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[center Hello and welcome to the Gemini Institute!]
[center [pic]]

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Teramoto and I run this institute for troubled twins. It has been my mission to help and rehabilitate both human and otherworldly twins that have found themselves on the misguided path. I, along with my staff, promise the best care we can provide along with comfortable living quarters, a suitable diet, and support from others just like you. Treatment will not always be easy or necessarily pleasant but it will give you the tools you need to make you a productive member of society. If you respect the rules and the authority of the staff, your time with us will be as pleasant as humanly possible. I'll allow you to imagine what will become of you if you decide to act unruly. I look forward to working with and treating you; for now I'll let you get acclimated to your new home.

[center Rules and Regulations]

+One set of twins to a room.
+Dr. Teramoto and all staff are npc; please don't be afraid to use them in your posts to make the institute feel more institute.
+You MUST be literate. This will be a heavier role play so grammar and post detail matter. Give your fellow rpers something to work with.
+No incest or staff/patient relations, please.
+A post once a week is ideal, especially if it's rather detailed.
+Speaking of posting, please wait for two responses before posting again.
+All ES rules apply
+Anime pictures only
+Rp will begin once three sets of twins have been established. You may still join after that point, I just don't want the thread to sit empty for too long.

If you feel like you can handle these rules and are still interested in this roleplay, please pm me your skelly and tell me your favorite color in the pm message subject box.

[center Character Skeleton]

[b Puppetmaster]
[b Twins' names]
[b Genders]
[b Age]
[b Reason for entering the institute]
[b Brief bio]
[b Races]
[b Anything else]
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[center Patients]
[b Puppet master:] SolemnYuki
[b Names:] Haku and Jounichi
[b Age:] 11
[b Genders:] both male
[b Reason for entering the institute:] To get better control of their abilities; (Haku) Arson, (Jounichi) Voluntary manslaughter
[b Brief bio:] Haku and Jounichi knew they were different from everyone around them since they time they could crawl, each boy harnessing a power that grew as they did. Haku gained the ability to start fires with very little thought behind it while Jounichi acquired the more sinister gift of darkness. They were able to keep it hidden from the world around them for quite some time until a horrific accident occurred, causing both boys to lose control of their powers and to jeopardize those around them. For fear of their safety and everyone around them, their mother sent them off to this institute in hopes they could help.
[b Races:] Both Demons
[b Anything else:] Haku is much more quiet than his brother and painfully shy. He hardly leaves Jounichi's side and barely speaks to others without his presence nearby. Jounichi is easily angered and isn't afraid to speak his mind no matter how often it gets him in trouble. He's very protective of Haku and has been known to lash out against those who tease him.
[b picture] [pic]

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[b Puppetmaster:] Fleshore
[b Twins' names:] Estella | Jalen
[bGenders:] Female | Male
[b Age:] Apparent 14
[b Reason for entering the institute:] Psychopathic Tendencies
[b Brief bio:] Estella and Jalen are unknown of their heritage. All they know is that they were never looked upon as human. They lived with a great friend of their parents' - who they don't know - for most of their childhood. They were never completely "sane". No one knows what triggered it, but as they grew older, they became evil and demented, torturing poor souls whoever caught their interest. It was fun to them. Entertainment. They couldn't stop. Eventually, they were caught and bound, sent to this institute they never heard of as the newer arrivals.
[b Races:] Hybrids {Vampiric Wolf}
[b Anything else:] [#ce0d41 - Estella] | [#178f5f - Jalen]
[b Picture:] [pic ]

[center +=+]
[b Puppetmaster:] SergeantHats
[b Twins' names:] Danny and Billy
[b Genders:] male
[b Age:] 16
[b Reason for entering the institute:] Delusions and paranoid tendencies.
[b Brief bio:] Danny and Billy grew up the way most boys did, playing army. Though as they got,older they seemed to change. No one knew why it happened but the boys began acting and truly believing they were soldiers in WWII. At first it was harmless. They just behaved like good soldiers. Until,the day the took three men hostage at rifle point thinking they were German soldiers. The judge ruled they be sent to the Gemini Institute since they hadn't hurt the men and so they could get help and treatment
[b Races:] human
[b Anything else:] Danny refers to himself as Sergeant Tanner and Billy refers to himself as Corporal tanner. They can get very aggressive if provoked especially by 'Unmilitary' behavior.

