this territory by force, especially when this pack has a lot of powerful allies backing them," he said.

"You don't know who you're facing against," said Minhyuk. "Actually, [i you] don't know who you're facing against Minhyuk," said Dowoon. "So no, we're not leaving, and it'll take more than just this stupid threat that Zico couldn't even come deliver himself to make us leave," he said. "I'm just a messenger," said Minhyuk. "The pain will come later, if you don't leave," he said before leaving.

"I doubt they'll do anything," said Jaehyun. "We really scared him there," he said. "It won't stop them from trying," said Dowoon. "That really ruined the mood didn't it," said Wonwoo as he sighed. "Mm," said Jaehyun. "Let's go," he said. They headed back to the pack house.

"So they threatened us again huh?" Asked Sungjin once he was told the news. "I don't think they'll try anything just yet," said Jaehyun. "I think they'd rather you leave before taking over the territory and not resort to violence now that they know you're vampire hunters," he said. "Wolves will do [i anything] to take a territory from another pack," said Sungjin. "But we won't have to worry about it yet," he said. "You have me," said Wonwoo. "And me apparently," said Jaehyun as he was tackled by Wonpil. "Well, when I return from my missions anyway," he said.

"It seems I found my mate here after all," he said, looking at Wonpil who looked up at him. "You're so dense Jaehyun," said Wonpil. "I wasn't sure of it, now I'm sure of it," Jaehyun said with a small chuckle. "Will you come back after your mission?" Asked Wonpil. "Of course," said Jaehyun.

"Well, let's get this movie night going!" Said Brian as he came out of the kitchen with several popcorn bowls. Jaehyun, Wonpil, Wonwoo and Dowoon sat on opposite ends of the couch while Sungjin and Brian sat on the floor in front of the coffee table. "Pick a movie," said Sungjin. Jaehyun picked the first movie and everyone sat back and relaxed, watching the movie.
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[center Chapter 12]

Over the course of the next couple days Brian and Wonpil got to race each other in Gran Turismo, yelling about who was winning and who was losing. The atmosphere around the house became better as everyone had a turn at the game.

"You guys are addicted to this game it looks like," said Sungjin as he flopped down on the couch to watch Wonwoo and Dowoon get a turn at racing each other. "Not as much as Wonpil and Brian hyung," said Dowoon as he kept his eyes on the screen. Wonwoo chuckled some as he drove his car on the track, trying to pass Dowoon. "I see what you're doing here," Dowoon said as he sped up the car he was driving.

The doorbell rang and Sungjin sighed, getting up and going to answer it, stopping in the hallway mirror to make sure he was human before opening the door. He blinked. "Jaehyun?" He asked. Jaehyun grinned. "Yep, it's me," he said. "Faction emblem please," said Sungjin. Jaehyun held up his pocketwatch with his faction symbol on it. "Alright, come on in," said Sungjin as he let Jaehyun in before closing the door behind him.

Wonwoo paused the game and turned when he heard Jaehyun walk into the livingroom. "Hey Jaehyun," he said. "Hey hyung," said Jaehyun as he went to sit on the couch. Sungjin joined him on the couch and Wonwoo continued the game, racing Dowoon for a few more laps before coming in first place. "Yeah!" Said Wonwoo as he threw up his hands. Dowoon pouts, putting the controller down on his lap. Wonpil and Brian came into the livingroom and took over the gaming for now, while Dowoon and Wonwoo took a break.

"How's things at the bank?" Asked Wonwoo. "Fine," said Jaehyun. "Joshua works full time now since he's retired," he said. "I come in and help when they need me so I get more missions," he said. "You going to be there when Italy becomes a problem again?" He asked. "Sure," said Wonwoo. "If they need us," said Sungjin. "They most likely will, we did lead the attack on Italy a couple years back," he said. "We were new to this then, but we managed something that ended on a good note and allowed us to actually make the faction but," he said, shrugging.

"I'll be out of here in the next couple days," said Jaehyun. "I just have a mission in a nearby town so," he said, shrugging. "It's fine," said Sungjin. "Just be wary of the other pack that lives in this city," he said. "Having trouble with them?" Asked Jaehyun. "It seems that we're being left alone for now, I don't think they were aware of us being vampire hunters in the first place," said Sungjin. "Ah," said Jaehyun.

"So," said Wonpil after Sungjin got a turn at playing the game with Brian. "Can I see your animal form?" He asked. "Mine?" Asked Jaehyun as he blinked. "Yeah," said Wonpil. "We see fluffy here all the time," he said motioning to Wonwoo. Wonwoo snorts, shaking his head. "No one here has seen my wolf form except Dowoon," he said. "I can confirm that," said Dowoon.

"Is our livingroom even big enough to have a polar bear stand in it?" Asked Brian as he looked around. "We can move the coffee table, then push the couch more against the wall," said Sungjin. "Wait, we're actually doing this?" Asked Jaehyun. "With your consent of course," said Wonwoo. "I'm not anything special," Jaehyun said, rubbing the back of his neck. "But sure," he said. Everyone went to move the coffee table and push the couch against the wall.

