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Wonwoo chose to go back to Spain with Dowoon, who missed his pack. The thing with being wolf-humans was they faced a lot of scrutiny for being normal wolves but Sungjin, the pack leader, pushed through it and continued to lead his pack against hunts, which were aided by Wonwoo. Things were starting to change now for the pack since Wonwoo joined, and as a new pack moved into their territory it becomes a fight to keep their territory. Will they succeed? Or will things get so bad to the point where Sungjin is forced to move the pack somewhere else?

[center ~]

Hai~! Author-nim here with another story~! Dowoon and Wonwoo won the votes though Hobi and Doyoung came in at a close second xD. Good to know someone wants that pairing though. Anyway, onto the characters~!

[center Characters:]

Wonwoo: A pure blood werewolf who found his other mate in Dowoon. He was a part of Sungcheol's pack before joining Joshua's pack. He then left Joshua's pack to join Sungjin's pack when Dowoon wanted to head back to Spain. He is a part of Joshua's faction and is one of the more active members that travel internationally.

Dowoon: A wolf-human who is Wonwoo's mate. He is the quietest in the pack, being the youngest. He didn't expect to find his mate in a werewolf, but he didn't mind it. He was the last to join the pack after his brother Junhyuk ran away, never to be seen again. He doesn't resent his brother for leaving him, but sometimes he wished for his brother to return. He can speak Korean, English, and German.

Sungjin: A wolf-human who is the leader of the pack. He is assertive when it comes to keeping his pack together, but he doesn't butt into the other members of the pack's business unless it directly involved him. He leads his own faction, and is allies with Joshua's and Moonbin's factions. He can speak English and Polish.

Jae: A wolf-human who is the oldest in the pack. He can seem as cold at first, due to how he grew up, but once you gain his trust his friendly side comes out. He isn't particularly close to anyone but he gets along well with Wonwoo and Dowoon, being the first person to really accept the two as a couple. He can speak English, Spanish and Korean.

Brian: A wolf-human who was the most against Dowoon and Wonwoo's relationship. He judged Wonwoo because he was a werewolf, something different from what they were since they were just regular wolves, but after getting to know Wonwoo he had become close friends with him. Dowoon was like a younger brother to him, and he was determined to fill the gap that Junhyuk left. He can speak Korean, English and French.

Wonpil: A wolf-human who acts like the youngest in the pack but he is the second youngest. He has a bright and bubbly personality but it's all to hide the scars of his past. No one but Sungjin knows about his abusive past, and he was actually the first person to be recruited by Sungjin to join his pack and his faction. He can speak English, Korean and German.

I hope you enjoy the story~!


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[center Chapter 8]

Joshua, Minhyuk and Mingyu left a week after meeting Zico and the others, with Sungcheol leaving a couple days after them. The mood around the house changed dramatically after their guests left. It had been energetic and fun but now it was sad and slightly depressing. Sungjin had noticed the change immediately but Wonpil was the one to try and diffuse it by taking Dowoon and Wonwoo out for the day, dragging Brian along with them.

"We can always go home for a few weeks," said Dowoon as they walked around town. "We could," said Wonwoo. "But that's up to you," he said. "I wouldn't mind," said Dowoon. "You're homesick, it's blatantly obvious," he said. "I don't like seeing you sad," he said. Wonwoo nodded.

"Let's see what happens with Zico and his pack first," said Wonpil. "If something happens and we need you well," he said, shrugging. "Yeah, I guess," said Wonwoo. "Who knows what they're really here for," he said. "We won't know until something happens," he said. "Plus there's still members of his pack we haven't seen or met yet," he said. "Why would it just be him, Kyung and Jaehyo, and Junhyuk?" He asked. "There has to be more if I'm right with how wolf packs work," he said. "If it's anything like you werewolves, it's probably the same," said Wonpil. "No offense," he said. "None taken," said Wonwoo.

[continue tomorrow]
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[center Chapter 7]

Dowoon woke with a gasp, sitting up. Images of last night flooded through his head and he fell back onto the bed, burying his face into the pillow with a small groan. He felt Wonwoo move beside him before he was pulled into a hug. "What a crazy night hm?" Came Wonwoo's sleepy voice. "Mm," said Dowoon.

They heard movement outside the door before there was a knock. "I hope ya'll are decent," came Sungjin's voice. "We're covered for the most part," Wonwoo called before he moved away from Dowoon and sat up. Sungjin poked his head in the door, nodding at them. "Had no complaints from the neighbors," he said, snickering. "But come eat breakfast whenever," he said before leaving and closing the door behind him.

Wonwoo sighed and got out of bed, going to the bathroom to wash up and put some clothes on. Dowoon was left in bed, grumbling about getting up. He waited until Wonwoo came out of the bathroom before getting up and going to take a shower.

Wonwoo wandered into the kitchen after making sure he was presentable. "Oh, you guys are back," he said noticing that Joshua was back with Mingyu and Minhyuk. Joshua nodded, smiling slightly. "Congrats by the way," he said, snickering. Wonwoo blushed as he scratched the back of his head. "So, who was more dominant?" Asked Minhyuk. "Er," said Wonwoo as he blushed a deeper shade of red. "Yah, don't ask them that," Joshua said, shaking his head. "Not in the morning anyway," he said, laughing some. They went to grab breakfast before going into the livingroom and sitting down to eat while watching a movie with the others.

Dowoon joined them a few minutes later dressed in his usual attire. He grabbed breakfast before going to sit down beside Wonwoo. "What are we doing today?" Wonpil asked Sungjin. "Well, I've been asked by the pack leader to meet with them," said Sungjin. "I told them we'd meet somewhere public and they agreed to meeting us at the beach," he said. "Did they even say their names?" Asked Wonwoo. Sungjin shook his head no. "They said we'd know it's them when we show up at the beach," he said.

