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[center [font "Nyala" This will be where I store random shit.]]


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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Kurale][kurale [size13 [#5baf6d Blayze's font & color]]]

[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/MGmgYCv.jpg]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Kurale][kurale [size13 [#ff8080 Callie's font & color]]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/6c0e2wh.jpg]]
  Binx- / 45d 13h 33m 11s
[center [font "Tempus sans itc" [i If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl,]]][center [font "tempus sans itc" [i but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward. -Martin Luther King Jr.-]]]
  HoneyBee- / 51d 2h 36m 4s
[center [font "tempus sans itc" Danique Ackerman]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/qx1GXPS.jpg]]

[center [font "tempus sans itc" Talon Ackerman]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/vszEvHh.jpg]]

[center [font "tempus sans itc" Karrina Ackerman]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/pumaaKU.jpg]]

[center [font "tempus sans itc" Zayden Ackerman]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/ClVcXcb.jpg]]
  HoneyBee- / 55d 4h 6m 35s
[center [font "Nyala" The layout was created by me. No one has permission to use this layout at the time being. If you wanna use it, ask me first, and then I might let you borrow it. As long as I get the credit for it that is.]]

[center [font "Nyala" [http://i.imgur.com/h0uTj8Q.jpg [font "Nyala" 1]] || [http://i.imgur.com/GXAsGSn.jpg [font "Nyala" 2]] || [http://i.imgur.com/lRUXxjb.jpg [font "Nyala" 3]] || [http://i.imgur.com/cRKu1wH.jpg [font "Nyala" 4]]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/suUJq0b.jpg]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[b [font "Nyala" [u Basics;]]]

[font "Nyala" [b [u Name:]] Emily Anne]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Nicknames:]] Mimi {Britters only}, BabyCakes {Jason only}, Snoopy {Hana only}, Bunny {Marissa only}, Sky {Jay only}, Karka {Jay only}, Luna Moon, Shy-Shy, Love Bug, Brat Child, Snow Bunny, Queen Bee, Scars, Sweetheart, and more]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Age:]] Twenty-Eight years old]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Relationship Status:]] Happily taken since 2/15/17]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Birthday/Zodiac:]] June 29th, I'm a cancer, so that makes me a damn crab]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Gender:]] Female the last time I checked]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Sexual Orientation:]] Bi-Sexual, love is love in my eyes]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Nationality:]] I'm a mutt, that's all I have to say]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Languages:]] English, wanting to learn sign-language, Sarcasm]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Loved Ones:]] Jason || Marissa || Jess || Becca || James || Amanda || Jay || Hana]

[b [font "Nyala" [u Personal;]]]

[font "Nyala" [b [u Height:]] 5 ft 6 in]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Hair:]] Going back to my natural brown]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Eyes:]] Beautiful green]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Glasses or Contacts:]] Glasses, but wanting contacts again]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Tattoos/Piercings:]] Just my ears pierced. I have a couple tattoo's I wanna get]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Birthmarks/Scars:]] I have a birthmark that's only visible when I'm really sick. A scar on my left ear from when I sliced it open]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Allergies:]] None that I know of, unless liars and cheaters count]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Fears/Phobia's:]] I have a few, but ask me and I might tell you]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Habits:]] Biting my nails, or going really quiet when I have something on my mind. Getting an attitude when I'm stressed out, or going into a dark place when I'm really fucked up. Shaking when I'm super stressed out.]

[b [font "Nyala" [u Favorites;]]]

[font "Nyala" [b [u Colors:]] Pink, Brown, & Green]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Place:]] Wherever my baby is. California]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Animals:]] Cats, Dogs, White Tigers, Monkey's, Husky's]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Flavors:]] Mint, Chocolate, & Vanilla]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Flowers:]] White Roses, Baby's Breath]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Food:]] Chicken, Pasta, & whatever the babe cooks]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Drinks:]] Mt. Dew, Dr. Pepper, Flavored Water, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Chilled Coffee]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Movies:]] Phantom of the Opera, anything Disney, and horror]
[font "Nyala" [b [u T.V. Series:]] TWD, Supernatural, F is for Family, OUAT, American Horror Story and more]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Music:]] Hip-hop, Metal, Country, Rap]

[b [font "Nyala" [u Role Playing;]]]

