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[center [Courgette [size14 [b 1x1 | School | Slice of Life | Drama | Mature]

A clumsy, high school girl...

.. develops a crush on the school delinquent.

She is socially awkward and introverted, never speaking to anyone unless spoken to. When she does speak, she ends up fumbling at the mouth or just running away.

She wants to get his attention, but that's impossible.

Until one day, during lunch, she accidentally trips and spills a drink on him. Embarrassed and frightened, she escapes without apologizing.

She now has his attention, and he attempts to confront her, but it's not an easy task when she keeps running away.

What a great start to the new school year..!


[size11 [b [u Rules~]]
Anime or Illustrative Pictures Only.
Mature RP ~ Meaning cussing, ect.
Quality Posts.
Not romance heavy, more like fluff moments may happen. I prefer fluff nowadays.
Post when you are able to.
PM me if you must be away for a long period of time, want to abandon the RP, because you're no longer interested, ect. Don't leave me hanging.
Casual, fun RP.
You are a delinquent, so he must have the qualities that give him that title. Be better if he's cold and stoic, but he should also have a flaw/weakness that will eventually come out later in the RP.
I would like to have this played out in seasons. We'll start in the Spring. I'm thinking like every 20 to 25 posts, maybe. I don't want everything to happen to fast.]


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[center [size16 [Bad+Script Pink eyes glanced down at the crack of the door, seeing the shadow of two feet. She gasped and walked into a stall, locking the door and stood huddled in the corner. She hugged her arm to her chest, trying to calm herself and stop her legs from shaking. Exhaling deeply, she remained there for a good few minutes. No one came inside. She stepped to the door, unlocking it and peeked out.

[i He must of left by now,] she thought.

Chiyo exited the stall, walked towards door, her eyes catching sight of a small note on the floor. [i Oh god no..] Should she even dare pick that up and read it. She shook her head and stepped on it, twisting her foot. She'll pretend she didn't see it. She opened the door and peeked out, looking both ways. Silence. Everyone must be in class. Oh great. She had to walk into her class with everyone staring at her.

Frowning, cheeks flushed, she walked back down the hall where she came. She slid open the door, keeping her eyes down. No eye contact with anyone. Luckily, she wasn't too late for class. She walked over to her desk, hiding her face behind the slim textbook.

An hour into class, Chiyo was handed a note. She didn't read it and continued reading her book in silence. She never trusted notes, besides, she didn't want to get in trouble and it be her fault. Again, pretended not to see it. Her silence may come off rude, but she always had a hard time speaking to someone.. except her family, of course.
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[center [font "Arial" The delinquent was stunned when the girl dropped from his grasp and crawled away. No one ever had the courage to do that. Whirling around to catch her, his finger slipped through her silky hair. His eyes widened as he looked at his hand that was only clutching air. Cocking his head, he couldn't stop himself from thinking about [i touching her hair again.] Catching himself from dwelling on those thoughts any longer, he pounced after her. Just as he was about to ram his shoulder through the bathroom door, Ashitaka was caught by a familiar cough. Wincing, he backed away slowly with his head down.

[b "Ashitaka, [i what are you doing?"]] questioned a deep, chocolate voice, There was an amusement behind the words that sent chills up the boys' spine. Twirling on his heels, he puffed his chest out in defiance. It would have been more effective if he would make eye contact. Grumbling he lifted his eyes. A tall handsome man stood over him. He had a few books in his hand and he was staring at the bad boy over the rim of his thick glasses.
[b [#800000 "N-Nothing Mr. Takumi."]] Ashitaka barked. Running his fingers through his strawberry locks he bit his lower lip. He'd have to confront her later. Stupid bathrooms.
The teacher nodded with a smirk before patting the boy on the head. Ashitaka let out a silent hiss. He hated how familiar Mr. Takumi acted with him. Shifting the weight of his bag he pulled out a slip of paper and scrawled on it.]

[font "Gabriola" [size19 [i 'Watch your back kid.']]]

[font "Arial" Slipping the card under the door, he stalked off to class. Just as he was about to enter his next class his pocket vibrated. Pulling out his phone he surveyed the screen. It was a text from one of the members of his crew.
[font "Courier New" [u Draco:] Hey Aries we are taking the squirt to the park.]
Smiling down at the message, he typed back a 'have fun.' Flickering his eyes from side to side, Ashitaka made sure no one saw him being sentimental. His little brother was going to be the death of him.
  |crush me| / muta / 157d 15h 27m 15s
[google-font 'https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Bad+Script';]
[center [size16 [Bad+Script [i Pant... Pant.. Pant...]

[#ff3b92 "Out of the way!"] she yelled.