[center +=+]
[b Puppetmaster:] Catthhay
[b Twins' names:] Meeka and Michael Potions
[b Genders:] Meeka is Female, Michael is male.
[b Age:] 17
[b Reason for entering the institute:] Charged with several counts of mental harassment, illegal cursing and manipulation of others, running of an illegal magical crime syndicate, and a few counts of murder.
[b Brief bio:] Meeka and Michael were always geniuses several years ahead of their age. They learned complex spellwork long before their peers, and have always been inseparable. At age twelve they started to make random trips into the dark alleys and crime filled streets of their town, and almost instantly started winning respect from the criminals that lived there. Five years later they were found to be the surprisingly young leaders of a four year old crime syndicate that dealt in illegal magical goods smuggling, robbery, hired cursing, and a slew of other crimes. Many law enforcement officials who went undercover to bring down the syndicate before had disappeared, and others to try to get in the way of the syndicate had ended up dead. Since Meeka and Michael were the only ones captured, they were arrested and charged with all of their syndicate's crimes. Nobody knows if they are still in contact with their syndicate members or not.
[b Races:] Both are Witches.
[b Anything else:] Incredibly intelligent and extremely strong witches. Meeka looks like the more innocent one, but is actually the one that is more likely to commit physical violence while Michael prefers to break his victims mentally.
Picture: [pic]

[center +=+]

[b Puppetmaster:] Catthhay
[b Twins' names:] Inutsu and Soutsu
[b Genders:] Female
[b Age:] 12
[b Reason for entering the institute:] Since they feed on dark emotions, these two often go on rampages if they are over fed their respective emotions. If they are starving, then they also go on rampages. They haven't found a balance yet, so they need to come here to stop the deaths that follow their rampages.
[b Brief bio:] There are Fairies of every imaginable element, that includes emotions. Inutsu and Soutsu's birth, as Fairies have no control over their powers when they are born, quite literally killed their parents. Soutsu's powers made their mother sadistically murder their father for joy, while Inutsu's powers made their mother commit suicide when she realized what she had done. This tale caused nobody to want to adopt them, and even the orphanage abandoned them after countless tragedies occurred around them. They grew up without any control over their hunger and their rampages from both over feeding and starvation caused countless deaths; Soutsu would kill the victims, and Inutsu would hide the evidence. It was only by dumb luck that they were caught, captured, and sent to this institute.
[b Races:] Emotion Fairies
[b Anything else:] Inutsu feeds on dark sorrow, which means the sorrow that follows death or makes murderers commit crimes of passion and so on. Soutsu feeds on dark joy, which means the psychotic feelings that often power psychopathic killers and sadists; the joy that comes from giving others pain.
[b Picture:] [pic]

[center +=+]

[b Puppetmaster:] MisterMeisterMan
[b Twins' names:] Gwyn & Nhylla
[b Genders:] Both Female
[b Age:] 18
[b Reason for entering the institute:] Leaders of an All-Female Gang that caused lots of property and personnel damage numbering in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages - because they were still in highschool at the time, they were institutionalized rather than imprisoned once they were caught.
[b Brief bio:] Gwyn & Nhylla grew up in Wales, but moved to the US in their early teens where they formed the Morrighans - an All Female Gang inspired by Celtic mythology. The girls were quite intelligent and physically capable due to lots of practice and studying. Their parents, and anyone else who held hopes for them were always aghast at how the two could waste their natural talents on something so uncouth and distasteful as gang activities.

Gwyn was quoted saying that life was "boring" and needed "Entertainment", while Nhylla would say "we can only evolve through conflict. The two were caught by police and then institutionalized when a gang fight was busted by more than the ordinary beat cop or squad. Full blown SWAT crews came down on all parties involved and put an end to it all. While their crimes and activities were generally imprisonable, the girls were still in highschool, and there was still "Hope" that they might change their ways after sometime in a more fulfilling facility such as an institution specializing in dealing with "Problem Children".
[b Races:] Human
[b Anything else:] They're of the mind that they don't need "Special Powers" to be powerful. Physical speed and agility, strength, intelligence. These are their tools. While they are both quite adept physically and mentally, Gwyn is the more strategic and mentally skilled one, while Nhylla much prefers the close and personal approach.
[b picture:] [pic]

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (1000 character limit.)

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[center [size14 [Acme Estella eventually dropped the body to the floor, right at their feet. Jalen sighed and shook his head. Estella only shrugged, giving him an innocent look as always.

