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Peace, that is what has settled in the pokemon world. Most of the villinous teams have either disbanded or gone into hiding while the legendary pokemon they tried to use have either gone into hiding as well or have been caught by trainers they have found worthy. But Peace is not to last, chaos will once again come to the world but how will this generation of trainers and pokemon fare. And how will the legendarys respone?

WIll develop emoreo as time goes on but this is the bases

This right now is a Gijinka rp so pokemon can transform from the normal cannon form to the humaniod/gijinka form. We might change it if people think the rp would be better as just a normal pokemon rp.

Be poilite to the other rpers

If another rper wants to be a member of your team that is fine but both groups must agree. This rule will be void if we decide not to have it be a Gijinka rp

Teams can only have one ledgendary and must confirm with me what ledgendary it is and if it is fine.

You may only have two characters so choose wisely.

If you are a trainer you can post as your pokemon but it would be in the same post as your trainer or if we have a posting order it would take that, you don't get multiple posts unless you have another character

Posting Order -in progress- not complete so pless ignore
Ikage as Wes
Ikage as Mew

Pokeperson/gijinka or Human:
Job: AKA Breeder, Trainer, Ranger, Pokemon, Police officer, Professor's aid, Ex and/or currect Team Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Galatic, Plasma, Flare or Skull memeber,
If Human what pokemon do you have if any:
If Pokemon what moves do you know:
Home Region: AKA: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, Orre, Orange Archipelago, Fiore, Almia and Oblivia. The last three are mainly if you want to be a Ranger

Pic: [pic http://40.media.tumblr.com/5acfcf6475d7578e565cefbf69d267ee/tumblr_mplepz2pMw1rx1ahuo1_500.jpg]
Pokeperson/gijinka or Human:Human
If Human what pokemon do you have if any: Pikachu, Turtwig, Charmander, Piplup
Personality:Kind, Care, Brave, secretive.
Home Region:Orre
Goal:to be teh first Champian of all the legues and return to Orre to set up a new one
bio: TBS

User: Nightingale20
Name: Glaceon
Pic: Pokeperson/gijinka or Human: Pokeperson
Job: Pokemon
If Pokemon what moves do you know: Ice beam, Blizzard, Echoed voice, shadow ball
Personality: Cold and shy but very kind when befriended
Home Region: Alola
Goal: To find a good home and family

User: HirokoKyo
Name: Kate Takeshi
Age: 16
Pic: [pic http://i.imgur.com/WperMTs.jpg?1]
Pokeperson/gijinka or Human: Human
Job: Trainer
If Human what pokemon do you have if any:
On hand: Venusaur,Vulpix,Arcanine,Flareon,Vaporeon,Umbreon
Traveling with Raichu
Personality: stubborn,brave,confident, joyful,kind,caring,gentle,and empathetic
Home Region: Kanto
Goal: Becoming a Pokémon Master.
bio: Kate grew up in Pallet town but has always wanted to travel the world. She always wanted to be a trainer and with the opportunity at ten years of age she had left on her pokemon journey. She had chosen bulbasaur as her first pokemon and now six years later they are both older and wiser. She is joined in her her journey by other pokemon companions. So far Kate has traveled without any other human companionship. She loves her pokemon for than anything and would give her life for them.

User: MidnightJuniper
Name: Kairi Marie
Pic:[pic http://i68.tinypic.com/33xiqds.jpg]
Pokeperson/gijinka or Human:pokeperson
Job: Pokémon
If Pokémon what moves do you know: Synchronize and magic bounce
Personality: sweet and timid
Home Region: Alola
Goal: N/A
bio: n/a

User: Mended
Name: Jackson
Pic:[pic http://cdn08.dayviews.com/113/_u3/_u3/_u5/_u3/_u7/_u2/u3353721/94298_1412631179.jpg]
Pokeperson/gijinka or Human: Human
Job: Private eye investigator
If Human what Pokémon do you have if any: Aggron, Mightyena Arcanine, Absol and Gardevoir
Personality: Kind, serious, curious, inquisitive
Home Region: Hoenn
Goal: Help Human and Pokemon alike.
bio: From a young age Jackson love to solve puzzle. Whether they be riddles jigsaw or word puzzles he loved to solve them. As he grew up reading and watching mystery novels. He stoves to be like the great detective like the ones he read about in his books and after years of training he finally got his wish. He got his license and after five years has made himself a name in the law enforcement by helping catch or help catch several people. As well as stop a hand full criminal enterprise from causing problems.

