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When Makoto was young, he was sick and frail. It seemed like the world was a strong storm, and his was a small flame. The world needed to snuff him out. But he remained kind. He was fond of nature and had often brought home creatures to nuture. He always befriended every thing he crossed. He loved the trees, the bugs-it didn't matter. As a matter if fact he had cared for so many, it all seemed like a blur.

Soon enough, he wasn't sick and frail anymore. The doctors stopped saying he wouldn't make it. He had stopped paying attention anyhow, it didn't mean much to him anymore.

He came home to his gorgeous dog. He loved his dog. He never favored one animal over another, but when he met Amai... he was everything. He fell in love with this companion. Adored him. Makoto petted his friend and flopped onto his bed. Sleep cooed him immediately and off he drifted.

It was late at night when he heard something. It woke him up but he was too sleepy to get up. He was still submerged in the waves of slumber, so he rolled over and saw Amai slip away. He rubbed his face and sat up. Something wasn't right.
  Makoto / EileenTheCrow / 253d 5h 36m 1s
[font "century gothic" Amai could smell the lingering scent of a cat. It wasn't Amai fault that ___ blank adore him. It was only natural for a young boy to want a real pet. A pet that he could walk, a pet that would truly love him back. Amai was kind and gentle he never seem to get mad at anyone. Even when people only seem him as a four legged animal. Amai often his his true self behind his snow white fur.

Amai could sense the evil aura in the air. His golden eyes looked around the round. It seemed like something hurtful was round. Amai smiled softly as he lashed his tail. How exciting so a demon thought it could slip in and hurt it's master. Amai smiled softly as he slipped out of ___ bedroom. He shifted into his human like form and slipped out side. He made it to the roof top. He sat down and looked towards the moon that was half full. It was so beautiful. He smiled softly as he lashed his tail happily. He had been living with his master for about a year now he was very close to him. He be damned if anyone hurt him.

[+pink "Come if you dare..."] he whispered to the wind. His snow white hair was long, it need to be cut again. He let out a soft sigh. He looked back towards the moon. Soon if would be full. He jumped down from the roof top and land on all fours. He shifted into his dog like form slipped back into the house.

  Amai Shingetsu / Q-Chan / 276d 14h 7m 10s
[font "century gothic" [#f72629 Once there as a black cat that was simply adore by one particular human. This human was very kind to the cat. The cat was thrilled to have met such a kind human. The cat had rough life before meeting ____. _____ was different from the rest, but as time past the boy seemed to change. He didn't visit the cat anymore. That made the cat angry.

The cat waited and waited finally when the human had finally return. He had been replaced. It hurt, it really hurt the cat was so spiteful and bitter. The cat anger grew and finally became a monster. A monster known as Urami Kangetsu. Urami is very bitter, hurtful. The male would easily kill anything that crossed his path.

The first that came to mind was they human. That human that he trusted, that human that he had fallen in love with. Urami knew it wasn't going to be easy getting close to that human. The smell of dog was all over him. It angered Urami but there had to be away to get the to of them apart. When he did he would make his move. Urami smiled softly as he thought to himself thinking about how he would separate those two. Perhaps he would lure his dog out with a nice juicy streak then SMASH! a car would crush him.

Urami smiled softly as he lashed his tail. How exciting it would be to destroy that humans life. To make him cry out in pure an utter agony.
  Urami Kangetsu / Q-Chan / 276d 14h 41m 47s

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