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[center [pic]]
[center [size15 [Inconsolata It’s 10:30 on a Friday night. You don’t have classes/work tomorrow. You don’t have plans tonight. You could have attended a party, did something social. But you don’t. You don’t want to. After a long hard week you just want to sit at home on a your Friday night in your PJ’s and worn and torn shirt that probably has stains on it. Order a pizza with extra pepperoni and sit your as on the couch and binge watch your favorite show on Netflix till you pass out from exhaustion.
But your plans are about to make a drastic change
One minute you are in your house. Till you hear a creak in your house, but before you can look you feel a pinch in your neck and you are darkness.
Slowly you awake and you aren’t in your house. Your head is pounding and your body is sore, like you have been dragged around in the dirt. Upon waking up you can’t see anything. The room is dark and all you can hear is the sound of water echoing around you. Putting your hands out to feel your surrounding. You come in contact with a wall. It’s damp and wet and it is cold. Slowly you start to move, knowing you can’t stay there. Of course who have no idea where the fuck you are doing.
Finally, you see a exit. It’s literally like a bright hole at the end of a dark lonely tunnel. Upon stepping outside you are blinded by the light of the half fallen sun. It’s most likely mid day but you have no idea of that.
Finally regaining your vision from the blinding piercing light you look around. You are in a forest. How the fuck did you get here? After looking around for a moment your eyes finally land on a medium size chest.
Nervously you walk over to it and open it. Inside is several supplies along with a note. You grab the note and begin to read.
“Welcome [i Muse],
You have been selected out of a group of several to participate in a game of life and death. No, this is not some kind of joke. This is a game, a game of survival of the fittest. By now I am sure you have realized you are not in your bedroom anymore, and this is not a dream. You are in the middle of nowhere, on my property. Hundreds and hundreds of acres of forest is now your new living room, and hopefully you will be living. You see. You are not the only one in this forest, or the only thing. You have been selected with a select group of others to participate in this game. But along with others, my own personal, players have been added. They have been added to kill you. Who can you trust? Can you trust anyone? Choose wisely, [i muse]. For not everyone is your friend. Inside the chest is a beginner kit full of supplies that will get your through the first couple days. But the rest is up to you. Good luck.”
With shaking hands you slowly set the note down. You must have read it one hundred times now. You can’t breath, your heart is racing a mile a minute. You have been kidnapped by some psychotic man to play, where you are being hunted. How the hell did you even end up here in this predicament!?
Welcome to The Hunt]]]

[center [size16 [Inconsolata [u Rules&Regulations]]]]
[size15 [Inconsolata
○ ES rules apply.
○ Real pictures will be used.
○ Drama, swearing, violence is welcomed in this roleplay, and encouraged.
○ Of course I want romance in the story, but maybe later on. I don't do love at first site, and I would like for the roleplay to go in other directions as well, other than just romance.
○ While I do believe characters in roleplays have sexual desires, I do on roleplay them out, which is not only my personal preference, but also the rules of ES. We time skip.
○ I am always up to adding more characters in later on. While I'm not the best with playing multiple characters. I do not mind it. You'll just have to be patient with me. NPCs are also okay to have, obviously.
○ You don't have to be the world's best speller, we all make mistakes. I understand getting then and than mixed up, or There, and Their mixed up. What I do expect is punctuation, capitalization, and at the least, decent grammar. However, "Slang" talk is alright in Dialogue, as of "C'mon, C'mere" and stuff as like that, if you're character happens to have a accent or something.
○ As most people on here. Don't god mode. Don't control my character, as I won't control yours. If you "need" to for a post, PM me and ask permission.
○ I'm not picky. Your posts don't have to be super long. But try to keep it at least three paragraphs please. Maybe 1000+ characters if possible.
○ This is a mature roleplay, your character will be at least in their twenties please, do be mature about the roleplay.
○ I find that communication is a key to a great roleplay. So if you have ideas on how the story can go, or suggestions on what can happen to the character(s) please feel FREE to message me. I enjoy making friends.
○ I always enjoy a plot twist, or add on to the story. So, as I said above, PM me with ideas!
○ I'm a patient person, who is also just getting back into the swing of roleplaying. I don't post often, I will try to post at least twice a week, but if you're going to be gone for weeks or months message me, I'll wait. If you have blockages, I'll understand COMMUNICATIONS PLEASE!
○ I do check profiles as to see how your writing level is. I will not ask for a skeleton, or a sample I can see for myself.
○ If you're interested in this roleplay, or roleplaying with me in general PM me. If you don't hear back from me, obviously I'm not interested.


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