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Ken watched quietly surprised the other man hadn't asked about his injuries. "Nice to meet you sir." He said before Levi started ushering him out if the room. Ken was confused as to why Levi was in such a hurry to get out of there. "Levi what the rush??" He asked once back in the hallway heading back to his room.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 164d 1h 46m 25s
Levi held his hand while leading him deeper into the large home to his fathers quarters knocking on the door before being let in. A male who looked to be about in his early 40's stood near a table a pipe in his mouth a sword on his hip he turned to his son smiling. "Son! and his mate." he waved his hand for the boy to come closer.

Levi blinked and sighed. "Yes father this Is KEn. Hes also pregnant." The male said softly. His father looked at LEvi and then to the boy. " So i am to have a grandchild? But hes a... It doesnt matter if hes a woman or man im going to have a grandchild this is time to celebrate!" He laughed.

"Sorry father but im going to take him back to rest he needs time to rest with the little child in his stomach so we must go back."
  KasaiShadowFox / 164d 14h 52m 15s
Ken sighed grumbling something under his breath but took levis hand. "Fine" he said taking levis hand and following him. It wasn't that Ken didn't want to be levis he just didn't want to be labeled as property like he was some play thing. Which is what his brother had always called him his little toy. Not brother or Ken toy was what his brother referred to him as except around other people.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 164d 17h 46m 0s
Levi touched his shoulder and cringed it still hurt but he would be fine. He followed Ken to his room knocking on the door. " Do you have any names in mind for your child Ken?" He heard a male bickering behind him and then stared at him. "Your father wants to see you and the boy, young lord. Don't worry neither one of you are in trouble he just wants to meet the kid you have the ring and sword too." Levi nodded looking back at Ken putting out his hand. "I know you said you do not want to be mine for now pretend like your okay with it Ken."
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 164d 18h 11m 25s
Ken smiled and nodded. "Ok levi." He said and got up to go get the ring from his room.once he got to his room he put the ring on smiling. "Well baby we might actually have a chance to live now." He said touching his stomach yet again. He couldn't believe how good things were going now all because of his brothers death.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 164d 18h 32m 47s
Levi chuckled and pet his head letting him cry it out. "Well you deserve a good life and so does your child." He knelt down touching kens stomach. "Hmm maybe a boy he's a little active in there boys are always most rowdy." He chuckled and looked at Ken's hands. "I won't say you belong to me but so no one try's to stop you the ones you haven't met will you please wear the ring. Okay Ken." He stood up still touching his baby bump
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 164d 22h 2m 26s
Ken clung to Levi while he cried until he couldn't cry anymore. "Thank you for giving us a chance at a good life." He said looking up at Levi. Sighing he let go of Levi and placed a hand on his stomach as he wondered for the first time if his baby was a girl or a boy. "What do you think the baby is?" He asked looking at Levi again.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 164d 22h 12m 52s
Levi watched at Ken explained himself and sighed walking over you the now crying boy pulling him into a hug. "Okay I won't leave I'll stay here and continue to protect both of you. And you will have a life of happiness and your child will never know abuse your child will have a good life here and so will you." Levi held onto Ken letting him cry out he was happy that he killed his brother fast if he found this out earlier he would have tortured him.
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 164d 22h 20m 58s
"Don't go. I don't hate you I'm relived he's gone. Do you want to know the last thing he told me before leaving me where you found me?" He asked Levi looking at him tears in his eyes. "He told me if I lived I had better kill my baby before coming home or he'd kill us both." He said and was full blown crying now. "You saved us from death. So please don't leave." He begged while crying.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 164d 22h 30m 14s
Levi blinked and looked back at Ken. "You don't want to be scared that's why I'm leaving right now. Your scare and your the one who might hate me because I killed your brother. I know he was abusive and hurt you. But he did give you the gift of a child. I mean not in the best way. I just didn't ask if you wanted him gone or alive. I killed him because I was angry at him he hurt you and tried to hurt your child as well. But I won't leave if that is what you wish." He spoke to him softly.
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 164d 22h 36m 7s
"Don't go Levi."He called out he didn't want to fear this man. He wanted to be able to stand up as his equal some day. "Please I don't want to be scared anymore." He said hoping Levi wouldn't leave. He felt like he pissed Levi off at him. "Please don't be mad at me." He said looking at Levi who was by the door.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 164d 22h 44m 34s
Levi's eyes grew wide as he asked him if he killed his brother Levi stood up looking down on Ken. "Yes I killed him. I killed him to protect you and your child. I killed him because he harmed something precious to me. You are free to stay here as long as you like I am a monster I can see the fear in your eyes so I won't bother you. You..." he sighed and headed for his door.
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 164d 22h 49m 10s
Ken sat on the bed and looked at his teacher. "Did you kill my brother?? Is that how you knew he was dead yesterday??" He asked he needed to know if this man had killed for him and his child or simply for the joy of killing a bad person. "Did you kill him for fun or to protect me and my baby??" He asked then waited for an amswer.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 164d 23h 5m 38s
"Well I am glad. While you live here you can do as you please Mae up for all your tormented years." He moved from the door taking a seat in the chair offering Ken to sit on the bed which would be more comfortable for him. "Of course we can talk about what ever you wish too I'll listen. And i will answer all questions truthfully." He spoke placing his chin in his left hand leaning on his elbow.
  Levi Rev / KasaiShadowFox / 165d 11h 48m 51s
"Yes I've never watched movies before today other then when we did in class." He said smiling at the bigger male. Fear could still be seen in kens eyes but here Ken was to talk with Levi. "Can we talk tho levi??" He asked while starring at the floor one hand protectivly against his stomach. He stood there waiting for a answer.
  ken light / kenbloodmoon / 165d 12h 9m 47s

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