Students rushed out of the girl's way, putting on the breaks so hard to stop the bike. She almost fell like twice while speeding. Pink strands of hair fell into her face, hair a complete mess again. She cried to herself and reached into her bag, pulling out her emergency mirror and brush. She took a moment to calm herself. Whoever she crashed into, she continued to mentally apologize, closing her eyes tight. [i Why must this happen to me?] she thought. She parked her bike into one of the racks and chained it up. She didn't want to trouble Renzo with buying her a new one. She needed to be careful.

She inhaled deeply and patted her cheeks, getting herself together. She looked down at her phone. A few more minutes and she'll be late for class. She walked through the crowd of students, entered the school, changed her shoes, then went on her way to class, keeping her eyes somewhat casted downwards towards the floor. Why is she looking at the floor? Can't be that interesting. Making it to class had her sighing in relief, like she escaped from something frightening. She walked to her desk and sat down, glancing out the window at the cherry blossoms.

Chiyo heard a commotion going on from outside. She ignored it. She didn't want to be involved in anything. When she heard footsteps, loud ones at that, she peeked from behind her book to see a red-haired boy coming her way with this feeling of hostility. Her eyes widened, looking for a way to escape. She stood up from her desk, ready to run, but found herself trapped between the wall and this very intimidating boy. No way she was going to look him in the eyes. She may faint.

The poor, frightened girl was confused. She stayed to herself and never bothered anyone. Most stayed away from her because they consider bad luck from just being clumsy all the time. Chiyo clenched at her skirt and began to shake from his gaze, legs wobbling. [#ff3b92 "....!"] She fell to the floor on her knees and crawled her way towards the door as fast as she could, stood up and ran, but not before tripping herself up. She recovered like a boss and headed towards the girl's bathroom, sighing. Her heart throbbed in her chest to almost painful, clenching at it.

[i He wouldn't follow me into the bathroom.. right...? What's his name again...?]
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[center [font "Arial" A massive cocoon of fluffy sheets lay nestled in a valley of pillow mountains. The only indication of life was the steady rise and fall of breathing. Messy red locks of soft hair sprouted from the top of a bundle like a carrot. The morning sun was peering through the large apartment window to check on the slumbering beast. Its rays kissed everything in the room igniting it in an amber glow. All was quite. All was tranquil.

That was until a small figure slinked through the shadows. Their footsteps were soft and well planned. It was a surprise when it flung into the air landing belly first on the mound of sleepy blankets. In a hurricane of fabric and yelling, the bed exploded. It was hard to tell where the humans started and where the bedding materials ended. The figure turned out to be a little boy with the same crimson hair as his sleeping prey. He was straddling triumphantly the sleeping giant. Before he could attack him with a pillow, the monster scooped up the boy and tossed him in the air. Shrieking in delight, he fell onto the pillows below. The beast revealed himself to be worse than any fictional creature ever read in story books: [i a big brother.] In a counter attack the larger male lept onto the child with his ultimate finishing move, tummy tickles.][right [pic https://i.imgur.com/2EIH0Zt.jpg]]
[center [font "Arial" Rolling around under the weight of his aggressor the younger child cried out in defeat between bouts of hysterical laughter.
[b [#626262 "YOU WIN YOU WIN!"]] He howled.

His big brother stopped and smirked. Just as he was about to get off of the little guy, he was blindsided by a sneak attack. The younger sibling had jumped onto the male's lap and was hugging him around his neck.

[b [#800000 "Ahhh Haku! Warm hugs are my one true weakness."]] Hollering, he toppled to the ground in a dramatic fake death.
[b [#626262 "Ashitaka, you are no match for me!"]] Cackled Haku. Ashitaka wrapped his long arms around his little brother and stood up. Balancing his little monkey on his hip, he hobbled over to the kitchen. Ashitaka huffed and thought to himself,[#800000 [i 'this kid is getting too big to be carried like this.']] Setting the tike on the countertop, Ashitaka lumbered over to the refrigerator. It was empty. [i Shit someone forgot to go grocery shopping.]
[b [#800000 "Well Haku guess we are eating with the boys,"]] he grumbled.
Haku had other feelings about the statement. His round eyes widened and his face beamed. Haru [i loved] the boys.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/6KVSZgH.jpg]

[u The Boys] referred to the [i Renegades,] the top gang in the city. They were a group of around twenty bruts men and women. But the main boys were the six guys who were the next in command to the leader. The leader just happened to be the little rugrat's older brother, Ashitaka. Most parents would be worried about their child hanging out with a bunch of delinquents, but Haku didn't have to worry. He didn't have any. It was just him and the coolest big brother in the world. Haku could never complain.
[b [#800000 "Haku go get dressed, I'm dropping you off at the garage oka-"]] ordered Ashitaka; however, he didn't even get to finish the sentence before the boy had disappeared. Shaking his head, Ashitaka headed to his own room to get dressed.
The school had a uniform, but that didn't mean a thing to the gang boss. After a shower, the redhead pulled on a black tee shirt over his muscular body. His scarred arms were covered by a sweatshirt. Pulling on a pair of black jeans, Ashitaka grabbed his things for school. Another one of Ashitaka's great parenting skills was transporting his brother on a motorcycle. Don't worry they had helmets.