"Just go with it Jaehyun, you're a new face to them," Wonwoo said with a chuckle. Jaehyun chuckled and took a deep breath. "Can ya'll turn around? I need to strip," he said, blushing a bit. "Sure," said Sungjin and he made sure everyone had turned around before turning around himself. Jaehyun stripped down, throwing his clothes onto the couch before he changed, snorting and rubbing his snout with his paw.

He turned and grunted, causing everyone to turn around. "Wow!" Wonpil shouted, throwing himself against Jaehyun's body. "So fluffy," he said, burying his face into the fur. "Wonpil," warned Sungjin. "No worries, Jaehyun's a literal teddy bear," Wonwoo said with a snicker. "Man, you're cool," said Brian as he chuckled some. Jaehyun huffed, before nudging Wonpil to get off of him so he could change back. Wonpil moved away and turned around along with the others.

Jaehyun changed back and quickly put his clothes back on. "Alright," he said once he was dressed. Everyone turned back around and Dowoon and Wonwoo went to move the coffee table back to where it was before going to sit down. Brian and Sungjin went back to playing Gran Turismo while Dowoon, Wonwoo, Wonpil and Jaehyun sat on the couch to watch.

"Now that we've seen the literal teddy bear, how about you reveal your wolf form Wonwoo?" Asked Wonpil. Wonwoo sighed as he looked at Wonpil. "I'm just a wolf though, nothing more than you guys," he said. "It's not fair that Dowoon gets to see your wolf form, you get to see ours all the time," said Sungjin as he moved the controller around like he was using a steering wheel. "You know hyung, that doesn't help," Brian said as he chuckled. "I don't care," said Sungjin as he continued to move the controller around. "Well luckily you don't need to move the coffee table," said Wonwoo as he got up. "I'll go change in my room," he said before heading into his room to change.

Wonwoo's large white wolf form walked into the livingroom after a few minutes, and the sight caused Sungjin and Brian to drop their controllers. "You and Dowoon are literal twins!" Said Wonpil as he jumped up. Dowoon chuckled some and went over to Wonwoo, letting his illusion drop as he nuzzled into Wonwoo's fur, his tail wagging. Wonwoo nuzzled him back before turning to Sungjin who was unsure of the situation. "Well," said Sungjin as he chuckled. "We got the literal teddy bear and fluffy now," he said. Jaehyun chuckled and shook his head. Wonwoo snorts before going to lay down. Dowoon put up his illusion and went to sit down beside Wonwoo who put his head in his lap.

"Happy now?" Asked Dowoon as he looked at Wonpil. "Sure," said Wonpil. "I never thought you two would be literal twins," he said. Wonwoo snorts, leaning into Dowoon's touch as Dowoon scratched him behind the ears. "Well, now that's out of the way I'm gonna continue kicking your butt," said Brian as he grabbed the controller. "Hell no," said Sungjin as he grabbed the other controller and continued their race.
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[center Chapter 11]

The next day Sungjin drove the jeep to the nearest mall with Brian in the passenger seat and Dowoon, Wonwoo, and Wonpil in the back. Once there Wonwoo went to look for a store to go into while Dowoon walked with him to see what new outfits he could change into whenever he felt like it. Brian kept an eye on the two of them while Wonpil stayed back with Sungjin.

After a couple hours of browsing and shopping they ran into two wolves who no one recognized. "Are you with Zico and his pack?" Sungjin asked them. "The name's Taeil, and this is my brother Jihoon, yes we are," said Taeil. "Well, your pack attacked two of our own the other night," said Sungjin. Taeil tilted his head to the side. "That idiot is causing trouble again hm?" He asked. Sungjin nodded.

"I'll do what I can to stop it, I assume you got in touch with Chanwoo about this?" Asked Taeil. Sungjin nodded. "If it doesn't stop we're getting back up," he said. "Do they not realize that we're a pack of vampire hunters?" He asked. "We didn't know," said Jihoon. "This changes things greatly doesn't it?" He asked. Sungjin nodded.

"Who's faction are you with?" Asked Taeil. "My own, I'm one of two major faction leaders here in Europe," said Sungjin. "Everyone here is a part of my faction, and we're allies with the biggest faction in the world," he said. "Our information isn't hard to look up, especially if you already know Chanwoo," he said. "Alright," said Taeil. "We will see if they will leave you alone," he said.

"Honestly I wonder why Zico decided to come here after learning of your pack's existence, Junhyuk only came here for your youngest," he said. "He'll have to go through [i all] of us first," said Wonpil. "And we have a werewolf on our side who won't let Dowoon go without a fight," said Wonwoo as he stepped forward. Sungjin put his arm out to stop Wonwoo, giving him a wary glance. "A werewolf with a temper," he said, looking back at Taeil.

"If you two are like what Chanwoo say you are I'm willing to put all judgement aside, however if something goes wrong [i again] I will not hesitate to send him after your pack," he said. Taeil nodded. "Fair enough," he said.

"I'm sorry my pack gave off a bad first impression," he said. "Actually," said Brian. "They gave a good first impression, however it was just Zico, Kyung and Jaehyo at the time, we didn't know who the others were until we met them on separate occasions," he said. "We'll leave you to shopping then," said Taeil. "I'm sorry that it came to this," he said. Sungjin shook his head. "No worries," he said. They continued walking after a few minutes, Wonwoo wanting to go check out some other stores before they went to get lunch.

