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Everyone has them, so why wouldn't I? a-uh storage thread I mean. . .

[hr ][size9
[center _[u [b GENERAL INFO]]_]
[b Full name: -]
[b Alias/Nicknames: -]
[b Gender: -]
[b Species/Race: –]
[b Birth Date: -]
[b Age: -]
[b Descendent(of): -]
[b Current Residence: -]
[b Job/Profession: -]
[b Title: -]
[b Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): -]

[b Height: -]
[b Weight: -]
[b Build: -]
[b Eye Color: -]
[b Hair Color: -]
[b Handedness: -]
[b Skin Shade/Color: -]
[b Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: -]
[b Description: –] Write A Descriptive Parapgraph or Two.


[u [b MENTALITY]]_
[b Sexuality/Preference: -]
[b Sanity: -]
[b Friends: - ]
[b Likes: -]
[b Dislikes: -]
[b Hobbies: -]
[b Personality: –] Write A Descriptive Vibrant Paragrapgh for Exciting Roleplay.

[u [b EQUIPMENT]]_
[b Weapons: –] Describe All Weapons’ Attributes
[b Combat Attire: –] Get Creative.
[b Accessories: –] Necessary Items of Interest Maybe?
[b Miscellaneous: –] Extra Hidden Things Maybe?

[b General/Preferred Style: –]
[b Hand-to-Hand: –]
[b Weapons Style: –]
[b Special Abilities/Affinities:] – Maybe MetalMorph, or Decaying Touch/Breath?

[b Chant Magic: -]
[b Rune Magic: - ]
[b Elemental Magic: -]
[b Psychic Magic: –]
[b Conjuring Magic: –]
[b Enchantment Magic: –]
[b Space/Time Magic: –]
[b Arcane Magic: -]

[u [b HISTORY]]_
[b Relationship Status: –] IF you Have One
[b Family: –] Try and Be Creative
[b Known Languages: –] Could Be Anything
[b Personal History/Background: -] Please Try Here



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[p [center "Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance” [ [pic]]]]

[hr ] [center [ [b The Grimm Assassin Academy]]]
[right [pic]]
[b Username: ] [ cursethewhitecat]
[b Name:] - Jasper Walks -
[b Codename:] - Mad Hatter -
[b Age:] 17
[b Year:] Second
[b Powers:] [b I]llusion manipulation [b | D]imesional control [b | C]ommand inducement ]
[hr ]
[size9 [b - Illusion manipulation -] He can generate and manipulate illusions, causing targets to see,hear,touch.smell and/or taste things which do not actually exist with the bonus of tricking an individual's mind into thinking that they are in physical pain.though it has no physical effect on the body, the pain is quite effective. Enough to cause fainting or drive a person insane.]
[size9 [b [u Limits:]]] [right [size8 [i
- Initialization within a radius of 50 meter.
- Energy draining
- Any interruption of his concentration can instantly cancel the illusions at work.
- Can’t create real damage on targets, only illusions.
- Targets who are or become aware of illusions will not suffer any physical effects. However will still feel pain.
- May be unable to create accurate illusions, such as misplacing a feature on a person or forgetting one entirely.
- Illusions of living things such as people and animals do not posses shadows at their feet. Something that can be overlooked from time to time.
- Excessive use within 24 hours runs the risk of Hatter experiencing an “Episode” that puts the “Mad” in “Mad Hatter”. During an “Episode” Hatter temporary loses track of reality, and gradually falls into madness. Where he unconsciously gos around on an indiscriminate killing spree until he eventually collapses from exhaustion, somehow manages to regain his senses or is knocked out.
- After an “Episode” Hatter may not be able to create any illusions for a period of 24 hours. ]]]

[center [pic]]

[size9 [b - Dimesional control -] He can generate and control dimensions to achieve a variety of feats, such as teleportation, windows, storage, portal generation, pocket dimension creation, ect...]
[size9 [b [u Limits:]]] [right [size8 [i
- anything bigger than 7by7 foot.
- Requires five full uninterrupted minutes of preparation before it can be used, thus requiring his allies to protect him Energy draining
- limited to 3 dimensions at a time
- Max size 120 radius wise ]]]

[center [pic]]

[size9 [b - Command inducement - ] Hatter’s eyes posses the power to immediately plant the order “You will obey my every command” within a person’s mind upon mere eye contact in manner comparable to hypnosis. This ability allows Hatter to impose complex commands with single word and freely manipulate anyone whose isises posses the “Stigmata” so long as they are within a 400 meter radius of Hatter. It is impossible to break free within a 50 meter radius of Hatter as this is his power at is strongest.

