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One came from Fire
And the other from Ice
They were both filled with desire
But instead chose to fight.

Only when two become one
Can the old wars come undone
The fire and the ice must find a way to unite

__________and ________ are two of the new generation of both the Fire and the Ice clans. They had heard the stories and knew of the prophecy, but wondered what good an old fairytale would do them. They had both watched many they had known and many they had even loved fall to the war.

And since they were both adults and had come of age they decided they needed to live their lives and to get away. The best way to be "normal" was to join a college where they could start again. A place they could be who and what they wanted. Or so the young pair thought.

What happens when they try to have a normal college experience but the old prophecy comes back to haunt them? What happens when draws become bonds? Will the pair fight what is known to be their destiny, or will they give in?


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