"I don't trust him," said Wonpil as he stood outside a store that Wonwoo went into with Brian and Dowoon. "I don't either, but we just have to trust Chanwoo's word on it until we get help," said Sungjin. "They won't bother to attack in broad daylight will they?" He asked. "Hope not," said Wonpil. "They'd be very bold to do so," he said. "More like stupid," said Wonwoo as he walked out of the store with a few bags. Dowoon and Brian came out after him, nodding to Sungjin and Wonpil. They went to get lunch, getting Subway sandwiches before going to sit down with their meals.

"I wouldn't be surprised if that didn't stop them," said Wonwoo as he shrugs. "I know," said Sungjin. "It's a weird thing about wolves, if they want the territory they will do anything [i possible] to get it," he said. "I hope we don't have to move," said Wonpil. "I was getting used to living in a big city again," he said. "Mm," said Dowoon.

Wonwoo got a text, and he checked his phone to see who it was from. "Huh," he said. "I think I know who's coming to help," he said. "Hm?" Asked Sungjin. "Either that or he's here on a mission," said Wonwoo. "Jaehyun's a colleague of mine," he said. "He asked if he could come stay for a couple days," he said. "I'll see if it's for missions," he said before typing out a reply.

"How do you know him?" Asked Wonpil. "He works for Dragon Enterprises, the bank we all use," said Wonwoo as he looked up from his phone. "He worked in the same department as Joshua, and is a vampire hunter," he said. "He's with Chanyeol's faction, but he's a good kid," he said. "He's a shapeshifter, his animal form is a polar bear," he said. "Whoa, I'd like to see a polar bear," Wonpil said in awe at the information.

Wonwoo chuckled some before looking at his phone when he got a reply. "Hm, missions it is then," he said. "Do you mind Sungjin?" He asked, looking at Sungjin. Sungjin shrugs. "I don't, but if something goes wrong it's on you," he said. Wonwoo scratched the back of his head and nodded. "I'll tell him to behave," he said before typing up a reply back. "Alright, he'll be here tomorrow," he said. "Cool," said Sungjin.

After lunch Wonwoo wanted to go look around the stores to see if there was anything else he wanted to get with Dowoon and Brian following after him. Sungjin and Wonpil sat on a bench near where they wandered off to, wanting to sit and relax a bit before they went home.

"Funny seeing you here," said a voice, causing Wonpil and Sungjin to look towards it. "Oh, it's you," said Sungjin as he tilted his head at Junhyuk. "I hope you're not here to cause trouble like the others were," he said. "Nah," said Junhyuk. "If I was, I wouldn't be in a public place," he said. Wonpil narrowed his eyes, looking skeptical. "I assume Taeil told you the reason I was with them," said Junhyuk. "No, Chanwoo did," said Sungjin as he looked around, wondering where Wonwoo and the others were. "Then you know I'm not here to cause any trouble," said Junhyuk. "Mm," said Wonpil.

"How is my little brother anyway?" Asked Junhyuk as he leaned against the bench. "He's alright, found his mate in a werewolf," said Sungjin. "I figured as much, I saw them earlier but I didn't go any closer," said Junhyuk. "Stalking them?" Asked Wonpil. "No," said Junhyuk. "I just happened to spot them while I was looking for Taeil and Jihoon," he said. "They were looking around the stores and said that I could meet them around here," he said. "I see," said Sungjin as he spotted Taeil and Jihoon walking over.

"Ah, here you are," said Taeil. "Hello Sungjin," he said. "Hello," said Sungjin. "Your pack mates went into Game Stop, Brian wanted some new games for the PS4," said Taeil. "Hm," said Sungjin. "I was in there earlier looking for games," said Jihoon. "No worries," said Sungjin. "It's not a big mall, we're bound to run into each other at some point," he said. "Mm," said Taeil. "Well, we must get going," he said. "I'll see you around then," said Junhyuk as he left with Taeil and Jihoon.

"Junhyuk seems friendly enough," said Wonpil. Sungjin snorts. "It's a ruse," he said. "I could see that he was more defensive than usual," he said. "Taeil and his brother on the other hand, they seem chill," he said. "If they said they were in Game Stop then let's go get them and go home," he said, getting up. Wonpil nodded and got up, following Sungjin to Game Stop, finding Dowoon and Wonwoo standing outside the store waiting on Brian to finish his shopping.

"I guess they were right then," said Sungjin. "Yeah," said Wonwoo. "Taeil found you guys then?" He asked. Wonpil nodded. "What's Brian getting?" He asked. "Some racing game, not sure of the title," said Wonwoo. "Hm," said Sungjin. "I think he said it was Gran Turismo Sport or something," said Dowoon. "I heard that was a good one," said Wonpil.