The “stigmata” or “stigma” is presumably a visual clue to reveal those under Hatter’s command inducement. Once a target’s eyes posses the “stigma” or “red rings”. They are completely subject to any and all of Hatters commands, regardless of what they may think or feel. The closer within range one is hatter the harder to resist likewise the father away one gets, the more easier it is to resist. If one pass’s 400 meters of the radous then they’ll be completely free of the stigma!]
[size9 [b [u Limits:]]] [right [size8 [i
- Needs some form of eye contact before commands can be issued
- Initialization of power works up to 36 feet and reiles solely on his field of vision
- Targets may resist a commanded action to some degree depending on the distance they somehow manage to put between then and Hatter.
- An action will be carried out for as long as dictated in its command, upon the indicated conditional circumstance, or will be canceled if out of 400 meter range.
- The stigma works up to 400 meters. If a target makes it pass their free to go.
- The stigma also wears off after a period of 24 hours if not reinforced.
- Targets will not perform any action disallowed by their physical or mental capabilities, though they will try to carry out the command to the best of their ability. [u For example], a victim will not be able to correctly answer a question they don't know the answer to, but will direct the user to someone who can if they are able. However, commands that affect the mind or consciousness will take effect despite the fact that the victim could not normally force themselves to do so.
- Repeated use on targets may cause more permanent and/or unwanted effects such as loss of sanity, or worse case a “Strained Stigma”. If a target's stigma is strained it may very well engulf the target's eyes becoming permanently active. Beyond Hatter’s control. The target may still be able to resist commands from time to time though.
- May not be able to reverse/redact commands, even accidental ones .
If knockout target may be freed .]]]

[hr ]

[size9 [b Special skills:]]
[size9 [b M]emorization [b | A]crobatics [b | H]and-to-hand combat [b | T]actician [b | E]xpert marksman]

[size9 [b Weapons:]]
[size9 One sniper rifle with scope and silencer | Dual 9mm magnum pistols with silencers integrated into the guns, are 9mm semi automatic handguns with 15-round magazine. One's engraved with the Mad Hatter’s conundrum “Why is a raven like a writing-desk?” and the other "I haven’t the slightest idea”. | Hatter’s third weapon is purely improvisation. He has no problem picking up common things such as chairs, jackets, books, cords, tools, ect… wielding these items effectively for offensive purposes.

[size9 [b Bio: ]]

[size9 Orphaned; Jasper was unfortunately viewed by many as a “monster” and/or “demon child” due to his manifesting abilities as a child. The combination of subconscious use and his powers haywire state bought all within reach to the brink of self destruction.

He was considered a devastating pestilence and avoided like the plague by many in the rural mountain village that sat beside a raging river. Eventually he was even abandoned by the system and left to fend for himself. One night during a fierce storm there was a tragic landslide. It took out a few houses and pushed Jasper off a small cliff. He hit his head on the way down. So you could imagine his surprise when he gained consciousness, that he was in the hands of a traveling carnival and given the opportunity to join it rather than be dropped off at some other village. In the hands of another orphanage. Only to repeat his old life.

He ended up taking them up on their offer, subsequently becoming Jacob Walks disciple. The man who’d be essentially responsible for exposing Jasper to a world of vigorous training and expediency. Prepping him for a double life as both a carny and a hitman.

Thanks to Jacob's little side job Jasper would come to attend The Grimm Assassin's Academy as the "Mad Hatter", preferably just "Hatter".

His partner "Harriman" really throw him for a loop during the beginning of their second year. In a series of unexplained events the little pipe size hairball got tossed into the loony bin! Forcing the two to be held back a year until his partner was "released".