Ashitaka pulled up to the curb of an old abandoned city garage. The Renegades had turned it into their headquarters and home for some of the members. Parking the vehicle out back, he lifted his brother up like a baby koala. He couldn't lie, [i he loved carrying Haku like this.] Climbing the stairs he headed to the hideout.
A bunch of gorilla-sized men were sitting around a surprisingly well decorated room. Some of them were playing cards while others were doing [u homework.] They were actually very good kids. Ashitaka took kids off the street to clean them up. And everyone needs an education.
Everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at the intruder. It was silent for a moment before all of the members were yelling their good mornings. One thug in particular robbed Ashitaka of his child and took him off to play games. They loved Haku. He was an honorary member.
[b [#800000 "Hey Haku has daycare at two make sure he gets there."]] Barked Ashitaka. He swiveled around to stare down one of the guys. [b [#800000 "And DON'T take him on the motorcycles."]] He growled. A few of the men snickered at the thought of the last [i incident.] Apparently it was appropriate to take a kid to daycare in the sidecar of a motorcycle. Sighing, Ashitaka waved to his brother who was already coloring while drinking a juice box. If the other gangs saw this sight they'd be done for.
On is way to school, Ashitaka was assaulted by a bicycle. Picking up his things that had dropped to the floor, he let out a furious hiss. His amber eyes followed the culprit. All he saw was blossom locks twirling in the wind as she fled the scene. Cursing to himself, he stomped off to class. Once he had made it class he was still boiling with anger. He spotted the pink haired girl again and lunged at her pushing her up against the wall. He was a lot bigger than her so he towered over her. His fist was pressed into the concrete wall as he leaned in inches away from her. As he spoke, his hot breath brushed her face.
[b [#800000 "Hey what the hell???"]]

[p ignore how long it is. its mostly coding so don't feel like you have to match it.]
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[google-font 'https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Bad+Script';]
[center [size16 [Bad+Script [b Spring]

One of her most favorite times of the year. Waking up in the morning to the sound of birds chirping, the beautiful scenery, and warm temperatures. Who wouldn't love Spring?

The pink-haired girl slowly rose up in her bed, half-asleep like a zombie. A small moan of sleepiness escaped her lips, followed by a yawn, then a stretch. She pulled the sheets off her head, hair a complete mess. She moved to stand on her feet, but immediately met with the floor, dragging the sheets down along with her.

Just another day of clumsiness. Seriously, she should have a caution sign around her neck. Her parents don't understand why she has developed this clumsy nature to the point that it's become ridiculous.

She sat up and rubbed her head with a huff, cheeks tinted pink from embarrassment, falling in her own room. [i Never ends for me..] she thought and walked into the bathroom to get herself ready for school. These new school uniforms looked better than those old ones. She usually had to get more than one, due to her either ripping the skirt by accident or just getting too many stains on one.


Chiyo managed to finish without any accidents so far, taking her time to go down the stairs. Her older brother, Renzo, was in the kitchen, probably cooking dinner for tonight. Renzo is the only person she can really talk to, without stuttering. Since their parents died, Renzo has been the only special person to her. No one else, which seems pathetic.

[b "Is my little sister going to try to make a friend this year? You're a Junior now,"] he said.

Chiyo fiddled with her skirt, looking down with flushed cheeks. [#ff3b92 "I-I'll try.. but.. no promises."] No, she wasn't going to even attempt to make one. [#ff3b92 "Ah, time to go.. bye Renny,"] she said in her usual soft voice, grabbing her well-made lunch and headed out the door of their two-story home. She breathed in the fresh, Spring air, trying to get herself together. She grabbed her bike and made her way towards school. She watched many other students walk with each other, chatting amongst themselves. It must be nice to have friends... or a friend.

Of course, Chiyo being Chiyo, she was not paying attention and felt her bike clash with someone else, falling off of it with a small yelp. [i Can't even make it to school!] She screamed in her head and sat up, quickly pulling her skirt down. [#ff3b92 "I-I-I'm sorry!"] She got back onto her bike and peddled away with newfound speed, knowing it was probably a male she bumped into. She never did well around males. She had a hard time speaking to females, and males were much worse. She always ran away.

[i I'm sorry brother... it won't work out this year!]
  Chiyo~ / Fleshore / 160d 9h 9m 5s

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