Brian came out of the store with the game, grinning from ear to ear. "I got it!" He said. "Well, let's go home then," said Sungjin. "And we can play it," he said. The others nod and headed home in the Jeep.
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[center Chapter 10]

Wonwoo and Dowoon were recovering pretty quickly for the most part as Sungjin made sure they werre resting. Sungjin wasn't going to let this attack go without some sort of confrontation with Zico but for now he'd wait. It was one thing to attack Wonwoo since he was a werewolf, but to attack their youngest was another thing entirely. Sungjin was the closest to Dowoon, though it didn't seem like it.

Sungjin booted up the computer and signed into Skype to see if Chanwoo was online. He also texted Chanwoo about wanting to talk to him. Brian walked into the office, tilting his head to the side. "Is Chanwoo even there?" He asked. "I texted him to see," said Sungjin as he checked his emails. "Hm," said Brian. "What's Wonpil doing?" Asked Sungjin. "He's in the livingroom watching a movie," said Brian. "Okay," said Sungjin as he got pinged on Skype.

Sungjin started the video call as Brian left the room, waving to Chanwoo as Chanwoo turned on his webcam. "[i What's up Sungjin]?" Asked Chanwoo as he moved to sit down at a table. "I hope I wasn't bothering you at a busy time," said Sungjin. Chanwoo shook his head. "[i No, I was just taking a break]," he said as he rubbed the back of his neck. He set up the camera so he had his hands free before nodding. "[i What's up]?" He asked.

"We have a problem with a pack here," said Sungjin. "They attacked two of our own and we aren't sure how many more members they have," he said. "[i Wolves, like you]?" Asked Chanwoo. Sungjin nodded. "[i Who's their pack leader]?" Asked Chanwoo. "Someone by the name of Zico," said Sungjin. Chanwoo blinked. "[i Damn it]," he said. "[i I sent him that way because he was looking for a pack to join, I wasn't aware of him going there to take over your territory]," he said.

"[i Who have you met already]?" He asked. "Zico, Kyung, Minhyuk, U-Kwon and Jaehyo," said Sungjin. "[i You haven't met Jihoon or Taeil yet]?" Asked Chanwoo. Sungjin tilted his head to the side. "Who?" He asked. "[i That's a no then]," said Chanwoo. "[i Also there's Junhyuk, who's staying around with them because he was looking for Dowoon]," he said.

"What are the others like?" Asked Sungjin. "[i Taeil and Jihoon are brothers, they don't condone violence]," said Chanwoo. "[i I wouldn't be surprised if you hadn't run into them actually, they were doing something here in Germany before going to meet the others in Spain]," he said. "[i Junhyuk's a bit distant, cold maybe, things have changed since he left Dowoon to himself]," he said. "I know," said Sungjin. "Brian, Jae [i and] Wonpil want to tear him a new one when they get a chance to talk to Junhyuk," he said.

"[i None of them are vampire hunters, I don't think they even realize you're a pack of vampire hunters]," said Chanwoo. "Well, that's good, violence is a last resort here but if we [i have] to kill them we might end up doing so," said Sungjin. "[i I don't think you want to try anything yet though]," said Chanwoo. "[i I can hear the slight hesitation in your voice]," he said. Sungjin nodded. "I [i don't] want to fight them," he said. "I want to keep all confrontations to a minimum but if they're going to attack our youngest and his mate they're asking for it," he said. "I made a promise to Joshua, and that was to keep Wonwoo out of trouble," he said.

"[i You did what you could, it's all that counts right now]," said Chanwoo. "I guess," said Sungjin. "[i I'll see about getting you some help]," said Chanwoo. "[i I can't guarantee anything, but I'm sure I'll find someone]," he said. Sungjin nodded. "Thanks Chanwoo," he said. Chanwoo nodded before hanging up.

Sungjin sat at the computer for a few more minutes before sighing and getting up, going into Dowoon and Wonwoo's room to check on them. "Dowoon, Wonwoo," said Sungjin as he stood by their bed. Wonwoo stirred, turning and looking at Sungjin. "What's up?" He asked. "You alright?" Asked Sungjin. "Fine," said Wonwoo. "I think I can get up now," he said, moving to sit up. "Dowoon fell asleep earlier," he said. "I see," said Sungjin. "Come get something to eat then," he said, leaving the room. Wonwoo nodded and got up, leaving the room and going into the kitchen.

"Good to see you up and walking," Brian called into the kitchen as Wonwoo put together a sandwich. Wonwoo grunted in reply as he grabbed his sandwich and went into the livingroom. He sat on the floor and watched the movie that Brian and Wonpil were watching.

"You've bounced back quickly," said Wonpil. Wonwoo shrugs. "It's a werewolf thing," he said. "Though I could've changed and killed those guys I didn't want to do that," he said. "I know we shouldn't fight them unless they attacked first but there's a pride that comes with being a werewolf, fighting in human form," he said. "Makes sense," said Wonpil.

"Even then Wonwoo," said Sungjin as he went into the livingroom after getting Dowoon something to eat. "You have to remember that they attacked us first," he said. "If you absolutely [i need] to change and kill them, then do it," he said. "I don't condone violence but if you're near death, then take the initiative and change and attack them," he said. Wonwoo nodded. "Or if you're in a situation where you absolutely [i have] to change then change," said Sungjin.