[font "Nyala" [b [u Genres:]] I can go from Romance, all the way to Horror. I will not play a character under the age of 18, unless it's Harry Potter based. College Life, Slice Of Life, Supernatural, ect]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Roles:]] I can play both male and female roles really well. I love doubling on characters as well. It makes it fair to both parties]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Literacy:]] I can post well over a [b [u thousand words]]. Yes I said a [b [u thousand words]]. I won't go anywhere below 2500 characters. If I do, I will lose interest in the role play quickly]
[font "Nyala" [b [u Favorite Partners:]] Searching for some pretty awesome writers.]
  TatteredWings- / 55d 9h 46m 14s
[center [font "Nyala" These people are my world. I wouldn't know where I would be if I didn't have them around. We might have our fights, but in the end they are my family. I love you all to the moon and back. Don't ever forget that.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[center [font "Nyala" [u ♡ Jason & Emily || King & Queen || Scruffy & Gimpy || Pookie & Princess || Boo & Babe ♡]]][center [font "Nyala" [u ♡ Batman & Wonderwoman || Gomez & Morticia || Jack & Sally || Boo-Bear & Monkey ♡]]][center [pic http://i.imgur.com/fbLzehd.jpg]][center [font "Nyala" ♡ Honestly I don't know what to say about this man. The way we met wasn't how I expected, but something told me it would be worth it. I'm honestly happy with the choice I have made. He makes me smile, makes me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world, and he's just all around perfect. I honestly know why I've waited for someone like him. I wouldn't change anything about him. He's everything I've been searching for. I'm not letting this male go, ever. Here's to the many more months ahead baby. ♡]]

