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[center [size9 [font "batang che" [i .. Something that was begun by a dream and further prompted by the ASMR video that was on when I woke, and following thoughts of a two-piece drabble consisting of "one hundred words each" that was intended to only take twenty minutes to write a rough outline to save the idea to flesh out later, while I waited for medication to calm my swelling so I could go back to sleep. I failed on several counts and this is unfinished, OOC, and rough.. but for an hour and a half distraction, in the form of my OTP, from anxiety and discomfort this was fun and highly welcomed. Sometimes writing isn't about quality and making it pretty, it's about enjoying, expressing, and relaxing. I'll clean these up and post them to Tumblr another time. ]]]]

[center [size9 the idea of counting down from one hundred to one as a method for faling to sleep appears to be a simple task - yet this night it proved difficult for each number had been accompanied by a resolution to one of his lord's problems--- had been a carefully-thoguht plan for future battles. it seemed one portion of his mind had then decided to begin from one and count upward, prompted by the concerns of his lord mentioned to him in the ga manor gardens of the manor that they had strolled through together earlier that day and his proposed solutions. another fragment of his mind would wonder if the pace of his counting had been appropriate, and another would begin a third countdown simultaneiously simultaneously for issue that his lord had not begun t even think of - easing his tensions before they could even become a burden to liu bei. he would think of how his lord would react to these, a gentle smile or a nod in praise - or a protest at a dishonourable solutio- a protest at a solution he s he seemed he believed to be dishonourable. There seemed no end to this night and he considered slipping out from his cot and spending the final hours of the morning situated at situated behind a mountain of scrolls. What he had not considered and planned for had been the sound of shifting doors to miss his ear, not alerting him of the presence of a nother until weight shifted upon his cot . he would loathe to open his eye, a to confirm his suspicions, though his mind had already figured out discovered the identity of the individual - it had not been lord liu bei come to seek council at this hour for he would swiftly excise himself with apologies and refuse to enter without invitation. It had not been nay of the generals for they would send messenger, or kneel at the door and await his comands - he had not been visited by jiang wei in some time for the terrors that often haunted him as he slepthis suspicions had been confirmed when strong arms crashed around his form, pulling his aging body against a broad chest - belonging nto none otherthan Ma Dai Bare hands would find their way up his back,stettling over his head and in a way that seemed to cradle his very mind and ease his thoughts with such simple motions. How another could be permitted so much power over himself, he had not nown all methods of counting concerns seemed to melt, for he could no longer recall which number he began with nor which he had been on - but a soft whisper of "one," would leave his lips as he then fell to slumber.]]
[center [size9 He hadn't any plan for what he intended to do that evening once he had successfully exhausted the Guan children in an intensive training session, something Zhao Yun had often been the one selected to do- .. yet he had offered to relieve his sworn brother who seemed to be heavily concerned with being a constant presence at Liu Bei's side to assist in easing their Lord's burden. He had thought to continue to the castle to seek Jiang Wei, to ensure recent stresses hadn't been enough to crush him - Ma Dai had enough reason to be concerned if Zhao Yun had shown signs of discomfort, and even the great mind of Zhuge Liang had seemed to be bothered. He hadn't seen the latter in several days, and their previous meeting consisted of a subtle brush of fingers as they passed in a corridor - a silent greeting and concealed affection. He looked exhausted, then. However, as he neared the castle, he'd happened upon an overworked guard posted at the entry that sought more hours to feed his family.. and couldn't remain awake a moment later. Lord Liu Bei often encouraged the ideal of looking out for the people, and Ma Dai had been pleased to be the one to discover and relieve him. He protested, heavily, but was sent on his way with assurance of pay and the suggestion of resting on a nice pillow instead of hard wall. In some way, he hoped the man's family would be happy to see him home early that evening.. and their smiles would be passed to another. Anything he could do to raise morale, he would give his all for it. He remained at post for several hours, well into the early morning before he had been relieved - and at that time, it seemed too late to wander the city to his cousin's manor where he lodged. By the time he had found rest himself, it would be time to resume his duties later that morning - and he'd therefore head into the castle. He looked in on the room where he often found Jiang Wei, yet found it empty; it seemed he managed to rest at a decent hour and therefore wouldn't need to be worried about. He saw a dutiful Zhao Yun from across the courtyard, positioned alone outside of their Lord's room - each nodding to one another in greeting. With raised hand he offered to relieve his brother, yet was dismissed -- urged, even, to continue on toward the adjacent rooms. He bowed