Dowoon wandered into the livingroom after a couple hours with his empty plate. "Good to see you up and moving around," said Brian. Wonpil nodded in agreement. Dowoon scratched the back of his head and walked into the kitchen to wash his plate before coming back and going to sit next to Wonwoo and cling to him, hugging his side. Wonwoo chuckled and wrapped an arm around Dowoon before turning his attention back to the movie.

"What are we watching?" Asked Dowoon as he turned slightly to watch the movie. "Train to Busan I think," said Sungjin. "Wanted to top of on your Korean hyung?" Asked Dowoon. Sungjin chuckled some. "Subtitles, and Brian picked the movie," he said. "Hm," said Dowoon.

"So what'd Chanwoo say?" Asked Wonwoo. "He said he'd try and get someone here to help," said Sungjin. "I wonder who he's going to get to help?" Asked Wonpil. "I don't know but we shall see I guess," said Sungjin.

"This movie though," said Brian when the movie ended. "Why the hell did it end like [i that]?" Asked Wonpil. "I don't know," said Wonwoo as he shook his head. Sungjin sighed. "Well then," he said. "Go get some sleep everyone, we're all going shopping tomorrow," he said. "Right, I need more clothes," Wonwoo said, scratching the back of his head. "I'll pay for my clothes though," he said. "Don't worry about that," he said. The others nod as Wonpil and Brian got up, stretching. They headed into their room to turn in for the night. Sungjin got up and went into his room, saying goodnight to the others.

Dowoon and Wonwoo got up and headed into their room, going to get ready for bed. After getting dressed in pajamas Wonwoo went to lay down and hug Dowoon from behind. Dowoon hummed as he turned around and buried his face into Wonwoo's chest.

"Next time we're in a situation like that, change okay?" He mumbled. "Sure," said Wonwoo. "I just don't want to give into it and rage," he said, sighing a bit. "It's alright," said Dowoon. "I'm sure you won't hurt me," he said. Wonwoo hummed in response before falling asleep. Dowoon sighed and snuggled closer before falling asleep.
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[center Chapter 9]

Things were starting to become different now as Zico and his pack made themselves known a lit more. Wonwoo was [i sure] that that wasn't even everyone in the pack, and no one has seen them all together yet. Sungjin said to wait it out, he was sure they were only here temporarily because everyone knew that the city belonged to them. Sungjin had everyone go out in groups for now, to not be caught alone.

Wonwoo was out with Dowoon, doing a late night grocery run because they had been busy during the day. Sungjin had them run errands and pay off their bills. A disadvantage of not working for Kris was that they had to pay all their bills because it wasn't one of Kris's houses.

"You know," said Dowoon as they looked around the grocery store for food they needed. "I wonder, how do you get to work for Kris anyway?" He asked. Wonwoo shrugs. "I'd have to ask Jun, he was already working for Kris when he had joined Sungcheol's pack," he said. "Hoshi was saved by Joshua so as a debt to him Jun joined Sungcheol's pack," he said. "I see," said Dowoon as he grabbed what they needed from the current aisle they were in and threw it in the cart that Wonwoo was pushing around.

"We're vampire hunters, but even though we have a faction we still got bills to pay," Dowoon said, sighing as he shook his head. "Well, at least you get paid a good bit," said Wonwoo. "Plus you don't need clothes, you only need to pay the water, electricity and internet bill," he said. "True," said Dowoon. "And you got your bank account for when we need the money for something," he said. Wonwoo nodded as he continued to walk around with Dowoon and the cart.

"Another coincidence?" Asked Jaehyo as they ran into Dowoon and Wonwoo while they were leaving the grocery store. "We were leaving actually," said Dowoon. "Really now?" Asked Kyung and U-Kwon as they walked over. Wonwoo eyed them as he clenched his fists on the handle of the cart. "We're only here to go shopping," said Jaehyo as he smirked. "Uh huh," said Wonwoo. "And we were just leaving," he said as he pushed the cart passed the group. Dowoon shook his head and followed after him.

"They're pushing it," said Wonwoo as he put the groceries in the trunk of Sungjin's Jeep. "I know," said Dowoon as he helped. Wonwoo closed the trunk door before going to put the cart away and walking back to the Jeep. They were jumped by Kyung and the others as they got ready to get in the jeep. Dowoon was caught off guard, but Wonwoo was more prepared as he grabbed Jaehyo and threw him into U-Kwon.

It gave Dowoon a few seconds to punch Kyung in the face then shove him away before turning to Wonwoo who was busy fighting off U-Kwon and Jaehyo who brandished silver knives. "You think some silver is going to stop me?" Growled out Wonwoo as he quickly disarmed them. "I've been alive for a good bit, I know how to defend myself from silver," he said as he kicked them away. Dowoon wasn't a skilled fighter himself but he held his own pretty well as it soon turned into a wolf fight, the both of them dropping their human illusions and fighting in wolf form.

Wonwoo didn't want to change in front of them but when Jaehyo and U-kwon dropped their human illusion he was tempted to change and attack them but it was a last resort for him. He would only change when they forced him to.