User: KB-TheBearWhoMauls.
Name: Hector.
Pic: [pic http://i.imgur.com/ZvNtiIt.jpg?2]
Pokeperson/gijinka or Human: Human.
Job: Trainer.
If Human what pokemon do you have if any: Tepig and Reuniclus.
Personality: Optimistic, gentle, multi-talented, influential, carefree, polite, thoughtful, comforting, innocent, protective, sweet, affectionate, stern, playful, naive, kind, independent, demonstrative, enthusiastic, sympathetic, nurturing, romantic, clumsy, chivalrous, adventurous, daredevil and loving.
Home Region: Hector grew up in the Johto region by the Moomoo farm. Though, his current home is within the Unova region Floccesy Ranch.
Goal: He became a trainer to find out what he should be doing.
Bio: N/A.

Pic:[pic http://i.pinimg.com/736x/ec/bd/cb/ecbdcba6ab4b2499b80758f2d78cb26d--pokemon-mew-pokemon-gijinka.jpg]
Pokeperson/gijinka or Human:Pokeperson
Job: Pokemon
If Pokemon what moves do you know: Aura Sphere, Psychic, Dark Pulse, Transform
Personality: care free, bubbly, fun loving, innocent.
Home Region:Kanto
Goal: to have as much fun as possible and see the world.

Name:Syerra MacAngus
Pic:none yet
Pokeperson/gijinka or Human:Human
Pokemon:Eevee, Jigglypuff, Fennekin, Froakie, Zorua, Absol
Home Region: Sinnoh
Goal: to be a top Ranger
bio:Bright and bubbly, Syerra was raised by rangers. She loved pokemon.

User: NorthernWolves
Name: Alicia
Pic: [pic http://i68.tinypic.com/28hkg9k.png]
Pokeperson/gijinka or Human: Gijinka
Job: Pokemon
If Pokemon what moves do you know: Aura Sphere, Close Combat, Heal Pulse
Personality: quiet, protective, curious.
Home Region: Originally from Unovo, but likes to travel
Goal: To travel and see the world
bio: Previous owner died from age. Left house and began traveling the world.

User: Lusami
Name: Darkrai
Pic: [pic https://s26.postimg.org/nno4e84kp/2017-09-20-09-34-05-892-317x459.jpg]
Pokeperson/gijinka or Human: Gijinka
Job: Pokemon; Vigilante
Home Region: Sinnoh
Moves: Shadow Claw, Swords Dance, Disable, Blizzard.
Goal: Peace, in all ways. He is very gentle and loves to help others, and this is his only purpose.
Bio: Perpetually misunderstood, the large and foreboding Darkrai has scooted to and from a number of regions in his tireless quest to pursue and detain trouble. He's an excellent eavesdropper and gathers information almost as well and as spectacularly as he lurks. He comes off as a bit shy but is often mistaken for an evil entity instead, and as he isn't the best at speaking up on his own behalf, he doesn't get an opportunity to speak often. This has led to his being cast out of a number of places simply for being 'unsettling' and 'creepy looking'.

User: Avalon
Name: Seraphina
Pokeperson/gijinka or Human: Human
Job: Professors Aid
If Human what pokemon do you have if any: Shinx and a Rosalia,
Personality: A kind hearted girl who works for her fathers best friend, Professor Rowen. She has known Rowen ass her life and has dedicated her studies and and time to discovering new pokemon and learning more about them.
Home Region: AKA: Shino
Goal: To prove her worth to Professor Rowan and discover all new pokemon and ancient ruins that may connect to their history
Bio: Even as a child, Sera was often seen talking to pokemon in the woods and bringing them home lost/injured. Many children in Sandgem called her a Poke-freak which only drove her determination to help pokemon more. Her fascination turned into obsession and on her 10th birthday, she chose to work with Professor Rowan after badgering him for weeks to let her work for him. Now a healthy teenager, Seraphina is determined to prove herself by traveling the world in search for information. She has yet to find her nitch.