across the way, knowing the conveyed message and found himself at the private rooms of Zhuge Liang. An honoured position to the side of their Lord's chambers, where he placed the Prime Minister to recognize him as his teacher. He dismissed the guardsmen and servants, and entered the rooms - finding he could feel the tension within the room tht had been so unlike the demanor of the Master in daylight. It seemed the evening showed the true colours of everyone. Swiftly he would shift himself free of his armor, knowing his presence would not go unnoticed.. yet surprised he hadn't seen alert from his lover. Ma Dai would scan his figure as he approached the cot, finding tension coiled within his shoulders and unsteady, shallow breaths; perhaps these would not be noticable by any other, but for some time they had been on intimate terms and these things did not escape his eye. He slipped into the bed alongside the other and wrapped him in embrace, finding he needed to have his beloved closer to him - and in a moment of selfishness he would pull him close without delay. Pleased to find one of these rare moments that he might hold him properly, hands massaging up his back in tired attempts to ease the tension - and affectionately resting within dark locks that were often tied up, out of his reach. How he loved to course his fingers through them, against his scalp, to cradle him and pepper lazy kisses at the top of his head. Happily, he would show such affection. Finding that, as he caressed Zhuge Liang, he hadn't been at his best, himself; recent stresses and lost battles had resulted in a dangerous drop in morale. Supplies were limited. Men were lost. The ever-looming threat of Cao Cao to the north and never knowing if the ones they hesitantly deemed allies would betray them at any moment; their spies did not go unnoticed in the city. It seemed Ma Dai had tired himself out, in easing the burden of others.. something the very man he currently held, warned him against. A sheepish grin would settle to his lips as he gave one last firm, loving squeeze, before nearly settling into rest himself.. having seemed to unwind completely in just the few moments he had been granted with Zhuge Liang. Yet, he had not missed the utterance of "One," escaping from those pale lips - prompting his own eyes to open for a moment. Glancing down toward the one cradled within his chest, as his sheepish smile would turn warm and genuine. "Yes. My one and only," he would confess with a final kiss to his lover's forehead, before joining him in sleep.]]
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[center [font "batang che" A leather-bound hand would raise to the fabric of the tent, raising the flap into an open position; the starlight filtering in through, partially illuminating the war table within. Ma Dai would turn his head to the guardsmen stationed there, now resting upon spears as they so clearly fought slumber. He had estimated they remained several hours past what they intended, well into the evening - when the tent should have been empty, allowing them to rest. A pang of guilt struck his heart, as he reached with a free hand to clasp the shoulder of the nearest guard. "Don't worry of our Chancellor. I'll take care of him. Consider yourselves relieved," he would chuckle as they thanked him profusely before wobbling off. With a little smile he would watch after them, ensuring they retreated without being bothered for another task.]]
[center [font "batang che" Only then, would he slip into the entrance of the war tent. Toeing his boots against the flooring a moment as he released the tentflap, obscuring himself from sight as well as darkening the room.He would glance up, across the far side of the table within the center of the room. His gaze fell upon Zhuge Liang, bent toward the entryway of the tent - toward himself - however, immersed within various scrolls and maps that were scattered around the table. He remained in full, formal posture; though one whom knew the Chancellor well may note that his shoulders appeared slightly tense and his skin a shade paler than usual; his dark, focused, enchanting gaze was unwavering - but beneath it were dark circles beginning to form. He noted several lanterns were placed here and there, most of which were burnt out - the few remaining flickered dimly, starved from their hours of work without fuel. The culprit of whom left the lights neglected hadn't appeared to take notice of Ma Dai's entrance, though he knew better; if anything, his presence had been expected. From the number of lights, it appeared Zhuge Liang had been tirelessly working without break for at least six hours - and Ma Dai had not seen him at dinner. A little section of the table was filled with neatly stacked scrolls, positioned next to a small lantern; he approached this, glancing over notes and recognizing the writing of Jiang Wei. It was uncertain, but he assumed the Prodigy had retired himself no less than one hour prior. A frown cast itself like a shadow over his expression, drooping his naturally cheery face with concern as his brows furrowed. This situation had been reoccurring, this night had been toward the end of the third week of this behaviour. "My Lord," he would call softly to gain his attention. In response, he spotted the great fan that the Chancellor held to flutter slowly; a wordless beckon. Ma Dai would follow without hesitation, doing as he believed he were bid - stepping toward the man as he leaned over his shoulder. Permitting his chin to fall against the strategist, for a moment. " ..His heart fluttered within his chest and he drew in a breath, hesitating. " .. Kongming."]]