During the duration of his time alone. Hatter faced what partners normally would together- Alone. Putting the term "Mad as a Hatter" to good use while taking on all the tasks of a second year pair by himself.

[size9 [b Other:]][size9 Other than the headmaster. No one knows of his past, much less about his abilities. ]
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[ jk]
[size5 hiroto kiyama]
  Cursethewhitecat / 1d 27m 46s
[size8 Character References: [ [size8 Electrical Engineering]]] - []
[p Theme song:[ "Insight"]] [hr ][hr ][hr ][hr ][hr ][hr ][hr ][hr ][hr ][hr ][hr ][hr ]

|| [ Survivors]
[center [pic ]]

[hr ][hr ][hr ]

[center Current RP:[ Fairlan Orphanage For the Gifted]]
[p Name: Axel
Age: 14
Ability: Cryokinesis or Ice manipulation. He can generate ice from thin air, shape and manipulate it for various effects and combinations.
Bio: His mother died giving birth to him. So he was taken in to be raised by his grandmother until she passed away due to old age, with nowhere else to go Axel was dropped off at Fairlan Orphanage around the age of five.
How long you've been here: Ten years
How you got here: Dropped off by means of vehicle.
Family(?): Unknown
Staff/Official/Resident: Resident]
[hr ][size8 [center - 1 -]
Thud- He awoke on the floor. Entangled underneath his winter comforter. Face scrunched in pain as his body naturally reverted back into a fetal position. Arms clasped around the back of his head in an attempt to relieve himself of the throbbing sensation that echoed from the back of his cranium. He muffled something between a groan and a hiss through closed lips. While simultaneously shifting onto his knees and elbows, Awaiting for the pain to subside before opening both eyes to a world entirely out of focus. Squinting. His hazel eyes consisted of a metallic greyish-black that; depending on the source of lighting changed in shades of monochrome like whitish-silver, silverish-grey, greyish-black, ect... While the color varied. His poor eyesight did not.

Huffing somewhat frustrated. His breath appeared like smoke as he sat up sluggishly with comforter over head. He stuck a hand out into a smeary surrounding. Blindly searching for his loft bed until his fingertips graced the familiar wooden frame. Grabbing a hold with both hands. He stood cloaked by the heavy duty blanket something most normal people , heck even the people here at Fairlan orphanage would find strange. You see he had a habit of giving people the chills. No, not in a creepy way. . .well sorta-. Anyway his body tends to be ice cold to the touch not on purpose but due to lack of control over his ability.

Shifting Axel dragged a hand over the sheet on his mattress until it bumped the head board. Where his one and only pair of glasses sat during the time in which he slept. Picking them up. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes before unfolding the temples and holding them up to his mouth. “Haaa-” he used his breath to create a condensation on the little framed windows. Using his blanket to wipe them clean. Sliding his glasses on with both hands before adjusting them to the bridge of his nose. Waiting for his eyes to adjust he glanced over at the draps that blocked out the sun’s rays.

Yawning. He took a step back and dusted the frost from off the top of his head caused by subconscious use of his power. Something he lacked control of when it came to certain emotions. Shuffling over to his closet. The blanket plummet to the floor on top of one of the various puzzles that layered his floor like a rug. Sliding the closet door open he ditched his pj’s and got dressed. Pulling a pair of baggy cargo shorts on then a black turtleneck before heading for the door. Stopping he crouched down to pull his converse’s on over his black socks. Adjusting his glasses once more. He opened the door. Peeking out this way and that way before snatching his favor jacket from off the back of the door and stepping out into the hallway.

Sticking his arms into the sleeves one by one. Axel shuffled down the hallway groggily. Shoulders hunched and hands tucked away in his pockets as he headed down stairs. He stopped. Hesitant to go any farther. His now sliver-grey eyes shifted around nervously. Scanning the area for the familiar voice of Rain, a nice official just. . .He sighed. Just a bit too cheerful for him in the morning. Evading Rain and pulling out a chair. Axel sank into his seat quietly as he could across from Echo

[center - 2 - ]
Beady-eyed. He observed those in the room. Unlike most of the orphans here Axel wasn’t one to [i judge a book by its cover], instead he found the inhabits of Fairlan Orphanage to be quite interesting. Despite his seemingly detached personally of course. So while he reached out for a warm glass of milk he noticed “Zora” or better known as Zorasaii enter the room accompanied by an official. He had heard her orchestra of emotions upon his entry of the dining room.