"That's not hard when there's a couple werewolves in the area," said Wonwoo as he tilted his head to the side. "Even said Dowoon may recognize one of them," said Sungjin. "If that's the case, then my brother is there," muttered Dowoon. Brian growled. "He's going to get an earful from us if that's the case," he said. Jae nodded in agreement. "No violence now," Sungjin said, sighing a bit. "We're trying to be on good terms with them," he said. "If they do something to us first, well then we'll fight back," he said.

There was a knock on the front door and Wonwoo got up to answer it, blinking. "Oh, hey Sungcheol," he said. Sungcheol nodded. "Successful?" Asked Wonwoo. "Yeah," said Sungcheol as Wonwoo let him in. Wonwoo closed the door before going back into the livingroom. "Hey Sungcheol," said Joshua. "Joshua," said Sungcheol as he went to sit down. "Mind if I stay around for a couple more days to rest?" He asked Sungjin. "Sure," said Sungjin. "You're still rooming with Jae," he said. Sungcheol nodded.

"When are we meeting the other pack?" Asked Jae. "Lunch time," said Sungjin. "We'll eat lunch and head out," he said. "Alright," said Wonwoo. The others nod in agreement. "What are we watching anyway?" Asked Wonpil. "Finding Dory?" Asked Dowoon. "Yep," said Jae. "Ya'll are just children," Brian said with a snort. "I [i am] technically still the child," Dowoon said with a chuckle.

After the movie finished Dowoon went out for a walk with Wonwoo and Mingyu. Sungjin told them not to worry about coming back and go straight to the beach when lunch time came around and they'd bring something for them.

Wonwoo held Dowoon's hand as they walked with Mingyu walking beside Dowoon. "Who do you think is the leader of this wolf pack?" Mingyu asked Dowoon. "It could be anyone," said Dowoon as he shrugs. "We're more common than you think," he said. "It's just a matter of really [i noticing] them when you walk by them," he said.

As they walked by a certain group of people Wonwoo froze, causing Dowoon to stop in his tracks and grab Mingyu before he ran into a street sign. "What's up?" Asked Dowoon. Wonwoo turned around to look at the group with his head tilted to the side before shaking his head. "Nothing, let's go," he said before continuing to walk forward.

"Ow, I felt a bite there," said Mingyu as he turned to Dowoon. Dowoon shrugs. "I didn't want you to walk into a street sign, sue me," he said, chuckling some. "Oh look," said Mingyu as they spotted a group of people ahead. "Flash mob pillow fight?" Asked Wonwoo. "Sure why not," said Dowoon as he ran to join in on the fun. "Kids," Mingyu said with a chuckle as he ran to join Dowoon. Wonwoo shook his head before going to join them.

After a couple hours the pillow fight ended with laughter as the crowd dispersed. Mingyu checked the time. "Woops, we got a beach to run to," he said. "We're late," he said, causing Dowoon to sprint to the beach with Mingyu and Wonwoo running after him. They got there at the same time the other pack had with Sungjin waving them over.

"Did we keep you waiting for long?" Wonwoo asked. Sungjin shook his head no and threw the three of them sandwiches. They turned when they heard the new pack approach with Dowoon blinking in surprise. "Well, I never expected you to be here," said their leader. "Long time no see Zico," said Dowoon. "How's Junhyuk doing?" He asked. Zico shrugs. "Fine," he said. "He would've come along with the others but it's just Kyung, Jaehyo and I," he said.

"Well, this explains how Dowoon would recognize someone," said Jae as he nodded to Zico and his pack members. "It was my idea to leave Junhyuk behind for the moment," said Zico. "I was aware of your animosity towards him so," he said.

"Wait," said Wonwoo. "You guys were the ones we walked passed earlier," he said. Kyung shrugs. "You noticed hm?" He asked. "Not hard to miss 3 wolves walking passed you," said Mingyu as he shrugs. "Oh, we're in the company of werewolves and an ex shapeshifter then," said Jaehyo. "Problem?" Asked Minhyuk as he tilted his head at them. Joshua tilted his head to the side as he watched them.

"No," Zico said after a few tense minutes. "We're not here to cause trouble, and we'll make sure to keep the others out of trouble too," he said. "We have werewolves on our side, best not to piss them off then," said Sungjin. "Mm," said Zico. "I guess so," he said. "Next time you should bring Junhyuk along, Jae and Brian both have choice words to say to him," said Wonpil. Zico chuckled. "Maybe," he said.

After a while everyone got comfortable with the new wolf pack though they knew there was still more back at their pack house. They spent the afternoon conversing with Zico and his pack members. Just before sunset Zico and his two packmates went home on good terms with Sungjin and his pack.

After Zico and his packmates left Sungjin and the others went home, a little more relaxed now. They just hoped that it would stay on good terms.
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[center Chapter 6]

Dowoon spent the next day planning, asking Sungcheol for advice about where to go for dinner and other things. Wonwoo was dragged out shopping to get some semi formal clothes for the occasion by Wonpil and Brian.

"Just don't do anything too formal," said Sungcheol. "And you'll be fine," he said as Dowoon spent the day on the computer looking for places to go. "And now I need to think of what to wear," grumbled Dowoon as he found a spot to go for dinner. "Don't go [i too] formal," said Sungcheol. "I know you can blink in and out of clothes but," he said, chuckling some. Dowoon blushed some but said nothing as he went to his room to look in the mirror as he changed in and out of clothes. Sungcheol shook his head and waited for Dowoon to come back.

After about an hour of going through outfits Dowoon came out of his room in a blue collared shirt and a pair of jeans. "How does this look?" He asked. Sungcheol smiled. "Good," he said. Dowoon beamed before taking down the illusion and putting back up his usual attire of his white shirt and a pair of jeans.

Sungjin shook his head at their antics. "When are you going on your mission anyway?" He asked Sungcheol. "In an hour," said Sungcheol. "It'll be quick so I'll be back tomorrow or so," he said. "Alright," said Sungjin. Sungcheol nodded and went to get ready for the mission.

