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As the title says, this is a place to share headcannons on certain things . However, I must state that you can't have any N S F W type headcannons, since I don't want to know about that and it's against site rules. Also, respect others with different headcannons, since it's only ideas and a way to make something interesting.

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Interesting. [sub to be honest I ship those two together as well-]

And you're welcome to find out the definition of that. :3
  Okamitoyo / 3y 22d 23h 25m 9s
Ah! Like no matter what DC comics does, I will always put Beastboy and Raven together in my head. Good to know.
  ExistentialCrisis / 3y 22d 23h 31m 52s
A headcannon is, to be exact, is "a fan's personal, idiosyncratic interpretation of canon, such as the backstory of a character, or the nature of relationships between characters" [I ].
  Okamitoyo / 3y 22d 23h 47m 10s
Either or. I'm not particularly picky. Mind explaining what a headcanon is? I'm sure I have one, but my nerdy terms get mixed up frequently.
  ExistentialCrisis / 3y 23d 1m 9s
heheh, you're fine, mi amigo/amiga
  Okamitoyo / 3y 23d 7h 33m 53s
[pic https://s19.postimg.org/kez6kgzkj/head_cannon_by_sweettartslover-d65jdp9.jpg]

[i Sorry. Couldn't resist.]
  ExistentialCrisis / 3y 23d 23h 44m 17s

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