He actually admired her skills with an ocarina and the unique melodies she performed on a whim. They were perplexing and had the power to send him off into a peaceful slumber. Well at least until Rain would come barging into his room in order to awake him up for breakfast. He would rebuke her for this as he himself didn’t fall asleep until the wee hours, sometimes not until he heard Zora’s ocarina.

[#0000ff “I hope you slept well Axel” ]Rains voice chimed from somewhere off to the side.

He cringed at the sound of her voice. Catching Rain from the corner of his eye. [#336699 “Mmhm-”] He gave a slight nod and adjusted his thin rimless glasses which flashed white, reflecting the light much like a mirror would. The glare shrouding his metallic eyes as his lips curled into a half hearted smile. The semi dark circles under his eyes was barely noticeable, but enough to remind one that Axel was a restless sleeper and that he would spend the wee hours solving puzzle games or practicing a little self control over his inconsistent fluctuating power to manipulate ice. Which manifested itself visibly in fernlike patterns that collect on his glasses and clothes. His body naturally produces the cold so he avoids physical contact most of the time afraid to accidentally cause some to get sick or worse cause someone to get frostbite.

Shoulders still hunched as he finally grabbed the warm glass of milk. While Acheron set a plate of pancakes in front of him. Axel’s metallic eyes then became fixated on chef. He wasn’t sure as to why, but whenever that man came around him. Axel could feel the moisture in air become insufficient. Perhaps it was a fire and ice thing?

[#737373 “Hello”]- His eyes redirected onto Echo then back onto Acheron, who was away ,and back onto Echo again. The two were about the same age, though the opposite in gender and have managed to become unofficial friends through years of asociacion. He gave her a slight nod in acknowledgement.

[#336699 “Good morning” ]He greeted her with that half hearted smile of his and watched as the frost spread from his fingertips. All around the outside of the glass. His eyes sharped with intense focus. The frost slowing down. Retreating back from the rim of the cup. He sighed. Adjusting his eyes with a flash and sinking back into his seat with the glass in hand. Rolling his wrist to see if the liquid wasn't a popsicle yet.

[center - 3 - ]
It was cold now. Still he didn’t hesitate to swig it down. Nor cushion the sound of setting the glass down on the table top with his pinky. He waited for Rain to leave before sliding back in his chair and standing up. Picked up his empty glass and slide his plate of pancakes over to the kid next to him then rubbed his milk-mustache off on onto his left sleeve without thinking like a well oiled machine he continued onward towards the kitchen. Where he quickly slipped his glass into the sink and scurried outta there to avoid any staff members, particularly Acheron. Seeing how the kitchen was a chef's domain.

Once out into the hallway. The sound off the morning bell nearly made him jump as shuffled towards the classroom. The temptation to skip left he lingering down the hallway near and exit door. Where he found himself “accidentally” bumping into the door. It pushed open easily as he could feel himself sliding backwards and the fresh air come pouring in from behind him.

Sneaking out would be easy, however, he sighed. Getting nagged at for skipping would be too much of a hassle. He took a step away from the door and slowly but surely forced himself into the room. He shuffled past Echo over to a window seat and planted himself there. The thought of bringing a notebook or pencil hadn't crossed his mind in the least because he hadn’t planned on attending class today anyway.

He rested an elbow on his desk. Head slightly tilted down so his glasses would catch the light. The glare would make it difficult for anyone to tell if he was awake or asleep. Thus completing the illusion of being awake as he closed his eyes. Resting them while waiting for the room to fill.

[hr ]

[b Name:] Axel
[b Age:] 14
[b Captor or escapee.] Escapee
[b Gender:] Male
[b Power/ability:] Cryokinesis or ice manipulation. He can generate ice from thin air, shape and manipulate it for various effects and combinations.
[b Bio:] His mother died giving birth to him and to make matters worse he was almost mistaken as a stillborn for he was just as inexplicably ice cold as his mother! If it hadn’t been for his father's rash actions, while overcome in grief. He probably wouldn’t have lasted an hour without the intensive care, he immediately received after his father noticed his fragile pulse and faint heartbeat.