After a few hours Wonwoo came back with the others as Dowoon ran into the bathroom to take a shower. "Enjoy the day out?" Asked Sungjin as Wonwoo walked into the kitchen. "Yeah," Wonwoo said with a chuckle. "I guess Sungcheol left for his mission?" He asked. Sungjin nodded. "He'll be back tomorrow for his stuff then I guess he'll be off to do things," he said. Wonwoo nodded. He then went to take a shower and get dressed in the new clothes he had gotten.

"Have fun on you two's date," called Sungjin as Dowoon grabbed the keys to the truck and headed outside after putting up his human illusion with the new outfit. Wonwoo went outside a few minutes later, dressed and ready to go. "Ready?" Dowoon asked Wonwoo. Wonwoo nodded. "Let's go," he said. Dowoon nodded and went to the truck. Wonwoo followed after him.

Dowoon drove to their destination, having a lot on his mind at the moment. They were moving their relationship forward, and he was nervous. He was afraid that when the day was over, Wonwoo wouldn't want him anymore.

Wonwoo had similar thoughts going through his head but he pushed passed it and focused on tonight. He had to focus on tonight and make it a good night for the both of them. He reached over and put a hand on Dowoon's knee, giving a reassuring squeeze. Dowoon offered a small smile before letting out a sigh. "You alright?" Asked Wonwoo. "I'm just worried, but I know we'll have a good night," said Dowoon. "We will," said Wonwoo. "I'm sure of it," he said.

They soon reached their destination and Dowoon parked the truck before sitting there for a few minutes. "Well," he said. "Ready?" He asked. Wonwoo nodded and they got out of the truck before heading into the restaurant. Dowoon got a table for two with the little Spanish he knew from Jae and were escorted to their table.

"I guess all your lessons from Jae are paying off," said Wonwoo after they got their drinks and orders. Dowoon laughs. "Well," he said, shrugging. "Jae was pretty persistent when teaching us Spanish, Brian was a little more lax when teaching us Korean," he said.

"So," said Dowoon after they got their food. "Hm?" Asked Wonwoo. "What was your past like?" Asked Dowoon. "It's not as bad as most," said Wonwoo as he shook his head. "It was rather tame growing up actually," he said. "I grew up in Canada," he said. "I don't know what happened to my parents but I went to the states in the 50's after I turned 18," he said. "There I met Sungcheol, Chan and Joshua who were staying in New York City," he said. "Stayed with them ever since," he said. "At least, until everything happened a couple years ago," he said. Dowoon nodded.

"How'd you and Mingyu meet?" He asked. "Ah," said Wonwoo as he tilted his head to the side. "I saved him from werewolf hunters," he said, shrugging. "I had been doing my own mission at the time and had run into them as I finished my own mission," he said. "I basically saved him from being killed when I showed my pocket watch with the faction emblem on it and Mingyu played along like he was supposed to," he said. "We faced a little resistance but they accepted it and I took him back with me," he said.

"What was your past like?" Asked Wonwoo as he ate his dinner. "Nothing [i too] exciting," Dowoon said in between bites. "Normal stuff, at least as normal as a wolf pack runs," he said. "It was just my parents, my brother and I but we ran like a pack," he said. "Eventually my brother left, and I did too," he said. "I'm not sure what happened to my parents either but," he said, shrugging. "When I joined Sungjin's pack about 3 years ago, I had been alone for about 2 years before that," he said.

After dinner Dowoon drove home, more nervous than ever. Since talking about his past Wonwoo had gone silent, not talking anymore. Wonwoo had assured him that it was nerves that had him all quiet but it still bothered Dowoon. When they got home they saw that no one was home and Sungjin kept his promise that he'd keep the others out of the house that night.

"Well," said Dowoon when they went into their room. "How do we do this?" He asked. "Just go with the flow?" Asked Wonwoo as he tilted his head to the side. "You haven't done it either then?" Asked Dowoon as he blushed. Wonwoo shook his head. "I guess we have a lot to learn then," he said, blushing. He walked to Dowoon and leaned in and kissed him. Dowoon kissed Wonwoo back, and they decided to go with the flow and see where it took them.
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[center Chapter 5]

Dowoon was being quiet, which worried Wonwoo but Sungjin had assured him that Dowoon just needed space. It was known to the others that Dowoon would become like this often so Wonwoo had let it go for now.

Wonwoo was out with Jae and Wonpil today, going shopping for food. He was quiet as he pushed the cart around, being in his thoughts. "You've been quiet hyung," said Jae as they got the food they needed. "Just been doing a lot of thinking," said Wonwoo as he shrugs. "The two quietest have been quieter than usual, what's going on?" Asked Wonpil.

"I don't know what's going through Dowoon's head, but I'm just thinking of my own things right now," said Wonwoo. "It doesn't involve me leaving, I think I established that when I willingly came to Spain with Dowoon," he said when Jae gave him a questioning look. "We all have our reasons for being in our own thoughts," he said. "I guess," said Jae. "You're so careful with him, I have no doubt that you'll stay even after you find your pure blood mate," he said. "You have your own past to explain to him, and even he has a lot to explain to you," he said.

Wonwoo nodded as they went to check out their groceries. "How's rooming with Sungcheol doing?" He asked. Jae snorts. "He's being a good puppy, for now," he said. Wonwoo chuckled. "Well, he [i is] only here because of a mission," he said. "He's behaving for the most part at least," said Wonpil as he chuckled some. "I guess," said Jae. They paid for their groceries and headed out to the truck after making sure they had everything.

"You know," said Wonwoo as Jae drove back after putting the groceries in the trunk. "Did you not notice the new pack that was in the store?" He asked. Jae blinked, before shaking his head. "Not really, how'd you notice them?" He asked. "I saw them," Wonwoo said bluntly as he deadpanned. "But to be more specific they didn't put up their human illusion when we walked by," he said. "Before we went to check out?" Asked Wonpil. Wonwoo nodded. "They probably had their human illusion up for you but I saw wolves," he said.

