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[font "Trebuchet MS" [center This is basically just plot- and character ideas thread to be honest.

I'm generally a very stressed person so as to not overload myself, I will write my ideas here instead of making them their own threads until I am fully available to make a new thread, and at the moment I already have three which is probably two too many but I like to make naïve decisions so here we are.]]


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[font "Trebuchet MS" [b [center Superpowers But Casual]][hr ] Listen okay, I got into My Hero Academia and I'm sold and need a thread based on the concept .

[center [i [Context Info: My Hero Academia is set in a world were 80% of the population have a Quirk, which can range from being able to attract small objects like the telly remote, to sweating nitroglycerine and detonating it at will to create explosions. In universe the people with more combat oriented Quirks might become heroes and go to a school for that. Others are live their life and incorporating their Quirk like becoming divers if they can breathe under water, etc]]]
For this thread I'd like to focus on the mundane life, people who just have superpowers but don't use them to fight evil or anything like that. Maybe they can make their legs extend like rubber and reach the book on the top shelf, or maybe they can zoom with their eyes to read far away signs, who knows. This has become the norm to the point where people usually don't pay too much mind to the Quirks of others.

A part of me likes the idea of this taking place in a small village of sorts, where there aren't a lot of people but everyone kinda has their own role. So say if you can attract moisture in the air then if people have a mould problem they might call you to help them, and so forth. Thought ultimately it would just be the mundane life of two people learning about each other and their respective Quirks.

Maybe even a cliché twist where someone new comes to the village and the other is the assigned Meet&Greet person that gets called in to show them around and what not. Anything could happen really, but I'm mostly just looking for something soft and cosy with the addition of possibly silly Quirk shenanigans.
  Derkeethus / 29d 12h 13m 11s
[font "Trebuchet MS" [b [center A Roleplay About Roleplay]][hr ]Two characters, who's lives are less than ideal, meet in an online roleplaying game and start having a journey together to go on many adventures in a form of escapism from their real lives.

The thread would follow both these narratives; the harsh reality, and the idealistic gameplay. To hit upon how games are a way to get away from your life, and how friends online can sometimes be the only thing keeping you happy and alive.

The Real Life portions of the thread could either be notions in the middle of posts, or several posts on their own, but the point is that these two character never meet or interact outside of the game. So that would be more of a character study in a way, and they could be immersive players so they might not even act the same in game as they would offline. Thus, the Real Life portions is optional and can be as long or as short as you'd like.

The Online portions would be the majority of the thread, and it could go either of two ways. If it's an MMO I would personally compare it to Skyrim; with dragons and wolves and companions but most importantly stats. It would be a reminder that it's a game when everything they pick up have stats, and there's talk about taking a health potion because your health is down to 32 and you get +20 health, etc.

Or it could be more of a Dungeons and Dragon kind of thing, which is basically just to say that it would be a fantasy adventure straight through without stats or anything like that, so it would be a lot easier to just get lost in the fantasy and those characters. Again, though, I would like to model it after Skyrim as I very much love the system in that game.]
  Derkeethus / 73d 6h 48m 33s
[font "Trebuchet MS" [b [center Magic & Mages]][hr ][b [u First Idea:]] In a world where magic is a very hush-hush thing, and magic users are like a part of a different world. Here two people meet, someone who grew up embracing their magic, and someone who just found out about their own by accident. [b A] decides to do their best at helping [b B] embrace their magic—banter ensures, and some angst-y "am i a monster" and "I don't want this to be my life" moments. [hr ][b [u Second Idea:]] Along the vein of the other, except [i everyone] knows about magic, but people who have it are shunned and often bullied—and some are too scared to tell anyone about their powers in fear of being kicked out or even killed. Again, two magic users happen upon each other, though this time both don't feel confident to tell anyone about their powers—but [b A] has a healing power, and heals [b B] when something happens to them, and that's how [b B] finds out. [b B] of course reassures [b A] by telling them that they have magic too—This would be a journey of self-acceptance and realising you're not alone and that together you are strong. Though of course it's more sad than happy.
  Derkeethus / 73d 6h 48m 20s

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