Although Axel was unknowingly responsible for his mother’s death due to his kinetic ability inherited from his father's side. His father ended up raising him alone and covering up a few incidents in which Axel could not control his power. One of which made the news in the form of a playground frozen solid during the hottest month. Another event happened during a day in elementary school. It was his mother's mysterious cause of death, His father's side of the family's background that first peaked the interests of the mad scientists, combined with the locations of the few events caused by his power that connected the dots to him.

Which eventually lead to his sudden abduction around the age of seven. He was walking home when a van cut him off on the cross walk. The van door slid open before he knew what to do, he was being pulled inside and held down. While someone covered his mouth with a rug of some kind. He struggled to escape. But that funny smell made him so very sleepy. . .

When he came too. There was a blinding light above his head. It didn’t help his groggy state nor did a bunch of muffled voices and the sudden realization of being strapped down on a table help. In a panic his power finally revealed itself and sealed his fate to being subjected to experimentations.
[b Pic:]]
[hr ]
[p [b Username:] cursethewhitecat
[b Name:] Axel
[b Age:] 14
[b Gender:] Male
[b role:] Ex-rebel converted Society dog
[b bio optional:] His chip was designed to create the next generation.. He would’ve spent his life studying physics and electrical engineering developing even more advanced weaponry and munitions for society like his father before him. However the event of his father's chip being removed by rebel forces resulted in the removal of his own by his father's hand.

Being ripped out of fantasy and dropped into reality really change his perspective. Although he was free from the chip he still had to pretend it was there and the funny thing was even after the chip was removed he still found himself studying physics and electrical engineering apparently he actually loved it!

However his life changed the day he and his father were exposed. A MONSTER appeared before them. Slaying his father effortlessly. While he trembled in fear. A devil made a deal with him.

Who would’ve though his second chance at life would be as a dog of society?

[b Picture:]

  Cursethewhitecat / 1d 28m 28s
[pic ]

[pic ]

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[center [pic]]

[size9 [i
[b Puppet master: |] cursethewhitecat
[b Character name: |] Cale Stein
[b Alias: |] Stein
[b Age: |] 21
[b Gender: |] Male
[b Sexuality: |] Pansexual
[b Blood type: |] O negative
[b Personality: |] Introvert - Indifferent – Impulsive – Levelheaded [medical wise]
[b Appearance/ Physical description: |]
[right - Height 6'1; Weight 118Ib
- White hair; Jade eyes,
- He has a semi-athletic figure and is normally depicted carrying a robust duffle bag. While wearing casual clothes such as cargo pants/shorts, tank tops, and a good pair of sneakers. ]
[b Occupation: |] Pharmaceutical technician & Geneticist Lab Assistant in training
[b Skillset / Talents: |]
[right - Photographic memory
- a pair of steady hands & good sight; Sharp shooter
- In terms of his profession he has acquired various degrees in various fields as such he is a certified pediatrician of the medical art.]
[b Weapons: |]
[right - Dual Maxim 9 pistols with a silencer integrated into the guns. 9 mm semiautomatic handgun with a 15-round magazine. The silencer gives it a distinct and futuristic look, like a weapon from a science fiction movie. It is short, quiet, reliable, durable and can use any [9 mm] ammo.
- Ammo 4 15-round magazines on hand at all times. He likes to make it a point to be safe than sorry.
- Leatherman super tool 300(9.16 ounces Include: Needle-nose pliers, small and large flathead, philips, knife, saw, file, awl, and can/bottle opener
Dimensions (Closed): 4.1" x 1.75" x .88"
Dimensions (Open): 6.5" x 5.3" x .88"
Materials: Anodized aluminum in black finish)
[b Supplies: |]
- [ Army green duffle bag]
- Sip/squeeze bottle & a Filter/purifier
- hydration blatter
- Various types of candy
- a few carts on cigarettes
- mini led torch
- firesteel

