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Tetsuro chuckled as Kenma began to talk about how he didn’t have to scold the girls. He knew he didn’t have to but he did anyways because he felt like it they were being annoying and he couldn’t stand it. [b “I know I didn’t but I wanted too I was annoyed with them they ruined the mood you know. I was having a good time kissing you and those girls just had to stick their nose into it.”] He chuckled a little feeling the light squeeze of Kenma’s hand and he squeezed back as he got closer.

Kenma soon spoke saying his legs were tired making a grin appear from ear to ear. [b “Oh you say your legs are tired, I guess I have no choice but to carry my Prince up to my apartment.”] As soon as he spoke he picked Kenma up in what one would call the princess carry. Holding his legs in one arm while wrapping the opposite arm around his waist pulling him to Kuroo’s chest.

He walked up the stairs to his apartment complex arriving to number 214 carefully using his hand that was holding kenma’s legs to unlock and open the door than entered the normal sized apartment living room. [ Welcome home Kenma.”] he set him down on the couch before going to the front door to close it. Once he came back he looked down at kenma his face still holding his smile. [b “Now that we are behind closed doors no one can interrupt u.”] He spoke before taking the shorter males face in his hand pressing his lips against his
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[center [size14 [font "Bookman Old Style" Kenma’s nose wrinkling and the small scowl that crossed his lips were the only protests the younger boy could make in response to fierce hug before Kuroo’s lips were on his own and his features smoothed out again, a relieved sigh escaping into the kiss. When Kuroo pulled away, forgetting for a moment that they were in fact in the middle of a busy train station café and how uncomfortable public displays made him, Kenma rose up onto his toes to chase after the other boy's lips. But then Kuroo was speaking, and not to him, addressing a group of giggling girls behind them, and Kenma remembered where they were,[b “Tetsuro…”] he huffed, cheeks flushing and nose wrinkling once more as he sunk down and pressed his face into the taller boys’ shirt to hide. ]]]

[center [size14 [font "Bookman Old Style" He was more than happy to leave the café and when Kuroo took his hand and lead him through the crowd Kenma went willingly. Finally speaking up again once they’d left the station behind and crossed onto a less crowded street. ]]]

[center [size14 [font "Bookman Old Style" [b “You didn’t have to do that”] He spoke softly,[b “Scold those girls I mean, they weren’t doing anything besides being annoying.”] He gave Kuroo’s hand a light squeeze, to show he wasn’t mad though he didn’t meet the other boy's eyes. Instead, his gaze darted about the street, watching, stepping closer to Kuroo to avoid brushing shoulders with passing pedestrians and taking note of the different street signs. They were getting close to where Kuroo lived. Kenma huffed another sigh, this time turning his head up to meet Kuroo’s eyes.[b “You live too far, my legs are tired,” ]he huffed, though there was a little glint in his eyes and his lips quirked up into a little tease of a smile.]]]
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[center Tetsu sighed and yawned as people pushed passed him trying to enter and exit the train station when he got a text his phone going off.

[b Ping….Ping]

[#00FFFF [b Kenma <3]]

[b Waiting in the Station café.]

He pressed the power button rushing through the crowd he didn’t want to leave his much shorter boyfriend alone for to long he might become nervous without anyone around him he knows in a place he wasn’t to familiar with. He struggled getting into the very small café but once he entered he noticed a small blonde mop rushing over to him soon he was standing in from of Tetsu he looked like he wanted to either say something or do something but he couldn’t or felt nervous to.

Kurro didn’t really care if anyone saw the two in public it’s not like him or Kenma knew anyone or even planned on knowing anyone at the train station so he took the blonde boy in his arms holding him close he didn’t want to let go of him he didn’t even want him to go back after this break Kenma was his and he didn’t like being apart for too long.

[b “It’s been too long, let’s go home.”] He spoke putting his right index finger underneath his chin pulling it up placing his soft lips upon Kenmas much softer ones. Tetsu kept his lips upon kenma’s for a few more seconds feeling eyes on them some judging some looking like yoai fan girls wanting to know what they did behind closed doors.