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Roleplay Responses

Wes smiles as Kate gestures for him to sit down. "THanks, My name is Wes and these are my partners." he said getureing to the pokemon behind him. They waves at Kate and Alicia. His pikachu hops up onto his lap and curls up into a ball. Wes smiles at her and pets her. He looks up at the two strangers he decided to sit next to and smiles. "SO are you visiting Vermillion city or are you hearding somewhere like I am?" he asked as he continued stroking Pikachu's back. His other pokemon gather areound the table and look at Kate and Alicia
  Wes / IKage / 1y 5d 15h 25m 12s
Mew floated around giggling slightly with a few buckets full of salt water behind her. "Now then lets find some targets." she sadi with a smile as she looked around the city. First Mew spots a Espeon and dumps one of the buckets on her head. She laughed at her reaction and then flew off to find another target.

She dumped hte next bucket on a glaceon and continued on after taking a moment to watch for her reaction. She dumped two of the remaining three buckets on some random humans. "This is so much fun!" she said as she laughed, looking for her next target.
  Mew / Ikage / 1y 11d 12h 14m 7s
It truly was a great day for riding. The wind felt great against his face as he pulled into a Pokémon center. He wanted to keep riding until he got to his destination but he promised that he wouldn't. Leona hated being in her poke-ball for any longer then she had to be. Plus the other hadn't got to come out since he started this long trip overseas. So, after parking his bike he headed over to the park that was behind the Pokemon center.
Pulling out his all five of his Poke-balls he yelled, "All right come on out." With a small pop all fire of his Pokemon stood in front of him. Leona was the first on to react by doing a spin around everyone and settling just behind Jackson. "Finally," He heard her say over there telepathic link.
"O come on Leona it not that bad," Another voice said. "I'm larger then you and I feel fine in mine." Leona turned to Aggron and rolled her eyes. "Well unlike you I haven't spent half my life in one so I don't like it." Aggron just laughed and said. "You're such a spoiled princess." This caused everyone but Leona to laugh. "Don't be too mean Aggron," said another female voice. "She been with master the longest."
"And if wasn't for her most of us would still be in cages." A third voice add. "Thank you, Fireheart, Braveheart." Leona said. "See you should be kinder to your Princess," It was Aggron turn to role his eyes.
Jakeson watched over as his Pokémon had there fun. He knew they were just playing. All but Leona where rescued Pokémon form different case that he had over the years. Fireheart and Braveheart his Arcanine and Mightyena. He rescued after some trainer was abusing both of them and try to use them to robe banks. Both had become close and you could rarely see one without the other. Arrgon he had found as an Aron after a crime enterprise try to threaten a city with a land slide. Aron had helped him find the bomb that would have caused the land slide. Last but certainly not least was Angel his Absol. He had saved Angel form a group using her as a test subject to find a way to make Pokémon stronger. The experiments lad left her blind and unable to walk when Jackson found her in her cage. It had taken time for her to trust him but after a while she did. She had even started walking again however her vision has yet to return. And so, this was his little family. A little broken but it was good. "Come on yawl how about some food I beat you're all hunger." At the mention of food all of them stopped talking and turned to him.
"Yes please," came the group response. "And caaannn you sssiiiinnnggg for use as wel?" came a small quite voice. Jackson looked down to angel who was laying in the grass. "Sure, I get something form the bike and we can start.
  Jackson / Mended / 1y 32d 12h 45m 10s
I twilred around as I walked looking at everything new and beautiful surrounding me, "It's so pretty here!" I exclaimed. I saw a Pokémon center up ahead and tilt my head, "I bet it looks way different from back home in Alola!" My tail wagged rapidly as I raced over and went inside, it was different and so cool! There were other Pokémon and trainers around too. *Ohhhh! This is a good opportunity to make friends!* I smacked my fist into my head as the idea hit me. I looked around for any social interaction I could find, but everyone seemed to be in conversations already. I slumped into n empty chair and pouted, "Darn my shyness..."
  Glaceon / Nightingale20 / 1y 42d 16h 36m 37s
The reaction she observed from the human was not a favorable one, scaring a human sometimes led the human in question to do random things which they would not normally do under “non-scared” situations. Alicia sort of froze, not knowing what would be happening.

This human did not do anything random, instead they asked a question. The human, a female, had asked a question. Ariana was just about to respond when the female asked a second question, merely a reword of the first question. Alicia cautiously answered, [i [+purple Down here.]]

The female looked down at her, even with the female sitting down on the bench Alicia could still feel the difference in height. It felt a tiny bit weird, but not enough to feel too worrisome.

At least not yet.