- [b Medical kit:]
[u [b T]ool wise:]
- Band-Aids - Gauze - Thread -
- Tape (Surgical/Duck/Ect) -Super gule - Rubber bands -
-Needles/ Razor blades/ Scissors/ Tweezers/ Clippers - Insulin & syringes -Magnifying glass -
- Lighter -
-Sanitize agents(Wipes/ Soap/ Hydrogen peroxide/ Isoprpl(rubbing)/ Iodine/ Alcohol -
[u [b M]edicine wise:]] Antibiotic ointment - Cortisone cream - Aspirin/ Ibuprofen - Ambien/ Morphine/ Acetaminophen - Multivitamins
[b Bio: |] - Your characters’ background information, a short summary –
[b Theme song: |] -Optional-

[center [pic]]
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[size9 [#f Aether Air; Rainer Ger. Counselor]
[ [size9 His mere presence]] | Intro | Lurk

"The power of the mystic. A power of wonder and ruin"

[b Username:] cursethewhitecat
[b Name:] Aether; Rainer
[b Age:] Appears to be in his early twenties
[b Species:] Witch, although he himself prefers the term sorcerer
[b Powers:] Spacetime
[b Side:] Neutral
[b Personality:] Duplicitous - Enigmatic - Introvert -
[b Bio:]

Born into a coven of dark magic users Rainer is the Seer of the group often sought out by clients for a glance in time & space[Past or Future] for a price. Despite his family heritage in the dark arts he himself tends to be rather neutral.

[center [pic]]

[size9 [#f [center]]
  Cursethewhitecat / 1d 31m 34s
[ Ivory ; Celty ] Roleplay Character Profile
Created by Cursethewhitecat / Replies: 0

Admin Character: Edit / Login / Delete

Username: | cusrethewhitecat
Name: | Ivory; Celty
Age: | 19
Species: | Witch
Powers: |
Side: |
Personality: |
Bio: |

Seamstress magic is often overlooked but it is an old and reliable way of doing spellwork.
White - purity, truth, sincerity, spirituality, peace, higher self, a substitute for any other color.
Red - strength, health, vigor, sexual love, energy, passion, courage.element of fire, career goals, fast action, lust blood, vibrancy, driving force, survival.
Light Blue - tranquility, understanding, patience, calm, gently moving, wisdom, good fortune, opening blocked communication
Dark Blue - impulsiveness, depression, changeability, protection, spiritual inspiration, reassurance, creativity
Green - finance, fertility, luck, Earth Mother, physical healing, monetary success, abundance, tree and plant magick, growth, Element of Earth, personal goals
Gold - wealth, The God, promote winning, safety and power of the male, happiness, playful humor
Yellow - The Sun, intelligence, accelerated learning, memory, logical imagination, breaking mental blocks, selling yourself
Gold/Yellow - attraction, persuasion, charm, confidence
Brown - hesitation, uncertainty, neutrality, influence friendships, special favors
Pink - honor, romantic love, morality, Planetary Good Will, healing of emotions, peace, affection, romance, partnerships of emotional maturity, caring, nurturing
Black - evil, loss, discord, confusion, protection, repelling negativity, binding, shapeshifting
Purple - tension, ambition, business progress, power, influencing people in high places, third eye, psychic ability, spiritual power, self assurance, hidden knowledge
Silver/Grey - cancellation, neutrality, stalemate, telepathy, clairvoyance, intuition, clairaudience, psychometry, dreams, astral energies, Female Power, communication, The Goddess
Orange - encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, attraction, business goals, property deals, ambition, career goals, general success, justice, legal matters, selling, action
Greenish Yellow - sickness, cowardice, anger, jealousy, discord
Copper - passion, money goals, professional growth, fertility in business, career maneuvers
  Cursethewhitecat / 1d 32m 32s
|| Level ||
D/0-5 |
C/0-5 ||
B/0-5 |
A/0-5 ||
S/0-5 |

[right [pic]]

  Cursethewhitecat / 1d 33m 37s
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|| [b Fletchinder]
[pic] - [pic]

|| [b Zorua]

|| [b Whimsicott]
[pic] - [pic]

|| [b Emolga]
[pic] - [pic]

