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Levi sat up in his bed as he heard the door knock. He couldn't believe that Ken was already ready to talk to him even though he feared him. Or maybe it wasn't even Ken maybe it was one of the others. Even so he had to answer whine every was behind the door right? Levi got up from his bed taking his coat off he walked to the door opening it looking down at the smaller male. [b "nice to see you Ken. Did you have a good day?"] he asked smiling softly at the male
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Ken had spent the day watching movies hed never seen before and making himself eat til he got sick. He wasn't used to being aloud to do what he wanted without getting beat or raped for it. When Levi returned Ken slowly walked yo Levi room and knocked on the door he was still scared but didn't want to be.
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[b " I won't bug you today. I'm going to head to the school and come back. The men here will take care of you. What ever you need snacks, movies anything. Just ask them if you want to talk to me when I get home I'll be in my room. "] he left the house going to the school he was tired so he just made the teenagers do book work once he was finished he went back home to his room laying in his bed exhausted from the night before
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Ken had just woke up when Levi came into the room. "Barely."He said answering levis question as to if he was able or not. He looked at Levi still not able to keep the fear out of his eyes. He didn't want to fear this man but couldn't help it ever since he saw the scars and tattoos on levis body. He stood up and walked past the other male going to the bathroom.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 165d 12h 39m 28s
LEvi laughed to himself as the boy told him to go get the help he needed andnodded. [b "Ill have him come change your IV bag too. Goodnight Ken."] he stood up heading to his room letting the doctor put his IV back in. Levi soon drifted off tosleep.

Once morning came Levi woke up feeling alot better he decided it was time for him to go check on him. [b "Are you awake Ken?"]
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 165d 12h 52m 39s
Ken sighed noticing how unsteady Levi was. "Go back to let the doctor take care of you. " he said even tho he was now afraid of Levi. He Still wanted him to be ok and not sick. Sighing he stood up holding the sword and made his way back to the room hed had been sleeping in and thought about what bed just learned about his teacher.
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[b "I just told you my biggest secret... I guess your right ill just have you fall for me the right way. Maybe school wouldn't be the best right now. your wounds may re open and your also pregnant. so it is not good for you to go."] LEvi rubbed his temples his vision becoming blurry. he needed to get back to his room to his IV but he decided to wait there with Ken even though he couldnt comfort him he was afraid of levi now. Levi could see it in his eyes
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"I don't belong to you "Ken muttered as he put the ring on and picked up the sword looking pissed off. When Levi mentioned school Ken frowned and looked ready to puke at the thought. He didn't want to deal with the school bullies the next morning. Hed be bullied even more for living with the teacher.
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Levi sighed sitting on the ground level with Ken his arm throbing in pain. [b "Fine, Ill tell you. Im my fathers handy man by night i kill people those who deserve to die never someone innocent. by day im a teacher. havent you ever noticed me being tired during class the days i sat and made everyone do book work. some times i work over time. Now that you know you belong to me."] he stood up walking to his room and then came back out with a small black box and another larger thin skinny box.

Levi placed it on the floor next to ken. [b "The ring put it on, and the sword is passed down generations. Keep it by you at all times it is a sign you belong to me. Now go to bed we have school in a few hours if you are up for it."]
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Ken shook his head "tell me the rest or I leave he said."He had to know or hed never feel safe around this man ever again. He had to know what the reason behind those scars was. Levi knew the reason behind kens own scar and it was only fair that Ken know the whole truth about Levi now. He waited for Levi to begin speaking again.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 165d 14h 45m 6s
Levi gritted his teeth looking at Ken who began to fear him and tried to move away from him. [b "I'm yakuza. Well the yakuza boss son. I..."] he paused and grabbed kens chin. [b "if I finish telling you about me you'll belong to me and me only. Are you sure you want to know the rest? Just know you are safe as long as you are here with me nothing bad will come to you."]
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Ken scooted away from Levi as he came over and touched his stomach. Fear was clear on his face as he looked at the other male who he thought he could trust. "W wh who are you?" He asked his voice shaking as he spoke. The man Ken had once had a crush on wasn't at all who Ken thought he was. He continued scooting away from Levi in fear.
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Levi laughed with a couple of the guys as they explained what had happened to the others making motions and making fun of levi jokingly. he soon heard a loud thud that made him pull the iv from his arm then walked to the hallway seeing Ken on the ground. He rushed to his side helping him up touching his stomach to make sure his child was fine.

[b "Are you alright Ken? did you just come from the bathroom? Must be hard with your child making you have to pee every so often right?"] he spoke he went to pick him up but a sharp pain jolted down his right arm. [b "Fuck."]
  KasaiShadowFox / 165d 21h 39m 13s
Ken watched from the hallway as the doctor worked on Levi. He wondered just who his teacher really was with all those tattoos and scars. He was slightly afraid of Levi now that he knew he didn't really know the man at all. Sighing he triad to silently go back to his room but tripped over his own iv and fell with a loud thump.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 166d 2h 8m 24s
Levi finished up his job being a little more difficult then expected the male arrived home his right shoulder bleeding from a gunshot wound. he hissed and cussed through the halls going through the halls. [b "Bring me back the Fucking doctor and hurry up i have already lost enough blood as it is."] He yelled as his men got the doctor who gave him a small dosage of morphine.

The doctor took of his coat and shirt revealing the tattoos he had hidden beneath along with the scars of previous fights and shots. Once the doctor was able to sew up his wound after taking the bullet out he stuck and iv in his arm attaching it to the blood bag. [b "Has Ken been up? Hopefully my yelling didnt startle him."] he said using his left arm getting out a cigarette to calm himself.
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