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Ken jumped when Levi touched his shoulder unexpectedly. He sighed taking one last look at his scared stomach in the mirror. He felt itd only be a matter of time before Levi started taking what he wanted from Ken. Shaking his head he used the bathroom then headed back to the room hed been staying in and laid back down.
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Levi knocked on the door again in a slight panic. [b "ken, open the door please are you okay? Ken." He forced the door open only to see ken staring at himself in the mirror. Levi put his hands on his shoulders smiling softly. [b "come now go to the bathroom and let's get you back to bed."] Levi said he looked at his belly in the mirror still in shock he was pregnant. Even though he was with someone else's child and not his Levi was still going to care for the two
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 13d 20h 19m 27s
Ken didn't answer when he heard Levi at the bathroom door he just continued to stare at his stomach. He couldn't believe that the small bump in his stomach was actually his unborn child. He felt slight panic when he thought about raising his child. He didn't know the first thing about children or being a parant.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 14d 59m 21s
Levi twitched in his deep sleep before waking to the sound of walking in the hallways. He didn't want to alarm the boy or scare him. The violet haired male got up once he heard the bathroom door close then traveled close by then knocked on the door. [b Ken, are you okay in there i got worried so i came to make sure you were okay.]
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"Night" he muttered drifting off to sleep. He woke up a few hours later and got up trying to go find the bathroom without waking his teacher up. Once he managed to get out the bedroom and into the hallway he sighed in relief. He stumbled down the hall looking for a bathroom. finally after a bit of searching he found the bathroom. He went into the bathroom without closing the door and stopped infront of the mirror. He lifted his shirt and stared at his scared slightly bulging stomach in the mirror trying not to cry again.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 14d 9h 16m 54s
Levi smiled putting out his cigarette walking in brushing his hair as he fell asleep. The male had a blanket and pillow brought to the room and laid it upon the floor he was going to stay in the room with him so if he had any night terrors or had to get up to use the bathroom he would be there to help him. [b "Goodnight ill be right here if you need me."]
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Ken smiled slightly when Levi said he'd take care of him and his baby. "Thank you."He said having finished his soup. He handed the bowl back to the guy who had brought it to him and laid down to try and sleep more. He was actually beginning to feel safe in this place. Maybe we can have a life he thought to himself and his unborn child.
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Levi chuckled as he was called teach. [b "You can call me Levi while we are not at school. you make me feel like i am a old pervert."] he chuckled taking a drag from his cigarette. he watched him eat slowly glad the soup was staying in his stomach. [b "Of course i insist you stay here. besides you have no were to go i dont plan on letting you and your baby being homeless. i will take care of you both."]
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 14d 11h 14m 13s
He puked into the trash can he had been handed. Ken nodded looking up from the trash can as the other man walked outside to smoke. " hey teach is it really ok for me to be here??" He asked in a shaky voice. When the soup was brought to him and he smiled eating slowly. He didn't want to get sick again and waste anymore food.
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Ken quickly grabbed a trash can handing it to him. [b "Soup would be best till you are used to food. Erwin get soup ready now."] He hissed to the men. Levi stood up opening the windows walking to the sliding the door open to the outside garden.

[b "Ill stand out here to smoke dont want to harm the baby."] he spoke standing out the door lighting a cigarette up.
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Ken was in shock at hearing that his brother was dead. Slowly he ate a few bits of food trying to eat for the baby. Once the food hit his stomach Ken felt sick like he was going to throw up. His face had turned green as he looked for a trash can anything he could puke into. He wasn't used to eating very often due to his brothers abuse and his body was rejecting the food.
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Levi sighed brushing his hair as he cried. [b "Hes dead Ken. He will not come for you and the child. You are safe."] he brushed his fingertips against Kens cheek before he was intrupted by one of his fathers men bringing the food in handing it to levi before leaving. [b "YOu need to eat here. Even if you say your not hungry think of the child."]
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Ken continued crying and clung to his teacher not knowing if he should believe his words or not. Eventually he lay back down tears dried on his cheeks. He had cried til his tears just dried up. Now he cried without tears. He was beyond terrified for himself and his child even tho he was told hed be safe here.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 14d 11h 44m 43s
Levi got up going to Ken's side. [b "its okay Ken. Your brother wont bug you any longer you will live here with me ill protect you from everyone and everything."] He pulled him close petting his head.

[b "Right now you just need to rest no one will harm you or your child. okay. you need to keep this iv in your arm you need to lay down so you dont open your wounds, the cook is making some food. and when you want to shower i will help you. do not worry i wont touch you okay Ken."] He spoke in a soft tone the drop of blood still on his cheek.
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Ken screamed loudly in fear from the nightmare he was having and jerked awake. He sat on the bed crying loudly. He didn't notice his teacher had returned or the bag of his things in the room either. He wrapped his arms around his stomach once again and sat there crying. He had dreamed that takumi had found him and forced him to kill his baby.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 14d 12h 8m 22s

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