"This might be a problem then," said Jae as he gripped his hands on the steering wheel. "Most know that this city belongs to us, but if a new pack moves in we might have a problem," he said. "A literal fight for territory huh?" Wonwoo asked. "Mm," said Wonpil.

Sungjin was let known of the news when they got back, though he didn't look too surprised. "I was contacted by their leader," he said. "Of course you were," grumbled Jae. "They won't cause any trouble as long as we don't," said Sungjin. "And if they do?" Asked Wonwoo. "I'm hoping they don't," said Sungjin. "I've come to like this city," he said, sighing a bit.

"This is why we are different," said Sungcheol. "If it were up to [i me] I would've kicked them out," he said. "Sungcheol, you realize that the way [i wolf] packs are run and the way [i werewolf] packs are run are [i completely] different right?" Asked Wonwoo. Sungcheol sighed. "I forget ya'll are just regular wolves," he said. "You fit in with them Wonwoo," he said. Wonwoo snorts. "We all know I'm just a pure blood," he said.

"Funny, because sometimes I forget too," said Sungjin. "When was the last time you changed?" He asked. "Yesterday," said Wonwoo. "Well, I usually sleep in wolf form," he said, shrugging. "More cuddles for Dowoon," Wonpil said with a snicker. "As long as ya'll aren't doing anything [i loud] I think I'm fine with this," Sungjin said with a chuckle, causing Wonwoo to blush. "Where is Dowoon anyway?" Asked Wonwoo. "He left earlier with Brian, wanting to go for a walk," said Sungjin. "Though knowing him, they probably went to the beach," he said. Wonwoo nodded.

"Come put up the groceries and then you can go find him," said Jae as he went to do so. Wonwoo went to help, putting away groceries before nearly running out of the house to find Dowoon. "They can't stay away from each other for too long can they?" Sungjin asked Sungcheol, who shrugs. "I've observed it with pure bloods who had found their mates," said Sungcheol. "Usually until they erm, 'mate' they can't stay away from each other," he said. "Wonwoo's been hesitant though, I wonder why," he muttered.

Brian was sitting in the sand watching Dowoon who just stared out at the endless stretch of water. "You've been quiet Dowoon," Brian said to break the silence. "No more than usual," said Dowoon as he turned his head slightly to look at Brian. "Are you alright hyung?" He asked. "Fine," said Brian as he smiled slightly. "Don't worry about me," he said, turning his head when he heard footsteps.

Wonwoo practically sprinted to the beach following Dowoon and Brian's scents. He was breathing heavily as he stopped, spotting them. Dowoon had turned, smiling at him before turning back to the water. Brian shook his head at Wonwoo before laying down in the sand and staring up at the sky. Wonwoo walked over to Dowoon, reaching out and holding his hand as he stood beside him.

"What's on your mind Dowoon?" He asked. "Just been thinking," said Dowoon. "I think... I'm ready," he said. "For?" Asked Wonwoo. "The next step in our relationship," said Dowoon. Wonwoo blinked, before blushing. "Are you sure?" He asked. Dowoon nodded, smiling slightly. "Take me on a date first," he said, chuckling some. Wonwoo laughs, scratching the back of his head. "Of course, I'll take you out tomorrow," he said. "I guess I better tell Sungjin-hyung that ya'll are getting it on tomorrow," Brian called, causing both Wonwoo and Dowoon to blush.

They headed back after the sun started setting, not wanting to worry the others. "Welcome back guys," said Sungjin. "Hyung," said Brian. "Those two are moving to the next step tomorrow," he said. Sungjin blinked. "Well," he said, turning to a blushing Wonwoo and Dowoon. "I'll be sure to take the others out tomorrow," he said, chuckling. "Thanks," grumbled Dowoon as he dragged Wonwoo to their room.
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[center Chapter 4]

Wonwoo wasn't ready for Sungcheol's visit, Dowoon could sense that. Mingyu, Joshua and Minhyuk left a couple days before Sungcheol's arrival date, going to Germany to talk to Chanwoo.

When Sungcheol arrived, he was met with cold glares from Jae and Brian while Sungjin welcomed him. Sungcheol scratched the back of his head as he flinched away from the glares. "I'm not here to cause trouble," he said. Wonwoo shrugs. "Considering the crap you put me through for the past 50 years, I'm surprised they didn't out right attack you when you got here," he said. Sungcheol had to pause at that, not knowing what to say.

Dowoon diffused the tense atmosphere by dragging Sungcheol out the door, saying to Wonwoo that he'd be back in an hour. "I just saved you from being slaughtered, be grateful," said Dowoon as they walked down the streets of Barcelona. "Hm," said Sungcheol as he sighed.

"I didn't think everything that the others said was true," he said. "What? That they stayed around more because of Josh than you?" Asked Dowoon. Sungcheol was silent as he looked down. "Even [i I] didn't like your personality when we met," said Dowoon. "Your too much of an alpha," he said. "I understand because you were the main alpha but seriously, [i everyone] that's been in your pack left at some point," he said. "And now you're alone," he said.

Sungcheol was left to ponder a lot of things as Dowoon walked with him around the city. Dowoon was the first to say something as they started walking back. "Look," he said. "Everyone hates you, but Sungjin is willing to give you a chance as long as you don't screw up," he said. "As a faction leader we can't kill you but we can do a lot of damage," he said. "I suggest you watch what you say while you're here, I know you're here because Wonwoo is here but he has a pack behind him now," he said. Sungcheol nodded.

"Hey, welcome back," said Sungjin as they entered the house. "Hey hyung," said Dowoon. "Wow, you didn't tear him a new one?" Asked Jae as he walked over. "I'm not you Jae-hyung," said Dowoon as he chuckled some. "Besides, it was a nice little talk," he said. Wonwoo came over, looking concerned. "I'm fine hyung," Dowoon said to Wonwoo. "We just talked, that's all," he said. Wonwoo looked very skeptical as he looked at Sungcheol, who shrugs. "That's all we did," he said. "Walked and talked a little," he said. "You [i really] think I'd try and do something?" He asked.