It appeared as if the female hadn’t seen Pokémon/human hybrids, or at least that was what Alicia could deduce from the female’s facial expression and emotions, and from the tone of the question. More calmly this time, Alicia answered, [i [+purple I’m a Lucario, and I’m from the Unovo region. I’m traveling around the regions aloe, but I do not know the names of either this region or any other.”]] All this while, the female was using one of those Pokédex devices attempting to scan, but it appeared that Pokédex device was not working.

The female placed one of her hands on her chin, was this supposed to mean anything?

So this was the Kanto region. That would help in looking at maps and figuring out a root. But maybe, but maybe this female was traveling.

[i [+purple Thank you. Are you traveling anywhere?]]

At first in response, the female scanned closer with the Pokédex device, and the reading something off it before putting it away. So this female was traveling, but would she let her trace with her?

[i [+purple Do you mind if I travel with you?]] Would the answer be a yes, or would it be a no?

It was a yes! That was great news. Alicia wouldn’t have to travel alone through the regions, she’d have someone to accompany, and maybe the female would help her understand some things. But she had forgotten one important thing.

[i [+purple Thank you. My name is Alicia.]] And the female responded with, [+red “It’s nice to meet you. My name is Kate Takeshi.”]

Right after that, a male voice from the side, asking if they could join them. Kate answered, [+red “Of course. My name is Kate Takeshi and this is Alicia. What’s your name?”]

Alicia looked at the boy, wearing a red-white cap with a symbol on the front of the cap, black t-shirt with black pants, red shoes, a blue jacket, and a feeling of extreme confidence.

Alicia reached out to his mind. [i [+purple Hello there, I hope this doesn’t scare you...]] This reminded her of something, Alicia reached out to Kate’s mind, [i [+purple I’m sorry about scaring you with this telepathic talking.]]
  Alicia / NorthernWolves / 1y 48d 17h 22m 2s
Kate jumped a little when she heard [+purple ""Do you know where we are?"] She was slightly frightened not ever having a physic pokemon.Kate would look around to make sure no one else is looking her direction and then she speak out loud asking [+red "Who it is?"] When getting no answer she asked again,[+red "Who is speaking to me?"] Then she heard a voice saying[+purple "Down here"]

Kate looked down to see a small Lucario standing near her.[+red " "What are you doing here?"] Kate asked taking out her pokedex. She let her pokedex attempt to scan the small Gijinka Lucario but it doesn't show up anything leading to more confusion... Kate tilted her head and looked down at Lucario.

[+purple "I'm a Lucario, and I'm from the Unovo region. I'm traveling around the regions alone, but I do not know the names of either this region or any other."] She placed a hand on her chin still looking down at this strange pokebeing.[+red "This is the Kanto Region."] Kate said. The Lucario then replied [+purple "Thank you. Are you traveling anywhere?"] She then tired scanning the Lucario with her pokedex again getting a little bit closer to her. The pokedex now showed some information about Gijinkas.

She read some of the information and then put the pokedex away.Kate nodde,[+red "You're welcome. I'm traveling back to my home town."] The Gijinkas then asked,[+purple "Do you mind if I travel with you?"] She nodded smiling,[+red " "If you would like to that's fine with me."]Kate looked around wondering of people thought she was crazy for talking to a being that looks like a pokemon.

[+purple "Thank you. My name is Alicia"]She looked back down at her.[+red "You're welcome Alicia. It's nice to meet you, my name is Kate Takeshi."] Kate looked up from Alicia when she heard another voice speaking to them.[+blue "Excuse me but may my pokemon and I join you two?"]he asked as he walked up to them. Kate moved over and patted the spot next to her.