They were saved by Sungjin, Wonpil and Brian as Dowoon was getting battered by Kyung. Wonwoo was outnumbered but he would fight until the end. When Brian and Wonpil came to his aid Wonwoo let himself slide to the ground. Sungjin snapped at Kyung, letting the illusion fade. "Let our youngest and his mate be," he snarled, baring his teeth. Wonpil and Brian growled as they stood their ground. "It's not worth it," said Kyung. "Let's go," he called to his packmates before they ran off.

Sungjin went to help Dowoon stand, getting his human illusion up and encouraging Dowoon to put his illusion up. Wonpil and Brian went over and helped Wonwoo stand. "Are you two alright?" Asked Sungjin. "Fine," muttered Wonwoo as he turned to Dowoon. "I'm fine," said Dowoon. "We managed to hold our own for a bit, but I need to go home and rest a bit," he said. "Can you get in the Jeep?" Asked Wonpil. "We can try," said Wonwoo as he opened the back door, climbing in with a little difficulty. Dowoon got in on the other side and Wonpil climbed in beside Wonwoo with Brian getting in the passenger seat and Sungjin drove home.

Brian helped Dowoon into the house while Wonpil helped Wonwoo into the house and Sungjin went to bring the groceries inside. "Get some rest you two," said Wonpil as he and Brian dropped Wonwoo and Dowoon in their bed. Wonpil and Brian left the room after making sure they were alright.

To say Sungjin was pissed was an understatement. He paced around in the livingroom after putting their things away in wolf form, grumbling about how difficult this was beginning to be. "This is stupid," said Brian as he entered the livingroom with Wonpil. "You don't say?" Asked Sungjin. "We need to go back and see where they went," he said. "I'm not going back there," said Brian. "At least wait til Jae gets back," said Wonpil. "Don't make irrational decisions here hyung," he said.

"They [i attacked] the pack," said Sungjin. "I can't allow for that," he said. "I understand but it's just us three, we need help with this problem," said Brian. "Talk to Chanwoo and see if he can get any help for us," he said. Sungjin sighed, and put his illusion up before going to sit on the couch. "Fine," he grumbled. "We'll work something out," he said. "And we'll wait until Jae gets back," he said. Brian and Wonpil nod.
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[center Chapter 8]

Joshua, Minhyuk and Mingyu left a week after meeting Zico and the others, with Sungcheol leaving a couple days after them. The mood around the house changed dramatically after their guests left. It had been energetic and fun but now it was sad and slightly depressing. Sungjin had noticed the change immediately but Wonpil was the one to try and diffuse it by taking Dowoon and Wonwoo out for the day, dragging Brian along with them.

"We can always go home for a few weeks," said Dowoon as they walked around town. "We could," said Wonwoo. "But that's up to you," he said. "I wouldn't mind," said Dowoon. "You're homesick, it's blatantly obvious," he said. "I don't like seeing you sad," he said. Wonwoo nodded.

"Let's see what happens with Zico and his pack first," said Wonpil. "If something happens and we need you well," he said, shrugging. "Yeah, I guess," said Wonwoo. "Who knows what they're really here for," he said. "We won't know until something happens," he said. "Plus there's still members of his pack we haven't seen or met yet," he said. "Why would it just be him, Kyung and Jaehyo, and Junhyuk?" He asked. "There has to be more if I'm right with how wolf packs work," he said. "If it's anything like you werewolves, it's probably the same," said Wonpil. "No offense," he said. "None taken," said Wonwoo.

"Send the leader to talk things out then if something goes wrong..." Mumbled Dowoon. "They have every reason to attack us then," said Wonwoo. "We haven't seen the rest of their pack yet, we don't know what their true intentions are," he said.

Brian had been silent during the conversation, though he piped up when it had gone silent. "I know one thing," he said. "If something happens I want first dibs on Junhyuk," he said. "He needs some sense knocked into him," he said. Wonpil nodded. "We'll get him for what he did," he said. Dowoon sighed. "It's alright," he said. "I always wondered where he ended up, it seems we're crossing paths again," he said.

"Dowoon, he [i left] you," said Brian. "As much as you think it was the right thing to do you were [i abandoned]," he said. "Packs need to stick together, it's what keeps a pack strong," he said. "Unlike you werewolves," he said, glaring at Wonwoo. "[i Don't] bring me into this," Wonwoo said with a growl. "You don't know what it's like to be a werewolf so [i don't] bring me into this," he spat before walking off to calm down.

"Damn it Brian," Dowoon said, slapping Brian over the back of his head. "You're an idiot," he said before going to find Wonwoo. Wonpil sighed. "We're stuck with him, despite everything you try to do to make him leave," he said. "If he leaves, Dowoon goes with him," he said. "Simple as that," he said before going after Dowoon. Brian let out a sigh before following after him.

"Some people need to learn to keep their thoughts to themselves," grumbled Wonwoo as he took a deep breath and keep himself from punching a hole in the wall. He grit his teeth as he forced himself to calm down as to not change.

"Hyung?" Asked Dowoon as he found Wonwoo staring at the wall grumbling to himself. Wonwoo turned his head to look at Dowoon. "What's up?" He asked. "Are you alright?" Asked Dowoon. "Just fine," said Wonwoo as he turned to face Dowoon. "Brian needs to learn to keep his mouth shut," he said. "I know," said Dowoon. "He doesn't mean it I'm sure though," he said. "No," said Wonwoo as he shook his head. "He meant it alright," he said, sighing. "I don't fit in with them, simple as that," he said.

