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my character runs away from an abusive owner and ends up lost alone afraid and starts looking for a home which is where your character comes in and rescues her. also hence why she hardly speaks cause of being abused? because of her temporary animal mind, she believes every human is the same and abusive and is scared of them for the most part.


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Shade holds onto his left shoulder with his hand with a slight look of worry crossing his face. "So you're already owned? Well that doesn't make things easy for me, they could be looking for you." He told her, moving his hand back down. "You say you were locked up all the time, is that why you ran away from home? That sounds like an awful life to live."
  [Shade] / Sonic123 / 4h 11m 37s
[+purple Aria shrugs and doesnt answer for a good five minutes. "I dont know where i am from i was always kept locked up. I just knew who master was and thats it." she looks up at the man and smiles a toothy smile.]
  Aria Rose / MidnightJuniper / 7h 55m 34s
Shade rubbed the back of his head with a slight look of confusion washing over his face. "Well...where did you come from? You didn't have a collar when I saw you on my front porch. Don't you have a home?" He questioned her, looking at her tail and watching it sway around.
  [Shade] / Sonic123 / 1d 8h 4m 43s
Aria she's away from him and then whimpers when he tugs at her ears. "Yes sir they are very much real and they are attached to my head I would very much prefer you didn't tug on them please" Aria says swaying her tail back and fourth watching the guy examine her
  Aria Rose / MidnightJuniper / 2d 5h 22m 32s
Shade rose his eyebrow at the girl as he questioned how this was possible. He had heard stories of the nekos but never thought they actually exsisted. He leaned over closer to look at her ears more closely, stretching his arm out to lightly touch her ear. "Are they actually, real?" He said, lightly tugging on it
  [Shade] / Sonic123 / 4d 19h 31m 43s
[+purple giggling Aria looks up at the man and stands up "I am the black cat sir." she says looking down at her feet. "While i sleep i am in cat form, when awake i am in Neko form meaning half cat half human." She smiles.]
  Aria Rose / MidnightJuniper / 5d 5h 31m 23s
ShadeBlade could hear movement coming from the other room. "Maybe the cat is awake now." He spoke to himself softly. He got up from his couch and went over to the cat bed where he left the kitten. To his surprise though, the cat wasn't there. His eyes widen to see a girl with cat ears and a tail had taken its place. "Huh? Who are you? What did you do with the black cat that was laying there?" He said to her, still in somewhat shock to see this random girl in his home.
  [Shade] / Sonic123 / 6d 3h 59m 29s
[+magenta Aria wakes up shifting to her human form, she sits up in a panic when she sees she's in a kitty bed again. thinking shes back in her old home she sits the rest of the way up and straightens her hair and dress before sitting back in the bed and awaiting to be told what to do.]
  Aria Rose / CyberAlienPrincess / 7d 1h 28m 48s
Shade started up his car and proceeded to go about his day like he normally would. His green hair moved in sync with the wind as it was being pushed by it. As his day at worked ended he gave a long strech before heading back home. He pulled up in his drive way and made his way to the front door. Before he could even pull his keys out to unlock the door he looked down to notice a cat laying in front of his door. He saw the cat looked exhausted and had no collar. He didn't want to just leave it outside all by itself. He picked the cat up and made his way inside the house. Upon entering he walked through the living room and saw the old cat bed he had for his old cat he kept long ago, still sitting there. He cleaned it up a little bit before placing the newly found cat there to rest. After checking to make sure the cat was comfortable he made his way to the kitchen and started filling the cat bowls up with food and water for when it woke up. He brought the bowls to the bed and laid them out in front of it. He sighed with relief and went over to sit down on the couch and relax.
  [Shade] / Sonic123 / 14d 3h 49m 19s
[+magenta Aria was sleeping peacefully in her little kitty bed when suddenly she is yanked up by her collar forcing her back to her human form. “You lazy little bitch” her master screams in her face throwing her down before landing a solid kick into her ribs.. Crying Aria gets up and runs outside and doesn’t stop running until she collapses from sheer exhaustion falling to the ground listening to the twinkle of the bell around her neck infuriated she yanks the collar off and throws it far away from her before finally succumbing to sleep. When she wakes up she realizes she’s in front of a giant house and she sees a man with green hair walk out of the front door and down the walk way towards a vehicle and then he disappears out of sight. Slowly she crawls to the front door and curls up falling back to sleep again.]
  Aria Rose / CyberAlienPrincess / 7d 1h 29m 12s

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