[+red "Of course."] she said smiling.[+red "My name is Kate Takeshi and this is Alicia.What's your name?"] she asked as some of her pokemon began to make their way back over to join the group. Umbreon began to open her eyes and looked around at the group. She sat up on Kate's lap and started licking her paw.
  Kate Takeshi / HirokoKyo / 1y 54d 12h 23m 52s
After Wes settled in he walked back to the lobby of the pokemon center. "He looked at all the pokemon and pokemon currently hanging out. His Pikachu climbed up his leg and jumped onto his shoulder. "Need something?" Wes asked after turning his head to look at his friend. She smiled and pointed over to a Raichu that was with his or her trainer. "Lets go talk to them" she said as she looked up at Wes. Wes nodded and started walking over to the female trainer who had started up a conversation with a what seemed to be a Lucario. "Excuse me but may my pokemon and I join you two?" he asked as he walked up to them.
  Wes / IKage / 1y 55d 16h 9m 30s
[+magenta Kairi jumps of the boat and lands in the shallow water, she stands there awhile wiggling her toes in the sand before heading ashore, once ashore she stops and inhales smelling the wonderful ocean breeze. “Ah it’s so beautiful today here in Kanto.” She says walking up a set of stairs and into town roaming aimlessly she’s on her own without a trainer, Kairi walks towards the Pokémon center to find tons of people outside of it she stops under a tree and sits down yawning sitting down and closing her eyes.]
  Kairi Marie / MidnightJuniper / 1y 54d 21h 7m 49s
[b "Clefairy, use Metronome!"]
With this, a wave of gargantuan proportion came hurtling toward him, a sneering Clefairy riding it like a progessional surfer. Luckily, it was rather sunny today anf the shadows were plentiful, indeed. He tucked himself away as the wave passed overhead, and scooted away before the trainers nipping at his heels could get another attack in. He'd been sighted leaving the boat by accident, and there'd been... A few different reactions. Some folks ran off, others had thrown balls, and several, much like this older fellow and his Clefairy, had brought out their Pokémon and given chase. He looked just one last time at the frustrated group of trainers poking through weeds and brush to find him, and darted off, melting into the shadows as the boat disappeared from sight.

It stung.

The chasing, and the wounds, both. He found a quiet clearing in the forest in which to lean against a tree, assessing his cuts and bruises and debating on whether or not to make do with berries or to seek out help in a Pokémon Center. Always stubborn, he began to seek out Oran Berries, finding some not far away, in a small grove by a stream. There was a Pokémon Center down the trail a ways, and he could see trainers coming in and out in the distance. As he ate, it was apparent that some of his wounds were not as superficial as he'd thought. He may need a hand from a human... Hm.

The pretty ones in pink dresses had helped him before, maybe they would help him here, too? He finished one last berry and decided to chance it, creeping from shadow to shadow and scooting in through the front door riding the shadows of a young boy and a Wartortle. Once inside, he took in the decor, curious and unsure as to whether or not it was safe here. He noticed, then, that the Nurse was busy at the moment, and, not wanting to interrupt, he picked his way to the medical room on his own. A Chansey was there, putting fresh blankets on some of the recovery tables. What luck!

He rose from the floor, reaching out to tap her on her plump, pink shoulder. She was, of course, startled, but seemed to understand as she noticed his nicks and cuts. She directed him to one of the tables, and he nodded, quietly seating himself as she excused herself to retrieve the nurse. They returned together a few minutes later, Nurse Joy entering with a short gasp. Sigh. Yes, yes he was... Eerie. Not that he meant to be!
She overcame this, though, hurrying over to check his pulse and to begin applying medicine. [i "Did someone attack you? These are terrible!"]
He nodded. [b "...trainers."] came the deep and regretful response, holding out his long, clawed arms for the human to inspect.

When she was satisfied and had treated everything, she offered him some berry juice, and allowed herself to really get a good look at him. [i "I've only seen you once, in a book. You've come a long way haven't you, Darkrai?"]

Another nod.
[i "Well, please feel free to stay and rest, but you're free to go whenever you like! And steer clear of trouble."] Nurse Joy advised, followed by some agreement on Chansey's part. They left to head back to the front again to help trainers, leaving Darkrai to sip his juice and to curiously wander the back halls of the Pokémon Center. Ah, yes, these little dens were trainer rooms! His shadowy form trickled into a room, a mere blob on the floor as he poked his head out to eye the room. Very cozy looking.