"No," Wonwo said after a few minutes. "But I wouldn't put it passed you if you did," he said, shrugging. "I only have a mission here," said Sungcheol. "Then I'll be out of your hair," he said. Sungjin nodded. "You can room with Jae tonight then, our only guest room is occupied at the moment," he said. Sungcheol blinked. "By who?" He asked. "Joshua and company," said Wonwoo. "Oh," said Sungcheol. "Alright," he said. "They went to Berlin to talk with Chanwoo," said Dowoon. "That's why they're not here at the moment," he said.

After a couple hours of doing things around the house Dowoon dragged Sungcheol out with Wonwoo tagging along because he didn't trust Sungcheol. Dowoon shook his head at Wonwoo's antics but had let him come along. He wanted Wonwoo to come along anyway so it worked out for him in the end.

"Why are we out walking again?" Asked Sungcheol. "Because," said Dowoon. "If I let you stay in there any longer Jae would've tore you a new one," he said. "And, I just need some time to think," he said. "While dragging me along?" Asked Sungcheol. "Don't question it," said Wonwoo. "Just go along with it," he said. Sungcheol shrugged it off and continued walking with them.

They ended up near the beach again so they went to sit in the sand and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. "Did we really end up at the beach?" Asked Sungcheol. "We don't live too far from this beach so yeah," said Dowoon.

"So," Wonwoo said after a few minutes. "How's things since the pack left?" He asked. Sungcheol leaned back on his hands in the sand, shrugging. "I've settled down near Boston," he said. "Not a lot of safe places to be when you don't work for Kris so I had to settle near Boston," he said. "Where did the others end up?" Asked Wonwoo. "Jun's down in the Charleston safe house, and Jeonghan moved to California with Woozi," said Sungcheol. "Hoshi is with Jun and Chan," he said. "And you know where the two youngest went," he said. Wonwoo nodded.

Dowoon had laid his head in Wonwoo's lap as the two talked, holding Wonwoo's hand in his and playing with his fingers. His thoughts were elsewhere once again, going back and thinking of his brother and his last words. "[i I'll be back when you've matured a bit Dowoon, stop being the pup will you!]" Junhyuk had shouted before he left, never to be seen again. What had he done wrong? He was the youngest in their family and wasn't immature like most for his age. He had left his parents behind soon after, not standing to be in the same house when he knew that they blamed him for Junhyuk's disappearance.

Dowoon was brought out of his thoughts when Wonwoo called to him, blinking. "What's up?" He asked, looking up at Wonwoo. "It's getting late, we should head back before they send a search party after us," said Wonwoo. Dowoon huffed, a ghost of a pout on his face as he reluctantly sat up, causing Wonwoo to chuckle and tousle Dowoon's hair as he got up. He helped Dowoon stand as Sungcheol stood, dusting sand off his pants before walking home with Wonwoo and Dowoon.

"Yah you brat!" Said Jae as Dowoon and the others returned to the pack house. "Almost made us send a search party after you again!" He said. "Sorry," said Dowoon. "We were down at the beach," he said.

"Dowoon," Wonpil as he came over, noticing something different with his stance. "Are you alright?" He asked carefully in German with a questioning look. "I'm fine hyung," said Dowoon as he tilted his head to the side. Wonwoo tilted his head to the side as he watched Dowoon for a minute before dragging him off to their room.

Sungcheol was left to Jae's wrath as he stood there rather awkwardly. "Erm, I did nothing," he said when Jae turned to him. "I swear," he said. "Whatever," said Jae as he sighed. "Come on, you can set up your bed and whatever," he said as he took Sungcheol to his room. Wonpil went to bother Sungjin and Brian, who were in the livingroom playing on the PS4.

"Are you alright?" Asked Wonwoo once they were alone. Dowoon looked at Wonwoo who looked back at him with concern. "I'm fine," he said after a minute. "You've been quieter than usual," said Wonwoo. "Just let me know if you need to talk about anything alright?" He asked. Dowoon nodded, breaking eye contact and turning away.

Wonwoo put a hand on his shoulder, turning him around. "Is this about... Your brother?" He asked. Dowoon blinked. "Who told you about him?" He asked. "Sungjin may have mentioned it," Wonwoo said, scratching the back of his head. "I wasn't told the details," he added. He was lying since Joshua had been the one to tell him but he didn't want to say that. Dowoon nodded. "Don't worry about it," he said. "I'm not ready to talk about him yet," he said. "Tell me when you are," said Wonwoo as concern filled his eyes. "I will," said Dowoon as he turned away again, Wonwoo letting go this time as Dowoon went into the livingroom.

Wonwoo was left to his own devices for a bit as he went to lay down, looking up at the ceiling. He thought back to his own past, and wondered how his own family was faring now. He threw an arm over his eyes and tried to sleep.
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[center Chapter 3]

The next day Joshua dragged Minhyuk, Dowoon, and Wonwoo to the beach to have a beach day. Dowoon was allowed to be himself, as in be in wolf form, because to most people he was a dog. Wonwoo got to enjoy the day, playing with Dowoon and just having fun.

Minhyuk got to play fetch with Dowoon, much to Wonwoo's amusement as he sat in the sand and watched with Joshua. "He's a giant puppy you know," Joshua said with a laugh as he watched the two play. "So's Minhyuk," Wonwoo said, laughing some.

"He feels insecure," he said, sighing some. "I know," said Joshua. "It's normal though, you've never had a mate before him, he's afraid of you leaving him behind," he said. "At least, that's what Mingyu told me," he said. "Mm," said Wonwoo. "I think it has to do with his past," said Joshua. "I'm not too sure on what happened but I don't think I should be the one talking to you about that," he said.

