Two old ladies stuck in the rain ;

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[center [size20 [font "Caeldera" Two Old ladies stuck in the rain]]][center [size14 [font "Footlight MT Light" A comprehensive writing exercise]]]
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[size13 [font "Footlight MT Light" [i The rain came suddenly, and these two elderly women, complete strangers to each other, found themselves both caught in the middle of it under a wooden gazebo surrounded by thick forest, with a man-made path driven through it. In order to pass the time, they reminisce their pasts and share stories of their youth.]

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These stories are a test of character creation. There's nothing you know of your character other than her being old, so build a path and an existence within every story you share. Make them up as you go, or plan them perceptively to line up and come together in the end. Just make them enthralling, real, and vivid.

The world these women are from may not line up together, the universe is made up of many different portals leading to many different realms. The scenery and setting can be whatever suits you, [b try to push out of your comfort zone] and pick a timeline or place you've never heard of, never read about. Do research about this place, learn something new. Or don't. [b Stay in your perfect bubble] and take comfort in the complete control you have over each word you write, each story you form. This is your vessel to fill and color.

[b Test each other and throw curve balls]. Think of absolutely anything and throw it in there; "I remember your face from somewhere.." , "That scar on your leg.. how did you get it?" , "I remember , they tried to kill me." Don't be afraid to surprise me, because I'll be doing my best to shock you. How well can we accept and form things we didn't expect into our story, into our characters soul? These subtle prompts will work as inspiration to write, maybe something to make you think [i yeah, what did happen..] I can't wait to hear what you've come up with.

[b Post whenever]. If you're not feeling it for two days, three weeks, or nine months. It's cool. This is a thread meant to inspire, not stress or become a chore.

[center [size14 [b PM me] with one of your favorite or most proud pieces of literature. Anything you've written that you truly love. Then, let's surpass it together.]]


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