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[center [u [i Ever wonder where the fables went after the stories had been told or forgotten?] ] ]

[center [pic] ]

[h3 A Secret Place...]

[i Somewhere, down twisted alleys and past shadowed corners, lies a gateway. A blackened iron monstrosity built into a wall. If you asked around, no one would know the gate you spoke of. It's existence is a mystery even to those who seem to be able to find it. The gate calls to the odd and unnatural, beckoning them inside. Those with the blood of fables find it irresistible, those without... don't last long.]

[i If you are unfortunate enough to pass beyond the gate, upon looking behind you, you would find nothing but the locked gate and an impenetrable fog in all directions. The path leading away, is in fact a bridge. An odd place for it, considering you were in the heart of the city a moment ago. Blocked by a wall and surrounded by churning black waves you can only move forward over the bridge.]

[i If you've somehow made it across the only path, you would find yourself at the center of a town. A worn and rickety sign swings in the chilling wind. The words past the pouring rain, say [b EBONMIRE] in ugly carved letters. At first glance there isn't a soul in sight, until you notice a hooded figure lurking under an ancient streetlamp. The person raises a hand in greeting, though it's posture seems less than friendly.]

[center [pic] ]

[h3 Basic Plot Info:]

[i The township of Ebonmire is a strange and ancient place, filled with dark magics and suspicious citizens. It draws in unwitting victims and those with the ties to the oldest of fables. Seemingly for its own purpose.

Populated by denizens and descendants of the darkest versions of children's stories. A few more reputable characters have decided to solve some of the towns shadier mystery's, and in turn, break themselves free of the town once and for all. ]

[h3 Skeleton:]

[b Username:]
[b Name:] [i First, middle, last, plus whatever. More info means more creative.]
[b Age:] [i Depends on the species, check with me.]
[b Gender:] [i My brain can only handle 6 of them.]
[b Species:] [i Like I said, this is particular. I'll outline a bit below and we'll talk if you have issues.]
[b Grimm/Aesop Connection:] [i You have to be someone to get in. No dupes of the mains. I.E. There's lots of wolves, but only ONE Big Bad.]
[b Height:] [i If this becomes an issue I'll ban your ass... You know who you are...] >_>
[b Weight:] [i Some things ARE heavier.]
[b Eye Color:] [i Sometimes things have more than one.]
[b Skin Color:] [i This more like a test of your creative talent than anything important.]
[b Hair Color:] [i Refer to Skin Color.]
[b Known Talents:] [i We aren't Batman... but this should have more than a few things.]
[b Known Languages:] [i Useful info. Don't put something if you can't translate it. Unless it's super vague like Fae or ancient anything.]
[b Quick Bio:] [i Summarize it. Most importantly I want to know why you're here and how you are what you are.]
[b Pertinent Information:] [i Just the tidbits you want people to know that don't fit anywhere else.]

[h3 Cast:]

[h3 Usual Suspects:]

[h3 Places and Locations:]

[h3 Tidbits and Etc.:]

[h3 Humanoid Species:]

[b Homo Sapiens Sapiens a.k.a. Human]
[i Your everyday base average human of various gender/ethnicity.]

[b Homo Sapiens Vampirae a.k.a Vampire]
[u Sanguinae:]
[i Human turned vampire through blood infection. Basic attributes.]
[u Chiroptera:]
[i Human turned vampire, evolved for aerial combat and stealth. Batlike.]
[u Nosferatu:]
[i Human turned vampire, evolved for cave and tunnel dwelling.]
[u Draconis:]
[i Pure blood vampires. Born and raised as royalty. Elementally inclined. Adept at magic.]
[u Sauria:]
[i Human turned vampire, evolved for brutality and battle. Lizard-like. Very large.]
[u Arachne:]
[i Human turned vampire, evolved for trapping and murder. Spider-like.]