[center [font "batang che" To his satisfaction, the rare use of the style name had earned him the other's attention to be re-directed from his work; though, no words were shared between the two - for none were needed. A silent exchange of glances, inclusive of his own gaze widening as his brows furrowed to convey his silent plea of concern - met with a slow, shifting gaze toward the table.]]
[center [font "batang che" Ma Dai would respond to the silent refusal with a lighter expression, following the glance to a scroll. He studied it for a moment, pulling away to step toward Jiang Wei's notes - he filtered through them for a moment, before pushing a scroll toward the Chancellor. Carefully, Ma Dai would watch him - taking in every subtle movement of his lips and brows, noticing his breath easing just slightly. Items that he would not notice, had he not spent so long within the man's presence; searching for ways through his emotionless barrier, so that he might assist in easing him. It was what Ma Dai did best. And so, he was capable of noticing slight differences within him - such as the little wrinkle at the edge of his eye disappearing, to note he held less tension. Something within the offered scroll had answered a question, or assisted him in some form - it was apparent he had been too exhausted to note it.]]
[center [font "batang che" "I am impressed with his manner of insight.. and of your own, Ma Dai."]]
[center [font "batang che" As the words fell upon his ears, his heart was filled for a moment. To another, the tone of which Zhuge Liang had spoken in would appear natural. Yet, he had caught upon the sheer over-exertion riddled within the tone. "You know," he would begin to counter, "my assistance does come with a price .. my Lord." He would shoot back in a lazily playful manner, leaning toward the more talented of the two. Posturing a hand upon the table, as he would lean upon that hand.]]
[center [font "batang che" "Indeed. I know of what you seek, from m--"]]
[center [font "batang che" "--- You're kept up these nights with thinking of the future," Ma Dai would boldly interrupt. He withdrew his position, raising his hand to the back of his head as his weight shifted from foot to foot; harmless, for he hadn't intended offence. "Mapping the stars.. laying the framework for our lord's future.." he would cease his movements as he spoke, thoughtfully. Only then to be interjected with,]]
[center [font "batang che" "Then, you are awa--"]]
[center [font "batang che" Ma Dai would lower his hand from the back of his head, gesturing to silence Zhuge Liang, before continuing. "Don't you think that what's written here," he would open his hand and with a flick of his wrist motion to the table, "is better viewed from out there?" He questioned, turning to point toward the entrance - beyond the top of the tent, toward the sky. "My Lord, your brilliance is as bright... and as beautiful.. as those stars. But even the brightest star, can be covered by clouds.. and a drop or two of rain might seem like an overbearing storm. Aren't you trying to find a way for our Lord to shine, even in the light of day? Like this.. our Lord is more concerned for you, than he is concerned with governing. You are one of his people."]]
[center [font "batang che" He had certainly been aware that he was stepping within the lines of insubordination; certainly overstepping himself, however he knew that there was little other way to get through the iron-clad defences of the Chancellor. With a heavy, tired sigh that escaped his lips and vented his concerns, he reached to remove his hat from his head - placing it upon the table, covering several items upon it; but he paid it no mind. Ma Dai was certain that his words may have been the beginning of a disagreement between the two of them, despite his best efforts. He had wished to tread carefully, assisting the Chancellor for a short while before coercing him to retire.. yet he had seen the state the man was in, and he wound up speaking too freely. As such, he would not shy from consequence for his actions.]]