The next room, unexpectedly occupied, gave him a small heart attack. There was a boy in it, chatting with his team. Smiling, all of them. How nice... But he worried he might scare everyone away again, or be chased. Maybe if they didn't notice him... He could still be in their company? Yes, quiet as a mouse... He scooted in and tucked himself under a bed, lost in the shadows and too shy to make any sort of introduction anyhow.
  D / Lusami / 1y 60d 6h 8m 20s
Above the Vermillion city a small pink haired girl could be seen flying around. "So this is one of the major human cities" a childish voice said as she watched people go about their day. "hhhmm some of these humans seem soooo dull...They really need to relax and have some fun." Mew said with a smile as she flew closer to the city. "And I know just the thing to do." she said as she looked around for anything to control and stopped some buckets. "Perfect!" she said as she Psychiclly picked up the buckets and took them to the ocean. "Let the fun begin."
  Mew / IKage / 1y 60d 20h 46m 11s
"Welcome to Kanto Mr. Jackson," The lady said behind the desk. She handed him back his passport. "I hope you enjoy your trip."
"Thank you have a nice day," He said giving a charming smile as he walked out. The sun was shining brightly on a lovely summer day. 'It seems like a great day to enjoy the weather,' He heard from his side. "Yea it a great day for a ride." He looked over to see his Gardevoir Leona standing by the entrance of center. Leona had been one of his first Pokémon when he was growing up. His parents said they found him playing with a Ralt in the backyard one day. Short after he had taken her as his first Pokemon.
'It does," She nodded. 'They just finishing unloading your motorcycle with the other vehicles. Also, I believe your luggage has also been cleared.' Jackson nodded. As he pulled out Leona pokeball. "Thanks Leona I'll let everyone out when we stop for the night." With that he returned her to her pokeball. He knew she didn't like being inside her pokeball but she easy got motion sick on his bike.
After grabbing a small case from the luggage area, he headed to the loading area. A nice looking sport bike waited for him. A Yamaha YZF-R15 painted white and blue rested on it kick stand to the side of the other car and trucks. After placing his case one of the two saddlebags and fix the other one. He started the engine and head out.
  Jackson / Mended / 1y 61d 8h 25m 13s
She had lived her entire life only in the Unovo region, from the moment she hatched from an egg till she had wished her last farewells to her now deceased trainer at his funeral. She had always been a free spirit, never confined to the tight space of a pokeball, and with nothing to keep her tied to one place no more she set out to travel the world.

Maybe it wasn't the best way to start off, but being all by herself she stowed away on one of the ships sailing away. It wouldn't have ended well at all if she had been discovered perchance, but fortune favored her and she wasn't discovered by anyone.

It was somewhat tricky disembarking the boat. She could not be seen overtly since she had gotten on the boat without anyone noticing her in the first place. One option was to blend with everyone else as they walked down the plank. The other option would be to jump into the water and swim for it. Even though the second option seemed more prudent considering the situation, she wasn't sure she would be able to swim, let alone jump into the water from a terrifying height.

In all honesty, she had no clue how no one noticed her. All she did was stay quiet and keep to herself as she glued herself to the horde of people walking down the plank, and it was as if she wasn't there at all. It was extremely curious, so curios that she almost ran into someone.

She avoided running into anyone else, always looking around. Whatever this place was, it definitely looked different from Unovo. This place had a name, but the name was unknown as she had not been able to glean the destination from any of the passengers as she had walked in the horde, nor had she been able to notice a "you are here" sign.

Walking through this new region, she came upon a building. Reaching out with her mind, she could sense so many humans and pokemons in that building. Maybe one of the humans in there knew what this place was.

It was worth a try.

She entered the building, and out of habit she entered as quietly as possible, attempting to avoid anyone's attention on her. But, if she wanted to know where she was, she'd have to go up to someone and talk with them; that was the opposite of being quite and somewhat out of the way.

Looking around, she singled out a girl with a pink hair color, orange and white cap, a black and white backpack, mostly orange jacket, black pants, and who had eight pokemon out of their pokeballs and eating.

As she approached this girl, Alicia could make out the pokemon in a much better detail. There was a Raichu,a Venasaur, various evolutions of Evee, and some other pokemon which she didn't recognize.

Once she was close enough, Alicia asked a question, telepathically to the girl, [i [+purple "Do you know where we are?]]
  Alicia / NorthernWolves / 1y 61d 9h 29m 58s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Varela+Round]
[Varela+Round [#6aaf6a
[#e0b152 [b “Wow~! It’s a Miltank!”]] the boy shouted in glee as he rushed over to the Pokemon. [b “Yes, that is indeed a Tepig.”] the man said with a nod of the head, before realizing what the kid had actually said: [b “Wait! Wa-What did you just call that Pokemon, young sir~!!?”] The young teen then replied with a puzzled answer to his question: [#e0b152 [b “A...Miltank?”]]