[hr ]
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[ Vincent Law ]
[ Stephano ]
[ Gale Tempest]
[ Lux Balsam ]
[ ;Kino ]
[ Creed Weirn ]
[ Firo Cortoe ]
[ Eris Elysium ]
[ J. Jenkins ]
[ Fai ]
[ Cromwell; Clow ]
[ Ceres G. Grimes ]
[ Tech ]
[ Excalibur ]
[ ]
[ Gin ]
[ Ivory ; Celty ]
[ Aether; Rainer ]
[ Alabaster; Damian ]
[Stein; Cale ]
[ Train Locksmith ]
[ Gareki Watanuki ]
-skeleton in the closet -
- quote unquote -
[ Axel Rift ]
[ Jasper Walks ]
[ Ginko ]
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[ [size8 [K]new day by [K]now name]] | [ [size8 [k]new day[Synthesia]]] | [ [size8 white silence]] | [ [size8 Seasons Die One After Another]]

[#52527a See with eyes unclouded]

Username:[size10 [#666699 cursethewhitecat]]
Name: [size10 [#666699 Howl Cromwell ]]
Age: [size10 [#666699 eighteen]]
Gender: [size10 [#666699 Male]]
Powers: [size10 [#666699 Healing]]
Clan: [size10 [#666699 [i Silversmiths club] member, an supernatural hunters organization. Their trade mark is the silver ornaments[#a3a3c2 [typically rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, piercing, ect-]] with the crimson inscriptions[#a3a3c2 [hold their rank and title within the organization]] they wear. Though they are well-know for using special weapons.

This group combats the supernatural threats of this world. be it ghost or otherwise- They’ll defend mankind!]]
Bio: [size10 [#666699 While his skills as a hunter aren’t too shabby, His medical know how is remarkably vast even amongst his class; Howl shows great promise in the medical field. He currently lives alone and works as an intern for a small walk in client. ]]

[#a3a3c2 Though he is unaware of it, howl is possessed by a demon.]


Personality: (optional)
[right [#a3a3c2 [CLOW]]]
[right [pic]]
[size10 [#666699 Despite his calm and approachable demeanor, he harbors a dualistic nature.]]

[#f2f2f2 [size8 [u [b APPEARANCE]]_
[b Height: -] 5'6
[b Weight: -] 120Ib
[b Build: -] Slim, yet fit. Androgynous appearance
[b Eye Color: -] Violet | 20/20 vision | a rare genetic mutation called Alexandria's Genesis
[b Hair Color: -] Black/ blue-violet
[b Handedness: -] Ambidextrous
[b Skin Shade/Color: -] Pale complexion
[b Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: -] N/a
[b Description: –] Howl is petite framed, his violet eyes
  Cursethewhitecat / 1d 37m 35s
[pic][center [size25 [b RULES]]][center [sub [b PM Me] [#cc0000 If you have any questions or concerns ].]][size10
| [b Post limit] | - [#cc0000 You must post at the very least once every two weeks]. -
| [b Char-limit] | - [b 600] [#cc0000 minimum]. [#cc0000 Quality over quantity is encouraged but not expected of you as this is just for fun]. -
| [b Post Order] | - [#cc0000 Two other people must post before you do again].
| [b Puppets] | - [#cc0000 Will be a]. -
| [b Picture] | - [#cc0000 Anime or illustrated] - [#cc0000 No real pictures]... -
| [b Multi-Character] | [#cc0000 While it is allowed don't bite off more than you can chew]. -
| [b Experiment] | [#cc0000 This roleplay is to help me get back into the swig of things, so have a little fun twisting the coarse of events].
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[size10 1 | [b Post limit] |
2 | [b Char-limit] | - [b 600] minimum. Quality over quantity is encouraged but not expected of you as this is just for fun -
3 | [b Post Order] | - Three other people must post before you do again
Will be a tad different as instead of counting puppet-master will be waiting for every three individual characters before posting as another character again. -
4 | [b Picture] | - Anime or illustrated - No real pictures -
5 | [b Multi-Character] | While it is allowed don't bite off more than you can chew.
6 | [b Experament] | This roleplay is to help me get back into the swig of things, so have a little fun twisting the coarse of events
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[center [b LYCANS]]
  Cursethewhitecat / 10d 18h 17m 15s

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