[center [font "batang che" Instead, it would appear that he instead earned silence - yet the atmosphere had not tensed. His words had not driven in so disrespectfully, as he had thought they might be taken; he then scolded himself. Zhuge Liang would be more than capable, even within an exhausted state, to read his intentions and concerns.. and to even predict his very words, long before Ma Dai had even thought of them. Would an apology be required? Tentatively, he glanced toward the man, who was once more gazing toward the table. This prompted Ma Dai to step forward, swaggering slightly between each foot as he approached the other. He would reach for his waist with one hand, and for his arm with the other; seeking to remove the fan from his grasp. He was met with resistance, for such an item was of such great importance - yet he refused to relent, guiding Liang to rest it upon the table, just next to his hat. He then sought to meet the gaze of those darker, calculating hues.]]
[center [font "batang che" Nothing occured for several moments, before Zhuge Liang unwillingly relinquished the fan, releasing it upon the table. To Ma Dai, it was an exceptional display of trust and affection; his heart began to pound within his chest and his lips parted, softly releasing his breath in a slightly quicker manner. In turn, Ma Dai eased Zhuge Liang to turn his back upon the table by the hand upon his waist. The other would move from his hand, cautiously sliding up the clothed arm toward his shoulder - then lifting, so that the back of his own hand might trace against the side of Zhuge Liang's jaw. ]]
[center [font "batang che" His breath had seized and his heart appeared to have stopped, as time slowed to nothing - for as he stroked upon that jawline, the man had eased; his eyes falling closed with a flutter of long, feminine lashes. To some degree, or so it had appeared, he had allowed his guard to drop.. for he took one step toward Ma Dai, as if seeking the comfort of his arms. Of course, he had been more than overjoyed to oblige. He leaned toward his peaceful lover, lips brushing upon his cheeks in whispers of almost-kisses. The hand upon his jaw would turn, taking the tip of his chin between his fingers; prompting Zhuge Liang to partially open his eyes. The sight enchanted Ma Dai, as the lights had grown more dim; flickering shadows across his beautiful features. Before him was some form of ethereal being. Unable to help himself, he leaned in, his lips pressing to Zhuge Liang's own. Passionately remaining for several moments, before reluctantly pulling away, to find that his beloved's hand had rested upon his chest. His body filled with heat as his cheeks had flushed, the corners of his lips turning upward into a soft, yet proud smile, as his forehead rested to his lover's own. " .. Come rest with me, my Liang.."]]
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[center [font "batang che" "Am I to find it endearing that you harbour doubt, of my capabilities?" Lovely locks as bright as his attitude and the colour of sunshine would sway, as the rookpiece leaned in. Far too close for what would have been anyone's comfort, as cheeks would brush. A delicate hand dressed in fine, dark material would drum in sequence upon her shoulder. "Though I would be lying to state that I do not find great pleasure in your suffering," with a cock of his head and a shit-eating grin tugging at the corners of his lips, he would giggle with delight. "You see," he began with a thoughtful expression. "It has not escaped me that there are many of us whom are now laid to rest.. " his brilliant gaze would fan across the room, falling upon several individuals tucked in carefully to their cozy beds. " .. Albeit, some forcefully." Like a triggered lightswitch, his tone would darken as he focused upon the dim corner within the room -- all but cluttered with coffins. Some were carefully composed of glass and decorated, tucked to the walls or standing so that one might peer upon a loved individual's resting face. Others were of wood, stained with fluids - or nailed shut and shaking with silent pleas to be released. Others were empty, their intended occupants sprawled across the floor.. some lifeless, some without the will to continue on, others forcefully placed into a comatose - unknown if it would be temporary or permanent. "Ahhh," he would sigh in a dramatic manner as a hand lifted to press just above his brow - the other supporting his elbow, as his hip jutted to the side. "I have no intention to be counted amongst those whom were weakened enough to fail to do their duty. Oh? I appear to have hit a nerve with such a comment." He chuckled, entirely undeterred. "Then, you shall understand that my interest is to not provide service to you. I am to cater to the requirements of my Queenpiece - whom requires me. I shall hear no more of your excuses, or snivelling. Let us continue, shall we not? Hmhm~ That's it~"]]
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