Dowoon came over after a few minutes and flopped down, laying his head in Wonwoo's lap. "Hey there, did you have fun?" Wonwoo asked, chuckling some as he pet Dowoon on the head, making sure to scratch behind the ears. "You know, you're lucky," said Minhyuk as he sat down beside Joshua. "Why do you say that?" Asked Wonwoo. "You get a giant teddy bear in the form of a wolf," Minhyuk said, laughing some. "I guess so," said Wonwoo as Dowoon huffed.

Dowoon got up, grabbing Wonwoo by the shirt and getting him to stand up. Wonwoo laughs. "Alright alright," he said, going to grab the ball that Minhyuk had brought to the beach. He played fetch with Dowoon for the rest of the afternoon, as Joshua and Minhyuk joined in after a couple hours. It had become monkey in the middle at that point, with Dowoon growling in frustration when they wouldn't let him get the ball.

After some time though, Dowoon got to rest up a little bit, putting up his human illusion as everyone went to sit in their little spot to eat a late lunch. Joshua passed around some sandwiches and everyone ate them, enjoying each other's company.

It was times like this, where Dowoon and Wonwoo sat in comfortable silence that Dowoon's fears were gone. At least, for now. Times like these let Wonwoo truly be happy with him, and they could just sit and enjoy each other's company while with other people.

Wonwoo took Dowoon's hand in his own, turning and smiling at him. Dowoon blushed but smiled back before continuing to eat his sandwich. "You two are too shy around each other I swear," said Minhyuk as he snickered. "You're like this around Joshua too, don't lie," said Wonwoo as he smirked at Minhyuk's blush.

"There's this question that's been on my mind though," said Minhyuk. "What happens when you two are... Doing things?" He asked. Wonwoo nearly choked on his bite of sandwich as he blushed, coughing. Dowoon blushed beet red and threw sand at Minhyuk. "That is not something you should be asking," he said, scowling as he hit Wonwoo on the back to try and help him not choke to death. "Minhyuk," Joshua said with a sigh. "Don't go around asking questions like that," he said. "Sorry," mumbled Minhyuk.

"I know you were serious about it but honestly we haven't really done anything," said Dowoon as he shrugged. "It's nothing against Wonwoo or anything but there's 6 other people in the house, kind of hard to get much privacy," he said. Wonwoo finished coughing as he drank some water. "Yeah," he said after a few minutes.

"What if something [i were] to happen though?" Asked Minhyuk. "What's with the curiosity all of the sudden?" Asked Wonwoo as he glared at Minhyuk. "I'm human throughout the experience, at least, I think so," muttered Dowoon. "I haven't exactly done anything yet so," he said, shrugging. Wonwoo blinked. "Rather blunt aren't you?" He asked.

Dowoon chuckled some and got up, stretching. He let his illusion fade before thinking of a new outfit to put on. When he was ready he put up the illusion, showing that he was wearing swim trunks. "I'm going for a swim," he said before running towards the water.

Minhyuk blinked. "Well," he said. "I wish we could do that," he said. Wonwoo chuckled some and got up, going to throw away the trash before coming back to watch Dowoon. After a while Dowoon came back soaking wet. He let the illusion fade as he shook out his fur and soaking Wonwoo and Joshua who laughed, covering their faces.

"Alright, let's go," said Dowoon as he put up his human illusion again, dressed in his usual white tshirt and jeans. They head back to the pack house in brighter moods.

Wonpil tackled Minhyuk, making him fall to the ground and get assaulted by licks. "Hey there," Minhyuk said, laughing. "You guys were out [i all] day," said Wonpil as he moved off of Minhyuk, letting his human illusion come forward. "Come on! We're having dinner!" He said, grabbing Minhyuk and dragging him inside. Wonwoo, Dowoon, and Joshua chuckle at Wonpil's antics before following him inside.

"Oh! By the way," said Sungjin as they went to sit at the table to eat. "Hm?" Asked Joshua. "Er, Sungcheol wants to come visit," he said. Joshua snorts. "That's your call Sungjin," he said. "It's your territory," he said. "I guess," said Sungjin as he scratched the back of his head. "I just wanted to let you know in case he arrives early," he said. "Makes sense," said Joshua.

Wonwoo and Mingyu were not prepared to meet their ex alpha again. Dowoon noticed the change in Wonwoo and moved his hand to hold Wonwoo's hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. Wonwoo gave a small smile in thanks before turning to finish eating dinner. Mingyu forced a smile, being only [i slightly] jealous, but said nothing.

Wonwoo and Dowoon headed out to talk after dinner, wanting some time to themselves. "What are you thinking about?" Asked Dowoon as they walked around. "I'm nervous," said Wonwoo. "I haven't talked to Sungcheol since I left his pack," he said. "It'll be alright," said Dowoon. "Sungcheol does have respect for Sungjin-hyung," he said. "If something goes wrong we will kick him out," he said. "I don't give a damn if he's a werewolf or not, we'll put up a good fight," he said. "Mm," said Wonwoo.
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[center Chapter 2]

As Joshua and the others stayed around for the week, Dowoon noticed a change in Wonwoo. It was subtle but Dowoon noticed how much happier Wonwoo was when he was with Joshua and his pack. Wonpil and Minhyuk got along well much to Joshua and Sungjin's amusement, and Mingyu hung out with Dowoon and Wonwoo, just going out and exploring the city.

They were out in the city again, just hanging out. Wonwoo was talking with Mingyu about stuff and Dowoon just hung back, observing the two. Dowoon wasn't jealous, he knew they weren't mates. He was very observant about these things, and he knew better than to judge them for something like that.

"Dowoon," called Wonwoo. "You're lagging behind," he said. Dowoon blinked. "Oh, sorry," he said, not noticing he had fallen a little behind. He rushed to catch up. "Anyway as I was saying," said Wonwoo as Dowoon drowned them out with his own thoughts. They continued to walk the streets of Barcelona, just enjoying each other's company.