"You're lucky you know, you wouldn't be hurt as much if I died or anything else," he said. "You're not a werewolf, you're just a wolf," he said. "You don't get to spend all your life waiting for your mate to show up, you get to live it with no consequences," he said.

"You're wrong you know," said Dowoon as he shook his head. "We're in this together," he said. "I know I'm not like you, but as much as you say it, we're the same in a sense," he said. "I was prepared to go without having a mate, I was ready for it," he said. "I had all the time in the world," he said. "I'm committed, until the end of time," he said. Wonwoo nodded.

Wonpil and Brian exchange glances as they heard the conversation from around a corner. "You see now?" Asked Wonpil. "Let them be happy for once," he said. "Even Jae sees how happy Dowoon is around Wonwoo," he said. "Let them be," he said. "I guess," said Brian.

After a few minutes they decided to make their presence known, with Brian scratching the back of his head in apology. "Sorry about that," he said. "It's alright," said Wonwoo as he sighed. "We're no different from you, packs get formed than disbanded, nothing new there," he said. "I guess," said Brian. "Let's continue walking around then," said Wonpil as he dragged Brian away. Dowoon and Wonwoo shake their heads but follow after them.

Brian was the first one to spot the wolves walking passed them on the street as he blinked, turning around and watching them for a second. "What's up?" Asked Dowoon. "Wolves," said Wonwoo as he shrugs before continuing to walk with the others following after him. "Don't bring attention to yourself, it only makes it worse," said Wonpil. "Says the one who acts all childish," said Brian. "Shut up, you know it's a front," grumbled Wonpil. Dowoon shook his head and moved from his spot beside Wonpil to go stand beside Wonwoo.

"They don't look familiar, probably with Zico's pack," said Dowoon. "Probably," said Wonwoo. "Let's just hope that they leave us alone for now," said Wonpil. "Mm," said Brian. "I think we spent enough time outside don't you think?" He asked. "Mm," said Wonwoo. "We can go home if you want to," he said. "Sure," said Wonpil. "I don't mind," said Dowoon. They started to walk home, stopping by a fast food joint to bring food back to the pack house.

"Well, I wasn't wrong then," said a new voice, causing everyone to turn around. "Oh, Kyung," said Wonpil. "Hope we weren't encroaching, we're just here to get food," he said. "No no," said Kyung. "U-Kwon noticed you guys and we decided to come say hello," he said. "Oh," said Wonpil. "This is U-Kwon and Minhyuk," said Kyung as he introduced them. "I'm Wonpil, that's Brian, this is Dowoon and that's his mate Wonwoo," said Wonpil as he introduced himself and the others. "Nice to meet you," said U-Kwon. Minhyuk nodded in agreement.

The cashier called their order and Brian went to get it, coming back with their food. "Ready to go?" He asked as he turned to the others. "Leaving already?" Asked Kyung. "We've been out all day, they're gonna worry about us," said Dowoon. "I see," said Kyung. "We'll see you around then," he said. Wonpil nodded and left with the others.

"About time ya'll got back," said Sungjin. "Jae was called out on a mission so it's just us," he said. "You didn't go with him?" Asked Wonpil. Sungjin shook his head. "Didn't get my missions, he's going to Germany so it won't take too long," he said. "Mm," said Dowoon. "Thanks for bringing back food," said Sungjin as they went to sit down and watch a movie.
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[center Chapter 7]

Dowoon woke with a gasp, sitting up. Images of last night flooded through his head and he fell back onto the bed, burying his face into the pillow with a small groan. He felt Wonwoo move beside him before he was pulled into a hug. "What a crazy night hm?" Came Wonwoo's sleepy voice. "Mm," said Dowoon.

They heard movement outside the door before there was a knock. "I hope ya'll are decent," came Sungjin's voice. "We're covered for the most part," Wonwoo called before he moved away from Dowoon and sat up. Sungjin poked his head in the door, nodding at them. "Had no complaints from the neighbors," he said, snickering. "But come eat breakfast whenever," he said before leaving and closing the door behind him.

Wonwoo sighed and got out of bed, going to the bathroom to wash up and put some clothes on. Dowoon was left in bed, grumbling about getting up. He waited until Wonwoo came out of the bathroom before getting up and going to take a shower.

Wonwoo wandered into the kitchen after making sure he was presentable. "Oh, you guys are back," he said noticing that Joshua was back with Mingyu and Minhyuk. Joshua nodded, smiling slightly. "Congrats by the way," he said, snickering. Wonwoo blushed as he scratched the back of his head. "So, who was more dominant?" Asked Minhyuk. "Er," said Wonwoo as he blushed a deeper shade of red. "Yah, don't ask them that," Joshua said, shaking his head. "Not in the morning anyway," he said, laughing some. They went to grab breakfast before going into the livingroom and sitting down to eat while watching a movie with the others.

