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Everyone has them, so why wouldn't I? a-uh storage thread I mean. . .

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[center _[u [b GENERAL INFO]]_]
[b Full name: -]
[b Alias/Nicknames: -]
[b Gender: -]
[b Species/Race: –]
[b Birth Date: -]
[b Age: -]
[b Descendent(of): -]
[b Current Residence: -]
[b Job/Profession: -]
[b Title: -]
[b Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): -]

[b Height: -]
[b Weight: -]
[b Build: -]
[b Eye Color: -]
[b Hair Color: -]
[b Handedness: -]
[b Skin Shade/Color: -]
[b Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: -]
[b Description: –] Write A Descriptive Parapgraph or Two.


[u [b MENTALITY]]_
[b Sexuality/Preference: -]
[b Sanity: -]
[b Friends: - ]
[b Likes: -]
[b Dislikes: -]
[b Hobbies: -]
[b Personality: –] Write A Descriptive Vibrant Paragrapgh for Exciting Roleplay.

[u [b EQUIPMENT]]_
[b Weapons: –] Describe All Weapons’ Attributes
[b Combat Attire: –] Get Creative.
[b Accessories: –] Necessary Items of Interest Maybe?
[b Miscellaneous: –] Extra Hidden Things Maybe?

[b General/Preferred Style: –]
[b Hand-to-Hand: –]
[b Weapons Style: –]
[b Special Abilities/Affinities:] – Maybe MetalMorph, or Decaying Touch/Breath?

[b Chant Magic: -]
[b Rune Magic: - ]
[b Elemental Magic: -]
[b Psychic Magic: –]
[b Conjuring Magic: –]
[b Enchantment Magic: –]
[b Space/Time Magic: –]
[b Arcane Magic: -]

[u [b HISTORY]]_
[b Relationship Status: –] IF you Have One
[b Family: –] Try and Be Creative
[b Known Languages: –] Could Be Anything
[b Personal History/Background: -] Please Try Here



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  cursethewhitecat / 5d 8h 13m 7s
[pic] immune doctor

[pic] human government

[pic] human street smart

[pic] strain Newborn Ghoul

[pic] strain Ghoul
  Cursethewhitecat / 67d 7h 3m 34s
wild packs
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  Cursethewhitecat / 75d 15h 52m 41s
[tbl [pic]]

Knights: [i Melee fighters - adept at swordsmanship, - generally have an overwhelming advantage over magic-class]

Dragoon: [i Arms-Fighters exacal almost with any projectile weapons such as firearms. They tend to use special ammunition to exploit the weakness of certain creatures.]

Archer: [i Rare to see in modern times like these. Archer type Meisters use the bow and arrow or crossbow. Their weapons seem to be more effective than a Dragoons.]

Combat-medic: [i Always High in demand as they tend to drop like flies. Meisters capable of treating and/or healing wounds inflicted by supernatural creatures. ]

Mage: [i Although they can use magic they will never be able to wield an actual weapon as magic class relics tend to be ornamental like jewelry or a book.]

Tamers: [i Individuals who learn to bind the souls of various beings to themselves under contracts and command creatures to fight in their stead. Tamers are rarely seen but not unheard of. They are highly frowned upon in most of the hunter community.]

Familia: [i Humans that aren’t quite human, either through birth or other means like being cursed, ect-. More often than not familia are regarded as monsters and a scourge to humankind. Often treated as outcast or hunted down if not in service to a Tamer.]

Hybrid: [i Must be born as, not transformed or infected.]
  Cursethewhitecat / 76d 8h 53m 20s
[center [pic]]

[pic][center [size25 [b RULES]]][center [sub [b PM Me] [#cc0000 -If you have any questions or concerns -].]][size11
| [b Post limit] | - [#cc0000 You must post at the very least once a month .]. -
| [b Char-limit] | - [b 600] [#cc0000 minimum]. [#cc0000 Quality over quantity is encouraged but not expected of you as this is just for fun]. -
| [b Post Order] | - [#cc0000 Two other people must post before you do again.]
| [b Puppets] | - [#cc0000 Will be a]. -
| [b Picture] | - [#cc0000 Anime or illustrated] - [#cc0000 No real pictures]... -
| [b Multi-Character] | [#cc0000 While it is allowed don't bite off more than you can chew]. -
| [b Experiment] | [#cc0000 This roleplay is to help me get back into the swig of things, so have a little fun twisting the coarse of events].

[tbl [pic]]

[center [pic]]
  cursethewhitecat / 2d 9h 10m 5s

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