The twelve year old stared blankly at the professor with confusion. [b “Boy- that’s a Tepig.”] The professor exclaimed as he pointed at the creature angrily. However, the kid just laughed at the white coat as he held the creature up to the ceiling and spun around in a circle for split a minute. [#e0b152 [b “Man~ you lab guy’s, sure are funny.”]] Hector said with laughter in his voice as he nosed the black and orange piglet. Tepig then graciously snuggled back to Hector with a rub to the cheeks.

[b “What on earth makes you believe that could be a Miltank?!”] The professor strident. [#e0b152 [b “Well- it has a snout, ears, and a tail. So, it’s obviously a Miltank from my childhood of the Moomoo farm.”]] Hector said with confidence while Tepig agreed in a cheer of happiness.

[b “Great you're Tepig is in denial as well.”] the professor said in agony while rubbing the temples of his forehead.
From the boat Kate could see the outline of her home region,Kanto. She was so excited to be back. The feeling of the warm sunshine, the soft breeze, and then the sound of the ocean made her grin with delight. It had been years since the start of her pokemon journey in her own region.Kate had experienced many more things and was wiser now then in the beginning.

She looked down at Raichu, who was looking through the railing staring at the passing water.[+orange " Ria..Riachu.."] she heard the fairly large pokemon say.[+red "Your excited to be home too? Huh Ginge?"] Kate said to her faithful friend.Ginger looked up at Kate and then back down at the water. After about another hour the boat docked in Vermilion City.

Kate and Ginger walked off the boat.[+red "We still have a ways to go before reaching home."] she said to Raichu.[+orange "chu..chu.."] she replied back.[+red "It would be a good idea to stop at the pokemon center before we head to Pallet Town."]

Ginger headed in the direction leading the way. Kate giggled at the pokemon. She was a very assertive type of pokemon, Ginger liked to lead the way. Kate followed listening to the Raichu talk up a storm as they walked. Ginger waited for Kate at the Pokemon Center door before they both stepped in.

Nurse Joy greeted them as they entered the front room of the building.[+blue "Welcome back, Kate."] Nurse joy said with a smile.[+red "It's nice to see you again,Nurse Joy."] Kate replied.The nurse sat back down at her desk and continued the conversation.[+blue "Are you and Ginger heading back to Pallet Town."] She nodded in reply.[+red "We are both very excited to be heading home for awhile.The other pokemon are very excited too."]

Kate patted her Raichu on the head.[+red "We just need to rest up and get some supplies before we go."] Nurse Joy stood up again and motioned for them to follow her.[+blue "We have an open room if you would like to use it for awhile.There is another trainer in the next room."] She nodded smiling and walked through the door.[+red "Thank you so much."] Kate said.

Nurse Joy smiled,nodded,and walked back to her station.Kate set her bag down on the bed.She took out a few packages of food picking up the remaining pokeballs, Kate and Ginger proceeded to make their way out to the courtyard.Other trainers had the same idea as her and were outside letting their pokemon play and eat. She walked over to a bench, set the food down,and released Venusaur,Vulpix,Arcanine,Flareon,Vaporeon, and Umbreon.

All of the pokemon expressed themselves with happy noises.Venusaur plotted down in the cool grass and closed his eyes. Kate laid out food for Vulpix,Arcanine,Raichu,and Flareon. Vaporeon had walked over and hopped into the fountain. Umbreon wiggled her way under Kate's arm and curled up in her lap.

She smiled scratching the cat like dark pokemon's ears.Kate sat watching her pokemon do their thing. It made her smile seeing them all happy and playing. Kate moved her gaze to look at all of the other trainers and their pokemon. It didn't look like anyone she knew was at the Pokemon Center at this time.

[+purple "Hmmm.."] she thought looking around some more. Kate wasn't one for making new friends or talking to strangers.She would just keep to herself and when they were ready the group would make their way to Pallet Town.
  Kate Takeshi / HirokoKyo / 1y 64d 9h 26m 36s
Waking up on the boat was a nice experience, the warm sunshine, the soft breeze, and the sound of the ocean make for a lovely wake up call. The travel from her home in Alola we lovely too but now she was in Kanto and there was so much to see! She hopped off the boat and started to walk and look around at everything she saw, everything was new and wonderful. She was going to love living here from now on, or as long as she can. She was going to go home someday but today was just the start of young Glaceon's new adventure.
  Glaceon / Nightingale20 / 1y 64d 12h 42m 32s

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