[b Homo Sapiens Animalia]
[i There's a lot here, it exists, I probably just haven't listed it.]
[u Lycanthrope:]
[i Human turned wolfman through infection.]
[u Ailuranthrope:]
[i Human turned catman through infection.
[u Loup Garou:]
[i Human turned wolf through magical means.]

[b Homo Sapiens Demonica a.k.a. Cambion]
[u Incubi/Succubi:]
[i Demon of Lust. Feeds off emotion and sexual energy.]
[u Imp:]
[i Demon of mischief. Low-level demon, known for causing trouble.]
[u Drude:]
[i Demon of Dreams. Thrives a person's dream, feeding of mental energy.]
[u Hellhound:]
[i Demon of Hunting. Demonic trackers. Hides well in the shadows.]
[u Nightmare:]
[i Demon of fear. Haunts in dreams and reality, feeds of terror.]

[b Homo Sapiens Arcana a.k.a. Magic Wielding Humans]
[u Witch:]
[i Predominantly female caster, specializing in herbs and incantations.]
[u Warlock:]
[i Predominantly male caster, specializing in elemental spells.]
[u Wizard:]
[i Caster specializing in summoning and communication.]
[u Necromancer:]
[i Caster specializing in death and resurrection.]
[u Druid:]
[i Caster specializing in channeling spirits and nature.]

[b Homo Sapiens Varia a.k.a. Variant/Mutation]
[i Humans evolved to survive a dangerous world. Imagine X-men. If you need to discuss it, we can.]
[u Seer:]
[i Mental abilities, usually pertaining to sight.]
[u Immortalis:]
[i Physical ability pertaining to longevity.]
[u Lancer:]
[i Mental abilities, pertaining to striking.]
[u Ranger:]
[i Mental abilities, pertaining to range.]
[u Brawler:]
[i Physical abilities pertaining to offense and defense.]
[u Cleric:]
[i Mental abilities over organic material.]
[u Gizmo:]
[i Mental abilities over technological material.]

[b Homo Sapiens Mythica a.k.a. All that weird national shit.]
[+red We'll talk if you want any of these.]

[+blue Non-Living Entity:]
[i There are way too many of these. So here's a couple.

[b Non-Physical Entity:]
[u Ghost:]
[i Typical haunting spirit. Generally still around due to unresolved issues.]
[u Poltergeist:]
[i Mischievous ghost with telekinetic abilities.]
[u Reaper:]
[i Spirits tasked with taking souls to rest. ]

[b Physical Entity:]
[u Revenant:]
[i Truly undead. A soul brought back to the original host.]
[u Zombie:] [+blue Playable]
[i Reanimated corpse. Brought back by many means.]
[u Mummy:]
[i Corpse brought back with a vendetta.
[u Ghoul:]
[i Grave haunting corpse. Strong and fast. Feral.]

[b Construct:]
[u Homunculus:]
[i A biologically animated being forced into a living semblance.]
[u Golem:]
[i An elementally animated being forced into a living semblance.]
[u Automata:]
[i A technologically animated being forced into a living semblance.]
[u Animus:]
[i Neither living nor dead. Magic and science moving a corpse like a machine, with a soul as a pilot.]

[b Special Circumstance Entities:]
[u Afflicted:] [i A being of various kinds afflicted by an outside source, whether it be a curse or possession, to become something wholly different. And often unique. ]

[u Aspect:] [i A creature that symbolizes the very essence of a thing or idea. Some include The Aspect of Survival. The Aspect of Cunning.]

[u Avatar:] [i Much like Aspect, with the difference being its abilities come from an outside source. The current Four Horsemen are Avatars of their attributes. Death, Famine, Plague and War.]

[u Pantheonic Deity:] [i While there are many pantheons, only one may rule at any given time. The current ruling pantheon is the Mason's. The heads of said pantheon, a mortal and a sorceress who obtained godhood, then had children who grew into their own abilities. Deities, while seemingly all powerful due to their creation and destruction abilities and in the past were often worshipped, have become much less powerful over the eons. Now the Mason's mete out justice while fighting a secret war against The Outsiders.]

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