The dark-haired male pulled away and sighed before glaring with a grin to the girls. [b “What are you looking at you see he is mine and only mine so I would be grateful if you turn around.”] He chuckled before picking up the backs on the ground. [b “Let’s go home so we can talk in public.”] He spoke flinging the bags over his left shoulder taking one of Kenma’s hands in his leading him through the crowd. ]
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[center [size14 [font "Bookman Old Style" Standing in Kyoto station, Kenma was reminded of why he almost never went out in the first place. He hated crowds. Growing up in Tokyo he should be used to it. But the number of people in the station today was obscene. He’d braved the crowds of Tokyo station early that morning in hopes of missing the crowd upon arrival in Kyoto, but it was not meant to be. He gripped his phone tighter and adjusted his earbuds, tapping the button on the side of the phone to raise the volume. But even the loud music didn’t help him forget about the number of people jostling him every other second.]]]

[center [size14 [font "Bookman Old Style" His phone screen lit up with Kuroo’s message.]]]

[center [#800000 [font "MV Boli" From: Tetsu]]]
[center [#800000 [font "MV Boli" Just a little longer before I get to see your face. You know how much I have missed it. Wonder if you grew any taller.]]]

[center [size14 [font "Bookman Old Style" Kenma breathed out a heavy sigh, though his lips did twitch upwards briefly. ]]]

[center [b [font "MV Boli" To: Tetsu]]]
[center [b [font "MV Boli" Waiting in the Station café.]]]

[center [size14 [font "Bookman Old Style" He wasn’t sure he could last much longer without his tall boyfriend to keep him grounded, and panicking in such a place wasn’t ideal, So as soon as he hit send, Kenma found a way around the crowd and into the mentioned café. It was just a small place , but it was comfortable and they always meet inside.]]

[center [size14 [font "Bookman Old Style" Once he was safely inside the café the blonde found a table in the far corner and sat down, turning down his music and opened one of the many game apps he had on his phone, tapping at the screen almost impatiently, peering over the top of it at the door every few seconds in search of the other boy. His phone buzzed another text from Kuroo taking over the screen, at the same time the games ‘you just died’ jingle played.]]]

[center [size14 [font "Bookman Old Style" Kenma tucked his phone away and tried very hard not to look as uncomfortable as he felt as he finally spotted Kuroo’s bedhead, towering just slightly over some of the shop's patrons, and stood, rushing over, pausing once he reached him. Unsure if giving Kuroo a hug would make him seem too eager.]]]
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[font “Letter” Kuroo woke up earlier than usual because today his Boyfriend Kenma would be arriving and he wanted his stay to be fun. It has been quite a few months since he last saw Kenma and it’s been hard for him to keep the younger male interested in himself or so he thought. Kuroo stood up his long legs revealed more than normal since he did not wear pants to bed just underwear he didn’t bother wearing a shirt either since the summer heat was way to hot for him and the male since he didn’t like to waste electricity and keep the AC on during the night but he will make an acceptation so he won’t be hot.

The dark haired male roamed to the kitchen checking making sure he had enough food for the time that Kenma would be here. Kuroo wanted to show him that he has improved in his food making skills since he lives by himself now and didn’t have to rely on anyone but himself. He had the next two days planned out today they would just hang out catch up here at his home and then tomorrow he wanted to take him to his school to meet his new team play some volleyball teach his new team that the two were an unbeatable team, They were a perfect match.

They were perfect match even though their personalities did not match up, Kurro was always so happy and energetic while Kenma just never seemed like he was never interested in anything the only reason he even played Volleyball was because Kuroo asked him too kuroo introduced him. Kenma showed his interest in Kuroo and it made Kuroo happy.

Kuroo finished getting ready before setting off to the train station chewing on some gum with a stupid grin on his face as he looked down at his phone texting Kenma. [I Just a little longer before I get to see your face. You know how much I have missed it wonder if you grew any taller.] He texted with a smiley face and sent it leaning up against a pillar blowing a bubble.]
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