[#178f5f "At least sit him down at one of the tables,"] he said, picking up the body and rubbing the blood off his neck, sitting him down. He let the boy's head rest on the table at least.

Jalen turned back around to see a furious look on Estella's face. He wandered if one of the other twins made her angry, but she was looking across the room.. at another pair. Both redheads. He raised an eyebrow. He patted her head. [#178f5f "You'll get wrinkles."]

[#ce0d41 "They're talking about us. Fucking witches. They should've burned out centuries ago."] she fumed, eyes sparkling with anger. [#ce0d41 "And the way they talk makes me want to vomit."] Estella sneered.

Jalen only chuckled. [#178f5f "Hmm, WolfBat sounds like a character out of a cartoon."] He laughed to himself. The name sounded funny to him. They've been called worse. It didn't really bother him. His sister was just more sensitive when it came to people talking about them. [#178f5f "At least we're not the only inhumane beings here. Chaos may ensure without us even doing anything."] What was that doctor thinking, really? He still wanted to bust them out of here. It'll happen sooner or later. It takes more than cold gazes to even instill fear in them.

[i Protectors, huh?] He smirked. This made him want to stir up some drama.~ They were bored, but it'd be bad to cause so much trouble in one day. Not that he cared.

Estella already didn't like them, with their "wanna save and help everybody" ways. She scoffed.
  ☾ .o. ☽ / Fleshore / 2y 308d 23h 31m 33s
[h3 +]

Haku's grip tightened on Meeka's hand as he heard the shrieks and screams; he slowly pressed closer to her, pulling Jounichi with him in the process. When conflict or danger arose, he preferred to stay on the sidelines and make himself as invisible as he possibly could. If they couldn't see him then he couldn't get into any trouble. Jounichi was typically the complete opposite, normally when a situation grew tense or violent, his twin was the [i cause] of the trouble and wasn't afraid to fight his way out of any situation. Both twins did have means at their disposal to defend themselves but their abilities required complete control and an even temper, something neither one of the boys had. It was what had landed them in this place.

[+purple "We both appreciate it,"] Jounichi said in thanks of their offer of protection. Their confidence easily told of their abilities and just how much constrain they had over them. He had imagined they weren't human as their eyes gave that away, but didn't want to make outward guesses until he had more facts. Luckily, that wasn't necessary at this point. [+purple "When we first met with the doctor, he said that Haku was a term called 'pyrokinetic.' When he concentrates real hard, he can start fires almost anywhere, ranging greatly in sizes. When he's scared or angry, he loses control and starts accidental fires. For me, though....I'm a bit harder to explain."]

Haku's head lifted a bit as a soft, chime-like sound floated through the room over the PA system, sounding much like the school bells they were so familiar with back home. As soon as it faded, nurses and orderlies moved through the room and opened the sets of doors at both ends of the crowded expanse. He remembered this routine from the day before, patients could choose to spend some time outside in the large, fenced-in area, stay in the common room, or take the opposite set of doors that led to the access of the bedrooms on the higher floors. The access to the rest of the institute was secure, ensuring patients stayed in these three areas. He watched people begin to file out of the room before lifting his gaze towards Meeka.

[+goldenrod "I thought witches were old, ugly, and mean,"] he said quietly, keeping a loose grip on her hand. This statement caused a soft chuckle to erupt from Jounichi, Haku giving her a small smile afterwards. [+goldenrod "You're too pretty for that."]
  Haku and Jounichi / SolemnYuki / 2y 313d 59m 47s
[+maroon [i These guys are too easily manipulated,]] Michael thought, amused when the War twins easily went along with his conjured up story. He glanced at Jounichi when he spoke, offering the boy another small smirk. [+maroon "Maybe we [i will] adopt you two once we get out of here, then,"] he said, knowing that the legal methods of adoption would never allow two criminal geniuses to adopt kids but also knowing that they didn't [i have] to go through legal means to adopt them.

Michael straightened up then, muscles tensed as he heard screaming and saw a female hunting down some of the twins that were more in the center of the room before she managed to catch one. Michael discreetly moved a bit closer to Jounichi and Haku, and Meeka had also come alert and squeezed Haku's hand as her eyes sharpened and observed what was going on. The red headed twins ignored the War twins, who had moved off, focused on the potential danger. Meeka's gaze, which had been friendly every time it had been directed at the young boys, was cold and calculating.