[center [font "Nyala" [http://i.imgur.com/bnchmE5.jpg [font "Nyala" 1]] || [http://i.imgur.com/V5hfLkg.jpg [font "Nyala" 2]] || [http://i.imgur.com/IjlCe0m.jpg [font "Nyala" 3]] || [http://i.imgur.com/aRiuesu.jpg [font "Nyala" 4]] || [http://i.imgur.com/Ufpjh6u.jpg [font "Nyala" 5]] || [http://i.imgur.com/1WyEoZz.jpg [font "Nyala" 6]] || [http://i.imgur.com/INRmDXb.jpg [font "Nyala" 7]] || [http://i.imgur.com/nJKoUcA.jpg [font "Nyala" 8]] || [http://i.imgur.com/PbJq7Pu.jpg [font "Nyala" 9]] || [http://i.imgur.com/MJJnjS3.jpg [font "Nyala" 10]] || [http://i.imgur.com/Te14WoD.jpg [font "Nyala" 11]] || [http://i.imgur.com/yHHL7vU.jpg [font "Nyala" 12]] || [http://i.imgur.com/kedVvlR.jpg [font "Nyala" 13]] || [http://i.imgur.com/M2jTKkq.jpg [font "Nyala" 14]] || [http://i.imgur.com/FDq4vY3.jpg [font "Nyala" 15]] || [http://i.imgur.com/sjTAxHF.jpg [font "Nyala" 16]] || [http://i.imgur.com/PUVo7Oh.jpg [font "Nyala" 17]] || [http://i.imgur.com/NsNfy3u.jpg [font "Nyala" 18]] || [http://i.imgur.com/Rvuxyjn.jpg [font "Nyala" 19]] || [http://i.imgur.com/O61xgZA.jpg [font "Nyala" 20]] || [http://i.imgur.com/m3ZiJp8.jpg [font "Nyala" 21]] || [http://i.imgur.com/lJTbC6P.jpg [font "Nyala" 22]] || [http://i.imgur.com/cvR46Nn.jpg [font "Nyala" 23]] || [http://i.imgur.com/OSpW0Gp.jpg [font "Nyala" 24]] || [http://i.imgur.com/mSN9RbW.jpg [font "Nyala" 25]] || [http://i.imgur.com/StDgZSS.jpg [font "Nyala" 26]] || [http://i.imgur.com/bbw43vO.jpg [font "Nyala" 27]] || [http://i.imgur.com/eAb3KhZ.jpg [font "Nyala" 28]] || [http://i.imgur.com/TKto5KM.jpg [font "Nyala" 29]] || [http://i.imgur.com/c5mxpeG.jpg [font "Nyala" 30]] || [http://i.imgur.com/3tt797X.jpg [font "Nyala" 31]] || [http://i.imgur.com/cGmC1Yl.jpg [font "Nyala" 32]] || [http://i.imgur.com/6nnMjUS.jpg [font "Nyala" 33]] || [http://i.imgur.com/cWgYgJd.jpg [font "Nyala" 34]] || [http://i.imgur.com/BlOVami.jpg [font "Nyala" 35]] || [http://i.imgur.com/QNexIUO.jpg [font "Nyala" 36]] || [http://i.imgur.com/vTNa8bk.jpg [font "Nyala" 37]] || [http://i.imgur.com/jhZxH2T.jpg [font "Nyala" 38]] || [http://i.imgur.com/9X4KIoH.jpg [font "Nyala" 39]] || [http://i.imgur.com/FRZtRsm.jpg [font "Nyala" 40]] || [http://i.imgur.com/DYtvJty.jpg [font "Nyala" 41]] || [http://i.imgur.com/QcNkdEl.jpg [font "Nyala" 42]] || [http://i.imgur.com/LCwFQHL.jpg [font "Nyala" 43]] || [http://i.imgur.com/pnTybzR.jpg [font "Nyala" 44]] || [http://i.imgur.com/UoMP2Qf.jpg [font "Nyala" 45]] || [http://i.imgur.com/ra9MrmW.jpg [font "Nyala" 46]] || [http://i.imgur.com/ZTumx2i.jpg [font "Nyala" 47]] || [http://i.imgur.com/l0JWwfl.jpg [font "Nyala" 48]] || [http://i.imgur.com/v8Wj9du.jpg [font "Nyala" 49]] || [http://i.imgur.com/IbDHLl4.jpg [font "Nyala" 50]] || [http://i.imgur.com/tFIKOdl.jpg [font "Nyala" 51]] || [http://i.imgur.com/ej4u2gO.jpg [font "Nyala" 52]] || [http://i.imgur.com/GMMVscs.jpg [font "Nyala" 53]] || [http://i.imgur.com/fbLzehd.jpg [font "Nyala" 54]] || [http://i.imgur.com/GGZqALL.jpg [font "Nyala" 55]] || [http://i.imgur.com/J6pr6P1.jpg [font "Nyala" 56]] || [http://i.imgur.com/djLYHJ1.jpg [font "Nyala" 57]] || [http://i.imgur.com/EiVFFqP.jpg [font "Nyala" 58]] || [http://i.imgur.com/Qj8NuZj.jpg [font "Nyala" 59]] || [http://i.imgur.com/yNpgSqC.jpg [font "Nyala" 60]] || [http://i.imgur.com/sq91HiN.jpg [font "Nyala" 61]] || [http://i.imgur.com/Qfw2EHN.jpg [font "Nyala" 62]] || [http://i.imgur.com/SxMjIQE.jpg [font "Nyala" 63]] || [http://i.imgur.com/11o01JL.jpg [font "Nyala" 64]] || [http://i.imgur.com/WgeY5ob.jpg [font "Nyala" 65]] || [http://i.imgur.com/odwgIKG.jpg [font "Nyala" 66]] || [http://i.imgur.com/wHs2OIj.jpg [font "Nyala" 67]] || [http://i.imgur.com/t6eR5QV.jpg [font "Nyala" 68]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[center [font "Nyala" [u ♡ Marissa & Emily || Bunny & Boo || Joker & Harley ♡]]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/z9Z8DoR.jpg]][center [font "Nyala" ♡ You were a huge part of my life for the longest time. I honestly didn't know what to do, or how to react when I started getting feelings for you. I just wish you would have been open and honest from the moment we met. In the end though, you were honest with me. I knew you were someone special, and I knew I was in love with you. I wouldn't trade you for the world. You made me believe in love again, and I just wish things could have worked out for the better. There isn't a day that goes by, that I don't wonder about you. I hope someday soon our paths will cross again. Until that time, I will keep thinking of you, and hoping that sometimes you think of me too. ♡]]

[center [font "Nyala" [http://i.imgur.com/z9Z8DoR.jpg [font "Nyala" 1]] || [http://i.imgur.com/Kt37Xzg.jpg [font "Nyala" 2]] || [http://i.imgur.com/9Cq2kmB.jpg [font "Nyala" 3]] || [http://i.imgur.com/SR3fSvw.jpg [font "Nyala" 4]] || [http://i.imgur.com/jPIRaiN.jpg [font "Nyala" 5]] || [http://i.imgur.com/LhJYfzG.jpg [font "Nyala" 6]]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[center [font "Nyala" [u ♡ Jay & Emily || Jay & Emmi || Jay-Bug & Karka || Birdwing & Sky ♡]]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/SGL868m.jpg]]