Dowoon joined them a few minutes later dressed in his usual attire. He grabbed breakfast before going to sit down beside Wonwoo. "What are we doing today?" Wonpil asked Sungjin. "Well, I've been asked by the pack leader to meet with them," said Sungjin. "I told them we'd meet somewhere public and they agreed to meeting us at the beach," he said. "Did they even say their names?" Asked Wonwoo. Sungjin shook his head no. "They said we'd know it's them when we show up at the beach," he said.

"That's not hard when there's a couple werewolves in the area," said Wonwoo as he tilted his head to the side. "Even said Dowoon may recognize one of them," said Sungjin. "If that's the case, then my brother is there," muttered Dowoon. Brian growled. "He's going to get an earful from us if that's the case," he said. Jae nodded in agreement. "No violence now," Sungjin said, sighing a bit. "We're trying to be on good terms with them," he said. "If they do something to us first, well then we'll fight back," he said.

There was a knock on the front door and Wonwoo got up to answer it, blinking. "Oh, hey Sungcheol," he said. Sungcheol nodded. "Successful?" Asked Wonwoo. "Yeah," said Sungcheol as Wonwoo let him in. Wonwoo closed the door before going back into the livingroom. "Hey Sungcheol," said Joshua. "Joshua," said Sungcheol as he went to sit down. "Mind if I stay around for a couple more days to rest?" He asked Sungjin. "Sure," said Sungjin. "You're still rooming with Jae," he said. Sungcheol nodded.

"When are we meeting the other pack?" Asked Jae. "Lunch time," said Sungjin. "We'll eat lunch and head out," he said. "Alright," said Wonwoo. The others nod in agreement. "What are we watching anyway?" Asked Wonpil. "Finding Dory?" Asked Dowoon. "Yep," said Jae. "Ya'll are just children," Brian said with a snort. "I [i am] technically still the child," Dowoon said with a chuckle.

After the movie finished Dowoon went out for a walk with Wonwoo and Mingyu. Sungjin told them not to worry about coming back and go straight to the beach when lunch time came around and they'd bring something for them.

Wonwoo held Dowoon's hand as they walked with Mingyu walking beside Dowoon. "Who do you think is the leader of this wolf pack?" Mingyu asked Dowoon. "It could be anyone," said Dowoon as he shrugs. "We're more common than you think," he said. "It's just a matter of really [i noticing] them when you walk by them," he said.

As they walked by a certain group of people Wonwoo froze, causing Dowoon to stop in his tracks and grab Mingyu before he ran into a street sign. "What's up?" Asked Dowoon. Wonwoo turned around to look at the group with his head tilted to the side before shaking his head. "Nothing, let's go," he said before continuing to walk forward.

"Ow, I felt a bite there," said Mingyu as he turned to Dowoon. Dowoon shrugs. "I didn't want you to walk into a street sign, sue me," he said, chuckling some. "Oh look," said Mingyu as they spotted a group of people ahead. "Flash mob pillow fight?" Asked Wonwoo. "Sure why not," said Dowoon as he ran to join in on the fun. "Kids," Mingyu said with a chuckle as he ran to join Dowoon. Wonwoo shook his head before going to join them.

After a couple hours the pillow fight ended with laughter as the crowd dispersed. Mingyu checked the time. "Woops, we got a beach to run to," he said. "We're late," he said, causing Dowoon to sprint to the beach with Mingyu and Wonwoo running after him. They got there at the same time the other pack had with Sungjin waving them over.

"Did we keep you waiting for long?" Wonwoo asked. Sungjin shook his head no and threw the three of them sandwiches. They turned when they heard the new pack approach with Dowoon blinking in surprise. "Well, I never expected you to be here," said their leader. "Long time no see Zico," said Dowoon. "How's Junhyuk doing?" He asked. Zico shrugs. "Fine," he said. "He would've come along with the others but it's just Kyung, Jaehyo and I," he said.

"Well, this explains how Dowoon would recognize someone," said Jae as he nodded to Zico and his pack members. "It was my idea to leave Junhyuk behind for the moment," said Zico. "I was aware of your animosity towards him so," he said.

"Wait," said Wonwoo. "You guys were the ones we walked passed earlier," he said. Kyung shrugs. "You noticed hm?" He asked. "Not hard to miss 3 wolves walking passed you," said Mingyu as he shrugs. "Oh, we're in the company of werewolves and an ex shapeshifter then," said Jaehyo. "Problem?" Asked Minhyuk as he tilted his head at them. Joshua tilted his head to the side as he watched them.

"No," Zico said after a few tense minutes. "We're not here to cause trouble, and we'll make sure to keep the others out of trouble too," he said. "We have werewolves on our side, best not to piss them off then," said Sungjin. "Mm," said Zico. "I guess so," he said. "Next time you should bring Junhyuk along, Jae and Brian both have choice words to say to him," said Wonpil. Zico chuckled. "Maybe," he said.

After a while everyone got comfortable with the new wolf pack though they knew there was still more back at their pack house. They spent the afternoon conversing with Zico and his pack members. Just before sunset Zico and his two packmates went home on good terms with Sungjin and his pack.

After Zico and his packmates left Sungjin and the others went home, a little more relaxed now. They just hoped that it would stay on good terms.
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