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my character runs away from an abusive owner and ends up lost alone afraid and starts looking for a home which is where your character comes in and rescues her. also hence why she hardly speaks cause of being abused? because of her temporary animal mind, she believes every human is the same and abusive and is scared of them for the most part.


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Aria sleeps peacefully until morning when she wakes she finds shade staring at her again as she transform back into her human form. She yawns and stretches standing up and looking at Shade. [+purple “good morning sir how are you this morning? “]
  Aria Rose / MidnightJuniper / 132d 10h 22m 56s
Shade watched as he saw her transform before him. He couldn't believe his eyes even after she had already told him. He lightly shifted his glasses and gently petted her head before getting up and laying back down on the couch. The night rolled on as it moved to Saturday, a day away from work. He picked himself up off the couch as the sun began to rise, stretching his body as he saw the kitty still there, sleeping peacefully.
  [Shade] / Sonic123 / 132d 12h 24m 41s
Aria yawns and smiles tilting her head slightly.. [+purple thank you shade i greatly appreciate your help"] Aria yawns and ends up falling asleep instantly transforming back into her kitty form. while sleeping Aria dreams of happiness and love.
  Aria Rose / MidnightJuniper / 135d 10h 31m 39s
Shade smiles as he bandages her face where the cuts take place. He nodded as she told him her name. He adjusted his glasses and smiled back at her in return. "My name is Shade. It's very nice to meet you Aria. I'm sorry that might have hurt a bit, but in the end it helps a lot." He started putting away all of his medical supplies and looked back at her. "So you ran away from your old master? I can see why if you're all banged up like this. Someone who would hurt someone like you is a horrible person." He looked over her and made sure she didn't have anymore major injurys.
  [Shade] / Sonic123 / 139d 12h 31m 48s
Aria winces as the guy cleans her bruises and cuts squeezing his hand several times she whimpers. When he is done she smiles at him [+purple "Thank you sir you have no idea how grateful i am that you have helped me. My name is Aria Rose and you are?"] she says sweetly.
  Aria Rose / MidnightJuniper / 140d 23h 38m 57s
Shade smiled to her smile and gave a small chuckle. "It'll sting a little bit, but the sting means it's helping. Just hold still and it will be over soon." He poured a little alcohol on the gauze and lightly touched the bruise on her face. He moved the gauze down towards the cut to apply the alcohol to it. Her lightly held her hand in case she needed something to grab. "There you go, I know it hurts but it's alright. It's getting better."
  [Shade] / Sonic123 / 142d 8h 23m 19s
[+purple Aria sniffs his hand and backs away slowly. "Its not gonna hurt is it?" she says quietly before moving back towards him and tilting her head looking at him with trusting eyes and a soft smile on her lips.]
  Aria Rose / MidnightJuniper / 143d 2h 6m 33s
Shade stepped away a little bit. "But you need those bruises taken care of, if not treated properly they could cause an infection." Though he may have just met this girl, he still couldn't sit there and allow her to be in the condition she was in and not do anything about it. He went to his bathroom and grabbed a first aid kit with medical supplies in it. He came back and kneeled back down holding a gauze and some peroxide. "Will you at least let me nurse your injures?" He asked before doing anything, keeping the first aid kit out in the open
  [Shade] / Sonic123 / 144d 6h 43m 22s
[+purple Aria shys away from him and winces when his hand lighlty goes over a bruise she has. "Can you please not touch me rightnow? i would gladly appreciate it. nothing really against you because you have been super kind to me but i really dont like to be touched by humans at the moment." Aria says quietly almost to quiet to be heard.]
  Aria Rose / MidnightJuniper / 144d 11h 57m 57s
The horrible thoughts of what could have happened to her by her previous owner went through Shades mind, seeing this silhouette figure beating on this poor defenseless kitten girl. He shook his head in shame. "How could someone do something so horrible?" He questioned softly. He kneeled down towards her to get a closer look at her as he hadn't had one yet. His hand lightly grazed her face to look at the bruises left by her previous owner, some still fresh.
  [Shade] / Sonic123 / 144d 12h 15m 2s
[+purple Shaking her head "no I am no longer owned sir I took my collar away and left it." She says quietly. She tilts her head " it was very horrible he beat me a lot and stuff and was always crude"]
  Aria Rose / MidnightJuniper / 145d 2h 46m 55s
Shade holds onto his left shoulder with his hand with a slight look of worry crossing his face. "So you're already owned? Well that doesn't make things easy for me, they could be looking for you." He told her, moving his hand back down. "You say you were locked up all the time, is that why you ran away from home? That sounds like an awful life to live."
  [Shade] / Sonic123 / 145d 8h 23m 44s
[+purple Aria shrugs and doesnt answer for a good five minutes. "I dont know where i am from i was always kept locked up. I just knew who master was and thats it." she looks up at the man and smiles a toothy smile.]
  Aria Rose / MidnightJuniper / 145d 12h 7m 41s
Shade rubbed the back of his head with a slight look of confusion washing over his face. "Well...where did you come from? You didn't have a collar when I saw you on my front porch. Don't you have a home?" He questioned her, looking at her tail and watching it sway around.
  [Shade] / Sonic123 / 146d 12h 16m 50s
Aria she's away from him and then whimpers when he tugs at her ears. "Yes sir they are very much real and they are attached to my head I would very much prefer you didn't tug on them please" Aria says swaying her tail back and fourth watching the guy examine her
  Aria Rose / MidnightJuniper / 147d 9h 34m 39s

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