[+red "Hybrids,"] she muttered so only Haku, Jounichi, and Michael would hear her. [+red "Only hybrids get so uncontrollable, though I suppose a normal vampire could get that bad if they were cursed or went through trauma. Her behavior is definitely wolf-like too, though. I bet her and her brother are WolfBats,"] she informed them all softly. WolfBats was the term used in the criminal underground to refer to vampire-werewolf hybrids, which were incredibly rare because... well, those two twins had made a pretty good demonstration of that just a minute ago. WolfBats were uncontrollable and wild. Plus, vampires and werewolves hardly got along to begin with. Michael hummed darkly in agreement with his sister's assessment.

[+maroon "Its worse than I thought then. Definitely not safe to go anywhere near those two,"] she looked down at Jounichi and Haku. [+maroon "Meeka and I are witches, so we have magic on our side to help defend ourselves if we're attacked,"] he told the boys now that the War twins weren't close enough to hear. Again, that wasn't a bit of info he would tell just anybody-- but Haku and Jounichi clearly weren't human either is it was okay. Humans didn't have purple or amber eyes, after all. Of course humans didn't have red or pink eyes either, so he was pretty sure that Jounichi and Haku had already guessed that Meeka and Michael weren't human either.

[+red "Ah, but don't worry,"] Meeks said as she turned back to them, gaze softening again. [+red "You don't have to tell us anything you don't want to. We just want you to know we can protect you if we have to."]
  Meeka and Michael / catthhay / 2y 316d 6h 51s
Danny and Billy looked at the red haired boy as he hinted at him and his sister being spies and they nodded. "Say no more. Itd be a security breach." Danny said as he looked around the room still. As they sat and chatted among themselves Danny and Billy looked around hearing screams but not knowing where it came from. "What the hell was that?" Danny said standing as did Billy. They looked around no longer hearing the screams but had their 'weapons' at the ready just in case. "I don't like this place Sarge. We need to try and get out of here as soon as possible." Billy said as Danny nodded and looked at the others theyd been talking to. "Excuse us sir but were gonna try and secure an exit from this place. I feel we might not be safe here." Danny said standing there and waiting for a response while Billy went and looked for the source of the screaming. As he did he saw two sets of twins talking and one with blood on her face. HE just watched them as they kept chatting. He didn't want to expose himself just yet and also wanted to see if they were spies.
  SergeantHats / 2y 318d 1h 30m 0s
Soutsu had returned to her sister's side not that long before Estella had come back, too. Unlike Estella, Soutsu hadn't hurt anybody. She had only scared people out of their wits, but hadn't eaten enough of the older twins' dark joy to go berserk yet. She had arrived early enough to hear Jalen's answer, which made her bob up and down in joy. Acquaintances! They had never had acquaintances before! They hadn't had friends before, either, but that didn't matter. Inutsu also smiled gratefully, being the one that actually responded to the older male twin.

[+navy "Thank you, that is more than enough!"] the darker twin thanked. When Estella came back, they looked up and listened as she spoke. The two girls nodded, but didn't look that upset.

[+deeppink "I wouldn't worry though,"] Soutsu told them, rocking on her heels. [+deeppink "They'll probably blame me and Inutsu,"] she didn't seem all that worried about that fact. [+deeppink "Because of what we are, they'll think that we used our powers to get you two excited. Even if we tell them that we haven't eaten enough to do something like that right now, they won't believe us."] the pink haired girl shrugged. Her darker haired twin nodded.

[+navy "If the punishment is too bad, we can always just make the staff kill each other. It'll make us very tired though."]
  Inutsu and Soutsu / catthhay / 2y 319d 34m 28s
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[center [size14 [Acme [#ce0d41 "Haah..~ I could do this all day.~ !] Estella chimed with glee.

The thrill of chasing prey really got her blood pumping and kicked in her primal instincts. Since they were hybrids, they were more out of control than one being a vampire and the other a wolf. Combined created a beast.

Estella's claws grabbed the thin little necks of the two boys, that were close to their age. Her eyes were pure white this time. Feed. She needed blood.. or these two's flesh. Either one would work. One already passed out, while the other struggled.

[#ce0d41 "You can only blame the staff here,"] she murmured and licked one of their arms. Since she had no more energy due to the lack of feeding, she let the one that struggled go and walked back to Jalen with a smile. Blood dripped down her chin. Some of her skin color came back, but she was still pale, but it had a better glow to it.