[center [font "Nyala" [http://i.imgur.com/6zz0JUR.jpg [font "Nyala" 1]] || [https://i.imgur.com/SGL868m.jpg [font "Nyala" 2]] || [https://i.imgur.com/WuRa2Gm.jpg [font "Nyala" 3]] || [https://i.imgur.com/wmiXe3M.jpg [font "Nyala" 4]]]]
  TatteredWings- / 55d 9h 47m 17s
[center [size7 Saving This Here.]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/suUJq0b.jpg]]
  HoneyBee- / 65d 3h 53m 7s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [center Merriweather]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Great+Vibes][great+vibes [center [size24 Great+Vibes]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Alex+Brush][alex+brush [center [size25 Alex+Brush]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Pinyon+Script][pinyon+script [center [size25 Pinyon+Script]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Italianno][italianno [center [size28 Italianno]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine][tangerine [center [size28 Tangerine]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Herr+Von+Muellerhoff][herr+von+muellerhoff [center [size28 Herr+Von+Muellerhoff]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Clicker+Script][clicker+script [center [size25 Clicker+Script]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Kurale][kurale [center [size15 Kurale]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway][raleway [center [size13 Raleway]]]
  BrokenScars- / 67d 9h 5m 36s
[center [size7 An in depth character skeleton. I created it, don't fucking steal it. If you wanna borrow it ask and make sure to give me credit.]]

[b [font "Nyala" [u Some of the Basics;]]]

[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Full Name:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Nickname:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Gender:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Birth Date:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Age:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Birth Place:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Nationality:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Race:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Hair Color:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Glasses or Contacts:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Eye Color:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Scars or Distinguishing Marks:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Disabilities:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Height:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Weight:]]] Here]

[b [font "Nyala" [u Family and Childhood;]]]

[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Mother:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Father:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Mother's Occupation:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Father's Occupation:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Birth Order:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Brothers:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Sisters:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Other Close Family:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Best Friend:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Other Friends:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Enemies:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Pets:]]] Here]

[b [font "Nyala" [u Home Life During Childhood;]]]

[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Town or City Name(s):]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Favorite Toy or Game:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Schooling:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Health Problems:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Religion and beliefs:]]] Here]

[b [font "Nyala" [u Characteristic's;]]]

[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Bad Habits:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Good Habits:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Fears:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Phobias:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Secrets:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Regrets:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Pet Peeves:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Sexuality:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Day or Night Person:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Introvert or Extrovert:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Optimist or Pessimist:]]] Here]

[b [font "Nyala" [u Likes and Styles;]]]

[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Music:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Books:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Foods:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Drinks:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Animals:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Sports:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Favorite Saying:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Color:]]] Here]

[b [font "Nyala" [u Home Life-Present;]]]

[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Favorite Possession:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Children:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Relationship with Family:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Pets:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Dream Career:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Love Life:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Hobbies:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Guilty Pleasure:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Health Problems:]]] Here]

[b [font "Nyala" [u Other Information;]]]

[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Past Careers:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Past Lovers:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Biggest Mistakes:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Biggest Achievements:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Font & Color:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Role Play:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Pictures:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" [b [font "Nyala" [u Face-claim:]]] Here]
  Waterlily- / 1y 47d 9h 11m 39s
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  Waterlily- / 174d 6h 30m 41s
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  Waterlily- / 1y 162d 4h 40m 30s
[b [font "Nyala" [u Basics --]]]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Name:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Age:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Date of Birth:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Height:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Weight:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Gender:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Sexuality:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Hair Color:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Eye Color:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Species:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Relationship Status:]]] Here]

[b [font "Nyala" [u Personal --]]]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Birth Place:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Current Location:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Occupation:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Education:]]] Here]

[b [font "Nyala" [u Relationships --]]]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Dating:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Children:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Parents:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Siblings:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Friends:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Enemies:]]] Here]

[b [font "Nyala" [u Extra Details --]]]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Biography:]]] Coming soon]

[b [font "Nyala" [u Random --]]]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Pictures:]]] Here]
[font "Nyala" • [b [font "Nyala" [u Font & Color:]]] Here]
  Waterlily- / 1y 177d 13h 27m 44s

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