Wonwoo noticed how quiet Dowoon was being so he reached out and grabbed Dowoon's hand, smiling slightly at Dowoon's confused look before turning back to talk to Mingyu. Dowoon was surprised, but any doubt of Mingyu and Wonwoo being mates faded from his mind and allowed him to be more at ease. He always feared being left behind, and he was reassured, at least for now, that he wouldn't be left behind.

It was long walks like these that had Dowoon's mind wandering, wondering where his brother was now. It was one of those days, where everyone else was out doing their own things and Mingyu was left with Wonwoo and Dowoon.

"Dowoon," said Wonwoo. "Hm?" Asked Dowoon as he looked over at Wonwoo. "Want to get some coffee?" Asked Wonwoo, causing Dowoon to take in their surroundings and realizing they were at a coffee shop. "Oh, sure," said Dowoon. Mingyu nodded and they headed inside, Wonwoo going to order their drinks as Mingyu sat down with Dowoon.

"You're very observant about these things," remarked Mingyu. Dowoon chuckled some, scratching the back of his head. "I'm just... Afraid you know? Afraid of being left behind," he said. Mingyu nodded. "Understandable," he said. "Rest assured, if we were actually mates you'd've known by now," he said. "Yeah, I learned that the hard way it seems," said Dowoon. "Everyone says we're close, I don't really think so," said Mingyu as he leaned back in his chair. "Wonwoo keeps saying that," said Dowoon as he scratched the back of his head.

Wonwoo walked back with their drinks. "Coffee, Mocha and a hot chocolate," he said, placing down the cups. Dowoon grabbed his Mocha and Wonwoo grabbed the hot chocolate. Mingyu got up and went to fix his coffee, letting Dowoon and Wonwoo talk a bit.

"You've been quiet," said Wonwoo. "Just don't feel like talking much when you do most of the talking," said Dowoon as he chuckled some. "If you want to say something while I'm in the middle of talking go for it," said Wonwoo as he chuckled. "We're both the quiet ones in the group, even if it doesn't seem that way now," he said.

Mingyu came back with his coffee and sat down, talking with Wonwoo about something as Dowoon drowned them out with his thoughts again. Dowoon found himself looking out the window and observing the traffic outside.

"Dowoon," said Wonwoo, causing Dowoon to turn to Wonwoo. "Ready to go?" He asked. "Sure," said Dowoon as he got up, going to throw his coffee cup away. Wonwoo and Mingyu threw their cups away and they headed out, heading back in the direction of home.

"Hyungs!" Yelled Wonpil as he launched himself at Wonwoo, who moved out of the way. "Gah!" Said Mingyu as he was tackled to the ground. "S-Stop!" He said, laughing as he was assaulted by the tan colored wolf. "Wonpil, you're a wolf again," said Wonwoo. "Shut up hyung," grumbled Wonpil as he moved off of Mingyu and put up his human illusion. Dowoon chuckled some as Joshua came outside, sighing at Wonpil's antics.

"Come on, we're having dinner," said Joshua. The others headed inside after Joshua. "You guys had fun it seems," remarked Brian as they sat around the small kitchen table. "We just went out for coffee," said Wonwoo as he shrugged. "Really because you were gone all day," said Jae. "We've been out walking around," said Dowoon. "It's fine," he said. "Guys, let the three of them be," said Sungjin. "It's fine," said Mingyu. "Everyone thinks we are mates when we're not," he said.

"Let's eat dinner," said Minhyuk to diffuse the tense atmosphere. Everyone ate dinner with Wonpil chatting with Minhyuk and Joshua talking with Sungjin. Jae and Brian kept an eye on Mingyu and Wonwoo as they interacted with each other with Dowoon occasionally pitching in his input.

Dowoon was dragged out the door by Joshua after dinner, promising to bring him back in an hour. "We're leaving in a couple days, I want my turn with him Wonwoo," Joshua explained as he left with Dowoon.

"You made it sound [i way] more sexual than intended you know," said Dowoon once they were outside and walking around. Joshua snorts. "Everyone knows my mate is Minhyuk," he said. "You know, your pack mates are very protective of you," he said. "I know Wonwoo and Mingyu were always seen together but really, they aren't mates," he said. "If they were Wonwoo wouldn't have come here with you," he said.

"If you knew why they were, you'd understand," muttered Dowoon as he looked straight ahead. "Hm," said Joshua. "You are insecure about stuff like this? Is that why?" He asked. When Dowoon didn't give an answer Joshua turned to him. "Look," said Joshua. "You have nothing to fear," he said. "Wonwoo is a good guy, you should know that," he said. "I know it may seem like Wonwoo isn't but he is, take it from someone who stayed with the guy for like 30 years," he said. Dowoon nodded.

They walked around for a little longer before heading back. "Tomorrow, I'm taking you out with Minhyuk and I," said Joshua. "Sure?" Asked Dowoon. "It'll be fun, I promise," said Joshua. "Invite Wonwoo along if you feel like it," he said as they entered the pack house. Dowoon nodded and headed into his room.

That night Dowoon lay on his side with Wonwoo hugging him from behind. "Wonwoo," said Dowoon. "Hm?" Came Wonwoo's sleepy voice. "Joshua invited me out with him tomorrow," said Dowoon. "Mm," said Wonwoo. "Go if you want," he said. "If you want me to come with you then I can," he said. "Please?" Asked Dowoon, trying not to sound too desperate. Wonwoo forced Dowoon to turn and face him.

"Look," said Wonwoo. "I don't know how many times I have to assure you that I'm here for you and no one else but I'm here okay?" He asked. "You won't get rid of me that easily, and even if I find my pure blood mate you are still mine," he said. "You have all of me, okay?" He asked as he leaned forward and kissed Dowoon on the lips.