Jalen leaned against the wall near the same corner, drinking from a blood pack they were given earlier. Yeah, they could've fed from them, but drinking from the source is always better. He looked towards the girl who asked to be their friend.

He laughed. It was funny. [#178f5f "We can be acquaintances."]

Estella arrived back at Jalen's side, food in arms. Jalen petted her head. [#ce0d41 "You both seem to be having a lovely conversation. Think we'll get in trouble?"] she asked this to all three of them.

Jalen rubbed his chin. [#178f5f "Probably."]
  ☾ .o. ☽ / Fleshore / 2y 319d 12h 9m 19s
[h3 +]
Jounichi couldn't help but crack a smile at the redhead as he spoke, his authoritative nature more clear to him than ever. If he had little trouble being in charge on the outside then it may be just as easy for him to do in this place...but then again, that depended on what he wanted to be in charge of. There were beings here that probably wouldn't take an alpha male like Michael too well and wouldn't hesitate to try to take him down. Luckily, he had stated that he and his twin would try to lay as low as possible in the institute which would hopefully keep a target off of their backs. Jounichi quite hoped so, he liked these twins.

He couldn't help but wonder just what the full story on Meeka and Michael were as they seemed pretty strong and powerful despite their thin frames. They had to be dangerous to be trapped in this place as they seemed relatively sane. Jounichi was about to ask a question about this subject but thought better of it as the war twins returned and the agitated look appeared again on the red-head's face. It quickly disappeared once they offered an apology to Michael and a bar of chocolate to Jounichi, the boy slowly taking it and murmuring a soft phrase of thanks. It was at this point that Michael jumped into the conversation again, weaving a story together that the twins would believe while amethyst eyes observed them. If they went with the thoughts that Michael was trying to plant into their minds, they would appear as American spies. He was hoping the war twins wouldn't go down that path for himself and Haku, as it appeared that the twins believed they were fighting for the allies. Being of Japanese decent, the boys may get hostile if they came to the conclusion that the twins were spies of Japan.

If that happened, he hoped Michael could string up another story because at the moment, he had nothing.

A bright and warm blush colored Haku's cheeks as Meeka fawned over him, leaning into his brother again. It wasn't out of fear that he did this as it would have been in most circumstances, but out of comfortableness. He liked this girl despite the feeling she could get loud at times and he felt something from her that he only ever felt from Jounichi: a feeling of safety. He knew that his brother would always protect him and remain at his side, as he had proven in many situations past, and had the same feeling from Meeka. Her sweet face also made him feel secure...why he couldn't explain. He just liked her.

After another minute or two of silence on Haku's part, his arm slowly fell from Jounichi's waist while his other hand reached out towards Meeka again. While the hand that had been gripping Jounichi's shirt a moment ago fell to his side, he used it to lightly hold onto his brother's hand while the one that had been reaching out to the bright-eyed girl slowly took one of hers as well. The small smile that had touched his lips had grown a bit, bright amber eyes shyly looking up at her.

[+purple "He likes you,"] Jounichi told her softly. [+purple "It's strange, he usually doesn't take to anyone this fast."] He paused a moment before looking back at Michael, deciding to answer his final comment. [+purple "I doubt you two could do a worse job than our parents did, so you have that going for you."]
  Haku and Jounichi / SolemnYuki / 2y 321d 49m 18s
Michael didn't miss how the boy dressed in darker colors was protective of his brother, and despite the fact that they were still only kids Michael couldn't help but approve and it made him like Jounichi even more. Of course, it was impossible to have been able to tell by looking at his face, Michael tended to hide his emotions and right then was no different. He nodded at Jounichi's thanks, but paused at the next question. Normally he wouldn't even consider telling anyone-- let alone a child-- the truth, but this boy was clearly not normal or else he wouldn't have been at the institute with Michael and Meeka in the first place. He crossed his arms, then shot Jounichi a small smirk.

[+maroon "We were in [i charge] of the dangerous people,"] he said back softly. [+maroon "We lay low though. Meeka and I aren't the type of bad guys to be in the spotlight. We don't hurt anyone unless it's necessary either, but..."] his pink eyes darted away. [+maroon "Some people insist on making it necessary sometimes. We'll try not to cause much trouble here though, not until we can get out anyway."]

