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The Whammy house is an organization that is made and dedicated to the farther education of those at genuis leval of intellegence. Started, funded, and over run by the infamous L this place is highly respected for those who are smart enough to get in. ONe of which is Nakina Sunomia has recently been accepted, and though she is increadibly intellegent. her painfully anti social tendancies, and timid nature have her floundering at the bottom of her class. Though they do not bother to get rid of her, they do not pride themselves on haveing such a low ranking student. One day whilst lost in the library, Nakina comes across the famous L. What happens?

Literate is good...
Romance rp between L and my original char.

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" WHy yes you may miss Naki. I shall hand it to you once we reach headquarters. All of the neccessary information and materials is there inside of a folder specifically for you. Please try and be patient. "
  L. Lawliet / Inferno001 / 10y 59d 16h 35m 7s
Naki looked over at him and tilted her head to the side and looked at him intently "May i get a case file?" she asked politely. "information would be good." she said with a grin.
  Nakina Sunomia / torinchan / 10y 62d 21h 37m 6s
He gave a very small chuckle and began to think as they walked. " Well, there is a very unsual case in Germany. I would like you to try and solve it on your own. "
  L. Lawliet / Inferno001 / 10y 63d 1h 36m 23s
Naki looked at him for a moment and forced a smile though at the moment she was in a foul mood. "Of course not. I simply dont enjoy being spoken to as if i'm a child. Yes it is understood. the clarifications seemed rude. My mistake" she said calmly and bowed her head wondering what she would have to be doing. "Whats this your having me do anyway?"
  Nakina Sunomia / Torinchan / 10y 64d 10h 42m 40s
" Now why would I be condisending? I only speak the truth as to what I observe miss Naki. Perhaps you should learn to not try and read people based on how they act. "
  L. Lawliet / Inferno001 / 10y 65d 5h 29m 7s
Nakina kept her head down. "No need to be condisending, i can hear you. I dont worry about anything. Sorry to break it to you" she said calmly and looked over at him with a small glare she wasnt pleased with this guy's attitude.
  Nakina Sunomia / torinchan / 10y 67d 3h 46m 48s
" No...he'll be fine on his own. All that you should be worried about is the tests that will be given to you. Is that to be understood miss Naki. "
  L. Lawliet / Inferno001 / 10y 67d 4h 46m 25s
Naki narrowed her eyes and looked at the floor carefully hideing her face behind her long black bangs mentally gratefull to have them to cover her glare. "No sir" she said calmly and wondered momentarily if she should help Watari with her things "Uh...does he need any help? i can carry stuff..." she said looking back at Watari as he left.

<yay thanks so much i've been itching to get to this rp for a while. If when your ead it though you dont like it you dont have to continue just tell me ^^ here
http://www.eliteskills.com/nrp/r.php?r=2071 thats the link>
  Nakina Sunomia / Torinchan / 10y 68d 20h 43m 22s
He continued to walk as Watari left his side and headed back towards Whammy House to grab Naki's belongings. " So, do you have any other complaints about what shall be going on Miss Naki? "

< Sure. Why not, it seems like it might be fun. Send me the link. >
  L. Lawliet / Inferno001 / 10y 68d 21h 58m 55s
Naki let out a held breath and relaxed slightly she closed her eyes and calmed herself completely. Following the black haired man she kept her head down and remained quiet she didnt understand what was happening, but then she rarely understood people at all.

<Hey, i noticed you are RPing death the kidd in one fanfiction i was wondering if you would want to join another rp as Death the Kidd?>
  Nakina Sunomia / Torinchan / 10y 68d 23h 5m 25s
He stopped and turned his head to Naki. He swallowed the candy in his mouth and looked forward. " Scratch that last order Watari. I would like for you to get her bags and take them to the car instead. We shall take her with us. "

" Understood L. "
  L. Lawliet / Inferno001 / 10y 68d 23h 11m 41s
Naki frowned and let out a frustrated shout. Stompig her foot like a child she glared at the back of his head. "OKAY! damnit! fine i'll do you fucking test!" she shouted angrily folding her arms she felt like a kid throwing a hissy fit but she couldnt help but feel infiroir around the great L. It was frustrating she hated feeling like a child, Anyone who knew about her childhood would understand why.
  Nakina Sunomia / torinchan / 10y 70d 12h 10m 53s
" Well, if that is he case then suit yourself. Oh...Watari,if you would please help miss Naki get escorted from the school please. I do not see the sense in trying to train someone who does not wish to use the brains that she has. "

" understood L. "

He began to walk away as he pulled out some small candies from his pocket and popped some into his mouth.
  L. Lawliet / Inferno001 / 10y 70d 21h 15m 51s
Maki growled and slapped his hand away. "I dont need to *Improve" she sneered at him "I'm fine as i am and i'm a hell of alot better than those idiot teachers your emplying. but who cares about the weird thinkrs right?" she snapped and shook her head "I'm out of here, i dont want to be fixed not even by you L"
  Nakina Sunomia / torinchan / 10y 72d 22h 37m 37s
He ate some chocolate and turned towards her as he then placed a hand on top of her head. " I always believed that there is potential in even the lowest of the class. All that needs to be done is to shape your mind some so you can improve. "
  L. Lawliet / Inferno001 / 10y 73d 6h 30m 36s

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