Dowoon was the first to pull away before it got too heated, looking Wonwoo in the eyes. "I believe you now," he said. Wonwoo smiled before bringing Dowoon close to him, hugging him to his chest. "Let me know if you feel insecure like that again, I will remind you as many times as you need it," he said. Dowoon nodded against his chest before allowing himself to fall asleep.
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[center Chapter 1]

Wonwoo was walking around Barcelona with Dowoon, just enjoying the sights of the city. "Man, you guys really know where to pick your cities," said Wonwoo. Dowoon laughs. "Well," he said, scratching the back of his head. "It's a nice city," he said. "Nothing like back home hm?" He asked. Wonwoo chuckled but shook his head. "America does have its nice cities though," he said.

"What made you want to come to Spain with me anyway?" Asked Dowoon. "You were home sick, it's understandable," said Wonwoo. "Plus, I don't really belong in Joshua's pack," he said. "I'm too used to Sungcheol," he said. "No offense to Joshua of course," he said. "Plus, we're mates," he said. "I don't think we can stay apart for very long anyway," he said. "Mm," said Dowoon as he walked forward with Wonwoo following after him.

"We have to get used to getting you clothes now," said Dowoon as they walked. "It's no big deal," said Wonwoo. "Clothes were never really my thing," he said. "It's a struggle to strip and change when I need to so," he said, shrugging. "It's the thought that counts," said Dowoon. "I guess," said Wonwoo as he scratched the back of his head.

"So, were you and Mingyu actually mates?" Asked Dowoon. Wonwoo blinked. "No," he said. "I'm sorry if it ever came out like that but we weren't," he said. "We've been Sungcheol's betas for so long that people automatically think we're together because we're always seen together," he said. "Why do you ask?" He asked. "No reason, was just curious," said Dowoon. "You two just seem close," he said.

"Everyone says that," said Wonwoo. "We're just two betas following an alpha," he said, shrugging. "When we're seen together it was because we were with Sungcheol," he said. "We're friends, but we're not that close," he said, shrugging. "You can ask him yourself if you want," he said. "No, I believe you," said Dowoon.

"There you guys are," called Brian as he walked over. Wonwoo and Dowoon turn at the sound of Brian's voice. "Brian, you're a wolf again," said Wonwoo. Brian sighed and put up his human illusion for Wonwoo. "This would be [i so] much easier if you were human," he said, jokingly. Wonwoo laughs as he tousled Brian's hair. "It's alright," he said. "You're so lucky you're the hyung in this instance," Brian said with a pout.

"Sungjin wants you to go shopping for clothes," he said. Wonwoo sighed. "Alright," he said. "It's not like we don't mind it," said Dowoon. "You're a werewolf, we're just wolves, we just need to get used to you," he said. They headed home to grab Sungjin's truck and Brian drove to the mall.

Wonwoo went to buy clothes while Dowoon and Brian waited outside the store for him. "You have a weird mate you know," said Brian. Dowoon chuckled some. "Well," he said, shrugging. "He didn't mind not getting new clothes, blame Sungjin for that one," he said.

"I feel like I'm forgetting something," said Brian as he pondered what he forgot. "Oh right!" He said. "Joshua was coming for a visit," he said. "He retired so he can travel a bit more," he said. "I think he's bringing Mingyu and Minhyuk along," he said. "Hm," said Dowoon. "We should let Wonwoo know then," he said. "I guess," said Brian.

Wonwoo came out of the store with a few bags. "Forgot to let you know, Joshua's coming over with Mingyu and Minhyuk," said Brian. "Ah, that's why you wanted me to go clothes shopping," said Wonwoo as he chuckled some. "Want to get lunch before we head back then?" He asked. Brian nodded. "We need to get lunch for the others so," he said, shrugging. They head to the food court to get lunch.

"Well, I got my lunch," said Wonwoo as he got a Subway sandwich. "We got everyone else's," said Brian. "Want to eat here and head home afterwards?" Asked Dowoon. "Nah let's go home," said Wonwoo. Brian nodded and they headed out to the truck with Brian driving home.

"You guys brought back lunch?" Asked Sungjin as they entered the house. "Mm," said Brian as he held up the bags of lunches for the others. "Enjoy," he said. Sungjin grabbed the bag and walked into the kitchen, calling for Jae and Wonpil. Wonwoo chuckled some and walked into the livingroom with Dowoon and sat down on the couch to eat their lunches and watch a TV show. Brian joined them, sitting on the recliner with his own lunch.

Sungjin, Jae, and Wonpil go crowd around the coffee table and eat lunch, watching the movie with the others. "What are we watching again?" Asked Wonpil. "Some Korean drama," said Brian as he shrugged. "Hello Monster I think is what it's called," said Dowoon. "Oh, cool," said Jae.

They were a few episodes in when the door bell rang. Brian stood, going to answer the door. "Oh, didn't think you were here already," he said. "I thought we texted you the arrival time?" Asked Joshua. "Sungjin-hyung never checks the phone," Brian said with a snort before letting them in. "Hey guys," said Wonwoo.

"Guys, you're all wolves again," said Mingyu. "I see them as humans," said Joshua. "That's because you're human," said Minhyuk. "Fine fine," said Sungjin and he and the others put up the human illusion. "How long are you guys staying around?" Asked Wonwoo. "A week, if you don't mind," Joshua said, turning to Sungjin. "No no, go ahead, Wonwoo needs to be around familiar people," he said. Wonwoo scratched the back of his head.

"Come and watch the show with us," said Dowoon. Joshua nodded and everyone sat around the TV to watch the rest of the show. As the show ended it left everyone asking questions. "That was so confusing," said Wonwoo. "Mm," said Dowoon.

"Well," said Sungjin as he stood, stretching. "You guys can have the guest room," he said. "I'm turning in for the night," he said, going into his room. Wonwoo nodded and got up, with Dowoon dropping his illusion, his white wolf form getting up and following Wonwoo to their room. Jae and the others went to their rooms after saying goodnight.

Joshua, Minhyuk and Mingyu stayed in the livingroom for a bit more heading into the guest bedroom to sleep off the jet lag.
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