Then the War twins came back, making Michael's eyebrow twitch once again at the memory of their hasty disrespect. It quickly faded when they apologized though, and Michael once again found himself easily stringing lies for them. His eyes were briefly drawn to the fake guns, though, admiring how accurate they were. [+maroon "Ah. My sister and I don't have any [i official] ranks,"] he said smoothly, his tone obviously hinting towards the two of them being American spies. It was the most fitting lie to tell, as it wasn't too far from what they actually did. [+maroon "We were discovered. Sent here once we managed to get back, because..."] he trailed off to let the boy's imaginations fill in the rest. Hopefully they would continue to ignore the kids, Michael didn't know if they could come up with split second lies like he could.

Meeka only half listened to Michael, too busy enjoying the comfortable silence between her and Haku. If the boy didn't want to speak, she wouldn't make him. He wasn't an enemy, after all, no need to be a brute. She blinked, refocusing on the shy boy as she caught him looking at her and offered another kind smile. She watched, staying absolutely still as he reached out and gently touched her skirt. Hearing and seeing his absolutely innocent giggle, Meeka nearly died of adorable overload. She had no idea what such a boy could do to end up in an institute like this. She couldn't blame his brother either, seeing as even if it was Jounichi's fault it would probably have been in self defense... or in Haku-defense.

[+red "...Haku, you are so cute I might just pass out,"] she said honestly, her pink eyes wide and sparkling with joy. She turned her head to her brother. [+red "Michael, we are adopting them."]

[+maroon "... First off, we are minors. Second off, we're in a p-- [i hospital], and third off, those boys deserve better family than us and you know it."]
  Meeka and Michael / catthhay / 2y 322d 5h 47m 2s
Danny and Billy walked around the halls only to be stopped by a group of orderlies who acted like officers to get the boys to listen. They were given nonfiring and safe replicas of WWII weapons, Danny a Thompson Submachinegun and Billy a BAR, and told to go back to the main room to wait for further 'orders'. "Sir yes sir!" Both boys told the head orderly and marched back in to the main room. They saw the group they were talking to was still by the table so they went back over and Danny looked at the tall boy from before. "My apologies for leaving so rudely but we had to try and get conformation on our situation. You were right and we apologize for not believeing this was a hospital. Doc said me and Corporal Tanner where both wounded by artillery fire at Omaha and were sent here to recover mentally." Danny said looking at the boy. "I'm hoping we can try and get along from here. I forgot to ask your name and rank earlier." He said as they both sat down. Billy took a chocolate bar from his pocket and began eating it before offering a second one to the young boy the red haired boy had been tlking to. "Here ya go pal. Hope we can be friends." He said smiling at him happily.
  SergeantHats / 2y 322d 7h 39m 36s
[h3 +]
Jounichi allowed his gaze to flicker to the war twins when he caught movement out of the corner of his eye, watching them leave while leaving a perturbed-looking red-head behind them. Whatever had gone on between the three of them clearly didn't sit well with the taller male but he didn't seem to pursue it any further. It was easy for the boy to see that Michael was used to being in charge as he carried himself in such a way that respect and compliance were almost mandatory. Luckily, as Meeka had stated, he and his twin had a soft spot for (most) children so that authoritative nature might not be used too often on Jounichi and Haku.

He was grateful for that as he didn't wish to make enemies so quickly.

The black-clad twin nodded his head in understanding at Meeka's warning of the small, twin girls, letting his eyes flicker back to her for a moment before looking back at Michael. He and Haku weren't in any way above defending themselves if need be, but it was best not to do so this early. Jounichi was in enough trouble as it was and he didn't want to drag Haku down with him. That was partly why they were here in the first place.

[+purple "Thank you,"] he answered Michael softly, keeping his voice in a somewhat gentle range in order not to disturb Haku and Meeka. [+purple "I certainly won't forget that. Is...that the reason you were sent here?"]

Haku remained against Jounichi's side, an arm wrapped fully around his twin's back while the other hand gripped the fabric of his black shirt. He didn't turn his head back into his brother's side once Meeka addressed him, something Jounichi was rather surprised at. Normally, at any kind of attention from a stranger, he was quick to hide himself away in the hopes they would forget about him...much like an ostrich hiding its head in the sand. With Meeka, however, he kept his bright amber gaze on her. He liked her. She seemed rather kind and knew how to handle his shy and quiet personality already. Haku smiled a bit at her but kept close to his brother, then let his gaze flicker from her face up to the soft locks that tumbled down to her shoulders. It was the same pretty red as her skirt, Haku not only attracted to the vividness of the color but to the soft texture as well.

The boy remained quiet and still for a minute before slowly allowing his fingers to untangle themselves from his brother's dark shirt. Keeping his arm wrapped tightly around Jounichi's waist, he moved the now free hand out slowly and lightly brushed the bottom of Meeka's fluffy skirt. A soft giggle sounded at the feel of the fabric, letting his hand drop to his side after the single touch and looking up at the red-head once again. Hopefully they could all continue to get along.
  Haku and Jounichi / SolemnYuki / 2y 322d 7h 58m 2s
Soutsu and Inutsu were unphased by the female twin, whose hostility they could feel in the air. After all, their remark had been aimed towards both of them, not just her brother. Soutsu clapped when the female ran off to chase others, her eyes lighting up at all the dark joy she could feel in the air. Inutsu was more tame, but also smiled darkly at the sight.

Soutsu broke into an excited giggle, having accidentally ate a bit of the dark joy that was floating in the air. She hadn't been hungry, so even that little nibble of extra emotion made her giddy enough to run out and join the [i fun]. She made sure not to get in the older girl's way, since she knew that the older girl was a predator, but Soutsu's running helped to box in the older girl's prey without making it too easy. Inutsu looked up at the male twin, giving him a surprisingly innocent looking smile.

[+navy "Thank you! It has been a while since Soutsu has been so happy."] the dark haired twin said to him. [+navy "We've never met anybody who likes to have fun the same way we do. The people here don't understand, and since my sister and I don't need to eat normal food they want to lock us up all day. Would you two be our friends?"]
  Inutsu and Soutsu / catthhay / 2y 323d 1h 23m 43s
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[center [size14 [Acme The two siblings stuck close to each other, just barely holding themselves together.

[#ce0d41 "Ja.. I'm hungry.."] Estella whispered, clutching at his sleeve.

[#178f5f "There's food all around us. Pick which one you want.~"] Jalen smiled sweetly at her. They eventually weren't watched over anymore, due to some trouble that was caused elsewhere. This gave them freedom to choose their meal. Why bring them here, if only to put them together with food? So many choices. It was like a feast. Although, some didn't look appetizing.

Jalen waited in the corner, letting his sister walk around. He saw two girls walk over to him. He raised an eyebrow at them, but smiled nonetheless. He listened to them speak and introduce themselves, about to introduce himself, but one their requests took him by surprise for a minute. Ah, they tempted him.

[#178f5f "We can provide the entertainment, if that's what you mean,"] he said.

Estella looked back to him, eyes narrowing at the two girls that dare to approach her brother. She suppressed a growl. Jalen stared back at her with intense eyes, sending his thoughts to her. Estella froze, then her once kind expression became twisted. Time for cat and mouse. They were bored anyway. Might as well introduce themselves this way.

Within seconds after, panicked screams filled the once dull silence as a young teen girl chased after a couple of twins, not just two. She giggled, gracefully leaping across the room without trying to make a mess, but no way that was happening.

Jalen watched his sister from afar, then looked back down at the two girls. They seemed to have their own obvious reasons for being bought here, probably forced here like they were. [#178f5f "Not as good as seeing burning bodies, but.. we need things to make a fire happen."] [i Or some sharp objects..] Their nails and fangs alone can do some damage, but something sharp to use is always better.
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Michael sighed as the war-dressed twins began talking again, talking without allowing him time to respond. One of his eyebrows twitched; nobody had disrespected him like this in quite some time, and he didn't want to do anything in front of the younger boys. Nobody here was innocent, sure, but he still didn't want to expose the boys to any more violence than absolutely necessary. He might be a cold hearted bastard, but he had a soft spot for kids.

[+maroon "Hmph. Yes, because fellow prisoners are [i so] much more likely to be dressed like I am than a fellow patient is,"] he mumbled in annoyance. Clearly those two were beyond any reason, and if they thought they had been in actual battle then they were likely to get violent fairly easily as well. [+maroon "Best to stay away from them, I think,"] he said as he turned back to his sister and the two young boys.

As Michael had been dealing with the war twins, Meeka had been paying attention only to the younger boys. She chuckled kindly at what Jounichi said. [+red "Please don't worry about it. You two have your reasons for being here, just like everyone else, but my brother and I can't help but have a weakness for kids. Well,"] she shot a careful glance at the twin girls she had spotted across the room. [+red "Maybe not [i all kids.] Those two over there might be better to avoid, but you two seem alright,"] her pink gaze settled on the shy Haku, who she had caught glancing at her a few moments earlier. She chuckled kindly again, softening her gaze for him. [+red "You remind me of me when I was younger, Haku. I was really hyper, I still am actually, but I would always hide behind Michael like that too,"] she didn't make any move to ruffle their hair or touch them at all, since she had no idea why they were sent to the institute. Besides, with amber and purple eyes, these boys couldn't be human.

[+maroon "Remember, you two can ask us for help whenever you need it,"] Michael suddenly spoke up, having listened to the end of Meeka's conversation with the boys. [+maroon "Meeka and I are used to being around dangerous people so we'll be fine."]
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As Danny and Billy looked at the tall boy in a suit they both looked at each other and seemed a bit off put. "No CO?" Billy asked seeming outraged but calmed. "Settle down corporal. I'm sure there is someone in command here." Danny said and looked back to the well dressed boy. "Yes we have. Weve been in this war since Cicily and were gonna be in it till Berlin." He said very sure of himself. He seemed very distrusting of these two new people who entered. "Any how I'm sergeant Dan Tanner and this is me second in command Corporal Bill Tanner." He said introducing themselves to the boy and the girl who had began talking to the other two. "You said this is a hospital for wounded but your dressed way to fancy to be in combat so who are you really?" He asked looking at him as he stood there. Billy just looked around the room and noticed everyone else was also out of uniform. "Sarge I think we might have been taken prisoner." He whispered and Danny nodded and began looking around the room calmly. He was trying to find an exit or any kind of weapons they could use to try and escape form this procieved POW camp. "Corporal form up. Were going to go and find ourselves who ever is in charge of this place be they allied or Axis. At least then we will have our bearings." Danny said as he and Billy began walking towards the door leading out of the room.
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[h3 +]
Jounichi remained standing beside the table as amethyst eyes flickered around the room, watching as more people stepped in and looked around. Some were carbon copies of the other, like looking into a strange mirror, while some twins only seemed to resemble their counterpart. The two demons certainly fell into the former category, the only visible difference between them were the color of their eyes. Haku's were the color of rich amber or liquid gold and didn't cease to shine when the light hit them just right. Jounichi's resembled a bright amethyst, the purple color seeming to have life of its own...especially in the dark.

The scan of the room by the braver twin made him think of days before, when he spent time with his normal friends in his normal home, doing normal things. How he wished he could have been like that! It must have been so wonderful to be normal! Did any of the others here think that way? Did they ever want to be normal or did they revel in the knowledge that they were so different from the world? Many of them were almost adults now, it seemed, so perhaps they had come to terms with what they were and what they could do. Haku and Jounichi still had some growing up to do.

Haku pressed closer to Jounichi's side as a set of male twins approached them, dressed strangely even for this place. Their mannerisms and words told a story of a world long ago, their clothes reflecting this delusion, and believed themselves to be in a combat-ridden world. Jounichi was about to speak when a flash of red caught his eye, causing him to instantly shut his mouth. The male was dressed handsomely in a suit that complimented his body type and hugged him in all the right places while his sister wore a dress that complimented and resembled greatly the suit of her brother. They seemed rather outgoing, especially with the way Michael leaped into the conversation and saved the brash twin from saying something he would certainly regret. Still, just because they seemed amiable and social didn't mean they actually were. Looks were deceiving in this place.

[+purple "I'm Jounichi and this is Haku,"] he answered Meeka after watching her approach and keel down to their height. They were unusually short for their age, that and their baby faces gave them the appearance of being a bit younger than they actually were. This also caused them to be overlooked at times, something that was both a blessing and a curse. He gave her a small smile all the while holding his brother close to him gently.

[+purple "Thank you for helping, I don't think most others would,"] he told her softly. [+purple "This isn't that kind of place."]

While Jounichi continued to speak, Haku pulled his face away from his brother's dark shirt and allowed his gaze to flicker over to Meeka. Such a pretty shade of red! He wanted to reach out and touch the ruffled skirt, to feel the soft-looking fabric in his hand, but thought better of it and remained pressed in Jounichi's side. He didn't want her upset with him.
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